Rose McGowan broke up Grindhouse co-director Robert Rodriguez’s marriage

Diva in red Rose McGowan is said to be partially responsible for the breakup of Grindhouse co-director Robert Rodriguez’s 16 year-marriage. McGowan and Rodriguez’s affair on set was well known among cast and crew, and they often had private lunches together in McGowan’s trailer. When Rodriguez’s wife and mother of his five children found out she flipped and the two split up. Filming on the double-feature horror exploitation flick halted for a full month when Rodriguez’s home life fell apart as a result of his affair:

Rodriguez and his spouse of 16 years, Elizabeth Avellan, raised five kids and worked together, with Elizabeth serving as his co-producer on “Grindhouse,” “Sin City,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Desperado” and “Spy Kids.”

But the marriage exploded last April when Page Six reported that Rodriguez, 38, had begun a torrid romance with McGowan, the raven-haired, French-Irish minx once engaged to shock rocker Marilyn Manson and previously linked with Kip Pardue, Ahmet Zappa and Men’s Health stud Dave Zinczenko.

“It was the worst-kept secret on the set. They were going off to his trailer, having meals together,” our source said. “Rose thought some of the crew were treating her differently, and the attitude was, like, well what do you expect when you’re [bleeping] the director?”

In “Grindhouse,” Rodriguez’s homage to the cheesy sex-and-violence movies of the 1970s, McGowan plays a stripper who loses her leg and replaces it with a machine gun to battle flesh-eating zombies.

She and Rodriguez first met at Cannes in 2005. But until now the consequences of their shenanigans weren’t fully known. When the director “fell in love with his femme-fatale star . . . he broke up his marriage of 16 years . . . The production had to shut down for a month while he recovered,” Variety reports.

It’s not like I needed another reason to dislike haughty McGowan, but cheating so openly with her boss just cinches it for me. If his wife was working with him, McGowan was likely to have known her too, or at least to have met her on occasion. It takes two to cheat, but that’s still pretty low on McGowan’s part. What gets me is that the guy had five kids at home. Maybe he used the “my wife doesn’t understand me” bullshit that men pull when they can’t bother to work on their relationship and are distracted by a pair of tits.

Here are McGowan and Rodriguez together at the Grindhouse premiere after party. I’m sure that relationship is going to last.

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  1. daz says:

    if this is true, then i’ve lost my faith in celebrity marriages. wink wink.

  2. phineas g. says:

    Wait, you’re saying the “my wife doesn’t understand me” line works on women who aren’t paid hourly for their “services”?

  3. AC says:

    so they’re still together? or they’re in a relationship now? like officially?

    i used to like her but yeah. she comes off as bitchy. oh well. I’ll still see the movie.

  4. MaiGirl says:

    Wow. Maybe the “accident” that caused her droopy eyes was just some bad karma.

    Hmmmmm….I’d like to think so.

    It just never ceases to amaze me how tacky some men can be when they choose not to think things through. I hope this movie is a success so that he can manage the huge therapy bills all five of his kids are going to have.

  5. Fabiola Thing says:

    I’m absolutely sure they are soulmates and their love will last through eternity.

  6. luste says:

    I have to put most of the fault here on him. When person A is attached and person B is not, it really is up to person A to not fuck things up.

    And… if he could leave his wife after 16 years for a fling… I’m guessing there were other problems in the marriage. People don’t leave other people for triffle… if they fuck up that bad it’s becuase the relationship was probably dying already- at least for him in this case.

    Which is not to say he shouldn’t have owned up to it. If you want to leave someone just DO it. Enough with the cheating nonsense…

  7. Other Karen says:

    Whoa! I didn’t realize that dress was sheer before.

  8. m.a. says:

    He probably didn’t have to use the “wife doesn’t understand” line, cuz Rose was probably jumping his bones the minute she met him. She seems to like “powerful men”, and she’s definitely sexy(although it makes me ralph just saying that, right now, that hoochie), so how hard would it be to seduce a man who has been married for 16 years?(some men just don’t like to be “stuck” with the same woman for so long, jerks!) Ya know, a hot little number like skank-I mean Rose, comes along and WHAM! Cheater! I guess I am being a little harsh towards her, because he’s the S.O.B. that cheated on his wife, which is just as horrible as sleeping with a married man, whose wife you PROBABLY knew. Yeah, I’d like to be with a guy that just left his wife of SIXTEEN years and FIVE kids, cuz I KNOW that he wouldn’t leave ME. Right? Dumb ass!

