Charlie Sheen is engaged, won’t get prenup: ‘prenups poison marriages’

Semi-Exclusive... Charlie Sheen Locking Lips With His New Lady Brett Rossi
Charlie Sheen has been dating adult film star Brett Rossi, 24, for a little over two months. Brett is rumored to have convinced Charlie to ditch his management team, and to be behind Charlie’s decision to kick his two ex wives, Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards, out of the mansions he bought for them in the gated community where he lives. It’s possible that Charlie wanted to cut ties with everyone and that Brett is just being blamed for it. Whatever is going on, Brett has openly tried to insert herself into Charlie’s children’s lives, even going so far as to tweet Denise Richards and ask for a meeting.

Charlie proposed to Brett in Hawaii over the weekend and they celebrated by inviting a paparazzo to document the moment. You can see those pictures here. It looks like Charlie is wearing a ring too. Brett will be Charlie’s fourth wife, but he’s calling her his third since his first marriage was annulled. He sent some kind of statement to People, I had trouble deciphering it.

Sheen, 48, took Rossi, an adult film star, to Hawaii for a Valentine’s Day weekend getaway to pop the question.

This will be the fourth wedding for Sheen, whose brief first marriage, to Donna Peele, ended in an annulment, and who is divorced from Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller.

Sheen gave PEOPLE this exclusive statement in the quirky fashion his millions of Twitter followers have come to embrace, referring to Rossi by her nickname “Scottie.”

“With all due respect to Donna –
that maiden Klay-Vinn was annulled.
if “three”
truly is a charm;
The mashup/acronym
of the real CS,
(Charlie & Scottie)
HAS to be;

[From People]

Radar and TMZ have conflicting reports on whether Charlie is getting a prenup with Brett. He’s reportedly worth $125 million. Charlie had a prenup with Brooke Mueller, so you would assume he will have one again. Radar claims that Charlie is getting one drawn up and that “Charlie will be a little more generous with Brett in regards to the prenup, than he was with Brooke.Charlie tells TMZ that he isn’t getting a prenup. “Prenups poison marriages. You keep your s**t and I’ll keep mine.” I’m so sure it was a prenup that poisoned Charlie’s marriage to Brooke Mueller, not all the drugs and abuse.

Charlie also tells TMZ that he’s planning on having children with Brett someday, but that they’re not in a hurry because Brett is just “24″ and has plenty of time. Brett wants to start a family with Charlie. Of course she does.

Meanwhile ABC News has a laughable “5 things you didn’t know about” Charlie Sheen’s fiance. They spell her name wrong, calling her “Brent” Rossi and claiming that she’s leaving the adult film industry to become a nurse. The other four items include the fascinating details that Rossi “has a bucket list,” “is deathly afraid of earthquakes,” “is ’24′,” and “is incredibly supportive of Sheen.”

Semi-Exclusive... Charlie Sheen Locking Lips With His New Lady Brett Rossi

Semi-Exclusive... Charlie Sheen Locking Lips With His New Lady Brett Rossi

30th Annual AVN Awards Show at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas


Photo credit: Fameflynet and PRPhotos

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  1. Kiddo says:

    This sounds like a great idea. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Erinn says:

    I’m on such a grumpy marriage rant lately. We’ve been planning our wedding for well over a year after being together since we were in ninth grade. Things were finally working out planning wise, and the fiance’s cousin gets engaged. No big deal. Except, after making sure of our date ‘so they don’t plan it too close together’ the plan theirs for a week before ours. Super unimpressed, because this was a deliberate move by a very childish woman.

    We had been hoping to have family help out and cook, which they had been cool with, but I really really feel guilty asking now, because they’ll be working on a wedding just a week before. And now, another one of his cousins is engaged, and ‘joking’ that they’re going to have theirs a week before this first cousin. Both of these people have been in relationships under a year. Both relationships started under very sketchy circumstances. We’ll have been together just shy of ten years on our wedding day, and I’ve spent so much time planning things. It’s discouraging.

