Lindsay Lohan admits that she had one glass of wine after rehab: so shocking!


I’ll take “Things That Are Not Shocking” for $2000, Alex. Apparently on a new episode of Lindsay Lohan’s crack melodrama the other night, she admitted that she had a drink after she got out of rehab. OMG THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION. It’s not like we spent weeks and months hearing endless stories and seeing the cracked-out photographic evidence that Lindsay immediately fell back into her vodka-soaked, cracked-out ways after her sixth trip to rehab. But Lindsay will only cop to drinking ONCE. She jumped into a relationship (her words) too quickly and the kid was a drinker so she had one glass of wine.

She says: “Yeah, f*ck it, I screwed up… The person I was seeing does drink and I had a glass of wine. And that was it but I just had so much guilt and it’s okay to admit it. Now what do I do that it doesn’t happen again?” It’s true that many people relapse soon after they get sober. I remember Robin Williams talking about getting drunk right after his first AA meeting in decades too.

The problem? Well, the problem is that Lindsay is a crack liar made of cracked-out lies. The problem is that the moderately professional people in her life – like her “life coach” AJ Johnson – keep hearing that Lindsay didn’t just have one glass of wine one time. Even Lindsay’s cracked-out mother sold her out:

After that, it seems like Johnson quit because Lindsay is made of crack lies and booze. Lindsay claimed her mother was “projecting” her own boozehound ways and when Johnson confronts her about the wine bottles in the apartment, Lindsay tries to turn the conversation around like a pro. This is not her first time at this particular rodeo, you must remember. So, LL’s life coach quit and her sober coach is gone too, and… you get the idea. It’s only a matter of time before the Cracken runs over a baby or throws a vodka and tonic at Donald Trump.

She looks like a crackie hobo in these photos, right?



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  1. Micha says:

    hahaha, the “OMG, this is BRAND NEW INFORMATION” reminds me of that scene in friends, where Ross tells Phoebe that he has slept with Rachel, and she totally tries to act all suprised although of course she has known for quite a while .. :D love Lisa Kudrow!

    as for Lindsay : meh.

    • Summer says:

      Ahahahaha omg I read that line in phoebe’s voice. She was so much fun in friends. I miss her :/

    • Ellie says:

      Me too! Long live Friends. All these years later and it still cheers me up when I’m down.

    • Decloo says:

      The dental hygienist at my dentist’s office wears the same uniform.

      • mollination says:

        The thing she doesn’t get is that we would all listen and give her more credence if she just came out and said the whole truth. She’s caught on this teeter-totter of wanting to tell the truth and clear her reputation, AND wanting to be taken seriously so therefore stopping short of actually taking responsibility.

        She wants this reality show to be a vehicle that will make people like and respect her again. But she’s still doing the same thing. “I did used to do cocaine…..but I only did coke 4 or 5 times.” ….”Okay, I DID relapse….but it was only one glass of wine.” ….”Yes, they are right, but they’re are also wrong and trying to sabotage me.”…..”My career IS in the dumps….but it’s not my fault.”

        If she just came out and said “I’m a cracked out lying mess. I want my career back but I can’t stop being a lying, fraudulent, transparent mess.” then someone might actually be able to help or listen.

  2. Ivy Vine says:

    I am sure there were other times than just the one time she admitted to. She is diffently back on drugs. She needs to stop trying to fool everyone and get real with herself. But I don’t see that happening any time soon.

  3. BeckyR says:

    Professional BS artist. She needs to go back to Long Island and wait tables. Her career is over.

  4. Putchka says:

    This over grown 12 year old (who looks 40) will never get better. Her “show” is extremely boring. My kid’s hamsters are more interesting…

  5. blue marie says:

    Yeah, I’m sure it was just a glass of wine. Meanwhile, she’s getting ready to go to Coachella with her mother. This girl is going to keep screwing up because folks allow it, I don’t think she has or will hit bottom until folks quit throwing money at her.

  6. Loopy says:

    Lol one glass or one vineyard?

