Leo DiCaprio on his ideal lady: ‘Humility, sense of humor & not a lot of drama’

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Oscars are only a week away, which means we’re soon going to find out the answer to who will win the Best Actor category. Will it be Leonardo DiCaprio (who has been waiting in the wings for several Oscar-baity movies now) or Matthew McConaughey, who has recently made a return to serious movies? It could go either way. I don’t think the Academy will ever give Leo an Oscar, but I’d love to be wrong. Even though I like Matthew more as a person.

Both Matty and Leo have been running a pretty effective campaign in the media. Leo’s been keeping up his environmental “good deeds” for good measure. I always think it’s hilarious when celebs lecture all of us to buy a Prius as they ride in private jets and go yachting on the weekend. Leo’s foundation did give Oceana $3 million to protect sharks, dolphins, and turtles. He is doing a lot more than most of us to protect marine wildlife, so I should be nice.

Back on the Oscar topic, Leo sat down with Gayle King for a CBS This Morning interview. Gayle joked that you’ll never see Leo “walking around with a bag over his head.” Maybe a creepy mask, sure. Never a paper bag. Leo is too environmentally conscious to waste paper like that. Here are some highlights from the interview:

His first Oscar nom for Gilbert Grape in 1994: “All I remember is being paralysed with fear that I’d have to actually get up on that stage because somebody told me a billion people watch that show. And that’s the only thing that I really remember. And I was in shambles about that. I actually didn’t want to win because of that reason.”

On Titanic: “You know, it’s been such a long time, but it was such, you know, a huge part of my life. And people maybe think I have a reaction to that film. But the truth is, I’m incredibly proud of it. And not only that, the movie has really made me be in control of my career.”

What does he look for in a lady? “Humility, a sense of humour and not a lot of drama. I’m all right. I’m good for now. [Marriage] is going to happen when it’s going to happen. I’m just gonna let it happen naturally.”

Will he ever marry? “The truth is, it’s gonna happen when it’s gonna happen. I’m just gonna let it happen naturally. I really am. That’s the only way to do it, I feel. And when it’s right, it’s gonna be right. I’m all right. I’m good for now.”

On playing a drug user in Wolf: “I’d spent many months with Jordan Belfort, interviewing him. And he described this sort of disconnect between your brain and your body. And you have every intention of moving forward and thinking you’re articulate. And you have the same motivations, just, your body doesn’t respond.”

He wanted to use Lenny Williams as a childhood stage name: “It was true. I was a break dancer at the time and I had this sort of step haircut. I was a pop locker, which I had displayed in this movie and, you know, that was what was cool about doing this movie. I could draw upon certain things in my own experience…They wanted might to change my name to Lenny Williams because they said it would sound less ethnic and I would be able to get more roles. And my dad said, ‘Don’t you dare do that.’”

[From CBS this Morning]

The interview (you can watch it here) is actually kind of awkward when Gayle keeps badgering Leo about getting married. She really wants it to happen, and she tells Leo that “everyone” wants to see him get hitched. Is that true? I don’t have any desire to see Leo tie the knot because I think he’d be a terrible husband. Why wish that on any model? I’m glad his girlfriends get something — career exposure — out of the deal. Most of them know what he’s up to. They might be models, but that doesn’t mean they’re dumb.

Here’s some photos of Leo’s new wax figure at Madame Tussauds. They … made a figure that looks like Leo in 25 years. Poor guy. I would be so angry. The Sandra Bullock figure (in the gallery) looks great though!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. Jenny says:

    Good luck finding those qualities in a supermodel, Leo!

    Just curious, why wouldn’t the academy give him an Oscar?

    • Zimmer says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth…

    • jinni says:

      Just because someone makes a living off of their looks doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of having those qualities. I don’t get why people automatically think ill of models personalities. Like, why do people think that all of his girlfriends are dumb just because they are models? Is it because they are considered well above average in attractiveness? Is it because they’re blonde and slender?

      Personally I think even if he found these things in any woman he wouldn’t settle down because he doesn’t want to. He’s just paying lip service to his fans and the academy.

      • Myrto says:

        A lot of models start their career very early, sometimes at 13, 14 years old. That means they often drop off high school at 16 to have a full-time modelling career and even if they don’t, you can’t exactly study when you’re constantly between two planes, between two shoots, one day in New York, the next in Milan. So they’re super young and they often didn’t get a proper education.
        On top of that, their job is to be bland, to have no personality when they’re walking on the runway, because people are supposed to focus on the clothes, not the models. If the model has too much personality, that will distract from the clothes. Not exactly a profession that encourages intelligence and personality basically.

