Duchess Kate takes Prince George on baby’s first Mustique vacation


When I was writing about Prince Charles’ kingly machinations a few weeks ago, I was struck by a sense of unease about Duchess Kate and her “place” in the royal family. I had always felt that Kate simply failed to realize her potential as a duchess, that she was content being told what to do and when and how to do them, rather than forging her own path of advocacy and activism work. I’m saying that I had always put that largely on Kate, that she made the conscious choice to NOT use her position to do powerful, inspiring work. But after seeing how her father-in-law Prince Charles just took away her press office, and seeing how William is content to take another “gap year” so that he can hang out with nubile university students, I’m reconsidering Kate and her position.

I’m starting to feel like yes, Kate does as she’s told and yes, she walks the razor’s edge of never, ever overshadowing her tantrum-prone husband, but… these decisions don’t feel like her choices. At all. This is literally all that anyone wants or needs from her: to look after Prince George, to look pretty for a monthly outing, and to not get in anyone’s way or steal anyone’s thunder otherwise. I was just thinking about this the other day: with no press office, a newly pared-down staff, a father-in-law who will buy her clothes but won’t encourage her to work, and an absent husband, it’s a wonder Kate’s not on vacation right now. And wouldn’t you know!

Little Prince George is getting his first luxury vacation. He has jetted away from wet Britain to the sunshine of the Caribbean with mum Kate and her family, PEOPLE has confirmed.

George, who just turned six months old, has flown to the paradise island of Mustique, while dad Prince William, 31, stays at home for his 10-week agriculture course at Cambridge University.

The Middletons regularly spend a week to 10 days in Mustique at this time of year. Last year, William joined them as the couple had a pre-baby break.

January 31 is granny Carole Middleton’s birthday (she turned 59) so there is an added celebration during the break.

It is unknown how long they will stay on the island, but Kate has an engagement coming up on Feb. 11, and she will have a chance to show off some of her Caribbean glow at a gala evening at the National Portrait Gallery.

That begins a steady few days of work for her and William as they conduct several public engagements.

The Sun newspaper in the U.K. broke the story of the tot’s travels late Friday evening. Saturday’s edition of the paper calls the trip “George of the Jumbo.”

[From People]

Well, I mean, it’s not like she’s been working her heart out lately. She hasn’t made any public appearances since a few royal-family-related outings around Christmas, and she hasn’t “worked” since November. She was completely MIA (except for shopping and hiring more nannies) the month of January. I was actually wondering if she went away weeks ago and we’re just finding out about it now, but the report makes it sound like Kate and the Middleton family just left this past week. Eh. Might as well. It’s not like Charles, William or the Queen want her to do anything else besides stay quiet and take vacations, I guess. My only question is: will Prince William figure out a way to “take a break” from his Cambridge courses to join Kate and the Middletons for a week?



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  1. Jessica says:

    Hello Mag has some photos of Kate and George on holiday on the cover of their magazine.


    • Faye says:

      Baby George looks very cute in those pics. And can I just say, a tip of the hat (pun intended) to whoever put him in a sunhat? So often I see pap pics of celeb babies being toted around in sunny climates bare-headed, and it makes me cringe (especially as I am a paleface). I always want to tell the parents, “put a hat on that kid!” Glad to see George is wearing one.

    • Neffie says:

      I was under the impression the Royals and the UK press have a deal to not publish private pictures.

    • Audrey says:

      Wow he’s a big baby, right?

      • Helen says:

        She’s holding him oddly coming off the plane. Like he’s a doll that doesn’t need support.

      • Audrey says:

        Seems weird but we hold my daughter like that too. She freaks if she’s not facing out, wants to know what’s going on

    • Nikkie says:

      You know I just realized that I can’t even remember what George’s face looks like. The pictures are always still focusing on Kate. Maybe because George is a boy? The paps always focus on the face for female celebrity kids. Have no problem with Kate on vacation, no longer have any expectations from her except to have babies and smile for the cameras. Maybe her kids will do something significant.

    • Emily says:

      Yikes! That is not a flattering photo of Kate’s face (I think maybe they caught her at an odd moment). Also, is it just me or is she looking slightly less underweight than usual? Maybe she’s pregnant again.

  2. Faye says:

    Dollars to donuts William’s there, or will be joining them soon. It’s funny, because on another site last week someone mentioned there have been, surprisingly, no photos of William at Cambridge after the initial getting-off-the-train-one, and the commenter said, “Maybe he’s in Mustique – isn’t it that time of year for the Middletons?” Guess it is :) .

