Did Paula Patton feel ‘disrespected’ by Robin Thicke & Miley’s VMA thing?


I really don’t understand why everyone is hand-wringing about Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. I mean, did their split shock anyone? Not really. Do we all assume that he was fooling around? Yep. Do we all assume that Paula finally had enough? Pretty much. Sources seem to be in agreement about that too – that Paula was the one who pulled the plug and that Robin wants to be seen as “fighting for the marriage.” Apparently, Robin has told Paula that he’s a changed man, no more ass-groping randoms or partying after every show. Allegedly, Robin is super-concerned about their three year-old son, Julian Fuego, and “does not want him raised in two separate homes.”

As for Paula, her side keeps releasing information about how upset she was about Robin and Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance. Um, really? THAT was the final nail in the coffin? An insider told Us Weekly a few days ago:

“The Miley Cyrus fiasco was a big test of their relationship… He asked her to help him out as a friend and a wife, and defend him and the performance. He begged her to speak out for him and be there for him. She agreed to be the good wife after he begged and pleaded. Then he asked her to stick with him through awards season, and she agreed. She attended the Grammys with him as a favor.”

[From Us Weekly]

Us Weekly reminds everyone how Paula stood up for Robin post-VMAs and how she acted like she knew that performance was going to happen ahead of time. But TMZ’s sources say differently:

Robin Thicke’s marriage fell apart when he dry humped Miley Cyrus on stage before a national audience … humiliating his wife. Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ … Paula Patton felt “utterly disrespected” when Robin virtually simulated sex with Miley the night of the VMAs. We’re told after the performance Paula got into a blow-out argument with Robin, telling him he insulted her before a huge national TV audience.

What really pissed Paula off is that the performance was a total surprise. Miley improvised the raunchy part without warning, but Robin played along … and that enraged Paula.

Sources say Paula went nuclear when she saw pictures surface of her hubby at one of the after-parties grabbing a woman’s ass … virtually digging inside.

We’re told things never got better after that. They argued constantly and Paula was furious Robin continued to party at clubs with various women … pictured at times getting very cozy. It reached the point of no return last week — at least for Paula. As we reported … Robin is pulling out all the stops to change her mind, but we’re told she wants out of the marriage.

[From TMZ]

Yeah, why be upset with the Miley thing when Robin’s hand up that girl’s skirt was WAY worse? I mean, sure, maybe Paula did feel “disrespected” by the Miley thing, but the post-VMA fallout was always about Miley, not on Robin Thicke (which is a different topic altogether). MILEY was the one scorned and mocked and Robin came out of it… I don’t know. His rep wasn’t damaged. Plus, I do think it’s fair to hold Miley more accountable for that crap – she was the twerker, Robin was the twerked upon. He barely touched her.

Us Weekly had another story about Robin and Paula, but there isn’t a lot of new info – Robin “does not want this divorce” and he “was not blind-sided, he knew this was coming.” Got it. It sounds more and more like Paula gave him some time to get his sh-t together and when he was still acting like a bachelor, she had enough. People Mag’s source says: “I can truly see them being the best of friends no matter what happens. They still admire each other. She’ll always be his biggest fan and he’ll always write songs about her and put her on a pedestal.”

Incidentally, Star Mag has an interview with the blonde woman Robin groped after the VMAs. Her name is Lana Scolaro and she insists that Robin was trying to get her into bed that night but all they did was make out. She claims she was the one turning him down but now she wants to meet him for a drink.



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  1. bowers says:

    I imagine she felt “disrespected” way before that.

  2. mimif says:

    I feel disrespectfed by Robin & Miley’s VMA thing.

  3. Ron Swanson's Mustache says:

    Yeah I doubt it has much to do with Miley… More like she was sick of him “digging” in some chicks butt. Excuse me, I have a lot of vomiting to do.

    • Wren says:

      I don’t know why but the visual imagery of the phrase “digging inside” grossed me out the most. Did they really have to include that?

