Star: Kate Hudson pulled a Yoko, alienated Matt Bellamy from his bandmates


As we discussed a few days ago, it seems like Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are having problems. Who would have thought? Oh, right. Everybody. It’s not that Matt and Kate had a reputation for fooling around on each other or for even having a drama-filled relationship, it’s just we know Kate. Kate likes boys. She likes to have fun and she likes to date. And considering Matt is a rock band front man, it doesn’t really seem like he would the settling-down type either. So what do the tabloids say about Kate and Matt’s relationship trouble? Well… not much. Kate is apparently like “Yoko Ono” because OMG, that’s the very first time that reference has ever been made. Super-original!

Matthew Bellamy seems to have lost his muse. Bellamy, who has been engaged to Kate Hudson for almost three years, recently called off the couple’s wedding plans after their relationship fizzled out.

“They haven’t been happy together for a while,” discloses a friend. “Kate’s determined to live in LA, while Matt loves England. They drifted apart.”

Trouble first began for the couple when Kate began isolating Matt from his fellow Muse bandmates.

“The guys nicknamed her Yoko. And Matt began resenting her for it.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Did Kate “isolate” Matt? Kate and Matt seemed to spend half the year in London and half the year in LA. Kate hasn’t been working all that much, but she’s spend some time on location here and there. My point, I guess, is that Kate never seemed all that interested in Muse, so why would she care enough to try to get in between them? That was my impression. Although Bedhead pointed out this story from 2011 where it sounds like Kate really was alienating Matt’s bandmates, so maybe this really happened? If so, Kate Hudson = Yoko. There you go.

By the way, Single Kate is way more fun than Relationship Kate. Single Kate is a baller. Single Kate can go dong-for-dong with Cameron Diaz and Sienna Miller combined. And Single Kate is probably going to be at the Oscars, then she’s going to work the after-parties.



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  1. bowers says:

    Maybe she or he is hard to get along with. End of it.

  2. mimif says:

    I want to know what kate is doing to her face because she looks f-cking amazeballs.
    Ps dong-for-dong, kaiser you kill me. 😀

    • pru says:

      Great way to put it – “dong-for-dong”!
      It’s funny because it’s true!

      • starrywonder says:

        LOL it is sad but true. I loved it when she was straight up balling and not giving two Fs about a dude after she was done. LOL.

    • SonjaMarmeladova says:

      Her face looks awful. So “pulled”.

      • ataylor says:

        right? i could swear she has had major work done. he face looks different.

      • alexc says:

        She def has had work done on her eyes. It was first noticeable last year.

      • Mika says:

        I really thought she was J-Lo when I first read the previous story about her..

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        She has a very strange face. Sometimes she looks gorgeous and sometimes….um…not so much.

        Could be work that she’s had done or not. Not sure what it is, but it’s weird…

      • Mario_Fatale says:

        Pulled? Wtf does that even mean? I bet yours is though …. “pulled”, Just saying….. point is she looks gorgeous,These woman never win do they?

      • booboolarue says:

        For reals. She looks even more plastic if that is humanly possible. Sorry have never thought she was special or even talented.

      • FLORC says:

        I’m loving your gravatar. So adorable!

        To the post.. her face has looked this way for awhile, no? Around the same time she got her well sized implants I thought.

      • Sacred And Profane says:

        I totally agree with everything you said, Booboolarue…
        I’ve just never seen her appeal, personally or professionally.

  3. T.fanty says:

    I cannot bear Muse. Their music is dingy and mediocre. Go back, Kate, and keep ripping them apart! YOKO 4EVA!!!!

    • Tapioca says:

      Personally, I’m hoping she hooks up with Adam Levine. Bye, bye Maroon 5!

      The “Yoko” rumour, re: KH, has been around ever since they got together.

    • gillociraptor says:

      A million times this.

      Not only is the music lame, but I hate how every breath Bellamy takes on recordings is audible.

      • Jill says:

        I hate that, too! There are a few songs I’ve heard in my life where it made sense based on the tone of the song itself. But the vast majority of the time it just sounds like shoddy mixing work. Same with “choo” instead of “you”. Just lazy! I don’t know why I’m so uptight about those two things. I’m not really into Celine Dion, but atleast she takes the time to enunciate well.

    • SonjaMarmeladova says:

      I know only a ffew songs, and I like those. I love their fashion sense, especially Dominic’s. And they seem really nice in interviews.
      Oh, and I wouldn’t trade London for LA either.

      • lylaooo says:

        I love Muse… !! it´s one of my favorite bands (besides the Killers) i can listening to them for hours, and i don´t care … Dominic its my favorite ♥.. !! and yes they are really fun on interviews.

