Angelina Jolie cried with William Hague during meetings with rape survivors


As I promised yesterday, here are some photos of Angelina Jolie and UK Foreign Secretary William Hague during their day-and-a-half long trip to Sarajevo, Zenica and Potocari. Jolie and Hague had a lot on their docket after they left London (where Hague had a drinks reception for Jolie, then a private dinner, then he took her to Downing Street for breakfast). Jolie and Hague flew in to Bosnia last Thursday, where they met with Bosnian leaders, rape survivors, and the NGO workers who try to find justice for those survivors. This was all part of Hague and Jolie’s years-long campaign to put a renewed focus on warzone rape. Here’s more from The Guardian:

Angelina Jolie has paid tribute to the victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre after urging the international community to stop the use of sexual violence as a war weapon. Jolie was accompanied by the British foreign secretary, William Hague, while on a trip to Bosnia. At the Srebrenica memorial centre museum, Jolie and Hague met women who were raped during Bosnia’s 1992-95 war, as well as women whose beloved ones were killed in the massacre.

Dressed in black, with a black headscarf to respect customs of Muslim women when they go at a cemetery, Jolie laid a wreath in front of a stone monument for the victims. She then walked alongside a wall on which the names of more than 8,000 people who were killed are written.

After capturing Srebrenica on 11 July 1995, Serb forces executed more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys. More than 6,000 massacre victims, whose remains were found in mass graves, were laid to rest at a memorial cemetery in the town.

Earlier on Friday, Jolie and Hague took part at a conference in the Bosnian capital on sexual violence in war, organised by the Balkan country’s defence ministry. Jolie, whose 2011 directorial debut In the Land of Blood and Honey dealt with violence against women during Bosnia’s war, urged peace missions around the world to make combatting sex crimes a priority.

“The use of rape as a weapon of war is one of the most harrowing and savage of these crimes against civilians,” Jolie told the conference. “This is rape so brutal, with such extreme violence, that it is even hard to talk about it,” said the 38-year-old, who is a goodwill ambassador for the UN refugee agency (UNHCR).

Jolie and Hague are due to co-host a high-profile summit on the same topic in London in June, which is expected to be the largest ever gathering of its kind, according to the British foreign minister. Hague said that today “sexual violence is used deliberately as a weapon of war” in the conflicts in Syria, Central African Republic and South Sudan. He said: “I hope we can all work together to prevent the horrors seen in this region from being repeated in future conflicts anywhere in the world.”

About 20,000 women, mostly Muslim, were raped during Bosnia’s inter-ethnic war in the 1990s, according to local estimates. So far only 33 people have been convicted for the crimes by local courts and 30 by a UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

[From The Guardian]

Jolie and Hague were also there to praise Bosnia’s new initiative to include sexual violence prevention training in Bosnian military training (which, frankly, America needs to do as well). Angelina cried during some of the meetings they had, so it’s nice that her new boyfriend was there to comfort her. You know I’m only joking, but I do wonder what Brad thinks of Angelina’s close friendship with a man like William Hague. I also kind of wonder what Hague’s wife thinks too.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Kiddo says:

    How would you not cry?

    • Eleonor says:

      This, it’ the only possible reaction.

    • xboxsucks says:


    • LakeMom says:

      And she’s doing more than just crying, she’s working tirelessly to change the situation. I have so much respect for her. Unlike some of her Hollywood counterparts, she’s actually using her celebrity for something meaningful.

    • TC says:

      After what Angie must see and experience every time to travels to meet with refugees on behalf of the UN, crying would be a more than appropriate reaction. She’s mentioned in interviews first-hand accounts witnessed from men and women of little girls being raped by men in front of their mothers; children being burned or maimed to instill fear, dominance and control among the community; and families fleeing their home with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I cry just thinking about it.

      Bravo to Angie for all her work with William Hague on the War Zone Rape law. I’m really looking forward to seeing this law implemented and the infrastructure put in place to enforce it. Knowing the way that Angie fights for what she believes in, she will see this through no matter now long it takes. Failure will not be an option for her.

  2. The Original G says:

    What do Brad and William Hague’s wife think about this? Probably, that they’re proud that they’re associated with something so important and they hope they’ll come back home safely.

  3. V4Real says:

    About 20,000 women, that kind of takes your breath away doesn’t it? 20,000 rapes compared to about only 33 and 30 convicted. Great cause for Angie to be shedding a broader light on, one of her best yet. My hat off to her and Hague.

    • Amelia says:

      That’s a sickening statistic. Such behaviour towards another human being is simply mind-boggling.
      I genuinely can’t quite comprehend it all.

      • Even just watching her movie–ITOLBH–it was horrifying. There was one scene, where the women had bruises covering their entire inner thighs… many times do you have to be raped to get a bruise THAT big, long, and dark…it was horrible.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Very sickening statistics!

