Enquirer: Angelina Jolie is starving herself on quinoa & the ‘ancient grains’ diet


No sooner did we finally get some new photos of Angelina Jolie (and her family) then the tabloids have begun their body nitpicking anew. This week’s issue of The National Enquirer has yet another in an unending line of stories about Angelina and her thinness. At this point… Angelina has been thin for a really long time. Maybe it’s just her metabolism? Maybe it’s just her natural body? Some women DO just eat like birds. Some women legitimately “forget to eat” (even though that concept is ridiculously foreign to me). Maybe Angelina is just one of those women who will always be on the skinny side. But no, the Enquirer has to claim that Angelina is on some kind of extreme diet, something fit for a bird.

ANGELINA JOLIE is eating like a bird – literally! Sources say the already scrawny actress has become hooked on foods prepared with “ancient grains” that only a parakeet could love.

“Angie’s always been a fan of healthy seeds and grains, but lately she’s taken it to a whole new level,” said an insider.

“She’s into eating products made with ‘ancient grains’ and raves about their health benefits. She claims they provide her with nutrients she can’t find anywhere else, plus shinier skin. But the problem is that she’s not balancing her diet with fruits, meats or vegetables.” “Ancient grains” – such as millet, chia seeds, spelt, buckwheat and quinoa – are truer to their original roots than grains like wheat and rice, which have been bred selectively over thousands of years.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Angelina’s weight has plummeted to a spindly 93 pounds while she’s been directing the film “Unbroken” in Australia. The 38-year-old mother of six was said to have collapsed on the set from exhaustion. Her rail-thin physique has also contributed to unsightly bulging veins in her arms that a source says she plans to combat with laser surgery.

While her fiance BRAD PITT has tried everything to persuade her to eat more, “there’s no talking to Angie when it comes to food,” the source added.

“The fact that Angie’s replacing her meals with what’s effectively bird food is a huge worry for Brad. Her diet might be healthier but Brad’s telling her she needs to put some meat on those bones! He’s tearing his hair out watching her fade away with each passing day.”

[From The Enquirer]

Quinoa in particular is in vogue these days as a “superfood” – one of those foods that is so packed with nutrients and vitamins that doctors should invest in getting us all Quinoa IV drips. So what’s the problem? I don’t know, I really don’t. I doubt Angelina is only eating seeds and spelt (?), but maybe she grazes on that stuff throughout the day, in between meals. She seems like a grazer.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. MediaMaven says:

    She looks so fragile……..

    • Cecilia says:

      Yes, she does look fragile. Like little old lady fragile. Malnutrition is serious & she looks malnourished to me. Why? Could be a number of things but I don’t pretend to know.

      • lisa2 says:

        If she were malnourished her teeth and hair and nails would look it. They don’t. Her hair is long and healthy. She has amazing teeth and long nails when she lets them grow. She is thin. Able to do her job, carry her kids and everything else.

      • Eva says:

        If she were malnourished and fragile she wouldn’t have be able carry her children around, as Lisa says her hair and skin glow that is not malnutrition, she’s just skinny, I’m exactly the same any weight goes straight to my stomach while my arms and legs are stick thin.

      • Kim1 says:

        Oh goodie another tabloid story about AJ starving to death .She has been starving for nine years .I DK how she had the strength to direct Unbroken working ten to twelve hrs on bird food.Next week she will be dying of hepatitis or heroin addiction. You see how many tabloids that reported that PSH has been on a drug binge since December? None
        These tabloids make up BS about a few celebs while other celebs drug abuse,breakups,babies(Laura Linney) go unreported .
        In good news the Ethiopian film AJ is the EP of just got a distributor.Difret won the Audience Award at Sundance .
        BTW I Know AJ is underweight just like I know I am overweight.

      • blanche says:

        You ever wonder why little old ladies live long enough to have people call them little and fragile and old…because they’re not fat or overweight. It’s a well known fact most Americans are overweight and many will face the health consequences of that – it’s a very real dangerous epidemic. Worry about them, not the beautiful skinny movie star who’s had 3 babies in 3 years, flies planes, does stunts and wire work, directs, travels all over and seems to gave boundless energy. Skinny people typically live longer. Can you stand to lose a few? I know i should.

    • V4real says:

      She is thin no question about it. She has lost some weight. Is she on her death bed, no. People are going to comment on her weight just like they do with Nicole Ritchie. Look at pics of Angie from 04’05′; she was thin but she didn’t look frail. Her face even looks a bit different.

      People on this site constantly claims that Angie is the most hated celeb and it’s not true. Wasn’t Paltrow voted the most hated celebrity of all. I think C/B posted an article about it. No one was running to Gwyn’s defense or calling Star Mag a lie. Star had a list of the most hated celebs. Paltrow made the list along with others such as Bieber. Guess who wasn’t on that list, Angie wasn’t, that’s who. So if Jolie is so hated why didn’t she make that list. It was a vote taken on an Internet poll.

      Nicole Ritchie and Rachel Zoe has also been called malnourished and their hair teeth and nails looked fine.

      • Lopusta says:

        Aj is thin we get it. Buts she is healthy enough to go around doing normal things people do she don’t move around on a wheel chair
        Its enough V4real yes I get it you don’t like how people defend her on this site but I think you need to get over yourself So what if she is being defended? If you don’t like it I suggest you learn to live with it. Yes Aj is by far the most hated celeb she is hated more than the other poeple you mentioned. Does goop and others have people wishing their children get raped or inherit their monther’s cancer genes. Do they have people wishing they get stabbed on the streets please spare Me you have been on this issue since yesterday if you don’t like it stop lamentating its not going to change simply because that’s how you want it. I decided to stop commenting on CB stories and just read their articles but I just can’t stand your whinning you need to get over it. And yes AJ is So much hated her name also appeared on the star magazine for the most hated celebs I think she was number 12 or 16 or So I don’t feel the need to google and find that out. Its only in the US people harbour So much hate on celebs based on what they read about them and not what they know about them Jeez you guys really do need to get over yourselves. Damn it. Yes end of my rant I won’t even feel the need to reply you because I said all I wanted to already… Pardon my english am not american nor is english my official language.

      • Eva says:

        She’s been through a hell of a lot in ten years, I’d be surprised if it didn’t show, losing her mother devastated her, pregnancies, mastectomy, UNHCR work, that’s just what we know about.