      • jinni says:

        Myrto: Okay. Point taken.

      • Musi says:

        Actually models are from different parts of the world and sometimes english isn’t their first language. Expessions may be limited but that doesn’t mean dumb. They start young too. Well go on Leo!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Jinni, who wrote: “Just because someone makes a living off of their looks doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of having those qualities.”

        True, but I think most people will comment on the ‘Drama’ aspect of a model’s life rather than a lack of intelligence, humility, and a sense of humor. You are right in pointing out that you simply cannot gauge a person’s intelligence–or anything else about them–based upon their looks.

      • Karolina says:

        Because being a successful models includes starting to hustle at the age of 15, therefore neglecting your education. Besides, you only live in this fashion bubble and have almost no contact to real people. All you need to worry is your weight, skin and hair. I also think you have to be shallow to a great degree to stay in this business.

    • FLORC says:


      Leo wants an Oscar so bad. So bad! He’s made no secret of it and made note of only taking serious roles. Roles to get him that little gold man. There was talk a way back st after Titanic that Leo angered some of the academy big wigs somehow… Can’t remember the details.. But ever since then he’s not even nominated when for some certain roles he should have been.

      And didn’t he date Giselle for years? She’s far from humble. Leo is like my celeb crush Chris Pine. You say you want someone deep, and smart, and humble and funny, but you only date models in their very early 20′s. It’s just lip service.

      • Nikkie says:


        I think he was in the dog house with the academy big wigs because he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar but his film and co-star were. He was invited to attend the show but refused in anger.

      • MD says:

        Gisele is far from humble? Why? She is humble.

    • PL says:

      I think what he’s really saying is that they need to be humble enough not to think they are good enough to get a real commitment from him, have a sense of humor that will keep them from getting mad at him for anything and that they not bring drama like expecting him to do anything or act like a grown-up.

    • mytbean says:

      I think it comes down to priorities and perception. These women make a career doing something that doesn’t exactly require the traditional academia. So, I won’t say that models are dumb but it’s probable that they aren’t particularly well-rounded as they don’t NEED to be in order to survive and even thrive. But they probably know a sh*t-ton more about clothing, cosmetics and plastic surgery than I’ll ever know in my life-time.

      And, like anyone, they’re learning what they need to know in order to function in their set environment. It takes a broader perspective based on life experiences to see the value in knowing anything more and these women are very young yet.

      Leo, on the other hand, is old enough to know better and to me is therefor just a boring and disappointing cliche… with a funny looking head.

  2. FirstTimer says:

    Well, Leo, avoid models then…

  3. erindipity says:

    Omg that wax Leo is AWFUL!! They usually do pretty good work over at Madame Tussaud’s, but that is just heinous.

    • Erinn says:

      Right? And the worst part is that I can’t even find one thing about his face that makes it weird – it’s the whole face that’s jussstttt a little off, but when tossed together it makes everything look wrong.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I am so creeped out by wax figures for some reason. I took my niece and nephews to Madam Tussaud’s and I really wanted to run away screaming, but I couldn’t because they liked it. But you’re right, most of them were good, but this is awful, awful!

      • erindipity says:

        Agreed, ladies. It’s bad to the point that I can’t believe they’re even using it! Doesn’t resemble him AT ALL.

    • starrywonder says:

      That thing is going to give me nightmares tonight…

    • Zigggy says:

      It seems like they’ve really gone downhill.

      • Christin says:

        If Leo & Blake Shelton were brothers, the wax figure could be their other brother. Looks like a blend of the two.

      • MaiGirl says:

        Nailed it, Christin. I was looking at it and couldn’t figure out who it looked like, but I knew there was some celebrity it favored, and yes, it’s Blake! I have never seen a wax figure of a famous person as poorly done as this. They didn’t even get his face shape right!

    • Roma says:

      That wax figure looks like if you melded Leo with Joshua Jackson… very odd.

    • ParisPucker says:

      How could they even put it on their museum floor?? It looks nothing like him!! Maybe him, if he spent too many years working in a nuclear plant. Very off – the eyes, nose, lips – all wrong. It’s moronic to pay $$ to look at wax dolls… especially moronic when they don’t even ‘do their jobs’ at the one thing they’re supposed to achieve: have some semblance of the person they’re supposed to portray..

      • Aisha says:

        I was thinking the same, who the hell okayed that?!! It’s by far the worst wax replica I’ve ever seen, it’s actually disturbing to look at.

