Model says Terry Richardson offered her a Vogue shoot in exchange for sex

Terry Richardson

Another day, another creepy Terry Richardson story. The last time we discussed Uncle Terry, it was about a model (Charlotte Waters) who publicly identified herself as his victim in graphic detail. Similar stories have persisted in whisper form for years, but Charlotte’s story was the most disturbing account thus far.

Terry fired back against what he called a “witch hunt” of “false” accusations. He then wrote a column for HuffPo about how he always “respects” his subjects. He also claimed, “I have never used an offer of work or a threat of rebuke to coerce someone into something that they did not want to do.” That statement comes into play with a new claim by model Emma J. Appleton. On Sunday, Emma tweeted a screenshot of her iPhone, which showed a Facebook Messenger alert from “Terry Richardson.” The message read, “If i can f— you i will book you in ny for a.shoot for Vogue.

Terry Richardson

Here’s the type of tweet that Emma received in response. This fellow went on at length to troll Emma and tell her she should expect to be propositioned as a model.


Emma deleted her tweet, and then she deleted her entire Twitter account. She commented on Instagram how, “I deleted it myself to get away from it, I was getting abuse and didn’t the want the attention.” She probably worried that the tweet could cause problems for her career.

Terry Richardson

Buzzfeed has updates on this story. They spoke with Emma, who says the message was authentic. They heard from Terry’s spokeswoman, who said, “This is obviously a fake. Terry did not send this text.” Vogue chimed in to BuzzFeed: “We have no plans to work with [Terry] in the future.” Vogue’s response is interesting. Vogue’s international editions have booked Terry on the regular, but his gross, pr0ny work does not appear in the US edition.

I believe Emma’s account of this story. We’ll never whether know the message came from Terry or an “imposter,” but it fits with Terry’s usual creepster ways.

Terry Richardson

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  1. Maria says:

    Hopefully the industry will buck up and realise this is NOT okay, but unfortunately it will probably only happen if he is arrested for assault or something like that. It takes that kind of drastic action to get it through people’s greed and mindset, then again.. Bieber.

    • Kiddo says:

      But this is the behavior of the industry and Hollywood as well. If “The Devil Wears Prada” has any truth to it, the mighty believe that requiring that which is beyond the pale for most of society is owed to them. It is their due. Whether it is sacrificing all personal time and space or giving up sexual favors for employment, they are special and beyond reproach. ‘It’s part of the job’. The little people are there to fill their needs and wants, and they don’t matter because they are not in the same echelon and they are easily replaced with someone else who is desperate and willing.

  2. Hannah says:

    Can we stop calling him a creep? He’s not a creep. There’s no ambiguity. He’s a pervert. End of. And should not be hired by any publication again.

  3. MonicaQ says:

    How does this man still have a job? How? Point and shoot photography is fine but it’s the same basic pr0ny shots over and over against a white background. “Toot your arse in the air! Now your crotch. Stick out your tongue. Stick this in your mouth. Bend over.” (read: Cake Like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus’ red leotard)

    • Cazzee says:

      Seriously! It’s not like this person is an incredibly talented photographer and they couldn’t possibly find anyone else to do as good of a job.

      Terry Richardson’s work is derivative and dumb. Who on earth keeps hiring this untalented walking lawsuit??

      Casting major side-eye at the fashion industry right now…

    • ParisPucker says:

      His dad was a very famous photographer, and he basically rode on his coat-tails. This man should be registered as a SEXUAL PREDATOR – there are so many stories like this of him out now. If you knew the graphic nature of his photos (showing penetration and body cavities) which almost always include intoxicated teenagers (all over 18, supposedly).

      He’s a dangerous monster, and any ‘celebrity’ that gives him any attention is just reinforcing his ‘credibility’. This man belongs behind bars, not the camera..

  4. Nympha says:

    I really hope someone sues him one day. Ugh.
    And to think that I really liked to pose with thumbs up before. But no more, I promise.

    • reddy says:

      it is really weird that there have not been any lawsuit yet! he seems to really know how to play this repulsive game and how to shut people up…but shouldn’t it be very easy to find out whether he sent this messange or not? I mean, not that this is enough for a lawsuit…or is it? i don’t exactly know where sexual harassment begins. but in my opinion, it should be investigated, just so that it is on record.

      • Tracy says:

        That’s because a waiver is signed so no one can actually sue. They are agreeing to all the goings on. He may be a creep, a pervert but he’s also not stupid. I’ve said it before. As far as we know these girls have all been at the legal age of consent. Terry Richardson isn’t the first or the last he just happens to be more vocal about his pig like ways and yes it is up to the model to decide if that’s a direction she wants to go whether it hurts her career or not. I think your integrity is more important than getting the next shoot if that kind of thing isn’t ok with you which to say I am sure there are models that don’t mind is sexual methods hence his longevity in the industry.

      • Nympha says:

        But surely signing papers agreeing to nude photoshoot does not equivalent agreeing to sexual advances? If you go along with it, yeah, you probably cannot sue, but if you don’t? Isn’t that sexual harrassment?

  5. Kiddo says:

    “We have no plans to work with [Terry] in the future.” equivocates, doesn’t it? The statement could mean there are no scheduled shoots rather than an outright dismissal of collaboration entirely, at any point in time.