      • PrettyTarheelFan says:

        I will be seeing the image of that child’s death in the hot sun in my head for days and weeks to come. It was right to share it, but I won’t pretend I wish I hadn’t read it today. I can’t wait to get my hands on my red-head and hug him like crazy, and we will have some special prayers for the situation in Mauritania tonight.

    • I recently did research about modern day slavery for my mom—and I came across this country in Africa–Mauritania–in West Africa. Mauritania was the last country to repeal slavery in 1980, and in 2007 it made slavery illegal–and as of today, there has only been ONE slave owner convicted of keeping slaves. There are slaves in the entire country. It is terrible.

      Journalists are warned that if they are caught with stuff about the slaves, then they’ll be arrested–and the stories that this journalist told–I can’t imagine having to go through that. Basically, it’s the lighter skinned Africans that have enslaved the darker skinned Africans, and it’s completely inbred into them.

      Slaves aren’t bought or sold–they’ve been slaves for generations, and they give slaves as wedding gifts…..and basically, even if they could escape–they won’t, because it’s mostly desert, and they wouldn’t have any way of surviving.

      One abolitionist–whose family owned a ton of slaves–said that he remembers as a child, his father having the slaves stand outside, in the rain, to hold tarp over their tent–all night. He and his siblings/friends laughed at the slaves that were shaking and their teeth were chattering–because of the rain. Or this one woman, whose master raped her, got her pregnant–he left her infant out in the hot sun all day (the baby died), to teach her a lesson–and then wouldn’t let her bury her baby until the end of the day.

      It’s terrible what some people’s lives end up becoming, simply because of where they were born.

      • V4Real says:

        Wow VC I don’t even know what to say to that. It’s hard to believe that in some small corner of the world things such as this still continues in modern times and we are blind to it.

      • Kiddo says:

        Holy crap. I feel a fool for not knowing this. I will do some searches and reading later.

      • I also read this article about the sex trade in Cambodia–90% of the people who are selling the kids to the brothels/pimps are the parents–generally because they take out loans from loan sharks, who charge obscenely high interest rates (like you borrow 500, and end up having to pay back 3000)–which is why they sell them. There was this girl’s story–her name was Keiu–and she was 12 when her mother sold her to a brothel, bc she was a virgin….her mother ended up selling her three more times, and Keiu ran because her mother planned to send her over 300 miles away, for six months…..

        It’s horrifying. I also saw this story about a girl who had been sold as a virgin three or four times–the brothel restitched her hymen/vagina back together. And here in America–the majority of the underage prostitutes are foster children, who have been beaten/raped in their foster homes… teen testified in Congress saying that she knew that she was always going to be beaten/raped in foster homes, and at least the pimp told her that he loved her….yet another reason why I want to adopt.

        I just can’t imagine it at all…

        Edit: Also–I was pleasantly surprised to see Mira Sorvino take part in the interview. She’s an ambassador, I believe, and she was there when the journalist was interviewing the girls. I always considered her to be a bit of an airhead–but I LOVE that she’s doing something meaningful. Good for her.

      • Kiddo says:

        I did know about the human trafficking in the US for prostitution. Some are not even in foster care. Some are runaways or kidnapped.


        How’s it going for your mom?

      • @Kiddo
        Tomorrow she’s going down with her sister, to Chicago, to the Cancer Center of America. They were a whole lot better than the hospital here. She talked with them, faxed them her pathology report, and within a day, they had already set up her appointment (that she’s going to tomorrow).

        She has Ductal Carinoma–cancer in her milk ducts–that has pretty much been inside her for the past 8-10 years. She STILL hasn’t heard from the hospital–any info beyond what kind of cancer she has. Which makes her mad, because the kind that she has is really aggressive. From her research–she might have to have a lumpectomy and/or a mastectomy.

        Also–the reason she hasn’t heard from the hospital is because they apparently have to ask her doctor the oh so consuming question of whether or not her doctor called a hospital in a different town about her treatment (the doctor is on vacation)–THAT’S the holdup on her paperwork. Give me a f-cking break.

        And ugh–I remember when Angelina said that she had a double mastectomy, because of her family history of breast and ovarian cancer…I started thinking about my mom’s side, and no one has had breast cancer, ever. I never thought I would have to worry about me, my mom, or anyone else in the family getting breast cancer.

      • Kelly says:

        I read a CNN report on slavery in Mauritania, and they did a documentary on Cambodia/Thailand trafficking and slavery. It’s all very sad and horrifying, especially the part where it’s normal for people to sell their own children to survive, staggering disbelief when you hear such a thing.
        I’ve recently seen a documentary on Nepal and their tradition of selling children as young as 6 to work in rich households as slaves until they grow up. They’re called kamlari. It was heartbreaking to see. The girl who survived and got out narrated it and she kept repeating this traditional song they have “father why do you sell us like animals, we are your children”, I cried while watching.

