Charlie Sheen’s girlfriend tweet-rants Denise asking to meet about the kids

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Yesterday we heard that Charlie Sheen’s new girlfriend, Brett Rossi, a 24 year-old adult film star whom Charlie has been seeing just a handful of weeks, was insisting that Charlie kick his first ex-wife, Denise Richards, out of the gated community where they live. This was despite the fact that Denise has bent over backwards for Charlie for years, making sure that he has time with their 9 and 8 year-old daughters, and even taking in his twin boys from his second failed marriage. (Denise’s adopted daughter, Eloise, 2, is also rumored to be Charlie’s from another woman, but we don’t have confirmation on that.)

Some people noted that Charlie is responsible for his own erratic, abusive behavior and that we shouldn’t blame his latest piece for his actions. That’s fair enough, although Radar has been running with the angle that Brett is influencing Sheen, first to drop his management team and then to push Denise out of his life. In that respect I do think she’s trying to take over the situation and call the shots, although it’s just a matter of time before Charlie freaks out and rebels against her.

Denise has pushed back somewhat and seems to be trying to keep Brett away from her daughters. Charlie railed against Denise over the holidays, claiming she wasn’t letting him go on vacation with her and the girls. Denise told TMZ that wasn’t the case, that Charlie was invited. It seems like she’s just trying to keep her daughters away from Brett. That’s very fair, many divorced couples have a rule that their ex can’t bring dates around the kids until it’s serious. Only now Brett is tweeting Denise, saying that she would like Denise to meet with her and Charlie’s lawyer (she refers to him as MG) to discuss “how I can help the children have a happy & loving relationship with BOTH sides.” Brett wrote a whole diatribe about why Denise isn’t playing fair with Charlie and how Denise is not acting in the best interests of the children. This is truly ridiculous.

I can no longer hold my tongue so here is my statement to the world. Take it as you will:

I AM a child of divorce. I AM an advocate for children having a loving, healthy relationship with BOTH parents and always will be. I have NO problem helping make this happen, however such as life there should always be boundaries.

Often when parents have disagreements, the children & their best interests get lost. People forget to shield their children & share too much with them forgetting that they are just children & their minds can’t fully comprehend ‘adult’ disagreements. Thus, resulting in the children becoming hurt & confused. It is the parent’s job to protect and keep them shielded from the unnecessary.

I would like to see evidence providing that my statement above is FALSE. Until then, these stories will and ALWAYS will be irrelevant and fabricated. As well as not in the best interest for ANY child. I will no longer take the abuse from the press as I have nothing to do with other people’s actions or disagreements. This is ancient history; google it.

Lastly, if YOU would like to meet up with MG and discuss how I can help the children have a happy & loving relationship with BOTH sides, I am more than willing to do so. I am only here to enhance things such as the note that was so delicately, respectfully & beautifully written to you. I don’t care about the ‘adult’ side of things, that is on you such as I have never cared to invest energy into things that are a waste of energy. Think about the babies & not ones own frustration or disagreements. It should always be about THEM. You protest privacy yet running to the press doesn’t make you exactly a saint. If you want something from someone, I was raised to display the respect before it is earned. I ask, respectfully, to please keep my name out of your mouth such as I respectfully have ALWAYS done for you without any hesitation.

[From Twitlonger]

Yes, Brett has “always” done that for Denise, for the whole month she’s been dating Charlie Sheen. What I glean from this long, self-important tweet is that Brett thinks that Denise is the one leaking stories to Radar about her. That’s probably the case. I mean Charlie is trying to kick Denise out of her house, right after he hooked up with this woman. Somehow Brett thinks it’s her place to broker a truce between Charlie and Denise, and that Denise is being the unreasonable one. She’s been with Charlie a month and she expects to play happy family with him and his daughters. This convinces me that Radar’s angle is probably Denise’s take on this whole mess, which makes sense.

I’m always team Denise. You can’t pin this whole situation on Brett by any means, Charlie is an abusive a-hole, but from Denise’s perspective Brett is the problem this time. I’m sure she knows all about Charlie, but she’s been trying to play nice with him and it’s worked for a while.

