The tabloids are brutal to Angelina this week – because she denied them pics?

Page Six is reporting that there’s a good reason why all the tabloids are running stories about how Angelina and Brad’s relationship is in trouble now that she’s adopting with abandon and jetting around for her career. Angelina bypassed all the rags and went straight to People with the exclusive photos of newly-adopted Pax.

The Post repeats the questionable story from Britain’s News of the World that Angelina is about to adopt a one year-old African girl from Chad to “balance the races” in her family and give Zahara another African Jolie-Pitt playmate.

If that happens and Angelina does adopt another baby girl, they say, she better be more generous with the pictures or the tabloids will continue to skewer her. They also say that Angelina puts the kids in daycare despite having four nannies at home and that she placed a ban on cellphones in the facility so that no one takes pictures of her children:

If Angelina Jolie adopts a fifth child from Chad as expected, maybe she should let some other publication besides People run exclusive photos of the child.

Sources say Us Weekly, Star and other celebrity weeklies are so fed up with getting scooped by People, they’ve turned on Jolie and Brad Pitt with a vengeance…

When Jolie is in L.A., even though she has four full-time nannies, she leaves her three eldest kids at the $931-per-month preschool/day-care center on the Warner Bros. lot, Star reports, where other parents are upset with the special treatment Jolie gets. One flashpoint is a ban on cellphones because Jolie fears parents will take pictures of her kids.

As for what the tabloids are reporting, Radar Magazine has a good recap and I read the US Weekly article. All of the rags except US Weekly center on the speculation that Brad and Angelina are having serious trouble in their relationship. US Weekly focuses on how Angelina is looking like a hypocrite for not staying at home with the kids like she promised. They mention her one-day trip to Chicago alone to do test screening for a new film along with the fact that she has a boatload of work coming up.

US doesn’t miss the “trouble in Paradise” angle, though, and has an inset article claiming that Brad and Angelina have hit a rough patch. They cite a relationship expert who warns that they could have problems because of Angelina’s flightiness and warn that they’re expanding the family too fast and need to work on their relationship. Us also runs a full-page story with Angelina’s past exploits, below, reminding us how wild and dark she used to be.

Star Magazine has the headline “Angelina Walks Out,” but they said the same thing last week about how Katie Holmes was planning on leaving Tom Cruise and the article was just based on the fact that she wanted to go to Louisiana to film her new movie and Tom ended up tagging along. I’ll read the Star article once I have access to it and let you know what I think, but I bet that they’re either using the story that Angelina went to Vietnam without Brad or her one-day trip to Chicago as the basis for their claim.

According to Radar’s recap, Star says that Angelina is leaving the kids in daycare and pissing off the staff with her demands, which include that parents not look at her when she’s there to drop off and pick up.

OK! says that Brad wants a normal life and wants Angelina to stay home, and that he’s looking for a way out of the relationship.

Life & Style says that Brad is pleading with Angelina not to adopt again and say that Jennifer Aniston sent them a card and gift for Pax, which mightily pissed off Angelina.

I always think that these tabloids are making up the stories based on known facts and paparazzi photos and have little if any insider information. How much insight does it take to think that a couple, even one with a shitload of help, would be having trouble in their relationship with four young kids at home and constant travelling?

The way that People garnered Angelina’s good graces was by running puff pieces on her pediatrician and a favorite co-worker at the UN. She’s sure to blacklist all these tabs from future pictures now that they’re vilifying her.

Thanks to Sammie’s Effluvia and popbytes for these scans.

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  1. Busy body says:

    O.K, lets face it, US Weekly, life and style, star, intouch were all not expecting pictures of Pax since the are sleezy rags that never get any exclusives any way.

    The truth is that, the Brangelina backclash was bound to happen anyway, news reporters have for the last two years been building and hyping this relationship for this moment, when it will all come crashing like a house of cards.

    The time has come for the split. The relationship has gone full circle. The meeting, the most beautiful family in the world, and now the circus of the split. I can’t wait!

  2. countrybabe says:

    I agree with you Busy Body. The tabloids said Brad and Jen were going to break up all the time. It finally happened. I wouldn’t say their all off the mark.

  3. FArrah says:

    i hope shiloh gose with brad

  4. Toubrouk says:

    I bet everything will be snaping back in order the second Paris Hilton will do something over the top or if Linsey Lohan hit an overdose.

