Alex Skarsgard has arrived for the Viking beer & other Coachella photos


THE VIKING IS AT COACHELLA. I repeat: The Viking is at Coachella now. If you want to bang a Viking in a port-o-potty, now is your chance!! Alexander Skarsgard finally appeared at Coachella on Day 3. I have no idea if he was there on Day 1 or 2, mostly because these are the photos I’ve seen of him (from Day 3, or Monday). Coachella for Skarsgard is an annual thing – for as long as I’ve been covering Coachella, he makes an appearance for several days, maybe even the whole week. I want to know who his friends are. They’re all so tall! Does Alex have any short dude friends? No. The Viking must only associate with fellow Vikings. Also: does anyone speak Swedish? What does his t-shirt say? Last thing: his hair is really long, right?



Anyway, I’m including more pics from Coachella below. I did a big post on it yesterday too. There’s a terrible, terrible hodge-podge of stuff and Bedhead is covering some of the other famewhores too (she’s got the Jenner girls and such). Here’s Paris Hilton, who is totally cool because she’s wearing her sunglasses at night and that’s how you can tell.


Here’s Ireland Baldwin… honey, that tongue is so 2013. The white-blonde isn’t working either.



Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio – we keep getting promotional emails about what she’s wearing. I wonder how much she’s getting paid to act like a hippie?


More pics: Joe Jonas (WHERE IS BLANDA?), Kellan Lutz (is anyone else shocked by how inoffensively he’s attired?), Audrina Patridge (???), Dianna Agron and Camilla Belle (boring and boring).






Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Tatjana says:

    The guy in the grey shirt is his brother Bill who’s also an actor.
    They seem to be the only normally dressed celebrities there.

  2. blue marie says:

    Yay for the Viking, hot as always. Sadly though I am states away and have a job so.. no Viking banging in a port-a-potty for me.

    As for the rest of the photos, I really should have stopped looking after Alex. I can’t believe people still care about Paris.

    • mimif says:

      Does anyone still care about the P-word? (Honest question.) That pic of her and her sister yesterday looking like sad lonely little puppy dogs forgotten in the backyard sort of made me giggle.

    • Where is Izzy?

      The pic of Skars is the only one that doesn’t make me wanna throw up.
      Honestly, I have to stop clicking on these Coachella posts…they make me so stabby.

      Do these celebs realize how douchey they look? I mean SUPER-DUPER DOUCHEY. I seriously can’t handle the second-hand embarrassment that these photos give me….this is like the epitome of uncool and the antithesis of rock and roll. Gross.

      • blue marie says:

        I dunno, they would have to know right? They own a mirror, there is no way they can think they’re cool, idiots.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        It makes me stabby, too. Almost insanely so. Such douchery all in one place, gack. And you know they go out and BUY this crap to wear.

      • Izzy says:

        Here I am, Kitten! All I can say about My Forever Viking Dong is this:

        I would hit it in a boat,
        I would hit it in a moat.
        I would hit it, sit or stand.
        I would love to hit that man.

  3. Lilacflowers says:

    I don’t care about the other people; I just care about the Viking.

  4. Stef Leppard says:

    Joe Jonas is wearing a Peter Pan collar. That is all.

  5. Abbott says:

    I wish you posted the photo of Pettyfer and his new PR girlfriend while he groped her lady bits (RIGHT IN FRONT OF A CAMERA) while she smoked a cig, with a giant cold sore on her mouth.

    The photo made my morning.

  6. pru says:

    Hot Viking!
    Ireland Baldwin looks way older than her age, IMO.

  7. Jackie Jormp Jomp says:

    Paris Hilton looks so dated. Her oufit screams “SEARS 2002!”

    • Paris is forever trapped in 2001.
      Long tie-dyed dresses…just not. I’m already upset that the belly shirt is making a comeback this year (speaking of Sears catalogue).

  8. Nya says:

    His shirt says “Forty years of vibrant fan culture.” It’s for his football team Hammarby.

    The guy in the gray shirt is his brother Bill, the guy in the blue shirt is one of his Swedish friends, the guy in the plaid shirt is one of his American friends. And he does have a few short friends.

    I know too much.

    • mimif says:

      Well done Agent Nya! 😀

    • K.B. says:

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 🙂

    • doofus says:

      I don’t think you can ever know too much about this fine specimen of man known as the Skarsgard.

      thanks for sharing!

    • Teresa_Maria says:

      Bless you, Nya for that information! Never too much.

