L’Wren Scott’s debt, relationship with Mick Jagger questioned in wake of suicide


As we discussed yesterday, L’Wren Scott seems to have hanged herself in her NYC apartment yesterday morning. It is an utter tragedy of a talented and beloved fashion designer, and tweets and statements have been pouring in since the news came out. Still, there are questions – as there always are when someone takes their own life – as to L’Wren’s last days and weeks leading up to her tragic decision. Very quickly after L’Wren’s death was announced, The Daily Mail pointed out that L’Wren was in serious debt. She apparently overextended herself to the tune of $6 million.

L’Wren Scott has been found dead after hanging herself in her Manhattan apartment on Monday morning. Scott was said to be distraught and ‘embarrassed’ over her failing business, as she owed nearly $6million to creditors, MailOnline can reveal. A spokesman for Mick Jagger said the singer, who is in Australia as part of the Rolling Stones tour, was ‘completely shocked and devastated’ following the news of her death. When asked if they were still in a relationship at the time of her death, he replied ‘of course’.

One [friend] said that she had been avoiding their calls and acting strangely of late.

‘They’ve known that something was going on, and it’s been going on for at least a week,’ a friend told the paper.

The shocking suicide comes after the striking stylist was forced to cancel her London Fashion Week show at the last minute in January, which she blamed on fabrics that arrived too late for samples to be sewn in time for the event.

And now we can reveal that the 6ft 3ins tall brunette – who had always refused financial help from Mick Jagger – was hemorraging cash. The latest accounts for her business, filed in the UK in October 2013, show that the company, LS Fashion LTD, had a deficit of $5,899,548 (4,237,164 Euros), with the designer owing creditors $7.641 million (euros 5,488,125).

However, in recent years, her company’s debts had doubled year-on-year – a downward spiral that showed no sign of stopping. In 2009, the debt stood at $2,120,015.67, and by 2010 it had grown to $3,063,160.87.

The issues surrounding her company, which was incorporated in July 2006, are the real reason she called off her show, a source said, as she could not even afford to put on the fashion show. Records show that Scott’s apartment was bought for $5.6million in 2010 by a holding company called Scottland Management. A 2012 mortgage for $1.25million was paid off last year. In October last year, it appeared as though L’Wren was trying to stem the financial chaos after she appointed her adopted brother, Randall Ivan Bambrough – who still lives in her homestate of Utah – as a director to her company.

[From The Daily Mail]

While the debt issue is an interesting and tragic “reason” for her suicide, I still find it difficult to believe that this was the only issue. Many fashion designers are always in and out of debt. I mean, how many fortunes has Isaac Mizrahi made and lost over the years? L’Wren still had a quality brand worn by A-listers, and she would have been able to pull herself out of debt within a few years, I believe.

As for Mick and L’Wren… there’s a lot of gossip around the idea that Mick had either broken up with her recently or that he was openly cheating on her. The gossip seems to have started with a report from the NY Post, who claimed that Mick had dumped L’Wren very recently. While I wouldn’t have any problem believing that Mick was cheating (he’s cheated on every girlfriend or wife he’s ever had), I take it at face value that he says that they were still together. Some law enforcement source referred to Jagger as L’Wren’s “former boyfriend” but Jagger’s rep has been issuing denials all over the place, saying, “A split between Mick Jagger and L’Wren Scott is 100 percent untrue. There is absolutely no basis in fact to this story. It is a horrible and inaccurate piece of gossip during this very tragic time for Mick.” The Rolling Stones have also delayed a concert in Perth, Australia because (I’m assuming) Mick is on his way to NYC.

The Daily Mail also has a newer story about how L’Wren really wanted to marry Mick and she was quite let down that he never asked. A source claims, “L’Wren was really quite troubled and there were some issues over Mick and her standing in the family. It seems she suffered from depression.” The Mail’s sources also say that L’Wren had “harmed herself” about a month ago and it was “hushed up.” Lord, this is so sad.



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  1. bns says:

    I thought it was because of debt.

    • Blackjack says:

      This piece mentions she may have been upset about ‘her standing within Jagger’s family,’ and I hate to start anything, but I thought the timing of her suicide was almost right after the big baby shower bash thrown by Jerry Hall, for Jade Jagger (who’s pregnant at 42) and Assisi (her daughter, Mick’s granddaughter, who is also pregnant). Jade and L’Wren were close. I wondered if L’Wren was invited by Hall. because It seemed all the Jagger kids and women were there, and if she wasn’t included, would that, on top of her financial woes have contributed?

      • Maggs says:

        I read L’Wren was not invited to that baby shower.

      • Jayna says:

        She was in NY and busy with a failing business. Maybe she just didn’t want to fly to England for a baby shower.

      • Barbara says:

        You don’t kill yourself over a no invite to a baby shower or even debt. She could have sold that 5 plus million dollar apartment and paid off the debt which was 6 million. She had options. L’Wren must have had serious mental health issues. She self-harmed and went to hospital only a few months ago. This was a lady with serious long standing mental problems.

      • L says:

        Agree with Barbara.

      • gg says:

        Menopause could have played a part on her psyche, as well. She was of that age and it can seriously mess with your head. Having issues pre-menopause would compound that.

      • Evi says:

        There are a lot of factors. I don’t think debt is the most significant emotional factor, because her company can always request an administrator. Many fashion designers go bust. I would imagine that it would be easier for her to sell her company to LVMH or a similar company.
        Like the other have mentioned, there are the relationships within the family, potential menopause, but not just menopause, there is the fact that she has been ‘dating’ for a decade or more, when [according to what I’ve read elsewhere], she always wanted to have children and have a career and a family life.
        It can be lonely just to have your work and no children and Mick gallivanting around. I think it’s terrible for a woman to always be on the back foot, knowing that her boyfriend [who shouldn’t be a boyfriend after a decade, but more than that] has a wandering eye and she has to tolerate that.
        What can be said? It’s a tragedy all round to see a talented individual die too young by their own hand. That, and some women make terrible -if not- fatal relationship choices. Fatal in the sense that they end up on a collision course by being in unsatisfactory relationships.

    • lucy says:

      Whatever the “reason(s)”, … to anyone feeling despair: Hold on. Hold on.

      Please know that it matters that you are here, and know that however distraught you may feel at times, there is also light and love for you that you may not see or feel in that moment, but is here, to be found. Nourish your spirit. Life is messy and heavy but there is also wonder and hope, and help for when you can’t quite find the good foot. Been there, been back, and my thoughts are with you.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        Thank you

      • lisa says:

        Lucy you said it. If only L’Wren knew how much people cared for her… I wonder. if it would have helped her. Why can’t people show their love while people are still alive??? People can be so catty in that business as well

      • Isadora says:

        We have to keep in mind that clinical depression (and it seems she had one) is a sickness and what can help the spirit of a healthy person is often not enough for depressed people. They often soak up the love of those around them and it still isn’t enough. That’s why depression is so hard – on the person itself and on the family/friends/loved ones surrounding him or her. It’s a horrible condition.

      • Miffy says:

        Beautiful, Lucy, well said.

        Isadora, of course you’re right, clinical depression is a complex and horrible illness (been there, done that, bought the tshirt) and no, no one who hasn’t experienced it will understand the vacuum of emotion that you’re in, but there is help. There’s always help and love and support and in the least expected but shockingly far reaching places. It just takes the sufferer to reach out and ask for it and while that sounds simple it is honestly the most daunting thing.