    • Miffy says:

      +1, is there a forwarding address for thank you letters and a tasteful flower arrangement?

    • Mika says:

      Aww I like a few of their songs..

    • Lucy says:

      I find the Yoko reference really annoying – Yoko was a feminist, as was John, years ahead of their time so she got labelled a ballbuster.
      Read this AMAZING interview with the two of them from 1980 to see what I mean

      • lucy says:

        Hey other Lucy, lucy here, 🙂 and I agree the Yoko reference is super tired, and never was true. Dismissing Yoko is lazy, and ignores what a strong, visionary, and supportive woman she really is.

      • Meredith says:

        I think Yoko got blamed when it was just the dynamics of the band – i.e. clashes between two strong musicians (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) as to which competing direction the band would take. Plus too much pot and too much money.

      • Godwina says:

        Seconded. Those who use “Yoko” that way say way much (and worse) about themselves than about her. Ignant.

      • Termoli77 says:

        Yeah, Yoko was quite a feminist. She wanted fame and her crappy “art” was getting her nowhere, so she decided to latch on to a Beatle. Paul said no so she zoomed in on mother-fixated John Lennon. For sure the band was drifting apart but Yoko didn’t help by insinuating herself in the studio like a cockroach. Now she’s this great artist and visionary; well they say politicians, buildings and whores all get respectable if they last long enough.

    • Gistine says:

      her face reminds me of Rob Lowe’s character in Behind the Candelabra! I’ll bet you she cannot blink.

  4. blue marie says:

    Meh, it’s not the first time she’s been accused of it, but it’s an easy story line and it’s Star. I’m a fan of single Kate too, she is random in her hook-ups.

  5. Ron Swanson's Mustache says:

    Hmm I have to say I always liked this couple but to be honest, it was inevitable. Sad, though. I wonder why she keeps trying to marry these guys when Kurt and Goldie have shown it’s not necessary to maintain a long term relationship. Maybe she’s one of those people who just shouldn’t marry, but I guess she’ll keep trying to make it work.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      Ron (hilarious name, btw), she’s not married to him though and even said recently that she had no plans to marry anytime soon or maybe ever. Tangent: I remember when she and Chris broke up she said that she got tired of life on the road, living in hotel rooms, so I was really surprised when she got engaged to another singer. Hello! Same life…. Anyway, I was just waiting for them to break up for that reason. Sad for their kid though.

    • pf says:

      Going from guy to guy probably has to do with Kate’s issues with her biological father and nothing to do with Goldie and Kurt’s unconventional long-term relationship.

      • Meredith says:

        ITA. I always thought it was interesting how down Kate was about her biological dad Bill Hudson who was a comic/musician/actor who was successful in the ’70’s (google the Hudson Brothers). Then she goes and has relationships with actors and musicians. Daddy issues much?

  6. GMarchetti says:

    WTF did she do to her face???

  7. Lark says:

    Of course the tabloids “blame” the women SMH. So sexist, and the usual angle they always take.

  8. delphi says:

    If I remember correctly, weren’t these “Yoko” claims levied at her when she was married to Chris Robinson? They got married, and then she proceeded to alienate him from The Black Crowes? So yeah…same old song and dance, indeed.

    @TFanty: I’m not a big fan of their music either, but I do love Muse’s bizzarely hipster song titles. “Supermassive Black Holes” and “Thoughts of A Dying Atheist”. So deliciously absurd…

    • Illyra says:

      “Thoughts of A Dying Atheist” is a great name, hah.

    • JR says:

      Chris and Rich Robinson were already not getting along AT ALL when he met Kate. Rich was best man at their wedding in 2000 (he later married Kate’s maid of honor, if I remember correctly) and then the band made a record (Lions) in 2001. They went on the “Tour of Brotherly Love” with Oasis (even Noel Gallagher has commented on how bad the Robinson brothers fought, so that’s saying something) and then at the end of 2001, the Crowes broke up. Rich and Chris didn’t speak for nearly three years, which includes the time that Ryder was born. Through a great portion of Chris’s marriage to Kate, Chris was doing solo work. The band reunited (while still fighting of course) shortly before Chris split with Kate.
      All this to say: The Robinson brothers’ issues pre-dated Kate and have continued long after she was out of the picture. She shouldn’t get the blame for that. She is still friendly with both Rich and Chris. She was pictured with Rich and D’yani (her friend/Rich’s wife) a few years back.
      Not a Muse fan, so no idea what the story is there… but I don’t get a Yoko vibe from her.

  9. eliza says:

    Jusy my personal opinion, but Kate has always struck me as a nasty woman with entitlement issues and a cheaters heart.

    • dorothy says:

      I have always seen her as needy and clingy, always needing a man in her life. Who knows?