    But on the brightside, I’ll be marrying someone who means the world to me, regardless of what a disaster this wedding turns out to be. I may have to invest in a hip flask just in case, though.

    As far as prenups go though, I really don’t see the harm in it. People get so butthurt over them, but things change. People fall out of love. Protect yourself, and if you feel the need, throw something into it to butter up the person dragging their feet. EG: If there was no cheating on their part at the time of dissolution of the marriage, they get x. I don’t know. It’s so much of the ‘but if you really loved me…’ card that gets pulled out. Charlie is an idiot though, so I don’t anticipate him protecting himself.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Your fiancé’s cousin sounds very considerate.

      I think you should rise above it and not let her spoil your wedding day. People have seen the two of you together for a long time, and they’re going to be so happy for you and welcome a chance to help you. It’s not a competition. Don’t allow her to turn it into one. Just plan your lovely wedding to your best friend and start your life out in a good place mentally and emotionally. It’s just one day. That is my unsolicited advice. There’s more where that came from, should you need it. Good luck to you and your love.

      • Kiddo says:

        I feel sorry for the family, who will be pummeled with rapid fire wedding gift obligations and clothing/travel expenses.

      • Frida_K says:

        +1 to GoodNames’ lovely, wise, and kind comment.

        Much joy to you and your beloved on your special day!


      • Erinn says:

        That’s the goal. Sometimes it’s hard to feel like a bigger person – but someone’s got to. Might as well be me :)

        I think it’s the initial sting that sucked. I just looked into hiring some form of catering – it’s just very pricey since the fiance’s family is huge. I’m doing what I can to make it easy on everyone.

        &Thanks, Frida!

      • Erinn says:

        @Kiddo – I think maybe two people will have to travel from his family, and it’s only a province over in each case. They are close family, so they will be staying with relatives. Both of our families remained in the county for the most part, so at least there isn’t hotel expenses, and huge travel costs. The furthest my family has to travel is 4 hours of driving down the province, and they will be staying with my grandmother since it’s only one family. I feel terrible for everyone – not just for costs but for the amount of energy they’re going to be spending. That’s maybe three weddings all within a month. It’s annoying because I made sure to plan everything so far in advanced to give everyone plenty of time to get everything arranged. Sadly, we are a much more mature couple than the two (who are a good ten years older than us) that decided it’d be a grand idea to plop their wedding a week ahead.

      • Zigggy says:

        Good advice. Sh*tty situation- it happened to my friend too, very similar situation. Super rude but you will rise above it :)

    • Darcy says:

      When beautiful people get married, it makes a beautiful wedding, no matter how simple the appearance. Your families will definitely think it’s a beautiful day

    • KateBush says:

      Congratulations on your wedding! I have just got engaged too so wedding planning is uppermost in my mind.. It can be quite stressful can’t it?! Lol :) I know that I would be really upset if the same thing happened to me so I feel for you. Just focus on your day and try to rise above the petty family dramas. It’s not worth it…Best of luck!

      • FLORC says:

        Congrats to you and Erinn!

        As a married woman here’s my 2 cents.

        My husband and I had a no frills wedding with a family friend marrying us. Only immediate family attended and we through a big backyard, gathering for the reception on a day all could easily attend.

        This was an easy disicion after attending numerous friends weddings. The cost some put our friends in debt. And no matter how much money was spent no one was happy and even good friends of the couple were making bets it wouldn’t last.
        But if some want that big wedding day more power to you. I know it wasn’t for us and the stress and money would have driven me mad trying to please everyone.

      • Erinn says:

        FLORC – we’re doing it pretty budget. Booked a gorgeous church, and a cheap reception hall. Doing most things myself. I would have loved to have had a really tiny ceremony in the yard, but the size of close family alone is whopping. Just the fiance’s aunts, uncles, and first cousins we were well into the 60s, and it’s a really close family. I’d need to invite my own family, and we’d want close friends there at least, so it was a no go unfortunately. I can’t believe the average cost of weddings – I’m trying to get everything done on a few thousand bucks max.