        Full disclosure: I sobbed my heart out in my doctor’s office for a good ten minutes before I could find the words and even then it was a blurted out mess ‘I’m not right’. I thought I was insane, totally incomprehensible and alien to every other person on the planet but she just looked me in the eye and knew exactly what I was talking about. Just being understood, without judgement or panic, was the first little flickering light of hope I had felt in years. The help is there, anyone in despair, just know that it is there.

      • bluhare says:

        Miffy, that’s exactly what happened to me. Along with (I was in denial) “Look at you. No one would hire you right now; you’re a mess.” Harsh words, but she got my attention. And she was right.

      • Miffy says:

        Bluhare, hope you’re doing well now. Sounds like quite the reality check alright.

  2. Lindy79 says:

    It could have been any number of things, the common denominator being depression/mental illness.
    Its such a hard thing to live with and there’s still such an unnecessary stigma attached meaning so many people suffer in silence and are just not strong enough to cope.

    Thoughts and prayers to her family, friends and colleagues x

    • Erinn says:

      Mmm. It’s not a case of “I have debt and my boyfriend is cheating on me, think I’ll commit suicide now” because it generally takes mental illness to come to the conclusion of killing yourself solving all of your problems. Someone who isn’t suffering from depression, or other forms of mental illness generally tries to pick themselves up, and work through the problem. A depressed person may feel that there is absolutely no other way. I say this as someone with clinical depression, and the utmost empathy towards that sort of feeling.

      • Meg says:

        Everyone has a valid point. However please remember Depression is just as serious as Cancer. Cancer of the mind & soul. No one knows the daily struggles unless you have suffered yourself. This goes with the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”…we all have Demons or issues..someone of us just can deal with them better than others. Someone’s life and light has been diminished and they’re world has stopped….no matter who you are..this is very very sad

    • TheCountess says:

      Thank you for saying this.

  3. LadyMTL says:

    At the end of the day L’Wren herself is the only one who knows why she did it. It’s sad that she felt suicide to be her only option, whatever her motivations were.

    • FLORC says:

      Yea. We can’t know what it was like inside her head. Just so sad and another great loss from suicide to the fashion world.

    • emmie_a says:

      Absolutely. I almost hate these stories trying to find all the answers because we’ll never know exactly why she decided to end her life. It’s just SO sad. RIP.

    • Liberty says:

      Yes. We can never know, not really. It simply sad, heartbreaking for her friends and family as well. Reading that Ellen Barkin asked to sit with her a bit — that brought tears to my eyes. RIP.

    • lisa says:

      she was punishing herself for perceived failures but I don’t think she was a failure at all.
      its hard for perfectionists. I think people are born high achievers have a really difficult time when things don’t work out after working so hard to achieve them

      • bluhare says:

        Because not being perfect is failure.

      • wolfpup says:

        Being perfect… I don’t even know why this is taught to children. My personal relief from this oppression, came when I saw that humans evolved in, and thru the earth. And we return. The earth is the mighty tomb of the ancients, and she truly is our mother. It took hundred of thousand of years for us to just be, here, now. Ladies, this is our time on the planet! I go to the wild (even a tree) to let it comfort me. Because the earth has air, lungs were developed. Our bodies and deepest minds know all of this. The earth does not seek for our perfection. (I wonder how human minds and bodies will humans continue to evolve?) I see that nature seeks balance, and it seeks for us to flourish. And so that is my focus…what can I do, see, or be, to flourish; what do I need to balance in my life, mind, or heart…

        I have struggled the issue of suicide. And from darkness that I could not comprehend. It is a very bad decision to off yourself, one that would be regretted, if you just waited, just a day. Asking for help is the most powerful act that one can do, in one’s own behalf. Treasures are often hidden, and sometimes we need help in finding our own.

        It’s so regrettable. In a moment of panic, being overwhelmed with unspeakable sadness, she has lost sunsets, and all sorts of things that we love; kindness, and each other. There are people who are devastated with grief. She couldn’t possible have known how much they cared.

  4. QQ says:

    Although some of you guys act like CDAN makes wild shit up (FWIW he’s been a 100% on Simon Cowell gossip and that Beyonce and the Bodyguard gross ass thing which Seemed more outlandish than the usual celebs are cokeheads or closeted stories) he did a BI 4 days ago about them and her being distraught over him and basically going in seclusion (he confirmed it was her yesterday, crass yes, BUT he/They do reveals when basically there isnt any fear they would get sued

    • Lark says:

      He’s right on the rare occasion, but people aren’t “acting” like he makes things up…He’s basically been busted as a fraud by the Post and is wrong 95% of the time. For example, he claimed Angelina was having an affair with a European artist (and my guess is he got that “idea” from Christopher Isherwood talking about his gay friend doing a nude piece of Angelina that she posed for). As far as L’Wren, there has been talk for years that she wasn’t mentally stable….she used to be a fixture on the fashion week circuit, but she basically disappeared this year and canceled her show last month. Combine her mental illness with her known business problems and the fact that Mick just left for Australia, and it seems like he just did careful guesswork that ended up being true. Hell, even I was wondering if she was “okay” after she cancelled her show last month and I’m no gossip blogger. It just seems particularly cruel and crass of him to try and pin this on Mick somehow. Honestly, I feel dirty myself speculating over her death.


      • FLORC says:

        +1 BIs are just works of fiction written to make it sound somewhat believable if you barely scratch the surface. It’s all for fun.
        The reveales are not often and when true it’s common knowledge on gossip sites.

      • bobbisue says:

        Yes, to me blind items are akin to astrological sites or so called “channelers” like John Edward. Life does have a constant set of variables that all humans experience. You give enough murky details that, of course, someone can find a corollary on some level and fit what they’re saying into a situation or circumstance.

    • V4Real says:

      @QQ I have said several times (as recently as yesterday on the Halle post) that CDAN makes a lot of crap up or they exaggerate the truth but sometimes they are right. I have read blinds that have turned out to be true, once they were reveal.

      I think ENTY and his people throw in lies mixed with a bit of truth. I haven’t read it in awhile but it is entertianing.

    • Bridget says:

      That site posts like 10 blinds a day – even a broken clock is right twice a day. They’re also blind because even if they’re not completely made up, he/she reports items overheard at parties or gossip given multiple parties removed. It’s like taking a game of telephone as fact.

      And L’Wren wasn’t just in debt, she was on the verge of completely closing her design business. She couldn’t even pay fabric suppliers or seamstresses. Her clothes had already been taken out of 2 of her 3 major retailers, and it wasn’t good. She had a nice red carpet presence, but it wasn’t following up with the retail sales.

    • magpie says:

      I think Enty takes rumors and makes up blinds and sometimes they turn out to be “right”. I think this story is a good example. I don’t think Enty had any “ins” with anyone close to her or Mick…he just heard the rumors and connected the dots before tragedy struck.

    • TheCountess says:

      Oh, okay. So we should ignore that “he” is just the Sylvia Browne of gossip?

  5. Candy Love says:

    I think it wrong of The Daily Mail to point fingers at Mick. They did the same to Julia Roberts when her sister died so I shouldn’t me surprised.

