Star: Lindsay Lohan is ’100 percent broke’, she’s been drinking this whole time


You know how Lindsay Lohan has been partying constantly since she got out of rehab? You know how she’s been hanging out with the same sketchy characters and enablers? You know how she’s back to posing for Terry Richardson? You know how she acts like a jumpy crackhead whenever anyone tries to call her out on her crack lies? Yeah. Well, crackhead is crackie. None of this is surprising whatsoever. But Oprah hasn’t been following Lindsay Lohan’s crack shenanigans for the better part of eight years, and Oprah really and truly thought that she could remake Lindsay into a functioning member of society. Not so much.

So much for a comeback. Lindsay Lohan turned out to be a losing bet for Oprah’s OWN network. Not only did her reality show fail to score big ratings, but execs are furious with the spiraling starlet for not fulfilling her end of the bargain.

“Lindsay agreed to be authentic and give the cameras full access to her life, but she didn’t,” charges an OWN network insider. “Instead, she didn’t film when she agreed to, did almost no publicity for the show and was drinking since almost day one of filming.”

Now LiLo is out of a job – and cash.

“Lindsay is 100 percent broke. The only money she got was from Oprah and that’s over now.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Remember back in July of last year when Oprah announced that she was paying Lindsay $2 million for LL’s exclusive interview and the OWN series? I said then that we had just witnessed the Crack-Grifting of Oprah. Oprah got hustled by one of the biggest cracktastrophes in the business. Oprah had fair warning, and I really hope she learned her lesson from this mess. I know that sounds harsh, especially considering that I do believe that Oprah was coming from a place of “maybe I can be the one person to help this poor wreck.” But she should have known. And now she does. Lindsay has the reverse Midas Touch: the Crackie Touch. Everything Lindsay touches turns to crap.



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  1. GeeMoney says:

    And everyone together… 1, 2, 3! “DUH!”

    Man, I feel sorry for that girl. It’s like, no one will let her hit rock bottom so she’ll be forced to get better. People just keep helping her out and using her notoriety for their own benefit (although, I really do think that Oprah cared). It’s sad.

    • Mich says:

      I suspect she is coming close to burning her last bridge. Her rock bottom seems to be pretty low. Not sure if she can hit it without killing herself in the process.

      • Lady D says:

        As long as she doesn’t take anyone else with her.

      • St says:

        Oh God – I hope she won’t overdose one day. Can you imagine how tabloids will go crazy? For 6 months we will have every day update from TMZ and Radar with every little detail, theories and on and on. Updates from Dina and Michael and how they cope. Update from Ali. Zillion of articles how beautiful and talented she was, how she died too young, how she was the most talented young actress….. It will be crazy.

        I really-really hope that she won’t die. Buy you know – she just doesn’t want to get better and keeps and keeps falling. People try to help her but she is such selfish lying brat that she can’t overcome herself. At this point she probably believes in her own lies. And her career is over, she is broke, which means she will drink and do drugs out of despair. Even LAW tried to help her and put her in all those rehabs…. I saw that OWN documentary and she is completely hopeless.

        And now she is broke and can’t even afford assistant. And those assistants did everything for her. I wonder how she will do everything on her own now. She probably could not afford good lawyer now if she will get in trouble again. I even wonder if few years in prison could help her. When there would be no one to do her demands and no one to lie to. Will she grow up?

      • Mich says:

        With every bridge burned, she will spiral. She hasn’t been able to cope with life with her plate overflowing with chances and enablers. Once those props disappear, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for her.

        Sounds awful but she is no spring chicken. There are newer, younger, hotter, less used up faces to push her so far to the fringe that she falls off the map and becomes just a sad footnote/cautionary tale. Really sad to say about someone who is only 27.

        Even on CB where we all used to tune into her court room drama to skinner in real time, everyone has lost interest.

  2. Eleonor says:

    She has been broke for years, she has been drinking a lot, of course.
    On other related news: water is wet and sky is blue.

