Miranda Lambert in beige Randi Rahm at the ACMs: beautiful or bland?


Here are some more photos from last night’s Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas – you can see the list of winners here. I only care about the fashion! Miranda Lambert wore this nude Randi Rahm on the red carpet, but changed into a brighter little dress later (I don’t have the ID on that one). The nude gown… eh. She’s lost weight and she looks beautiful, and her styling is especially good here. But I get a weird feeling about Miranda and Blake Shelton. Honestly – I’m not trying to set off the Blaranda loonies. It feels like Miranda is feeling particularly pinched.


Here’s Carrie Underwood in Oscar de la Renta. I usually don’t care for Carrie’s style whatsoever – she has the ability to turn couture into pageant-wear. But I am strangely enchanted by this dress. That’s not just a cool swooping design on the gown – that’s actually metallic fringe. If she danced or moved whatsoever, the fringe would shake and you could see it better. Unfortunately, she stood stock-still in all of these photos. My verdict? It’s pretty and I sort of like it… on her. For Carrie, it’s a decent look.



Jewel in Edition by Georges Chakra. My god, this is awful. Terrible dress, it doesn’t fit her, her styling is bad, the whole look is just a mess. Also: BOOBS. Are they real? I seem to remember that Jewel has always been rather busty, so I think they’re real. They just look fake because they’re being squished.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. erindipity says:

    Yuck to all 3 dresses, and Miranda is starting to look a little like a bobble head. Quit while you’re ahead, girl!

    • Erinn says:

      This tends to happen every time she sneaks down too far in weight. She’s a pretty girl, and she looks great, but she starts fighting her natural shape a little too hard.

  2. danielle says:

    Miranda looks beautiful. I like jewels makeup. Carrie…um, no. Also, that is an insane amount of mascara. Its a wonder she can keep her eyes open, the lashes look so heavy!

  3. aims says:

    The winner here is Miranda. She looks good.

    • janie says:

      I love county music and thought Miranda looked beautiful! I also caught the tension with her husband. Blake seemed to be making nasty remarks about her. I liked almost all the ladies attire, except Jewel. What was she thinking? I was surprised to see Faith Hill sing with her husband.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Yah she looks good but they are totally put of sync in that picture. He’s treating her very stiffly and she’s all about the camera. Trouble.

  4. Stef Leppard says:

    Miranda is almost unrecognizable!

  5. Sleepyjane says:

    Miranda and Jewel look great. Carrie is a big No; that purse with that dress is tacky.

  6. A Different Kate says:

    I’ll set off the Blaranda loonies (didn’t know there was such a thing): Something is way off and has been for a long time. Blake is a drunk, womanizing dirt bag. Miranda, who is no angel herself, is 100 times more talented than he is, yet continues to take a backseat because of his stupid tv show. The aww shucks good old boy stupid redneck act is wearing way way too thin. I’m ready for Blake, in particular, to be over. And spare me the “ooh, power couple, what would country music do if they broke up?!?” Country music will do just fine. There have been plenty of industry couplings before these two and there will be plenty after.

    • Erinn says:

      This. I used to like Blake, I liked his older music and his videos were amusing. But he really seems to be a raging alcoholic dickbag. Miranda is incredibly talented, and a lot more likable. Like you said, she’s no angel, but I like her, and like that she’s not some sickeningly sweet barbie doll type. And I love that she puts a lot of work and awareness into dog rescues. I’d love to see her with a genuinely sweet guy that’s not so far up his own ass.

      • megs283 says:

        Yes! I LOVED Blake circa 2006. Nobody But Me, Goodbye Time, Austin, etc. The good ole days. Now he’s way too much of a persona, and either his voice has failed, or he’s forgotten what sounds good.

        Miranda, OTOH, has consistently hit it out of the park. She can do no wrong (musically) in my eyes.

  7. Tatjana says:

    Miranda looks amazing. The other two, meh.

  8. cari says:

    Miranda’s body looks incredible in the first picture. perfect hourglass!

    • QQ says:

      Umm hmm she looks Very va va Voom and I say this as someone who cant ever get past her monchichi weird features face… this time i was like BODY!!!

  9. L says:

    Miranda just knew she was going to have to compete with Shakira being on stage with her husband. Because Shakira looked hot (other than the weird boots)

  10. We Are All Made of Stars says:

    This is the best I have ever seen Miranda Lambert look. The dress is beautiful-I want it. Carrie gets points (for her) for having a more natural hair and skin color, and for toning down her makeup (for her) and wardrobe (for her).

