Lupita, Michelle & Julianne: who had the cutest look at the ‘Non-Stop’ premiere?


Here are some photos from last night’s LA premiere of Non-Stop, the new Liam Neeson thriller/action film which also stars Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong’o and Michelle Dockery. Michelle and Lupita apparently met on the film and formed some kind of great friendship. They now share a stylist and they seem like adoring girlfriends. It’s pretty awesome.

The fashion, however, was not really happening last night. Michelle wore Dior, which feels like some throw-away dress that Jennifer Lawrence’s stylist rejected. Just because the label says “Dior” doesn’t mean it’s always going to be a great look. I mean, it’s not that the dress is BAD, it’s just that Michelle could do a lot better. Michelle’s new BFF Lupita wore Lanvin. Eh. I’m not a fan of the tube dress, and that’s all this is, only Lanvin made it super-shiny and added a Totally Eighties ruffle down the length of the dress.

But I think the worst dressed of the night was Julianne Moore in this Prabal Gurung Fall 2014. You know what? I’m calling it. To me, Prabal Gurung is like Stella McCartney – overrated and consistently unflattering. From the neck up, Julianne looks fabulous. Actually, I’m going to say that about all of the women here – their hair and makeup jobs look great. It’s just the dresses that are disappointing.

Of course I’m also giving you some photos of Liam. Of course!





Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN.

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  1. mia girl says:

    Holy bedsheets Batman! What is Julianne wearing?

    And why is Lupita wearing a dress made from
    orange foil baking cups?

    • capepopsie says:

      That´s funny! 🙂
      I agree on Julianne! Whatever that is , it looks awfull. But I quite like Lupitas dress, and I think the colour is Lovely on her! Much better than that ugly orange thing she wore a while ago. She really looks Beautiful !!

    • BW says:

      I totally wore that “dress” this morning, when the doorbell rang before my alarm clock.

    • MsGoblin says:

      I do like Michelle’s dress though.

  2. AG-UK says:

    oooh don’t know about the colour of Lupita’s dress. I would no to all of them

  3. I like the color of Lupita’s dress-design is crap, though.

    All three women look beautiful–Julianne is like a freaking vampire. If I hadn’t known better, I would’ve thought she was in her late thirties, at the most.

    *Sigh* Look at my sexy husband 🙂
    Too bad he’s too much of a gentleman to go without underwear 🙁

  4. Lucy says:

    Bad dresses aside, I’d like to say I love the bond they seemed to have built.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I know. Love that they’re friends.

    • LadySlippers says:

      I agree. The two women look like they genuinely like one another.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I love seeing women getting along like that. So often in the media we are pitted against each other! I have such good relationships with the women in my life (as do many women) , I am starting to wonder WHY we don’t see more representation of that in entertainment?

      I like Michelle’s dress okay, but the others are not my favorite things. They are all still gorgeous women, but these aren’t their best syle moments.

  5. MollyB says:

    Wow. I was not prepared for how horrid Julianne’s dress would be. Her whole body looks like it’s cringing.

  6. HappyMom says:

    Julianne Moore is so beautiful-and yet this get up makes her look dumpy-ugh. She needs to fire her stylist stat!

  7. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think Julianne Moore must search high and low until she finds something ugly enough to call fashion.

    • dizzylucy says:

      I know, she so often wears weird and terrible stuff. And she’s so beautiful! A better stylist would do wonders.

  8. smee says:

    The ruffle on Lupita’s dress manages to make her 3″ wider than she is – bad.
    Julianne Moore looks like she has a bandaged shoulder and those colors are all wrong for her.

  9. harpreet says:

    Is it weird that I consider Lupita and Michelle my Hollywood friends in my head?

  10. littlestar says:

    Okay, I love hearing that they became good friends after meeting on set! It seems really rare to hear of actresses becoming friends after working on movies together. You can just tell that they really do adore each other from the picture above!

    Lupita’s makeup looks great, her shoes are nice, hideous dress.

    Julianne doesn’t age, does she? Terrible dress, but the rest of her is lovely as usual.

  11. Renee28 says:

    Lupita looks lumpy and misshapen in that dress.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Agree – Lupita looks better in long dresses. Nobody would look good in that mess Julianne is wearing.

