Did Olivier Martinez already move out of Halle Berry’s Beverly Hills home?


Here are some photos of Goran Visnjic and Halle Berry filming their new TV show, Extant, this week in LA. The NYDN claimed last week that Halle and Goran might be getting a little too close, and Olivier Martinez is very, very upset. Of course, there are rumors flying all over the place about Olivier and Halle. And I believe many of them. It’s not too much of a stretch to believe that Halle has relationship drama, or that after several years with one guy, she’s done with them. Olivier was out and about last week too – but he was solo. And wearing his wedding ring. So God knows. So… what’s new?

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are one step closer to divorce! Insiders tell Star that after months of fighting, Olivier has moved out of their Beverly Hills home.

“Olivier thinks Halle is too focused on work and losing the baby weight instead of their family,” says a source. “He’s been crashing at a friend’s house.”

Olivier was spotted with a friend on March 12, at Halle’s favorite restaurant RivaBella, and eyewitnesses say he seemed down.

“He kept messing with his wedding ring … he didn’t say much.”

Four days later, Olivier jetted out of LA alone. “Halle doesn’t want him in the house unless he can be civil… at this point, the chances for a full reconciliation look grim.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Did you like the heavy-handed FORESHADOWING of Olivier playing with wedding ring? How trite. That being said… sure, I’ll believe this. I’ll believe that Olivier and Halle have been fighting a lot and that they’re basically living apart. I’ll also buy that he’s left town, because why not? But… if this story is true and they’ve been fighting about how little time Halle has been spending with baby Maceo, how dumb is it for Olivier to leave the house? It’s like, “OMG, I hate that you’re such an awful working mother, I hate it so much I’m going to move out and never spend any time with you or the baby.” Sack up and be an engaged father, Olivier. Stop complaining and let your lady make some $$$. Now, that being said, Olivier was smart to marry Halle. If and when they do breakup, he’s going to have a much easier time with the custody issues, compared to what she put Gabriel Aubry through.

Goran Visnjic never complains about Halle not spending time with the baby.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. LauraM says:

    Ha, great last line.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    From the very beginning of her celebrity, I’ve always thought halle was the hottest of messes

  3. MrsBPitt says:

    I can totally see Olivier being a jealous, controlling nutjob…I can also see him telling Halle to go make some money, but then putting her down for not spending enough time with the baby…and while I believe Halle has many, many issues of her own…I think OM would win the “craziest” title in that house…

    • Candy Love says:

      I believe that Oliver can be/is abusive but I don’t know his he win against Halle in the crazy department I’m think its a tie. This is a woman who lied in court, made false charges, paid the Paps to make false accusations all so she can have her way and move to France.

  4. Lark says:

    Both Olivier and Halle have been wearing their wedding rings lately, there were pics of Halle wearing her wedding ring the other day. I think both are cray cray, but I doubt they are blowing up at each other like Star likes to go with.

  5. TG says:

    Well since she dated, got engaged and married Olivier all for the purposes of trying to take her daughter out of the country away from her father and she didn’t win and gained nothing from the beat down afterwards I would say Oliviet is no longer useful. I thought she would have that baby in France to further try to have legitimate excuses for moving there but now I see she was smart and made sure to have her son here so that Oliviet can make no claims to taking their French baby to France since it is an American Citizen. This woman has been double scheming this violent thug Olivier the whole time, though I think he was in on the first part of the scheme.

    • Chrissy says:

      Interesting theory and quite plausible when I think about it! She seems like the scheming and vindictive type, doesn’t she?

    • Meme says:


    • T.C. says:

      Right on TG.

      Halle needs somebody to show her where her nearest sperm bank is. Have all the children you want with no father in the picture. Cause that ‘s exactly what she wants .

  6. Anna says:

    “Playing with his ring” hahaha omg is this a cheesy romantic novel?!
    I kind of believe this story and have a feeling they’re going to eventually break up

  7. Frida_K says:

    Psst….Goran? …. RUN. Run now, run fast, run away from this crazy woman…you’ll be more than happy you did, I promise!

  8. QQ says:

    Mmmmmm Goran …. That’s all Ive got

  9. Mala Malum says:

    Looks like that kid from Looper. So cute, so creepy!!

  10. db says:

    Ha! If any of this is true, Olivier is probably off having a pout because he’s not Halle’s sole focus now that they have a baby. Sharing is caring, Olivier!