    Also… is she a midget or is he a giant?

  11. ALJsMom says:

    It looks like Miranda got ‘toxed. She looks good though

    • Kcarp says:

      Miranda got more than toxed. Later in the show she looked totally different. I think she pulled a Leann and got her eyes opened. She looks good. Hope she quits messing with her face. You should have the face stuff til your in your 40s at least. What are u going to do then if u already been Botoxing for a decade

  12. Tig says:

    I think this color washes her out, but a great style/cut for her. Pls post pic of Kelsey(?) M-that was a pretty dress in a gorgeous color.

    Not a big follower of country music- but the guy singers could not have been more interchangeable- the only one who looked the least bit different was Hunter H, and I’m afraid it’s bec he’s barely out of puberty!

  13. paola says:

    Miranda and Carrie have 2 of the best bitchfaces in the showbiz. They’re all glitters and unicorn when they’re posing for pics… but when the camera is off they both looks like stone cold bitches! Yikes!
    Miranda’s body is banging!!

  14. lucy2 says:

    I think that’s the best Miranda’s ever looked, I even like the hair and makeup. I like the dress, except for the seam at her knees.
    Carrie’s dress is OK but she always looks overly made up and Barbie doll-ish.
    I actually don’t hate Jewel’s that much, except I dislike any dress that makes boobs look like that.

  15. BendyWindy says:

    Funny how there’s tons of cleavage and under boob here, and no one is calling it inappropriate like Olivia Munn.

  16. HappyMom says:

    I think Jewell is pregnant: bigger boobs and empire waist.

  17. Lemon says:

    Jewel looks like a makeup artist put a swipe of bronzer on the inside of each boob…I think that’s why they look so fake (not sure if they are or not).

  18. Allie says:

    Miranda and Carrie look great. I love both their dresses. Jewell looks tacky. Awful dress. Why was she there?

  19. AlmondJoy says:

    Miranda’s figure looks AMAZING. Carrie Underwood looks great too, less prom-queenish than usual.

    Jewel: I love you to pieces but that dress is just a NO!

  20. Anna says:

    I’m not judging any of the women here, if they want to have booby dresses they can but am I the only one who noticed that this year (and at this award show) the women’s dresses have seemed to have 10x the cleavage? Almost every dress the woman’s boobs are being shoved together it looks like it would be ridiculously uncomfortable to wear for a whole night..

  21. kimber says:

    I like all the dresses, but not necessarily on the wearer. Blake always looks dirty and not in a good way.. Idk he just gives off the slimeball vibe.

    Look how much space is between him and his gal? Huh. Body language doesnt lie…they got stuff.

  22. Vanderhootchie says:

    Miranda is very pretty but her face looks so different. Botox or something. Her smile is not the same. She looks like she’s “somewhere else”.

  23. zbornak syndrome says:

    They all look delicious! Miranda made me do a double take, I have boob envy!

  24. shellybean says:

    I actually like the top part of Miranda’s dress, but the bottom portion, by her knees, looks like it was added on at the last minute and looks cheap.

  25. Vanderhootchie says:

    Jewel’s boobs are not real. It was a bad job to begin with and it needs fixing.

  26. KatieD says:

    IIRC, back in Jewel’s ‘Pieces of Me’ time period, she didn’t seem all that busty at all. Then around the same time she came out with that pop-ish single “Intuition,” to me it looked like she was much bustier than she had been before…which to me, would make sense, because it seemed like she was trying to transition into a ‘sexier’ image.

  27. Mouse says:

    Jewel’s always been busty. Honestly, and TMI, my boobs look weird like that when they get squished and unnaturally propped up the way hers are in that dress. Tshirts for me!

  28. Isa says:

    Miranda looks great. Perfect hourglass figure.

    This is weird but her face used to look too small for her head and now it doesn’t.

  29. janet says:

    Miranda Lambert looks gorgeous! The best she’s ever looked.

  30. Lauraq says:

    Miranda’s dress is fine. I know nothing about her and Blake. I just know I like her music and someone once told me that all of her facial features are situated in the lower 50% of her face and now I cannot unsee it.
    Carrie’s dress is gross.
    Jewel’s boob has a dent in it, which means it is probably fake. It’s funny that you think Taylor Swift’s probably real boobs are fake while not noticing the obvious design flaw in Jewel’s.