Of course Lindsay Lohan is maintaining her sobriety & other Coachella photos


Ah, Coachella time is upon us again. Coachella is actually one of my least favorite events to cover, just because A) trendy faux-hipsters, B) drugs and C) terrible casual fashion. Bedhead even discussed how a lot of companies are paying starlets/actresses/reality stars to be photographed at Coachella wearing their stuff. Tedious. I maybe (maybe!) would have been into this when I was 19 years old, but I do think it’s sad for 40-somethings to still do the Coachella thing year after year. Speaking of sad, Lindsay Lohan was there. Because… sobriety. I’m just covering everything in a big photo post from this weekend’s activities – Bedhead and I will have more coverage throughout the week, I’m sure.

Here’s Zoe Kravitz and her “new boyfriend” Noah Becker. When exactly did that happen? I miss Penn Badgley.


Selena Gomez is now in the clutches of Kylie and Kendall Jenner. How does that make you feel? It makes me sad for Selena. All three girls look so ridiculous.



Paris and Nicky Hilton. Because of course.




I’m also including photos of Kellan Lutz (KELLAN LUTZ), Hilary Duff (with Mike Comrie), Aaron Paul (he was on drugs or “high on life”), Lance Bass and his boyfriend Michael Turchin (look at Lance’s jeans!!!!), and Joe Jonas convincingly (ha) making out with his girlfriend “Blanda Eggenschwiler” (worst stage name ever).






Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Dani2 says:

    Now you know you’re on a downward spiral when you’ve stopped hanging out with Taylor Swift and instead are hanging out with Jenners. Selena’s life choices aren’t all that great at the moment.
    Kellan Lutz looks like a giant tool, I always feel bad dissing him cuz he seems like a nice guy that just really wants to make it in Hollywood but he’s such a try-hard toolbox.

  2. Aura says:

    V naive of me but what if a 40 year old is just really into the music?

  3. cr says:

    I don’t have a problem with ‘older’ people attending music festivals, if they like them they should go. I know quite a few people well past 40 who enjoy going to local music festivals. And if they could afford it they’d probably go to Coachella, or Bonnaroo.
    I have a problem with people like Bosworth, Hudgens, the Hiltons, etc., who only go to this music festival and appear to be there only to pose for paps.
    Do they realize how ridiculous they appear to everyone outside of their little ‘fashionista’ fan circle?

    • MonicaQ says:

      And that’s the problem. It’s no longer about the music but who can dress up the most re-donk-ulous.

      I have two friends mega into EDM. They spent more time planning their costumes for Ultra and EDC than they did oh, I don’t know, managing what hotel they were going to be in. That’s when it’s no longer about the music and then you’re just there for “the experience” (read: drugs and flashing lights).

      • prettylights says:

        I’m into EDM too and, at the age of 29, it makes me sad to see some of these young girls barely dressed. I want to give them a coat. I saw Bassnectar a few months ago and my friends and I couldn’t believe how many girls were walking around with their butt cheeks hanging out (which we have dubbed ‘basscheeks’), side boob, or both. This was in December so they were freezing their butts off in line. Apparently just wearing underwear and bras is acceptable attire at shows now. I actually got hit on because I was WEARING clothes. The guy told me it was refreshing and I looked like a down to earth girl because I was just dressed normal – a t shirt, skirt, leggings, and boots. I just don’t get it. If you like the music, go for the music. Enjoy the music. Put your stupid glow sticks and lasers and rage sticks away and have a real musical experience.

        And the drugs – kids, don’t take too much. No one wants you ruining their good time because you’re on the ground seizing from whatever crap you took with 4 paramedics trying to save your life. Be smart, eat something, drink water, and don’t shove 6 pills in your mouth washed down with a quart of vodka when you have no frickin clue what they are except that ‘some dude told you they were the best shit ever’.

        End rant.

    • Decloo says:

      Each of those people is collecting a check. I’m sure a lot of them just see it as another business appearance for which they collect a fee. It’s a step up from, say, a sleeping aid commercial like that dope Katherine Heigl has been reduced to.

  4. Nya says:

    “but I do think it’s sad for 40-somethings to still do the Coachella thing year after year”

    Why? Music festivals are fun at any age. There’s no age limit on having a good time. Just because you can’t handle it doesn’t mean other people can’t.

    • Nan says:

      +1 I feel like this means I’m now not supposed to go and enjoy live music. What else can’t I not due because of “age?” I expect this from young people who think you shrivel up and die and start to listen to Lawerence Welk music as you age, but not here.