      Well, whatever. I don’t see why she would be upset about the performance over him chasing other women all the freaking time. Conceivably he could say that he was playing along because it was a show and he didn’t want to act like it wasn’t totally planned on national TV. But the rest of it? Um, yeah. No.

      • deehunny says:

        I think his recent success changed their relationship. My friend loves Howard Stern (prepare yourself for some hearsay, ya’ll) and apparently Robin Thicke said he and Patton take home girls together on the regular. Maybe she was mad that it just started to become public or maybe it is something else entirely…

  4. randmanrandy says:

    I dunno, but this seems like PR bullshit. Now they’ll be in the tabloids everyday until he get his sweetheart back. Nothing beats free press.

    • nofkksgiven says:

      i can go with this – feels like a PR stunt

      • Girl using brain says:

        Totally agree. They fell off the radar and this is how they’re getting the spotlight back. He seems to be doing interviews with anyone who will listen. It just doesn’t ring true to me.

    • Leah says:

      I don’t know. I think as much as he was fooling around he is probably terrified to loose the woman he has been with since he was 14. Thats 2/3 of his life, so i can see that genuinely being something he finds hard to handle.

  5. Tapioca says:

    She probably felt disrespected by everything since Blurred Lines came out! I’m guessing any agreement on an open marriage would still involve an element of discretion that he seems to have ignored. She was building a nice career for herself with Idlewild, Precious and MI4 and doesn’t need his douche behaviour dragging her down.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      On that note–MI4 was terrible! I couldn’t even watch the whole thing–I got to the part where they got into the Kremlin and then I turned it off.

    • deehunny says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head… discretion, which is much harder to exercise since Blurred Lines

  6. Lark says:

    I doubt it was the Miley thing. Laughing at the dumb blind items that kept popping up claiming they had an “open” relationship and that she was fine with it now….Obviously, she wasn’t cool with his obvious dicking around. My guess is she may go back since they’ve been together for so long and on and off since they were teenagers. That said, Paula’s a “hustler” and she’s been working steadily and landing steady jobs…I’m wondering if she’s going to try and trade up.

    • Rice says:

      I suspect that the Miley thing was one of the 2 straws that broke the camel’s back. The other was the “digging inside” (*shiver* and *gag* ) incident with the random at the club (?). I’m having a hard time believing they have an open marriage.

  7. eliza says:

    Weeeeeeeeellllllll considering she said on WWHL that she was present at the rehearsals and nothing was a surprise to her, I find it odd she would say this now.

    Sure, the entire thing was disrespectful but mostly to the viewers. Seriously though, it was disrespectful to her BUT she was front and center during rehearsals and she has o.k’d all sorts of unacceptable crap in the past, so not sure why things are so different for her now? Maybe a build up of incidents?

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Yeah, plus she twerked on Al Roker in an interview right after–so I don’t think it was the VMAs act.

      I think it was either this really WASN’T an open relationship, or she was getting sick and tired of him not being discreet about it–we haven’t heard anything about her grabbing random dude’s butts in clubs. She’s discreet.

  8. Io says:

    I ship Robin and Katy!!

  9. Mystified says:

    It was only after the VMAs that I had even heard of Robin or Paula. Now they are both household names.

  10. Kiddo says:

    I never really understood the appeal of Robin Thicke. He has only one okay song that I’ve heard, he looks like a cruise ship or second rate Vegas lounge singer, and he has an arm that won’t lay flat, (aside from looking like the illegitimate son of Simon-(Putin)-Cowell).

    I guess it’s sad that they had been together so long, but I have zero investment in them as a couple. I hope this story doesn’t go on and on because I don’t care about him. Everyone knows and knew who Miley was, so this cluster-f of a VMA performance shouldn’t have come as a shocker.

  11. Ruyana says:

    *Now* he’s worrying about getting her back? How about treating her with respect while they were together? A blind suggested she found her own side piece. Maybe that led to her leaving? Any event, why would she want to be with him when he constantly cheats and isn’t even subtle about it.