      • Nicolette says:

        @VC, I’m so glad your mom has made an appointment to get help. Hope everything works out well for her. Have you gone to get checked yet? Please don’t wait too long.

      • Kiddo says:

        I’m glad to know that she is going to a more competent institution that is responding to her needs. Bureaucratic crap otherwise, shouldn’t there be a doctor’s notation somewhere in her record indicating an outgoing call to another physician or an incoming one on the other side?

      • The Original G says:

        @VC. Hang in there sweetie and think positive. I had my own cancer issue many years ago and here I am still able to snark with the best of them.

        Glad to hear that she’s got a solid appointment tomorrow and you can all move forward. It’s amazing what they can do these days. The C word is taking a sh!t kicking from modern medicine. Don’t forget that. Also, an initial diagnosis can often be substantialy revised once there is more investigation done.

        I’m sending you and your Mom some white light. 🙂

  4. Greata says:


  5. Sixer says:

    Presumably, Ffion Hague is thinking at least la Jolie is not another male aide sleeping in the same hotel room.

    Hague is dogged by gay rumours (obviously not helped by sharing hotel rooms with his male flunkies who then have to resign) to the extent that he had to give a statement detailing Ffion’s many miscarriages a couple of years ago. I’m no Hague apologist (although thumbs up to this campaign) but it was not an edifying spectacle. Poor man’s been married for the best part of twenty years.

  6. Em says:

    ” a man like Hague” not sure what that is supposed to mean? Here in the uk he is known as a grey and pretty boring politician in an out of touch government. He is hardly mr charismatic, kudos to him for bringing attention to this cause though.

  7. Maya says:

    Only stone hearten people wont get affected by seeing and listening to suffering. I used to work for UN for 2 years and believe me – it never gets any easier to talk to people in pain. You just develop this inner strength to listen to all that and then cry when you are alone or away from those people.

    PS: Brad is surely proud of what Angelina is doing and the same with Hague’s wife. Not need to stir something up just because it is a man and a woman who is doing this project.

  8. Christine says:

    Good for her.

  9. Rainbows says:

    I’m really proud of her for this and several other things shes done. I should be her number one fangirl, she definitely picks the issues I care about plus she made Hollywood go gender-blind for Salt. But theres just a part of my heart that refuses to thaw. I start to fall in love and then I remember the red carpet f*ckery from years ago. So all I can say is I hope lives are changed thanks to these shuttle missions. Truly.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      Yes, but the operative words are “from years ago”. She has become a totally different person and is doing so much good. Shouldn’t that cancel out any missteps from her youth by now?
      When she coupled up with Brad Pitt, I was totally team Aniston and thought Angelina was an evil man stealer. Well, that made for juicy tabloid stories, but look at how vapid and self-absorbed Aniston turned out to be. Jolie has been a revelation and she is probably my favorite celebrity, bar none.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Shannon1972 is right no one is perfect as well all make mistakes. And she turned out to be a remarkable human being.

    • PrettyTarheelFan says:

      This is frustrating. AJ has dedicated years and millions to helping others. Yes, she had sex with her husband/boyfriend in a limo, wore his blood around her neck, was obsessed with knives, and maybe got into a bit of a mess with a married man. So what-were any of us personally impacted? People are not black OR white, good OR evil. We’re not poorly drawn characters in a Twilight film. She has grown, changed, developed, and is dedicating her time, her money, and her resources to helping others.

      I’ll be honest, I’m probably taking your comments personally. I’m 33 years old in 2 days. Great wife, excellent mother, loyal daughter, and adored boss. I volunteer at a center to help low-income women succeed in school and at PP-two of my personal causes. However, 12 years ago I was busy seeing how much trouble I could get into, how many guys I could sleep with, acohol I could drink, anything to push the limits, be different. I won’t even list the worst of my behavior. It wasn’t just rebellion, it was seeking for anything to define me-good or bad. I identify with AJ a lot although I’m certainly not able to make the kind of difference she makes. It’s terrible to think that the good we do now is always going to be quantified by the bad we might have done before. We’re all shaped by the experiences we have and the steps we take. I wouldn’t be a compassionate boss or a structured mom or an adoring wife without my life experiences. AJ might not be so driven to do good in the world now, if she hadn’t been “bad” when she was young. She might still be trying to live out those pieces of herself.

      ETA-this is not my best writing sample. 🙂 TL; DR: just because she was a “bad” girl, doesn’t mean she should be hated forever for it.

      • PrettyTarheelFan says:

        Came back to add: CB, Kaiser, and Co. were personally impacted by the Triangle of Gossip. 2005: The Year Gossip Exploded. 🙂

      • Kim1 says:

        AJ has never been arrested, gone to jail, rehab, etc. like many celebrities like RDJ, Drew, Keifer, etc. yet people can’t accept she has changed.Yet people can accept these
        Other celebrities transformations.Why?
        As for UN I look forward to reading negative comments on the other UN ambassadors .