    • Nikki L. says:

      Yep. Been watching the show. She said she only did Cocaine 10 or 15 times. Um, really? Remember the story of her and Nicole Richie doing the MOUNTAIN of blow off of a hotel mirror? Remember all the stories of people seeing her OPENLY doing coke in bathrooms at SamRo’s gigs and clubs over the years? She wasn’t exactly secretive about her habit, I think the coke addled her brain in that regard.

      Lindsay, you will not get better, nor do you want to get better, until you stop lying to everyone and yourself. NO ONE IS BUYING IT.

  3. TX says:

    I believe every word. I would have believed it anyway, but that show exposed her even further, and showed the world just how awful she is.

    • V4Real says:

      See, this “STAR” story is easy to believe because it’s Lohan and we can judge by her past behavior and what she continues to do. Also it doesn’t seems as if they are saying anything that we already don’t know

    • mia girl says:

      I agree.

      The program revealed to me, aside from being an addict (which is sad) what a complete grifter this woman is (which is deplorable).
      That is her biggest issue and why she is burning every last legitimate industry bridge – because she is a lying grifter fueled by delusions of relevance.

      I’ve got to wonder how long before she grifts the wrong folks and get the bag of oranges treatment (like in the movie The Grifters).

      @Kaiser – the Cracken Touch – perfect!

  4. word says:

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for her? I hate how the media forces us to give a damn about her. She did this to herself. There are people going through a lot worse in life.

    • Lady D says:

      I feel scorn and contempt for that trick, not sympathy. When she starts treating people with respect, then she might get some sympathy.

    • NeNe says:

      I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for this chick. She had more chances than anybody, and still she f*cked up. She is finally getting what she deserves, hopefully. I can’t believe there are still people out there that really believed she was going to change and turn her life around. Don’t you feel dumb now, Oprah!!??!!! Oprah should make her pay back all the money she was given.

      • idk says:

        I know seriously. Oprah should have given that money to someone who really needed it. Two million dollars would have paid college tuition for how many students? No, let’s all help LL instead.

    • Kerrboom says:

      Yup, pisses me off royally. LL has spit in the face of every single person that’s tried to help her. I read this site for entertainment and to get some laughs at self-absorbed celebrities, but the articles on LL cause immediate hatred and disgust towards her.

      I am 100% on board with helping those who desperately need help, but at this stage, LL doesn’t need help. She needs to be boxed up and shipped to Antarctica so she isn’t around people anymore.

    • Nikki L. says:

      Do I feel sorry for her? No. Do I understand why she is the way she is? Yes. Her parents are royal screw-ups in every regard. She’s been taught to take no responsibility for herself, lie, and take advantage of others.

      However, she is an adult, and it’s time to put on the big-girl panties and stop screwing up her life.

  5. don't kill me i'm french says:

    What surprise! No!

  6. lassie says:

    Smile at the paps and then….blow the kiss. Yes. The kiss shows how coy you are. You are a young, vibrant star. People can see how beautiful and youthful you are if you blow the kiss. Never change, LiLo.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Gah! Another blown kiss pic! I loathe them. As if anybody wants one of her kisses anyway. Cracken’s kisses probably stink of cheap wine and cigarettes. And desperation. Gross.

  7. Kiddo says:

    She didn’t look or sound exactly ‘right’ on Letterman the other night. Oprah was seeking to capitalize on a train wreck, I have no sympathy for the failure in this case. What would have maybe helped Lindsay is to not have gotten that project and to remain in therapy/rehab instead. The fact that Oprah and Lindsay are promoting this disaster together doesn’t make me feel better about either of them, each using each other for gains.

  8. Marybel says:

    If you’re broke, how do you pay for clothes, extensions, cigarettes, booze….food and a place to live? She’s not really broke, right? Who pays for her life?

  9. Loopy says:

    So she blew all that money on a matter of months,i’m sure she had massive debts anyways.

  10. Liberty says:

    Did anyone else read CDan’s post about her stint taping 2 Broke GIrls? He apparently attended the hours-long taping and describes her “work” painful line by painful line.