  12. Blue says:

    Maybe that was the beginning of the end.

  13. danielle says:

    I know hating on miley is a national past time now, but blaming her for home wrecking for performing with someone is a bit much. I think robin groping randoms is worse.

  14. aquarius64 says:

    I think the VMA mess played a role. NO wife wants to see that. Paula’s defense was just damage control for Robin. Congrats Miley, you’re the new trampire.

    • Kiddo says:

      Nah, without Miley his name wouldn’t have been propelled into the stratosphere. If anything, he used Miley’s notoriety to catapult himself.
      He could have not agreed to the stunt. She doesn’t deserve the blame.

    • megs283 says:

      Please…I MIGHT have felt that way if he hadn’t had that Blurred Lines video, and all the other evidence that he’s a sleazeball. That pic of him and that girl at the VMAs…? ICK. This guy ruined his marriage all by himself.

  15. dizzylucy says:

    So the simulated stuff was the deal breaker, but the actual cheating wasn’t? Whatever. If you don’t want a divorce and don’t want your kid to have to split time between their parents, keep it in your pants.

  16. bettyrose says:

    I’m just gonna be straight up mean here: Robin is so gross and Paula probably hasn’t been satisfied in bed in years … unless she’s gettin some on the side.

  17. The Original G says:

    But what made her pull the plug now? She’s been putting up with this for a while. Did she meet someone?

    • Size Does Matter says:

      She has definitely become more famous out of all this. Maybe she wants to capitalize on it on her own, while most of the collective consciousness is disgusted with him for many reasons.

  18. Shelby says:

    How can you put someone on a pedestal yet be disrespectful to them

  19. The Original Mia says:

    I don’t believe for one minute this has anything to do with Miley and everything to do with Robin’s obvious wandering dick.

  20. Christin says:

    This whole thing is just a bit over the top. Supposedly it’s not a complete surprise, yet he bailed out of two or three concerts to try and change her mind? This is the biggest publicity they’ve had since Twerkgate.

  21. Jaquebelle says:

    Without putting my business out on the street, I would be hard pressed to find successful open relationships/marriages in existence. Is usually a matter of the man convincing the woman that she wants this and the male using this as an excuse to get the ill na na lol. In the beginning I was very much so feeling Robin Thicke. He gave off a more bohemian vibe and I loved the longer hairstyle. He has sadly morphed into a sleaze artist slash publicity whore. Paula stick to your guns, because once a cheater, always a cheater. One love.

  22. Nicolette says:

    The only surprise to me about all of this is that she’s ending it. It just came across to me as if they have some kind of open marriage and she has knowingly looked the other way for a long time. Why now? Why be bothered by Miley many months after the fact? He’s a brazen flirt, gropes other women openly in public, and yes disrespects his wife each and every time. But she’s allowed it to go on, and a man will push the boundaries if you let it happen. You have to have self respect before anyone else can respect you.

  23. Dizzle says:

    I find Paula gorgeous, but I just really wonder why we keep talking about these people.

  24. Ray says:

    I guess his rep after the VMAs didn’t get hurt cos he was kind of playing into the ‘creepy old perv’ rep he got after blurred lines

  25. I Want To Live In New York says:

    And of course it wasn’t that chick’s fault. Totally innocent, and she is fully prepared to go all in, now that he is single (eye-roll). Good to know that she waits until after the divorce is announced to go for it.

  26. Ani says:

    As sleazy as he is, the split may have nothing to do with his sleeping around. I remember reading awhile back that whenever his career peaked, robin would do coke all the time. And when he hit career lows, he would be needy and depressed. Though theres also a solved blind item about him collecting phone numbers of numerous women at an awards show after party, while paula was there, acting like it was normal. No wonder she has a drinking problem,.,

  27. dope says:

    Miley’s flat butt stank a$$ could not break up that household please—is this a joke? Miley has nothing to do with their break up….she is a non effin factor…