Marie Osmond to live alone with children and sickeningly cute dolls

Marie Osmond and her husband of over 20 years, music producer Brian Blosil, are getting divorced. Osmond filed the paperwork on March 20th.

Osmond’s husband’s temper is said to at the root of their problems. He is rumored to have a short fuse.

They have a large family, with eight children. Five are adopted, two are their biological children, and one is Marie’s from her first marriage. The Mormons tried to make it work especially for their youngest son, 7, but just couldn’t hold on any longer.

Marie’s pals say she called it quites because she could no longer take his frequent foul moods and temper tantrums.

“Brian’s a screamer. He can be the sweetest guy in the world and then turn on a dime. Marie put up with it as long as she could. Then when she finally started making plans to separate, Brian went on his own to counselling.

“The next time he blew up about something, Marie told him that was it. She wanted out. She held firm, and a few weeks later they were living apart…”

Added a family friend, “Initiall Brian was in shock. He never thought Marie would file.”

Six months after she gave birth to her youngest son in 1999, the couple actually split, but they gave it another try for the baby’s sake, said the friend.

[From The National Enquirer print edition, April 9, 2007]

They issued a joint statement saying that their children are their priority and that they will be there for them.

Marie Osmond has a collection of sickeningly cute dolls called “Marie Osmond Fine Porcelain Collector Dolls” that are the top-selling line on QVC. (Thanks to Lynn and Alex for the tip)

Last year in August it was rumored that she attempted suicide, but she says she just had a bad reaction to prescription drugs.

Here are some of Osmond’s dolls. Pictures are from her website.

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  1. Why oh why do some women insist on drawing their lipstick half an inch outside their lip line? It’s the female equivalent of the combover, desperately and unsuccessfully trying to convince people there’s something there when there isn’t.

  2. Carol says:

    Man those dolls are creepy. Not just her dolls, all of those colector dolls.

  3. FArrah says:

    i thought i was the only one that noticed she applyed lipliner on the out side of her lips.

  4. rose no thorns says:

    I hear ya Miss Maples doll# 3 esp. gives me the willies. WTF is it supposed to be a doll+stand?

  5. frewtloop says:

    Yes F(uggin) A(ssinine)! Many people have powers of observation just like you *rolls eyes*.

    I agree r.n.t. that third one is kind of like a boxing Helena dolly – creepy and wrong.

  6. Sue says:

    All the critisism on Marie Osmond. I have met the woman several times and she’s an absolute Sweetheart. And with all the blogs you Idiots could write in, you choose hers? You must find something fastinating about the woman. Or your lives are just so pathetic, you have to pick on someone that is a good person. Do grow up ya bunch of Losers!

  7. frewt says:

    sweet schmeet, the woman’s a freak with a penchant for bad plastic surgery and kitch dollies. I’d say you’re the loser for having zero sense of humour.