    • Kerrboom says:

      I read it and, despite the cast and crew stating the article isn’t true, I believe every word of it. LL has proven to be a pain in the ass to deal with on every set she’s “worked” on, so why would 2BG be any different?

    • bettyrose says:

      I find it believable because it’s not over the top. The descriptions of that soft core porn she did a few years ago were much worse than this. This sounds more like someone who is actually trying, not running off to snort coke at every opportunity, but really and truly can’t do it.

  11. lucy2 says:

    The amount of money that has gone in and out of this idiot’s hand is astounding.

    • Kerrboom says:

      I know! Can you imagine if, instead of LL getting all the money she’s gotten, that money had instead gone to struggling families/domestic violence shelters/rape crisis centers/a children’s hospital/animal rescue sanctuaries…literally anything other than in the hands of this crack whore? The money would’ve been put to much better use and would’ve actually been appreciated.

      • bettyrose says:

        Well, if you factor in the amount she’s spent on taxable products (rent, clothes, plastic surgery, even liquor), she has been supporting the economy, which tends to benefit the greater good.

    • Nikki L. says:

      I know. What people have barely mentioned over the years is her massive and obvious shopping addiction. She has no control over her spending habits at all. this is really illustrated in the show; she has a MASSIVE amount of designer clothes and is incapable of not buying more.

  12. Happyhat says:

    Despite my poor fashion sense, I can’t stand piano-based outfits… Nor uber-pointy shoes.

    I like the hat though.

  13. Izzy says:

    Addiction is a disease. I understand that. And I generally feel a great deal of sympathy for addicts, and admiration for those who overcome their addictions and maintain sobriety.

    Robert Downey, Jr. understands it. He understands that he is sober and has a responsibility to stay that way. He and many other addicts understand that there IS an element of personal responsibility, in wanting help, in getting help, and in maintaining sobriety.

    The Cracken understands none of that, and probably nothing else of value. And she gets none of my sympathy. Only my disgust.

    • TX says:

      Im with you. I think we have really seen that her addiction is, for lack of a better word, a symptom of her narcissism and immaturity. RDJ was a great guy with addiction issues, LiLo is not.

    • doofus says:

      yeah, I made this point on another LL post.

      If she were a better, nicer person, as well as being an addict, I think a lot of us would still be rooting for her. but she’s shown herself to be an entitled b*tch on wheels with no desire to get clean, so why bother?…

    • Decloo says:

      I think she, quite seriously, has sub-par intelligence. Robert Downey Jr. is clearly a smart guy. He saw what was happening and was able to pull himself back from the edge. I don’t think the Blohan has enough smarts to see the reality of what’s going on, let alone do something about it.

    • GeeMoney says:

      Don’t put RDJ on a pedestal, though. The man may be smart and talented, but he spent a good chunk of the 80′s and ALL of the 90′s high as a kite. And don’t tell me that you forgot about him breaking into that kid’s room at night where he passed out b/c he was high. He’s had his issues.

      Not to mention, the man had to go to JAIL before he was able to wise up and clean himself up.

      He’s living proof that you can get better and enjoy success later on in life. Perhaps this will happen for Lindsay, too. Only time will tell.

      • Hautie says:

        Now lets be clear…. RDJ went to state prison. Prison is a scary place in California. It was not as if he did a little time in the county lockup and got sober. RDJ finally f*cked up so bad he got sent to prison. For over a year or maybe nearly 2 years.

        He only got sober, because he got the first rate trip of “scared sober”. He would have never got sober without it. And has said as much.

        Which is exactly what needed to happen to Lohan. She needed to go to prison in California, for all that stealing. Where all her dumb ass behavior would not be tolerated.

  14. Whitney says:

    I had hopes she’d, by some miracle, turn herself around, but clearly I’m too much of an optimist. She is a trainwreck and sadly I don’t think she’ll ever change. Also, that outfit she’s wearing is terrible.