    • alxandra says:

      I totally agree!! I scroll thru it without reading and I saw the picture and thought that must be his cousin. Because they have a familial look. Bad, bad job

    • Addison says:

      Agreed! This does not look like Leo. I hope he protests or maybe his agent. But this thing has got to go!

  4. Maria says:

    He forgot to add: under 26, experienced VS model, blonde, and legs for days.

    • Tapioca says:

      He also forgot to add, “Pick me! Please pick me! I’ll spin you any bulls*** you want, just gimme that darn Oscar!”

      Yeah, I’m rooting for a surprise Bruce Dern win, because I’m tired of the campaigning and I wouldn’t know him if he punched me on the nose.

      • Maria says:

        Lol, if he wins it will be based on his body of work, not WOW.

        I’m hoping for a surprise too but that goes towards Chiwetel ♡

      • lol says:

        And who said Bruce Dern is not campaigning??? LOL
        Dern is campaigning for months now and he has Jack Nicholson playing the cards for him too.

    • Nikkie says:


      LOL he didn’t forget. He just listed the requirements that academy voters and the female mini-van majority will give him a pat on the back for saying. The guy is a politician in interviews.

  5. Tx says:

    If he was being truthful this would read “5’10′ model, not a lot of body fat.” ;)

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Right. I don’t see a lot of evidence that he’s looking for the qualities he claims to be.

      • Mark says:

        How are you gathering this evidence by looking blogs?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Excellent point. I can’t even say I have gathered my “evidence” from looking at blogs. Celebitchy is the only celebrity blog I read. So, I really have no idea, of course. Feel better now?

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Well, Mark, he could well be looking for those qualities he listed but he just left out the part about earlier twenties, VS model, and legs for days with very little body fat. Like GoodNames, I haven’t researched it but, then again, I don’t have to. His relationship history speaks for itself. BTW, I say more power to him. Better to know what you want, partake endlessly then marry and divorce just to trade in for a new, younger model (pun unintended but it stays) :)

  6. kdlaf says:

    Thats the one of the worst wax figures I’ve ever seen!! Poor Leo =( and yeah, good luck finding those qualities in the line up at the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Leo seems like a cool guy to hang out with but sooner or later even I will be too old for him (almost 22) haha.

  7. Jegede says:

    All nice ways of Leo saying wants a doormat, someone who would let him do at will whatever, whenever with his posse of over grown frat boys!

    Then again, Gayle’s bestie Oprah is not married. And she admits her irritation at being constantly asked. What business is it of hers or anyone if Leo weds?

    Better Leo sticks to his lifestyle than get married to appease the masses and for show while having many many bits on the side in their home states as well as on set
    ( I’m looking at you D-enzel, Mc-Counaghey, A-ffleck e.t.c)

    Marriage is not for everyone.

    • jinni says:

      Matthew is stepping out on his wife? Please elaborate on that, if it’s not too much.

    • Frida_K says:

      Matthew has a wandering dong?

      Why am I surprised about this?

      I have read in many different venues that Ben and Denzel are notorious philanderers but had never heard anything about McConaughey.


    • Zadie says:

      Isn’t Denzel like super duper religious? Shouldn’t marriage be sacred then? I’m so dissappointed now.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Not sure about the religious part but it’s fairly common knowledge that he strays or used to stray. He ‘reformed’ a few years back but no idea if that stuck (apparently the missus said shape up or it’s gonna get ugly).

  8. Lilacflowers says:

    That wax figure is just plain creepy. When an interviewer starts asking questions about marriage to someone who isn’t actively planning a wedding, it just screams to me that the interviewer lacks depth and can’t discuss the interview subject’s body of work.

    • Lee says:

      That’s exactly what I thought – Gayle revealed more about her shortcomings as an interviewer than anything about her subject.

  9. JaDeRu says:

    I’m a fan fighting the urge to jump ship (no Titanic pun intended) The wax figure is actually a very good representation of what Leo is now to me.
    An eerie, empty, off-centered and once handsome, chunk of plastic. I now hope he (for his reputation- not his less than Leo worthy performance) wins because his thirst is embarrassing.

    • ivy says:

      Yup, I agree.

      When he was in his late teens and 20s he was so damn sexy. He’s aged into an arrogant, bloated, sleazy stereotype. What a waste.

  10. serena says:

    Like hell he’ll get married, not if he continues to date every blonde model out there.