  3. DanaG says:

    To be honest I think part of this is because of Princess Diana. Charles is scared he will be overshadowed again and William I think is scared she could end up like this mother. It actually takes years to settle into the role of a royal. Sophie took a really long time and really on hit her stride a couple of years ago. At the moment Kate’s main job is to look after George and have the spare. In time she will be doing more duties so the fact she is enjoying herself now is no problem in years to come she won’t have the luxury.

    • My2Pence says:

      Again, Diana herself said that it wasn’t the work that was the problem. The work was what saved her from the mess of a marriage. So if Kate Middleton has the blissful marriage some folks think, why the need to “protect” a 32-year-old woman from working a few hours a day?

      Middleton had a decade to prepare, far longer than most of the other married-in spouses in royal houses today. Most of the others hit the ground running (Maxima, Mathilde, Letizia, Daniel). All of them had real careers before marriage and all of them have young children — yet still manage to represent their countries very well. And before someone raises it, no more of the heir to the heir argument. If the BRF is being pared down to a bare minimum, Bill and Kate have to step up now. Middleton is a grown woman, time to start acting and working like one.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Exactly! It’s utterly ridiculous the coddling and excuse-making that surrounds this woman.

    • Audrey says:

      I get the same vibe.

      I don’t think Charles liked having Diana be a star.

      I’m not going to argue that Kate is dying to work because I honestly don’t know. But I don’t think she’s being encouraged to do anything that will make her outshine William. I think they want to make sure kate is never favored over William like how everyone loved Diana and still dislike Charles for how he treated her.

      • Juliette says:

        I really do not think Charles feelings towards his daughter-in-law mirror the feelings of inadequacy that Diana brought out decades ago.

        Although she’s most certainly a follower rather than a leader, Kate has some agency in her own life. Its most likely that Kate & William have an understanding between them, and Charles has very little to do with it.

    • LAK says:

      Sophie didn’t take long to hit her stride. She had her initial patronages sorted by her wedding day.

      The first few years, she was running a company AND being a royal.

      Around the time she stepped down from her company, she had 2 very difficult pregnancies where she nearly died.

      Since her recovery, she been working steadily. The press simply doesn’t cover her (or other royals) as much as they cover WHK or even CC and HM.

      • Sixer says:

        I agree with LAK. And just to note: that the activities of the minor royals doesn’t make the national press or that information about them doesn’t make its way across the pond, doesn’t necessarily devalue it. The visit of a minor royal to a school, hospital unit, local charity etc is very much noticed locally and goes a long way to creating quiet support for the royals generally. These lesser royals do a lot of good work in encouraging and supporting local communities. Press not required, thankyouverymuch.

        And I say this as a British republican.

      • Liberty says:

        LAK, so glad you pointed this out about Sophie.

        And Kate didn’t work pre-baby or pre- marriage, so what’s the surprise now? She is work-shy. And that has nothing to do with Diana or Charles.

        The RF is lucky they have Harry, Sophie and to an extent possibly B & E too to get out there and turn in the hours and make the effort.

      • Meredith says:

        Not to knock Sophie who seems to work quite hard but her background was in public relations, so it’s not like she really had to adjust her stride. It’s just that her main client became the BRF. But I find Sophie and Edward a bit boring overall. I still find Kate’s clothes more interesting. Yes, I am that shallow in my royal watching.

  4. shitler says:

    Can’t fault them. I hate bad weather.

  5. FLORC says:

    Doesn’t she still have her press office? It’s just consolidated and less sloppy. When all they did was fumble around and struggle to paint her in a good light. I kind of wondered if he took it out of KP like a child and their toy. That they can have it back when they’ve done something to deserve it.

    And Kate could do a fair amount and the blame still falls on her. What she does do she seems to lack interest in it and she’s always seemed perfectly content being dictated to so why do more than she has to? This falls back to her single days. No one stopped her then and she’s acting the same now.

    The rest of the blame goes to her procrastinating husband.

    And did anyone else catch the article speaking of how well George acted on the plane? Maybe his screaming like a lion days are done?

    • Seagulls says:

      But Harry does quite a bit and he still lost his press office, too, right?

      • FLORC says:

        They still have their offices. They’re just not fully in control like before. KP answered to William and Kate and now that’s gone.
        But again, Correct me if i’ve gotten anything wrong fellow royaloonies.

      • MinnFinn says:

        I thought the consolidated press offices were part of the new plan they supposedly quietly rolled out for 2014. I’ve noticed some new things that make me think there is some truth to a new plan i.e. Willy and Kathy holding hands walking to Christmas church service. Then later that week, two different selfies show up with William and a young royal fan. Also the announcement that QEII was cutting back on her appearances.

