Angelina Jolie: ‘I have no patience for yoga… because I’m not a still person’


To do some early promotion on Maleficent, Angelina Jolie gave a lengthy interview to Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago, but she also gave a short little interview to USA Today specifically to promote the new teaser in which we get to see Maleficent’s magnificent wings. To film the stuff where Angelina is flying around, Angelina was obviously rigged up on wires (controversial theory: maybe she can fly in real life?!). To do all of the wire work, Angelina had to get stronger. Which is why we get this wonderful confession:

…Angelina Jolie reveals what it was like to fly with her wings in in the classic tale’s reboot — and the workout she begrudgingly agreed to. Hooked up on rigs in full costume (yes, even those horns) on set at Pinewood Studios, “you’re almost like a puppet with all these people moving (beneath you),” says Jolie. “When you go to the left or the right all of you have to move together. It’s a big dance with a lot of people.”

How did she pull it off? Well, through a regimen Jolie admits she eschews. Jolie’s longtime stunt coordinator Eunice Huthart (a close friend, who is also godmother to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt) slowed down and intensified her workouts. “She made me do yoga. And I have no patience for yoga,” says Jolie. “It’s not something I do easily, because I’m not a still person. But I was forced to do yoga because (to fly) you have to have your core strength to be able to hold yourself.”

[From USA Today]

I feel like Angelina is aware enough to know that Jennifer Aniston is all about yoga and that Aniston talks about her love of yoga in pretty much every interview. Do you think that entered into Angelina’s thought process at all here? “I have no patience for yoga.” I can see that. I bet Angelina would prefer to box, lift weights and maybe do some martial arts. That seems more her style.

Here are some new teasers/trailers from Maleficent. The first is a teaser about Maleficent’s stolen wings! THE WINGS ARE BADASS.

Here’s the “Legacy Trailer” – they mash up the cartoon with the live-action stuff. This makes it seem like they’re trying really hard to get little kids to go see this film… so they can scare the sh-t out of those children.


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  1. LadyMTL says:

    Wow, for once I can say that I have something in common with Angelina Jolie! LOL. I have tried yoga on several occasions and I can’t handle it, I need to be moving (vigorously) when I exercise.

  2. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I have no patience for yoga either–I tried. Not too hard, but there you go.

    I’m not surprised that she doesn’t have patience for yoga either–I remember seeing an interview when she did Tomb Raider–she said that they convinced her to do it because of the adventure, and all the training she would have to be doing–martial arts, weights, etc….that seems a lot more up her alley.

    • Liberty says:

      @Virgilia I have no patience for it either, and I’ve tried. Gah!! cannot stand it. I will run, work out, anything. I wish I had the patience for it, and have friends who swear by it. But, I can not go there.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I like walking–I’m extremely lazy when it comes to exercise.

      • Liberty says:

        @Virgilia — I like walking too! I once had the icky misfortune to slip on some goose droppings while doing my morning circuit along a lakefront w my running buddies. After we all stopped laughing I realized I’d broken the great toe somehow. along with a smart ankle twist. I walked limped for weeks instead of running and I quite liked it so I do that too, a lot. Walking sans limping I mean! :-)

    • V4Real says:

      I’m just imagining Angelina in the downward dog position. Ok Angie feet hips distance apart, hinge forward and plant your palms on the mat, assume the push up position, now lift your hips toward the ceiling making a V, just like my initial, ok push up a little more, a little more, a tad bit more, wait let me hold your waiste to help you with your balance….. Yep that made my morning, Goodbye.

      I’m a perv, I can admit to it.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        You are a perv–don’t worry, so am I. I just limit my perving to googling my husband naked… ;)

      • JessMa says:

        V let me post some classic Jolie quotes for you, to go along with your sexy yoga scenario. Lol.

        “I was surprised when I suddenly found myself having these feelings for a girl, wanting to kiss her and wanting to touch her. I genuinely love other women. I guess I’m the person most likely to sleep with my female fans! But if I want to kiss another woman, that’s a beautiful thing. I’m not ashamed of any experiences I’ve had.”

        “I have loved women in the past and slept with them too. I think if you love and want to pleasure a woman, particularly if you are a woman yourself, then certainly you know how to do things in a certain way.”

      • V4Real says:

        Damn straight!
        I sometimes get yelled at by other Angie fans when I make certain comments about her or crack a joke or say they need to chill when posters make a comment they don’t like. But hey I do that with a lot of celebs I adore. That being said I’m getting close to dumping my new girl crush JLaw, for my old girl crush Angie. AJ has brought her sexy back and her face has just been stunning as of late.

        In my head I have made out with Angie a long time ago. I also have earned the right to brag that I was not 6 but 1 degrees away from AJ. My ex-boyfriend from a soap opera made this little movie with her back in the day called “Love is All There IS” and they had a few make-out sessions. I can say I kissed the lips that kissed AJ. I’ve shared that story before and will share it again, so take that to all the people who think I don’t like Angie.

    • Artemis says:

      It was also on the behind-the-scenes part of the DVD. She said she thought she wouldn’t like it but she did.

      Back then it was something completely new and she changed her lifestyle a lot during and after the shoot so it might be that she became bored of all the training when her life became more hectic. I thought she was more into Pilates, or so I’ve read somewhere.

    • littlestar says:

      I used to be afraid of yoga (NOT flexible here) and refused to try it when my friends would ask me to go with them (one of my best friends is even a certified yoga instructor and I would always turn her down!). But when I moved to a different city to be with my husband, his friend convinced me to go to a Bikram class with him (that is yoga practised in a hot and humid room). WOW. I was blown away by how amazing it was and wondered why the hell it took me so long to go to a class (I know I sound over the top, but that’s the only way I can describe it). I go to Bikram yoga regularly now, as a way to settle my mind and concentrate on my body, and to stretch out my muscles from running. However, I find Bikram to be a pretty intense yoga. I’m not really a fan of other types of yoga because they just aren’t “extreme” enough for me (I am someone who actually enjoys hard cardio workouts).

