Jamie Dornan on the paparazzi: ‘They are cretins, I couldn’t have less respect’


Several weeks ago, Jamie Dornan (your Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey) appeared on Graham Norton’s show – some of you tweeted me and asked me to cover it, but I decided against it. I later watched the whole episode and I came away completely and utterly charmed by Dornan. He’s very sweet, very funny and he’s a lot weirder than people think – you can see the full episode here. My favorite part of the interview is when Jamie is talking about how he walks on his tippy-toes and it was only recently that someone told him to walk “heel-to-toe” and he had his mind blown because no one had ever told him to walk that way.

Anyway, Jamie has another new interview in The London Evening Standard. He’s promoting The Fall, his TV show where he plays a serial killer (being hunted by Gillian Anderson). He curses up a blue streak, makes reference to his time as Keira Knightley’s boyfriend, and talks about his modeling side-projects:

His modeling career versus real life: He’s a hard-drinking, rugby-playing, Man United-supporting 31-year-old who listens to The Kinks, reads Oscar Wilde and litters his conversation with expletives. ‘I’ve never felt massively satisfied from standing there while someone takes my photograph,’ he says. ‘It’s never given me a thrill.. It would take a very foolish man to turn down the stuff that was offered to me. You’re in your twenties, and people are going to give you a silly amount of money to lean against a wall with your head down. F*** me, you’ve got to do it.’

He’s got a lot of failed auditions behind him: ‘I mean f***ing hundreds of them. Some of them totally humiliating experiences. People attach too much to the idea of being a model, that you can only be a certain way to have done it. You will always be dealing with it. You’re an actor who used to be a model who never trained; there are not many directors queuing up.’

He auditioned for Christian Grey early but lost out to Charlie Hunnam. ‘You know, one door closes, another opens. When he dropped out, I didn’t instantly think, “Oh, here we go, maybe I should cancel that holiday,” but I did feel that maybe we’d revisit the idea of me.’

He lost his mom and four close friends when he was 16: ‘Going through that certainly has had an effect on the darker side of my psyche. I was 16… Look, I’m not saying that experiencing loss is why I can cope with darker worlds, I’m not saying that for a second, but I think it opens up a side of you in terms of work that wouldn’t be as accessible had that stuff not happened.’

Being Keira’s boyfriend back in the day: ‘It was a strange environment to find yourself in, being hounded and followed. It’s really hideous. F***ing hell, [the paparazzi] are cretins. I couldn’t have less respect for those guys. There are so many ways to make a living that don’t involve hiding in bushes opposite houses of 18-year-old girls with a camera in your hand. That’s not making a living, that’s making a choice to be a perverted f***head.’

Stardom in his 30s: ‘That scrutiny when you’re older will be easier to take. And I don’t think I’m ever going to be as famous as her [Keira].’

[From The London Standard]

I think it’s interesting that his first sense of stardom was second-hand, as Keira Knightley’s boyfriend when she first began blowing up. That helped form his world-view about acting and the media, I’m sure. And it seems like he’s still somewhat protective of Keira too. But yeah… I think Jamie is going to have his own paparazzi explosion happening next year when Fifty Shades of Grey gets released. Maybe it will be slightly easier for him then because he lives a relatively quiet life in England.



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  1. Mia4S says:

    Uh-oh, he is not going to like what comes next. The weirdos how actually like those books are just the sort that would project onto him and want lots of “real life” photos. I hope the money is really good Jamie!

    • Kroll says:

      Everything Mia4S just said. Even if that film is only a minor hit, it will collect the usual band of crazies. And in the age of twitter, the stalking thing has taken a new edge.

      Now why would a man who claims to detest paps star in this paparazzi magnet of a film??? Kristen Stewart could claim that she had no clue how bad it could get but him, he knows, and he has signed up regardless. He is either a lying fame-whore or the village idiot. Neither qualities are hot.

  2. Dani says:

    He’s actually really attractive/has a good personality (from what I can tell). If only he didn’t sign up for that horrible movie, but oh well…I’ll still watch it.

    Bonus points for The Kinks!

  3. ferdinand says:

    I’ve always loved Jamie’s work. Whether modeling or acting. I think he seems like a very easygoing, centered and intelligent man. I’ve been rooting for him for years now. So it is great to see he’s making his way to be a known actor.

    His interviews are always funny, specially the Graham Norton one which I think he was slightly drunk and that’s why he was that charming. Either way, he’ll do fine. Good for him.

  4. CK says:

    I am really curious about how he’s going to feel about the paps when the press onslaught starts next year because that press tour is going to be more desperate/fame-whorey than the current Divergent pr game. Atleast, that was a well-written book, FSoG is just crappy fanfic. That being said, if FSoG doesnt take off, he could always return to Once Upon a Time. We all miss the sexy huntsman.

  5. mimi says:

    I didn’t know much about him before his FSOG casting except for his small part in the Marie Antoinette movie with Kirsten Dunst. I remember thinking he was extremely handsome. I was initially disappointed when I heard he took the part in FSOG because I thought the book was crap. The more of his interviews I read though, the more I’m liking him and I’m even warming up to him as Christian Grey. His wife is pretty. They make a cute couple.

    • Cerebralmind says:

      ^Mimi, I think FSOG is for women who are desperate or depraved sexually and this book was/is some kind of escape for them because I read it too and found it really boring. I personally didn’t get all of the “media hype”.

  6. Jaderu says:

    Any man that can levitate his IPhone is okay in my book.

  7. gilmore says:

    He was so,so, so funny and attractive on graham. I was swooning. I wish his fame came more so from the fall (which he’s brilliant in) rather than 50 (the epitome of embarrassing).

    • islandwalker says:

      Agree. He was fantastic (and creepy as hell) in the Fall. That’s all I’ve seen him in but was very impressed.

  8. lady mary. says:

    i like him , i hope this movie atleast does a decent buisness for his sake

  9. eliza says:

    This dude will be begging for the paps once this mess of the movie hits and flops at the theaters. He committed career suicide with this dog.

  10. Damaris says:

    I really loathe celebrities that trash photographers. It seems like empty complaining. Go be a teacher or electrician if it bothers you so much and give your part to someone who won’t complain about the small cons of being in your position. Good day.