Cate Blanchett told Julia Roberts to ‘suck it’ because they were drinking together


Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the wonder that is Cate Blanchett once again. I have a feeling that we won’t be hearing much about her for a while – Cate does tend to go back to Sydney to hibernate in between film projects, plus she’s all about her theater company these days. So, I’m just saying, we might not be talking about her much for months beyond her Oscar win. Let’s enjoy it while we can.

There were some unanswered questions about Cate’s excellent Oscar speech, like… “Why did Cate tell Julia Roberts to ‘suck it’?” Cate was asked about that in the press room, and she basically said that in the middle of the Oscars, during so many of the technical awards, she was in the bar drinking with Julia. Which is awesome. Can you even imagine how dirty and gossipy they are? She also told Extra after the Oscars “You watch it, Julia. I’m after your ass.Go here to see that interview.

In the press room immediately following her win, Cate was asked how it felt to be the first Australian actor to win two Oscars and she blurted out “And don’t you f–king forget it!”

And after a long night of partying, Cate went on Ellen’s show after just a few hours of sleep. Cate is so funny! Her voice is so froggy too, it’s awesome. She curls up with a blanket, gossips, complains about how she didn’t get any pizza and she volunteers to let audience members hold her Oscar. She’s magnificent.


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  1. Suze says:

    I want to drink with Cate so badly.

  2. Lark says:

    She really is stunning and such a fantastic actress. It’s interesting, because as much as the gossip blogs and blinds love to swear that all the big stars hate Julia—she actually seems rather beloved by most of the big players in Hollywood from Cate, Meryl (they linked arms and wore sunglasses while walking down an aisle and acted shady at some awards show), George Clooney and more.

    • Aurie says:

      She also partied with Angelina at Madonna’s party so they obviously don’t have a beef as reported.

      Angelina and Julia are supposedly at war/hated by every powerful person in Hollywood according to the tabloids.

    • Meredith says:

      I have no doubt that Julia is nice to people who are “on her level.” Everyone else, not so much.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That’s my thought. Most snobby, egotistical, rude people AREN’T rude to the people that they see as their equals. It’s the people that they feel are below them–for WHATEVER reason–not even necessarily the waiter or the maid, but maybe a person that they know, or even a sibling who they feel should be doing better, but aren’t.

        And honestly–how many of these celebs who speak about Julia actually spend extended time with her? I mean, if there’s free booze and food, I can play nice and have a good time with almost ANYONE. Plus it’s a fun night–not working, no competition, everyone’s relaxing…

  3. Nikollet says:

    That interview with Ellen! How could anyone not love this woman?!

  4. Maya says:

    Love Cate – she is one of the most talented, beautiful and humble actresses in Hollywood.

    PS: Didnt Russell Crowe win back to back Oscars a decade ago? Wouldnt that have made him the first Australian to win Oscars for acting?

    • blue marie says:

      He’s actually from New Zealand. Other that Gladiator, what else did he win? I’m wracking my brain but come up blank. Did he win for A Beautiful Mind? (I could google it, but I’m lazy, sorry)

      • Liv says:

        No, he didn’t. That’s the beauty of the Oscars – people don’t get one for their best work. He was brilliant in A Beautiful Mind. I liked Gladiator very much, but an Oscar for the role? What a joke.

    • Aussie girl says:

      Russell is from New Zealand

      • Katie says:

        Russell didn’t win for A Beautiful Mind, he went crazy at the BAFTAS and then lost to Denzel for Training Day.

    • Maya says:

      @Bluemarie: Ops I always thought that he was Australian and also that he won 2 Oscars but he didn’t (I Googled it:). He did win for Gladiator but was also nominated the next year for a beautiful mind but didn’t win.

      • Dash says:

        Yes he was born in New Zealand but he has lived most of his life in Australia. I would say he sounds more Australian when he speaks. But he’s not technically an Australian citizen.

    • Lucrezia says:

      Edit: I clearly take too long to type … you’d figured it out before I managed to post.

    • Maureen says:

      Crowe should have won for The Insider. He was INCREDIBLE in that.

      • Ruth Dunbar says:

        Agreed. That whole movie was terrific.

      • starrywonder says:

        I agree. He did kick butt in The Insider, A Beautiful Mind, etc.