      • Lux says:


      • lenje says:

        The other UN ambassadors are probably not well known enough, at least to posters of this site.

        How about all the negativity towards George Clooney, the UN Ambassador for Peace?

    • V4Real says:

      People on this site who know of me know that I don’t have a problem calling AJ or any other celeb out regardless of if I like them or not. That being said, yes Angie was considered the bad girl of Hollywood by Hollywood standards. In the real world she would have just been another young woman like you or me living her life the way she wanted and making mistakes along the way. The so called bad girl in Angie was the reason I fell for her in the first place; years before Brad came along. It really didn’t have much to do with her acting but she lived her life according to her own set of rules.
      Even when the rumors started that she was seeing Pitt before he seperated from Aniston, I didn’t care, I still loved my Angie. You could say I was bias. Do I believe Brad cheated, yep but that’s my opinion and that’s all it is. Note I said Brad cheated becasue he was the one who was married but somwhow the blame always shift heavily to AJ.

      Listen people change and grow and become more than what they were once considered. Why hold someone’s past against them? I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago. There are probably people right here on this site that are doing things in their personal life that other so called righteous people on this site would sit and shake their heads at.

      I do get when her hardcore fans defend her but they do it with too much aggression and verbal assaults. but we have to stop holding her past, which to me wasn’t bad, against her. Should we hold it against other celebs that have made mistakes in the past but now live their life reformed? Should we hold RDJ”s drug and prison past against him, should we hold singer Brandi or Matthew Broderick past against them, they both committed manslaughter via car accidents and so did the singer in Motley Crew? Angie has never physically hurt anyone as far as we know but some people treat this woman worse than they do Mike Tyson (Who I am a fan of as well). If you’re going to hold someone’s past against them why not aim for Mark Walhberg, a man who nearly beat another man to death and left him permantly damaged.

      I know I’m ranting but tell me one thing that makes Angie bad besides being accused of having an affair with Brad. Remember, she was considered a bad girl before Brad was a part of her life. Didn’t Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson both cheat on their SO’s when they hooked up but I don’t see anyone nailing Hanks and Wilson to the cross.

      • Soulsister says:

        Brilliant post.

        I also fell for the ‘bad girl’ Angie as well. To me she was just such a breath of fresh air from the usual vacuousness that existed in Hollywood then as it still does now.

      • Kim1 says:

        Brandy was NEVER charged w manslaughter.
        Otherwise good comment.

      • Sookie says:

        V4Real, a few things: I guess I’m going to have to be one of those ‘aggressive’ fans because of what I find problematic in your post. On the face of it, you sound pro Angelina, but reading between the lines, it’s evident that like many, you have a passive aggression towards her that can’t help but expose itself. It could be because of ignorance, in which case let me clear a few things up:

        You say, “yes Angie was considered the bad girl of Hollywood by Hollywood standards.”

        Actually NO, by ‘Hollywood Standards,’ Angelina was a tame as can be.

        In fact, that’s why she’s only just now meeting what would have been her peers back in the day – including Brad, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, etc. Angelina was married to Jonny Lee Miller, in the UK, she knew Jude Law and Miller’s friends well – but she didn’t go to H’wood parties or hang out — she was literally married up from the age of 19 to 25, and by 23 she had found out her Mom was suffering from what was almost always a terminal cancer.

        By 25, she had become a young Mom and had well embarked on her humanitarian causes and philanthropy.

        I THINK, you may be referring to the ‘image,’ middle America may have had of Angelina, when seeing her tats, hearing she had been married twice, and in a bi-relationship. As ‘sexy’ or ‘sex’ in any capacity to them, often equates to ‘bad.’

        Angelina discussing her emotional issues, adolescent cutting and typical H’wood kid drug use (after the fact mostly) – and sharing her demons in interviews was something SHE decided to do.

        You wouldn’t even know about it unless she told you.

        There was no expose that found Angie out, no tabloids and papz catching her in mini-coopers. There was NO talk public/press talk/discussion whatsoever about it, PRIOR to Jolie sharing it HERSELF in interviews. Angelina never had any DUIs, no passed out drunk in the car moments, no Britney or Lohan or Richie or Paris type scandal and no sex tapes (unlike Chelsea Handler, ha!).

        In fact, Angelina booked her biggest blockbusters and franchises between the ages of 21 and 25. Studios are notorious for NOT taking chances on unprofessional shakey types on set, Jolie was known as the complete opposite.

        Another comment from you I have a problem with was you saying the following: “Do I believe Brad cheated, yep but that’s my opinion and that’s all it is. Note I said Brad cheated becasue he was the one who was married but somwhow the blame always shift heavily to AJ.”