      P.S. I think it also helps to find a yoga studio and instructor you really like. The woman who teaches the Bikram class I go to is just awesome. So calm yet so strong.

    • Ennie says:

      Some sports are activities are for some people, but not for everyone. There are people who love solo sports, and other who prefer team sports. Others prefers to compete against themselves, and others like winning.
      AJ is clearly a doer, she would probably had to be wigling her toes when doing yoga or something! Even when she knows that yoga is beneficial and everything, I bet she prefers t be with her children and see to them, especially now that they are older.

  3. jamz says:

    I’m a little worried about how this movie is going to be because from what I see from the trailers I’m not impressed. but I’ll wait and see..
    ps…And those wings look horrible

    • Eléonore says:

      same here, i thought i would be impressed and …nothing. To be honest I think Angelina Jolie is great, beautiful, etc etc…but still extremely overrated, especially as an actress. I feel that the minute she steps out from badass action movies she steps out of her comfort zone as well…and it s not for the best.

      • Soulsister says:

        Go and watch her in A Mighty Heart, Gia and Girl Interrupted. They are not action movies and she was exceptional in those. Also won a few movie awards as well along the way.

      • Blackjack says:

        LOL, yes, she has won ‘movie awards,’ also known as…..OSCARS. lol

      • Miffy says:

        I think she’s a good actress, she was great in A Mighty Heart, but her celebrity has surpassed her acting abilities. She’s too famous, has too intense a fanbase and has a look too distinctive to really become a character. Really jaw-dropping actors have the ability to make you forget your watching someone pretend to be another person.
        She’d need to go the route of Charlize Theron in Monster (pack on a load of weight, hours of prosthetic makeup, etc, etc) to make you completely forget that your looking at Angelina Jolie.

      • Blackjack says:

        Yeah, I recall some people saying she had gotten way too superstar famous right before she received critical acclaim and had been nominated for a slew of acting awards for ‘A Mighty Heart,’ and then they tried to say that same thing again when she received critical acclaim for and was nominated for another slew of awards for ‘Changeling,’ including Best Actress OSCAR a mere two years later. Both roles required her doing nothing to her ‘distinctive look,’ as you call it – so obviously she certainly did make the people that matter, ‘forget your watching someone pretend to be another person.’

    • harpreet says:

      In my opinion, Disney’s greatest villain is Cruella, I cannot wait for that movie (Michelle Dockery should totally play her, albeit she is young,..). Well, Jaffar was pretty evil too..

    • Mrs Odie says:

      Agree. It looks terrible. The king and teen Aurora and the prince all look like they’re dressed up for Halloween. Terrible wigs, costumes, lighting. I think other than some prosthetic cheeks, there isn’t much to this movie’s concept.

  4. Macey says:

    Im with AJ on the yoga thing. I cant get into for the same reason. I know its really good for strengthening and stress relief but it just bores me to no end. Im way too hyper to hold those poses and just go from pose to pose. I’ve always been more of a cardio buff and the longer I w/o, the more I get into it and want to move around.

    • Artemis says:

      Same but I do try it as I noticed it does relieve my stress. Attending classes would be better as I do it with DVDs and also the type of yoga is important. I can’t with Hatha. Vinyasa is more vigorous and Iyengar seems great as it’s very meticulous.

  5. lisa2 says:

    Yoga takes forever. It is wonderful exercise but I get how it can bore you if you are the kind of person that like to move and don’t like to be still. Angie has talked about that a lot. Way before she and Brad go together. She said that is her challenge to just sit still. I can’t do it. I would rather go for a walk.

    I was so excited yesterday with the teaser for Maleficent. The wings are glorious. Was not expecting that. Even though we knew she would fly. I just never thought of the wings.. She was fierce in that clip.. LOVED that landing.

    I don’t think everything she does or even everything Jennifer does has to be related to the other. Jennifer doesn’t OWN Yoga. I don’t think she was shading her at all. But that is going to be the take away.

    OK the superficial.. OH HELL she looks stunning in that first picture. Beautiful profile.

  6. Soulsister says:

    No she is not shading Aniston. She is just saying that she personally is not suited to Yoga. Anybody with eyes can see that Angie has a non-stop, go-getting type of personality so it would be a bit dubious, to me anyway, if she said that she is a fan of something that goes against her basic personality.

    In the same interview, she tells a lovely story about her her and Brad turned into stage parents while they were trying to get Vivienne to act act her scenes.

  7. Lilo says:

    I almost suffocated on my own boobs while doing yoga. Needless so say, it’s not for me either.

    I don’t think that Ange thought about Jen with the yoga thing. I don’t think she gives her any thought at all, tbh.

    • lenje says:

      I don’t think either one of them cares about the other. But of course, their fans will think differently (and argue to no end about it).

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        Eh, I don’t think Angelina spares a second thought for Jennifer, and I thought the same of Jennifer until she befriended Chelsea Handler and Handler started going after Angelina for over four years. Which, sure, you can’t control what your friends say. But you can control who you’re friends with–at least publicly in Hollywood. The least Jennifer could’ve done (to help HER image, not even thinking about Handler) is stop hanging out publicly with Handler–drink as many margaritas and talk as much shit as you want in public.

        But I agree–it is an opinion. Just as long as no one resorts to name calling, I’m glad to hear everyone’s opinions and thoughts on it.

      • V4Real says:

        @lenje “I don’t think either one of them cares about the other. But of course, their fans will think differently (and argue to no end about it).”

        +100, I’m sure AJ would consider this HS as well.

        @VC yep you’re right. You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. I won’t even try and pretend to understand the kind of friendship Aniston and Handler have. I would however think that Aniston would tell her friend to lay off the Jolie cracks. That schtick is old and tired and definetely not funny.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says: PRIVATE….’talk shit in private’.