  15. Dorothy says:

    People have given her chNce after chance. If she’s too stupid to utilize those Ina positive qY the. She deserves everything that happens to her. I think everyone’s just over all of this drama.

  16. Shelley says:

    Before anyone posts about sympathy for her, how awful Ma and Pa Lohan are, her wasted talent, etc. – please just picture yourself or a friend or family member being the one she mows down while DUI, yelling as she does so “Move that body! I’m Lindsay Lohan!” I am not even kidding.

    My best friend was killed by a drunk driver when she was 15. That was 40 years ago and the grief among everyone who knew and loved her never goes away. The potential lifetime of pain this dangerous, insane, repulsive person may cause other people every time she gets behind the wheel is immeasurable.

  17. Merritt says:

    Of course she is broke, she spends as though it is 2004 when she had money and several projects.

  18. Candy Love says:

    I call BS Lindsay not 100% broke she get money from somewhere and somebody..

    • BobbieFisher says:

      Yup. She was spotted kissing some random f*cking guy on a yacht in Miami this week. No doubt it’s one of her crack dealers who’s financing her fake film that will never come out. Inconceivable still doesn’t have a director, costars or anything else. She couldn’t even talk about it on Letterman. And oh – how I loved how Letterman blew Lohan off in that interview!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!! He refused to ask her back when she tried to finagle another appearance on his show with Oprah – he totally blew her off from the beginning intro (The lovely Lindsay Lohan – Look at the look of disgust on his face) to the very end where he won’t even look her in the eye he’s so sick of her. Dave knows the score. He knows she’s not sober. He knows she’s a sociopathic liar. I loved that interview!

      • jwoolman says:

        You might be right about your interpretation of Letterman’s reaction. He mentioned that he’s an alcoholic himself. She probably isn’t fooling him as well as she thinks. The pics above must have been after the show, same dress.

  19. TheCountess says:

    File Under: Duh.

  20. littlestar says:

    I wonder when/if the day will come where Lindsay is truly homeless and can no longer grift a sucker? :(

  21. Bread and Circuses says:

    I really hope Uncle Sam slurped up all that Oprah money to pay the Cracken’s overdue taxes. I really, really want at least some of that money to benefit better people than the Crackie.

  22. Lux says:

    Wtf is that weird ass piano dress she’s wearing!?

  23. Katija says:

    I know someone who works for OWN!!! I wish I had fun dirt, I really do, but all my friend said was that what you saw is what happened. She’s unreliable, drinking, argumentative, impatient and sleeps all day. Sure, she should have the prerogative to choose when to film or not to film, but they’re bankrolling her entire life right now.

    Oh, and the male assistant shown on the show – don’t remember his name – it’s a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” sitch. The camera crew actually really disliked him and found him tedious, but they had a common goal of getting Lindsay to do her fucking job and bad-mouthing her. But apparently he was annoying as hell and full of himself.

    • littlestar says:

      Interesting, thanks for sharing!

    • St says:

      Why, I kind of like him. He knows his job and does all she tells him to. And we all see what kind of a hell is it to work for Lohan. I feel sorry for every person that works for Lohan.

  24. Stephanie says:

    I have zero sympathy for Lindsay. She is going to kill herself partying.

  25. lambert says:

    I do have sympathy for this train wreck. And she looked awful on David Letterman’s show. As much as I feel for her though, I think she’s become a master manipulator and has adopted her parent’s grifter ways. I hope she can pull it together before she hits her rock bottom (which may be the same as Corey Haim’s rock bottom – EEK!)

  26. St says:

    Well that reality showed one thing – that Lindsay Lohan is way more worse person that we thought she is. I saw all those episodes that aired so far and oh my God! She has no respect for anyone at all. She acts like she is queen of the universe and whole world exists up there to do everything she will demand. She doesn’t respect people that work FOR her, she doesn’t respect people that SHE WORKS for. This is spoiled rich brat. At least she was rich but she is not now. But she still acts like she is rich A-list celebrity.