      • L says:

        Yea, that 3 year period was weird. Russell Crowe should have won for the Insider or Denzel should have won for the Hurricane in 1999. (but Kevin Spacey won for American Beauty). Then the Academy essentially gave Crowe a ‘make up/body of work’ Oscar the following year for Gladiator even though it was a subpar movie, and Denzel one the year after that for Training Day.

        Which just shows the Oscars are really about networking and putting your time in. NOT necessarily what the best role that specific year was.

      • LAK says:

        GLADIATOR is not a subpar movie. It’s timeless. One of the greats. The only person who missed out on oscars that year was Joaquin Pheonix for supporting actor and that’s a shame because that film and everyone on it deserved their oscars.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        LAK, Joaquin was just AMAZING in that movie–he’s the only reason why I even watch the movie. My opinion of Crowe is that he’s a horrible actor, and a douche who thinks he’s sexy–especially in Gladiator. He was the one who told the writer of the movie that the writer’s lines were SHIT (the famous I am Maximus Decimus Meridius speech), and that because he was the greatest actor in the world, he could make anything sound good.

        But yeah–Crowe has a nice body, and that’s it. It was ALL about Joaquin for me in that movie…I couldn’t believe how YOUNG he was–he was what, 24 or 25 in the movie? Amazing…

      • Ice Maiden says:

        I think Crowe was very sexy as Maximus Decimus Meridius – but he has never been sexy before or since. It was a one off. Agree that he is a vastly overrated actor. Joaquin Phoenix acted him off the screen in ‘Gladiator’. I think the Academy liked Crowe because it was a very old-style performance in a very old-style film. Almost Charlton Heston-ish. You could really SEE Crowe acting and Delivering a Great Performance – this was the style of acting everyone admired a few decades ago, but now the preference is for actors to ‘disappear’ into their characters, which Crowe never does.

        As for ‘Gladiator’ it’s a great film if you don’t take it and the nonsensical plot too seriously. I remember a few years ago myself and some colleagues at work used to make a running joke of exchanging lines of the hammy dialogue. ”At my command, unleash hell!” Like I say, old-style stuff.

  5. smee says:

    Really great video.

  6. Ice Maiden says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Cate more than I already did, but this awards season has changed that. I’ve always thought her to be an amazing actress and outstandingly beautiful, but perhaps a little bit too perfect – too contained, too in control. But this awards season has shown how wonderfully human she is – her slight drunkenness at the Golden Globes, her heartfelt tribute to PSH at the Baftas, her occasional use of profanity, as well as the sheer joy she took in her Oscars victory. And I LOVED her speech – the tribute to her co-nominees was so different from the usual generic blah you hear from other actors. And I thought it was so wonderful how she thanked the ‘Blue Jasmine’ audiences – how often do you hear that from Oscar winners? After all, at the end of the day, it’s the audiences who decide the success or failure of any film. That was such a nice touch.

    She is glorious. All hail Goddess Cate!

  7. LadyMTL says:

    I freaking love Cate Blanchett and this only cements things. Man, what I would give to go drinking with her (and I don’t even drink!)

  8. blue marie says:

    Ha, who cares why she said it when all that matters is that she actually said it. Gah, I would have loved to have been that bartender!

  9. India says:

    Love her and love her dress.

  10. Dustyfoot says:

    Something about her just rubs me the wrong way. Maybe its because I find her fans too simpering and grating. Or maybe its her Woody Allen association. Either way I get bitch vibe off of her.

    • Aurie says:

      I know what you mean, I too sometimes get “vibes” off of people, but Cate has literally zero negative reports about her.

      Zero “somewhat substantiated” reports.

      For example people say Angelina is a terrible person because she’s a homewrecker, although based on facts, there’s zero evidence for that (since the only evidence she and Brad got together is after separation + filed for divorce)….but it’s an iffy situation regardless of actual evidence.

      Cate’s never even been in an “iffy” situation that could cast negative insight on her character.

      • epiphany says:

        That’s because Cate is an actress, not a movie star. Between films, she goes home and minds her own business. Any buzz that she creates has to do with her work, not her personal life or extra-curricular activities. Incidentally, Crowe was thought of that way until he just had to go “Hollywood”, and had that fling with Meg Ryan.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Plus, I believe she took a lot of time off to do theater in Australia–wasn’t she the director???

      • And if Cate ever was in an ‘iffy’ situation–I don’t think anyone would even care. People just aren’t interested in her personal life, period. I’d love to hear some gossip on her.