        Me neither. All I know is that I would not go anywhere near a person who brings that kind of mess to my door. Especially since Jennifer said that the biggest misconception about her was that she was in some kind of feud with Brad and Angelina–where does she think that kind of speculation comes from? Handler (and by extension Jennifer) fueled all of that–I thought all that talk about Jennifer not being over ‘it’ was all BS until Handler came into the picture.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Well … there ‘is’ the little matter of Jen hijacking the “People” magazine Oscar edition to discuss her upcoming wedding. It was, coincidentally, the same weekend everyone anticipated a Jolie-Pitt wedding in France. Just saying.

      • Blackjack says:

        Hi @lenje, well, personally, as someone who’s been around for a while and tends to know about how this ridiculousness got started – I think it definitely appears as though Brad and Angelina live their lives and don’t play the PR games and grudge matches that Aniston has been at for years.

        Aniston (and her PR team) appears to have been living her life, almost in reaction to whatever Brad and Angelina are doing — it’s apparent to this day.

        So the ‘both sides have moved on,’point you’re making (you know, blah blah, I think they both are over it, blah blah ) is belied by many interviews, and a few dubious friendships suggesting Aniston has found it strategically useful to NOT move on, in terms of her career, remaining relevant and rallying those who want to take sides, in ‘warring,’ and holding a grudge with Jolie, and to a lesser extent these days anyway, Brad.

        There are several interviews, where there have been direct missives lobbed directly at Angelina for maximum effect (as recently as 2009-2010), then we have the newfound close bestie relationship with Chelsea Handler (who in my opinion was signed by Jen Aniston’s longtime bestie and power PR Flack Stephen Huvane in 2009, expressly to be Aniston’s pitbull and attack Jolie only) – all of THIS contributes to me concluding that the only party in this triangle who will never be ‘over it,’ is Jennifer Aniston.

        I realize that it’s extremely pathetic to think that she is not, which is why a lot of people rooting for her always claim she is. They like to try and pretend she’s not as neurotic, and grudge-y and vengeful as they’ve read, but she actually is. I’m not being snarky when I say, ‘ask her mother.’

        Brad isn’t her mom, but in her mind, I can see her believing he embarrassed her way more than dear old Mom’s ever did. She couldn’t continue to have a grudge match with Brad (Brad’s too likable, and that would really make her look even more pathetic), but she and her PR dude know that women love a catfight and would understand and heartily accept her throwing shade every so often at Angelina, hence the war with Jolie starting in 2008-2009.

        Prior to 2008, she had no public beef with Angelina, it was all cold shouldering Brad. A beef w/ Angelina serves up a catfight to the public, keeps her relevant and her ‘team’ primed — it also is a way to get back at Brad, who despite her fawning and pretend making-up, she still resents and has bitterness towards the most, not Angelina. But she can’t fight with Brad, so she does the next best thing, attacks the woman he loves, to try and HURT HIM.

        Oh and to be clear, this is not about Brad cheating (he did not)…it’s about Brad embarrassing her by getting with Angelina too soon (..and no, I don’t know what would have been the correct ‘mourning period,’ for Aniston) after their public split.

        Brad even told the director of Babel (name escapes me), that he knew Aniston would be upset because he couldn’t keep his agreement to not publicly and seriously become involved with someone too soon after their split. In short she’s made him pay for that (making her look bad), at least in her mind she probably thinks she has.

        Brad and Angelina however, aren’t really playing whatever HS games Aniston’s been busy at for the last almost decade since Brad left her. That much is obvious to me. This was a not too succinct way of saying, please table that ‘both sides,’ ish. LOL

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        This^^^^^^^^^to the millionth power. When I first started reading gossip back in 2010, I thought that it was total BS that Jennifer had a grudge against Angelina and Brad. Total BS. I never thought she could act, found her cute but not all that, but I never thought that she would be petty like that. But after that friendship with Chelsea Handler started up….after that, that’s when I stopped being totally neutral on Jennifer. I mean, I even asked my mom about it (who the only celebrity that she cares about is Sidney Poitier), talked to her about the whole situation (haha, makes it sound serious, doesn’t it?) to see if it was just me being a total STAN…she agrees with me.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @YuYa, who wrote: “They were still married and not separated when Angelina and Brad hooked up. But keep trying to re-write history.”

      Justin Theroux was still with Heidi Bivens when he hooked up with Jen. But Keep trying to re-write history by saying it was an ‘on-again, off-again’ relationship.

      • yuya says:

        I wasn’t talking about that at all. But since you brought it up, as you do on almost every post about Jennfier: Let it be known, I think all those who participate in cheating suck ass. I have never ever talked about some mythical on again off again relationship between Heidi and Justn, so do not put words in my mouth.

        Be it Jennifer, Justin, Brad or Angelina. It speaks to me of a huge lack of character on ALL of their parts. Coat your lack of character in what you want, you still lack it.

      • Sal says:

        Um, they were legally SEPARATED when Brad and Angelina hooked up, and had been for about *5 months*, this is fact, and no amount of you re-writing history because you choose to believe the tabloids against all evidence and all testimony, will change that fact, yuya. Believing in tabloid lies and judging people on that basis imo shows a lack of character. That’s the irony.

  8. LB says:

    I find yoga incredibly difficult. I find most exercise difficult because I’m lazy and fall out of the exercise habit quickly. But yoga is harder for me because the breathing needs to be controlled and the poses need to be held. Its great though because I feel my posture improving and my flexibility slowly improving as well.

  9. Seriously?! says:

    I don’t see Angie as much of an exercise person in general. She comes off (to me) as someone who is thin but not terribly fit. I couldn’t imagine her on a treadmill or jogging in the park. Her voice in these trailers, though! I DIE! I can’t wait for this movie.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I think the only time she ever seriously exercises is for her films….her action films. And the last time she had one of those was ‘Salt’–four years ago. I read that she did weight training and drank tons of protein shakes (ewwww)….