        I only recently became a fan and not because of her films, more her ambassadorship, I am not a fan of GP so I wouldn’t go to her thread and read or defend her, that’s up to her fans. AJ has had some terrible things said about her and her children so I can understand her fans defending her, if the non fans can say their piece, why can’t the fans, all I read on here is the fans need to back off it’s AJ thread chances are it’s going to full of fans who are going to be PO’d to read certain trolls trying to get a rise out of them.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Eva who says I only recently became a fan and not because of her films, more her ambassadorship, I am not a fan of GP so I wouldn’t go to her thread and read or defend her, that’s up to her fans. AJ has had some terrible things said about her and her children so I can understand her fans defending her, if the non fans can say their piece, why can’t the fans, all I read on here is the fans need to back off it’s AJ thread chances are it’s going to full of fans who are going to be PO’d to read certain trolls trying to get a rise out of them. …… Thank you eva for stating the obvious! So what if people defend Angie So what? Why is it anybody’s business if we defend her it doesn’t mean we are fanatics or whatever name they choose to call us. This woman has had it So bad in the press for the last ten years and its not fair at all and So people shouldn’t defend her when others say horrible things about her. People has said So many horrible things about her and her kids which to Me is crossing the line. She might not be number one on the Star magazine list but she is far hated above others on the list. And its quite a pity. On another note am a fan and not a fanatic.

      • The Original G says:

        Angie is the most hated celebrity? That’s ridiculous. She’s widely admired for her humanitarian work and many other endeavours.

        Angie has a couple of dozen very hateful detractors over at FF. They think she’s a satanist , drug dealer and that Brad has dumped her. No one takes them seriously. Some of their passive aggressive pot stirring makes it over here. The most innocuous and tepid observations make them insane with speculation. Yawn.

      • V4real says:


        You said Angie is the most hated celebrity but then said she was only #12 or 16 on the most hated list. You just proved my point. Therefore you just lost all credibility; enough said.

    • JessMa says:

      She does look super thin. I don’t think she is just blessed with a fast metabolism. I have a cousin that has been a rail her whole life. Angie on the other hand had a healthier curvy figure maybe about 15 years ago. I doubt she is starving herself. It is probably stress or a hectic work pace. It could be Graves, she should have a thyroid panel done just in case.

    • blanche says:

      The people who are obsessed with criticizing this woman for her weight, and anything else they can invent, really need to get lives.

      Why is it that every time these articles come out (see twice a week for the last 9 years) do we get certain types acting like they’re seeing Angelina Jolie for the first time?! Lol Such a weird phenomenon.

      I remember a couple years ago in the space of one week, this site featured her at some award show (globes I think) in this awesome red and white creation…looking flawless and pretty perfect. No one here had boo to say..not about weight..or home wrecking or anything. They couldnt. Then, that same week this same site ran a pic of her from a blood just out with her kid and suddenly a pile on of hateful body shaming.

      Lol it was so effing weird. I’m like wait..you just saw her on Monday, saw her twice the previous week also..you’re seeing her again today…and NOW she’s dying of anorexia? Now? But not in 2007 at cannes with Brad when she weighed the exact same? Or 2009-2014?

      OK haterrrrz.

      • RobN says:

        Frankly, I think the comments are more out of concern than about any body shaming. She looks painfully thin enough that people wonder if she’s ok; I don’t see a problem with that. Obviously, some times she dresses in ways that hide her weight and other times in ways that seem to highlight it. Those are the times that people see those thin arms or really prominent shoulder blades and wonder if she’s really ok. She’s had a number of health scares; it’s not particularly odd that people might equate her frailty to a potential health problem.

    • gg says:

      I like her alot. I couldn’t care less what sketchy tabloids say about her, I’m going to form my own opinion anyway. I see a loving lady with lots of adopted kids and a doting husband who does a lot of selfless work.

      It should be noted that she does have a very bold tattoo across her belly in latin, easy to see: Quod me nutrit, me destruit, and a huge X next to it. This means: THAT WHICH NOURISHES ME, DESTROYS ME. This tattoo was done back in about 1988.

      Now you tell me she’s not afraid of food. Not that I blame her, especially being in the business. I’m afraid of food too, but that doesn’t stop me from eating.

      Also, if she truly only eats seeds, I hope she never develops diverticulae because that’s going to hurt.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Eh. If you look at her prior to her Tomb Raider days, she was small. Girl; Interrupted she was tiny. When she got really recognized by people it was when she was Lara Croft, a role she had to put on weight for as well as wearing padded bras. She is a bit smaller than she was in Interrupted but her body isn’t showing signs of malnutrition at all (Hair, nails, teeth, skin). I only have a 3 year old but sometimes I forget to eat because I’m so busy with her, I couldn’t imagine being an actress, director, humanit… everything Jolie does. I’d for sure miss a few meals or eat very little if I was in her shoes due to how busy (I imagine) she is.

    • Janna says:

      Herhand looks skeletal. For a person who is so concerned for the starving children in all the countries she visits, she has the audicity to try and live on seeds. She is such a fake and has lost all her beauty with her guant face .

  2. lilian says:

    She might be naturally thin person but she seems very thin after her operation.

    • nofkksgiven says:

      She has an eating disorder for the most part and has for a long time. There was an Esquire article a long time ago that was during the promo for Girl, Interrupted where they were talking about how all she ate was dry cheerios and her father (during one of the ON cycles of their on & off relationship) was “begging” her to eat and had put her brother in charge of trying to get her to eat things and she would go days without eating, simply saying she wasn’t hungry.

      It is what it is. She is in an industry that supports and promotes thinness. She enjoys dieting and being thin. I think it detracts from her beauty a bit as she ages if it was up to me Angie would be plumper, much more tan to bring out her eyes and with jet black luscious hair. Play up her exotic looks but if she wants to be twiggy, pale and sandy haired that’s on her. But let’s stop pretending she eats normally.

      • gg says:


      • Sal says:

        Yes, and we all know we can believe everything the NE prints. smh

      • Esmom says:

        Sal she said Esquire not Enquirer.

      • kibbles says:

        +1 how can people criticize Rachel from the Biggest Loser and not notice that she and Angelina both look emaciated and underweight? Both stories are next to each other and both women reminded me of the other. I believe Angelina has an eating disorder, whether it be intentional or not none of us really know, but she is not eating a normal and healthy diet. She used to look so good. It’s sad when so many people look at Angelina and think her body is beautiful and normal. This is not how healthy people should look like. This is why women’s views of what they should look like and weigh are so warped. I like Angelina and think she has a beautiful face, but she lost a lot of her sexiness when she lost too much weight.

      • Sal says:

        Yikes, mea culpa. I need to learn to read properly and not skim read. But my point about these rags, Enquirer, Esquire, Star etc stands; some people just assume the stories are the truth.