  11. Meme says:

    Baby daddy #3?????

  12. eliza says:

    Just like all the men in her life once their usefulness is gone she likes to move on. I fully believe there is trouble in crazytown usa. They will hang on another year or so, then have an “amicable parting of ways” citing Martinez desires more time abroad and Halle’s work and family commitments prevent her from being with him. After the divorce happens she will gradually leak tid bits of how awful he is and how she was scared for her children. Yaaaaaawn.

  13. Common Sense says:

    So according to STAR and it’s fictional ‘sources’ Sandra Bullock should have 5 kids right now, one of whom she had by Ryan Reynolds at the age of 47!

    Jennifer Aniston should have an army of kids too! should I continue?

    This is STAR mag doing what STAR mag does best… If anybody actually believe this BS, then ‘the internet people, they believe anything’ as Mr Monk once said.

  14. Ashling says:

    I had the exact same thought about OM LEAVING the house because Halle wasn’t spending enough time with the baby. WTF?!? On a different note, Halle seems to enjoy French speaking men. GA is French Canadian and OM is French. Maybe she should go for Manuel Ferrara for her next baby daddy. I’m sure it would be a memorable experience.

  15. St says:

    All I can say is – ha-ha-ha. Well we all expected them to separate at one point. When Olivier was beating Gabriel we were all like: “Slow down Olivier. You know that you will be on his place very soon? She will find another hot white men and you will be “monster, abuser and racist”. But I didn’t not expect it to end just like that so soon. I even want to see if there will be fight for visitation of the baby between Oliver and Halle. And how she will try to push him out completely so that she would not have to share her baby. It did not work with Gabriel.

    And now Halle will have 2 kids. And each kid will have to leave her house for few days every week to spend time with father. If they will really split up. And she would have to ask their permission every time she would want to leave state or country with her kids…. Yep – we should all expect Season 2 of “Halle versus father of her kid”. Where she would blame Oliver in everything and would demand judge to strip him of the custody completely. And the most hilarious part will be if she will bring that fact when Oliver beat up Gabriel to prove that Oliver is violent monster.

  16. roxy750 says:

    Why do people have kids with new people then leave them then go on with another person and have another kid and so on and so forth….seriously dysfunctional. STOP HAVING BABIES!! Seriously, relationships SUCK people. Why does a woman need a man and vice versa. Seriously everyone ends up hating each other sooner or later anyways. STOP THIS CYCLE!

  17. Eleonor says:

    And Oliver Martinez is going to be labeled an a-hole in 3-2-1….

    • RobN says:

      Olivier has always been an a-hole. Halle isn’t going to point out anything everybody else doesn’t already know.

  18. Samtha says:

    I wish this woman could find some kind of peace, at the very least for the sake of her children. She’s never going to have a healthy relationship unless she does.

    • Mauibound says:

      @samtha you are 100% right. I’m thinking she’s one of the types that thrive on the drama. My husband has relatives like this and it is exhausting.

  19. Goober says:

    Wasnt she in monster ball?
    Well she certainly is
    Cant stand her after all the EVIL siht she did to Gabriel
    She is an aging viper whose venom is drying up with her chocha as she is reduced to TV roles
    G Bye and G Riddence HAG

  20. Helvetica says:

    The leading cause of divorce is marriage.

  21. pam says:

    Remember when she was making plans NOT to learn french until she had gotten custody of Nahla and would be allowed to take her to France? And that when Nahla was 16, she’d be able to decide who she wanted to live with? We all said “Halle, you ain’t gonna be with Oliver that long” and we were right…

  22. Pumpkin Pie says:

    Oh wow, the way she looks at him in that picture. To me that is a look of awe and love

    • bluhare says:

      I thought the same thing. At first I thought maybe they were filming, but it doesn’t look like it.

  23. Vilodemeanus says:

    It can’t always be everyone else with the problems/issues when every relationship Halle has in her life ends in disaster. She is the problem. I’ve never liked her, she nearly killed someone and left them to die in the street alone, driving home and hiding never reporting an accident where she was drunk and it was her fault and the other person was left to die. Of course in L.A. she bought a walk, but that person had a closed head injury and her life was ruined by Halle, she’s a horrible person, and her life stands as a testament to what a craphole human being she is.