    • Soulsister says:

      Not terribly fit. Are you nuts. This is a woman who raises 6 children, flies all over the world both for film work and as part of her humanitarian works, does her own stunts, flies aeroplanes etc, etc. You think that somebody who was not fit could do all of the things that she does.

    • Soulsister says:

      Um I was responding to the ‘not terribly fit’ usage and just pointing out that you would have to be very, very fit to do most of the things that Angie does.

      And I am very calm because unlike Angie, I do like yoga.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Liv …

        She wasn’t rude, just informative.

        Whenever one of us responds to a comment with logic or ‘questions’ a comment and then respond with logic, the standard comeback is ‘Calm down.’ @Soulsister didn’t use any exclamation marks or capital letters … which is the only visual indicator of excitement in print.

        To add to @Soulsister’s point … for someone as ‘unfit’ as @Seriously! claimed Angie to be, she certainly has no probably lugging those kids around. And those are ‘not’ petite kids. :)

      • Liv says:

        “Are you nuts” is a bit rude, don’t you think so?

        Besides she didn’t even say something nasty about Angelina, she just stated that she thinks she doesn’t work out much – at least that’s how I got it. And that’s probably true. I think she’s a fit mom, but probably just works out for her films. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Blackjack says:

        Actually, you’re being disingenuous Liv. She didn’t JUST say Angelina doesn’t ‘work out,’ (i.e., have a conventional exercise regimen etc.) she said she doesn’t see her as “terribly fit.” I think what you read in ‘Soulsister’s’ response, ‘are you nuts?’ Was genuine surprise that someone could think that of a woman that seems to have boundless energy, a strong constitution, and incredible stamina, something that is commented on fairly often by people that know her, and those who don’t.

      • Liv says:

        Blackjack, why am I disingenuous? Seriously? Maybe you should explain to me what “terribly fit” means, because I thought it meant that she’s not very sporty or athletic.

        So “are you nuts” is being genuinly surprised, but “terribly fit” is an insult to Angelina Jolie?

    • lucy2 says:

      Yeah, I don’t see her really as the working out type, except occasionally for a role. And why does JA have anything to do with this????

      I myself really liked yoga, I found it both strengthening and relaxing, but I have back problems that eliminate a lot of stuff they do in classes so I haven’t really done it in a long time.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        YOGA–Angelina can’t talk about yoga, margaritas, and Cabo. Jennifer can’t talk about adopting or refugees.

      • Teri says:

        Virgilia, you make Aniston seem like the most vapid person in the world. Angelina’s charity is refugees, Aniston’s is St. Jude, and other cancer charities, and Doctors without Borders. She has her own production company (and remember, was one of the original founders of Plan B), and wisely invested in companies like Smart Water and Living Proof, while Jolie invested in a successful vineyard. Each woman has their own interests in both philanthropy and business. Good for both of them.

        Aniston is hardly the airhead you are trying to make her out to be. And if people are inspired to take up a healthy practice like Yoga because Jennifer Aniston always sings its praises in interviews, what’s the downside of that?

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        @ Terri
        I was making a joke—the stuff that they are most known for, what they talk about in interviews. Jennifer talks about Self Help books/quotes, her love of yoga, I know she likes Cabo and margaritas—Angelina talks about her kids and her UN work. It is what it is.

        The only time I’ve ever heard Jennifer talk about St.Jude’s in an interview was when she went on Handler’s show a few years ago and gave her a swear jar for money to donate to St. Jude’s…she doesn’t talk about it, and she hasn’t done anything with her production company, but talk about how she’s going to make films that empower women–years ago.

        Angelina doesn’t talk about her vinyard—she should.

        Should I have added ‘hair’ in with the margaritas, Cabo, and yoga?

      • I don’t see Jolie as someone who even has the time to work out, TBH.

        I hate yoga with a passion and I can relate to her stance–I too HATE sitting around. I’m the type of person that gets up at 7AM on Saturday just to get out and DO stuff.

  10. ToodySezHey says:

    Damn…it took exactly 5.3 seconds before Aniston’s name was mentioned in this article, lol

    And no, I dont think Angelina knows or even cares if JA does yoga. I mean.,..really? I love my gossip like the next person, but it gets a little creepy when folks want to assume that stars are as obsessed with each other as we are of them, I dont think AJ spends 2 half a fuggs thinking about JA.

    That said, I understand what Angelina means exactly. I know tai chi and yoga are good for the body, and calm the spirit…but I just cain’t with them. I like to move, to run, to burn when I exercise. Tennis is my number one all time passion, but I also used to jog(before my shins got shot to hell).

    I have no patience and quite frankly get bored to tears even thinking about yoga. Peace and tranquility is good for some, but some people like frenetic pacing in their exercise.

  11. Andrea1 says:

    Yeah! She is always busy she doesn’t seem the type for Yoga! Maleficent is badass with the wings.

  12. Original N says:

    I completely agree … I end up making mental lists of all the tasks I need to attend to and prioritizing those tasks to the point that I cannot finish the poses. I am ready to just get going!

  13. Hyena says:

    Everyone really should get a variety of cardio, strength and balance/flexibility. I love boxing and yoga!!

  14. Lucy says:

    There are so many different type of yoga practices, though. If you like to move then a fast paced ashtanga class or a Bikram yoga class will get you sweating, believe me!

  15. blue marie says:

    I doubt Jennifer even entered her mind, she’s got way more going on than that petty sh-t.
    I cannot wait for this movie, and I would love to have those wings!

  16. Juliette says:

    Stillness and a prolonged hold of a pose forces mindfulness. To be simply present is a very hard state to maintain, most of us are looking forwards, backwards, to the last obstacle or the next challenge we anticipate, and you cannot do that while practicing yoga.