    • Jackson says:

      Me too! And the shade she threw at Sandy during her speech …

      • OhDear says:

        Did she ever explain that and was she asked about it?

      • flutters says:

        I never interpreted Cate Blanchett’s comment to Sandra Bullock as shade. I thought the whole “and it feels like I have” meant that she’d watched Sandra Bullock’s performance in ‘Gravity’ so many times, because she’d gone back to watch the movie so many times, because it was that great. IOW, I thought it was a big compliment, but I get why it was misinterpreted.

      • Lucrezia says:

        Not shade.

        Sandra’s performance was brilliant, but the film itself was so tense it left you feeling wrung out. It’s actually quite a short film, but I can’t be the only one who found themselves exhausted after watching it.

        I think that emotional exhaustion is what Cate was referring to. But even if I’m not quite right in my reading, I’m still 100% sure she didn’t mean to cast any shade. It wouldn’t make any sense in context: that part of the speech was all about how great her fellow actresses were, and how the Oscar could’ve gone to any one of them. Cate wasn’t rambling nonsense like Mathew McConaughey, there was quite a clear point to her speech. Intentional shade just doesn’t fit. The only logical interpretation is that she was making a joke that fell flat.

      • paola says:

        I think what she meant was that Gravity won 7 Oscars and footages of the film with Sandra in it were onscreen for the most of the night. I haven’t watched the movie but it feels like i have! i think Cate was just joking on that.

      • Alissa says:

        She was definitely not shading Sandra. This is Aussie humour which can be seen as offensive to Americans but it’s just how we joke. She is awesome

    • OhDear says:

      Nothing against her personally, but it’s almost as if she’s an entry in that Stuff White People Like blog. I feel like many people use their fandom of her to prove feminist and “intellectual” credentials.

  11. emmie_a says:

    I don’t remember her saying she was at the bar drinking. I thought she said she went to the bar to look for something to eat – then she found out they were giving out pizza to the audience but they wouldn’t let her back in to the auditorium during the pizza skit.

  12. jj says:

    I used to really like Cate, but after the Oscars I’m not sure. That interview with Ellen seemed slightly put on. Its almost like she expected to win! I suppose she is an actOR, so one shouldn’t expect them to be completely down to earth!

    • Ice Maiden says:

      Of course she expected to win! She had won most if not all of the previous awards in her category this season, so it would have been one of the greatest upsets in Oscar history had she not won. Judi Dench didn’t even bother to show up – that’s how certain people were that Cate’s name was on that Oscar. However, I didn’t detect any arrogance or complacency in Cate. Au contraire. She was humble and gracious throughout.

      • LAK says:

        Judi Dench has been very poorly because she’s had an operation recently which is why you haven’t seen much of her this award season.

    • Esti says:

      She expected to win like Daniel Day-Lewis expected to win last year — it wasn’t arrogance, it was reality. I don’t know why we expect women to pretend they don’t know they’re good at something, like they’re only humble enough if they do a Taylor Swift surprised act. She was gracious when she did win, which is all we should really expect.

    • j.eyre says:

      I am in your camp, jj. I won’t mind if Cate goes into hibernation for a while. For me, she has lost some of her luster.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Me, too. If I won an Oscar, I hope I could come up with a more gracious speech. Suck it just doesn’t do it for me, and I thought the remark about Sandra Bullock was awkward. I do think she’s beautiful, but I don’t like her as well as I used to.

    • Agreed says:

      I agree. And I definitely think she cast shade on Sandra Bullock. I think it’s all because of her theater pretensions. I was excited to see her in Anna Christie in NYC, but it wasn’t that stellar.

      • Shopperetta says:

        When she started her speech, she was so nice to Amy Adams. Then she said about Meryl Streep: “What can I say?” I thought she was then about to say, but she moved to Sandra Bullock and totally insulted her. What was up with that? “I could watch that performance till the end of time, and I sorta felt like I had.”

        She came across, to me, as a bit obnoxious and condescending. If it were a joke, when you are appearing before the world, might be a good idea to let everyone in on it so you don’t look like a beyotch.

  13. serena says:

    It’s kind of great to imagine Cate Blanchett and Julia Roberts drinking and gossiping together!

  14. Erm says:

    The bloom fell off the rose for me sometime between her response to the Woody Allen thing and her Oscar speech. I found her speech off-putting and charmless, though there wasn’t anything wrong with the words on paper. Maybe she was just toasted.