    • jj says:

      Its not as terrible as the Givenchy she wore, but I think she looks best in strait colors like the green dress she wore at the BAFTA or the red one at the Globes. She looks amazing when she wears glasses.

  12. Esti says:

    Julianne’s dress is terrible, but I can’t write off Prabal Gurung entirely — his dress that Kate Middleton wore in Singapore was absolutely stunning. I think he’s great with patterns and not so good with structural elements, so his best work is simple silhouettes with cool patterns and colors.

    I actually really like Michelle Dockery’s dress here. It’s pretty, and although it’s a bit low key I think it suits the event — this is not a big hyped up movie, so a cute little cocktail dress is appropriate without being try-hard.

  13. BackstageBitchy says:

    My 2 cents- I very recently saw Liam in person and was stunned at how HOT he is. He’s always had his fans for sure, and I like his later-life action hero thing he’s working. But he’s always been considered more sexy than “handsome”, right? Well unlike most celebs, in person he is MORE GORGEOUS. Like, classically handsome, and very tall, AND the “dashing” that you would expect. I was blown away.
    Another note- having been up close to Julianne a few times, I can tell you she is stunning, she’s barely ageing, and if she’s had any work done, it is excellent and subtle.
    Oh and Lupita’s dress here and several others she’s worn lately have been awful. Really tacky and cheap-looking on a gorgeous woman. Designers are clammoring to dress her, and this is what her stylist comes up with?

  14. Anna says:

    Michelle looks amazing but WHAT is Lupita wearing! This is a fashion tragedy.

  15. Jessica says:

    I’m just here for Liam. God that man is sexy.

    The dresses look terrible.

  16. Diana says:

    What a delicious fine piece is Liam… sigh. That is one fine man.

  17. taxi says:

    Act 1:
    Scene 1: Julianna is awakened by a fire alarm. She grabs bedsheet & wraps it around herself as she runs from the house.

  18. Andypandy says:

    I love you dearly you’ve pretty much been slaying it all season But please get it back together for the oscars these last few dresses and hairstyles er. No just no

  19. AlmondJoy says:

    I absolutely LOVE Michelle Dockery’s dress! It’s perfect. She looks beautiful and the hair and makeup are perfection.

    Lupita’s dress isn’t the best fit but her skin is glowing and I love her hair. It’s great that she’s not afraid to switch it up and it’s a reminder to me of just how versatile natural hair is. So glad I got rid of my relaxer to embrace my natural curls! My curly fro is poppin 😉

    Liam is a handsome man but I’m not attracted to him, I see him as the fatherly type (or maybe a cool uncle=)

  20. TheCountess says:

    Prabel Gurung is bad but nowhere near the horribleness of Peter Pilotto.

    Michelle for the win here.

    • loveisthecoal says:

      Peter Pilotto really is THE WORST. Worse than Marchesa to me.

      Prabal Gurung is really hit-or-miss for me–I’ve seen some of his designs that I thought were beautiful, and I’ve seen some that have left me scratching my head. This one is the latter, obviously.

  21. Musi says:

    I don’t like lupita’s dress. Michelle looks great, very simple. Juliane Erm ….. But lupita said in an interview that Michelle is the kind of friend she want to know when she’s 90. I’m thinking they are genuinely friends. Also they share the same stylist.

    Hoping I’m not disappointed on Sunday.

  22. twoblues says:

    Julianne’s shoes are to die for, but that dress is a serious mess.

  23. Lea says:

    I actually like Michelle’s dress and also Lupita’w but with a different colour.

  24. Dani says:

    Sorry but I hate Lupita’s dress. Everything from the design to the color is disgusting. I love her acting and she seems really sweet but that dress is horrible and I want to rip it off of her.

  25. Lux says:

    Lupita’s dress looks like Magikarp.

  26. Maritza says:

    Beautiful women but poor choices in dresses, especially Julianne Moore’s but her shoes are great. Liam is looking very good.

  27. Jayna says:

    Women? What women? I only see a 6’4″ man. Liam looks great. I will see you soon, Liam, ………… at the movies.

  28. ItSetsYou says:

    I like Lupita’s dress. It looks like melted lava and really goes well with her skin color!