    More than other physical pursuits, I think yoga requires practice. Anyone can figure out how to run. With yoga, you have to practice, not just the pose, but the mental state. Practicing control over your own mind is the hardest challenge.

  17. MonicaQ says:

    I totally got chills in that one trailer.

    “Don’t be afraid.”

    “I am not afraid…/slow smile.”

    I would’ve been like, “But I am I’ll send a fruit basket bye thanks for showing up at the Christening I totally would’ve invited you to if I was coherent I think I left the oven on bye.”

  18. lower-case deb says:

    not sold tet with the black crow/bird wings, although the wingspan is okay. maybe because i kept hoping for dragon’s wings. perhaps an evolution… (not pokemon!)

    dragon maleficent please!

  19. Paloma says:

    I don’t think Brad and Angie’s life is Aniston-centric.

  20. Candy Love says:

    I’m the same way it just not for me. I even tried the meditation on Wii fit and I couldn’t keep the damn candle from blowing out. Lol

    The second trailer is old the new full length trailer will be shown tonight.

  21. Kelly says:

    I never got yoga either. It’s suited for people who believe the inner zone/energy/whatever talk that normally accompanies it, and I just have no patience for that, or the stillness of it.

  22. AlmondJoy says:

    I prefer cardio, with pilates added in at times.

    Now everyone will stop doing yoga (or deny they do it LOL.) Angie speaks and the masses follow 😉

  23. Esmom says:

    I used to be the same way with yoga, and also with Pilates. I felt like I had to be moving and/or lifting heavy things. Then I tried both and stuck with them and ended up being the fittest I’ve ever been. And the energy buzz I get after leaving yoga is like nothing else. I wish there was a way to bottle it!

    It does take time, however, to slow down and learn to let everything else go for that hour or so of yoga practice. I’ve found it gives me more energy and focus for everything else. And I still run and move faster throughout the week, but have found the balance of both works for me.

  24. AmandaPanda says:

    I’m surprised they would have had her doing yoga for core strength – I would have thought Pilates would be better for that.

    Also would be v surprised if Angelina didn’t practice some kind of mindfulness in her life. I guess not.

  25. Kim1 says:

    GMAB AJ mentioned she hated yoga over a decade ago.Now if she says she hates Smartwater then you can accuse her of shading JA.
    Speaking of JA I just saw pics of her @Daily Mail.What’s up with her skin? Dermabrasion?

    • Blackjack says:

      B-b-but, why not just Aveeno and water? (cackle)

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That’s what I don’t get about celebrity endorsements. Do they just ignore that kind of stuff? In one endorsement interview for her hair line, she said that extensions had been ripping her hair out, and that’s why she used Living Proof–before that, everyone was always insisting on how amazing and natural her hair was (don’t know if she did).

        Then she was touting Living Proof as this amazing line (which I hear it is), but then decided it wasn’t good enough for HER hair (that still has extensions in it), so then she uses a keratin treatment, burns it all off, and has to get it cut.

        During a Marie Claire interview AFTER she got the Aveeno thing, it was after she got engaged (bc she talked about her wedding hair), she said that she was addicted to lasers to get rid of the sun spots, etc? So do they just ignore all of that, and hope that people don’t bring it up?

  26. Miss M says:

    Who would thought I had something in common with La Jolie?! I just can’t do yoga, too slow for me.

  27. Ali J says:

    I hate when anyone misrepresents Yoga. It is not about stillness its about inner strength. Angelina would greatly benefit from Yoga.

  28. Teri says:

    I’m a very big runner who maybe did Yoga one or twice in my lifetime. My boyfriend became obsessed with Bikrim Yoga and did it everyday. In the fall he was in a very bad bus accident and was pinned inside the bus. It took almost two hours for the paramedics to cut him out. He was in a very precarious position and and had to stay still and calm (if he didn’t there is a very good chance he could’ve bled to death). He was able to completely stay still because of the relaxation techniques he learned in yoga. He still has a long way to go in his recovery and he has incorporated yoga into his rehabilitation. So needless to say I looked at Yoga in a whole new light after his accident and now do it 1-2 times a week.

  29. KC says:

    I have severe anxiety disorder and depression, and I’ve found yoga extremely beneficial in helping me to cope. That being said, I am very restless and need some cardio in my life to wear me out! I usually get up early to do yoga, do cardio in the evening, and then just some basic stretches before bed. I find myself actually able to shut off my mind with this combination. I think everyone just needs to do what works for them!

  30. Amy Tennant says:

    My word, she is beautiful. In character and out.

  31. lenje says:

    Yoga isn’t for me either. My exercise now is zumba, because I love dancing. To each their own.

  32. Dizzle says:

    “Be silent. Be still.” Sorry couldn’t resist.

  33. Grant says:

    She certainly doesn’t look like she boxes, lifts weights, or does martial arts.

    • Cecilia says:

      Grant, I was thinking the same thing. She has zero muscle tone & looks frail. I would believe she has a lot of energy, but she does not look like she works out at all.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Grant, who wrote: “She certainly doesn’t look like she boxes, lifts weights, or does martial arts.”

      She lifts kids. Enough said. :) Talk to any mother with more than one small child and ask them about exercise and they’ll probably tell you the same thing.

      • Cecilia says:

        The twins will be 6 years old soon. No need for lifting or lugging them.

      • Blackjack says:

        Point is, there are pics all over the place of Angelina lugging and lifting all of her kids, sometimes two at one time, when she was the same exact weight and size that she is now. Also, a personal observation, I work a well known film venue where all the talent when premiering their films comes, they go up a back way and take a very long flight of stairs UP (older people , the infirmed, opt for the elevator)…I’ve seen teen actors huffing and puffing and people you’d think were in shape, be out of breath when they got to the top…Angelina and Brad however almost raced each other up, and Angie, wearing a gown and heels, almost beat Brad, and they were not out of breath.. It was extremely adorable.

