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6 Responses to “Paris Hilton’s DUI is no laughing matter”

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  1. itoluso says:

    Yes Paris, reality can bite. It’s how the majority of us live our days – every day. We pay consequences for shit like DUI’s. The law wasn’t enacted to infringe upon you’re “lifestyle” whatever that is. They were designed to protect other people who mostly aren’t drunk, from being killed by loaded drivers.

    I have an underlying suspicion the bummed out expression Paris is sporting may be a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy from the judge. Who goes out when they’re too depressed to sport a happy face, even if it’s initially faked just a bit in an effort to un-depress through postitive thinking? Just stay home with Ben & Jerry if you feel that bad.

  2. DogRunner says:

    With all her money WHY is she drinking and driving??? She could hire someone to drive for her nights out on the town. Stupid girl.

  3. Busy body says:

    Hey dogrunner,
    if she hired someone, then she would not be pulled over and she would not be in the news would she? That is her job, to be in the news.

    I wish she is thrown in jail, but then again, she would make a reality show in jail and earn millions from it. It would be a ratings buster. I would watch it.

  4. barbie is a plastic doll says:

    retarded… if she doesn’t go to jail and lose her rights to drive completely high and drunk, there needs to be a riot in beverly hills.
    goodbye beverly hills…hello bakersfield.

  5. paris lawhore says:

    i think that her mom and dad should have to drive paris around, not this hired tool mintz.
    paris needs to open a new boutique (whorehouse) hotel called magical cunt.

  6. injustice says:

    she better get some discipline. it’d be outrageious for her not to. i think she will get punishment (if there is any justice in this world)since the justice system tends to go harsh on celebrities to prove a point. GO TO JAIL!