    • becky says:

      Speaking of 40 yr olds, who saw Leo’s dace moves at coachella? the teenager in me who was obsessed with Basketball Diaries will never, ever recover.

    • Pandy says:

      Exactly. I’m 52 and still buy tix and attend concerts. If I want to “dress up”, I do. And so do lots of other 40+ women that I see at them. Fun is fun and music is for everyone.

    • littlestar says:

      I am all for music festivals at any age too – I love going to our local folk fest every summer, with my blanket, husband, and lawn chairs in tow lol. However, I do think the whole Coachella scene is rather sad. It seems that it’s more about who is there, wanting to be seen, and what you are wearing (as IF those people actually dress like that in their everyday lives), rather than the music. When a 40 year old goes to listen to the music, I’m good with that, but when 43 year old Jared Leto goes looking like a desperate hipster wannabe, that’s when I think it’s lame.

    • shellybean says:

      Thank you!!!! Are we dead after we turn 40?!?! I am 42 and go to concerts regularly. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and I have seen just about everyone I’ve ever wanted to see at this point. Just last night I got to stand 5 feet from Jeff Bridges and that about blew my mind, as I’ve always had a huge crush on Jeff Bridges! I would also totally go to Coachella. At least once. I prefer concerts indoors, as I am not into the heat and dust and dirt that come with being outside, but I’d do it once.

  5. Tatjana says:

    At least people like Vanessa Hudgens have bohemian style every day. I hate those who dress normally troughout the year, but go all hippy during the festival.
    I see Selena is finally hanging out with people who are as talented as she is.

    And I still can’t stand Aaron Paul. Is he really on drugs? And where is his wife, aren’t they glued together or something?

    And, why were so many people wearing bindis?

  6. Jmo says:

    This is all I got; Bosworth has Michael Jackson face, Lance Bass looks like a mom from the waist down, Hilary’s lips need their own zip code and Aaron Paul is the only one that didn’t use a stylist. Hope they all have a blast!

  7. elo says:

    Gah, the horror of those outfits. Zoe Kravitz looks like she is wearing some fat sweaty guys weight lifting shirt as a dress. It looks like it probably has a mustard stain somewhere on it.

  8. sisi says:

    at least Lilo ran out of money for her spraytan

  9. MrsBPitt says:

    I can’t hate on anyone there…it looks like a fun, casual time! I’m old, and I wouldn’t mind being there, wearing all my 1970′s clothes…lol

  10. Happyhat says:

    I can’t do festivals. I’m too uptight. And, mostly I never like 80% of the musicians playing. So, I don’t want to go camping in an over-packed field full of drunk people (I don’t drink much either, so I imagine you’d have to drink to survive such an event. And waking up hung-over in a place like that? Uck). And the toilet situation bothers me.

    However, if I were loaded, I imagine it would be a lot more pleasant (decent toilets for starters).

    As for the fashion – it looks like a place where my ‘Accidental early 90′s Courtney Love’ style would finally be accepted!!

    • Anname says:

      All I can think of is the stinky sweaty feet in those stupid boots/booties.

      • Happyhat says:

        Somehow, I think stinky sweaty feet would be the least problematic body-part there!

        I mean…imagine if it were that time of the month when you went… *shudder*

      • Missy says:

        I agree! I think about that every time I see someone wearing booties. I am more of a flip-flop/sandals kind of girl so it amazes me that all of these people are in shorts, tanks and boots. I guess in my world, those don’t go together. Every year, when I look at pics, I note that the majority of females are wearing these boots. I just can’t imagine that it would be comfortable in the heat. To each their own I guess.

      • retromancer says:

        From the festivals and gigs I’ve been to in the past (although this is admittedly in the UK and not anywhere that experiences actual heat and sun), shoes and boots > flip-flops or sandals any day, especially if you’re going to be near a stage (or other people). I’d rather my feet get sweaty than stood on in flip-flops/sandals, or covered in beer/booze/mystery liquids.

    • tifzlan says:

      I can’t do festivals because of my anxiety. I have problems going to normal concerts (….sort of) but i can’t even imagine doing festivals.

      • Happyhat says:

        Yup – I feel you! I’ve never been to a festival, and I doubt I ever will, and I’m OK with that!

      • Erinn says:

        I went to a summer sonic concert in 2012. My anxiety skyrocketed, but I made it through and got to see Rise Against, so I was pretty happy about that. I sit there freaking out over the people who are over drinking and passing out, and bumping into me. Hate crowds.

      • tifzlan says:

        I meant *no problems going to normal concerts FOR THE MOST PART – as in, i went to see one of my most favorite bands ever a few years ago and that was it, lol. Yay, Happyhat! A friend!