    • Seriously?! says:

      Blaming family and friends left behind after a suicide is in poor taste and should not be done. At the end of the day, L’Wren was troubled, couldn’t cope, and took her own life, and that shouldn’t be pinned on any one person.

      • Candy Love says:


      • TG says:

        I agree with you, but at the same time if he was cheating on her why does he get to play the grieving widow? Why should he get sympathy when he wasn’t respecting her when she was alive? I definitely don’t blame him for her death though.

    • LAK says:

      The DM didn’t point fingers at Julia Roberts. The dead sister in her suicide note, her fiance and friends did. they gave interviews putting the blame firmly on JR.

      Now you could castigate the DM for reporting on the story from their POV, but they were front and centre in the blame game.

      • stinky says:

        DM is on their game – i dont care what ANYone says!
        …. they even yanked a false PSH story. my shared link was a dead-dog by the time my share went out (which i was thankful for when all was said and done…)

    • Blackjack says:

      Not that anyone should ever be blamed for someone else taking their own life – that is truly awful, but I do have to say, there’s a big difference between L’Wren and Julia Robert’s sister Nancy. Nancy left a suicide note lashing out at Julia Roberts, while L’Wren (as far as we know) did not.

  6. Patricia says:

    I don’t think it’s right to even speculate that another person caused or influenced someone to commit suicide. It is never anyone else’s fault when a person commits suicide, the unwell person does it to him or herself and are in a state of depression and instability that is impossible to understand after the fact.
    I have experience of suicide in my family, and to even imply that the actions of another caused the person’s suicide is an ugly and dark situation. Suicide is an absolute tragedy but it falls on the shoulders of the person who killed themselves. Just like you can’t blame anyone else for a person’s cancer, you can’t blame anyone else for the level of mental illness that leads to suicide.

    • tifzlan says:


    • HadleyB says:

      Of course Mick will say they were together — he will seem like a complete and utter shit to say yeah I just dumped her last week.

      She may have put up with his cheating for years but at least they were together — maybe with all her other problems the break up was the last straw. We all have a breaking point. Not everyone reaches it however.

      Also if he was really a good SO he wouldn’t of left on tour — she had to have depression for a long time, symptoms, etc and he had to have noticed. And he doesn’t need the $$, he doesn’t have a boss telling him he can’t stay home or he will get fired like an every day person.

      So he either dumped her recently and /or he just doesn’t care. I am going with both.

      • Jen says:

        Yeah, and why was he on tour anyway? Who wants to see that crap?!

      • bluhare says:

        I’d rather be dead than singing ‘Satisfaction’ when I’m forty-five.
        -Mick Jagger

      • hmmm says:

        I wouldn’t trust Mick’s word because Mick is ALL about Mick.

      • Boxy Lady says:

        Why malign the man for doing his job? Mick is a musician and musicians tour. Y’all are acting like he went to Australia by himself and is keeping all the money for himself. A band of the Stones’ magnitude could easily employ 50 to 100 people for a tour. Should they not get paid? Plus touring gives money to the other band members with less songwriting royalties coming in. The tour is not just about Mick.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Wow, so much speculation. smh

      • Evi says:

        Mick has the worst relationship history. He is the worst relationship partner. I remember reading about the fall out of his relationship with Jerry Hall and how he practically turned her into a basket case, the last straw being his lovechild with that model Murad, which finally pushed her to leave him. I guess Jerry was stronger? Who knows?

        Now one may ask, what was L’Wren thinking when she entered into a relationship with him to begin with? But don’t all people, depending on their personalities of course, like to find out for themselves, give the person the benefit of the doubt? I think she tragically left it too long.
        To be a ‘girlfriend’ after more than a decade is sad, but that does not necessarily mean that the relationship was the single cause. Ultimately the person who ends their life is their own worst enemy, so I’d say they are the cause as they interpret life the way they do and, over time, they reach that crossroads but handle it badly.

        However I’d have to disagree with you about the symptoms you state. Not all people are transparent. Some people hide their anxiety/depression well, others don’t. I’ve had friends who have experienced suicide [in the case of being the deceased’s room mate] and they were shocked as they had no clue as to the level of depression their room mate had. I’ve also seen the other side of it, in people who were visibly depressed. So depression is not a one size fits all kaftan, with the same appearance. Just like you have highly functioning heroin addicts, you have highly functioning depressives. I know that may seem weird, considering the agenda for shows and magazines to portray it a certain way, but it can be like that.

      • Reese says:

        I agree with you 100%. I think her business was a factor…but as many said, “designers “go broke” all the time and come back” again. She lived in a 6M apt 100% paid for in a very exclusive bldg in swanky Manhattan. She could declare bankruptcy like alot of big, big companies do. No. Jagger either “dumped” her but he did it by never being around. I mean he is on a world tour. L’Wren had no children but Jagger has 7 and probably L’Wren felt alone as not a “real” member of the family. Aftyer 13 years she realized she was never going to marry Jagger and he was “moving on”. She was almost 50 years old. No business left. No boyfriend.
        Nothing to show for the last “15 years” except her apt. I think she was despondent and lost all that she felt “mattered”. No energy to “start again”. That iswhy she killed herself. I don’t think she was a depressed person all the time…just her life all went “bad” at the same time. She felt like a failure and gave up.

      • KateBush says:

        I agree with Boxy Lady He is a musician that’s what he does.
        I know the Stones have been around a loooong time but they still play to packed stadiums around the world. I just don’t think it’s fair to blame him. We don’t know the facts, she may have hidden her depression from him.

      • Ok says:

        What Jerry said about Mick … “I feel sorry for Mick,” she said. “Sexual promiscuity just LEADS TO CHAOS and you have to clear it up. I wish he’d find happiness, but I’m not churning inside about it.”

    • Jh says:

      Totally agree.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree, Patricia. I think speculation about this is so beyond the pale. There are so many possibilities as to “why”, we will never know the answer. And if we aren’t her close family and friends, we don’t deserve to know the answer.

      • hmmm says:

        I think that’s what happens with suicides- wanting to know why, because it is such anathema to most of us.

        Unless they leave a note.

    • Miffy says:

      Completely, well said, Patricia. It’s abominable that the poor lady wasn’t even gone 24 hours and the media began trying to blame one of the people left to cope with her suicide.

    • TG says:

      Why does suicide = mental illness? Just because someone decides to kill themselves does not meant they are mentally ill. Some people are quite rational about why they decide to end their lives others not so much but everyone who commits suicide is not mentally ill.

      • hmmm says:

        But most are mentally ill, unless you’re George Sanders who decided to end it out of ennui, or terminally ill, or honour bound to fall upon your sword.

    • Evi says:

      I too have experienced suicide, but my view is that people who do see this as the only way out have reached a point of such despair where they feel that they are isolated – which does raise questions about the relationships around them, how healthy these relationships are and so on.

  7. Talie says:

    Money and her business failing seem to be the more pressing issues, and while people say Mick would’ve helped — don’t be so sure. Nevertheless, you never know what people are dealing with and she obviously had plenty of demons.

  8. epiphany says:

    There are rumors all over the place that Jagger cheated on her incessantly, but Scott appeared to be an intelligent, together woman… wouldn’t she have the sense to know a rock star who has never been monogamous in his life would be running around behind her back? Expecting Mick Jagger of all people to be faithful just doesn’t seem like a realistic expectation that any woman would have, so I don’t know if that’s what drove her. Great designer – she’ll be missed.