      • shellybean says:

        Exactly! I think she definitely suffers from disordered eating. She’s always been thin, yes, but over the last 5 years or so she’s gotten bony-thin. The best she ever looked (to me) was in the era of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, so about 2005-2006. She was thin, but not bony, and her hair and skin glowed even more then. She was sexy as hell. She is way thinner than that now. She is still beautiful, but I agree her extreme thinness has made her less beautiful, and I don’t really find her sexy anymore.

      • Lisa says:

        Couldn’t she just have been doing it for the role? I don’t know much about AJ, but if the point was to look like a strung-out smoker in Girl, Interrupted, going on an extreme diet for it is no different from what most actors do.

    • Santolina says:

      Sadly, she looks like a bobblehead of herself. For someone who cares about her appearance, she’s missing the big picture. Something seems amiss, to me. Get help, Angie.

  3. Greata says:

    This is the Enquirer…nuff said.

    • doofus says:

      yeah, at least they had Brad “tearing his hair out” and not “running crying from the room” for this one.

      • Cheap Trick says:

        But if Brad is not running off crying, it can´t be true!

      • Miffy says:

        All that running and crying was reaching dangerous levels, the man is constantly on the verge of dehydration from all that sprinting and face leaking!

  4. blue marie says:

    Meh, it’s probably a load of crap. They noticed she was back in the States and this was all they could come up with to write about her. I mean, obviously it isn’t true since Brad didn’t run from the room crying and shouting “Eat a sandwich!”

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      It’s BS. I do think she’s too thin (just my opinion) but the woman is working constantly and has six kids! She’s probably so busy that she forgets to eat.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I think it’s a combination of her always being super skinny and not really being able to put weight on, unless she works at it (look at both her parents), and her always being busy. I think about my mom–she goes to school, goes to work, cooks and cleans when she gets home, has to do homework……she only eats once a day, most days. She doesn’t like eating right in the morning, so that all falls to the wayside, until she gets home. Which is bad, because she’s starving and she’ll eat anything at that point.
        The only difference between my mom and AJ is that no one’s calling my mom out for eating disorders, because my mom isn’t superskinny and has never been superskinny.
        I don’t think that Angelina is unhealthy–her skin is greyish, her hair isn’t falling out/thinning, her teeth are good–she’s just skinny.

        The only difference really, between her body now, and her body 5-10 years ago (excluding her Tomb Raider body), is probably 10 pounds, and a pound or so from her face—she looks a LOT skinnier because her face thinned out, as she got older. But that’s one of the things I always noticed about her, was that she was a twig, with a full face.

  5. Ice Maiden says:

    ”“Ancient grains” – such as millet, chia seeds, spelt, buckwheat and quinoa – are truer to their original roots than grains like wheat and rice, which have been bred selectively over thousands of year”

    Not that I’d go to the NE for nutritional advice, but quinoa isn’t a grain, ancient or otherwise. It’s a seed.

    • lindi says:

      all grains are seeds – wheat, rice etc. . . why they are so nutrient packed.

    • Josephine says:

      I also laughed because quinoa has lots of calories – just a half cup cooked has 170 calories, and who eats just a half cup?! Such silliness.

    • layla says:

      EXACTLY….. while “Ancient grains – such as millet, chia seeds, spelt, buckwheat and quinoa” may LOOK like “bird food” these grains/seeds are nutrient dense and packed with Protein, healthy Omegas and QUALITY CALORIES.

      Granted, it’s the Enquirer… but it would take 2 seconds on Google to find out whether these were the equivalent of saw dust or not. Ugh.

    • gg says:

      Chia is not all that nutritious. It has come calcium but that’s about it. My sister eats a ton of it but only because it fills up her stomach without adding calories.

  6. Seapharris7 says:

    I miss the good old days of hero on addiction rumors…

  7. BendyWindy says:

    I see they trotted out the default “only 93 lbs” weight. She’s thin, but I don’t think she’s that thin. She’s pretty tall.

  8. CarriOn says:

    Quinoa & “ancient grains”…. is that what they’re calling heroin now days

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @CarriOn, who wrote: “Quinoa & “ancient grains”…. is that what they’re calling heroin now days ”

      I don’t think anyone buys that old chestnut anymore. You guys are going to have to come up with a new lie/slander.

  9. Patricia says:

    She does look very thin, but it’s probably not on purpose. My mother is thin like this and she does eat. She doesn’t eat the amount that my and my sisters do but that’s just her, she’s tiny and fills up fast. It’s nothing she’s doing on purpose. She’s a very healthy person.
    My worry for Angie (and my mom!) is what happens to them when they get sick. I had a bad virus, was in the hospital, and lost ten pounds in about three days. I’m overweight and it still felt awful for my health. What happens to women who are already so thin when they get sick like this? I feel like it could lead to potassium imbalance, heart attack, etc. The body does need a bit if fat reserve, not for cosmetic but for health reasons.

    • NAS says:

      ^ this exactly. And if such a frame happens to fall down, lil to no cushion. Concerning

    • Eva says:

      Yeah, my 12 yr old sister had pneumonia a few years ago and lost three stone, she was luckily overweight, but it really scared me in case I or my children ever came down with something like that.

    • Josephine says:

      I see what you’re saying, but somehow she made it through a major surgery. My mom is also very thin, and just has never been an eater. She doesn’t obsess about food, and sometimes forgets to eat. I think food just isn’t a huge priority for some people, and I have to say that AJ’s hair and skin always looks so nice, so it’s hard to think that she’s malnurished. I think AJ would look nicer with more weight, but this is not someone who obsesses over her look – she has a very basic uniform, and sticks to it.

      • Eva says:

        That’s the way I eat too, I can’t handle three big meals a day so I snack or I forget to eat then have a sugar sometimes salt craving. I too think her looks are way down her list of priorities, she wants to be known for her work rather than how hot she is, she’s matured nicely.

      • snark says:

        I’m like this too- and I probably am too thin. I do worry what would happen if I got sick.

  10. Maria says:

    I don’t believe the article at all, however, she is too thin.

    She’s been this way for a while *the whole leg fiasco as the Oscars showed as much*

    I know she’s ridiculously busy with work, humanitarianism, and her family but I’d love for her to take a break and rest a bit.

    She was/is still my first celeb crush, I’d like to see her around for decades *she still has so much to give to this world, IMO*

  11. Paige says:

    Meh. I’ll take this story with a “grain” of salt.

  12. xboxsucks says:

    the way they write these stories should just sum up with one headline:ANGELINA ,DEAD SINCE 2006!
    these guys even gave her Hepatitis,anorexia,voodoo abilities lol
    that said,i do think she looks way thin but as long she stays healthy i guess it s ok.

