Is Tom Cruise’s puffy face the result of too many fillers?

Tom Cruise

Can I just say how thrilled I am that Tom Cruise has returned to the tabloids? I barely even noticed that he took a public breather for about four months. This lift lover is still happy to see him awkwardly entering the public eye again.

When Tom surfaced at the Jameson Empire awards about a week ago, he looked like he’d been wrestling with a can of hairspray that landed on his forehead. His face looked puffy and full of fillers. His suit didn’t fit him well, and he was very unkempt. Tom usually looks immaculate, so I knew something was amiss. I didn’t dwell on it because there was no Tom news (beyond the new Edge of Tomorrow trailer where his character keeps on dying — over and over again).

This week’s tabloids are going bonkers over Tom’s new face. Tom has never been a stranger to surgery. He’s long been rumored to have regular touchups by a famous Brazilian plastic surgeon. He’s appeared “refreshed” on several occasions, but he usually looks good. For example, this is how Tom looked last December as he towered over Ben Stiller. Tom looked chiseled and (dare I say) handsome:

Tom Cruise

Here is Tom at last week’s awards ceremony. His face looks painfully puffy:

Tom Cruise

Star has a reaction piece on Tom’s new face. They float a few theories, but the predominant one is botched plastic surgery:

He sported a new haircut, and impeccably tailored navy-blue suit and his trademark megawatt smile. But as Tom Cruise posed on the red carpet at London’s Jameson Empire Awards on March 30, he turned heads for very different — and less flattering — reasons.

Whily many came out to see the star — who was making his first public appearance in nearly four months at the ceremony — they were shocked at how much his face had changed. “Tom’s face looked like a puffy pillow,” says an onlooker at the event, where the 51-year-old actor won the prestigious Legend of Our Lifetime award. “Everyone there couldn’t stop talking about how different he looked.”

Indeed, even though Tom was accepting an award for his more than three decades as a big-screen superstar, he looked more like an overgroon little boy than the chiseled movie idol who starred in Top Gun almost 28 years ago. And many believed the puffiness was the result of a plastic surgery treatment gone terribly wrong.

“Tom could be swollen from recent injections of a filler like Sculptra,” agrees plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who does not treat Tom. “This treatment is typically used to fill in gaunt faces, and it can cause facial swelling”

Though Dr. Youn says that swelling from plastic surgery will probalby “settle down” eventually, some close to Tom wonder why he bothered with fillers n the first place.

They see it as a sign of Tom’s growing obsession with looking young — which seems to have reached new heights lately. “He’s gotten terribly insecure when it comes to aging,” an insider says, adding that his single status — and fear of growing old alone — is a large part of the problem. “If he were happily married, he might not care about his appearance as much. But he really does want to settle down again. The fact of the matter is, he’s attracted to younger women, so he wants to look young.”

[From Star, print edition, April 21, 2014]

This week’s issue of Star calls Tom “Tom-Squatch!” because he’s been “hiding” from the press — possibly to recover from plastic surgery. Star says Tom’s atypically round face looks that way because he “may have had his cheeks injected with fat from his love handles.” That’s pretty harsh. I don’t think he looks like he gained weight! He simply overdid the fillers. Tom has also become obsessed with hair dye and thinks his new, fuller locks makes him look more youthful. God, this is so … pitiful? I’m starting to feel sorry for Tom Cruise.

Let’s recap again — Tom in December 2013:

Tom Cruise

Tom last week:

Tom Cruise

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. Eleonor says:

    I have to admit it: whatever he is doing he looks good,.

    • Mia4S says:

      That’s sarcasm right? He looks dreadful. Obvious fillers, the hair doesn’t work, and the suit is sloppy. If he wasn’t shilling for a cult I’d feel pity.

    • Tracy says:


    • FingerBinger says:

      He looks fine to me too. I don’t see all this puffiness.

    • Catherine Anne says:

      I believe he has his hair in his face to cover the swelling. It will probably settle just like Brad Pitt’s eventually did too.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      You know what? It looks like steroid face to me.

      • stickershock says:

        i second this. And idk if this is a thing but do steroids cause manboobs in some users? I recall hearing something along those lines years ago.