    • hmmm says:

      Yes, the speech was charmless and vulgar. Unprofessional. All these insider jokes are offputting. Save it for personal time, not broadcasting it out to millions like you’re one of the in crowd. Sheesh. Maybe that’s what makes her so ecstatic, to have finally “made it” in Hollywood. What a standard to aspire to!

      She comes across as such a lady and it’s all fake. Swearing in front of millions doesn’t make you any more approachable either. And why was she in a bar in the middle of the broadcast? Couldn’t she wait? And during the tech awards? How disrespectful. Without these people she would be nothing. Good to see where her priorities lie.

      This pizza thing…man…are they all teenagers that this is the talk of the town the next day, like they’re all just like you and me, just human? Liars. There’s a great divide between them and us, but she’s really good at playing the game. And people are buying it.

      She supports Woody Allen. What else is there to say?

      • jj says:

        In Australia somebody like her is called a bogan. Crude and unsophisticated. I saw her once in person and she is quite a presence, but I never thought that much of her as an actress. After all the Allen controversy and esp how she handled herself, I find her crude and unpleasant.

      • lis says:

        She is as far from bogan as it is possible to be.

      • hmmm says:

        I looked up “bogan”. Fabulous word! But Cate is not unsophisticated. She’s just not what she has projected in the past. I don’t know enough about her to say much else other than she seems amazingly egocentric, without an ounce of humility and very, very mindful of the bottom line.

      • Sort of Agree says:

        Bogan’s the wrong word for Cate Blanchett. I think she was a bit drunk and overexcited and it came out the wrong way. If I were Sandra Bullock I’d be offended.

  15. msw says:

    I love her. She looks like such a lady until she starts talking. And I mean that in the best possible way.

    • Emma says:

      MSW…totally agree with that. She looks incredibly sophisticated and glamorous – and then she starts talking and I feel like I like her even more. She just seems so real. I´m Australian and I think her personality is quite similar to a lot of Australian women – we talk fairly straight and don´t like a lot of BS. For example, when Cate called PSH a bastard, I thought it was funny, but I can see how other people might have felt it was a bit crude, or rough.

      Interestingly, another of the most glamorous and best-dressed actrisses is (IMO) Nicole Kidman. But, she´s someone who I don´t warm to so much in interviews, because I feel like she is holding herself back. (Although, maybe she just has a more reserved kind of personality).

  16. Tippy says:

    The roving seat-fillers are probably busiest during the presentations of
    the technical awards.

  17. Jaderu says:

    I don’t swoon over Cate but I do think she’s a great actress.
    I also think she’s one of the baudiest, ballsiest, badass bitches in Hollywood! And I mean that in the complimenting way.

  18. Penelope says:

    She always looks lovely but I’m over her act.

    Her acceptance speech was full of false modesty and condescension towards others masked as praise.

    • pnichols says:

      Perfectly said. Agreed. Twist it however you want, that was a b**** comment towards Sandy B. Cate’s act is played, and anyone who hangs out with Julia…….lol! Can’t stand that person.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yeah, I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt about her remark to Sandra Bullock, but I think it was rude. It could be interpreted in so many different ways, many of them insulting. You could see by the look on SB’s face that she was bewildered and didn’t know how to react. How is that nice to do in front of millions of people?

  19. Tiffany says:

    So the people who are primarily responsible for making your film and making you look good on film cannot hold your attention enough for you to sit for an hour while they are presented. I thought you were better than that Cate.

    • hmmm says:

      I’m gobsmacked by it! She hadn’t the patience or care to sit through the tech awards (which, I, btw, find really interesting) for the (little) people whose diligent, exceptionally intelligent and GROUNDBREAKING work allows her craft on celluloid to exist? Just. Wow.

  20. Megan says:

    Her Ellen interview and letting everyone hold the Oscar was so charming. She seems like such a fun person that really doesn’t take this stuff seriously, she is in it for the enjoyment of her work.

    Is it me or did it seem like everyone was just having a really good time this year? I don’t know but this year seemed like people were just excited to be there, happy for the winners (and genuinely so) and just really having fun. It was a nice change.

  21. Papabear says:

    I found her acceptance speech snarky and condescending. I grew up with women like that on the East coast, who she was portrating in Blue Jasmine and I found her acting plastic, unreal and overly dramatic. I don’t get it. I also don’t find the being bitchy and gossipy, or “crude and rough” to be admirable traits for anyone.