    • Nar says:

      OMG so true. She should be dead considering all the shit the tabloids say she has been through/does. It’s so ridiculous. I guess that soon they’ll be making the pregnancy rumours again.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      HA! So true Angie should be dead and gone a long time now.. The national enquirer killed her since 2006 :) ;)

    • dizzylucy says:

      Yup – they know those stories get a lot of attention/sales, so they trot one out every few months or so.
      I think she looks her best with a few more lbs on her, but she doesn’t seem interested in being particularly fit.

  13. Juliette says:

    People carry weight in different places and have different bodies. Angelina has always had very thin arms and legs, and she’s always had very little muscle mass. Even during her Lara Croft training, Angelina didn’t “bulk up.” She will never have the build of Jennifer Garner or Jessica Biel who are also thin, but very musclar and solid. Angelina has small bones, and and probably gains weight in her middle region.

    In other news, Quinoa is actually delicious and I’m pretty much addicted to it myself.
    Angie: Let’s hang, Cabernet Sauv & Quinoa for everyone!

    • littlestar says:

      I love quinoa too! After it became a “cool” thing to eat, my husband and I decided to see what all the fuss was about, and ended up loving it! It’s very versatile and we eat it regularly now. And it’s packed with tons of protein for a seed!!!

  14. jess says:

    I eat like à Bird and i dont look like that. I doubt shes on some ancient diet, its probably just à typical eating disorder.

  15. Squeakie says:

    She hasn’t been thin her whole career though, watch gia she was much curvier

  16. Sullivan says:

    She’s very slim, but I don’t see unhealthy. If some people are sincerely worried about her health, I guess that’s thoughtful. Unfortunately, much of the ‘concern’ sounds almost, I don’t know… gleeful.

  17. Maya says:

    Enough with the thin shaming of this woman – it is equally bad as fat shaming someone. I have seen Victoria secrets models having the same body like Angelina and they aren’t attacked nor criticized as Angelina.

    A woman who had a double mastectomy done for her children will never jeopardize her health for like this. Its only been this last year or so that Angelina looks this thin – has anyone thought that it coincide with the time frame of thinking about the mastectomy and the actual operation? Has anyone thought about the fact that it takes a lot of time to recoup one’s health after any form of operation? That Angelina has always said that she is naturally slim and had to go through a vigorous diet and training to gain weight for her Tomb Raider roles.

    I don’t understand the hatred this woman gets for supposedly having wrecked a relationship while others (Rita Hanks, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, Rachel Weisz) who did ruin relationships are excused.

    • bns says:

      Models are always criticized for their appearances, though.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      And there male partners are almost never held accountable…Tom Hanks, Danny Moder, Justin Theroux, etc.

      • ANDREA1 says:

        I don’t understand the hatred this woman gets for supposedly having wrecked a relationship while others (Rita Hanks, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, Rachel Weisz) who did ruin relationships are excused…. This exactly maya!!!
        And there male partners are almost never held accountable…Tom Hanks, Danny Moder, Justin Theroux, etc…… And this again! True MrsBPitt

      • Eva says:

        Their ex wife/partner never went on a decade long (and still going) “pity party”

    • Soulsister says:

      That’s exactly what it is weight shaming. This is just the latest thing that the tabloids/ haters are using to trying to smear Angelina.

      She is just naturally slim. Some people are. She is certainly not sick because if she was then she would not be able to do half the things that she has done. This is a woman, who has spent the last 5 months directing a major Hollywood film, is soon going to be promoting Malecient, will then be joint chairing a sexual violence conference, then will be promoting Unbroken and on top of this is raising 6 children.

      I’d really like somebody to explain to me how somebody who is sick, supposedly anorexic and is a drug addict to boot can manage to achieve all of these things.

      • ANDREA1 says:

        @Soulsister tell them! :)

      • Maya says:

        The haters will just say that she didn’t direct the movie and just acted like she did, she has nannies raising the children and only does photo-ops for her humanitarian work and actually doesn’t do anything.

        That’s been their arguments these past years. Never mind the fact that she is directing a big budget movie with well respected people in the industry, has a multi million movie coming out this May (Maleficent), yes has nannies who are also their teachers but again all her children are affectionate towards their parents (not the signs of children only being raised by nannies). Lastly Angelina has been doing humanitarian work for almost 14 years and has been to the most dangerous places in the world where she has hunger. That can affect what and how much you eat.

      • Bea says:

        Maya – just check out what some of the trolls are saying on other threads (coughJJcough) – Angelina couldn’t possibly have directed “Unbroken” because she doesn’t have any tan lines.

      • Eva says:


        I read that site from time to time, the trolls on her and Brad pitt’s threads are psychotic.

  18. MrsBPitt says:

    I can totally believe that Angie is trying to eat as healthy as possible…many doctors believe that diet can play a part in getting and/or preventing cancer, and I would think, even with the surgery, after watching your mother and other members of her family die from cancer, she would def do as much as possible to be healthy. And many times, healthy foods are very low in calories…so while she is thinner than many of us would like…I would not, and could not say that she is not healthy!

  19. teri says:

    These stories make it seem as if Angelina is to frail to walk and needs a wheelchair.

    • ANDREA1 says:

      Hahahaha I just choked on my laughter! Thanks for that Teri!

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Teri, who wrote: “Quinoa & “ancient grains”…. is that what they’re calling heroin now days ”

      Especially as she can ‘still’ lift and carry a twin now and then without any apparent strain. If she was as ‘deadly’ thin as some here claim, she wouldn’t be able to ‘hold’ one of her twins, rather than lift and carry them as she does.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Teri, who wrote: “Emma I didn’t write anything about heroin? Someone else.”

      Yeah, someone else up stream. Sorry! (Blush) I must have highlighted your comment and forgot to select the ‘Copy’ feature.

  20. lisa2 says:

    I think if people could not make a daily comment about Angelina’s weight they wouldn’t know what to do with their day. She is a beautiful woman and seem to have a great deal going for herself. Professionally and Personally.

    So Women.. YES WOMEN come with the weight issue on ever single post. If she does have a weight issue I don”t the nasty comments. But if someone puts a needle in their arm and die or if they are arrested for DUIs the compassion is there is spades. If she is having issues and I don’t believe she is, why the hate under the comments. The ugly names. Where is the concern or compassion. I think some people need something to slam her for and the weight is the thing.

    And please it is women. Always women that do it. I would love to see all the perfect bodies that are forever attacking her. ON ever thread. It just feels so calculated. But then women are very good at that.

    • Artemis says:

      I think the majority of commenters here are women but on other gossip sites, there are plenty of men who say more derogatory things about women and their weight. I’m more concerned with posters who stick up for WA tbh.