      • Happyhat says:

        @tifzlan – I applaud your ‘For the most part’. I’m not sure I could manage it nowadays! I’ve been to concerts ages ago, but never festivals. It’s good you got to see your fav band though!

        @Erinn *hugs* Glad u got to see Rise Against though! But at what price?!!! I totally understand. For me, it’s not so much the crowds, it’s the…feeling of being trapped and/or bored. Like, if you’re not a big drinker…what do you do?!

        We should have our own festival – in our living rooms, watching YouTube!!

      • Erinn says:

        Happyhat, that is a beautiful idea! I’ve gotten the anxiety under control a bit more since then, but good lord lol. We ended up finding some equally chill, not wasted people and standing near them. There were a lot of jackasses around though. But it kind of forced me to deal with situations I didn’t like, so I guess it was good in a way.

      • tifzlan says:

        Happyhat and Erinn, can i join? I’ve hated crowds ever since i was trapped in one when i was 16 and was sexually harassed. I never got to see who did it though because there were just too many people around. All i felt was a hand groping me “down there.” I’ve avoided crowds ever since!

    • Tig says:

      Second that- I love live music, but the Ick factor at events like that just gross me out! VIPs and anyone for that matter who have access to tents, water and clean bathrooms- that’s the best. Otherwise, it would prob take weeks to feel clean again!

    • Samesies. I hate crowds and I can’t stand strangers’ sweaty, bare arms grazing mine. Gross.
      But don’t these celebs get a fancy space just for themselves, away from the rest of the peasants? I thought I saw pics of some cabana-style hangouts for celebs at Cohachella.

      • Happyhat says:

        Yeah – the celebs would have a nice experience I feel! I will only go if I’m a celeb.

      • cr says:

        You can pay for VIP areas/passes, it’s not just for celebs. If you want to fork over a decent chunk of change it’s probably a little less ‘gross’.


      • Petee says:

        Yes they have there own VIP area and tents.If they had to stand in line and tough it out like everyone else they wouldn’t even want to go.Festivals are rough.I did the US Festival in 1983.I was only 19 and vowed I would never do another one.On the last day I was in the middle of 400,000 people.The music was great but it is just scary to be around that many people doing drugs and being naked and completely out of control.I just stick to clubs and concerts.I just got home from The Monsters Of Rock Cruise and had a blast.I was afraid people on the ship would be out of hand but they weren’t.These celebs just gross me out.I always here Paris Hilton just stares at herself at anything that reflects all the time and is a s high as a kite and doesn’t really see any of the bands.

    • Happyhat says:

      EDIT: Having just looked at the line-up, there’s about 11 people I wouldn’t mind seeing… (I feel less out of touch!).

      Motorhead?! (have they done anything else other than Ace of Spades?! Guess I’d wait for that song then leave – bet they play that last though!)

      Fatboy Slim, I forget the others. Muse – I’d hope they played their early stuff. Yeah – not bad. And it’s possible the people I don’t know could be enjoyable too. Still, too much standing around for me to warrant going.

      Pixies – obviously!
      Queens of the stone age – “Play that one song of yours I like!!”
      Outkast – yup
      Pet Shop Boys – YES!!!!!!
      Neutral milk hotel – Only play songs from that one album of yours I own
      Bryan Ferry – YES!!!!!! Though…play Roxy Music stuff, yes?!

    • sisi says:

      I once went to a threeday festival with two friends. The weather was horrible the first night and the terrain was a mudpool because of it. But on the first day all those stoners and hippies had been pissing against the gates that surrounded the area’s and paths nonstop, so the mudpool that had emerged was… a reeking mess.

      Last day we were eating spun sugar and they were dissolving. I joked that it was the piss fumes, and we all laughed… and stopped eating when we slowly realised that it was probably true.

      We went home in a car, with our legs inside trashbags. Mom thought the shoes were too revolting even for her trashcan. My feet and legs were stained yellow halfway up to my calves…

    • connie says:


      ‘That time’ you speak of? happened to me the first year of rothbury in Michigan. I was with my music festival friend. Total music snob, very into the jam band scene. We were front and center for DMB and had been out for hours. I was literally DYING. i told her as much and she basically told me i could leave and i knew where to find her. I stuck it out as long as was possible and finally couldnt take it any longer. It was absolute torture and one of the most uncomfortable experiences ever. Especially because we were florida girls in July. With one pair of pants each. Not expecting it to get cold…which it did

  11. blue marie says:

    I’m not a fan of Coachella BUT I would have been front and center to see Outkast reunited.