    • hmmm says:

      I so totally agree! Like there’s something wrong with being a class act in front of millions.

  22. amy says:

    Is it me or Cate looks more and more like Robin Wright twin sister?

  23. Mr. Stinky FishFace says:

    She’s actually starting filming on a movie here in Cincinnati soon! I auditioned to be on extra but I have visible tattoos so they said no :(

  24. Karen says:

    Haha omg she’s so funny. The hormone replacement and threesome jokes were killer. Love her.

  25. jepressman says:

    Cate Blanchett is a fine actress and Blue Jasmine was a good story . As for Mr. Crowe ,well he is one of the best screen actors ever. He richly deserved the Oscar for Gladiator as his Maximus is now an iconic screen character. However he was also great as John Nash, Captain Aubrey, Jimmy Braddock, Ben Wade, MCCaffrey, Robin Hood,Jor-El, Javert and in Australian films as Hando in Romper Stomper ,Jeff in the Sum of Us and also in Proof. Yes I think he should have won for A Beautiful Mind, but the Oscars were playing politics that time. He is one of the best!

  26. KristenfromMA says:

    She really should be telling Paltrow to suck it, ’cause this should’ve been Cate’s THIRD Oscar.


  27. evadstructn says:

    I find Cate Blanchett incredibly pretentious and condescending. In the Australian lexicon, I wouldn’t describe her as a “bogan”, she’s far too affected and posh.
    I would say she’s a “wanker”.
    i.e. “Someone who shows off too much, a poser or poseur; someone who is overly self-satisfied”.
    She is a fantastic actress, no doubt. And Blue Jasmine was great.
    I had a bet on with my husband about how many times she would say the word “theatre” in her acceptance speech. When she mentioned the Sydney Theatre Company I nearly fell off my chair laughing- so predictable, so pretentious.

    • kookee says:

      You sound desperately jealous! Maybe because she’s spent over 6 years working in, and running a theatre company is why she mentioned it? It’s only pretentious if you’re the bogan type that thinks theatre is posh! Seriously you can go see live theatre, with up and coming actors (earning unstable wages) for less than 20 bucks – less than a movie ticket and certainly less than a dinner. You don’t need to have a degree to appreciate a live performance, evadstructn – you “wanker”.

    • Sort of Agree says:

      I sort of agree with you, @evadstructn. I don’t mind her mentioning the theatre company, etc., but her manner is incredibly uptight and magnanimous. I find her excellent in certain roles but an overactor in others. ( Blue Jasmine was a poorly written and misogynistic film that was somewhat exploitative of the central character’s mental fragility. It was also unbelievable as a plot (the FBI dob in, the odd ambassador-to-be who had an encyclopaedic knowledge of women’s fashion, etc).) Anyway, I do get where you’re coming from but for me it’s not the tall-poppy syndrome but more her air and general magnanimous manner. She’s sealed up in a zip-lock bag and there seems nothing down-to-earth and basic about her.

  28. Cari says:

    You’ll be hearing a lot soon about another movie Cate made recently with Christian Bale. They are looking hot hot hot isn’t his movie too! The King Of Cups!

  29. Cari says:

    You’ll be hearing a lot soon about another movie Cate made recently with Christian Bale. They are looking hot hot hot in this movie too! The King Of Cups!

  30. Jane says:

    I’m laughing my ass off at all the pathetically resentful, ignorant and deluded twits yapping about shade, pretension, bogans and wankers.
    No surprise also they mention Woody Allen in their distorted and ignorant yapping. lol.

    These resentful wankers clearly know squat about Blanchett. How about you ‘bogans’, as opposed to vomiting your warped judgement on the view of someone accepting awards at award shows, and actually educate yourself on the person you’re yapping about beforehand – meaning the 15 other years before 2014 awards season. You know, watch her sit-down interviews perhaps as a start. I suggest start with Charlie Rose.
    Blanchett is one of the most gracious, friendliest, intelligent, and down to earth women in the business. Not ONE of her peers, no one she has ever worked alongside with or that has ever met her has had one bad word to say about her. No ONE bad speculation out there. Everyone always goes on about how easygoing, down to earth, considerate, and funny she is.

    The words you choose to project onto someone you know nothing about reveal nothing about the person but certainly much about you.