      If we would be concerned, people like you (hardcore fans) would call it fake anyway, it has happened before so it clearly doesn’t matter what other posters say because you will never like a comment that doesn’t praise AJ. Fact is, every celeb has negative comments, on AJ threads it’s usually her weight yes. This is nothing new though, I guess you have to learn how to deal with it since it has been the norm for AJ threads since what? 2006? Other celebs like Goop, Bundchen et al. catch way more dislike in general and have little redeeming qualities in comparison to AJ.

      Gossip is usually negative or snarky but there is no reason to take it personally. I’m sure nobody means any harm, it’s what CBs do ;)

      Personally, I find her very thin looking and I do think she likes it that way (plus it’s genetic too) but I also think she’s healthy enough if she can do her work properly. She’s always active and having 6 children is draining yet she keeps going.

    • B says:

      What are you talking about? Who’s attacking her? People on this blog are uncommonly kind to Angelina.

      • lisa2 says:

        You need to do a bit of research because on ever thread no matter the top it is the same. I know of what I speak. Agree or disagree if you want. But that is my opinion. I voiced it. I have no problem standing alone in my thoughts or beliefs.

      • B says:

        That’s just it- you don’t stand alone. About 95% of people on this site would harvest their own organs for her if they thought she wanted them.

      • The Original G says:

        Overreact much?

        The Angelina concern trolling by FFer’s is transparent. I’m done with this today.

      • Dap says:

        Ahah! So true ;-D

  21. olivia says:

    Pitty likes them skinny

  22. Jayna says:

    The Enquirer just takes photos and creates bogus stories form them. They know nothing about her private life or eating habits, and if she had collapsed from exhaustion onset that would have hit the airwaves fast. I take this story for what it is, fabrication.

    I doubt she is unhealthy, but being this thin is aging her lookswise. Her face is so gaunt looking in these photos. Her face is skeletal looking actually. As she is nearing 40, it really is aging her or not giving her the appearance of being vibrant and healthy to be this thin. Her hair has been thinning for the last several years, but that can be due to hormonal issues. My mother’s hair thinned dramatically after having four children and from having a hysterectomy. My mother’s hair really thinned on top after the fourth child. It used to terrify me that I would take after my mom and my hair would thin on top. But it didn’t happen. Of course, I didn’t have four children and no hormonal issues yet.

    She is truly a beautiful woman, but she needs to put back on a few pounds as she ages. Still love her, though. She’s a remarkable woman.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I think she will–look at her mom. Just as skinny as she was (not as tall though) when she was younger, but when she hit her forties, she started gaining weight. And she looked a lot younger. I saw pics of her in the last few years of her life–I would’ve thought that she was in her early forties–not 56.

  23. bored_01 says:

    Sounds like bull crap. An all grain diet would be pretty caloric and filling actually… not starving. ‘Ancient grains’ are no lighter than ‘modern’ grains. They are a nutritious fun option from white rice and the like though.

  24. Kelly says:

    So what, it’s not illegal
    (unlike everyone else’s drug habit for which they get less shit than some women for their physical appearance)

    • Nina W says:

      WTH does that even mean? Do you realize we have an epidemic of prescription drug abuse in this country? There are plenty of legal drugs causing just as many social problems as illegal ones and regardless drug problems having nothing to do with whether or not AJ eats enough. And as far as being judged for physical appearance it is par for the course in her profession, and the same holds true for her husband. They will both always be judged based on their appearance and they know that as well as anyone.

  25. Artemis says:

    I don’t know if she likes grains, but I do know she likes her red wine! Now if the NE would make up a story about that, I would be more inclined to believe it. Also, I don’t think she’s a natural health nut. In older interviews she didn’t hide her love for chocolate and red meat.

  26. Luca26 says:

    Quinoa has a ton of protein and I think it tastes good.

  27. HadleyB says:

    She has an addictive personality. She admitted it herself. Previous drug use / addiction. ED’s are not rare in these type of people — and it can go either way — too thin or obese.

  28. Esmom says:

    Sigh. I think the story is complete BS but I do think she’s extremely fragile looking. They say the camera adds 10 lbs so if she looks that thin in photos she must look like a rail in person.

    My armchair guess is that it’s a control thing. She lives a busy life with a big family and huge career in the spotlight, and eating could be the only area that she may feel some control over. I know I get that way but instead of with food it’s with keeping my house spotless. We all have our issues…

  29. Anna says:

    We as a culture disparage the skinny trend in Hollywood, arguing that it sets a bad example for young girls and women, but I’ve always been mystified as to why see been left out of this discussion since she’s been scarily thin for years and years. Saint Angelina can do no wrong, apparently. And no, she’s not naturally thin. Take a look at some pictures from her early career, guys.

    • Soulsister says:

      ‘she’s not naturally thin. Take a look at some pictures from her early career, guys’

      Have seen pictures from her early career and yes she is naturally slim in those roles. Also take a look at pictures of her as a teenager. She is naturally thin in those as well.

      When you look at all of the inspired things that this woman does with her life, it really p*isses me off that people have decided to use how she looks as something else to smear and beat her up with.

      It’s just pathetic.

      • Cecilia says:

        I don’t see many smear tactics going on. People are making observations– Just like they do everyday on this site. People have eyes in their heads & they see what they see. It is their perception of a person that none of us here know personally. I don’t see anyone beating her up. She puts herself out there, so there are going to be comments & not all will be positive.

  30. B says:

    She has always been svelte, but now kind of super-thin. Whatever, she looks great.

    Side note: Quinoa & Chia really are MUCH better than pasta, it is a fact, not a fad…Google it .

    “Ancient Grains” is a great brand for the pasta alternative versions…

  31. Jackson says:

    Meh. I don’t know. I just came to say that quinoa rocks. I love it!

  32. Palermo says:

    People still think she is beautiful because of her face, but if you cover that up she has the body of a junkie. All gristle, veins and tattoos. I’m sorry, but she looks very ill to me

    • Soulsister says:

      And yet this ill woman directs big studio movies, raises children, advocates on behalf of refugees, is a UN diplomat, flies airplanes etc etc.

      Can you explain to me how somebody who is ill or a drug user, is able to accomplish everything that she can.

      • Grant says:

        I don’t think Palermo was implying that she’s a drug user as much as she was that Angelina might have disordered eating habits. However, there are plenty of people who have been, say, addicted to meth or cocaine, who have been able to maintain high levels of functionality.

      • We Miss You Enclave_24 says:

        Perhaps you need to add some diversity to your life when it comes to building relationships with people. Are you totally unaware that some successful people are high functioning coke-heads….among other things.