    Can you imagine how all those assistants, lawyers suffer? She says one thing, does another. Promises something then acts like she didn’t promise. And I can’t understad – is she mentally ill? She doesn’t look like she is ill. And she doesn’t look like she is completely stupid. She understands that she can’t find work in movies because she doesn’t show up on work in time… yet she is not showing up even on her own reality show. She doesn‘t even show up at the meeting with some movie executive. This is just beyond understanding.

    I think the biggest problem is that Hollywood if full of as-kissers and zillions of second chances. Every stupid celebrity can have millions of second chances. Every executive tells to every crackhead that she/he is the most talented actor out there. I mean in the last episode Lohan was talking with that Sony executive and then came back crying and said that this producer told her that she is the most talented actress out there and that she is considered for every script…. I mean come on. And she listens to all those as-kissers and believes them. And still thinks that she will have another chance and that whole world waits for her comeback. And that she will do some indie movie and it will be so great that she will get Oscar nomination….

    She is so delusional it’s amazing. She is broke and no one can hire her even for cheapest straight to DVD movie. Yet she still acts like she is center of the world and will have huge comeback any moment…

    • Nikki L. says:

      Yeah I’ve been watching it too. She absolutely, totally, and inescapably creates every bit of drama and chaos that surrounds her and she’s INCAPABLE of seeing that or taking any responsibility for it at all. It’s always everyone else’s fault. Classic addict behavior. She’s addicted to drugs, shopping and drama in the worst ways.

  27. jwoolman says:

    There are enlightening detailed recaps of each episode of the OWN show on, complete with picture galleries and intelligent comments. No need to burn your eyes watching.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Guess this is The Star’s time to be right.

  28. Ash says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days that she ODs. Which will be sad. She had so much promise, and prior to her drugs/alcohol I thought she was really talented.

  29. Evi says:

    One does have to question Oprah’s motives. She basically signed Lohan on for TV ratings, not really about some type of altruistic desire to really help Lohan. Which is why I can’t stand Oprah either and find that she is worse for doing just that: exploiting Lohan for ratings.
    I don’t think Lohan is alone in behaving the way she does. Let’s not forget the industry she is in which is a great enabler of such behaviour and those within the industry, like Oprah, who pretend to be benefactors when all they’re really doing is engage in exploitation.
    Maybe Lohan needs to be broke and jobless for a while to really wake up rather than have enablers: producers, etc offering her work and TV appearances.

    • Kidoo says:

      Yep. I said this above. Oprah was looking for ratings on a lukewarm channel, and she thought a train wreck was the answer. That, and/or she has an incredible god-complex where she thought her being, alone, would cure what ails Lindsay. Having the Oprah phone call on Letterman demonstrated that she is still trying to promote this crap. I don’t watch and won’t watch. Lindsay should have never gotten a show so soon after rehab, and Oprah is complicit in perpetuating her illness.

      • jwoolman says:

        Oprah was extremely careful on that phone call. She acknowledged that it’s difficult to have cameras following you around, which it is. She said something about being glad to see Lindsay is trying to make progress or something nebulous like that- never saying she was succeeding or that she was sober or wonderful. Then she just talked about wanting to get on Dave’s show before he retired… She really said nothing that could be interpreted as claiming Lindsay did a good job or was clean or anything or that she was the mentor that Lindsay was trying to claim. I doubt that Lindsay talked to Oprah any more than absolutely necessary, since Oprah was not buying what Lindsay was trying to sell. I’m also sure that the call Oprah bit was planned in advance with Oprah. As if Oprah would really give Lindsay a hotline number…

      • Kidoo says:

        Yeah, it still played as a promo for the show. I’m not saying Oprah claimed she was successful in straightening her ass out, just that maybe she thought she could initially, or maybe she didn’t care at all, and simply wanted ratings.

  30. snowflake says:

    looks like she spent some of that money fixing her cracked-out face. whoever she used did a good job. she looks refreshed and pretty again.