  7. GiGi says:

    Such a grifter. I’ve been watching this mess and let me tell you – I think this wrapped last fall – she’s got to be close to out of favors by now. In the last ep. she literally has more clothing than can even fit into her apartment (not in the closets – in the entire apartment) and attempts to consign some of it. They’re going to give her $4000 but instead she crack hustles a trade for MORE CLOTHING! And I’m thinking this chick *really* needs the funds, you know. Like, I don’t think she probably has any money to her name – she’s just in a constant game of trying to get money from people or getting someone else to pay her bills.

    Her life coach had actually set up a meeting for her with a greenlighter at Sony which she just blew off completely. Crack. Shenanigans.

    • evie says:

      Grifter is exactly right. I am watching this mess, too, and just end up shaking my head at the end of every episode. Her mom was even telling her that $4500 in her hand was better than trading clothes for more clothes. She is so full of excuses and BS stories. It is mind-blowing! It’s one thing to read about her shenanigans but to actually see her in action is on a whole other level.

      • Anon says:

        I’ve been watching it too and I think the show reveals how much of her issues are psychiatric in nature rather than drug related. I can’t even imagine how she must be when she’s using heavily, especially when she was on the harder stuff. It was a bit sad to watch her dental emergency because I remember the sad, sad, state of her teeth back in those wildest days .
        Sam Ronson said she “was a very angry woman,” and this series shows just that.

    • gg says:

      I had it on last night while I was doing things and her neverending supply of bs she pulls out her ass by way of excuse and diversion was really amazing in a bad way. First she says something to her coach that is just zomg can’t believe you’re going there – and then while they’re silent, in shock, thinking of reply, she just keeps blabbing and blabbing. None of it means a damn thing. You really get a sense of the complete chaos that surrounds her attitude with this show. Can’t really recommend it though. lol

    • shellybean says:

      Yeah, the amount of clothing she has is pretty unbelievable! I felt sorry for poor AJ. She was really putting her all into Lindsay, and trying to help her get some structure in her life. I agree with her that Lindsay doesn’t know how to deal with confrontation, hence her saying “no, I’m not mad at you”, but then avoiding her and blowing her off. You could tell how nervous Lindsay was to meet with her after she blew her off in LA, she obviously knew she was handling things inappropriately, but she defaulted back to her normal ways. It’s sad really. I think AJ really liked her and wanted to help her, but when she tried to be upfront with her Lindsay basically covered her ears and ran away. I can almost see how her mother has enabled her all these years, as I think Lindsay has the power position in that relationship and she probably pulled the same crap with Dina. And then Dina was afraid of pushing her away, so Lindsay got away with her shenanigans. Lindsay is the ultimate self-sabotaging person, from what I can see. All she’s done is cry and say how much she wants to work, and then AJ gets her a meeting in LA with a bigwig, and Lindsay BLOWS IT OFF.

      • gg says:

        Don’t you know that AJ must cost an insane amount of money because she’s really good.

      • shellybean says:

        @GG – I know! I’m sure she was expensive! And probably paid for by Oprah! I can’t believe Lindsay blew that with her! She had a good thing going with AJ! Hell, I don’t even have a drug problem, but I could use an AJ in my life, and I’d be WAY more grateful! Someone to be all about me and make my surroundings serene and do yoga and meditation with me and tell me how awesome I can be if I stay focused! Sounds like heaven, LOL!

  8. Skyblue says:

    What on earth is she wearing? I know I should be more concerned about the drinking but I can’t take my eyes off the floral pantsuit.

  9. Jenns says:

    I thought the OWN show was going to be a typical Oprah production, in which we see Lindsey talking about her spirit and soul and trying to convince everyone that she’s fine. But, NOPE. It is a hot mess. And if she would stop playing the professional victim, she might have a chance.

  10. doofus says:

    sure, just like she told Piers Morgan (?) that she’s only done coke twice. or whatever.

    the girl lives for her substances, it was never about the acting for her, and likely never will be again. the minute she gets ONE LITTLE INCH of forward movement in her “career”, she acts like it’s 2004 all over again and she’s at the top of her game. she doesn’t want to put in any hard work to climb back up; she thinks she can leap-frog back up there.