      • FLORC says:

        It is MinnFinn
        But their PR was a mess and it was all theirs.
        And hasn’t the Queen been cutting back for some time now? Charles and Harry have been taking on more and more.
        Has William taken on anything extra?

    • emmie_a says:

      I agree that she seems perfectly content being told what to do. I’ll add she also seems content doing the minimum amount of work. And yes, she does seem to lack interest in her official duties. Except shopping. So I’m guessing she has no problem with her current responsibilities, or lack thereof.

  6. The Original Mia says:

    You act as if there was a desire to do anything to begin with. Kate has never worked, except at snagging William. She hasn’t developed her own interests because she did what William wanted. There’s no desire on Kate’s part to do anything that might get her booted from the Firm. She doesn’t care if she has a press office. As long as she has access to her family and the money to buy what she wants, she’s good to go. Her life is a gilded cage, of which she is thrilled to be in.

    Not surprised at all that she’s in Mystique. When I saw the announcement of engagements, I knew it was to offset the reveal she was on vacation with her family.

    • Alex says:

      ITA. It’s not like she’s ever had the desire to work. Marriage is not suddenly quashing her work ethic. Though I do agree that she probably does go along with whatever William wants, and he seems to be doing what he can to avoid going full-time royal.

  7. Neffie says:

    Ah yes i knew they were due for a holiday.

    • RobN says:

      Because they take the same exact vacation at the same time every single year?

    • Meredith says:

      @ RobN and FLORC :
      Look if someone offered you and me an annual trip to the Caribbean after Christmas, we’d all be running for the plane with weekend bag in tow. And it does seem that the Middletons like each other’s company. Hell, I’d go. And dammit, I’d take you two with me! Straw hats for everyone!

      • FLORC says:

        Vacations are always so exhausting! I can’t travel somewhere and just sit still. I can sit still at home. And i’ve got too much to do here:)
        And i’d refuse a vacation because I won’t call out sick. I don’t begrudge Kate her vacation family time. I just dislike the press acting like she’s done something to deserve it. And lets not kid ourselves. She’s likely taken a chef or 2, a few nannies, and the security team with her. Those expenses fall on the citizens, no? And of course the Middletons love eachother. They’re family! And Kate’s only friends.

        And for perspective i’m surrounded by some newly mudded drywall and thinking about sanding it soon. Outside there are fluffy snowflakes falling. My husband is finally home from a 2 month business trip and I have no want for a vacation:)
        Damn those snowflakes are big.

      • RobN says:

        I totally agree. I wasn’t ripping them at all; I’d have a drink in my hand before the wheels were up on that plane. I was actually having a little fun with the fact that Neffie seemed so proud of herself for guessing there was a vacation coming up. It’s the same vacation every year; of course it was coming up.

  8. coe says:

    I called this ages ago on this site! The Duchess is very likely being dictated to by the office of Prince Charles, who btw, hasn’t even ascended to the throne yet! Why would he want to let his son and daughter-in-law trump all of his thunder and continue to overshadow him and his own Duchess Camilla? Prince Charles comes across as a petulant child – of course he doesn’t want the next generation doing too much, so he simply limits them, and they get some bad press for being “work-shy”. But c’mon, how many women in their early 30s do you know want to sit around and do nothing for decades? Like, seriously think of how boring that would be, even if you could sit in a royal palace all day. Still boring as hell. And don’t forget, year after year, so many “surveys” indicate that much of the UK and the Commonwealth prefer the throne skip a generation straight to Prince William, and I bet you a diamond tiara that Prince Charles thinks about that every night he goes to sleep…

    • My2Pence says:

      All Kate Middleton did for a decade was sit around doing nothing. Sitting around doing nothing for decades to come would probably be her dream come true, but Charles quite rightly will not allow that to happen.

      I don’t see Charles as the bad guy here. He plays the long game, and that means getting Bill and Kate Middleton accepted and adored by the general public. For the monarchy to survive the taxpayers MUST connect with the royal family and feel that royalty is worth the ridiculous expense.

      What Charles does seem to want is that they be admired for their WORK, not their lifestyle. They only have the lifestyle if they WORK, and clearly the general public has figured out that these two only work when they’re ordered to.

      Consolidating the press offices makes sense, especially when you look at the extreme muck-ups from their existing staff (denying the use of hair extensions but not commenting on why she ducked out of a charity event, saying they’re “working” but then they’re caught vacationing in France, etc.).

      Again, Charles is acting in the best interest of the preservation of the monarchy. If Bill and Kate want to continue to live the 1 percenter’s existence off the taxpayers, they’ll wise up and follow his lead.