      • homegrrrl says:

        It could very well just be weight gain coupled with an unflattering haircut. If anyone deserves to start looking terrible it’s TC for what he did to Nicole Kidman and their children, all in the name of the cult that practically wipes his arse. He’s a rep for one of the most toxic things on the planet, so no wonder the universe is striking him fugly.

      • Maybe says:

        Miss Melissa, I was going to say severe carb bloat…but, you could be right! It just doesn’t have that “botox” look to me.

  2. Gia says:

    Well…it’s not from ageing gracefully! How’s he going to spin his way out of this one?

  3. Christin says:

    Can anyone just grow older gracefully? These photos are a great example of why to leave well enough alone.

  4. lamamu says:

    Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt must share the same doctor. Both of their faces have really puffed out in the last year or so.

    • Jaded says:

      I think Brad’s face was puffy due to some alcohol-induced weight gain. Saw some photos of him taken quite recently and he looked amazing – like he’d lost about 15 lbs and stopped boozing – the handsome was back!

  5. Macey says:

    I really dont think he looks that different. sure he seems a little puffy but the bangs also make him look odd/different. New hair dos are usually used to distract from the work.
    I’d say fat transfer to cheeks but its not like its freakish terrible like some other PS nightmares Ive seen.

  6. QQ says:

    Hahahah “his face looked like a puffy pillow” aahhahahahahahah I, for one Love this shit

  7. kimber says:

    He can get all the help he wants for his aging face, it doesnt make me swoon or want to see his movies. He’s sad.

  8. don't kill me i'm french says:

    Or he gained some weight!
    He Doesn’t look refresh for me…he looks his age with a bad haircut

    • He looks like he gained weight to me. His body looks puffy too.

    • Bridget says:

      I agree, he looks like he’s gained weight, but I think it may not have distributed well in his fce because of all the work he’s had done. And he’s had a lot of work done over the years – but he’s made the mistake of trying to look like he’s 20 years younger, rather than trying to look like he’s aging well. Which is how you end up with this result, including the man bangs. The funny part is, he probably would have aged very handsomely on his own (I go back to the movie with Jamie Foxx where he was the assassin) but it’s like this is just another way his crazy has come out.

    • Ana Maria says:

      …exactly! bad bad bad haircut, terrible! and even as a young man, he’s always dressed like a middleaged man; he needs a stylist and to grow out his hair, like in his Magnolia days…

    • Sacred And Profane says:

      I came to say the same thing, “Don’t Kill Me, I’m French “. He looks no different to me, either. Whatever he is doing, it’s not helping, because to me, he looks his age. He has aging skin, the beginning of jowls and lots of crow’s feet. I work with men older than him, and they look better than he does. The new hairstyle makes him look like a desperate schoolboy. Besides, no matter what he does or how much he spends, nothing will expunge his twattiness.

  9. GeeMoney says:

    He doesn’t look too bad. But I am curious about him being single… it’s not like him to be alone for this long. Hmmm.

    From what I’ve read, not only has he had work done on his face… apparently he’s also had a bit of lipo done on his stomach, too.

    • lucy2 says:

      None of his past relationships have ended in such spectacular fashion before though. He was always able to hold onto his star power, but Katie ditching him and all the CO$ stuff has really damaged his image. There’s no young starlet eager to be the next Mrs. Cruise.

  10. muffintop says:

    He looks like a chipmunk, like I did when I had my wisdom teeth out

    • Ruffian9 says:

      chipmunk cheeks! First thing that came to my mind as well. Not a good look, it changes the overall shape of his face.

  11. Luca26 says:

    I think he gained weight to hide how bad the surgery went. Same with the shaggy hair.

  12. aenflex says:

    I loathe CO$. And I loathe the power-hungry. At this point I am actually starting to feel bad for him. I can’t believe it.

    • Kiddo says:

      Yeah, he seems to be an easy and frequent target and for that, I have sympathy.. Serious question, though: Are there hordes of women who see him as a handsome leading man, justifying all the alleged surgery? He doesn’t do it for me, and I wondered if Tom Cruise was lusted after, or if he is just doing this for ‘youthful action characters’ and male audiences (not in a sexualized way)

    • Happyhat says:

      I feel ya. I mean, I can’t stand Tom Cruise unless it’s ‘Legend’ or ‘Minority Report’ (and maybe one other film I forget right now…’Few Good Men’?) and CO$ really screwed him over big time – I can’t see him finding much peace from here on in.