  12. Ninks says:

    Is there a dress code for Coachella, are you only admitted if you look like a hipster flower child?

  13. Karen says:

    Ughhhhh – and I say this as a 40 year old that really is into music. I love live music, have always loved live music – but these people aren’t there for the music. (Aside from Aaron Paul, perhaps) These people are there to be seen and photographed in all of their awkward faux hippie ensemble glory. Pop culture at it’s finest….gag. I feel bad for the bands that get overshadowed because the likes of a Kardashian or Hilton decided to grace the desert with their presence. No thanks.

  14. Mich says:

    Did some message go out telling women to all wear the same shoes? Ridiculous.

    Paris Hilton’s getup makes me laugh. Who carries massive handbags to music festivals?

    Selena and the Jenner girls look way too proud of themselves/smug.

  15. Lisa says:

    Lance borrowed his mom’s jeans.

  16. tifzlan says:

    Coachella is insufferable.

  17. Loopy says:

    Do these people even pay attention to the bands?

  18. QQ says:

    jesus Xavier Christ In Jammies

    Coachella: Dress like an Asshole, get Drugged up like a Rich white person (real Talk, Bet none of these people get to have a police checkpoint like they would at an urban music festival LOL) They all look a variety of degrees of high and or dirty

    Also: Nah Idc about where Penn Badgley went cause This Noah Becker dude looks super mountable!

  19. vangroovey says:

    After seeing the movie “Smashed” I can’t see Aaron Paul as anything but that character! No, but seriously, he’s kinda starting to bug me, which I actually feel bad about — oddly. I mean, it’s great to be “high on life” — which seems to be where his dial is pinned (and hey, GOOD for him!) — but for a natural grump like myself, it’s beginning to irk.

  20. mia girl says:

    Is there a “Hipster Halloween” section at the Party City in Indio?
    They must be making bank.

  21. Stacy says:

    All these hipsters are ruining how I dress every day, I don’t dress like a hipster everyday and then go to a concert looking like a try hard. Smh

  22. Kiddo says:

    The best thing was Leo DiCaprio’s butt sashay sway followed by an Elaine/ Sienfeld-ian lurching jump into the air.

  23. bettyrose says:

    I recognized three band names in the Coachella line up this year.

  24. MonicaQ says:

    I recognized 24 names on the line up list from last weekend and The Glich Mob, OutKast, and Nas are the only ones I would’ve paid to see live. The rest I only know halfway by proxy (The 1975s are apparently a thing, I didn’t know they were a thing but their name is stupid) or I’m like, “HAH I AIN’T PAYIN MONEY TO SEE YOOOOU!” (read: Pharrell, Solange)

  25. Bridget says:

    I just can’t with Lance Bass’s pants. Who let him out of the house in those? Its a rare day to see a man in pants that give him motheringhips and cankles. Burn them.

  26. murphy says:

    You know I think Selena is better off with Kendall and Kylie than Justin Beiber. Might end up with 40 selfies and a nose job but still, better than Justin Beiber.

  27. dorothy says:

    The list of bands looks good, the people attending, not so much. The Hilton sisters, Lohan…really?

  28. jwoolman says:

    You youngsters are forgetting that the generation that was in high school during the Beatles British Invasion is now on Medicare. There’s been a real musical continuity culturally over the past several decades. It’s not at all surprising that there is a wide range of ages at such a music festival. The older folks are just more likely to dress more sensibly for the climate…. Y’all didn’t invent weed, either.

  29. Quinn says:

    The Hilton Sisters- Lord, those women! They’ll be at Coachella when they’re as old as the damn Gabors. And, Paris will STILL be trolling for a husband.

    The rest of the “celeb” crowd looks equally foolish, as per usual. The amount of useless/clueless conversation happening between these tools must be epic. Ugh.

  30. Az says:

    Watch the video for Pharrell’s performance. When he is singing Happy he brings a bunch of people onstage. First one up was some cracked out looking mess. It was bad. I look at my husband and go, ” That attention whore who looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet is Lindsay Lohan. And judging from the header picture (unless another crackie wore the exact same outfit) it totally was! I really hope Oprah watches that video.

    • RuneRobin says:

      Another sophisticated comment and sincerity here at Celebitchy!!! Seriously, these events are harmless and the people there just want to enjoy there time. At least it not some other engagements cough*MTV Movie Awards*cough, trying to sucker today’s youth for their disposable income for the same bland product.