Radar has a follow-up story explaining why Denise left her former home to move closer to Charlie. She couldn’t get her daughters enrolled in any local schools after Charlie went on a Twitter rant about Sam being bullied at school. He told people to send dog poop to the school. Denise’s applications to other nearby private schools were all rejected after that. So Denise was faced with having to drive her daughters an hour away to go to school or moving. That story confirms for me that Denise has Radar on speed dial. What is she supposed to do, welcome Charlie’s flavor of the month to start co-parenting her daughters? That seems to be what Brett and Charlie expect. After all, he had two of the “goddesses” caring for the twins during his breakdown and many other p0rn star “girlfriends” have come and gone since, often in multiples at a time.



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Brett Rossi is shown at the XBiz and AVN Awards in 2013. Other photos are from November and December, 2013. Credit: PRPhotos and FameFlynet

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  1. eliza says:

    This whore needs to have several seats.

  2. OriginallyBlue says:

    Nope! This bitch needs to sit down and STFU. She has nothing to do with this and will be gone in a few months. Ugh.

    • Mika says:

      She needs a few extra seats, that’s for sure. She sounds pretty delusional about her relationship with Charlie. I mean, does she really expect him to treat her any better than the previous ladies in his life? For all we know, he might already be sleeping with another trick at this very moment.

    • Ok says:

      You know, I have a bad inkling about this new person in Charlie’s life. I agree that Charlie is ultimately responsible for his own behavior.
      He has a lot going on with personality disorder and chemical abuse.

      But the people he surrounds himself with will either function to stabilize or de-stabilize.

      This one is gonna destabilize.

      I have a feeling that she will be around a loooon time, and when (and if) she does exit Charlie’s life, she will leave it in shambles.
      (Make that way more wrecked than Charlie could wreck it singlehandedly)

      I will bet if someone digs ino her past, there is a whole lotta mayhem and chaos that follows her wherever she goes. Just a theory. I have not run across many articles on her.

    • holly hobby says:

      Maybe she thinks she can have some longevity if she plays stepmom. Her entire speech is irksome. She has no legal basis. No court would let her have a say in being involved in the girls’ lives. What can she possible teach them? Get giant knockers and be a porn star?

  3. Babalon says:

    Self-important is right. My goodness, Brett, stay in your damn lane.

    You don’t even go here.

    As I said yesterday, Charlie’s legs look like carriers for cooties. I can’t.

  4. Gine says:

    I never thought I’d feel so sorry for Denise Richards, but damn, I really do. And she’s looking so thin and worn–I wouldn’t be surprised if it was from all the stress of dealing with this crap.

  5. Arock says:

    Put down the dick, step away from the gingerbread house made of crack, and go mow the yard like you’re sapposed to.
    That woman is a saint and probably has shoes worth more than her.

  6. Red32 says:

    She’s not responsible for Charlie’s behavior, but she’s certainly not helping by publicly “calling out” Denise. She needs to mind her business. They’ve been together what 6 weeks?

    Charlie reminds me of my divorced uncles who meet a new bimbo and declare her “my OMG soulmate” within 1 month, marry or move in together within 6 months, over by the 2 year mark.

    • Delorb says:

      Charlie reminds me of someone who was abused as a child and is self medicating his pain. Martin has said that he lived a wild life back then. That he and his wife had wild parties at all times of the night. That they really didn’t handle being a parent very well. Kids can be harmed when the parent is diligent, to say nothing of those who aren’t.

      He has a pattern, as you say, with all these women. I don’t think he trusts intimacy (mistrust due to someone pretending to love him, then abusing him). That is why, IMO, he buys it and thinks that that is how the world works. He wouldn’t know what to do with someone who actually loved him for him.

      IN MY OPINION. IN MY SPECULATION, which is what this site is about. Not saying that its true as some have, when giving a diagnosis about others. In fact, I’m TOTALLY probably wrong.

