Rumer Willis is making a movie? Why?!

In Touch Weekly reports that Rumer Willis (Bruce and Demi’s little girl) is going to be starring in her first movie called Seducing Spirits:

“It’ll be Rumer’s first lead and she’s excited,” a production insider reveals to the mag. [From In Touch print edition, April 9, 2007]

My first reaction when I read this was “Why?!”, and usually when I react like that to something it isn’t a good sign of things to come. Rumer is one of those celebrity offspring who party hard on the Hollywood scene with Lindsay Lohan–she’s done a bit of acting with Demi in Striptease when she was younger, but it was hardly method acting from what I remember of her role in the film. Apparently she dropped out of the University of Southern California and not been doing much since then.

I really hope I am proven wrong about Rumer Willis’s acting abilities. Maybe she and Bruce can be like the new Henry and Jane Fonda of our generation. Here’s hoping.

Picture note from Celebitchy: Here are Rumer Willis’ facebook partying pictures, thanks to IDLYITW.

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  1. Other Karen says:

    She identifies herself as an actress, so maybe she feels obligated to actually sort of act in something?

  2. Fabiola Thing says:

    She can always be a stand-in when they make “The Jay Leno Story.”

  3. Massiel says:

    You have to feel bad for celebrity offspring. They’re under a lot of pressure, you know? Trying to be known as something more than the son or daughter of Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, or whomever.

    She wants to act and make a name for herself, then fine. I guess all we can do is cross our fingers and hope she doesn’t make a total ass of herself.

  4. Poor Boopie says:

    Let’s hope she’s a good actress because she’s certainly not going to make it as a model with a face like that.

  5. Toubrouk says:

    Well, on the pictures, she looks like an ordinary teenager. Let’s hope for her that she can act. I would find really sad that she got torn appart as being an hack without any talent.

  6. Carol says:

    I was thinking maybe the Barbaro story Fabiola 😉
    Poor girl is not pretty, and she really doesn’t help it with the face she is making.

  7. frewtloop says:

    I can’t believe how scathing and nasty people are about her looks – so shes not another fucking barbie. Thank God, Hollywood should be more representative of the real world.

  8. Lulu says:

    I have the feeling that if Hollywood became more representative of the real world, no one would pay attention anymore

  9. poc says:

    She looks NAAAAASTY!

  10. gavin says:

    I think she looks healthier than a lot of girls her age. It also does not appear she has had plastic surgery yet. The jury is out as far as the charisma and screen presence goes…

  11. Busy body says:

    I would’t hold my breath. After seeing her face, am glad Demi and Bruce split. You cannot have such unpretty kids and make us live with the ever present threat that you could have more.

    Demi Moore used to be my favourite actress till she ruined her life, now she is a joke. What a waste of talent.

  12. kentucky fried chica says:

    i bet you a penny that ashton got pervy their kids dont follow their career path, with demi’s daughter…they are closer in age.
    she is a cute girl who stupidly posted the most unflattering pictures of herself on myspace or whatever.
    when will girls learn from antonella barba?

  13. kentucky fried chica says:

    oh refried beans! i so did not preview that post…(as if its so important. lol)
    in brief what im sayin is that i bet you a two dollar bill that ashton has gotten pervy with demi’s daughter. ashton and rumer are closer in age. its one of those awful morning show confessionals where some dude calls in with a story about how he f-ked the mother and the daughter at the same time..and how cool is that? (it isnt)
    a lot of celebs say that they hope that their kids wont follow their career path, and then as soon as the kid is barely legal they get to “act” in some movie in which they do the equivalent of losing their virginity on film. what the hell do i know.

  14. Randi says:

    She can always be a stand-in when they make “The Jay Leno Story.”
    Fabiola Thing | 04.04.07 – 5:38 pm | #

    Damn, Fabiola, you stole my line ! 🙂

  15. miss luigi says:

    She’s not gorgeous, but she’s not ugly. In fact she’s kinda cute.

    Is it because you’re all supermodels that you have such high standards when it comes to beauty?

  16. Mr. T says:

    Demi Moore is not a good mother. The last thing a decent parent would want their children to be is an actor or an actress. Get a college degree and get a real job and a normal life.

  17. Candy says:

    I say ‘Why’??? because Chica doesn’t have a film friendly face. Not unless she’s playing the role of a teenaged tranny, then I’d get it.

  18. Miss D says:

    For the record…for those of us who grew up in the film business…this is real life for us…a real job…we work and get paid to entertain you, whether you like it or not…it’s all subjective. I prefer it to sitting in an office all day, bored out of my skull. Not to mention…the money’s not bad! In the industry…every day is different and we meet the most amazing, talented and interesting people…we get to go to the most interesting places. I wouldn’t trade that for any boring “real” job you could suggest!