      • Mireille says:

        If she’s not lifting them, she’s certainly chasing after them, I’m sure. I’m not a mother, but I’m an aunt who regularly looks after ONE nephew and he gives me a workout. Not to mention alongside looking after her kids, she’s got her acting career, directing, writing, and all her humanitarian trips and projects. She’s always doing something, always on some project that takes up a lot of her time. She’s never idle. I think that’s exercise enough. I admire her for that.

      • mayamae says:

        Blackjack, I understand your desire to defend Angelina and you do it well, but I don’t understand when people make definitive or sweeping statements such as, “she was the same exact weight and size that she is now”. I’ve seen similar comments regarding her breast size. I’m not meaning to attack, and it’s somewhat of a generalized comment, it just fits into this comment thread.

      • Ennie says:

        not blackjack, but AJ’s weight has fluctuated for a long time from her thinnest after her mother’s death to heavier and much filled out during and after her 2 pregnancies.
        before, during and after her pregnancies and from the last on to now, she has been seen carrying her younger children (Especially Pax and Zahara) lots and lots of times. So many in fact that people who love to hate on her were asking if the children would know how to walk.
        There are different types of strength, as far as I know. AJ may not have big muscles, but she for sure has endurance, years of carrying children make for strong arms.
        long distance runners sure look very different than those who build up muscle for other purposes.

      • Blackjack says:

        To Mayamae, I’m sorry, but my comment that Angelina has been the same size and weight pretty much (excluding her pregnancies) for all of the last decade or so is pretty accurate and not a sweeping generalization at all. The body shaming name calling hater brigade that likes to attack her should know, as they’ve been calling her ‘scary skinny,’ for just that long. Google Golden Globes 2007, or Cannes 2007 for example…her haters were on the hunt, and couldn’t stop talking about her slim frame not even a year after Shiloh’s birth.

        I remember it was funny reading tabloids and message boards about how once Jolie got fat when pregnant and couldn’t shake the baby weight, Brad would leave – it was like all these women were just lying in weight to see her fat, instead, she just had a big belly and bigger lips, and they kind of lost their minds. I think that’s when they realized it just wasn’t in her metabolism or genetic makeup to get fat, and so criticizing her body, even though it’s the same size it was when she and Brad made their first appearance together at the Good Sheperd premiere (Google It — and actually she weighs a bit more now I’m guessing) is just their ‘Go To’ insult. You’d think they would get tired of it, and see the nonsensical behavior, especially since her figure is unchanged, yet it’s the same ol, same ol attacks. 2006, 2007, 2008 2009, 2010…and on and on.

        Also, I don’t know of any fans that claim Angelina does not have bigger boobs than she did, it’s pretty much par for the course that when you have a double mastectomy and have reconstruction, you appear larger than you were as you account for them being implants and because of swelling that takes up to a year to subside. It’s almost like, again, her irrational haters are mad that she would go a size up, rather than a size down.

        It’s times like these I start to think some women are just pure toxic, and it makes me appreciate how wonderful and good a person Angelina is. :)

      • mayamae says:

        Blackjack, I have no problem with skinny people or unfit people, etc. I’m currently unfit, and have been called too skinny a couple of times (not that that’s happened recently enough to please me). I wouldn’t use those words to criticize someone, but I understand her fans are sensitive to concern trolling (I think that’s the proper term). I actually like her quite well, but I do have an occasional comment that’s not 100% glowing – she’s a human being, and I think she would be the first one to state she’s not perfect.

  34. Linda says:

    Angelina…so love when your true passive-aggressive personality comes out!!!

  35. queenfreddiemercury says:

    I do Yoga along with other exercises for my Fibromyaligia and it also it helps with my anxiety and depression. It isn’t for everyone but I find it to be on of the exercises I go back to because Yoga (and mediation ) keep me from being a’ still person’. (no shade) At least make it a little easier to get out of bed the next day. :)

  36. Huh says:

    I can’t wait to see her as Elizabeth Taylor

  37. Kay says:

    I really want to see this movie but my fear is that angie would come too late into it,maybe thirty mins,and she’s the only reason i’m seeing it!.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      She’s the lead–that’s why it’s HER name on the poster, and not Elle Faning’s….plus she can actually act, so they won’t have to do what they did to Kristen Stewart in SWATH—she was barely in the trailer….

    • LoLoL says:

      I don’t think you have to worry about that. I’m pretty sure she will be in the entire movie.

      Can’t wait to see it.

      Is it not odd that Angelina’s engagement has not been talked about yet. She still hasn’t said one word about that ugly ring or supposed marriage. Lol last year when pittstain was promoting movies he said his marriage would happen soon. Hahah a year later and Angelina is not his wife and she doesn’t seem to want to talk about becoming his wife either. :-)

      • meli says:

        Please give it up.
        Ever think no one has asked her about it? She has only done about TWO interviews so far and the movie does not come out for another 2 months.
        Also the ring is far from ugly, and she obviously likes it enough to keep wearing it.
        Finally, last year this time she was going through major surgery, obviously the best time to get married…not.

      • Kay says:

        @lol and vc,i’m not saying she wont be in the movie,she’s the lead.i’m only worried she’ll come in late because they’re giving a back story and it will be all about young maleficent.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @LoLoL, who wrote: “Is it not odd that Angelina’s engagement has not been talked about yet. She still hasn’t said one word about that ugly ring or supposed marriage. Lol last year when pittstain was promoting movies he said his marriage would happen soon. Hahah a year later and Angelina is not his wife and she doesn’t seem to want to talk about becoming his wife either.”

        Because no one can replace ‘sweet-all natural-girl next door’ Jennifer Aniston. :)

      • Soulsister says:

        That’s Academy Award Winning Pittstain to you. LOL

      • Kim1 says:

        You mad @LOL AJ still with him proudly wearing her ring when she proudly supported him at Oscars and BAFTAS

    • Candy Love says:

      From what I read young Maleficent has a very tiny role so no the movie will not be focused on young Maleficent.