  11. mytbean says:

    She says she is… maybe even says it in her head – but her actions tell us that she’s still not committed to the idea of being substance free. As long as that’s the case there will always be reasons and situations to imbibe that she’ll excuse as perfectly fine it in her head.

    Can someone who grew up raised by liars in a world run by lies, who adopted the same viewpoints and personality traits to survive ever see the value of being any different?

    She’s just placating the people who support her. She just wants the buzz kill people to give her money, stf up and let her live the life she wants too, regardless of whether it’s killing her and potentially hurting other people.

    It still makes me sad. She’s wasting so much. But it’s her life and bucket of opportunities to waste I guess.

  12. amanda says:

    God, I think this is so sad. I can’t tell if she’s acting, she clearly has a substance abuse problem, but the way she behaves is completely manipulative and she’s completely in denial. Pulling things like saying “I thought that you, as my friend, would tell me that in private” in front of cameras. Making excuses, defending herself harder than she probably needs to because she is constantly getting caught in her own lies…

    sad, really. I’m not sure if this show is going to help this girls situation or what, but I can’t help but think it’s exploiting her struggles. It’s her choice to have the show, I don’t think Oprah should be celebrated for giving her a show about this, really…but it’s really not going to be great for anybody if and when Lindsay just fails at her sobriety and she has a show about it…

    she’s too famous and needy to go the amanda bynes route and stay out of the public eye and really get better. maybe she doesn’t want to, maybe this is what she feels she has to offer as a celebrity now, but I hope not and I hope she gets better, but it seems hard with the shitheads she has in her life all the time it seems…

    • gg says:

      It seems to me she collects every lecture everybody has ever given her, and stashes it in her head to use later to turn her support people into her enemies. The complete lack of self awareness is really nuts. AJ probably went to the gym and beat up a punching bag right after because you just know she wanted to kick LL to the curb after that inane one-way deflecting conversation.

    • shellybean says:

      I don’t think Oprah is exploiting her at all. I think she’s been pretty upfront with Lindsay about what she expects, and she has reminded Lindsay that SHE agreed to do this and that if she doesn’t want to do it anymore, the camera crew will pack up and leave. Oprah gave her a huge opportunity to redeem herself by being able to show she’s taking sobriety seriously. She has a whole entire team of people whose daily jobs are to keep her on the straight and narrow and to do everything for her so she doesn’t have any stress in her life. She even has Oprah and the show’s producers on her side and willing to help her. If she can’t stay sober with all of that support, I don’t know what will keep her sober. I agree it’s very sad. She is obviously a sick person.

      • gg says:

        Even if she is sober, her attitude alone in sleeping all day while her paid support system, director and camera crew are shut out of her apartment, standing on the street, will do her in all by itself.

        She needs to just go home and live with her mother for the rest of her life because she will never support herself.

  13. Mia4S says:

    So I actually broke down and watched this episode (so it’s a show about unpacking?) and I couldn’t resist googling the Sony executive she was on the phone with and was supposed to meet. He’s legit! Seriously! She blew off a meeting with an actual Hollywood player. What more of an argument do you need for her not being ready for a comeback?

    • jgb979 says:

      How hard is it to show up to a meeting with an executive?????

      Even though there was a …..strong …..chance she wasn’t going to get cast in whatever blockbuster her delusional mind was gunning for that day, it still speaks to one’s (already toxic level of) professionalism if you can’t even show up to an interview. That’s more than 99.999% of struggling actresses in yahoo ever dream of achieving. So much of Hollywood (as with any job) is based on word of mouth recommendations. Even if she only gets cast as “rough waitress mom in her 40′s” in another lifetime movie, that’s still better than nothing!

      On a show meant to rehabilitate her image and show what a sober, conscientious, recovering actress she now is, it’s amazing just how toxic she’s coming off.