  7. Kiddo says:

    Denise should just spill whatever dirt she has on Charlie and let the chips fall where they may.
    Even though Porn peacemaker is saying all these things, it’s a case of Charlie having her intervene. He hasn’t said a word about her shutting up and butting out. I think it’s like sitting at the table where two people aren’t speaking and the third person is told, “Please tell person number one that I feel this way, I’m not speaking to her”. Sure she’s an ass for acquiescing, but no doubt she enjoys the attention, what other reason to be with Charlie Sheen other than money and press, or a bizarre desire to be slammed, beaten or possibly disease ridden? Later, he can conveniently claim that he had no part in this clusterf*ck because he had someone else do his bidding.
    I’m not saying I like her, but he isn’t reeling her in. Further, it’s Charlie’s modus operandi to pit the women against each other.

  8. Aims says:

    This women has zero ground here and she needs to know her place. She will be out on her ass in a few months time. What pretains to the kids is between the parents not a girlfriend of a few weeks. Denise has been almost saintly in regards to the kids and everything. Charlie is a pussy to be able to be manipulated as he has been and beyond a piece of garbage.

    • Kiddo says:

      He’s not being manipulated. He wanted porn star with him on Xmas trip. Denise said, “No”. Don’t blame her after the fiasco of the beat down in NYC. Now Charlie is using this girl to fan the flames. Why hasn’t he said a word about this? What person, in their right mind, allows the porn-star-come-lately to be a spokesperson for something as important as a relationship with his children?

  9. elo says:

    Ugh! Team Denise forever, she needs to stfu and Charlie needs to be more grateful to DR for all she does for all of his kids, and for even allowing him and his crazy into the vicinity of her kids. God knows he doesn’t deserve it.

  10. littlestar says:

    Wow. Talk about overstepping your bounds and sticking your nose where it DOESN’T belong! She’s been his girlfriend for what, five minutes? And now she thinks she has a say in how they co-parent their children? After reading everyone’s comments yesterday, I agreed that Charlie was the one to blame and that we shouldn’t be putting the blame on his latest girlfriend for trying to stop him from having a working relationship with Denise. But now it is pretty obvious that this woman is an instigator too.

    Edit: I hope Denise doesn’t respond to that Tweet. I hope she continues to take the highroad in this situation.

    Double Edit: Thinking about it, it says a lot about who a person is when they would WILLINGLY date Charlie Sheen at this point in his life, especially given all that we know about him.

    • FLORC says:

      Yes! A lot of the blame here does fall on Brett for being an instigator. Sounds like she thrives on drama an needs to stir it up to feel important.
      And I wonder if Brett thought it was best for Denise and the daughters to move out of their home because it was on Brett’s drive into the gated community.

    • gg says:

      The New Brooke well knows how she can manipulate Charlie, and it’s public knowledge how incendiary he can get. She bears quite a bit of blame in all this, and it’s all down to her ego and her new perceived status and “fame” if you want to call it that. This is going to blow sky high. Denise will probably duck out and cover. Poor lady she has the weight of the world on her shoulders right now. Private schools are even afraid of her kids, only because of Charlie and his tweets.

  11. Megan says:

    porn star needs to have a seat. They aren’t married she has no place in this situation, and honestly if she wanted the best for those girls she’d quietly respect that Denise isn’t ready for her to be around her children. Which honestly isn’t a reflection on her but more on Charlie and how Denise just doesn’t trust he’ll make a commitment and doesn’t want her daughters to get attached to someone who will be gone soon.

    Honestly if you come into a relationship and a person has a kid you are IMO under an obligation to respect the boundaries and relationship the parents of that child have set.

  12. Jaded says:

    Charlie won’t stop until he’s ruined Denise financially, humiliated her publicly and dragged her through the scum of dealing with his pr0n girlfriends. The sad thing is his family just seems to ignore it or watch from the sidelines while those poor kids have their lives turned upside down. I hope he has another huge psychotic melt-down so they can toss him in the psych ward.

    • Sullivan says:

      Maybe Charlie’s family is supportive of their grandchildren behind the scenes. Just because they aren’t demonstrating their support via social media or pap shots doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. If Charlie was my son, I would not want to be sucked into the tawdry drama of his life. I’d quietly and privately love and care for my grandchildren.

      The girlfriend’s tweet made me cringe with second-hand embarrassment. Silly fool.

    • gg says:

      And just how would you propose anybody stop Charlie Sheen from doing whatever he wants? The world awaits your answer. And they are all quite smart enough to not be publicizing their every thought, like Charlie does. If they did, he would only ramp up his campaign. This has all been played out several times before, remember?