      • Juliette says:

        Kate is currently living the Pintrest Dream. She’s got a baby, two palaces to renovate, vacations to plan, and an unlimited budget. There is literally endless shopping that can ensue from these dynamics. Add to the mix nannies to clean up the spittle and potty train the infant, decorators and stylists to assist with the shopping, personal chefs to keep you eating gourmet salads, personal trainers to keep you skinny, and the absolute bare minimum of achievement standards for yourself (two appearances a month, maximum), and you’ve got a regular lady of leisure lifestyle where major struggles entail “managing the staff” and ignoring the fact your husband isn’t coming home tonight.

        That is what Kate does everyday. That is who Kate is.

      • FLORC says:

        Ugh. Get out of my head!
        I fully agree with both of you.

        And Charles has mastered the long game plan. He wants the family to survive and he needs the public to trust his son and daughter in law more. I doubt he’s dictated anything to Kate except to do more events. And really, when her own PR had to issue a statement that she really wanted to do that event in a hard hit recession town starting with a “C” (help me out here) she wasn’t being punished. Because apparently it was very difficult for the public to believe she would work without being forced to. To say he is holding Kate back so she doesn’t overshadow anyone is looking for an easy excuse. She hasn’t worked without someone else pushing her to in her life. Even her Jigsaw job came after the Queen asked what Kate did.

        And the Middleton’s were masters of the long con. It seems they’ve gotten lazy though. They might be trusting William too much and thinking the public has nothing, but adoration for their daughter and son in law so it’s more vacations and shopping.

      • My2Pence says:

        @ FLORC. Was it the visit to Grimsby, where she ended up being late because she took a helicopter, costing an extra $25,000 for the visit? The press took the train and arrived at the event on time. That was the visit where she asked the same fisherman three times if he caught a particular type of fish, because apparently she didn’t listen to his answer the first two times.

      • FLORC says:

        Yes My2Pence!
        I don’t know why I thought it was a “C” name.
        I mean to say this with no malice, but just as an observation.. Kate doesn’t seem like she can think on her feet. The tea smelling, the unicef visit, and that example you’ve given. She is either day dreaming away and not absorbing what’s going on around her or she’s got a memory problem.

    • HH says:

      While this could be part of the truth, let’s not take it as the full story. There is no evidence to suggest Will and Kate have ambitions that are being limited. In fact, this is the only (viable) story that would support that claim and most of their patterns shows workshy behavior. However, I have no doubt Charles has placed an importance on not being overshadowed.

  9. Jamie says:

    Sometimes I think that the only good thing about being a royal is never running out of hot water in the shower..

  10. Talie says:

    I think you’re being a little harsh on her — she is good for that family and I have no doubt Charles’ plans will blow up in his face as the public is just not interested in him and Camilla.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Please enlighten me. How is Kate good for the family? What does she bring to the table that makes her indispensable?

      • Amy says:

        She apparently makes her husband happy – that is a viable and worthwhile goal in and of itself.

      • My2Pence says:

        Most photos I’ve seen of them together involve William clenching his fist, clenching his jaw, poking her in the back to get her to move along, and generally looking unhappy. And again, spends most of his time away from her. I’m not seeing “happy” in William.

        Being paid to work by the taxpayers and not working in unacceptable. The majority of couples involve two working adults and often two working parents. What exactly is wrong with that idea? Are we supposed to think that all working adults and working parents are unhappy or neglectful partners?

      • FLORC says:

        William hasn’t looked happy in the presence of Kate and enjoying her company since Canada.
        We can break down body language from pictures and in video all day long, but the most damning evidence is how little time he actually spends with her.
        In the hospital after George was born it was leaked he slept in another room even though the private hospital had large beds for couples spending the 1st night with their newborn together.
        While in wales for RAF Kate was living with her parents and was seen in London daily while William was either on duty or at the local Wales pubs.

        I feel like a broken record, but i’ve only been proven correct so far. If there isn’t a camera for PR purposes or a vacation involved Will and Kate are spotted in seperate towns. And that’s been most of their marriage.

      • Nymeria says:

        FLORC – Oh my, I hadn’t heard that about William sleeping in a separate room the night of the birth of his son! Do you have a link, or additional details?

      • FLORC says:

        It was a link on another site ages ago. I’ll give it a shot, but might not get back to you until tomorrow just an FYI. From memory it was a hospital employee explaining the rooms and helping parents with their 1st night with their baby.
        If you want to fishing for it a hint is it was the only piece of truth in the whole site that was correct in detail. The rest of the site was a conspiracy theory of how Kate was never pregnant (which I don’t believe. Kate was pregnant.)

      • Winnie says:

        Hey Florc & Nymeria,
        Here is the article when George was born William slept in another room when he is suppose to room-in with Kate and their baby to help with bonding and help Kate out as its their new baby!