    • John Wayne Lives says:

      @Erinn I’m sure the bs is not lost on the rest of the family. People aren’t stupid. Congrats on your marriage and just enjoy your day :) I’m sure it will be beautiful with all the thoughtful planning that clearly has gone in to it!!

    • Pandy says:

      I was thinking that maybe they planned it so that people travelling could take one holiday to cover both weddings – but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case for you guys. Rise above …

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Its all about the marriage and how much fun you will have at the wedding and within the marriage – and you know you’re gonna have fun since you spent so much time planning – try to not worry about your cousin and don’t let her nonesense ruin your big day :) At least with this knowlege ahead of time, you can plan something oddly fun that she won’t think of. And if there are glitches in their wedding ie they serve greasy finger food – not a good idea – then you can avoid their pitfalls as well.

  3. Sarah says:

    “Prenups poison marriages. You keep your s**t and I’ll keep mine.”

    i think if you are pretty young, totally in love and its your first marriage than you will probably see it that way. but a guy with his history and money should realize that its not that way.
    well its not like Charlie always came across as a well adjusted man anyway. maybe this will teach him a lesson.

  4. dahlianoir says:

    Please, please, no more kids.

  5. Secret Squirrel says:

    No prenup?? Oh Charlie, you are so going to get what you deserve…

  6. DanaG says:

    Wow she is a real winner marrying a winner. Charlie isn’t stupid enough to get married for the fourth time without a pre-nup. I don’t think anyone but Charlie will be surprised when she get’s knocked up sooner rather then later. Kids are a lifetime meal ticket just look at Brooke.

  7. MrsBPitt says:

    Could we all chip in some cash, and hire someone to grab charlie, tie him up, take him to a predestined spot with a doctor waiting with scalpel in hand and force this POS to have a vasectomy…

  8. Lilacflowers says:

    Sure, pre-nups are what kills marriages. Drugs, alcohol, sex with other people had no affect whatsoever on Sheen’s other marriages.

  9. Rose says:

    Idiot. Crack poisons marriages.

  10. Allie says:

    ummm…no Charlie, pre-nups don’t poison marriages, YOU do!

  11. Frida_K says:

    I had a horrible and mean thought…this is really awful, but….he doesn’t look too healthy. He shouldn’t be worrying about a prenup. He needs to make a will, preferably one that protects the interests of his children.

    • Esmom says:

      Agree. I’m astonished he is still alive, to be honest. During his “tiger blood/winning” rant I thought for sure we’d have news of his death. He must have an iron constitution to even be able to remain upright at this point.

    • Hautie says:

      Sadly, Charlie has looked horrible, since the meltdown starting on 2 Men.

      Then he got down right scary looking, during all those cracked out “tiger blood” rants. Which has made me always believe, Charlie is a fan of free basing. Or smoking crack. Literally.

      So yea. He looks like hell. And when his heart explodes in his chest. No one will be surprised. Because if there is one thing that comes with this much drug use. Your body will quit you. When you least expect it to.

      Then the life of his children will be left in turmoil. Since Charlie most likely, does not have, a well prepared estate plan in place for his death. And the state of California will end up with 80%. All because Charlie would not put down the crack pipe.

  12. SnarkGirl says:

    The body language is hilarious! The first shot she is leaning away from him like he’s got absolutely killer BO, and the next she has the “oh god, dad is drunk again, time to get him home” face. Even with the kiss she’s angled back away.

    She is going to marry him, get knocked up, take allll the money, and dump his ass.

  13. NewWester says:

    Besides the money, what do these women see in Charlie? Brooke is supposed to have been a big drug user , but she must have been sober a few times? I just do not get the appeal

  14. feebee says:

    Sure, it’s the PRENUP that’s killed the previous marriages. Nothing to do with Sheen being a “functioning” drug addict/crazy son of a bitch.