  5. Busy body says:

    Yeah country babe,
    I remember all mags saying there was something between Brad and Angelina back then during the shooting of Mr and Mrs Smith, even before they reported that Brad’s marriage was on the rocks. Jen said it was just untrue rumours (by sleezy rags)and that she implicitly trusted Brad, bless her soul, how wrong she was.

    Good they split, living with a man for 7 years and not knowing he is a such and insensitive sleeze bag shows how little you know about him.

    Angelina and Brad made their bed, let them rest in peace in it. Jolie should go to Jen for advice about Brad’s sensstivity chip or lack of. He is so selfish that he will refuse to adopt Pax even if it kills him.

  6. Wren says:

    Okay, I can understand taking the kids to a daycare so they have playtime with other kids and so they can start to learn how to behave in school. That’s why my kids are in preschool anyway.
    But, speaking as a mom who drops kids off at preschool a couple of times a week, HOW do you ban cellphones? Do they have a basket outside the door? Do the other parents get frisked?

  7. Candy says:

    Page Six ripped off that story from Radar who reported Angie’s dealings with People first.

  8. Agent says:

    Brad Pitt is so pahtetic these days that even his hair is the color of Angelina’s hair and so are his clothes. There can be three possible explanations for this.

    – Their love is too great that they match everything they do (NOOOOOOOT, body language doesn’t lie. Love? I don’t think so)

    – They are minimising expenditure so he uses left overs of Angelina’s die. ( And so they should, that brood is going to bankrupt them within no time, they should remember that Tyson was once richer than the both of them combined and he went bankrupt, guy didn’t even adopt, just sowed his seeds everywhere.)

    – Angelina dictates the color of clothes and hair and Brad the pussy whipped poodle goes along ( I kind of like this one. By the time Angelina is through with Pitt, he will be called Brad Jolie for the accreditations in the Curious case of Benjamin Button. LOL)

    Brad, please wake up and runnnnnnnnnnn!

  9. maaz says:

    They will still be together in 20 years with the 6-7 kids Brad has always said he wanted. None of the tabs have ever been right about them. The tabs are repeating/recycling the same stories from last year, and they were all wrong. They are in it for the long haul.

  10. Angie's haters are LOSERS!! says:

    WOW!! Reading the hate that some of of you girls have for Angelina makes me realize that there are indeed so many SCORNED BORED LONELY BUTT-UGLY WOMEN OUT THERE who identify with OTHER UGLY MIDDLE AGED WOMAN like MANISTON who will LOVE to see the so-called OTHER WOMAN DESTROYED!! But Dream On!! because you will NEVER have the pleasure of seeing Angelina Destroyed!!

  11. amused says:

    lol, Angie’s haters are LOSERS!! is funny.

    yeah, the people hating are acting like their own lil dirty tabloid. We can’t assume!

  12. gg says:

    I find all this venom for the woman completely unfounded and ridiculous. You guys should go wreck somebody else’s marriage.

    Jealous much?

  13. leni says:

    Whatever is and is not true, I do htink that they need to be at home spending some time bonding with the children they do have or it will simply become a higher class orphanage. Children do well with lots of individual attention initially. Spend some time with the ones you have-this is not a game.

  14. someone says:

    Angelina has done this to herself, the reason some people don’t like her is because she can’t keep her big mouth shut, and doesn’t know how to tell the truth..I haven’t liked her since she slobbered all over her brother at an awards show, wore BBT blood around her neck, and disrespected her father on the red carpet. He was standing behind her and BB when they told the world that they fuc-ed on the way to the show, and she was all over him. She has no class. And all these kids shes collecting are not going to change the bad Karma she has collected over the years. I don’t believe her and Brad will last.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to say, that some of the bad opinions that some people have about Angelina has nothing to do with being jealous of her but being fed up with all the stories that surround her. I personally do not care about Angelina’s personal life, I just do not like her being in every magazine cover every week IT’S BORING! She should just keep her head down and enjoy her life and family she has created with Brad and stop leading the media to all this stories. LETS BE HONEST SHE IS THE ONE WHO FIRES UP THE MEDIA TO CRATE THIS STORIES BECAUSE YOU CAN SAY WHAT YOU WANT BUT 85% OF THE STORIES OUT THERE ARE TRUE OR WILL BECOME TRUE AND IF SHE DID NOT LIKE ALL THE ATTENTION SHE SHOULD KEEP HER PERSONAL LIFE PRIVATE BECAUSE THE MEDIA DO NOT JUST MAKE STORIES UP, MOST OF THE TIME THE INFORMATION COMES FROM THE CELEBRITIES THEM SELFS.