  31. K.B. says:

    I wouldn’t worry about Selena Gomez. Those 3 minutes she spent in rehab because she thought she MIGHT be getting addicted to pot fixed any potential issue she might have. And she’s in a stable, supportive relationship with Justin Bieber, who always acts like a responsible adult. And she just fired her parents as her managers, so she’s going to make smart, wholesome movie decisions that will allow her to show off her acting abilities. Now she’s spent the weekend at a drug party, er music festival, with Kardashian/Jenner spawn. Nothing to worry about here, folks.

    More importantly, where’s the drunken Skarsgaard? It’s not Coachella without pictures of him double fisting cups of beer!

  32. Wren33 says:

    What in the Sam Hill is Kate Bosworth wearing on her feet?

  33. Dani says:

    I want to stand outside of the event gates with a hose and spray all these little kids. Go home you’re like 16!!! When I was 16 my mom would beat me senseless if I asked to go to a music festival that’s KNOWN for drinking and drugs. It’s one thing to enjoy the music (you can very obviously tell who is there for that) and another thing to go just to be seen, like someone said above, looking like rolled around in topshop covered in glue.

  34. claire says:

    I hear Justin Bieber showed up to perform. I would say the cool factor this festival had left couldn’t take a bigger hit than that.

  35. Angee says:

    I hope Lindsay makes it. I know personally it’s hard to become unaddited to substance, ways of thinking, unhealthy social circles (including unhealthy relatives), but you HAVE to.

  36. Zigggy says:

    Cheesy! I’m embarrassed for most of them.

  37. Happy21 says:

    What I hate most about Coachella photos is all of the wanna-be’s. Why do you need to dress a certain way to go to a concert? I don’t get it. I always laugh at people who dress anything but how they usually dress at concerts. You go to heavy metal, you need tight, black and big hair, you go to Coachella you need to dress like a hipster. I can’t even tell you how much it irritates me. You can still go and enjoy the music at any concert and come as you are. The Jenner sisters and Selena are laughable and Paris and Nicky look like it’s Halloween. At least Aaron Paul looks like he always does.

  38. Ashley says:

    Ya totally NOT sober…my friend saw Lindsay there and said “she was walking like a baby deer with glassy eyes”

  39. sundaygal says:

    Good God…the Hiltons look like a pair of mom jeans compared to the rest.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      Weirdly I kind of respect that they refuse to de-Hilton in any meaningless faux hippy dressed way. I mean, I see that they are sort of dressed for it, but they really don’t care enough at all to go the full Bosworth/Hudgens. They’re just picking up their paycheck, straight up. Whereas Bosworth brought out a frigging fashion line (TopShop I think) in homage to her b.s. festival styling, as if she has done anything but copy Kate Moss.

  40. Zigg says:

    Born then, lived it, get some imagination and make your own lifestyle. FAKE.

  41. E-v-E says:

    haha this coachella fashion is ridic.. suddenly everyone’s a hippy, what is up with that dresscode?

  42. watchmaker says:

    Pimp Mama probably paid Selena to hang with the Jenner chicks…

  43. Lucky Charm says:

    Wait, I thought she was flat broke and couldn’t even use her credit card a few weeks ago? Yet she flew to London last week and is at Coachella now? I wish I was that broke I could still afford to do that.

  44. lillyK says:

    Jorts are so douchey. Something really gross about em. Hope she really isn’t commando either.

  45. Blvd says:

    Dear Kaiser. Actually Blanda Eggenschwiler is not a stage name. Blanda is from Switzerland and Eggenschwiler is a common
    Swiss surname here. I can imagine that the name sounds strange for your ears but it’s still a regular name. Blanda a very sweet and talented girl so rather focus on that than her name.

  46. Chicagogurl says:

    Was there a forever 21 accessories tent in the parking lot? Everyone needs to take off like 3 accessories and add a piece of clothing.

    When I go to a music fest – its basically ponytail, sunglasses, lightweight make-up and a cross-body slim bag. My only decisions are: do I wear jeans and tank with converse or sundress with sandals? Why are there so many wearing like 18 accessories or expensive shoes to a music fest? try hards.

  47. Lili says:

    Lindsay seriously looks like she’s gonna start crying any minute! And Selena + the Jenner girls look kinda misplaced. I mean, the Jenners do have somewhat of a festival look but they still seem like they should be somewhere else. Perhaps grad school because they seem to think they’re SO cool, unique and fashionable when in reality they look just like any other hipster/boho chic.

  48. snowflake says:

    why is no one talking about how skinny kate bosworth is? she looks too skinny and like she has an eating disorder to me. i dont think she was this skinny in the past