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Emilio turned out so differently or at least it seems since there is no bad publicity about him. Also the better actor. Where would CS be if he didn’t have all his families $$$ behind him.

  13. Talie says:

    I really hope Denise cuts him off for good. No judge will ever go against her.

  14. anne_000 says:

    LOL @ Rossi for thinking that having any kind of relationship with Denise’s kids will strengthen her relationship with CS. If she’s so worried about being with CS’ kids, I’d like to see her try to force Brooke to give her time with the sons. Brooke will cut a bitch. I don’t know why CS is letting his newbie fling be so public about her demands. Denise has already been put through a lot, especially with Brooke’s allegations about abuse by DR, leading to Child Services to investigation DR. I think it’s time DR move out of that community and far far far away from CS & his crazy female posse. Turnover is high for him when it comes to women, so who knows how many other very public women CS will allow to pull DR into another obsessive scandal?

  15. Dame Snarkweek says:

    See you next Tuesday.

  16. Juliette says:

    Charlie is an addict. Addicts are charming and manipulative by nature, they draw enablers in to their webs. Brett is simply his latest enabler, defending him, adoring him, supporting him, until she draws a line and attempts to create some sort of “boundary” at which point Charlie will replace her. Charlie cannot be challenged, he is King Baby.

    Denise understands that she cannot force Charlie to become sober. Nobody can change an addict. An addict must change for themselves. When dealing with an addict, you can really only accept them as they are. Accept their limitations. They are always very limited people, often unable to cope with normal changes in life. However – when dealing with an addict – you DO NOT accept their UNACCEPTABLE behavior. Charlie’s attempts to evict Denise, his threats against the girls’s school, his overall demeanor, swagger, and crass verbal slurs all of this is completely abusive and unacceptable. Denise understands that and is drawing a boundary.

    Clearly, Charlie is in a particularly bad place right now and its not Denise’s responsibility to be his caretaker nor is it her job to facilitate his relationship with his children. Her only responsibility is parenting her kids in a healthy, happy, stable environment to the best extent that she can protect them from his erratic and abusive behavior. Charlie’s actions are a reflection of Charlie’s mental and emotional state. He’s not well. This girlfriend is only an accessory, she shouldn’t (and probably doesn’t) even factor into Denise’s parenting choices.

  17. Deanne says:

    The very fact that this idiot thinks she has the right to lecture Denise RIchards about what she should be doing for the sake of the children, makes me believe that she is trying to edge out everyone in Charlie’s inner circle. She’s dated him a grand total of what, 5 or 6 weeks? The amount of nerve and delusion that she must have is astounding. Yes, Charlie is a mentally damaged addict, whose actions are despicable, but she’s totally fuelling the fire. He and Denise were on much better terms before his newest piece decided that she knows what’s best for his children. I know that Denise Richards says she shields the kids from the media about his venom, but when they are older and they see the way he disrespected their Mother, they’ll end up hating him. Hopefully he’s had a vasectomy and his expert in co-parenting/porn actress gf won’t be able to insert herself further by getting knocked up.

    • Christin says:

      Fueling the fire — exactly! She’s teamed up with him under the guise of wanting what’s best for the kids when I think it’s really just to aggravate Denise even more. Is if for a few moments of publicity, or to extend her time as goddess of the month? Who knows.

      He has damaged himself in so many ways. He’ll either live to be 90 or one of his enablers may someday witness or even help his demise.

    • Kath says:

      I think the girls already hate him. Every time you see the oldest (Sam?) around him she looks terrified.

      I think Denise should go for a lump sum child support payment, get a restraining order and move to the other side of the US. I can’t imagine having Charlie around the girls is doing them any good.

      I am a big advocate for kids of separated/divorced parents spending as much time with their dad as with their mum, but not in this case.

  18. Sisi says:

    yes because the best way to not have all this drama accessible to the public is by publishing an open letter via twitter, excellent logic this one has…

  19. Lori says:

    Is a 5150 not an option for this guy? Seriously?