  11. Hannah says:

    Gayle King’s interviews and hosting always make me uncomfortable. Am I the only one who thinks she’s not that great at tv? But then again, that hasn’t stopped Kathie Lee and Hoda.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      No, you are not alone. I think she’s a really nice person, but I just don’t think she has it on camera.

  12. jinni says:

    I actually jumped back from my computer when that wax figure pic came up. OMG, I wasn’t ready for it.

  13. Mia4S says:

    I’d actually like him more if he was honest: Hell no I’m not getting married! I’m getting non-stop under-25 model tail! I party on oversized billionaire yachts and take private jets everywhere (but yah environment!) and I play slight variations on everything I’ve already done in each movie and make a fortune!..but I’m hungry as hell for an Oscar so please gimme!! ;-) Oh Leo.

    • jinni says:

      I thought I was the only one that notice that he’s been playing pretty much the same type of character in his movies. Plus they all look the same. But I guess since they’re in “serious/dramatic” films no one says anything about his one note tendencies.

      • epiphany says:

        This is a problem with many actors today. They don’t become the characters they’re playing, they play themselves in different situations. Leo, Clooney, Pitt – even Sandra Bullock, who I love, was just the girl driving the bus in Speed, but placed in a spacesuit for ‘Gravity.’ We have many, many celebrities these days, but very few real actors, people who master their craft and can slip their skin and become a completely different person, ala Gary Oldman, or Bryan Cranston in “Breaking Bad.” Acting is an art form, when it’s executed properly.

      • laura says:

        Yes, real acting is an art! You have to be a chameleon and become the character. True actors are for me Robert Duvall, Gary Oldman, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson , Daniel Day Lewis (amazing) without forgetting Marlon Brando…they are not forcing anything and BECOME the character. All I see with Leo is leo getting sad, leo getting angry… he is forcing it. He is not a natural …

  14. Maureen says:

    I just don’t think he’s interesting. I find him boring and strangely juvenile in his personality, and when it comes to his “charities” and politics he just repeats the same meme and then throws some money at a cause, but otherwise he’s just another huge Hollywood hypocrite. So he has solar panels? So what? I’d have them too IN MY MANSION if I could afford them. Doesn’t anyone see what a joke this is? Using solar panels IN A MANSION. Anyway. He’s on electric cigarettes now (that we know of), but for decades while he was preaching his earth-worship and accusing you and me of destroying the planet by our greedy, selfish ways he was also smoking like a freight train. But because he throws a few million at the whales and dolphins we are expected to overlook his hypocrisy. Yes, we are expected to ignore the glaring hypocrisy. That’s how elitists operate. Do what I say. Ignore what I do except when I write a check.

    • TG says:

      Yay @Maureen! Preach it. I agree with you too. IMO Leo can’t act very well and he looks like a doughboy.

      • laura says:

        Yes, Maureen…I so agree with you! I really have a problem when so called celebrities lecture people and tell us how to live. While they live in luxurious mansions, have their own private chefs and planes, yatchts etc…What do they do? they act. They are not saving lives , they are just actors nothing special really.

    • Ag-UK says:

      WORD!!! Also what does oh I will let it happen naturally ( marriage). I guess 5 years with Giselle wasn’t natural enough or with Bar. I agree he is boring to me I never ever hit the appeal and Titanic’s best part the last 20 minutes for me.

      • Jegede says:

        I think it means ‘naturally’, as when instinct or feeling tells him this is the one, or this is the time rather than follow others’ dictat.
        And because he was in long term relationships with these women does not mean he wanted to or automatically should have married them
        The women of course had/have free will and could have chosen to walk away at any time.

      • Oh La La says:

        What happened with Giselle? Who ended it?

    • mercy says:

      He “does more than most” because he wants to, but also because he has more time and money (and if I’m being really cynical, more motivation in the form of good publicity) than most. There are many things people can do in their everyday lives to help the environment and other good causes that don’t involve a lot of money.

      The mansion was there before him. At least he made it green. If he installed enough solar panels, they should produce enough energy to power the whole place since L.A. is so sunny. I can see situations where taking private plane makes sense and yachting once in awhile is not a big deal, but for some of these people it’s a lifestyle and it hurts the environment and their credibility.

      • Maureen says:

        “The mansion was there before him”, LOL. Oh, the irony.