        First of all, so you ‘like’ Angelina but I guess you think she’s lied on TV to Anne Curry’s face, and to the entire world, when she said ‘I would never cheat, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, after what happened to my mother.’ I’m sorry, I guess I ‘like’ Angelina a LOT more than you, because I don’t think she’s a dishonest person. She’s not perfect, she’s human and has made mistakes, but cheating with Brad Pitt isn’t one of them. I also think Brad Pitt is an honest and good person, and I don’t think he’s lying either. Lastly, of the three, Aniston I believe is a lying SOB to her core – fans have caught her repeatedly lying, but even SHE claims to believe Brad did not cheat. From where I’m sitting, that’s 3 of 3 who say NO CHEATING: the then-wife, the then-husband and the the alleged then-other woman. No one else needs to weigh in.

        Which is why I’m skeptical of people who claim to ‘like’ Angelina while believing not only would she scheme and scam to cheat w/ a married man, but that she’d further compound it by lying to the world on TV, and then repeatedly after.

        That’s not the Angelina who I’ve become familiar with over the years, she’s pretty consistent in terms of what she considers right and wrong. Being such a large part of her life (the betrayal of her mother thru adultery) it’s almost incomprehensible that a fan of hers would dismiss Angelina’s own firmly held beliefs and convictions, and call her out as a liar.

      • V4Real says:

        @Sookie, I shouldn’t even bother with people like you, especially on today’s post but I will. Let me clear something up for you. I don’t have to pretend to like anyone. If there is a celeb I don’t like Aniston, Paltrow, etc. I will state it.

        I know you like to believe you know Angie better than she knows herself but I’m not the one who labeled her a bad girl. It was the media and yes they would say the bad girl of Hollywood the same way they did with the guys. You call my comments passive-aggressive, no honey it’s what you call logic and common sense, you know, things that mature adults use. The reason I call fans like you fanatics is because you wear rose colored glasses when it comes to a celeb you are obsessed with. Just because Angie said it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Do you really think you know everything there is about this woman? It’s very delusional if you think a person tells the truth about everything. Do you really believe that Angie would come right out and say hey world, yes I had an affair with Brad while he was still with Aniston, no matter how honest you might think her to be at that time. You speak as if your opinion is fact while anyone with a different opinion then yours is wrong. Where you there with Angie, Brad and Jennifer? How do you know what is truth or not. Even other fans of AJ have said they doubt that Brad waited but you just pass them off as Aniston fans because your opinion is the only opinion that matters.

        I was probably a fan of Jolie before you. So don’t you dare sit there on you high horse and assume that you know my intentions. You know the age old saying about those who assume don’t you? I’m not too concerned about your skepticism, because I owe you nothing. What you yourself should be concerned with is your childish banter of calling whoever don’t like Jolie an Aniston fan. Fanatics like you claim it’s been over ten years and people should let that go yet you insist on dragging it on every chance you get. You need to let it go.

        Your beginning post is without logic. Just because Angie has Hollywood friends doesn’t mean she couldn’t have been considered a bad girl. People like RDJ and Sheen have Hollywood friends but they were still labeled bad boys. As for you pointing out that Angie never had DUI’s or anything of that nature, you’re preaching to the choir. Or perhaps you were only trying to find the negative in my post. I think I stated clearly that Angie didn’t do anything that would be considered bad in my book. Didn’t catch that did you?

        I can’t believe that you would actually try to get a debate started on a harmless post that I wrote. That says a lot about a person who goes in a dark cellar at midnight searching for a black cat that isn’t there. Shame on you. Shame that you would darken the news of Angie’s great humanatarian efforts for your own selfish reasons of starting an argument.

        One last thing my comment was directed @Rainbow but I did it in a mature fashion without accusing her of being a hater or an Aniston fan but that was lost on you as well.

      • zut alors! says:

        @ VReal
        Your entire comment is spot on. I like and admire Angelina very much too but I refuse to put her on a pedestal. I appreciate all that she does with her time and money. I will never understand what was so egregious about her past that people cannot let go. If anything, Angelina hurt herself more than she ever did anyone else.

    • Sookie says:

      I get so annoyed by people like you. I wonder who you are, and in what kind of world you live in, when only CERTAIN people (usually beautiful women I’m guessing…) are NOT allowed to mature, and evolve as people.

      First of all, you say ‘red carpet fckery,’ and I’m pretty sure you’re speaking of two events that are probably the most overblown overrated NON-‘scandals,’ in celebrity history, they include: 1) Winning an Oscar at 24, attending with her brother, giving a lovely speech while dressed in black goth, her bro similarly attired and afterwards kissing him on the mouth in celebration and in front of cameras a couple times…and 2) At 24-25, her then-husband choosing to tell a reporter at the Globes that they had just boinked in the limo on the way over. Well, congrats, it’s now almost 15 years later, and you say these two oh so scandalous things are what makes your heart ‘refuse to thaw,’ despite all her tireless dedication to the less fortunate, and being one of the most productive and influential philanthropists/humanitarians in the world?