      • boo says:

        @jgb979 I think Lindsay thinks she is too big of a star to take a meeting with an executive, this is how her mind works. She thinks in her addled brain that she is this big star and people should come to her and ask her to be in movies, not have to go to an interview about a possible movie. I know that sounds crazy to most people, just remember she is an addict and alcoholic and I know from whence I speak, it’s really a conundrum to have this big of an ego and at the same time think so little about yourself.

  14. Neelyo says:

    The show is insane. I think I’m one of the few people watching, but it feels like a cross between SUNSET BOULEVARD, GREY GARDENS and CELEBRITY REHAB without the compelling performances.

    Lohan is a delusional hoarding grifter dragging around her old wardrobe from glory days. Anyone positive or productive in her life finds themselves leaving out of frustration or banished for daring to call her on her shit. Pretty soon it’s just going to be her and that carpetbagging mother living in squalor playing dress up with their vodka stained couture gowns.

    And her personal assistant is creepy as fuck. I have no doubt that he sneaks into her bed when she’s passed out to ‘cuddle’.

    • Jen says:

      What? Her assistant is the best person on the show. And he quit on her, so he obviously doesn’t give a crap about her fame or whatever. He’s trying his best to be professional while still trying to cater to that mess of a person.

    • gg says:

      I love your analogy. Right on the mark. Her assistant is very creepy but I think he has to really try hard not to show that he hates her, as anyone would who is put through the garbage he has to do. And she didn’t pay him so he quit.

    • BeyoncePadThai says:

      Other than the Matt-assistant comment out of left field. SUNSET BOULEVARD, GREY GARDENS and CELEBRITY REHAB is best description of this series. It’s that level of delusion that’s amazing and grey gardensey.

    • Stormsmama says:

      Holy cow you are spot on. Grey gardens haha lmfao
      Vodka stained games of dress up
      Hahaha BWAHAHAHAHA

      As for the assistant: I disagree. First of all, he worked for Prince for years. Dude has seen and been around a lot. He very clearly states he needs 5 min in morning (and 5 at night?) to do his job. He was yelled at and humiliated and swindled just long enough to realize his time would be better spent elsewhere.

  15. Ruyana says:

    How can she ever hit bottom when every single thing is someone else’s fault? She never, ever owns any responsibility, she’s a helpless victim and people are doing her wrong. Good grief. And I haven’t watched one minute of her “docu-drama”.

  16. Dragonlady sakura says:

    A barrel of wine equals a glass in her cracky mind.

  17. angie says:

    God, she is terrible.
    Have you seen the episode 4? She said she wanted to be in the avengers, but she losts the role because of her agent who didn’t fight for her. And then she shades Vanessa Hudgens, saying she gets her sloppy seconds. Or she isn’t Penelope Cruz just because nodoby gave her work, so that’s why she can’t be Penelope Cruz (WTF?). I think it was the scarlet witch role which went to Elisabeth Olsen (in the avengers 2), who is an “unknow “for the cracken. She doesn’t seem to understand that Elisabeth is a better young actress, more professionnal and beautiful without bad plastic surgery. And without the bad press and publicity around her.
    It’s reminds me when she said she was pissed that she didn’t get a role in black swan. It’s because of her agent she can’t have a role in a real movie? Please, it’s, because she is a mess, and nobody in hollywood wants to touch her, only if it’s for stunt casting like in the scary movie. She soooo delusional. She just thinks she deserve to be in a billion dollar franchise, when her last “real” role was in 2006-2007. She is crazy.

  18. Yup says:

    I have been watching each episode it should have been titled “Lindsay : Unpacking Boxes On Drugs” She is always talking a mile a minute and her eyes are always darting around. Don’t think she ever gave up that Addy script.

    Next episode prediction : Lindsay takes a bunch of adderall and unpacks more boxes.

    • shellybean says:

      Hahaha! Best description yet! Although I’m not sure she’s actually even unpacked many boxes. Most of the time it just seems like she’s moving piles of the same crap around to different areas!

    • ParisPucker says:

      looooool! yes – this. She obviously finds comfort in things, and as someone who has moved a lot, there is a certain amount of truth in this, but this girl takes it to the unbelievable EXTREME.