    We’ll all be able to have a wee laugh when this comes crashing down and she takes him for a fortune. The tweets will be epic.

  15. HappyMom says:

    There is not enough money in the world to make me want to kiss him, much less have sex with him. Shudder. Good luck, girl.

  16. Deanne says:

    His looks and mental stability are long gone and he’s horribly abusive towards anyone who dares stand up to him. This has all been well documented. What woman with functioning brain cells, would marry and procreate with this disgusting person If he didn’t have buckets of money. Poor Denise and her girls. His last wife is a drug addic, who is happy to expose her kids to their Father’s insanity and his new porn piece, as long as her child support is reinstated and now he’s engaged to someone barely out of her teens, who has been in dozens of adult films and who thinks she is an expert in blended family parenting. In all seriosness, he is so gross looking now. He looks haggard, ill and much older than his age.

  17. OriginallyBlue says:

    Yup, the pre-nup did it. Not the fact that he threatened to kill the last one and assaulted her. Not the drugs, alcohol and hookers.
    I hope this hooker takes his money and he only has enough to pay support to his other 4 (probably 5) kids. His oldest daughter must be so embarrassed this man in her father and a grandfather to her child.

  18. kellyinseattle says:

    I woke up at 4 o’clock, went to get some ice cream – don’t judge ;) – it was peanut butter cup. ice cream….then this article almost made me chuck it!

  19. name du jour says:

    His Twitter feed always reads like a zombie lurching towards food. “Hell. Oh. My. Min. Yuns. Grr. Arg.”

  20. grabbyhands says:

    I’m honestly not sure who is getting the downgrade in this pairing.

    But yeah Charlie, it was mos def the prenup that screwed things up with Brooke. No, you’re right-it makes perfect sense now. What doomed your marriage to Denise Richards? Evil Spirits?

    At any rate, if they do make it to the altar, the inevitable accompanying meltdown ought to be fun to watch.

  21. Looking for fools says:

    i wish i could marry this fool..Being lucky, always travels with being Stupid, my mother would say!

  22. kellyinseattle says:

    Anyone like her teal jumpsuit? Any takers?

  23. Cazzee says:

    Her eyes frighten me.

    Cold and calculating…not a whole lot of emotion going on there.

  24. Axis2ClusterB says:

    I sincerely hope she gets her hooks in deep and takes him to the cleaners.

    But for the love of Cthulu – no more kids.

  25. qtpi says:

    He hasn’t been looking well at all these days and I suspect the new little lady likes it that way. Easier to manipulate him, right?

    She is probably planning on him having an early demise soon after they marry/have at least one kid. Seriously. She could EASILY stage a drug overdose and no one would think about his death twice with his behavior over the last several years.

  26. Mandy says:

    I wouldn’t touch that d-bag if my life depended on it. But then again, I’m not a fame whore, drug addicted porn star. Well, if he’s stupid enough to marry without a prenup, and she’s stupid enough to marry him – match made in heaven! Or hell – whatever the case, I think at this point I’d be surprised if they even make it that far. One thing you can count on, it’s only a matter of time before he turns on her. Pretty sure this year we’ll be reading articles written on how he attacked her – future rants and threats on twitter, and not surprising – another child.

  27. Merritt says:

    He’ll abuse her too, just like all the others. He is so awful.

  28. Paloma says:

    Denise should find a house with lots of bedrooms so she can take in the next batch of Charlie’s kids.

  29. Nerd Alert says:

    Ugh. Am I crazy, or is she actually good looking for a porn star?

    Anyway, if either party has assets going in, there should be a pre-nup. My mother always told me that it’s like expecting the marriage to fail but I soooo disagree. She married someone with nothing AS someone with nothing, though, so I can’t blame her too much.