      You know what? I call b.s.

      I simply do not believe you. If you went around judging people and ‘not thawing out,’ for what young teens and early 20s did in their often misguided and perhaps quirky youth, there would be nobody left TO admire, including admitted adulterer, admitted stalker, admitted promiscuous teen mom, OPRAH.

      People like you are looking NOT for a reason to like/admire Angelina, but a reason to dislike her – and it’s some pretty thin watery gravy you come up with, I gotta tell you.

      Sorry, but those two things in my opinion do not a scandal make. I’ve seen people drunk on stage slurring words at red carpet award shows numerous times (Aniston), people falling down drunk and having to issue explanations about ‘muscle relaxants,’ later (Charlize Theron) — all at ages significantly older than Angelina was at the time, and yet it’s laughed off and excused, and rightly so.

      People forget what 1999-2000 was like, there weren’t hundreds of starlets with tattoos, there were only two, Angelina and Drew Barrymore. There weren’t dozens of starlets who were bi-curious and open about discussing it, there was only one, Angelina (Drew followed hot on her heels). There were NOT a lot of very young, sexy, gothic, intense ‘different’ starlets who were major stars and Oscar winners back then, there really was only one – and as a result everything she did was discussed as if it were so alien and weird (‘She has tattoos all over her body,’ said Barbara Walters, ‘how is she going to get work?!’), her sexuality was seen as fluid and threatening – she liked sex and she talked about it, as well as her cutting when an adolescent, she talked about her issues and overcoming them – all of that made people look at her like she was strange, thus they easily took two beautiful siblings who looked like book ends, their gigantic big lips smootching each other and at first started jokingly insinuating ‘incest,’ – well, that gradually morphed into the untrue, ‘Angelina frenched her brother,’ lore.

      Except there was no French kissing the brother, there was no ‘vial’ of blood (it was a flower press charm on a chain). As if that, and not numerous jail stints, or DUIs, or shoplifting, or battery charges (all things other starlets have been arrested for) is justification for your unwillingness to thaw.

      There are actors convicted of vehicular homicide (Brandi, Rebecca Gayheart), or who get arrested for DUIs (let’s start with Reese Witherspoon and save the other 10,000 for later), shoplifting (winona ryder) reported spousal abuser (Sean Penn), or who are crack addicted felons who home invade (RDJ) – whom I’m sure you’re not waiting to thaw out over.

      So please have a seat with your lame insinuations.

      Angelina Jolie, did not stay 19 years old in suspended animation, so you really can’t continue to bash her tame (by H’wood standards) 19 yr old choices.

      By the time she met Brad, she was a young Mom, with an Oscar, and several other peer/industry based awards, and a UNHCR Ambassadorship that she was dedicated to – and sorry, no matter how much you want to, referring to her non-scandals of the past, doesn’t make her accomplishments and absolute right to be admired for her hard work, dedication and influence on things that truly matter, go away.

      • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

        @Sookie: thank you for your insightful and well thought out post. I appreciate your comments and agree with you very much.

    • Aysla says:

      Wow. I’m astounded by the vitriol in this thread, and I’m not talking about the people who happen to dislike Angie for X, Y, or Z (so this is not directed at you, Rainbow), or the people countering against those dislikes with X, Y, or Z points. I’m talking about the hyper aggressiveness of the super-fans that can’t deal with any perceived slight or criticism towards a celeb they place on the highest of pedestals, in the land of the Utmost Magnificence.

      I admire and like Angie too, but holy crap.

  10. lenje says:

    I believe the only thing that perhaps makes Pitt worried a little bit about Jolie’s association with Hague is the latter’s political reputation.

  11. Andrea1 says:

    Am proud of the woman Angelina Jolie is! And am sure Brad is proud of her likewise Hague’s wife also. Its a very tough cause they are fighting. 20,000 rape cases! Wow tears is the only reaction especially when you’re a woman. She has seen So much if there is one thing I would love to hear Angie talk about its her take on life in general. Would love to hear her talk about what she feels or thinks life is.

  12. LadySlippers says:

    What a hell of a woman she is.

    She is such a role model for women. ALL people in fact.

    Note: I disliked another actress’s use of the blanket ‘all’ from yesterday’s post. There are relatively few times that a blanket statement is true and applicable to the entire planet’s population (or half the planet’s population).

    However, AJ is an exception. She campaigns for the voiceless, ignored, and abused. She exemplifies ‘Be the change’ motto so many overuse.

    • Andrea1 says:

      However, AJ is an exception. She campaigns for the voiceless, ignored, and abused. She exemplifies ‘Be the change’ motto so many overuse.
      And that is So very true LadySlippers.