      • Dubois says:

        I think I read somewhere that she was a Stage 5 clinger. Particularly with A-Rod. She also strikes me as conniving. I’m sure she’d have had A-Rod’s baby if she could have.

      • FLORC says:

        Kate struck me as clingy too, but only in that new relationship/let’s not leave the house for as long as possible stage. That’s the best. And some people keep chasing that lust factor. I think she does that.

        Her relationships always flame out. This is right on time.

  10. bns says:

    I really like her for some reason.

  11. ana says:

    So what, Matt is a little dog she keeps on a leash? Last time I checked he was a grown man, and if he lets someone “isolate” him from his band that is no ones fault but his.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      This was my exact first thought too!
      As to Kate, I don’t particularly care for her or what/who she does.

    • lucy says:

      Well said!

    • FLORC says:

      I dated a guy in a band once. Contributed to him showing up late for practice on occasion. Was almost immediately called Yoko. It only meant an outside influence was tampering with the previous flow of the band. Got to blame something for issues.

  12. Luca26 says:

    For some reason I’m seeing her with Justin Theroux if he breaks up with Jen Aniston. Diaz/Aniston/ and Kate always used to trade men and I think Kate could get Justin out of that silly helmet.

  13. Blue says:

    After Paul Mccartney finally admitted that Yoko Ono didn’t break the Beatles up, you can’t really call it pulling a Yoko any more.

    • j.eyre says:

      I was coming to defend poor Yoko as well. Maybe we could call Kate “Magnificent Egos Whose Time Together Had Run Its Course” instead?

    • queenfreddiemercury says:

      I was also going to defend Yoko. John was the one who made her go with him everywhere not the other way around. And she didn’t break them up. They were 4 talented guys going in different directions.

    • lucy says:

      Straight up.

  14. TG says:

    I have always liked Kate. She seems to be bubbly like her mom. I do wonder though how many uncle’s shoulders her kids will have to ride in before they get a new daddy.

  15. smee says:

    In my experience, when you date a guy in a band, if the other band members are single, then there’s going to be a problem. They don’t understand the male/female dynamic of a relationship and only understand the one-night-stand situation with women. It’s a problem.

    She looks like a full-grown woman next to a boy in those pix, imo

    Chris Robinson (her first husband) was SO much better looking and talented. She blew it when she got rid of him.

    • Lisa says:

      Agree about him looking like a kid next to an adult in that pic. He looks like an annoying little brother.

      • Make mine a double says:

        Chris (the bassest) is married and has 6 kids!
        And Matt was always one to isolate himself anyway. I can remember being at an after party, when they’d played Earls Court and the other two were out, messing about and drinking etc, and Matt stayed in a trailer. That was when he was still engaged to his Italian gf, Gaia. I got the impression that Chris and Dom were really rather embarrassed by him being like that.

  16. db says:

    What’s with the Yoko trolling? It’s been what, almost 50 years? For a band that was breaking up anyway? Jesus, get over it

  17. Kaya says:

    Yoko did not break up the Beatles -___-

  18. Meme says:

    Why is she going to the Oscars? She doesn’t make movies anymore, thank god. If she likes to date perhaps she shouldn’t get knocked up after being with a guy for a month. Can’t stand her and she’s only famous because of her mother and being tabloid fodder.

    • Zadie says:

      I think she’s one of the better actresses in the rom-com genre. Much better than Reese or Alba.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        She doesn’t annoy me as much as people like Biel, Aniston, or Witherspoon–but the last movie of hers I saw was ‘Bride Wars’…..which was okay.

    • Sacred And Profane says:

      Thank you, Meme. I feel exactly the same way about this strumpet.

  19. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I just looked up a few videos of Yoko–the woman can’t sing. At all. If she got any attention, whatsoever, for her singing, it was because she was with John Lennon. Is she a better artist? Because it was painful to hear.

  20. new here says:

    trailer. That was when he was still engaged to his Italian gf, Gaia. I got the impression that Chris and Dom were really rather embarrassed by him being like that. ”

    per a commenter.. he is ‘like that’ as he has Aspergers.. and socializing is often difficult for people w/ that.. just some perspective

    • Make mine a double says:

      Ok, fine. Apologies. I didn’t know that. I’ve never seen that in any of the press/interviews over here in the UK and the various people I know that have known Muse for many, many years, long before they were famous/successful have never mentioned it to me. But if that’s the case, then no worries.

      • new here says:

        No need to apologize! Actually I know a few so this is more on my radar when i hear about it.. it’s interesting to see how they process things/relate actually. And I read that in an article, it was not made a big deal of whatsoever.. but yeah i only remembered b.c i know/and am related to some people with thhis:O

      • Make mine a double says:

        Out if interest, do you know which article. No probs if you can’t remember.