        No one MAKES the fat cats buy mansions. The fact that the mansion was already there (I’m still chuckling) is not even hardly the point. The point is here we have yet another Hollywood hypocrite bemoaning the state of the earth and the world’s poor and the animals and pointing the daddy finger at the rest of us, meanwhile they live in more wealth and comfort and luxury than any single human being could ever need. I have causes I feel passionate about. I feel good if I can give them $50. I feel extravagant if I can give them $100. I don’t even want to HEAR this crap about giving millions of dollars to their pet causes … and then getting in their chauffeured cars and being driven back to their mansions.

      • mercy says:

        What do you want him to do, tear it down and build a modest home? That would be wasteful. Buy a place in a normal residential community? That has potential to disrupt the neighbourhood and their security. I’ve long ago accepted that people with money are going to live larger than the average person, partly for practical reasons (they host a lot of people in their oversized homes on occasion, they have live-in staff, security needs) and mostly because they can. If a plot of land is designated for building residential or commercial, it’s going to be built on. Better the buyer be someone with green standards and good taste than a developer who doesn’t give a damn and just wants to build the most massive structure they can.

      • Maureen says:

        Let me say this again and then I’m leaving this topic: I have NO PROBLEM with people being wealthy. No problem with wealthy people enjoying the fruits of their labor. I support having nice things and I have ZERO sense of envy or jealousy. You work for it, you should enjoy it. What I object to is hypocrisy. Please, don’t try to sell me on Leo D NOT being a hypocrite.

      • mercy says:


        Not trying to sell that at all (see my preceding comment; I’m under no illusions about ‘Leo the eco warrior’), just pointing out that the issue is not that cut and dried as far as I’m concerned. Almost anyone who is a vocal supporter of green causes could be called a hypocrite for something. I’m more likely to take issue with zoning laws that leave wilderness areas vulnerable to large scale development by wealthy developers than to retrofitting any existing homes to make them cleaner and greener.

    • littlestar says:

      Giiiiiirrrrrlllll!!! Good points! I started looking at LD differently after that article was posted on here with him saying he’s never done drugs in his life, yet the hypocrite seems to suffer from permanent alcohol bloat. Your comment just drives it home how two-faced he is (and while I do think he’s likely an actually nice person, I just can’t with the hypocritical celebrity crap anymore).

      • Ugh, I know. He does know that all he has to do is fall asleep in the wrong position and it’ll be easy for him to drown in his own vomit, right? But yeah, that’s like Jennifer Aniston saying she ate a Big Mac i.e. she sullied her purified system (according to her), but still drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney.

        Getting wasted every chance you get, while saying you haven’t touched drugs is hypocritical. One doesn’t negate the other. My mom likes to drink. But I’ve never seen her drunk, throwing up, or bloated because of her drinking–she likes to drink until she gets a little tipsy and floaty….then she stops.

      • Maureen says:

        Yep. And alcohol is a drug. The word “drug” is just an umbrella phrase for mood-altering substances of whatever kind. So, he’s a liar and that’s that.

  15. Kelly says:

    What he means is humility in age numbers, sense of humor in having to pretend he’s hilarious and witty 24/7, and no dramatic looking ugly people.

  16. lol says:

    Leo is a terrific actor and he deserves to win. The Oscar should be about talent not about personal lives. He is amazing in TWOWS.

    If not Leo I want Chiwetel.

  17. Green Girl says:

    I can’t think of anyone who is crying out for Leo to get married, or any celebrity, really. It’s no skin off my nose if a celebrity does or doesn’t get married.

    Somewhat serious question: Why do interviewers ask this if someone plans to get married? It seems extremely personal to me (and for what it’s worth, I’m a married gal myself).

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I agree with you. Don’t ask such personal questions for actors/actresses that haven’t made the subject a part of their talking points. It’s just rude. Stars or not, they are human and shouldn’t be required to discuss things like this in public. Now if they talk about it (Jen Love Hewitt) then, by all means, ask away otherwise leave ‘em alone about it. Same thing goes for baby questions. Some things just aren’t up for gabfests unless you are talking to your friends.
      BTW, I’m married too :)

    • mercy says:

      Something to do with the notion that these men are so desirable and so many women would want to marry them that they must do the world a favour and marry one. It’s ridiculous. Personally I hope these guys never marry unless they’re ready for marriage and find a partner who is ready for it.

  18. Lindsey says:

    That wax figure looks like a bloated Neil Patrick Harris.

  19. Em says:

    The man with the iron mask was on telly last night. And what struck me is how pretty he was. He really looks like a different person now. He is one of those pretty boys that didn’t age well. As for his acting I really don’t know he is good but he never blows me away like he did when he was younger. Gilbert grape is still his best work.