    • GreenEyes says:

      Spot on LadySlippers!

  13. zyfoo says:

    oh come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn. have you looked at the guy. i doubt very much that brad is sitting at home all worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Xantha says:

    You’d have to be a sociopath to not feel anything when listening to such horror stories. And the scary part is that 20,000 women is just in the Balkan wars alone. Imagine the numbers if a person factors all the war torn countries at the moment seeing how warzone rape is such an epidemic no region is immune.

    I hate that this type of thing still exists in our world. And I hate that warzone rape hasn’t already been treated as a crime against humanity years ago. A great example of rape culture on a global scale.

    • Tatjana says:

      The Balkan Wars were in 1912 and 1913. The wars in the early 90-is were the Yugoslav wars or each country’s war for independance.

      And yes, the fact that something like this can happen and is happening is shocking.

  15. Xantha says:

    Oh and I doubt Brad and Hague’s wife are concerned. The only time they(Angelina and William) are seen together is when doing work like this. It would be very difficult for Hague to even have the time to have an affair with a woman who has a busy schedule like Angelina and he doesn’t exactly have much free time himself.

  16. Rachel says:

    Over her.

    • Katie says:

      On this article, of all articles, that’s what you choose to say? Did you even read the horrific facts it highlights?
      Perhaps save the flippant, adolescent remarks for an article about Angelina’s new movie, or her new handbag, or literally anything else other than this.

  17. Maggie says:

    This guy likes being on the world stage. I guess that’s why he shut down a program for abused kids in his own country. Not enough exposure for himself?

    • Cecilia says:

      I read about that. I find Hague very shady & the U N even shadier.

      • Soulsister says:

        LOL. At the subtle shading of Angie. You Jenhens are as passive aggressive towards Angie as your idol is.

        Here is a story about two people try to effect a difference in regards to a horrific crime (the rape of men, women and children during war) and all these two Jenhags can do is criticize the people who are trying to effect this change.

        I really can’t imagine why anybody would be negative about this story in any way.

      • Maggie says:

        I trust nothing the UN does. Very manipulative! Follow the dollar ……… and you see what’s in it for them. Far too political imo.

      • Cecilia says:

        I am not shading AJ on this. I just think she should be aligning herself with more savory characters & organizations. She could even start her own, independent group & be able to monitor things more closely. This is a most worthy cause & I would hate to see it corrupted by association or anything else.

      • The Original G says:

        JMHO, we shouldn’t make perfection in individuals or institutions (or ourselves) a prerequisite for trying to do good. If we do we’re sunk, in so many ways. We’re all entitled to act to redeem ourselves.

      • lenje says:

        The UN is far from perfect, but it does have ideals as goals, and more often than not their works are targeted towards realizing those ideals.

        The ideals themselves are also debatable, since different cultures have different values. But the hindrance could be likely attributed to the member states.

        While many small countries don’t have enough capacity, the bigger countries also tend to push their own values and agendas. Can we talk about hypocrisies?

    • Soulsister says:

      @Maggie – This guy likes being on the world stage

      LOL. That might have to do with the fact that he is the British Foreign Secretary (heavy emphasis on the word FOREIGN). I would think that being on the world stage is what he is paid a salary for.

      • Maggie says:

        Umm I dont think you get it and I’m not going to try to educate you. I’m not throwing any shade Angie’s way because I beleive she’s the real deal. Quit trying to start something.

      • Sookie says:

        I don’t know about you Maggie, but Cecilia has a known bias for Angelina, and is usually in her threads passive aggressively bashing her.

        That said, this is big time geo-political stuff, and whether you like the UN or not, they’re the sole world entity we have that can influence foreign governments for change. Cecilia suggesting Angelina start her own UN-like entity is particularly ludicrous and even more passive aggressive than usual, since we all know, she’d be first in line to call her an egomaniacal crazy person to think she could blink her eye, and have a world org that would wield influence like the UN.

        Angelina, and human rights organizations are trying to STOP horrific and brutal rape in wartime – why not let up on your incessant need to kick her in the head, at least in the threads where she’s trying to help humanity on a pretty friggin grand scale, and get government leaders to join a cause that has been ignored and swept under the rug – rape as genocide and a crime against humanity.

        I doubt she is in a position, to select the gov leaders that can exert pressure based on their popularity or saint like qualities. If someone tells her they can help end a genocide, my guess is, she won’t GAF what their Brit poll ratings are.