      • Snail says:

        Matt does not have Asperger’s. That was misinformation in that ONE article that mentioned it, years ago..

  21. roxy750 says:

    I swear there was a blind about I am guessing her, and she will find another rocker to have another kid with. I don’t get it. Why does she pick the ugliest mugs to hook up with. This girl is a knock out and she could have any hot fish in the sea to bump with and she picks these wieners? sigh…drives me nuts when I see this.

    • Jayna says:

      Because he is flat-out brilliant. musically He is Muse. He writes all of their music. He plays the piano. He’s an amazeballs guitarist. He’s the front man, singer. He even composed a three-part symphony on one of their albums. Before Kate, he was living with and engaged to a beautiful Italian girl who was studying to be a psychologist during their relationship. He even moved to Italy for her for a while during her studies. I imagine Kate was fascinated by Matt Bellamy.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I agree, Jayna. I’m not some huge Muse fan, but Matt has loads of musical talent, both as a songwriter and a performer, and generally comes across as a smart (if occasionally wingnut) guy. It doesn’t puzzle me at all that someone would fall for him, especially since he’s also pretty good-looking.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Really? I sometimes have odd taste in men, but I find Matt Bellamy to be pretty hot. I have a thing for darker hair and big blue eyes, and that might be part of it, and the other bit is that – whether people like his music or not – that he’s really talented. Honestly, when this couple hooked up, I was disappointed in him more than her.

      • coco says:

        Exactly, Matt is quite a handsome guy and seems to have good manners towards women (as Kate mentioned a few times when they first met), plus that amazing talent makes him even more amazing. I can see why he wouldn’t be everyones cup of tea but to call him too ugly for her or other disrespectful names just says a lot about the shallowness of people. There are way more ‘ugly’ people than Matt! Anyway, kate said in an interview that he wasn’t her type at all but that it was his gentlemanly manners and the fact he was so sweet towards her that made her want to go on a date, so I guess she fell in love with him from then on. Their lives are too different though and seems like it became a problem in the end, a shame as they have a kid together.

  22. Angelica says:

    I hate when stories come out about how someone made someone else do something. Like, I wouldn’t tell my kid that it’s all her fault for my stretch marks and I wouldn’t tell my guy that my poor work performance is all his fault because we argued the night before. I’m grown and so is Bellamy. Just silly!!! Lol.

  23. GirlyGirl says:

    Wow, Muse….

    Muse is great to listen to if you’ve gone back to 1999 and don’t want people to know you’re from the future.

  24. citizenerased says:

    I was a mega Muse fan and devotee of manic pixie rock god Matt Bellamy. When he started going out with this vapid Hollyweird bimbo I went right off him. It was so deeply uncool to shack up with and knock up Kate Hudson. Schadenfreude happy dance!

  25. anne says:

    No clue about Kate. But Gwyneth has worked tirelessly to alienate him from his band, All the other members and their families loathe her and were furious when Chris posted something (per Gwyniee directive) about her food “fueling Coldplay” when her cookbook came out. She keeps blocking Chris from getting another house in LA for Coldplay and himself and kids since they have not lived together in years. He is so so much happier when he is with his band than her. He is very close to kids right now and his association with GOOP has really turned off a lot of fans and lost him credibility. He will be back with them soon, Gwyneth or not! Actually best music was before he met up with her anyway. And I grew up near John and Yoko when their son was a baby and John was a total gentlemen and utterly sweet with Yoko and Sean at all times – it was adorable. Also knew Gwynie as teen and she was horrid and even heard her dad literally criticizing her for her snobbishness and rudeness on couple of occasions. Blthe was distant but classy, GOOPers always horrid and trying to get in with cool crowd and horribly dismissive of “underlings.” As she still is. Again, Kate no clue, but have heard that although very entitled, not anywhere as awful as GOOP. And Kate is a total rocker hippie chick at heart, so feeling is that her breaking up band just doesn’t really ring true.

  26. Linnie says:

    Kate is awesome I don’t think Bellamy can handle it.

  27. Eric says:

    Comparing her to Yoko Ono is totally unfair. Yoko only turfed one band, while Ms. Hudson is responsible for croaking both The Black Crowes AND Muse.

  28. Snail says:

    Matt has a social conscience, and it’s important to him…..and she does not have this sensibility. I’m sure that is just but one of the ways they are incompatible.

  29. lady_luck says:

    Good on Yoko. That woman had some power!

  30. lady_luck says:

    Besides, I have no doubt the bandmates probably tried to get Matt to act the single guy when around them. You know, the usual story.