        This couple are not really in love, but we won’t see divorce, Kate is too immature and Ma Middleton won’t have it, they still waiting for titles me thinks. I think Middletons will be downfall of monarchy, mark my words, the British people are not that dumb. Monarchy should die with the Queen.

  11. Crikey says:

    I really don’t understand why Charles is being made out to be this horrible scheming monster all of a sudden. Clearly, Will and Kate’s press offices were a waste. How many times have people on this very site criticized them for the horrible job they were doing? Charles consolidated them, and IMO, did what needed to be done.

  12. MSTHANG says:

    There is a power struggle going on between Ma Middleton (Kate’s not bright enough to pull this off) , her family’s PR team and B Palace. Wlll and Kate are spoiled, lazy and arrogant (IMO) and their PR simply can’t handle their embarrassing blunders. Charles is trying to save face for the Royals who are becoming more and more unpopular, NOT worried about is “press”. Unless Charles dies before his Mother or the UK votes against having a monarchy, Charles will be King.

  13. Dame Snarkweek says:

    I won’t get all up in arms about yet another sundrenched vacation for these people. But what will truly disappoint me is if they make a mess of the upcoming down under tour. That has really got to go off without a hitch, imo otherwise people will not only question William and Kate choices but those of Charles more than anyone else’s. And if the Australia and New Zealand tour don’t go well you can bet on a marriage announcement for Harry. Six months after that you can almost bet on a second baby announcement for William and Kate while Charles struggles to hold the reins. Or is that reigns? Lol.

    • FLORC says:

      Dame Snarkweek
      I agree. And it’s not the vacation that bugs me either. It’s why did they have to cover it in an article with a preemptive defense stance. She worked so hard and needed a vacation. Really?
      We all knew this was happening, but it’s being made out like this wasn’t already planned.

      And if Cressida is continued to be attacked both passive aggressively and just flat out aggressively a wedding announcement won’t help as much as you think. It could easily be seen as another Kate coming into the family.
      Although, I agree within a year Kate will announce a spare on the way with no wedding in the mix.
      And it’s “reigns”. :)

    • Nymeria says:

      Dame Snarkweek, you make some excellent points. And I think your name wins the Internet today. :)

    • Suze says:

      I agree wholedheartedly – the Australian tour has to be a success. The royal family needs to keep stockpiling goodwill and since Harry completed Walking with the Wounded and Cams and Chuck have been making the rounds in country over the past six months, Will and Kate are up next.

      This annual vacation doesn’t particularly bother me, either, because it’s going to happen no matter what. Nothing will stop the Mustique vacation! But I noticed a subtle PR difference this time, it’s not being billed as a ”well-deserved break from work” but a getaway for Kate and George and family time with the Midds. There was the definite statement that Wills would be studying in their absence. So the consolidated PR office is subtly shifting the message.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        I found that part to be quite interesting. And yes, the shift in tone of these press releases are going to mirror whatever direction Chuck is intent on pursuing and, therefore, will require closer scrutiny than the previous WillKat releases.

  14. Juliette says:

    Of course, the Middletons are in Mustique. Of course, this is Prince George’s first trip. Prince George will be more Middleton than Windsor, that’s for sure.

    A fancy marshmellow is still just a marshmellow.

  15. AmandaPanda says:

    I just don’t understand how she isn’t bored with her life.

    She hasn’t got any friends, she hasn’t got any interests, she hasn’t got any passions. What does she do with all that spare time?? Watch telly, I guess

    • RobN says:

      Just a quick reminder, but you don’t actually know her. You don’t actually know who her friends are, what she does with her time or what her passions are.

      I’m always just amazed at how people think they know what goes on in the life of a person they don’t know. Heck, you don’t really know what goes on in the lives of the people you do know, you just know what they want you to know.

      • bluhare says:

        Another quick reminder, RobN. Neither do you.

        Which is why we all like to speculate here. Haven’t you noticed that?

      • FLORC says:

        If I may RobN…
        Kate is so closely watched and so many around her struggle to give us any positive bit of info around her that if she did have a passion we would indeed have heard about it. Between PR, Middleton approved paps, and KN we know much. She seems to have no friends of her very own or at least none that she sees and lunches or hangs out or shops with like friends do.
        We know she shops several times a week, has many nannies for George (that we aren’t suppose to know about, but we do) and quite a lot of time at her parents home. We know what TV shows she enjoys because she’s stated that.
        These are things we know because she is a public figure with a family that needs good PR and another family that loves getting PR.

        And we speculate the hell out of things here, but that’s not to say we are without facts and only know what they want us to.