      These people swirl and hover around her catering to her, including AJ (even though technically, it was kind of her job…) I don’t think I totally ‘got it’ as to how messed up (and cowardly!!) this girl is until seeing this series. She was raised by walking disasters, so sadly, the odds were against her, but at some point you have to OWN (irony here?) your mistakes, and behavior and be a respectable human being!! What no one mentions here is this: Lindsay is smart. Too much for her own good. She knows just what to do to weasel her way out of situations and extract sympathy and empathy when it serves her ego. That scene when she takes AJ’s friend’s call and tears up about how moved she was that he ‘got’ her and gave her words of encouragement, …only to DITCH a meeting with him days later!! No wonder people have given up on her …she is DAMN LUCKY to have gotten this much, and every time she does it just reaffirms her inflated ego. Sadly, it’s only when the reality of living on skid row that might jolt her into becoming a respectable human being, but don’t hold your breath…sadly, her death may come sooner than any real or meaningful revelation.. she’s already the girl who cried ‘crack’ at this point..

  19. Rie526 says:

    She said she had a glass of wine and just left out the other stuff she took. It’s still telling the truth in her mind…

  20. Zigggy says:

    That’s funny if AJ quit, because I’m pretty sure when she was on Ellen last week she said AJ was backstage? LIES!

  21. nicca says:

    I think Kirstie Alley and Lindsey Lohan use the same measuring cup…..

  22. OriginallyBlue says:

    The look on the girl’s face behind her in the first picture, is exactly how I feel.

  23. Lucy2 says:

    I am surprised- only ONE glass? (Yeah sure).

  24. Bread and Circuses says:

    “Lindsay, you were reportedly drinking.”


  25. BunnyBabe says:

    Did anyone else notice in the first video that one of her eyebrows is frozen higher than the other (with no apparent plans to move back into place)?

    I honestly have always loved Lindsay but this girl needs to get a grip. She always says how “hard” everything is. Tell yourself a different story, sister, or else you’re going to perpetuate your problems even further. Life is what you make it; only you can dub yourself a victim of circumstance.

    • Yup says:

      I’m glad you noticed this!!! The episode of Double Exposure, an old reality show on Bravo, had an episode where they did a photo shoot for her. She showed up 12 hours late and her eyebrow would keep going crazy high – and she seemed totally cracked out. It was so weird, her one eyebrow would literally touch her hairline. I think’s it a muscle twitch caused by uppers.

  26. Vl says:

    By “one glass” she’s referring to the equivalent of SeaWorld’s aquatic tanks right?

  27. BobbieFisher says:

    This woman is a sociopath. Pure and simple. All her problems, drinking, drugging, hitting people, raging, seething anger, denial, delusions of grandeur, shifting the blame, projecting, irresponsibility, entitlement, meanness, constant lies, cheap sex, constant and unremitting problems with the law, inability to follow directions, screaming at colleagues, directors, costars, and dating teenagers, only allowing sycophants around her that aren’t allowed to question her bad judgment — are directly related to her psychopathic tendencies. The UCLA Med docs called it right – she doesn’t have ADD – she’s a lying, conniving sociopath with extreme narcissistic personality disorder. One day she will kill someone because of this – imagine if the semi she ran into on PCH was a van filled with kids, they would all be dead – mark my words, she’s not done yet. She will end someone’s life before her life is finished.

  28. Raised Brow says:

    Say what we want about this Trainwreck, but seeing her with her little buddy, Donovan was the most beautiful thing from her I’ve ever seen. I think she’s missing her calling…she’s great with little kids who need a little extra attention.
    Never thought I’d be this gung-ho behind Lindsay’s sobriety, but I really hope she maintains. She has a humble soul and she’s taken a beating from the industry and society. For her to be defensive is arguably understandable, and I can’t justify the harsh criticism of her, even from myself. Now, her MAMA on the other hand… -_-

    • doofus says:

      “She has a humble soul”

      uh, no, she most certainly does NOT.