    • gg says:

      His unavailability never deterred others from joining the lineup of his conquests though.

      I am not however saying Mick caused this. It doesn’t matter at this point. She was bedeviled by many things it seems.

    • bluhare says:

      I think she was like the rest of us. She thought she would be the one to tame him. And underneath it all she was very insecure.

      Been there, signed the playbook

      • Reese says:

        I agree. I do think Jagger was “moving on”. L’Wren knew. Of course he is going to deny that “. Imagine the headlines. The only person who knows the relationship truth, killed herself.

  9. AlmondJoy says:

    I know we usually come here to gossip… but it feels incentive and invasive to speculate as to why she did it. I do not know her personally so it’s none of my business. I’ll just pray for her family and all that loved her. My heart also goes out to everyone that has suicidal thoughts or feels that suicide is a good way out.. Just heartbreaking.

  10. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    The person responsible for a suicide is the person who commits suicide. Period. I think it’s so cruel to try to blame it on Mick Jagger or anyone else. It’s tragic, it’s terribly sad, but it was her choice to end her life and we will never know why she made that choice.

  11. Mar says:

    Debt can drive anyone over the edge. Lots of people kill themselves over money. Combine it with depression, aging and relationship problems and it can be vicious.

    • Evi says:

      I don’t think its just debt. She could have sold her company for millions and retained her job as a designer. I’d imagine LVMH or Kering could have easily taken it on, dealt with the debts and restructured with L’Wren at the helm.

  12. Sandy says:

    Ultimately, obviously, the responsibility cannot be laid at the feet of anyone else for the fact that L’Wren Scott took her own her life. Depression is a horrible, relentless disease. I feel sorry for her, her family and friends. She was beautiful and talented. R.I.P. L’Wren.

    However, I find it unseemly that Mick’s PR team goes on the offensive with the debt and business problems she had, as if that would be the only cause. They are even denying that he left her! I don’t believe everything on CD&N, but in this instance, they heard from someone intimately familiar with the situation. Did she accept his selfishness for years? Yes. Was it a blow to realize he would never marry her? Yes. Is he a piece of s##t as a human being? Yes.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      It’s the fashion people who talked in first on her debt.Apparently she was close to bankrupt(sadly)

      On her relation,in Jagger’s biography by Christopher Andersen in 2012,it said she was his official girlfriend (since 2005) ,they didn’t live together (but she used his homes when he was there) , her relation was not exclusive ,Jagger was not interested by the marriage

      • Sandy says:

        Does anyone else find it strange that it would be money problems that would drive her to suicide? How many millions/billions does he have?

      • AG-UK says:

        He is worth several hundred millions of ££ but stays in the US most of the time in order not to pay the tax in the UK which is high for big earners OR he never stays in one country longer than 90 days each year.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        But she may not have wanted to ask him for help. Especially if he seemed to be checking out of the relationship.

      • bluhare says:

        I’ve read he offered and she said no.

    • hmmm says:

      And if she was prone to depression, any issues with Mick could be magnified by the illness.

  13. Lark says:

    There have been insinuations for years that she wasn’t stable. These kind of allegations about it being about “relationship drama” just seem particularly distasteful towards Mick, considering he very likely loved her and he was still in a relationship with her. Mick was with L’Wren longer than he was with his past two wives, and by all accounts is apparently wrecked. They still lived together and shared a life….Blaming him for her mental illness or having a part in her suicide isn’t right or fair (I can’t believe I’m defending Mick, but I am). She apparently had serious business issues, and she was a very proud woman who was very proud of her work. She also used to be a fixture on the fashion week circuit (both as a guest and showing her line) and she has been gone over the past several months (and cancelled her show last minute last month). Combine business problems (when business is someone’s life) with bi-polar disease or depression, and you can see how she could have had major problems. Now I feel dirty speculating about her death too…The whole thing is just sad.

    • Dubois says:

      Mick started dating Jerry Hall in 1977 when he was still legally married to Bianca. Mick’ and Jerry’s marriage was annulled in 1999. That’s 22 years. He was with L’Wren 13.

      • Tessy says:

        I met him in LA in 1978 when he did his concert he stayed in the same hotel. My kid brother and I were up in the lounge, there were very few people there and Mick came in and sat with us. He asked us about our astrological signs. He didn’t like mine so he chatted up my brother who had no idea of what was going on. Mick didn’t push it and left after a couple drinks. It was interesting to say the least.

  14. LAK says:

    One of the many articles at DM on their life together had this curious throwaway line even though it was talking about how much they loved and respected each other.

    “”Even though Jagger has his ‘needs’ (as they are euphemistically called) and pursues them as discreetly as he can, he and L’Wren always appeared ‘lovey-dovey and happy together’, as one friend put it last night.””


    • bluhare says:

      I noticed that too. I think it’s just so sad. She was a woman from Utah, from an apparently practicing Mormon family and I now wonder if that ever went away. I’ve been her. I was with a manipulative man for many years and his favorite thing to do was mess with my mind. And the guys who say they love you because you’re independent all of a sudden don’t any more when you suck in to their schtick. Add all that to financial problems and someone who is succeptible to depression and it’s a perfect storm of awful.

      Thank goodness I met Mr. bluhare. Riveting and spectacular he is not, but he’s one of the kindest people I ever met.

      • hmmm says:

        Amen, bluhare.

      • Snowpea says:

        bluhare – I LOVE this!

        I, too, fell victim to a man whose only goal in life was to mess with my head. He damn well sent me crazy and after two kids and 15 years, I finally saw sense and left.

        I have just met a man who is stable, kind and loving. He is not the dark, edgy genius like my previous relationship but I have had a revelation about kind, stable men. They are solid gold. I am older now and dark edgy geniuses don’t appeal anymore. 😉

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        Here, here! It’s never too late to reach out and find the love and respect we deserved all along. Congrats 🙂

      • Delia says:

        Totally agree. Mick Jagger is a creep (understatement). Marianne Faithful said he had contempt for women and saw them only as a reflection of himself. Which would make him a Narcissist. Add in the legendary stinginess and I’d say more likely a psychopath. RIP L’Wren. She deserved so much more.

      • bluhare says:

        Thank you everyone. It was many, many years ago and I learnt a lot from it. One of which is that when someone tells you something, believe it.

      • Christin says:

        No matter how smart or independent one may be, a relationship can strengthen or deflate you. If a relationship is not balanced and/or lacks respect, it can be unhealthy yet hard to leave. A stable, kind person who is respectful is a great gift in life — much better in the long run than a roller coaster or lopsided relationship.

        I do think multiple factors may have played into this situation and no one will ever know for sure. My thoughts are with the friends and loved ones. The assistant is especially on my mind. What a terrible thing to discover.

  15. Alexis says:

    Ultimately, it seems like she committed suicide because she was ill. Depression hurts. Since the debt was new and Mick’s “cheating” (we don’t know them, they might have an understanding) in all likelihood was not, I suspect the depression-triggering issue was debt and the falling-apart of her business. I don’t think these headlines are fair to Mick or L’Wren.