    • epiphany says:

      He’s so good looking in that movie – what happened???? He doesn’t look like a druggie, and it’s not even that he looks much older. Is it weight gain? I can’t put my finger on it, but he went from being extremely handsome, even pretty, to meh.

    • littlestar says:

      I loved that movie! I watch it every time I see it on TV. And yes, he looks very different now. I don’t think it’s just natural aging, I think alcohol has a lot to do with how he looks now.

      • I think it’s alcohol bloat too. He looks WAY better on the WOWS, probably because he wasn’t drinking on the set. His face doesn’t look bloated at all–obviously he aged.

        And that’s the only Leo movie that I won’t watch–I tried and I was bored. Plus he wasn’t my bag when he was that young–he looked twelve for a really long time.

      • littlestar says:

        That’s the reason why I like watching it, it’s so lame and silly and mind-numbingly fun :) .

        Definitely alcohol bloat. I think he very likely drinks a lot too. My husband’s best friend who is an alcoholic is always bloated and puffy looking, exactly like Leo, and he drinks extreme amounts of alcohol at times. It’s a very sad way to live.

    • Kelly says:

      He really was beautiful when he was very young. He’s not even attractive anymore.
      In many ways, I feel his model predicament – I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole unless he was under 25 too. No wonder he loves VS blonde girls – they look like him in his best days!

  20. lisa2 says:

    WELL THIS IS AN EXAMPLE THAT MEN well certain men get asked the same questions that women do about their personal lives. I just think it is a waste of time, mainly because Leo is not going to give them any real juicy infor or open up and spill his guts. So why waste the few minutes you have with questions that won’t yield the answers you want.

    I find that a lot of actors/actresses have far more interesting interview from foreign reporters. They ask silly fun questions and the actors can just be loose and fun.

  21. Musi says:

    Looooool! Made my day, can’t deal haha. Well Toni is expecting? That will be a shocker. Her best friend (model) apparently had dinner with him way before she dated Leo. Hmm!

  22. WendyNerd says:

    How much do you want to bet that when he says “sense of humor” he means the type of sense of humor that involves laughing at his jokes and not having any of your own?

    I’m sorry, it’s just that this guy comes off as the type. Not that he can’t ever appreciate smart women, but he seems like the type who cannot reconcile the idea of a woman he can be romantic/sexual with and a woman he can appreciate as an intellectual peer. Like, he might not be adverse to a strong woman, but he wouldn’t want one for a mate. Intellectual equals are to be friends and coworkers, but a girlfriend can’t be one. It’s not that he’s dated models so much as the fact that as he gets older, the girls he dates get younger, lower profile, and they are basically all the same in terms of appearance. I know that there are models who are extremely smart, funny, have great personalities, etc. Cindy Crawford studied Chemical Engineering and was valedictorian of her class. There are many models who have managed to build strong businesses and use their brains as well as looks to build lasting careers. Back when he was dating women like Bar Rafaeli and Giselle Bundchen, I didn’t think too much of it. Those are both women who were closer in age to him, who lasted in the fashion industry, and have shown that they have at least some brains and independence. Giselle and Bar, at least, were famous on their own without Leo. But now, it’s all uber-young rail-thin blonds who need to ride his coattails for fame and haven’t shown any sort of qualities outside of how they look. And they all look the same. So yeah, it’s not about him dating models, it’s about the fact that he seems to look not for women, but for sex objects. I don’t care that he dates models. I care that he dates girls younger than I am who have no sort of public profile to call their own and need him to raise their profile. That’s the problem. The “humility” and “not a lot of drama” quotes are pretty interesting. He doesn’t want to deal with any sort of personal shit, and he wants a girl to know her place. Sorry, that’s how I’m reading it because his actions sort of display that. He drops these girls pretty quickly, and in my mind that shows he’s ready to disconnect whenever things get complicated. And since they all need him for fame, then he’s always got the upper hand, got the higher status. Notice he doesn’t want a girl who has depth or brains and he didn’t say he wants someone “funny”, he wants a “sense of humor”.

    I’m sorry, but it is just what I’m seeing.

    • JaDeRu says:

      Don’t apologize, I agree.
      If he had maybe replaced “humility” and “not a lot of drama” with “down to earth and realistic” and “not afraid to call me on my crap”, then I could believe he’s serious about finding those qualities in a woman and wants to settle down.

