Lindsay Lohan banned from the big NYC clubs following her crack shenanigans


Last week, we heard about Lindsay Lohan being the sad, sad victim of crack-thievery, and how she blamed the theft of her fur coat on a Seahawk player while she was partying at 1Oak. TMZ and Page Six covered it like, “Ha, someone stole the fur coat that Lindsay probably stole.” And then everyone was like, “Yeah, I bet it didn’t even happen.” Well, it looks like 1Oak had enough of Lindsay’s crack shenanigans and now other NYC clubs are pretty done with her too. 1Oak banned her and other clubs have followed suit.

Lindsay Lohan has been banned from a number of New York’s clubs, but she still seems to be in denial. On Friday night, Lohan tried one more time to get into the NYC hot spot 1Oak, but was denied by the doorman.

A spy also waiting at the door told Page Six, “She stared the doorman down and was surprised that they wouldn’t let her in. She was definitely shaken up.”

She was banned after a series of incidents capped by claiming someone stole her fur coat last Thursday.

Meanwhile, Lohan tried to get in with the crowd at the new Meatpacking venue Up & Down as they came rolling in.

As Ryan Phillippe, Bar Refaeli, Paris Hilton, Kate Upton and a gaggle of models walked by her and into the club, our spy added, “She turned away to her friends and looked really embarrassed.”

Other celebs at 1Oak included Young Jeezy, Lukas Haas, NY Knicks’ Iman Shumpert and Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers.

[From Page Six]

This reminded me of the time that the Chateau Marmont tried to ban Lindsay (for unpaid bills and crack shenanigans) and she kept sneaking in to party, until she eventually found a john to pay her bill or something. My point? The NY clubs can try to ban Lindsay, but crackheads always find a way. If she wants to party – and I think we’ve established that she’s still partying, like, every night – she will find a way to get in those clubs. Remember these photos? That’s how she gets into clubs when all else fails.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Migdalia says:

    Yet she still looks way better than she did a year ago. Idk. Her eyes say she’s still using something, but in these pics it’s not so obvious.

    • swack says:

      Think she’s learning how to hide it better. Getting papped on the way in instead of on the way out would be one way.

  2. dorothy says:

    They are just now banning her? Seems that even humiliation doesn’t seem to stop her. What a winner this one is.

  3. bettyrose says:

    So many talented artists have succumbed to their own demons while so many narcissists walk the earth contributing very little.

  4. V4Real says:

    Banned from NY Clubs. Now if they could only ban her from NY period.

  5. Jackson says:

    For every top tier club that bans her, there are 100 second tier clubs hoping she’ll stroll in and get papped there. Free publicity, even from the likes of LL, is good publicity.

  6. Jacqueline says:

    I was under the impression she was already banned, after stealing the $12,000 fur coat, at 1Oak. I can’t imagine any club allowing her in for any reason, at this point.

  7. Patricia says:

    So do these clubs tell every bouncer to keep an eye out for her? She might slip by one or two is she is disguised. Can you imagine, putting on a disguise so you can sneak into the clubs that you are banned from for your atrocious behavior? I wouldn’t put it past her!

  8. Jbanks979 says:

    I don’t know what she’s saying currently, and I know that this may be hard to believe that lohan would lie in service of a grift (/snark)

    But the fur coat was never stolen

  9. AmandaPanda says:

    Meh. And water is wet.

    Out of interest, naive little me was never able to make out the implication of those vikram photos linked to. What are they meant to be showing?

    • Petee says:

      It look’s like they are snorting Cocaine.Lindsey must be a really hard up and a really bad drug addict to be boinking that guy because he is gross.

  10. decorative item says:

    Can you imagine Paris Hilton smirking past you into the club. If you’re Lohan it’s gotta sting.

    • Hautie says:

      I can recall that Paris had gotten her self on the “no entry” list more than once.

      Back what was it, five – six years ago, she suddenly stopped being able to just waltz into any club in LA or NYC. It seems like it was a big award show weekend… when Paris found out that her mean girl tactics, got her left out on the curb. Good times.

      And Lohan and her drama is now officially on that “no entry” list.

      Sadly, both of them still think it is 2002. And refuse to accept that time has moved on. Yet they have not. Especially Paris. A good 7 years past her prime. She really screwed up, by not getting out of the bar scene, before she was 30.

    • Miffy says:

      So cringe!!
      She’s not just her arch nemesis! She’s also a wash up who has outlived her fifteen minutes and even SHE is seen as more of a ‘get’ than you. Argh! So much second hand embarassment!

  11. Ladies of Lavender says:

    why is this sad little trick even mentioned still, I wonder?

  12. Anname says:

    So after she blows this millionth opportunity to really make changes in her life (courtesy of Oprah), what next? She seems absolutely unwilling to accept that she has to live her life differently. As horrible as she is, it still seems very sad that her future at this point looks bleak. She doesn’t look as bad as she did before the last rehab stint yet, but you know it’s only a matter of time, given that she is out at these clubs every night.

  13. Tippy says:

    I never really considered it before but the ability to sneak into exclusive places seems like a worthwhile skill to possess.

  14. Miffy says:

    You know what would be an absolute shocker of a headline?
    ‘Lohan gets job, doesn’t f*ck it up.’
    Now THAT would be startling.

    At this stage if she was caught offering the odd beej here and there at a bus station toilet in exchange for a box of wine would we actually be surprised?

    Lindsay, babe, when your biggest achievment of the last 18 months is that you don’t currently look like you’re perpetually coming down, you need to reassess.

  15. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    HAHA–YOu got bounced from place that let Ryan Phillipe in. Hahhahahaha.

  16. shellybean says:

    She’s back to not even trying to hide the fact that she’s clubbing. This does not bode well. She certainly looks better than she did a year ago, but she really needs to cut that hair. It’s also a shame that she will never get her old face or teeth back since she ruined those two things.

  17. louiselouisa says:

    I like the number plate next to her in the first photo. LL04. Lindsay Lohan ’04. Right when she peaked.

  18. kitty duke says:

    I’m a fool for thinking this epic grifter fame junkie would ever change. She was probably using through rehab.

    The difference now is she really is juuuuuust about done. Tabs are losing interest. She’s not pretty anymore. She’s covered in loser dust. She’s taint. No one cares about her, and no one cares about that. Sad all around.

  19. constance says:

    I think going back to her natural hair colour tones makes her look more “healthy.” In reality, I’m sure she’s just as strung out as she’s been for ages. The bad bleaching made her look infinitely older and messy- like her mom.

  20. persiaa says:

    Did anyone else read that in Stefan’s voice?

  21. ladyReason says:

    Is it even possible to humiliate a Lohan? Especially Lindsay? Seems like they are immune to things like embarrassment, humility, honesty and reality…

  22. BobbieFisher says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she was banned – but really – I am wondering what went down that she got banned from all these clubs at once. This is strange. After all the crap she’s pulled in the past and now they bounce her? I’m confused – for accusing someone of stealing a coat? Why not when she actually stole a coat? Why now? I am thinking she’s done something much more horrendous than his coat incident. And why all the clubs? Why not just 1Oak? This is fishy. She’s done something major. And I wish we could find out what.

  23. BobbieFisher says:

    I wonder if Paris isn’t offering her services and considerable money to get back at Lohan for the summer beat down of her brother by getting these clubs to hit Lohan where it hurts her most. In other words, if I wanted to exact revenge on someone, I would take away the thing they love the most – and for Lindsay it’s clubbing. I mean, I’m just wondering if Paris has something to do with this.