  16. mary simon says:

    Crushing debt can break anyone. But, as well, ten years is an awful long time to “date”, especially for a woman who wanted a family. Mick has been notorious for being cheap, and screwing his women out of money, in addition to being unfaithful. Maybe he was aware of her financial problems and didn’t care to help; maybe she asked for help and he said no – that would be devastating – 6 million dollars is nothing for him to help the woman he supposedly loves! Maybe the disappointments that he refused to help her, and was cheating, possibly had even broken up with her, were too much for her. She seemed like a very warm and human person – seems many people loved her. Too bad she invested so much of herself and her life in the wrong person. I don’t blame Jagger for her death, but I believe their relationship was probably a factor. She still had a lot to live for, and whatever happened – I wish she would have chosen to live. Often, the tide can turn when you ride it out.

    • G says:

      You are just speculating for all we know he may have offered to pay for everything, I know as much as you do about the situation. She was a grown woman who ran her own business, she was not some naive teenager. Can we please stop blaming Mick Jagger for this? No matter what their relationship was like we were not a part of it. Everyone knows about MJ’s cheating, if she wanted to get married and settle down, she could have walked away from him. I hate when women are made to look like helpless victims because of dong. She was clearly troubled and had troubles. I pray for her family and loved ones.

      • Jen says:

        Any real woman who’s ever lived a day, and can actually get a boyfriend, knows this comment is nonsense. Pray for yourself, you need it more.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Jen, what does this mean: “Any real woman who’s ever lived a day, and can actually get a boyfriend, knows this comment is nonsense. ”

        Are you saying G isn’t a real woman? Are you saying she can’t actually get a boyfriend? HOW can you make a comment like that?

        I think G’s comment made total sense, and I am a real woman with a boyfriend, thank you very much. I think it is sexist speculation to assume that L’Wren was a victim of MJ. We don’t know what her priorities are when it comes to relationships and life. We don’t know what it was that lead to this event, to pretend otherwise is arrogant.

        And for the record, I completely disagree that G and her family need prayers more than the loved ones of someone who just took their own life. What an incredibly insensitive comment from you.

      • bluhare says:

        Can actually get a boyfriend? Are you kidding me with that?

    • Jen says:

      Shut up Tiffany. G has pissed me off enough times so I thought I’d insult her. I took offense to some strange woman saying that L’Wren could have walked away from Mick if she wanted to get married. Well of course she could have, but she loved him. She didn’t want to walk away. I thought that what G said was very insensitive toward a woman who just committed suicide. I mean how insensitive can a person be. Perhaps the part about the boyfriend was silly and perhaps I was just angry, but G (G?) comes across as a mean person, and that annoys me. Mick has plenty of supporters, so I’m supporting L’Wren. So up yours. Psh

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Jen, you crack me up! Saying G is a ” mean person”, while telling me to shut up and “up yours”? LOL! Your comments speak for themselves, so I have nothing more to add.

  17. TheCountess says:

    I don’t want to get overly personal but a few years back, i was in debt and didn’t see a way out. I mean, I had friends who would have taken care of things but I didn’t want to ever ask them. I knew I could make money as a prostitute but I didn’t want to do it. I tried to kill myself as the last way out (as I saw things).

    My heart goes out to L’Wren.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      I hope you’re better now

      • TheCountess says:

        I am, and I found out – the very hard way – that when I tried to end my life, many others were open to helping me continue. It breaks my heart L’Wren didn’t get to that point, but I don’t fault her for it either. It’s a terrible feeling, to feel uncared for.

        Thank you, @DKMIF 🙂

    • Amy Tennant says:

      Me, too, Countess. I was there, too. ::hug::

      I have struggled with clinical depression for as long as I can remember, and was suicidal off and on throughout my teens and twenties. I’m at the point now where I’m 90% sure I would never do it, but still it pops into my head as a solution. Debt is a big trigger for that.

      But ITA with everyone who’s said that the real “reason” is the sickness, whatever the triggering circumstances. No one else is really to blame.

      • TheCountess says:

        @Amy, your comment means more to me than you realize. It never goes away. I’ve worked for the most powerful people in the country, but I can still be completely undone by a bad feeling 🙁

        I hope it is okay if I lean against your cyber-shoulder right now, because L’Wren’s death has brought up a lot for me… I’m sorry.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        Me, too. Lean away!

      • Jen says:

        I’m sitting here right now waiting for my new mood stabilizer to start working. Hopefully this one is the winner.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Clinical depression can be controlled, but it never goes away. It’s always there, and can rear its ugly head at any moment, even after being under control for a long time. Of all the illnesses I treat, depression is the hardest. Those of you living with it and not letting it take control…. congratulations!

    • TheCountess says:

      I would like to add that… financial pressure can be the worst. Emotions, you can kind of escape from. But money worries…


      • bob says:

        Yep, and the residual anxiety due to large money worries has bled into other parts of my life. You’d never know though, I hide it so well.

      • TheCountess says:

        I know this will sound trite, Bob, but please hang in there and ask for help. People will give it.

    • Cazzee says:

      Hugs! Glad you are feeling better!!!

      Depression is an ugly beast and extremely difficult to beat. Congratulations on being able to come back from such a dark place and living your life again. It is so hard.

    • bluhare says:

      I can relate in just about every possible way. I’m so glad to read you’re doing well now.

  18. eliza says:

    I have already said this but I will say it again. Jagger is NOT responsible for someone’s depression and mental illness. Events in life are SYMPTOMS of depression and suicide but to blame one person for another person’s desperation and feelings of hopelessness is irresponsible and very sad.

    L’Wren was obviously a very trouble and tortured soul. Women are cheated upon and treated poorly by their significant others every day and do not choose suicide. It is tragic when someone like L’Wren is unable to clearly think and seek help for issues deep inside them. Many cases of suicide are from people one never suspects are emotionally fragile in the first place.

    This is tragic. Very sad for all involved but the fault of no one.

  19. AG-UK says:

    I doubt she wanted to be married knowing he would never marry again he said in 2010, not for him. It’s sad all around only she really knows, but my one question why did she text her assistant to come over?

    • smee says:

      Sadly, it’s prob so she would get “found” in a timely manner. No doubt traumatizing for the assistant.

      • AG-UK says:

        Poor girl.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I wondered if that was it, or if she knew she was close to the edge and wanted someone there with her. She texted her assistant at 8:30 and was found at 10:00. Maybe she needed someone right then. I hope that isn’t the case.

  20. Kiddo says:

    Anything could be a tipping point for someone who is clinically depressed, or there could be no tipping point at all, just a progressive perspective of meaninglessness and pain in concert with personal events or without. Even if she had left a note, it still wouldn’t fully explain causes, since suicide is the result of a mindset on evaluating life’s worth.

    I don’t mind calling Jagger a douche based on who he is, but attributing his actions as a cause of his girlfriend’s demise, without any evidence, is not right. I’d argue that the vast majority of suicides happen without anyone bearing blame.

  21. break says:

    Obviously, it’s sad that she died. But I do have a hard time sympathising about her money problems. The woman was 2 million dollars in debt in 2009 and bought a 6 million dollar apartment in 2010. You don’t get 7 million dollars in debt by living modestly.
    I’m prepared to get yelled at on this one, but I’ve seen poor people work extremely hard to put food on the table and then still get evicted from their homes. Those are tragic debts.

    • Christin says:

      There are reports that the expensive apartment mortgage had been paid off. Seems as if some debt restructuring and lifestyle changes might have helped clear up the financial mess.