    • mercy says:

      There might be some truth to that. When I read ‘humility’ and ‘no drama,’ I couldn’t help but wonder if those were code words for ‘low self-esteem’ and ‘won’t make a fuss over my partying and womanising.’ If he doesn’t want drama, why involve himself in on and off relationships for years like he did with Gisele and Bar?

      Gisele and Bar weren’t famous when he started going out with them, but Gisele had the makings of a ‘supermodel’ and would probably be where she is without him. Bar still isn’t that big a deal in the modelling world, but I think Leo raised her profile significantly.


      I agree, words like down to earth, smart and strong inspire more confidence.

      • Aisha says:

        Yeah and it’s kind of a weird top 3 personality trait isn’t it? Like most people would say funny, smart and kind or something. Humility and no drama are odd traits to request of a potential partner not to mention very self centered. If someone is required to be humble, there’d have to be a reason for them to act that way, like say they were insanely good looking or successful it would be nice to show humility about the fact they have these advantages, but too say potential partner must be humble full stop sounds off as does “no drama” which could be roughly translated as “doesn’t give me any trouble and let’s me do what I want without being a killjoy about it”. He’s a douche.

      • MD says:

        mercy: Gisele was famous when he started going out with her.

      • Kate says:

        @MD: Gisele wasn’t famous when she started going out with Leo!
        Before Leo, she wasn’t famous not even on her home country, I know that because I’m from Brazil and I remember exactly when she really become famous here. She was just a party girl sleeping with much older impresarios in order to get money and fame before Leo changed her life, and she’s only famous nowadays after Leo dumped her twice because she jumped to other relationships with famous/rich men and has a huge marketing team!

        Leo and her started to going out back in 1998/1999, although the “official relationship” only started in 2000, she first appeared on the international press a couple of years before because she was pointed as “DiCaprio’s new girlfriend”, at that time she was dating other guy – a model – but when she started to be interviewed and asked about Leo by brazilian magazines/journals, she said that she didn’t liked him because “he likes the attention” and she didn’t wanted to have him not even as a friend. A few time after that, she was interviewed in a brazilan Tv show and when she was asked if she was dating Leo, she denied and said: “he is my friend”, it was in 1999/2000 and then the official relationship started, but she clearly become famous because of him!

        I don’t know why some of you here thinks Gisele is humble! when she comes to Brazil she only talks with the biggest Tv channel, she doesn’t talk with any other station. I remember the first time DiCaprio dumped her and she came to a fashion week in São Paulo, everyone who wasn’t from Globo (the biggest Tv channel of Brazil) and tried to came close to her, was pushed by her bodyguards in front of her! And she refused to meet a fan who wrote a kilometric letter for her and tattoed her face on his chest, because didn’t have any cameras at that moment to her strike a pose, that’s how humble she is!
        Even the Victoria Secret’s stylist publicly said that Gisele was terrible to work with, actually everyone who already worked with her says that she treats people like shit when there’s no cameras around, and if you are not rich and famous, she will treat you like gargabe!
        Oh, and a “humble person” don’t say shit about her husband’s teammates neither makes rules about other women’s pregnancy and decisions of how to give birth or breastfeed! (did you forgot about her worldwide breastfeeding laws TO OBLIGATE women to breastfeed?)

        Leo is not looking for a humble woman don’t matter what he says, he always goes after airhead and famewhore bimbos!

    • Jegede says:

      Bar was not famous outside her home country without Leo.
      Her association with him was what got her exposure and attention.

      Unlike Gisele who went from strength to strength Bar’s career has not recovered since the split.
      Confirmed by the fact that even years after they broke up she’s still primarily identified as Leo’s ex rather than any acheievement in the modelling world

    • Maureen says:


      You nailed it. You nailed it all over the wall. This is EXACTLY the type of guy I’ve always suspected he is. I think he does respect smart, independent, confident women. Like his mother. Like many of his female colleagues. But he does NOT want to date a woman like that. There’s a reason why he consistently chooses women who are much, much younger than he is (and they keep getting younger, too). It’s not because of youth and beauty. It’s because they lack life experience and education. They don’t know enough about anything to be able to question him or out-think him or challenge him. I don’t want to go so far as to say they are “young and dumb”, but I do think they are YOUNG … and everything that comes with being young.

      BTW, I believe George Clooney suffers from the same affliction. Some of the details differ slightly, but both men have essentially the same women issues.

    • ivy says:

      Yeah, I’d say your analysis is spot on.