      • Maggie says:

        Sookie this is a gossip site. If you only want to read happy sunshiney thngs about Angie go to her fansite otherwise let others have an opinion and respect that theirs are different than yours. Cecilia can think whatever she wants of Jolie.
        It’s about time someone stood up for women when it comes to war rape. Whether you like her as an actress or not as women we all benefit from her bringing it to the forefront. In my opinion she sucks as an actress and plays the HW game just like they all do but as a humanitarian I have nothing but respect for her and admire her for her committment. Why do you have to come on so strong? Who is kicking AJ in the head? And WTF does Aniston have to do with this? NOTHING

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Maggie, who wrote: “And WTF does Aniston have to do with this? NOTHING ”

        Personally, I think Aniston has ‘everything’ to do with this. Otherwise, why would some posters still have a chiledl heart against Angelina Jolie for ‘messing’ with a ‘married’ man?

    • Hiddles forever says:

      Where did you read that?

      As a secretary of state for Wales he did just the opposite……

  18. Vizia says:

    Go, Angie, go!

    Rape, in war and peace, is endemic in many parts of the world. If you’re looking for a way to actively participate, local rape crisis centers always need volunteers no matter where you live. And there are organizations out there that provide help regionally and world wide ( is a good example).

    • Trashaddict says:

      Glad you mentioned working in our own back yards. Bad sh-t going down in the US as well. 10 am this morning my work gets a crime alert. Woman raped in the shower of her freaking dorm at freaking 10 am. For a perpetrator to be so brazen means they are in a culture where they believe the can get away with it. Teach your sons respect for women. It starts with their language and gestures. It starts with how they see their dad and other men treating you. It ends with how they treat their partners and daughters. Inflicting pain is for cowards who can’t face their own insecurities.

  19. gennline says:

    Sorry to hear about your Mom.Hope everything works out well for her.

  20. GreenEyes says:

    She really does exemplify the word Humanitarian & the meaning of – A Great Humanitarian. In regards to helping fellow human beings.. W/ their rights, basic needs, etc. (More so than anyone else of the Celebrity World & of this generation).

  21. TerraInc says:

    Oh finally I realized what it reminds me of: Marla from the Fight Club!

  22. cro-girl says:

    The wars in the former Yugoslav were nasty and brutal because of Serb policy. They literally had a rape campaign and worse still, an extermination campaign. Kill them all and if you cant kill them all, breed them out, humiliate them, destroy their women. It sounds like propaganda but in all the history I have studied and all the wars I have learned, this was the worst.

  23. Aysla says:

    I still can’t get Hala and her family out of my head. Then I wonder about the families I’ve met in my lifetime who were forced into awful situations, and my heart aches even more. I knew an indigenous Quechuan family in Peru who were very humble and very poor. The couple had several kids, and about ten years ago the wife died from a sudden illness. The father, overwhelmed and unable to cope (both economically and as the single dad of so many children), had to give his children away to other families (unfortunately nowhere in or near the same village). He kept his oldest son with him, but he was a broken man after that. How many stories are there like that, all over the world? Genocide, rape survivors, refugees, desperate poverty, and so on. It’s mind numbing. How can you not cry?

  24. junegorilla says:

    She is such a beauty. And the work that she does is so impressive right along with Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino. They are able to get a ton of press coverage and exposure to issues that wouldn’t make headlines in the states otherwise. Bravo to all of them instead of those other bimbos that just sit around Cabo getting drunk and smoking doobies. Dayum. I told myself that I wouldn’t get sucked into the Anniston vortex.

  25. ray says:

    She might be really moved this time but she is too much of pretentiousness rest of the times. Remember her shoulder pic with a that famous veteran. Never knew Charlize has charities/UN work too.. that’s how you do it. Not for attention. And how did AJ got rich to have %60 million chateau ? And that’s just one property. Not many of her movies are super hit. Infact I can’t recall any other than lara croft.

    • Janet says:

      She makes $15 mil per movie plus backend. She can by a lot of chateaux with that.

    • Candy Love says:

      Just because you haven’t heard about Charlize UN work does mean it’s not talk about because it is. There are pictures of Charlize doing here UN work as seen in pictures below Google and you will find more photos and articles. That the one of point of doing UN work and being a celebrity to bring more attention to these issues.

      ( She might be really moved this time but she is too much of pretentiousness rest of the times. )

      Do you think she was pretentiousness last year when she listen to a mother talk about how her 5 year old daughter was rape outside of a police station and no one did anything to stop it.

      Or the story where a girl take about how she was gang rape when she was 12 and her parents forced her marry the main guy when they found out. She end up getting pregnant and he then left her.

      I mean really get a clue.

      Angelina last movie she did made 6 Million plus and she gets paid 20 Million a movie not 15..

    • Sal says:

      Ray Angelina is a UN Ambassador and a Special Envoy. Her duties require her to liaise with the media much more than Theron. You can’t compare the 2.

    • Kim1 says:

      Angelina has topped Forbes list of highest paid actresses 5 times

  26. Just Me says:

    Incredibly shallow post – but dear GOD, I wish my skin looked as good as hers sans makeup.