      While this is purely speculation on my part, she had run in such rich circles for so long that making changes may have seemed impossible for her to accept.

    • Redheadwriter says:

      And there is always bankruptcy.

    • Cazzee says:

      I think it might have been more the overwhelming hopelessness than the debt itself. Her Mormon upbringing may have also contributed to her feeling like she wanted to “do the right thing” and repay her creditors rather than just declaring bankruptcy.

      You are right -rationally speaking, her debt was not the problem….but that’s the problem with depression. Depressed individuals have a lot of trouble thinking clearly, and this poor woman was unable to see a way out.

    • gg says:

      I just finished reading Jo Wood’s book on her life with Ron. They went completely bust several times, several millions of pounds in debt, and crawled back each time with resourcefulness. Am very sad L’Wren did not feel like this could be done herself.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Businesses operate at a loss alllll the time. There are ways to recover, especially if you have the potential to earn more, which she did with her skills. She had plenty of assets that at a glance appear to be worth far more than her debts.

      I don’t think we should assume that her financial situation caused this event, or her romantic life. I also don’t think that we should judge a person’s character by their amount of debt, especially those people that we do not know personally.

      • Jen says:

        Who was judging her character by the amount of debt she had? I haven’t heard one person say anything bad about her. Where do you come up with this Dr. Tiffany?

    • elizabennett says:

      while she was in very good shape by the standards of poor people, we do not know “she” bought a $6m apartment. it was purchased by a holding company with “scotch” as part of the company name. i suspect Sir Himself bought it, and that her name was not on the deed. i suspect that she was about to be downsized in a big way.

      we can say she had fair notice as to mr. jagger’s womanizing and his aversion to marriage. but i strongly suspect he gave her just enough mixed signals over the years (remember that huge ring a few years back?) to keep her hanging on hoping he would marry her. seems like she was willing to look the other way on the womanizing if marriage/family were in the works.

      sure, he didn’t “cause” her death. but he was awful to her. if they were still together and she was ill, he shouldn’t have left. if he dumped her sometime after, say, mid-january this year (which i believe), he arranged it as heartlessly as possible. his PR machine will never and should never, be able to erase the stigma of this.

  22. roxy750 says:

    This should never be an option. Very tragic anyone loses a life.

  23. Tammy White says:

    No one is to blame for L’Wren’s suicide. She was obviously very unstable & depressed to take her life. Blaming Mick Jagger is ridiculous.

    • eliza says:


    • Sandy says:

      I don’t think anyone is “blaming” poor Mick. This is all just conjecture, but Celebitchy’s story is pretty good on sorting out the details of what people close to her say, and what Mick Jagger’s P.R. machine say. I will lose it if I have to hear word about Mick and his “heartbreak.” He loves himself and his money more than anything. Karma.

    • Jen says:

      Most people are not blaming Mick. I feel bad for him. But I have a feeling he was never really clear with her that he had no intention of marrying her. He probably just didn’t talk about it and so she didn’t want to bring it up, but she was secretly hoping. She may have been hoping for many years and finally realized it wasn’t going to happen. That can be a HUGE trigger for someone with depression. Even more devastating than financial problems. He probably strung her along and made her believe somehow that if she was just good enough, pretty enough, successful enough, it would happen. I had the exact same thing happen to me, and it almost did me in. Guys like that are toxic.

      • G says:

        You pretty much go on to blame him. Maybe you are just projecting.

      • Sandy says:

        Toxic! I think that pretty much sums up Mick Jagger!

      • Jen says:

        Nope you are wrong G. I think actually what I’m doing is blaming her illness for not allowing her to realize it quicker so she could get away from the likes of him. What now miss smarty pants? Lol.

  24. d b says:

    She certainly could have been despondent over her love relationship and failure of her business. But I have to wonder if there is some other issue here — maybe she was ill or something else going on. So sad.

    And how awful for the assistant who found her.

    • gg says:

      With so many friends newly battling deadly forms of cancer, myself, this was my first thought. I read somewhere that she and Mick had built a nursery and nanny quarters in one of their residences over ten years ago, but she never did have a child and she was turning 50.

      • Cricket says:

        In addition, I read she wasn’t invited to Jade and her daughters joint baby shower recently held in London by Jerry Hall.

      • d b says:

        @gg Ah I didn’t know that, that’s sad. I feel like there were a number of things affecting her and she was finally so overwhelmed she wanted the pain to just stop.

        @cricket – Jerry can be a piece of work, but I don’t want to believe that of her 🙁

    • Beatrice says:

      I wondered if something else was going on, too.

  25. Tig says:

    I can see being upset/depressed over business losses, but articles seem to imply that her business was incorporated- and, if so, her personal assets would have been safe( this is US)- if she personally guaranteed loans, that’s another topic.

    As the saying goes- if you owe someone $1000, you have a creditor/owe someone $1M, you have a partner. She must have really been in a dark place not to realized that the business could have been sold, etc.

    Re the personal issues- If marriage/family was important, such a shame she couldn’t accept that she would never have that w/MJ and moved on.

    • Lark says:

      Yes, but there have long been rumors that she suffered from depression and mental illness. So when you and I see an out to her business problems, the idea of selling her business (which was her baby) combined with mental health issues and you can see how that may have tipped her over the edge. Poor woman, RIP.

      • bluhare says:

        Lark, thanks for mentioning the business being her baby. I started a company with a colleague and there is a big difference between working for someone else and starting your own company. Huge, in fact. She could well have taken it much more personally than most of us would. Combine that with maybe (note the “maybe”) crumbling, or at least a rocky patch, in her relationship with Mick and the poor woman probably felt like her entire life was crumbling around her.

  26. FHealy says:

    How does anyone, especially someone 6ft-3ins, hang themself to death with a scarf tied to a doorknob? I don’t see how the neck could break.

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I hate to confess that I know this, but usually it’s tied to the doorknob and then looped over the door. That’s how my good friend’s son did it. And then you kneel. It’s probably not neck breaking but suffocation, and it’s awful.

      • here's Wilson says:

        oh my gosh how horrible!! I’ve struggled with my own issues but I don’t think I have it in me to do this!!

  27. MissNostalgia says:

    This is just so sad. May she RIP.

  28. delia says:

    This really hits home for me. I just got off the phone with my bankruptcy attorney. I didn’t blow money on luxury items. I became permanently disabled and unable to work and incurred a ton of medical bills and related expenses. Intellectually I know that I did what I had to do to survive, but emotionally it’s a whole different thing. I feel shame. I feel blame. I feel horrific embarrassment. I feel like a worthless human being and I feel like, despite anything I’ve accomplished, that I have failed at life.

    I’m not planning on hanging myself, and I am talking with a therapist, but I can truly understand why someone facing the burden of crushing debt might take that way out.

    • Amy Tennant says:

      ::hug:: I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. Be strong. I’m glad you have a support network. And that’s what bankruptcy is for. It’s why we have it as an option. You will come through this.

    • nicegirl says:

      You are so strong for choosing bankruptcy. I am facing the same choice due to medical bills as well (but thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I see light at the end of the tunnel!) and it is humiliating, to say the least. I have been struggling with the decision. Thanks for sharing your own personal strength by commenting today. Best wishes to you!