    You just never know. So much can go wrong. I love my man and as long as nothing changes, I’m sure we’ll be together forever, but we still agree we should have a pre-nup. People change, love changes, and circumstances change. Mostly people grow, and part of the idea of marriage is to grow together. Sometimes in life, though, people break. They grow apart instead of together or something insurmountable happens, or they just f*cking break. Mid-life crises, late onset mental illness, or addictions can come out of nowhere and really ruin an otherwise great marriage, often leaving one person totally screwed over. Protecting yourself from that is not expecting it–it’s just being honest with yourself and having emotional maturity.

    • FLORC says:

      I’m quite happy in my marriage and with my prenup. Should anything go wrong it will make a tough situation a bit easier and cut the bickering.
      I love my husband, but the future is unpredictable and we’re prepared for it.

      And with a prenup I always thought it backed up that the marriage was about love and only love. Not hoping to strike it rich.

      • Nerd Alert says:

        This. The future is unpredictable. Pretending it’s not is naive, IMO. My mom and I fight about it, and I always say “I have no problem with it because it IS about love and I don’t think I’ll need it.” I really don’t think it will ever come into play, but I’ll feel better having one. My eagerness to go along with it shows him that I’m not marrying him for his inheritance, too.

        I would get one just for the cheating clause. I could never ever see my man cheating on me (he can’t even keep secrets when it comes to surprising me and is honest to a fault), but as it stands my assets will outgrow his in the next 10 years and I don’t want to be penalized for his moment of weakness.

  30. Mandy says:

    Awwww, those crazy kids!!! *rolls eyes*

  31. ReignbowGirl says:

    No prenup? He should take Willie Nelson’s advice, and just find a woman who hates him and buy her a house.

  32. P.J. says:

    Riiigght Charlie. Being responsible and having your team of lawyers draw up a document that would have protected your assets would have caused demise of your first THREE marriages. Oh wait.

    On the other hand (and I can’t believe I’m about to say this), Brett is playing a VERY good game here and if Charlie is honestly too dumb/high/blind to see it then, doesn’t he sort of deserve what’s coming? Let’s face it, most women don’t get into p*rn just for kicks or because it’s such an emotionally awesome/fufilling career. I can’t honestly say that I fault a gal for doing what she has to to get out of that industry at such a young age and out for good. Again, as long as both adults are consenting to what’s going on…I just can’t paint this one as a manipulative shady seductress (see A. Heard.) Charlie has a very long history with a certain type. Bret fits the bill. Mazel tov! I can’t wait for the inevitable sh*t storm 😄

  33. LilyT says:

    Charlie sheen poisons marriages…clearly.

  34. LilyT says:

    At least she’s already a pro at pretending to enjoy sex with dirty old men.

  35. Melanie says:

    “Prenups poison marriages. You keep your s**t and I’ll keep mine.” LMFAO!! Stupid idiot Charlie . . . . Without a prenup, she will keep her s**t AND yours!! LMAO! Stupid, filthy-looking cad . . . and a dumba$$ to boot.

  36. Deedles says:

    Does he really think people find him attractive?

  37. MSat says:

    You know what else poisons marriages? Drug addictions. And untreated mental illnesses. And bad/absentee parenting.

  38. Melanie says:

    This breakup will be EPIC! Seriously, can’t wait. I’m getting my popcorn ready.

  39. CHT says:

    Oh my god what is going on with his legs.. that is so gross. Put some pants on, creep.

  40. I'm With The Band says:

    No, Charlie. Drug addiction and prostitutes poison a marriage.

  41. Jennifer12 says:

    No more kids, Charlie. Come on. You don’t raise the ones you already have and there’s no more room on your arm, anyway. Get a vasectomy, and keep on chasing porn stars because clearly no one can stop you. But have some respect for the kids you already have, especially your twins who are in the clutches of a crack addict.

  42. Vilodemeanus says:

    You can see the porn non star laughing and laughing at how stupid Charlie is for not getting a pre nup as protection from the likes of her! Poison what relationship, after the first beat down and shooting it’s all lawyers and cops. Nothing magical to see here folks!

    Interesting at 24 she dresses like a Boca Raton widow of 67, it’s very peculiar she dresses like an elderly woman with about the same results.