  20. Thea says:

    My God… I feel so sorry for Denise and all of her children (including the boys). Seems like all she’s doing is cleaning up Charlie’s mess, which makes me believe she still loves him. I wish that all the kids could just stay with her, without Brooke or any p0rnstars involved. And of course, Charlie would have to pay childsupport for all of them.

    I used to really like Charlie Sheen, not so much these days…

    • Kiddo says:

      I felt sorry for him. Not anymore. I think Denise had some type of complicated financial arrangement with Charlie that may not have been a contract or court mandated. I think what Charlie had over Denise was fear. But all of what Charlie is doing now, will be his own undoing.

    • NerdMomma says:

      I think Denise Richards is a good person, is what it is. I do NOT think for a minute that she loves Charlie Sheen. Just as I don’t think Brandi Glanville still loves Eddie Cibrian. Sure love can be complicated, but when you look at these guys and how they’ve treated people and what they’ve done, including TO the women who supposedly “love” them and to the women’s CHILDREN… there is no way.

    • Jessiebes says:

      Yeah I don’t think she loves Charlie, but she does love her children and therefor loves the half-siblings they have.

  21. mellie says:

    OMG…does this dumb skank think anyone in the free world is going to take her side…we are all Team Denise!! I need a t-shirt, that woman is a saint!

  22. Ellie66 says:

    I’m kinda looking forward to when Charlie turns and goes (more) crazy at the porn skank. ;) Denise hide ur kids, dad and the dogs from these 2 freaks!

  23. daisyfly says:

    As a child of divorce, let me just say that pornfriend over here needs to stfu and gtfo. The last thing children in this type of situation need is the kind of instability that Charlie and the hobot offer. Meeting girlfriend after girlfriend does not help the children, nor does it help foster a better relationship with them. All it really does is teach these kids that people are expendable to their father, which will always leave them wondering when their turn is next.

    • Deanne says:

      But she’s special. After all they’ve been together over a month and he got a tattoo for her. When people get tattoos dedicated to each other, it means it’s for life. Not. I read once that you should wait at least 6 months before introducing kids to a new person, otherwise they can become very confused, just as you said. I know people who have literally introduced their kids to everyone they go on a date with. It’s completely selfish. Just like Charlie and his porn piece of the moment.

  24. klutzy_girl says:

    I had no idea there were any rumors Denise’s youngest daughter was Charlie’s from another woman. That is amazing of her if it’s true.

    And I don’t blame her for running to Radar either. Good for her!

    This woman needs to step back since she hasn’t been dating Charlie that long. This isn’t her place.

  25. lucy2 says:

    I don’t believe for a second that this has anything to do with the kids, it’s all about this gross person getting attention and fame, so she’s going after the biggest headlines possible, without a thought for any of the actual human beings involved.

    Denise needs to cut as many ties with Charlie as she can, and limit his involvement in their lives as much as possible. Don’t respond to this BS, move out of the house he owns, and communicate through the lawyers.

  26. Mich says:

    Offensive. That tweet is simply disgusting.

    Who the ever loving f*ck does this presumptuous trick think she is?

    Just when you think Denise’s life can’t possibly get any more stressful, in steps the crackhead father of her children.

  27. judyjudy says:

    Aside from the lovely daughters that came from her relationship with CS I wonder how many times a day Denise regrets the moment she decided to accept his invitation for a first date. What a nightmare her life is on account of this disgusting, disgusting man.

  28. YuYa says:

    “Such as…”

    Saying “such as” over and over again makes her seem like she is trying to sound intelligent, but falling way short. Her whole letter is a confusing mess. I’m sure she re-wrote that mess 100 times and showed her friends before posting it. Problem is, when you have no empathy, you cannot feign it either.

    Also, chick has dead shark eyes.

  29. name du jour says:

    That letter is worded so oddly. Is English not her first language? (I’m not being a smartass, I know nothing about her.) “I was raised to display the respect before it is earned.” What the hell does that mean?

  30. anoneemouse says:

    I hope Denise smartens up and sues that SOB for more child support. It’s not enough that she has to deal with her own custody issues with this freak, but she has to get involved with the whole Brook drama and now gets pulled into more drama every time he gets a new “flavor of the month.” I think she needs at least $100K per month to deal with this asshat.