    • Palermo says:

      I did not say she is on drugs, I have no idea. But as for this “she’s too busy to eat” crap, give me a break. She has how many nannies? Housekeepers, cooks? She and Brad have how many multi-millions? Enough to all live comfortably for many lifetimes. Please don’t act like she has to work, everything is her choice. It is also her choice not to eat.

  33. LAK says:

    love Millet. That is all.

  34. Bea says:

    So, with everything that she went through in order to protect her long-term health for her children and Brad, she’s going to starve herself? Okie-dokie.

    Since she is most likely still under her surgeon’s care, logic would dictate that if her medical team thought she was too thin, they would tell her and she would remedy that.

    I really would hate to see what the rags and hags would do to Audrey Hepburn (and Katherine) in their day because both were incredibly thin women.

    And yes – I’ll make my usual comment: Funny how ‘people’ freak the hell out whenever Melissa McCarthy’s weight is mentioned (how dare you call her fat and tell her to eat a salad – she’s funny!) but think it’s perfectly okay to tell Angelina to eat a sandwich.

    • Cecilia says:

      I hate to say this because I truly loved Audrey Hepburn. She suffered from Anorexia for years & it showed.

    • HadleyB says:

      I have no problems saying Melissa needs to lose weight. She does. She knows she does, but will she or can she is another question.

      Rachel Zoe, Gulianna Rancic, Angelina are all too thin. Were they slim naturally before? Yes, looks like it but not super THIN like they are now. It’s restricting plain and simple just like Melissa over eats and /or eats bad foods to keep gaining weight.

    • Penny says:

      Audrey Hepburn had a lot of issues with food related to her time during the war. She had full blown anorexia towards the end of her film career and throughout the rest of her life. And Katherine Hepburn was slim, but her height and frame perhaps made her look skinnier than she was. She looked nothing like Angelina or Audrey.

      • Artemis says:

        K. Hepburn was slim because she came from a family that valued athletics. Throughout her life, she was always extremely active and quite the daredevil (jumping of the plane wings in the water with Howard Hughes), doing her own stunts in films . She was trying to please her father (who pushed her brother Tom to do athletics and gave him ice baths all the time) and after his suicide I think she definitely tried to take over her brother’s role. She herself recounts stories of her being a tomboy, climbing trees as high as she could etc. That said, she had a very good relationship with food as she enjoyed life and all of its aspects. She was also very tall, she was build like Goop. No curves :)

        Unlike A. Hepburn who was very troubled and had an ED (no wonder, she witnessed the atrocities of war!).

    • Esmom says:

      I don’t know about AJ’s thinness but I do know someone who purports to be extremely careful with her health — sees doctors for a variety of conditions, has surgery to repair a tennis injury and follows doctors orders for recovery, yet still maintains some really unhealthy habits, such as smoking and being a raging alcoholic. I cannot figure out why her doctors seem willing to ignore the elephant in the room. Or at least admit she will never be 100% healthy unless she addresses ALL her issues. It’s sad and frustrating.

      My point is looking after your health doesn’t always mean you’re 100% across the board healthy.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I don’t understand that–how can you say that you’re so healthy, etc, but then you smoke and drink like a fish–frankly I’d be a lot more worried about the smoking than the drinking (in moderation). That is one thing I will never do….

        But that is weird, I’ve never met a person like that. I would guess that it’s because this person is a bit of a bragger, and wants everyone to know how disciplined they are on this certain thing, but then do something the complete opposite frequently. I don’t know if that’s some kind of disorder, or if it’s just general ‘assholeism’…..

    • DiamondGirl says:

      She wouldn’t still be “under her surgeon’s care” this long after surgery. And yes, I know from personal experience, with actually having cancer.

  35. Grant says:

    I don’t know why it’s so verboten to talk about Angelina’s thinness when we do the same thing to Rachel Zoe without contrition and let’s be real here–their bodies look startlingly similar.

    • Sullivan says:

      Verboten? People are not only allowed to comment on AJ’s thinness, they seem to relish the opportunity. What seems to bother you is that people are allowed to disagree with an equal amount of passion. I think it would be dull and, frankly, suspect if all of the opinions were the same.

    • Hubbahun says:


  36. Eleonor says:

    when they don’t have something new to say they put on a “Angelina is killing herself”, or “Old Angelina photos: SCANDAL”. Or the evergreen “Aniston devasted”.

  37. Soulsister says:

    If Angelina did have an eating disorder, was ill or still using illegal substances, do you know how we would know about it. Because she would be the first one to tell us. Angelina has always been startlingly honest about these aspects of her life (so honest that people us these against her in the most vile way).

    • zut alors! says:

      The Angelina of today is very guarded and not as ready to throw caution to the winds as she once did. She, more than anyone, knows the price she is paying for her openness with the media earlier in her public life.

    • pink elephant says:

      Eh…not really. I’ve heard that she does “selective” damage control in managing her image. The whole “I used to ______ , but now I ______ .” Frequently long after the fact.

    • mayamae says:

      Angie used to be very open. Before she had children, any negativity she received for being honest about less than desirable things impacted only herself. I think she is now like a very typical mother who is guarded in what she says because of her children, and how it may affect them.

  38. moodyblue says:

    I was thinking about AJ yesterday after reading all of the hubbub about the biggest loser who now weighs 105. She looked to be to be meatier than AJ. To each her own, but damn! Girl is THIN.

  39. Soulsister says:

    At the end of the day, I doubt that Angelina gives a flying fvck what the tabloids or haters say about her and that is one of the reasons that I have much respect for her.

    • Eva says:

      I read a quote from her once that she doesn’t care what strangers think of her, she cares about what the people she works with at UNHCR think, the people at the refugee camps and such.

    • Aurie says:

      @Eva, she once gave a quote about Roseanne Barr slamming her (the interviewer brought it up). I’m sure this was for W Magazine, but could be wrong, but she said something alone the lines of “That’s her opinion of me. I only care about the opinions of people who have actually met me and know me.”

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Yep, I remember that–Roseanne went off on HER, for her father’s (republican/conservative) opinions, saying something like she should’ve spoken up, etc. AJ hadn’t even heard about it, and when the reporter told her, she basically shut it down and said that Roseanne didn’t know her or her opinions. And that was basically it.

  40. moon says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with eating disorders, as the enquirer is trying to imply. I’m actually wondering if there might be some medical reasons/problems she’s having that they’ve kept secure from the media. That would be more worrying

  41. UghInsomnia says:

    NO, she has NOT always looked like this. She’s never been overweight or even pudgy, but her arms and legs are extremely thin and her face looks like a skull with skin stretched over it. Look at Gia and look at her now. That is NOT the same weight/body frame. I don’t care one way or the other, as it’s her body and she can do what she pleases, but I cannot stand to see the posters claiming she’s always looked like this, blah blah, naturally thin, blah blah….in Tomb Raider, she at least had some muscle tone. Open your eyes, guys- she is extremely thin and hasn’t always been. That’s all most of these posters are trying to say.