      • RobN says:

        No, I don’t know her, but that’s why I’m not the one drawing conclusions about what she’s like from pap photos and gossip rags. To draw huge, and pretty nasty, conclusions about somebody you don’t know from a few pictures is ridiculous. There’s a difference between discussing something like whether somebody wears too much eye liner and stuff like saying they have no friends or have no interests. Those are things we just can’t know from what you see on the internet. She seems pretty harmless all the way around; I suppose I simply don’t understand the glee some people feel in taking nasty shots about her. Makes me wonder whether they mean girl people in real life, too.

      • My2Pence says:

        As FLORC explained, she has been followed and observed for 13 years. She is papped shopping with her mother. She is never papped going out to lunch with girlfriends. We’re not drawing conclusions out of thin air, we’re using 13 years of evidence to draw those conclusions. That doesn’t make us “mean girls” and the implication that logical, evidence-based criticism of a taxpayer-funded individual is “mean” or “jealousy” or “hatred” is getting very old.

      • What I fail to understand is why the Middleton women are always ripped to pieces here. They are depicted as cunning, shrewd, social climbing, arrogant, lazy, spoiled, selfish, overly ambitious plotters and schemers who are determined to imitate and emulate the lifestyles of their social superiors by any means necessary. Jesus. The hypocrisy and double standard used when evaluating these women is troublesome to me. People want to see the accounting history of Party Pieces and swear that uncle Gary is bankrolling the family. I do not know if this is true and I do not care but what in the hell do you think we would discover if we went through the true financial records of the royal family? And Carol is accused of pimping out her daughter to land William. For centuries aristocratic women have been shoving their daughters in front of noblemen and royals like lambs to the slaughter. But because these efforts are done in discreet manors and paid for with old money it is not only okay but it is genteel. Really? I could go on and on but it doesnt matter. I dont care to validate/invalidate the social sins levied against Kate, Pippa and Carol. But what is pitiful and cheap is the notion that these bougie posers should just go back where they came from. That they should be humble, low-key and simply grateful to have their foot in the door. Well, my knowledge of the royals goes back to the first Plantagenet and trust me, I’d rather hang out with the Middletons any day of the week.

    • hmmm says:

      A really great point!

  16. Algernon says:

    I love royal conspiracies as much as the next person, but there was recently a valid story about the royal finances being in trouble. It’s hard to complain/question downsizing and streamlining when it’s a known fact that they are outspending their earnings and need to get things in order. Could is be that Charles is a publicity monster and doesn’t want to be overshadowed (again)? Totally. I do believe that was a big part of what wrecked his marriage with Diana. But it could also be that they are looking for ways to economize the royal household, and, as many people have pointed out, the Cambridges press office was a joke. Charles’s meanwhile, has revamped his image and Camilla’s entirely. He’s sill nutty and it’s not like people forgot their history, but I think thanks to savvy PR most people have moved past it and just kind of shrug and say, “Well they seem happy now.” So why not get rid of the chaff and put his own people, who do a much better job, in charge?

    I don’t know. There could be machinations and politicking, but as the Queen begins to take a step back from public life, I suspect we’ll see more changes along these lines that result in a smaller, more economical monarchy.

    • Meredith says:

      The story about the royal finances being in trouble did not include the Queen’s private wealth. She still rolling in the money but public funds to fix the castles is apparently running low.

    • Suze says:

      There you go being all reasonable. Darn you!

      I tend to think you are pretty much right, too. It’s just more fun to talk about power-mad Chuck, drunken Cams , snarly Willie and lazy Katie than to look at the business side of their personas. There are probably solid business reasons for some of their machinations.

      The rehabilitation of Camilla has been masterful – seriously incredible PR. If this consolidated office works the same magic on WillKate, next year we’ll all be posting glowing reviews of their suitability as royals.

  17. Tsarina says:

    I think that we are expecting way too much from Katie. As stated by others, her 20′s were spend trying to snag Will. All she did was make his life hers. A woman in her 20′s finds herself and becomes a woman, although she may change into her 30′s and so, there is NOTHING there in Kate. She neither worked or did charity work. And I don’t think dressing up in 80′s garb for an evening (and making sure Wills is there) is charity work. There is nothing there and the sooner we all realize it, the sooner we can all focus on something else. The shame is that she can do so much good and it’s all WASTED.

  18. Kelly says:

    I don’t think Charles is the bad guy at all. I think Kate is a total waste of space however. Really the monarchy should end with Charles. He seems to work hard and is trying to get everything organized for when he takes over as King. Consolidating press offices really doesn’t seems like a big deal.

