Pharrell on what his kids will inherit: ‘A great education & a positive outlook on life’


Will we be referring to “Oscar-winner Pharrell Williams” on Monday? Your guess is as good as mine, but I do think Pharrell has a pretty good shot at winning Best Song at the Oscars for “Happy”. It’s an easy song to love, you know? Anyway, Pharrell has a new profile in GQ, and here’s what happened: I began reading this early Thursday morning and I had to stop because it was so absorbing and I had to get back to work. I had to return to it later, and I don’t regret taking the time to read the whole piece. If you don’t know that much about Pharrell, it’s a good starter piece and I think he comes across as a really nice guy. He seems weird and “different” and like he’s a really cool dude, just unconventional. The piece is all about how he’s going to release a new solo album, G I R L. Some highlights:

His first solo album, in 2006, In My Mind: “Crickets,” he says. “I wrote those songs out of ego. Talking about the money I was making and the by-products of living that lifestyle. What was good about that? What’d you get out of it? There was no purpose. I was so under the wrong impression at that time.”

Why he couldn’t hear the universe’s purpose for him: “I couldn’t hear it. The money was too loud. The success was too much. The girls were too beautiful. The jewelry was too shiny. The cars were too fast. The houses were too big. It’s like not knowing how to swim and being thrown in the ocean for the first time. Everything is just too crazy. You’re like, flailing and kicking and whatever, and you know what happens, don’t you? You sink. My spirit sank. I just felt like, ‘F–k, what am I doing?’ ”

Does he still have the diamond-covered Rubik’s Cube? He says yes, but these days it doesn’t come out much. “I don’t wear big, crazy stuff” anymore, he says. What do you think about it now? Does it make you feel awesome, that you had a diamond Rubik’s Cube? “No, I was out of my mind. It was ridiculous. But that’s how caught up I was.” You can leave it to your son. “Here’s a diamond Rubik’s Cube. This is your inheritance.” He gives me a skeptical look. “No, hopefully his inheritance is a great education and a positive outlook on life,” he says. Then he stands up to walk across the street and get a cupcake.

Why he named his album G I R L: “I instantly knew that the name of the album was called G I R L, and the reason why is because women and girls, for the most part, have just been so loyal to me and supported me. There is no breathing human being on this planet that did not benefit by a woman saying yes twice. Yes to make you, and yes to have you. Point-blank. If women wanted to cripple the economy, all they gotta do is not go to work. Period. Work at work, work at home. Okay? If they wanted to end our species, cripple our species—seriously! Like, women can look out into space at all the stars and go, ‘You know what? I can actually end all the human life on this planet right now. All I gotta do is just say no.’ There’s a huge value placed on that—you know, on something so simple like if all our talk-show hosts late at night all were women, that’s a very different world.”

[From GQ]

The diamond-covered Rubik’s cube is my favorite part. The GQ writer goes off on this very non-judgmental history of Pharrell being “the best possible version of the worst possible guy” and how Pharrell spent several year worshipping the money and the luxury and the THINGS and how it all culminated with a diamond-encrusted Rubik’s Cube which Pharrell flashed on BET in 2006 for no reason really. Pharrell also claims he has synesthesia about his childhood, that he sees colors when he hears sounds and his childhood is awash in burgundy and blue. His mom would also write “143” on his notes instead of “I love you” (one letter, four letters, three letters). Basically, spending three pages with Pharrell is like an acid trip. But a really cool acid trip where you want to eat cupcakes and look at trees.


Photos courtesy of WENN and Paola Kudacki / GQ.

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  1. Suze says:

    Those snippets were fascinating, much better than the usual you get from musicians or celebrities. I’m off to find the piece in GQ.

  2. Frida_K says:

    His wife is certainly pretty and that last picture you have here of them is really nice.


  3. blue marie says:

    Love Pharrell, and agree with him on women being able to cripple the world if we wanted. My mom and I were having the conversation yesterday, women are the glue that holds everything together.

    Anyway “143″ reminds me of pagers.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      Pagers!! Omg, yes. Remember everyone had a tag, so you knew it was them paging you? Ah, the good old days.

  4. bns says:

    He’s gorgeous. I love him.

  5. lenje says:

    Love his quote about women. Now this is being a feminist without saying so.

  6. BeckyR says:

    “Happy” is the best song I have heard in a long time…makes you feel good! The video is great…no rappers with their pants puled down, no half dressed women grinding, just joy all around. A winner!

  7. Nev says:


  8. pretty says:

    I want ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen to win!!

    • Birdix says:

      It is by far the favorite, according to Vegas odds. And as much as they enjoyed DM2, girls aged 2-12 are obsessive about Frozen…

  9. Vee says:

    Happy is so fun and infectious, I love it. Very interesting piece, love his attitude toward women.

  10. Nrtho Wset says:

    This man, o man o man o man. Beautiful.

  11. j.eyre says:

    I heard him on a radio interview as well. He does sound like he has the benefit of hindsight and is making the most of it. I think my favorite quote is what he wants to leave his son.

  12. AlmondJoy says:

    Been crushin’ on him for years! Such a positive spirit.

  13. BeckyR says:

    I am glad to hear a celebrity say the children will get a good education. Most of the spawn appear uneducated and ignorant. A good education will be a lasting legacy for Pharrell’s kids. Good for him!

  14. K says:

    Ok, I forgive him for Blurred Lines, I guess.

    Note to Will and Jada: This is how you approach parenting.

  15. Lucy says:

    @K Completely agree! Loved everything he said and can’t wait to read the full interview. He’s awesome.

  16. Leah says:

    He is cute, talented and has an interesting mind. Whats not to like? His website I am other is great, well worth a check if you have some spare time on your hands.

  17. Mingy says:

    he’s the best ! his wife is one lucky lady.

  18. Konspiracytheory says:

    Synesthesia is fascinating. Two of my kiddos have the most common version, grapheme color synesthesia, in which letters have very specific colors. I’ve always been interested in synesthesia, which is why I just about fell out of my chair one day when my then-five year old daughter casually mentioned that all letters have colors (turns out one of her brothers has it too – go figure). She is seven now, and has no idea that most people don’t see letters that way, lol.