  16. gavin says:

    Angelina is a home wrecker. SHe moved in with BillyBob Thornton when he was ENGAGED to Laura Dern. Dern was on vacation with a friend when she found out by reading a tabloid that Billy Bob and Angelina were an item. THEY WERE ENGAGED (thorton and dern) at the time.

    Angelina tells the HUGEST LIES to the media. That’s the thing that bugs. Saying nothing is fine, but directly and constantly lying in interviews that you and your people have arranged in order to bolster your career and paycheck is twisted and sick.
    SHe has always profitted from her transgressions by offering interviews to very specific people who agree in advance not to probe questions or call her out.

    Aniston only said the trust in Brad thing to save face. Angelina and Brad had an affair on Mr. and Mrs. Smith. IT WAS NO SECRET TO anybody who worked on that movie. Of course ANgelina adamantly denied it and then went on to say that she would NEVER get involved with a married man, and would never break up a marriage…but Maddox was calling Brad Dad when he was still married to Aniston. If they were not romantically involved, she would not have Mad call him dad.

    Its not really ANgelina Jolie that bothers me. She has to live with her choices.

    But the thing that bugs me is how the public just eats up her lies. And they are whoppers of lies. People need to think and analyze things a little more deeply, not just believe everything the media throws their way. That’s the thing that bugs me the most, that so many people buy her bullshit hook line and sinker. The easier we as a society let people off the hook for outrageous and bad behavior, that results in financial reward, the more our societies continue to break down. Just look at Paris Hilton a barely literate person who continually gets rewarded financially for her illicit behavior. HOw can a racist like paris hilton keep getting paid gigs?

    I guess that’s what Angelina represents symbolically to me. A kind of break down of our society in general.

    I have no problem with her acting. IN fact, as an actress I think she is tremendous, and also a very charismatic figure.

    As far as the adoptions go, of course she is using the kids, but these kids will have access to education that would have been beyond their wildest dreams, so there is good that comes out of it.

    It is strange when celebrities sell photos of their kids, but then pretend they are trying to protect their privacy.

    Thanks Celebitchy, and thanks for all of the posters here for providing a forum where we can have a forum about this whether we agree or not!

  17. Other Karen says:

    Angelina has a save-the-world complex, but she seems to have trouble with interpersonal skills closer to home. That probably hurts her with the tabloid editors.

  18. Angie's haters have no life!!! says:

    WOW!! Gavin… i think it will be better TO GET A LIFE and STOP analyzing Angie’s life and everything she says or do!! The poster #9:32 pm was right; Angie’s haters are indeed LOSERS!!

  19. Fabiola Thing says:

    I will laugh at funny, sarcastic snarky posts on celebrity gossip blogs about her (and other celebs), but I will neither condemn her nor defend her…I can’t muster up the emotion to care one way or another, and I don’t understand people who do.
    It’s like those crazy people who don’t know Tom Cruise yet they are buying birthday gifts for Suri. WTF is up with that?
    But, hey, that’s just me. I got problems of my own 🙂

  20. Busy Body says:

    Hey fabiola, that is a good idea, to buy for Suri a present, but where do I put it? Do I get to keep Suri for a day if I give a present? There has to be a catch. People are fast losing it, blame it on Iraq and global warming.

    Where is Angelina and Brad? They are hiding so that they get some attention, they know that after sometime, every one will be wondering what is happening, how clever of them.

    Seriously, I hope they are O.K.

  21. Mia says:

    For one time, I agree with those Brangelina fans: we spent too much time to analyze this woman.

    Nothing about her is worthy of our time. Life is too short. Stars come and go. Let’s focus on someone more talented and interesting. Someone is more sincere about the world.

  22. daz says:

    I thought she donated the money from those pictures to charity. I don’t really care for angie or aniston, but angie is sure looking like sleletor these days. I use to think she was gorgeous. OH, And who else is more sincere about the world? And how would we know????And wtf does that even mean???

  23. daz says:


  24. Coria says:

    I’d lie my ass off to the media if I were Angelina. None of her personal life is anybody else’s business.

    Also, geeze people, GO TO SCHOOL AND LEARN TO SPELL!

  25. daz says:

    geeze???? What are you reading celebrity gossip sites for? an we al no how 2 spel.