  19. HoustonGrl says:

    Well, to be fair, there’s no such thing as a “vacation” for a young mom, even though she has it way easier than most people. We’re expecting too much from our dear Kate – all she ever wanted in life was to be a wife and mother, and she got the big ticket on that front. The problem is not that – the problem is that she is a public figure, and in that sense she isn’t really living up to anyone’s expectations. But as far as the wife/mom thing, she seems very dedicated.

    • My2Pence says:

      Dedicated? Right, with the housekeeper, staff, and the two nannies doing the heavy lifting.

    • Dame Snarkweek says:

      Then you would have to say that any wealthy wife and mother with plenty of staff is not dedicated and that is not fair. Kate has shown herself to be quite an indulgent, spoiled woman who has little interest in work or public engagements, but she has done nothing to make anyone think she doesnt love her husband and child.talk about supposition!

      • My2Pence says:

        “but she has done nothing to make anyone think she doesnt love her husband and child.talk about supposition! ”

        You are free to think that she has done nothing to make YOU think she doesn’t love her husband and child. Others are allowed to have their own opinions on what THEY think. We’re all welcome to our suppositions and opinions here, Dame, and by definition those opinions cannot be wrong – they’re merely opinions.

      • Pence,
        Quite true. And in the spirit of being a good neighbor I will refrain from asking you how you came to form your opinions on such a specific premise. But I will humbly point out the fact that the majority of posters are renowned for backing up their beliefs and opinions with referential anecdotes, facts, observed behaviors and sources, just to name a few. Of course at the end of the day it is all just suppisition right? You certainly dont have to explain or verify your stances here, of course. It just makes things more interesting, informative and entertaining when we do.

      • My2Pence says:

        No one has to “explain or verify your stances here”. Nice sideways snark and slam in your overall reply – I salute you!

        I have given plenty of links to articles in other posts related to royals on here, to back up when I’m referring to facts vs. opinions. I’ve drawn my own conclusions just as you have drawn yours. No need to defend an opinion or prove how an opinion is formed just to entertain you. Again, opinions cannot be right or wrong, they are merely opinions.

      • Pence
        I do believe that is what I just said. But at any rate of course no one has to explain anything they are unwilling or unable to.
        JK. Do relax ;)

      • My2Pence says:

        Not upset Dame. For facts, I point to evidence. For opinions, they’re just opinions. Everyone needs to relax and let all have their own opinions — preferably without your insinuations that opinions w/o bibliographies aren’t valid. Just appreciative of the shade and snark you threw my direction :)

      • Pence,
        Well someone named Dame Snarkweek would be remiss without injecting a bit of snark, methinks. But shade? I certainly think not. Over an opinion? Not my style. But I did make a case for fleshing out said opinion with an eye towards further discussion and an opportunity for discourse. I was telling you why I believe that adds so much more to the discussions found here. I also tried to make it quite clear that explanations/”proof” etc is certainly not a requirement for expressing an opinion. So having obviously failed to transmit this to you I simply beg your pardon for offending you. ~curtseys~

  20. Angela says:

    LOL Was this article was written to generate comments ? It seems that the writer wants to cast a 32 year old woman as some sort of victim. I really don’t see this.
    I live in the UK and see things very differently; Kate god bless her, has never shown that she has the aptitude or desire to work from the time she came to public attention in 2002. She is now 32 and does not appear to have any passion for public work beyond galas and dinners. That is not Charles fault. William chose this wife.
    Kate has been a royal for 3 years , the first 10 years was spent being the available girlfriend. That was her choice – it has nothing to do with Charles. William wanted that type of girlfriend
    When Kate became a royal It was made known in the press that Kate and William set their own schedule. They had their own PR and made a mess with contradictory public statements that were laughable. That is the fault of both Kate and William
    So why is Charles cast as the bad guy here? Why cant it be seen as the choices 2 grown adults in their 30s have made

    AS someone said up threads Kate is 32 she needs to be seen and judged as a grown woman and not cast as a poor victim. and she needs to start working. we give royals a certain lifestyle in return for charitable work in the UK and Commonwealth.

  21. anthrochick says:

    Well int he Uk as in Canada you get a full years maternity leave. so as she is now an emplyee of the Firm .. she has a year off possibly?

    • My2Pence says:

      Working 40 hours per week earns you maternity leave. She’s worked roughly 40 hours each YEAR they’ve been married.

      • anthrochick says:

        true i was trying to be nice.. but wouldn’ you think being married to William would be work?! . Now if it Were handsome harry that would be a whole different story …sometimes Will seems so grumpy and whatnot. so maybe she earned her year off Lol

  22. anne_000 says:

    From what I could figure out from the DM article, she went away 2 weekends ago & won’t come back until after another week, meaning a 2-weeks vacation at least.