  13. Ellie66 says:

    Yep definitely Chipmunk Cheeks and the sweeping bangs are not so great.

  14. GlimmerBunny says:

    He looked great with grey hair in “Collateral”! If he’d let himself age gracefully I bet he’d be a total silver fox in a few years.

  15. Brasileira says:

    He’s starting to look like Nicole…

  16. Looks the same to me :/

    • HappyMom says:

      Me too. I keep looking at the pics but I really can’t see a big difference other than the hair.

  17. Anoni Mus says:

    Meh. I think he’s (finally!) showing his age. The haircut is dreadful, is he going for a young Bieber? It looks ridiculous on him, or on any man over 20.

  18. AlmondJoy says:

    He IS looking quite plasticky these days… He looked naturally handsome in the pic with Ben Stiller. Whatever happened to having laugh lines and expressive faces? Growing older is a thing of beauty and it’s simply human, but Hollywood has people thinking they look best with stiff, creepy faces!

    • Kiddo says:

      I so agree and cosign on that sentiment. Having a lot of surgery draws more attention, but not in a good way. The strange melting wax skin (as someone else astutely put it) makes you immediately think ‘old’ (and plasticized), even though you no longer see the wrinkles.

      Maybe I’m nuts, and I am, but I think crow’s feet and laugh lines can be absolutely adorable and attractive in both sexes. It also demonstrates a lot of years of joy in someone’s face. Why would you want to look like a (puffy) blank slate devoid of human emotions?

      • AlmondJoy says:

        Kiddo: Exactly! I’m with you all the way. I LOVE a natural face. Crow’s feet and laugh lines give evidence of a full and (hopefully) happy life lived. My grandmother is 85 she has the most beautiful face. Soft wrinkles, moles (beauty marks as I call them) and beautiful skin. She makes all types of faces and loves to laugh. I can’t imagine how she would look if she had filled and plumped her face with all types of crap. We are beautifully made.

    • lucy2 says:

      Crazy as he might be, he was always a handsome guy and would have aged very well naturally.

  19. Black Orchid says:

    I guess Nicole finally got her revenge by sending Tommygirl to the same surgeon that blotched up her face

  20. poppy says:

    his face is puffy from all his deals with the devil.

  21. Shijel says:

    Dude looks like an overgrown child.

    • Debb says:

      ITA – big head and little body. He can’t be more than 5’4″ – never saw him as a leading man. His personality ruined it for me a long time ago.

  22. Hissyfit says:

    That first photo of him is so unattractive. He look so short and stumpy!

  23. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I have never found him attractive.

  24. HappyMom says:

    To me, it just looks like he’s sweaty and his hair is different. I don’t see that he looks any puffier or more “worked on” than before.

  25. Marybel says:


  26. shellybean says:

    He looks the same to me. I honestly don’t see the puffiness. He always looks a little wider in the face when his hair is pushed forward.

  27. booklover says:

    Honestly, he looks like he has something “padded” under his shirt to make his chest look muscular, or whatever. It just looks like padding to me – not natural. Dyed hair – not good. He is not going to be one of the distinguished older actors – some men age better than others, he is not one. I can’t imagine what “younger” actress (or regular person) would ever hook up with him after all of the scuttle brought out with the most recent divorce and legal proceedings against the non-church he participates in, unless you long to be brain-washed and manipulated!

  28. Cora says:

    I don’t like Tom, but I think he’s aging very well. I don’t see any difference between the photos, just his normal face shape plus some aging. I do wish he would let some of his grey come in. I think he’s one of those people who would really suit grey hair.

  29. Daz London says:

    He’s had that forehead vein removed !!!

  30. Splinter says:

    Just imagine his rage when he saw the results of this surgery/injections/whatever!

  31. It'sJustBlanche says:

    You have to be subtle, not crazy. They all get work done, it’s just not as obvious as it is on him. He should settle down. Plastic surgery on men, especially, generally looks fake.