  38. Ginger says:

    I’m not a still person either which is WHY yoga helps me. I love Angie but disagree with her on this subject.

  39. Lisa says:

    Amount of time I believe Angelina Jolie spends thinking about Jennifer Aniston: 0.

  40. Mrs Odie says:

    There are so many classes and teachers out there calling themselves “Yoga.” There’s nothing “still” about yoga. Not even Hatha yoga. It is deep concentration and connection with the breath every second. The breath is movement. The focus is on the air going in and out. Flowing through every muscle fiber, every cell. With each moment you deepen into the pose and let your mind and body join in making the meditation profound. Jolie has always struck me as the hummingbird type who has to be busy busy busy all of the time because what comes to her in the quiet moments makes her uncomfortable. No judgment. In yoga, if you aren’t going to do the “Hollywood” fitness version, you will meet yourself in a quiet place, for good and ill. It isn’t for everyone.

  41. Mireille says:

    I doubt Angelina is spending anytime thinking about Aniston MUCH LESS her exercise regimen. And I totally agree with Angelina on this one — no disrespect to Yoga practitioners — I tried it, I tried Pilates. Did not like either. I’m a fitness buff that needs to move. I love running, kick boxing, aerobics, anything that gets me moving and moving fast.

  42. Lisa says:

    I feel her on this, When it comes to exercise, yoga isn’t my first pick. I’ll do it if I’m in the mood, and when I *do* do it, I want to get better at it. But I’d rather do something fast.

  43. mfmaefh says:

    I think yoga is very helpful,I try to get used on it

  44. Kikky says:

    I remember I started yoga after I saw Robin Wright talking about it in an interview with Craig last year. I’ve always tought Robin has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, I don’t remember ever seen her in bad shape in 30 years of career. I’ve always wonder how did she got that lean and cut, muscular body. Very thin, yes, but looking strong. Then I’ve learned that she does yoga and bikram yoga, I’ve tried and I love it, I can already see the changes.

  45. hmmh says:

    I think all the hoodia makes her too jittery to be still for very long.

  46. Chauncy says:

    Why is JA mentioned in this piece? Does everything Angie does have to relate to JA all the time? And vice versa? I think these 2 ladies really don’t care what the other is doing.

  47. Bailie says:

    Well, it’s her decision, because it’s her body.

    I think she would look healthier and curvier, if she would do more yoga and less cardio.

    Her whole head is gorgeous, but her body is skin and bone.

    I learned to meditate 5 minutes a day before bed over two years ago and I used to be so hyper.

    Now I do 1 hour before sleep no problem.

    Yoga is more than just some exercise I do, it’s a great stress management system for me.

  48. videli says:

    Jolie is not comfortable with yoga… that’s such a telling biographical detail. I’ve always pictured this woman as a dynamo.
    I discovered yoga only a few years ago, after I moved in the Flatlands and had to give up mountain climbing, and yoga was a blessing and the only thing that seemed to replace the meditation-like state brought about by climbing.

    • Artemis says:

      A lot of people who practice yoga (especially the vigorous kinds like Ashtanga) are people who have a demanding job, type A personalities. Pushing their bodies and minds to the limit. In fact, forms like Ashtanga have been criticized because of their cult-like and competitive nature which is completely missing the point of doing yoga and detrimental for progress (injuries are common). And then there are the ‘hippie’ kind of people, the organic, gluten free vegan people. Or the plain 9-5 job people or…etc…Yoga is practiced by many different people for many different reasons.

      Madonna’s obsession with yoga (mainly late ’90s-2004) is well-known and she definitely isn’t the type to sit still. I think it’s an individual preference which has nothing to do with being an active or passive person and everything to do with how you want to choose to challenge yourself in different aspects in life and what you’re priorities are in general. Not making exercise a priority is fine just like the opposite if fine too.

      • Dena says:

        I agree. My Mom is the old hippie Buddhist type and we’d do yoga together (Hatha), chanting and mindfulness stuff simply because it was a way of life. It’s what she/we did. I am glad people are doing yoga and are finding it useful but I really hate the trendiness of it. It’s such a big turn-off for me. I don’t know why that aspect bugs me but it does.

  49. Kosmesorganicrosehipoil says:

    I don’t understand why some people think that in order for their type of exercise to work, they must sweat like a piggy, be all red in the face and pant like a poor thirsty puppy.

    Yoga is wonderful, if done right.

    My friend from work lost 86 pounds, doing yoga one hour a day before dinner and kept it off for 6 years now.

    But she also changed her diet to organic and to no dairy, no soy, no corn, no peanuts, no sugar and no artificial sweetener, well anything artificial.

    Her skin and hair look amazing, she eats lots of wild salmon, veggies and fruit, some organic basmati brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, millet, steel cut oatmeal and organic virgin coconut oil.

  50. homegrrrl says:

    Her statement isn’t an educated one- sorry to inform all the AJ fans, but she’s not the heathiest or smartest egg in the basket.

    She may be stunning and has an amazing ethics portfolio, but Yoga isn’t designed for useless people who love nothing more than to “do nothing”. I find it sad, actually, that anyone would follow this inexperienced opinion, because there are many kinds of yoga from stillness to athletic styles.

    All yoga roads lead to stress reduction, and as stress can bring on or incubate terminal illnesses, I’d sincerely hope Angie would become more educated given her myriad and severe health issues.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      What severe health issues?

      And she doesn’t strike me as someone who looks into the bajillion different types of yoga. Maybe she tried one and didn’t like it, and that’s where she gets her idea from. She prefers to do heavy training, nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with liking yoga. But I think it’s harsh to say that she’s not intelligent because she says that she’s not a still enough person to enjoy yoga.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Sounds like she’s tried the stillness type a few times and didn’t care for it. She didn’t claim that yoga was useless or that it didn’t have health benefits.