    • Minx says:

      Being a Skarsgård/Viking scholar has some serious rewards though, amirite? 😉 The Swedish friend is actor Ulrich von der Esch, I think. Seems the Swedish posse was out in full force. They must travel in packs.

      I think Alex is one of a handful who actually shows up for the music. And the Viking beer.

    • I Want To Live In New York says:

      The guy in the plaid shirt is pretty much always with him, isn’t he? I spend too much time on ASkars’ Svenska Köttbullar.

  9. Lara says:

    So (whispering) there are rumours that Alexander is going to be filming some of Tarzan at my place of work in the summer. Is it worth getting fired over to try and touch him??

    • Stef Leppard says:


    • Nora says:

      Where do you work? It’s ok, you can tell me. 😀

      I know that Tarzan is mainly filming in London and at Leavesden Studios where Harry Potter filmed.

    • Hautie says:

      “Is it worth getting fired over to try and touch him??”

      Is the sky, blue? Is water, wet? Is Lohan still a fall down drunken crack head?

      Yes. Hell, yes. So worth it. Chances are good… that he just might like a little touching too!

    • K.B. says:

      Yes. Always yes. The fact that you’re contemplating doing this means you don’t really love your job, anyway. 😉

    • mia girl says:

      Fired AND escorted out by security while all your coworkers watch and your supervisor dumps your personal things into a box to be picked up on the curb = totally worth it to touch the Viking.

      PS – bonus points for you if he’s wearing his loincloth.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Yes! Standing O to you if you manage to swing on his vine 😉

    • Ashling says:

      Alex wouldn’t tell…and you wouldn’t get fired…so YES!!!

    • Irishae says:

      HBO was supposed to film a large part of the previous season of True Blood at my workplace. I was completed prepared to go full ninja and/or get reprimanded in my attempt to witness the viking in real life. Alas, it fell through. So do it for me! For all of us! 🙂

  10. nuanni says:

    Alex is wearing a Hammarby t-shirt, Hammarby being a football team from Stockholm which he supports. And for the text the direct translation is: 40 years of living supporter culture.

  11. Hautie says:

    The t-shirt on the lovely Viking is in Swedish. Did he get those front teeth fixed? Those look like new veneers. Does not matter, really. He would be doable even with David Letterman’s smile. haha!

    I keep looking at the footwear, that the girls wore out to this event. An event where there is a lot of walking. Standing. And 95% of what they are wearing make my feet hurt, just thinking about being in them all day. Once my feet get achy… I get cranky. I would have to be the dork, in my low ankle cotton socks and Reebok’s, to take this little festival on… with all that walking.

  12. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    The Viking is one of the few who don’t look like complete a$$holes. God, I hate Coachella.

    • I posted the same above.

      I guess that’s what it takes to not be self-conscious in front of a camera….a complete lack of self-awareness.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        It’s like the Emperor’s clothes. Let’s all pretend we dress like this normally and don’t look like a huge field of douchebags!

  13. K.B. says:

    You can put as many ugly people in this post to distract us from Tall, Hot Vikings, but it won’t work!

    P.S. Thanks for posting pictures of said Tall, Hot Vikings!

  14. gilmore says:

    Mhm.. Its been far too long since i’ve saw the viking. But are we not gonna talk about the other hot viking? His brother bill is getting hotter.

    • LAK says:

      I think they just get better with age. Never thought Alex was particularly attractive when he was younger, but one day after he hit 30…..damn!!!

  15. Meredith says:

    As much as I like my Viking Alex, he’s 37 years old….kinda time to put up the Coachella (looking at you too Jared Leto). I’m 27 and can’t imagine being around so many self involved and affected wannabe hippies in their early 20s.
    His little brother though…I’m all about that. As stupid/weird/crazy as it is, I had to keep watching Hemlock Grove because of Bill Skarsgard.

    • Jen says:

      We went through this yesterday. There is NO age limit on loving music and going to music festivals. Michelle Pfeiffer was there rocking it too.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      Sweetie darling, someday you too wil be 37, and believe it or not the love of live music doesn’t die a death at 30. Sure, the knees start to creak after an hour on the dance floor, the drunk whippersnappers begin to irk, but what is one to do, hole up indoors for the rest of eternity? Leto is a rocker (I have no time for his “music”, but many seem to), and if Mick Jagger is still going then I don’t see why Leto can’t. Festivals, hipsters and paid celeb wannabe hipsters be damned, are often the only chance to see certain bands play, and to see many bands you like in one place. I would kill to have been at Coachella to see The Replacements play, a band that indeed only my generation and older would really care about.