  9. gavin says:

    Usually I fault the man. In this case I have to lend bigger fault to the woman. Rodriguez’s wife was one of the main producers working on the movie. That means she had a hand in approving McGowan for the part. If a couple is married for 16 years, and they are still so young there is bound to be some boredom or very slight problems. In this case I have no doubt a hussy like Rose McGowan would turn on all the charm and tricks. Roberto’s wife is super hot. No doubt Rose gave Roberto the sugar he needed. Too much temptation there. Rose is a homewrecker. Poor roberto was helpless to her charms in the face of a hot, but nagging wife. I lay blame on the penis brain, but most concentration on the audultress.
    Honest people will wait until after a breakdown of a relationship. Not during one and then saying it was ill fated anyhow. What I know of Roberto’s wife she ain’t a girl to stand for bullshit. THey don’t live in hollywood. They live in texas and edit from his studio there. So he’s usually out of the swinging hollywood scene.
    I agree with Mai girl about the karma thing.

  10. Carol says:

    No woman can take away any man (or vice versa) who doesn’t want to go. The whole concept of blaming someone for stealing your mate is just stupid.
    Living AND working together? Recipe for destruction.

  11. miss luigi says:

    Aw man, I hope that’s not true. I like Robert Rodriguez. No other director has self-hosted cooking classes in their DVD extras.

  12. Matt Roque says:

    I can totally see why Rodriguez left his wife for McGowen during this film— she’s the carnal reincarnation of a sex pistol (literally!). If Marilyn Manson found her to be the cat’s meow, you know she’s got to have some tricks behind those crimson lips of hers. Even the critics love her in this film, check out (an extensive archive of full-length, high production movie reviews with original content) for the low down on the gun-shooting, the pistol puffing, and the recoil that goes along with it all!

  13. Rew says:

    I like how just because people don’t “like” Rose McGowan they fault her for the alleged affair. “It takes two to cheat BUT she’s a skank and probably MADE him cheat, Poor Roberto must have been helpless to the bitchs charm” Fuck that!! He’s the one who consciously made the decision to cheat on his wife who he has children with and been with for more than a decade. No matter who it is you can’t MAKE someone cheat on their spouse.
    I just think it’s ridiculous how the woman gets the blame because of the way she looks/presents herself. I personally don’t like Rose McGowan but just because she acts like a sex pistol and seems like a bitch doesn’t mean she’s to fault for an affair. Sure she knew that he had a wife and kids but she didn’t cheat on anyone, he did.

  14. crystal says:

    assholes all around.
    if rodriguez has more than two brain cells, he will beg his wife to take him back and know that he will be in the dog house until he proves he can think with the head that houses his brains.

    the guy is an idiot and so is she….and they are complete jerks because they let boinking like dogs in heat ruin the lives of 6 people. jerks.

  15. gavin says:

    crystal I really agree that they are both idiots and, “let boinking like dogs in heat ruin the lives of 6 people. jerks.” I don’t think it could have been stated any better.

  16. Randi says:

    Rew | 04.03.07 – 6:35 pm | #

    I agree with you Rew. He’s the one that shit on his own family, not her. I wouldn’t doubt if this was a case of the wife holding the marriage together all by herself for 16 years and then finally giving up due to his obvious disrespect.

  17. frewtloop says:

    Yeah both morally bankrupt but he’s more culpable because his actions have hurt a whole raft of people he’s supposed to be committed too.

  18. Viv says:

    Never know. Look at Johnny and June Cash.

    But I have no respect whatsoever for RR.

  19. Perv says:

    I’d ditch the wife too if I could wrap those creamy lovelies around my shaft.

  20. m.a. says:

    I think they BOTH suck and are both assholes for cheating. They both KNEW that he was married, obviously, and they both decided to go for it, anyway. I have no respect for cheaters. If you don’t want to be with someone just tell them, don’t make them look and feel like a fool, by going and having an affair with someone else. Especially, if you are a high profile couple and it will be in all the tabloids the next day. You’d think after 16 years, he’d have a little more respect and consideration for the woman who bore his children.

  21. Lauren says:

    Sure ‘Perv’ is probably ‘joking’ but how morally bankrupt is he and the two parties involved for even thinking that?

    I’m certainly not naive in love and I realise that often affairs happen because of problems within the existing relationship but this is just disgusting. What sort of a woman is Rose McG to not only fu*k the director to get ahead in the first place, let alone break up a 15 year or so relationship with heaps of kids?

    Gross. Wrong. Bad luck to the both of them and I sincerely hope his ex-wife moves on with her life and finds someone who truly respects her and her lovely children.

    Lauren xx

  22. bhbonds says:

    Weren’t three of Rodriguez’s kids in the movie and onset a good bit to see this themselves?