      There are lots of roads to reducing stress and maintaining health, and not allowing room for individual preference seems more likely to do harm than good.

    • Ennie says:

      Where did she say that yoga is for useless people who do nothing?
      way to put words on her mouth!

    • Evi says:

      For some people yoga doesn’t work and sometimes we cannot all afford to go to a yoga centre and go to a conventional gym as well.
      Me, I don’t like the yoga at my fitness centre. I find it too tedious, it does nothing for me physically. If I want to de-stress, there are other things I can do rather than engage in a variety of poses. I can meditate. I can relax by changing my location. Why does one need to pose in a variety of ways?
      Yoga has taken off again because of celebrities endorsing it. But really, I don’t buy the claims it makes. There are many chiropractors who say that it isn’t ideal and does little, dare I say has the capacity to do more damage if one has problems one is unaware of.

    • Katherine says:

      homegrrrl, Incubate terminal illness? Spare us your pseudo medicine. Stress may alleviate certain illnesses but it does not prevent cancer.

  51. Camille (The Original) says:

    Oh no she didn’t! *snap snap* You just know that this is going to rile up the Loonistons lol.

    Look it came across as a very innocuous and innocent comment to me. But whatever, I’m sure others will dig for a deeper meaning *eye roll*.

    As for myself, I quite enjoy yoga, I really should do it more.

  52. Samantha says:

    Oh, please Jolie.

    Eat more and exercise less, you are skin and bone.

    With your family history of cancer, good nutrition and some stress releasing yoga wouldn’t hurt at all. Not at all.

    It’s great that you are such a caring person to the less fortunate in the world, but please don’t forget to take care of yourself first, so you can help others and especially be there for you family for a very long time.

    Please eat healthy.

  53. jc126 says:

    Some people just can’t/don’t click with yoga.
    I tried it repeatedly when I was younger and could NOT keep it going. It was only after I started a high stress job, and found Kundalini yoga, that I was able to stick with doing it. And I still don’t have the time to do it as much as I’d like.

  54. Evi says:

    Finally a celebrity not into yoga. It was beginning to bug me. I did one class, out of curiosity, and found it trying physically, sure. It’s not that I’m not flexible or anything. But as I needed to boost my cardio, I couldn’t see how yoga could do that, so I thought and think it a waste of time if one has limited time and needs to improve their fitness overall.

  55. Davy says:

    I find it funny when people cite the very benefits of yoga as reasons why they can’t or won’t practice. “I’m too inflexible/chubby/old/anxious/impatient [insert excuse here] for yoga” is like saying you are too dirty to shower – we practice to cultivate these qualities, and the less propensity you have to be calm etc, the more you need the pratice.

    Yoga is an ancient science, art & spiritual discipline – it is absolutely medicine and can offer tremendous healing – or even just a great all encompassing workout if you prefer to focus on physicality.

    There are MANY styles of yoga, and within each style many individual teachers expressing their own creative interpretation of this ancient pratice – there is absolutely a practice suitable to every person and every goal.

    We practice with INFINITE PATIENCE & ZERO AMBITION. Being on your mat is a training ground for connecting body & mind, staying present & calm through uncomfortable situations (poses), balancing strength & stillness, easing the tendencies of the ego and MUCH more.

    The effects of yoga may be subtle for some, and it can take a great deal of practice before you realize how it has transformed you.

    If you claim it is too “easy” you obviously haven’t tried Ashtanga, Mysore, Anusara, Power, Vinyasa or Kundalini yoga before – or you have yet to develop an integrated understanding of the foundations of the practice – it can be extremely physically challenging.

    Perhaps the greatest challenge of all is calming the mental fluctuations in a yin, hatha, restorative style of class or through meditation. There is a TON of scientific research boasting the health benefits of this practice.

    All that said – ultimately you need to find what you enjoy because the important thing is to just MOVE YOUR BODY. Often. Constantly. In full range of motion through all the joints & muscles.

    BUT….. for your own health & wellness – do not discount that there is a class/style/teacher/pose that can and will offer you tremendous benefit :)

    • Katherine says:

      What sanctimonious claptrap. This sales pitch is reminiscent of Amway LOL!

      Not everyone needs a “method” to attain calmness and serenity in their lives. There are many roads to a healthy mind and body.

      Your insults to those not interested in yoga, for whatever reasons or for none, suggest you have not attained that inner peace you may seek.

      • Catriona says:

        COMPLETELY AGREE @Katherine :)

        @Davy, spare me. Please. Just this month, a person was rushed to the hospital from a yoga centre that spouted the same “philosophy” and belief about yoga and their atmosphere was very smug, “know-it-all”, and elitist. And if you even brought up that you would get migraines or feel something “off” whilst doing one of the poses or question yoga, they would dismiss you and say that all the negativity and bad events and ailments you suffered from was from a lack of yoga. B*llsh*t. It is scientifically proven that it is not beneficial and actually does more harm than good, to some people. Yoga is not a “one-size-fits-all” lifestyle or exercise program, and to say otherwise, makes one sound like a misinformed and ignorant shill.

  56. Naddie says:

    I think people underestimate Yoga. It’s not about be still and doing nothing, it’s all about focus and strenght. And more.

  57. valiantgirl says:

    I don’t think she thinks about Aniston at all. And probably hasn’t in years. But the Aniston fans sure love to think she does. I guess it’s a great way for them to justify how much both they, Aniston and her crony Handler think about Angelina.

  58. john@yoga says:

    I understand your desire to plead Angelina and you do it well but I do not understand when people make definitive or statements.I’m not meaning to attack, and it’s somewhat of a generalized comment, it just fits into this comment thread. It was truly informative. Your website is useful.Many thanks for sharing!