  31. Macey says:

    omg..this chick needs to just stfu. I really feel for Denise now. Its going to be funny in a few weeks when CS trades this week’s “goddess” for another one, and he will. I wonder what type of open letter she’ll tweet then?
    I hope Denise has been stock piling that money and just moves away with her kids and let CS do his thing with his pron stars. the best thing she could do for her kids is keep him and his paid pieces away from them.

  32. Hautie says:

    It is time for Denise to get lawyer. A really evil one.

    I was surprised that she did not have a legal settlement from him. For child support. And her personal home, in her NAME. I gave her more credit than that.

    With this outlandish public behavior, from Charlie in the last couple years. Denise is in the perfect position to get it handle quickly and in her favor. Get a trust set up for the girls. So when he finally crack smokes himself into an early death. She is not screwed.

    I suspect Charlie changes the clauses in his will… weekly. I bet his lawyer just hates his ass by now. And it is time for Denise to get that court order child support and trust funds set up… where Charlie can’t screw with them.

    And we all know that his newest girl with questionable motives… is on a time clock. I give it less than 60 days, till it all goes very wrong.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      It seems like people like the negative energy polluters are the ones who live a long time and a lot of kind hearted kind people who put good energy into the world don’t get the same chance to have a long life. He has so many blessings yet seems unable to appreciate his blessings and is so fortunate to be in good physical health despite his self destructive behaviour.

  33. qtpi says:

    Is his show currently filming? I don’t think we have very long before we wake up to the news that he has been found dead in a hot tub. I’m quite amazed he has lasted as long as he has. I wonder where all the money would go? Split between all the kids?

  34. lady_luck says:

    I feel sorry for Denise. This new wh*re seems like a real piece of work, with a real inflated sense of entitlement. Wouldn’t blame her for wanting to keep her kids as far away from it as humanly possible.

  35. serena says:

    Team Denise of course, those two are total ass*les!

  36. Amy says:

    Is there some reason why Denise has to stay in LA? Is her family from the area? If it were me, I’d get a house with my name on the deed (either in LA or elsewhere) and get the hell away from this guy. He’s insane. Neither Denise nor her daughters should have to put up with this kind of abuse.

  37. Shopperetta says:

    If this were my drug-addled cuckoo ex-husband and his porno girlfriend, I would go bleepin nuclear at having to deal with any of this insanity. Those kids growing up even vaguely well-adjusted is a testament to her as a mother.

  38. Anne says:

    OK, I mostly understood the first paragraph, but what is THIS eloquent mess about?:

    “I don’t care about the ‘adult’ side of things, that is on you such as I have never cared to invest energy into things that are a waste of energy.”

    What does that even mean? From that entire grade-one level writing, all I got was that this woman thinks it would be in the children’s best interest if Denise would not bad-mouth her in the press (anonymously). Right. That’ll help the kids. (eye roll)

    Also, I don’t know how old Denise’s daughters (with Sheen) are, but they are not babies–they are old enough to know what is going on in the media, and to hate their dad’s new ‘side piece’ and to say ‘we don’t want to have anything to do with her’. You can’t always blame the ex for the kids’ opinions. They do have minds of their own.

  39. Anon says:

    Sometimes nice and class are not understood or respected. Denise probably needs to take a couple of mean pills, and defend herself. This has to be affecting the girls, they are not stupid. They should never have to meet porn star SMH

  40. bluhare says:

    Do you really think this woman tweeted that without Charlie’s consent? I think he was probably behind it.

    Also, the level of name calling about this woman is disgusting. Call her out on her behavior, not what she does for a living. God forbid someone call someone else fat, but it’s OK to call her every name in the book? You don’t know if she’s a slut or a whore. All we know is she has sex on film, which from what I understand isn’t a crime. Which is a discussion in itself, actually. If sex for money off camera is a crime, why is it OK on camera?

    But my point is that this same crowd which is against any form of “shaming” is certainly OK with a lot of name calling about someone considered a “whore”, “slut” and whatever. Ick, people!

    • Kiddo says:

      Nice, bluhare. Where is Charlie condemning her for getting in the middle, telling her to shut it, or otherwise acting sane and responsible? He’s sitting back and enjoying the spectacle while everyone launches the attack on who will be his next victim.