    • shuttleturtle says:

      I agree 100%. She was never overweight but she did had once a considerable amount of body fat index, let’s say a normal one, for an average woman. After Tom Raider she started to loose weight and became scary thin, not healthy thin. Besides the reports of collapsing while working in Australia must indicate some level of unhealthy behavior.

      • Ennie says:

        Lol at the comments here And on the other thread of the BL winner. Many were saying that is her body, her choice to be thin And have whatever crazy workout schedule. And here, criticism against AJ, who has been slim her whole life and that after having children her body has become slimmer, which to some women happens. I actually see that her middle is thick enough, she needs hurdles to emphasize hwr waist when seen from the front ( I am like that)but are her arms an legs which are quite thin, but it is her built .I think she could use some pounds, but she is that way. Some people really never get chunkier. No one really knows her real habits or schedule. Pure speculation here.
        The photo up there at Cannes in the yellow dress was after having Shiloh, and later she got thinner after her mom died, only gaining weight when pregnant with the twins. She was really very beautiful at that time.

  42. mytbean says:

    When this woman lives to see 120 years we’re all going to be eating our hats (hopefully with a really delicious mushroom sauce prepared with basil and garlic served up with an amazing white wine) Hah!

  43. zut alors! says:

    Angelina looks the way she does because she CHOOSES to. She has resources at her disposal to avail herself of the services of a nutritionist and trainer if she wanted. As a fan, do I wish she’d put on some weight? Of course. However, at the end of the day, it is her body to do with as she pleases.

  44. angela says:

    she looks WAY to thin

  45. lenje says:

    Jolie has always been thin, and she’s far from being in malnutrition. But I saw her pictures with Brad a few days ago (when they were going for a date?), and to me she looks seriously thin, almost skeletal. Of course, most probably this is due to her work in Unbroken. But she does look a little too thin, because her eyes look bigger than usual. Well, if by saying this I’m a hater, so be it.

  46. Alina says:

    I always loved her, but i´m not blind. Of course she is too thin. She´s only a shadow of her former self, too bony and fragile. Don´t lie to yourself!
    She was so super-hot in Original Sin. Her body was perfection. The epitome of pure beauty and sex appeal. For me she was the most beautiful woman on earth! She was “Passion and character” and beside her all other Hollywood actresses were bland. And now? She lost her special appeal with her weight and that´s a shame.

    Angelina is so tiny that her hands look like paddle. Her whole body looks bony. Her facial skin is so thin now that her face has a whole new shape -> skull

    It hurts me to look at her. She was my girl crush and now she looks so unhealthy. It´s a shame.

    • Jayna says:

      I loved her in that movie.

      I loved her in this interview ten years ago with John Stewart. She couldn’t stop laughing. I have always considered her the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. There are few classic beauties like her in Hollywood these days. She is too thin now. Hopefully the movie has wrapped and she will put back on a few pounds.

      Angie on John Stewart back in 2003 or 2004.


      • zut alors! says:

        That is one of my favorite interviews. I love it when she covers her face as she is laughing at the end. She looks soo adorable. What I miss most is this carefree, laughing Angelina. I don’t know why she stopped promoting her projects on the late night shows. John Stewart has always treated her so gently and respectfully but she hasn’t appeared on TDS since 2007. Was she blacklisted by the talent bookers? I hope to see more of her when she promotes Maleficent rather than photo ops of the kids. I would love it if the promotional tour is more about her and her co-stars than the Brangelina show.

      • zut alors! says:

        That video you posted of Angie on TDS in 2003 reminds me of her acceptance speech when she won her first Golden Globe. She wasn’t all dark and scary then. In fact she was rather giggly. When Angelina is in a good place mentally, it shows in her whole physical being as is evidenced in these 2 videos. She doesn’t seem joyful any more which is a shame.


    • LILA says:

      her hands and feet are big and bony, as are her knees and elbows (her body type) and she is still beautiful. They have always been visible, but she still needs special diet and exercise to cover them, and for her it is unnatural. She lost her Lara Croft weigh quite fast.

  47. lambchops says:

    She is really, really thin. And just because she maintains her teeth and hair is not a sign that she is okay. She just looks ill to me, even if she’s maintained the same weight for nine years, it’s not healthy looking on her and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an eating disorder. People can maintain disorders for years. And many folks who are gravely ill with them aren’t always the ones in rehab with a drip in their arm. It is a powerful illness that is insidious and prevalent in over-achiever crowd.

  48. lambchops says:

    There are plenty of high-functioning women with eating disorders, women who run companies, have high-powered jobs, many children, achieve many things, just as there are many women who are alcoholics who have families, jobs, active lives. These traits are not mutually exclusive.

    • Evi says:

      That’s like saying that there are many high functioning heroin addicts. I don’t believe that.

      • lambchops says:

        Believe it. Many of them have good jobs and serious eating disorders. And it is nothing like being a heroin addict and having a high-powered job.

  49. pink elephant says:

    Heroin is an “ancient grain?” I’ll be darned!

  50. Evi says:

    I don’t think she is that thin naturally. She was never this thin. I do believe she monitors the calories she eats and, seriously, she looks like she lives on a maximum of 800 calories a day. That’s if she doesn’t have bulimia.

  51. NeoCleo says:

    This woman looks pale and gaunt. She does not look healthy. But then again, she’s been through trauma with her breast cancer scare and surgery. She has always been naturally thin but she now looks ill, fragile. I hope stress is not taking its toll. Even with all their money, she seems hands on with everything and a perfectionist to boot.

  52. Dotty says:

    I would love to see the day when women mature to the level at which they don’t feel the need to pounce on other women for such nonsense as the NE enquirer article, or spew the vitriol seen in the above comments at each other for simply holding a different opinion.

  53. Moi says:

    I just copied and pasted those grains/seeds to my iPhone notes. With her skin, I will try it. I can understand being busy at times and forgetting to eat, I’ve done that more than once in my life. But I love food, my pig-ness would/could not be sustained on a regular basis. She is a woman with hormones, there is no way that she doesn’t at least indulge during that glorious time once a month, that all women endure. I can tell when it’s on it’s way because I’m 3 times more hungry than usual, for at least two days prior and at least one day during. If she eats only grains/seeds during that time, then just….damn.

  54. Kathryn says:

    I thought it was interesting that the two stories that were side by side were the girl from the biggest loser and this story.
    Nearly all the posters on the other story thought Rachel looked too skinny.
    I think Angie is just as thin as her if not more so considering she is taller…

  55. TK says:

    Oh please. Ancient grains are in my bread I get from Safeway…they’re not that mysterious!