    I think Kate is just fine not working, because she knows she really sucks at small talk, speeches, & meeting new people in new situations in general. Even before marriage, didn’t the queen try to push her into doing some charity work or have any interest in doing any work? It’s because this is how Kate is in nature, imo. Her only priorities in life have been in catching a man & in primping / worrying about her appearance. That’s all.

    If Kate had married a work-horse Royal like the older generation & was pushed by her husband to work more than she does now, she probably would have had a few nervous breakdowns by now.

    • bluhare says:

      Philip has 30 engagements lined up in the next two months. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was beng publicized to make some people feel like they might not be pulling their weight.

      • FLORC says:

        I bet Philip has a very short fuse with people like Kate. Extremely fortunate and wasteful. He reminds me of both my Grandfather and Papu. Self made, hard workers, surviving wars. No tolerance for the lazy or weak.

        Hmm.. That makes them sound so harsh, but they weren’t.

      • Suze says:

        Scamper scamper little royals! Your granddaddy is kicking your butt work wise!

      • My2Pence says:

        Yes, he says the (really) wrong thing sometimes but I think Prince Philip really gets it in regards to his role. I remember reading that Queen Mary didn’t like him because she thought he was a socialist and Republican. He toned it done in front of her to be more accepted. As much as he enjoys the luxuries of the lifestyle too, he really seems to understand that you have to work to earn it.

        This often-repeated quote from Prince Charles is him paraphrasing his father saying it earlier (I just can’t find that quote right now). “Something as curious as the monarchy won’t survive unless you take account of people’s attitudes. After all, if people don’t want it, they won’t have it.”

  23. Montrealise says:

    I don’t buy the idea at all that Kate does so little on Charles’ orders. He must know as well as anyone that the British public are increasingly seeing Kate as someone who loves the perks and privileges of being royal but not the duties or the responsibilities (the same goes for William). Prince Philip is in his 90s, in poor health, yet he attends more official functions that these two combined! Charles knows that the survival of the monarchy depends on members of the royal family being seen to contribute to society by doing charitable work.

    As for the theory that Charles doesn’t want to be overshadowed as he was by Diana – that was a unique situation. Diana had a very rare charisma; Kate might be pretty, young and fashionable, but she does not have anything near Diana’s compelling personality. I also feel that Charles has always been very insecure, desperately wanting to be taken seriously as a leader and an intellectual – and it drove him crazy that his wife, who dropped out of school at 16, got all this attention and adulation which he craved but never received.

    • bluhare says:

      I agree, Montrealise. I don’t know where all this “Charles is jealous!” stuff is coming from. I think Charles may be increasing his PR efforts s he is now taking on more of his mother’s work, but I think that’s all it is.

    • Suze says:

      Exactly! Charles is trying to raise Kate and Wills profiles, not lower them! And he’s trying to promote them as serious working royals, not little bits of fluff.

      Not exactly the actions of a man driven by insecurity and jealousy.

  24. mayamae says:

    So many UK posters get upset with American misinformation on the royal family. Just want to give a little example on why that misinformation may exist.

    Just saw ABC World News. Diane Sawyer just reported that HM, disproving of the economical clothes Kate Middleton wears (which make her a “style icon”), volunteered her personal stylist to prepare Kate for her Australian tour. “Style Icon” were Diane’s exact words.

  25. lisa2 says:

    I think they are making a very conscious effort for her NOT to be another Diana. They don’t want her to outshine William. In affect she seems to be taking the role of a Stay at home mom.

    As it stands she had not made a point of standing strongly behind any cause or being the face of anything to my knowledge. I think it is all very planned. They don’t want a repeat of Diana in that regard. And Catherine seems very content not to walk in those shoes either.

  26. Alina says:

    so Kate and George spend 2 weeks Mustique vacation with her family… ok, no big deal, but what is with William? Has he lost interest in his baby now?
    Too loud and exhausting? Baby becomes more attention? Do the Middletons pamper George more than William now?
    All that gap year and “back to University”-stuff… and now 2 weeks separation. All this fuss sounds like an excuse and an escape from his family life. Babies grow so fast, William seems to have no problem to live away from his little family. I mean he should be lucky to have all this free time, other fathers have real jobs and they miss so much. I know Kate and William live separate most of the time, but there is now a baby.

  27. Val88 says:

    Poor Kate… She can’t win no matter what she does! If she did work more people will say she’s a bad mother… Let Kate make her own way and just stop bashing her… Can you blame anyone in that family for not wanting her compared to Diana especially William, and probably Harry too… Now her not working before the marriage???It had been said she worked for Party Pieces… But Pippa and James don’t seem to work either… Maybe because their patents are millionaires and they don’t have to??