  23. Nanou says:

    While reading that part where he talked about women and marriage, i thought about Tina Fey introducing Leo at the Golden Globes: ” like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio ” lol

  24. lenje says:

    I still think his best work so far is Gilbert Grape. Although generally he’s a good actor.

    He has a baby face, but somehow he looks older than his actual age, IMO.

  25. OriginallyBlue says:

    Omg, that friggin’ statue is freaking me out. It is so creepy and terrible, I laughed and cried.

  26. ItSetsYou says:

    Oh, man, he’s getting so… old. In a sense that he doesn’t even realize that this, his whole attitude is getting old. I think he should’ve married Gisele when she still wanted him.

    • Well... says:

      But maybe he didn’t want her?

      • ItSetsYou says:

        Maybe! I don’t think he ever wanted anyone.

      • I can’t really stand Gisele. I think that she is a sanctimonious so and so. I think maybe he was in love with Bar a lot more…..they broke up and got back together. I don’t think he did that with Gisele.

        I think that marriage and kids for him, is an abstract idea, something that he wants in a far off kind of way. But he’s also not going around, talking about how he wants to get married and make babies in the immediate future. I’ve only heard him talk about getting married and having kids three times in his entire career, and he’s always said that it’s something that he wants to do, but isn’t sure if it’s going to happen. So it ain’t like he’s staking his career as the family man.

    • Ag-UK says:

      I think Giselle loved him and she is the only one he took to any sort of show Oscars. But he didn’t want to commit or possibly felt she wasn’t the one so she left . He has the look of someone who drinks a lot that puffiness. Maybe he is just aging badly but looks older than he is

      • Well... says:

        Yep… he drinks and clubs A LOT!!! lol
        @Virgilia Coriolanus
        He had the same on and off relationship with Gisele that he had with Bar. Which one he loved the most who knows, but I find it funny that his relationship with Kristen gets left in the dust. Yeah he was much younger, but he was really in love with her!! I think that was the one that really left the biggest scar!! I agree with you on his desire for marriage and kids! Maybe part of him wants it because it has been something he’s said since he was younger, but I give him props for not doing it if he truly isn’t ready! His behavior only indicates that he would ruin it!

  27. Norah says:

    Ahhh! That wax figure is hideous. Like a really, really ugly and creepy Neil Patrick Harris

  28. ItSetsYou says:

    Does anyone remember Bar Refaeli once saying something along the lines of “you look back at your previous relationship and think “was I drunk the whole time?” Ouch!
    But then again, she hasn’t been seriously involved with anyone since Leo either…

  29. Denise says:

    I take that to mean, ‘this is always about me, laugh at my jokes and shut up unless I speak to you’. I say that considering his inability to date anyone but young models.

  30. HoustonGrl says:

    You know…whenever guys say they want a “drama-free” relationship, what they’re really saying is they want a doormat.

  31. lisa2 says:

    I’m not a Leo fan really. I like some of his movies.

    I think when people talk about how they can’t see the character from the person that is a bit unfair on some level. More the viewers fault than the actor. When some of the actor that people consider great were alive or around Social Media and such was not around. Now we can learn about an Actor by clicking a button. The information is there. The reason we know so much about them is the Public. The public is hungry for who they are dating or their families/ children. Where they are at any given moment. That is not all the actors fault. If people want to enjoy a film and just the film then maybe they should stay off social media and stop reading about these people. The less you know maybe the better your experience. I don’t have a problem separating the actor from the role. Unless they are playing the same characters over and over.

    I just think that is such a throw away thing that people say to sometime just dismiss an actor and his/her work.

  32. From Italy with Love says:

    And the Oscar goes to… Leonardo, i hope.

  33. cat says:

    that wax statue sure is something else lol needed that laugh

  34. cbreader says:

    …and a model half his age.

    Side eye on his “type” but other than that, he seems like a cool guy…

  35. A Fan says:

    Well, they say opposites attract…

  36. Amy says:

    Eh he’ll be the next George Clooney. He’ll end up having contracts with his girlfriends too.

  37. Godwina says:

    Translation: “I want a woman who’ll take all my shit quietly and with a smile on her face but who won’t cause a hair of trouble in return.”


  38. jes_sayin says:

    Ugh, please.. . why does everyone have to get married??? Why do people have to invite the gov’t into their relationship?! You don’t!! It’s 2014, not 1814!

    • ItSetsYou says:

      I think it’s not the marriage, it’s his attitude towards relationship with women that rubs people the wrong way. Sure, personal life is personal, but all public people have a certain image and Dicaprio’s isn’t a very positive one.