    • Moi says:

      They’re not mysterious, just like cranberries are not mysterious, just like Latisse is not mysterious. But it’s the revelation that said cranberries help your urinary tract or that Latisse, that was prescribed for glaucoma, helps with the growth of ones eyelashes. Don’t be an asshole.

  56. Come on says:

    I love Angie as much as the rest of her fans. I have all her DVDs, even Mojave Moon. You cannot deny that something is wrong with her. Yes she has always been thin, she has skinny arms and legs but her face has changed considerably. Compare this:
    To this: http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Angelina+Jolie/Inside+Governors+Awards+Hollywood/mHrFQmNqGq_
    I want her to live a long and healthy life but I feel she has some sort of condition that results in a loss of muscle tone, maybe some muscular disorder.

  57. Jenny says:

    I can’t say if she has an eating disorder or not. Although how surprising would that really be considering she’s part of Hollywood? How many actresses at her level of fame and success have a normal, healthy relationship to food and eating? Still no one on the outside can really say if she has an eating disorder or not.

    She does seem to fluctuate in weight though and doesn’t she always lose weight when she’s stressed? Like the year after her mother died, or when directing her first film? If that is the case it wouldn’t be surprising that she’s looking thin and frail now after just finishing directing another movie. Some people stop eating when stressed, others like myself eat more. I just hope that she is healthy for her children’s sakes.

  58. Sara says:

    She is too thin to be healthy. We don’t have to be mean about this, its a health issue not a crime. She needs help imo.

    • B&A FN says:

      For the past seven years we have been hearing Angie is too thin, she will never get pregnant because she’s so thin. Not only has she gotten pregnant she carried two babies at the same time. I’ve seen her lifting both Shi and ZZ at the same time about four years ago. When are people going to stop with the two thin nonsense. She went in and got major surgery that lasted eight hours and within a month she was overseas doing her UN work. if she was as sick as you all believe, how comes she’s still standing all these years and taking care of her family with a very busy schedule. Some people are naturally skinny, deal with it. Also, look at her mother at her age, about the same weight, give or take a few lbs.

      • Janet says:

        I know from experience that some people cannot gain weight no matter how hard they try. I am 5 feet 6 inches and used to weigh 107 lbs, and I did not have an eating disorder. It was a combination of a small appetite and a metabolism that was off the charts. I burned up calories like a 747 burns jet fuel.

        I can confidently predict that when Angie is in her 40s her metabolism will go south and her weight will go north, and she will put on anywhere from 15 to 20 lbs.

      • Sara says:

        No need to attack dear. The woman needs help like I said its a health issue. She is not just naturally because her face looks gaunt like someone who is starving. I am not trying to be mean here, I hope she can work through these things.

  59. Jaxx says:

    I’m off to buy some quinoa.

  60. Caribbean says:

    It is amazing that when she is in Australia her pictures look different. Could US be doctoring the photos to make a point?
    Also, she looks thinner because she does not wear tight clothes like a lot of actors who are just as thin or thinner than her.

  61. Lisa says:

    Oh, baby J, who cares. Go in on some of the men who yo-yo or go on crazy bulking diets for a role. She’s not the first and she is not the last. It’s always a slow news day at the Enquirer.

  62. se says:

    I do wish she would gain some much needed weight.

  63. Moi says:

    I feel protective of this woman now. AJ. I lost my mother over two years ago and I am still struggling. You get past the grief in a way, the shock of it, especially if you see them pass away in front of your own eyes. (Which I feel no one should). But then you can never seem to get over the fact that they’re no longer here. My daughter and I were talking the other day and she asked a question about our heritage. I said “I’m not sure about that one, I will ask mom later”. I really forgot for two seconds that she wasn’t here anymore. It was like waking up and then remembering “oh yeah”. I started crying, which I don’t like doing in front of the kiddo. But I realized that me missing her will never go away, never not make me feel heartbroken. I feel for AJ, or anyone that feels that hole that cannot be filled. Okay, I seriously need to watch something funny now. Belly laughs, should be a prerequisite for life.

    • Ennie says:

      ITA. after my dad’s and mom’s passing with 2 years of difference it took me 4 years to finally not cry when talking about their passings. I still remember them each day, but I thought I waded into undiagnosed depression, and work and actually doing things distracted me, but it was a terrible sadness.when I see AJ speak about her mom, like when she was awarded her latest oscar, I could totally relate.
      I imagine she tried to overcome her loss by being active with her work and family and probably not taking any antidepressants (which I understand somtimes are necessary), and being already slim, she went down and she gains weight with difficulty.
      It is kind of cruel and poivtless to call her out about her weight when she is not being publicly on a diet, like the BL girl was.

  64. Ayame says:

    I love the Jolie, and she’s still insanely beautiful, but she would look better if she put on some weight.

  65. Natasha says:

    She looks sickly. Her arms look horrible

  66. Sonja says:

    I hate to say this and I hope I’m wrong but I think Angelina is fighting cancer. I know she had her breasts removed because of cancer but I think it’s back and she might be trying some sort of new diet to reverse the cancer in her cells or stop it in it’s tracks.. Like I said, I hope I’m wrong but she is entirely too thin and it’s not a good look.

  67. kimbers says:

    Everywhere I turn I hear the word quinoa

    Trend alert!


  68. jwoolman says:

    millet, chia seeds, spelt, buckwheat and quinoa

    All of these are very tasty as well as high nutrition. Chia is used in a couple of vegan protein powders on my shelf- along with rice, pea protein, and hemp seeds, the resulting amino acid profile is complete protein for humans. The chia has a sweetish taste so no sweetener is needed and it thickens anything made with it.

    I discovered millet, spelt (an older firm of wheat), buckwheat, and quinoa decades ago, especially when I needed to diversify my diet to avoid more food allergies. Millet is wonderful- cooks up as fast as white rice but i like it more. I used to make bread out of spelt or kamut (another old type of wheat), very tasty and each tastes different from modern wheat. I still get kamut or spelt pasta for variety. Buckwheat noodles are very nice and buckwheat flour makes tasty pancakes all by itself.

    If AJ is eating such tasty stuff, she might just be trying to maximize the nutritional punch when she does remember to eat. Some people’s appetite really does shut down when busy. Mine does. Stuff doesn’t digest properly for me under stress. So I have to eat very carefully if I’m hungry but under a deadline.

    By the way, GoGoRice sells precooked quinoa for the occasional craving. Precooked rice of various sorts is available the same way from various sources. The quinoa doesn’t even need heating although you can if you want.

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