      “move that cone, I’m Lindsay Lohan!”

      the only reason she’s “taken a beating” is HER. Her behavior, drug use, denial, lies, theft, DUI, carjacking, not showing up for work, beating up rehab employees after she sneaks out and gets caught, clipping a stroller, driving when she’s not supposed to, etc.

      she’s an adult…she’s almost 30. she could have cut off her mother years ago, but her mother is apparently the only one who still enables this behavior, so…

      • Raised Brow says:

        I hear you, Doofus but I’m trying real hard to give her some benefit of doubt. I don’t know…watching her with the little boy warmed my heart towards her, and I’ve been one of her most harshest critics if that’s even possible. I can’t help but feel more pity than disdain for herat the present. This could very well change at a moment’s notice, however. Tis Lindsay we’re discussing. :P

      • doofus says:

        I used to feel like you…that is, I was rooting for her and felt pity because of her horrible parents.

        that stopped a LONG time ago. there are plenty of people in this world who had it MUCH MUCH worse than she did, and yet they still managed to NOT become a narcissistic a-hole who blames everyone for the problems in their life that THEY created, and actually became a productive member of society.

        she got offers of help from so many people along the way, including the likes of Tina Fey, Jane Fonda and numerous other very famous women. and now freakin’ OPRAH? and she STILL can’t get it together. she’s had more chances than anyone, if she were any random off the street she’d be serving hard time by now. but NOOOOOO, her life is so HAAAAARRRDDDD.

        and, truth be told, if she were JUST an addict, but was a nicer person who really did try to get clean, I think a LOT of us on this board would still be rooting for her, but she’s proven what a horrible person she is, so I won’t waste any sympathy on her. and it’s always the same, with every one of her rehab trips…”I’ve learned what I need to do…I want to get clean…I want to work…” then she gets a small part in something and is a no-show half the time and drives everyone on the set crazy with her tardiness, her diva demands and her inability to remember even one line.

        bottom line…she doesn’t WANT to get clean and sober. and until she does, she’s not worth my (or anybody’s) pity or sympathy.

    • BobbieFisher says:

      I saw the whole Donovan thing as something completely different. I saw her milk that for all its worth – when she overplayed the “Will you miss me?” over and over until the boy was crying – by the way, you can manipulate kids like that real easy – I got furious. I bet she never saw that boy again, even though she told him she would be back the next week. I am positive she didn’t return and that boy was waiting. She did it for the cameras. And remember that the next time someone steals something from you – their punishment is to make arts and crafts with little kids. She doesn’t get it – she never will – she will use anyone, including that little Donovan for her benefit. She is sick.

  29. Meggin says:

    LOL right, because I’m so sure she only had “one glass” of wine.

  30. Dom says:

    In cracken’s world, “a glass of wine” is equivalent of approximately one balloon of heroine. . . .

  31. Isadora says:

    This will not end well. I’m not even sure I have it in me to trash talk her. I don’t know, she just has the further downward spiral practically written on her forehead and she could be the next person that ODs because there was nothing left.

    A wasted life. She might be a b*tch but in the end it’s still quite sad.

  32. Yoon says:

    Ugh, I watched 1.5 of those videos. The first one where she’s just blabbering alone to a camera is ALMOST believable. She seems ALMOST human, MAYBE. And then I watched like 15 seconds of the second one with her “life coach”, and jesus this girl hasn’t learned shit! She is still the same entitled, spoiled, little liar she always was.

    It’s so sad too. I watched Mean Girls recently again with my roommate, and we were talking about how good she is in it. How good she LOOKS. SO healthy. And now she’s just this … And now I guess she’s on crack. (hahaha see what i did there)


  33. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I’m a recovering alcoholic & addict. What makes me an alcoholic is that I have never been able to have “one” drink. I used to order 2-3 shots at a time so I wouldn’t have to wait for the bartender to come back over. They would actually just leave the limes & tequila by me to save themselves work. I would build myself whole limes (plural) out of the wedges I used. Right now, I’m blessed with 7 years of sobriety, but I still think having just one drink is illogical. I don’t understand why other people bother to drink if they’re not trying to get drunk. That’s why I can’t have any. I don’t believe she only had one. I don’t believe she could only have one.