  32. P.J. says:

    Nope. It’s all but been confirmed that Tommy boy had a total face lift somewhere out of the country (reportedly Brazil) hence his sudden and totally out of character recent disappearance and bizarre new shaggy hair style which is allegedly in place to cover still healing incisions (Tom has ALWAYS been so handsomely clean-cut).

    Several blind sites stareted reporting this very story about a “mystery” A+ list celeb weeks and weeks before Tom re-appeared in the public eye looking mysteriously youthful and, as Bedhead says “puffy.” Ah, Hollywood…

  33. Ag says:

    too much time in the CO$ sauna is making him look super shiny.

  34. Decloo says:

    More importantly, what the hell is “the prestigious Legend of Our Lifetime award”? Nope, never heard of it. I’m assuming it’s one of the CO$’s custom-made and completely fabricated awards just for Tommy Girl? They’ve done this many times before. Also, whenever Tommy Girl makes a public appearance, his Scientology handlers make all the CO$ menials show up so he has a decent looking crowd chearing for him.

    • Decloo says:

      I just looked it up. The award is presented by the Jameson Empire Awards (which is something in Britain that I’ve never heard of) and are awards voted on by the public (like our “People’s Choice” maybe?) Anyway, it looks like Tommy can thank all those CO$ menials who worked their little fingers to the bone voting for him over and over again so he would be a shoe-in. Thanks Menials!

  35. lambert says:

    I’m not seeing all the puffiness that everyone else see’s. His face looks normal to me – he’s still looks like self-absorbed midget.

  36. Elisabeth says:

    tooth in the middle of his face

  37. Darci says:

    He looks fine. The only thing different is his hair. It makes his face look fuller.

  38. St says:

    Well he refuses to face his age. He was fighting for so long. But he can’t look 35 forever. His is 50 and can’t pretend that he is 35-37 anymore. His age finally catched him up. And he has to accept it.

    He just looks weird now. And has crazy eyes again. He was very sure of himself before. And now he just looks like he is scared and that his is the first time he hit premiere and saw reporters. Maybe he can’t move his face enough anymore to show emotions?

  39. rlh says:

    Poor Tom. Whoever does not see the puffiness from fillers needs to look again. I almost don’t blame him though; it has to be AWFUL to have been boyishly good looking and 50 in Hollywood. That is a special Hell.

  40. Mary says:

    All of Tom Cruise’s pictures should be taken in the exact same angle as the first picture. Way to go bitchy photographer 🙂

  41. Jayna says:

    I saw him in the last MI film and his face had lots of lines, but he was handsome. Tom tends to put on weight sometimes, and here it just looks like maybe he has some weight on Other than that, he looks the same. I don’t find that he has done something major to his face at all. I hate when he wears his hair like that.

  42. Dalovelee says:

    I think people especially tabloids are looking for anything negative to say about him. He looks fine. The suit is not the best but dear god everyone in Hollywood gets something done on them.. Because it’s what they do. Anyway he’s got another future hit on his hand and that’s what matters a good movie.
    Not to mention all the people who criticize his looks… It would be great if we could see what they looked liked so we could see what makes them the one to say he looks bad.

    • Kidoo says:

      “It would be great if we could see what they looked liked so we could see what makes them the one to say he looks bad. ”

      They are the people who ultimately pay for his salary in films, aren’t they?

  43. John says:

    He looks bloated overall, maybe he’s having health issues and is on cortisone.

  44. roxy750 says:


  45. Aubrey says:

    About Tom Cruise having rumored plastic surgery for a puffy face, I really do NOT think so. Think it’s an alergy to gluten (products.) My face became extremely puffy for several months last year. Thought I may have some disease. But all the puffiness went away once I lost those 20 extra pounds and, most importantly, stopped eating ALL gluten. Found out I was sensitive to gluten (In bread, past-etc.) and, once I ate only gluten free & healthy foods, ALL the puffiness in my face melted away and I got my “sculpted” features back. Poor Tom has probably just been chowing down on lots of “Comfort food” filled with gluten.

  46. @tsairox says:

    He still looks great. The swelling should go down in 6 months just like Madonna ‘ s does. A little pre publicity before two blockbusters!