    • Skye says:

      Bluhare, I don’t doubt one bit that Charlie is egging her on and loving the show. But no reasonable person who HASN’T been locked in a bunker for five years could approach a relationship with a psychotic crack clown like CS, and claim honest motives. Whatever ride she’s enjoying now, it’s clearly worth her future safety and well-being to her, so when he inevitably turns on her, it WILL be wrong and illegal, but it’ll also be a little hard to work up much outrage on her behalf. I don’t care if she has sex for money on or off the camera. I’m mocking her for running her mouth in a situation where – if she were HALF as intelligent and classy and altruistic as she wants us to think – she’d shut up and stay off Twitter about someone else’s kids.

      • bluhare says:

        Skye, I was commenting on the hypocrisy of people calling this woman names when all hell breaks loose if someone says someone else is fat (for example). I have no horse in this race and don’t think anyone here’s a candidate for sainthood.

    • Lauraq says:

      Agreed. This woman seems like a nasty piece of work, but calling her a whore is a bit much. Plus, Charlie does seem to like them young, dim, and naive (much like my ex did, only he also went for girls who would be typically considered unattractive-they loved the idea that an older man would risk his relationship to bang them!). He even mentioned in a Rolling Stone interview that he prefers ‘cute’ to ‘hot’ or ‘beautiful’. Given some of the things Denise said during their divorce, I find that mildly disturbing.
      But anyways, we don’t know what Charlie has convinced this chick of, so let’s just judge her on what we do know.

  41. Jessiebes says:

    Charlie Sheen is an awful awful person.

  42. CeltLady says:

    Time to petition the Vatican. St. Denise has a nice ring to it. That poor woman is a saint, and it is no wonder she looks frail and worn. The stress that she endures from that nut CS and his endless string on pornies would take a toll on the strongest among us.

  43. Emily C. says:

    Charlie Sheen is one of those men who likes to get a woman to do his dirty work for him. He threw Denise to the wolves when he hooked up with Brooke, too. Then he’ll dump the woman he used and pretend it was THEIR fault, not his, oh no, and people will buy it. It’s the Eddie Cibrian school of how to treat your ex-wife.

    (Btw, the fact that she is/was in porn has nothing to do with this at all.)

  44. jellyfish says:

    She doesn’t look 24. She looks to be in her early-mid 30′s.

  45. Skye says:

    I haven’t heard “such as” repeated to such comic effect since Miss Teen South Carolina made us aware of the terrible map shortage in South African America.

    Trick, sit down.

  46. Meggin says:

    Wow. That porn star really has a kinda ugly face. I feel bad for Denise and her daughters, having to deal with this crap.

  47. dread pirate cuervo says:

    The best interest of the children involves being kept away from people who f*ck for money. Thank God I’m sober now, but when I used to get as high as this chick must be to have these thoughts, I would be physically unable to communicate. Like my mouth would open, but no sound would come out. I thank God for that, too.

  48. Kath says:

    I know we living in culturally/morally relative land these days where everything goes and every choice is equally valid – and heaven forbid we criticise someone’s choices (that’s ‘slut-shaming’ or not ‘acknowledging your privilege’)… and we’re not allowed to be judgmental if someone at the next desk has a swastika tattooed in the middle of their forehead…

    BUT seriously (here I go)…

    This woman’s comment is full of comments about “respect” and “how I was raised” while she lectures a mother about how to raise her own kids.

    FFS woman, YOU ARE A PORN STAR!! Does that not give you pause at all before opening your trap? Do you not think that your occupation has just the tiniest influence on why Denis Richards does not want you around her young daughters?

    Whether you like it or not, performing in porn films is not the same as being an accountant, much as porn culture has infiltrated into the mainstream.

  49. Snowpea says:

    She looks like Dina Lohan’s younger sister!

  50. Meg says:

    was it really worth the money from the child support and alimony payments and cushy life that brings to have to put up with this crazy man?

  51. Lauraq says:

    I love how she says she wants to see evidence that what she’s saying is false. No one ever told the poor little mite that you can’t prove a negative, or that the burden of proof rests on the prosecution.