    • stinky says:

      life will bring you more than the drudgery. im sorry youre injured, and hoping you’re not in physical pain as a result. if you are, perhaps that’s coloring your depression too (understandably). MONEY CAN BE A COMPLETE DRAG – WE HAVE BEEN THERE.
      you are not alone 🙂

    • Tessy says:

      I’m so sorry, I know what you’re going through because it happened to me many years ago. I hurt myself at work so I lost my job and income, my marriage broke up, I lost the house and workers compensation dried up. I basically lost everything except my cat in the space of a few months. I went into a deep depression for 2 years I couldn’t do anything more than cry. I often had the thought that I wished I was dead but I never thought of doing it myself. I think of that period of my life now as the dark night of the soul. It took time but I got through it and I’m stronger than ever, the depression has never come back either.
      I wish you the best. Hang in there, things always change.

    • Kelly says:

      Delia, I’m so sorry to hear that, I can’t imagine what you’re going through. But just by going through it, facing it and handling it the best you can you’re proving that you have incredible strength and independence and capability. So many people give up and evade responsibility. Kudos to you. You have nothing to be ashamed about, and you certainly must not blame yourself or be embarrassed. Handling disability alone is a courageous process, nevermind anything else. So chin up and be proud. People who respect you for the size of your bank account are stupid limited a**holes who know nothing of the worth of life and a human being.

      And on another note, I still can’t believe we live in a world where people who suffer disability and health problems are discarded and forced to pay huge amounts of money during the most difficult time of their lives. That is horribly disrespectful and degrading. WTF is up with this world where Wall Street bankers are praised more than the struggling people who have had the misfortune to be dealt less than perfect cards in life? Sick.

  29. Ann says:

    Also keep in mind that she was adopted, possibly struggling with life-long issues of separation, lack of attachment and abandonment. I know, I am one too.

    • Jen says:

      That’s a really good point Ann, very good point. I was adopted too, at 9 months old, and I’ve been depressed and suicidal almost my whole life; despite being adopted into a good family with good parents. There is definitely something to that. It’s deep down inside and you may not even be totally conscious of it, but you feel a sense of loss, of not belonging. I’m sure I have issues with my brain chemistry too but being adopted can definitely be an added factor for some people.

      • Ann says:

        Yes, exactly Jen, often very unconscious but strong processes. Something in her story really resonates with me, successful life and relationship on the outside, but struggles with low self esteem, depression and suicide thoughts on the inside. Strong feelings of shame. I was adopted like you at an early age (10 months) to a good home, good people, but still always with these seemingly inexplicable emotional struggles. I am also thinking that the relation between emotional scars and brain chemistry is a complex and interactive one, where one thing affects the other. The one thing that really has helped me is Traditional Chinese Medicine, treating mind and body in an holistic way. I now live mainly depression free and I no longer have the suicide thoughts and anxiety that have plagued me my whole life (I am 50 now). I feel so sorry for her, she must have felt so terribly alone and scared.

      • Jayna says:

        She seemed to really adore her parents and talked about them a lot in interviews, how she was the way she was because of them, teaching her a strong work ethic. Her mom gave an interview once and was so proud of her. She seemed proud of her Mormon background and her mom believing in her and her dad being such a hard worker.

        Mick was her life. I remember even Mick’s ex Jerri Hall saying L’Wren was probably the best woman for him because she devotes herself to him and his every need and can accept things. I took it to mean his cheating. I think she just felt like her world was crashing down around her with the business and couldn’t face the humiliation and facing dealing with the aftermath of all the creditors, etc. because she’s so sensitive and an artist, and couldn’t look at it more cold-bloodedly as a businesswoman as far as the people she owed money to not being paid, and added to that maybe her relationship wasn’t where she thought it would be as she neared 50 and she couldn’t see her way out of the darkness.

      • lisa says:

        Ann: I think you are on to something. when people are adopted. I have seen many people though they were loved and had great adoptive parents, have a fear of abandonment. maybe it stems from early childhood experience????? I wonder.

    • Jen says:

      Thanks for your reply Ann. It sounds like you’ve got things together and that is great to hear. I’m 44 and still trying to get there. In a different life I bet we’d be friends. I wish you happiness always. 🙂

      I sure do get what you mean about L’Wren’s story resonating with you. I feel like even though I wasn’t really aware of her or her design work before this, I’ll never forget her now.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I feel the same way.

      • Ann says:

        Same to you Jen, best of luck with everything. I bet we would’ve been friends too!! 🙂 The beauty of the internet is that you can – on an “ordinary” gossip site – find out that you are not alone in what you feel and that there are others like you “out there”. I just wish that L’Wren would have had someone to reach out to, someone that did not turn her away. I feel her pain, but of course, it is my own pain from my life that I feel. It is a grace to feel better, but I don’t take anything for granted and try to stay grateful for the small things (even though that is easier said than done sometimes). Take much care, greetings from Scandinavia.

  30. Janel says:

    Why do they have to say “adopted” when mentioning her brother? Like he was less of a brother? Get this: A person was adopted. Not “is” adopted.

  31. Rachael says:

    Well, I’m going to say what’s on my mind and it’s not going to sound very nice at all but it’s been on my heart all day after hearing this tragic news about L’Wren’s suicide.

    When a woman feels truly loved by her man, she can get through just about anything, if for no other reason than he can make her feel like she can!

    So I had better just leave my thoughts at that.

    Rest in peace, L’Wren. I wish you had known someone who could have helped you through the painful time you were going through so this tragedy could have been prevented.

    • Kelly says:

      No disrespect Rachael, but a woman needs to love and respect herself first and foremost. Then she can handle anything. When you go through life depending on others you end up lost and distraught when things go wrong and you are forced to depend on yourself. And you should always depend on yourself first, not use someone as a crutch or fuel. No one can give you the belief in yourself and your worth, no one. It has to come from within you.

    • elizabennett says:

      yeah, yeah, one needs to love and respect themselves first. but he was an SOB to her, and has been to every woman he’s been in a long-term relationship with, and that deserves to be noted in banner headlines right now.

      we can say she had fair notice as to mr. jagger’s womanizing and his aversion to marriage. but i strongly suspect he gave her just enough mixed signals over the years (remember that huge ring a few years back?) to keep her hanging on hoping he would marry her. seems like she was willing to look the other way on the womanizing if marriage/family were in the works. wouldn’t, but….

      sure, he didn’t “cause” her death. but he was awful to her. if they were still together and she was ill, he shouldn’t have left. if he dumped her sometime after, say, mid-january this year (which i believe), he arranged it as heartlessly as possible. his PR machine will never and should never, be able to erase the stigma of this.

  32. Jayna says:

    I don’t think her company was ever really hugely profitable, if at all, and got worse and worse debtwise. Some people might be talented designers but should not own a business. It’s a tough business, and while her clothes were loved and worn by celebs, it didn’t seem to translate into massive sales in the high-end clothes market. She was always expanding and I think had big ideas and seemed to spend a lot of money. Being business savvy is just as important as creating well-constructed beautiful clothes to make a success out of the company.

    Mick did give her financial help in starting the company back in 2006. But Mick is notoriously tight, big-time tight. If her company had been hemorrhaging money getting progressively worse every year, he is not going to fork over six million dollars. That is a lot of money to him and it’s like throwing money into a bottomless pit.