      • Meredith says:

        I think its just the instagramming hipsters i cant handle at these kind of shows anymore that ruin it. There is a small liberal arts university in my town and the sheer amount of hipsters in my daily life makes me shake my head at anyone my age or older choosing to be around them.

        and I cant wait until I’m 37. I’ll be done with student loans by then haha

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        I think there will eventually be an instagram “over it” backlash, one can only hope. I went to college in a liberal arts mecca pre-instagram, I can only imagine the unbearable smugness they now posess compared to then.

      • Tadzio says:

        @Mrs. Darcy – Well said.

  16. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I love the Viking, but his shirt is far too small. Not in that tigh t t way, but like he put on a girl’s t way. Vikings are hard to dress.

  17. Jenna says:

    I don’t know what’s my problem, but Skarsie isn’t doing it for me. Have I been in Sweden too long?!?! 0_o

    • Meredith says:

      Visiting Sweden & Norway made me realize I couldn’t just obsess on Skarsgards when there is an entire country/region full of equally handsome tall vikings that wear skinny jeans. I wish I had studied abroad in Stockholm rather than Thessaloniki, Greece which was sketchy most of the time.

      • Jenna says:

        Haha. Stockholm is an amazing city. So glad I’m here in Sweden. For my studies of course. Ahem. 😉

  18. Loveisthecoal says:

    I like Alex, but between him and all his brothers, Gustaf is the one who really does it for me. Am I alone?

    ETA: what in the name of God is Joe Jonas wearing??

    • Nora says:

      Really? Gustaf seems completely full of himself and is always whinging about how he’s a ~serious~ actor. At least in Swedish interviews. No thanks.

  19. Kiddo says:

    Kellan Lutz appears to be wearing some younger sibling’s denim shirt. Those snaps have less of a chance of connecting than I do of winning the lottery.

    • lucy2 says:

      LOL. You know that Kellan Lutz thinks Kellan Lutz is pulling that look off.

      I didn’t realize how tall Bill Skarsgard is too. Goodness, the genetics in that family…
      They also seem to be some of the few celebs there to enjoy the music, not parade around in a costume just to be seen.

      • Kiddo says:

        I don’t know, wearing a shirt three to four sizes too small, to make your chest and arms look bigger, seems like you might be interested in having some eyes on you.

        I’m down with Skarsgard, though, he doesn’t seem affected, at least in these photos.

      • lucy2 says:

        I think it’s less “hey look at me in this t-shirt” and more that he seems to love his Hammarby stuff and is in denial that it doesn’t fit him quite right anymore with the extra Tarzan muscle.

      • Nya says:

        Uh he’s had that shirt for like at least 5 years. Nor is it too small.

  20. roxy750 says:

    I refuse to look at the Vikings pictures again, it’s too painful. It’s like you want so bad but can’t. It hurts.

  21. MaryJane says:

    What I find funny is the fact that actor Travis Fimmel (dang his piercing blue eyes!!!!) used to play in the rather awful Tarzan series for his debut and is now playing the lead in Vikings next to Alexander’s brother Gustaf, and now the Viking roots Alexander is the one to portray Tarzan… 😀

  22. People irk me... says:

    It was crazy watching hemlock grove because they have the same mannerisms, speech and walk. I swore I was seeing my Viking on it. Also I just want to kidnap Alexander and keep him chained to my bed. That man is just the sexiest thing EVER!!!

  23. The Original Mia says:

    Thank you for cleansing the palette, my hot Viking. He and his posse look so normal. It’s shocking, really.

    I don’t know what to think of Kellen Lutz, so I won’t stress the brain cells.

    The girls look normal, instead of try hard. I’m not sure why Ireland keeps dyeing her hair. But whoa, does she not look exactly like Kim in one of those pics.

  24. Tadzio says:

    @PeopleIrkMe – LOLOLOLOL!!! You scare me.

  25. yelp says:

    He looks like shit in these pictures; WHY DO I STILL WANT HIM!

  26. Liz says:

    Alex is blah looking. That t-shirt is way too small.

  27. Camille (The Original) says:

    Oh Alex. Thank you for posting these pics Kaiser! My crush on him just won’t go away (and I don’t want it too either 😉 ) lol. Bill is gorgeous too.

    And why does that Lutz idiot have horrible (fake??) tattoos on? He looks ridiculous.

  28. K.K says:

    The Viking is looking very hot. A lot hotter since his relationship with that skinny, bobble head chick. I swear, during their relationship he lost almost all his hot. Know he’s bulked up and looking good. I wish he would lighten his hair back to blond though. He’s just awesome.