    It’s sad the end came like this. She sounds like a sweet, wonderful, very sensitive woman who adored Mick and put up with a lot to be his girlfriend and wanted to be known in her own right for her talent. If someone had found her, she could have had people that love her rally around her and help her figure it out.

    • Christin says:

      She went from model to stylist to fashion designer. She was likely more creative than businessminded (a completely different set of personality traits and experience). Ideally, you need creative and business types to create a successful team.

      Her business and financial troubles could have been solved in time. Perhaps she wanted to be independent and stay true to her vision.

  33. miapatagonia says:

    I can imagine how this tall, exotic beauty would stand out in rural Utah. By all accounts she was very close to her forever family who adopted her. When I first saw a picture of Jagger and Scott, my respect for Jagger went up a bit, since he had been associated with a string of floozy-looking paramours. But Scott was pure class. Her mature, sexy style always blew me away.

    Scott’s death has saddened and humbled me. We can never truly know the secrets that lies within. I believe that outside circumstances (I.e., debts, disappointing relationships) can be the catalysts for self-destruction, but an inner struggle was obviously going on. I think some of the most serene and positive of us can hide dark things. We like to make people happy and bring beauty to the world, but we’re also hiding a lot of pain.

  34. Suki2 says:

    So I’m not the only one who thinks the quick and ubiquitous emphasis on ‘debt’ seems a bit like Stones PR machine damage control/spin?

    • GoneGirl says:

      No, you’re definitely not the only one! Tangling with such a toxic man can prove fatal. Jagger is all about use and abuse.

    • elizabennett says:

      no, you are by no means the only one. i posted somewhere else, “that whirring sound you’re hearing is the clicking of the gears of the jagger/stones pr machine.”

      the New York Post yesterday and the “Blind Item” three days before her death dated 3/14/14/ on CDAN had it basically right, i am sure. while it’s technically true that he didn’t “cause” her death, he is a rat-b*****d, and let’s hope the whole truth comes out.

      sure, she had fair notice of what he was. but i am sure he sent many mixed messages that kept her hoping and dangling for years. remember that huge ring a couple/few years back? it is true that we’re all responsible for ourselves and our choices, but that does not erase his moral culpability for being the “Taker” of all time.

    • Reese says:

      No doubt…Jagger was “distancing” himself from LWren. He is on a “world tour”. The Jagger PR machine were quick to spin the “debt” story. Jagger must have known she was in the red and told her to “declare bankruptcy” As someone posted, “Jagger is notoriously tightfisted”
      L’Wren had her “identity” tied up in her business as a successful p[rofessional independent woman. She was turning 50 and Jagger was “moving -on”. No one kills themselves just becasue their business was failing. This was happening for several years. Business bankruptcy is not big deal these days.

  35. Kelly says:

    I hope this isn’t true, and that it’s just malignant media gossip. I hope an independent, talented, successful and beautiful woman such as herself didn’t commit suicide over a man who frankly did not deserve her.

  36. Jayna says:

    What seems even sadder to me is she didn’t even leave a note, like she felt like she was nothing by the time she killed herself, that there was no one to even write it to that she felt cared, felt all alone. I could be way off on that as I don’t know why some people leave a note and some don’t.

  37. Cornelius says:

    Whatever puts someone into depression, it’s sometimes hard to get out of that hole and you can easily get to a place where there you think there is no way out. Sadly. that’s where L’Wren seems to have been. Sadly, so many people seem to have been willing to help had they been asked or known about her emotional state.

  38. moon says:

    I’m amused by how people find it implausible that she would refuse financial help from Mick or be that stressed out by the collapse of her company and all that debt. She sounds like an ambitious perfectionist, and people like that take career success or failures hard. It’s not always about men or being that hung up about a guy cheating. If the roles were reversed, how many people would think it’s just PR from the woman’s team and a guy would kill himself over a relationship?

  39. KateBush says:

    I want to defend mick here. I think he loved her and was in a committed relationship with her, whether that meant monogamous or not, we don’t know but they always looked so happy together. I thought he had finally grown up and settled down with a strong, successful in her own right woman.
    I think he would rather have her than an extra 6M… She was mature and successful and must have known of his reputation.

    It made me feel really sad yesterday and I kept coming back to the site again an again. Suicide scares me perhaps because I’ve experienced it a few times with people close to me. I was driving along in the car yesterday and thinking about L’Wren and I started crying! So weird when I don’t know her but needless deaths like these always seem to bring up all those old thoughts and feelings again.
    To all those who commented yesterday who said that they had been on the verge, please get help!
    That’s all I got.

  40. Jayna says:

    For the post on here about an article saying supposedly Jerry Hall did not invite her to Jade’s and her daughter’s dual baby shower and not feeling close to his family, this is a comment by Jerry Hall from an interview last year about how well she gets along with Mick and she comments about L’Wren.

    “What’s it like co-parenting your four children with Mick?

    He’s great! A very good father, and actually we got on really well. People are amazed. I think we had quite a friendly divorce. He’s a very funny, witty guy; he makes me laugh. He comes over and has tea and we talk about the kids. They spend holidays with him. I’m friends with his girlfriend (L’Wren Scott). I love her clothes. They’re lovely. So we all get on really well! They invite me to dinner at their place and we go to each other’s Christmas parties. It’s quite nice. Having four children there’s quite a lot to discuss.”

  41. Nina W says:

    My heart goes out it L’Wren’s family and friends, this is a terrible tragedy. It is very difficult to understand. I find it so strange that she would make this choice. I almost wonder if she was on prescription meds that triggered this. She would not be the first person to have this side effect seemingly out of the blue.

    • Kk says:

      There are anti-depressant meds which can actually make some patients feel even more suicidal for a number of weeks until the meds eventually kick in and begin lifting their mood.

  42. vava says:

    Suicide is so tragic. It sounds as if L’Wren had distanced herself from her friends in the last week and so maybe depression took over her world.

    She was one of my favorite designers and she will be sorely missed in the future.

  43. rudy says:

    I haven’t read a thing. This is so tragic I cannot read the stories.

    HOWEVER, it is very difficult for me NOT to believe that Mick Jagger, known as a major cheapskate, was a big factor in this situation. I hope I am wrong, but at this point, he is a jerk in my book and though I would not wish this type of pain on anyone, maybe this will be the only thing that gets him to change and see that money is not important. Love is.

  44. GatsbyGill says:

    All the comments saying that no one can make another person commit suicide are not strictly true. Anyone who has spent years in an abusive relationship can be driven to suicide.

    Jagger’s PR machine is in full throttle on the UK’s Daily Mail.

  45. Late news says:

    Thank you for giving us a place to ‘vent!’ I have been walking around crying about this ever since it happened as I followed L’wren on IG and even ‘talked’ to her through it! I even went so far as to ask Jagger about WHERE L’wren was when she stopped IG’ing having a bad feeling as she always went with him everywhere!!
    Thank you explaining the adoption angle as that’s such a valid point!! The money issue is always a crusher when things aren’t going well. Mick probably broke her heart!! But I also keep wondering if malnutrition could have contributed to her mental state. Models have all kind of eating disorders which starve the brain of nutrients needed for chemical balance.
    Such a tragic loss…..still tearing up as I will never see that beautiful breathe taking woman again!! She was such an inspiration!!

  46. LillyRose says:

    Does anyone else find it so sad that Keith has been happily married for so many years to Patti, and L’Wren killed herself on Patti’s birthday?