    I believe this model. I also find it interesting that the term ‘witch hunt’ always seems to be tossed out for/by people who have had more than one instance of alleged bad acts tied to them. For me, this term is like a red flag of hyperbole signifying a cover-up and deflection.

    • SUZY says:

      Terry Richardson and and perv designer Marc Jacobs are long-time friends. They support each other and sexual harassment in fashion. Jacobs got many well-paying contracts for Richardson. I’ve read the story of a Hungarian girl, who claims Marc Jacobs harassed her and stole her ideas. She says Jacobs has been stalking her since she was 16 years old. She wrote many details and posted photos on her blog.

      • Kiddo says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • Cazzee says:

        Hmmm…Marc Jacobs sponsored a skate park in Savannah two years ago. He was their #1 contributor, in fact.

        At the time it struck me as kind of random but I didn’t really think much of it. In light of this new information, though….well….sponsoring a skate park would give him plenty of access to teenaged boys, wouldn’t it? Creepy.

  6. Hiddles forever says:

    Not surprised. Are other people surprised by T. Richardson’s ways?

    • Jules says:

      How else could the man possibly get laid?

    • BangersandMash says:

      @ Hiddles and Jules

      Life imitating art, imitating life…. When texting is concerned for the life of a visual artist, Neither James Franco, nor Terry RIchardson waste a G*d Damn SECOND of their artistic lives with these girls.

      Wow!!! Has anyone invented ‘anti-vomit’ yet??? Cause sales are gonna be boosted after this story!!

      As for Richardson alone… he legit makes me SO ANGRY i feel like crying. He legit, makes me feel so furious and helpless at the same time. This man right here, straight up offends my very womanhood…
      If he sneezed near me, I’d be on some, “B*tch, what did you say??”

  7. Allie says:

    F that guy who tweeted her that she’s in the wrong industry. What is wrong with people?! You see a message like that and your first thought is that she needs to toughen up?

    Articles like this always make me think of a picture I saw of a naked girl standing with a sign that says ‘Still not asking for it.’ Truest statement ever.

    • Hannah says:

      It was a girl, which makes it even worse.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        But also very common, sadly. Women tend to be much harsher on other women in these situations IF they go the victim-blaming route. So I’m not surprised. Neither am I by this disgusting excuse for a human being anymore. Gawd, someone take away his camera already.

  8. HH says:

    UGH! EWW! BLECH! GAG! – While I appreciate Celebitchy continuing to cover this story, it always makes me want to shower again. His face… BARF!

    • Eva says:

      Dittto, I read this on another site, which added one of his disgusting photo’s with no warning, he is absolutely repulsive and all his assistants were just standing around taking photo’s, they all need exposing and suing.

    • j.eyre says:

      I think you speak for most of us.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Sometimes you just can’t tell about people, but it’s like this guy has PERV tattooed on his forehead. EVERYTHING about him sets off alarm bells for me. If I saw him on a bus I would sit as far away as possible. How does he manage to look so disgusting and degenerate when he’s just standing there?

      • HH says:

        OMG. Right?! He doesn’t look appealing, fun, pleasant, decent, etc. He’s a pervert that looks like one.

  9. poppy says:

    if you haven’t, sign the petition, please.

    nobody is surprised by this latest nonsense.

  10. aims says:

    I believe her. He’s a scum bag. I will not buy anything that is associated with this predator.

  11. Nicolette says:

    This creep just flat out makes me sick.

  12. paola says:

    Ahhh I totally believe it.
    I have just uninstalled my fb messenger from my phone because I don’t want to have that in common with pervy Richards. I know it doesn’t make a difference but knowing that he lurks on his victims on fb gives me the creeps.

  13. Dimebox says:

    I believe her because it makes perfect sense. How else is a pervert like him going to get hot girls? I hope that all publications start taking some responsibility for the people they hire. There have to be new, young photographers out there who will deliver a better product than this aging sleaze bag.

  14. Damaris says:

    I love how Hollywood has turned their back to these stories about Terry. There are so many of them, you’d think these celebrities would have heard at least one story about his pervertedness. I still feel bad that Miley Cyrus allowed herself to get completely naked for this guy. She’ll regret it later when he’s charged for his misconducts. Hell! She’ll probably come out with her own tale of how Terry misused her. Yuck!

    • BackstageBitchy says:

      The way TR gets away with it is to NOT treat established stars and models like that. He will do a “sexy” photo shoot with someone like Lea Michelle or Miley and he’ll be well-behaved. He’s smart enough to know when he’s creating a “sexy” “fun” vibe without crossing the line. Then all those established stars go on the record as having worked with him, having had a fun productive shoot that was just sexual enough to promote the image the star wants to promote.
      Then TR gets the cred of working with that star. Then, like a true predator, he works his real game on those who he perceives as weaker- young models, unestablished girls, pretty regular girls, desperate girls. In other words, those relatively easy to exploit. He is a predator but not a moron- he’s not whipping out his gross penis for big-time editors, presidents, working actresses. He saves it for those he perceives as the weak, the hungry, the underdogs. Which is Sexual Predator 101. And he successfully separates and “others” the victims, so it seems like they are liars with nothing to lose, while ass kissing and (somehow) charming those he perceives as powerful and successful…

  15. lower-case deb says:

    even if he suddenly wakes up to find himself a lowly passport/visa photographer (that’s what the white background reminds me of), he will still find ways to be offensive to the sitter. someone just… take his camera and put him away.

    also the poor girl! i really have no words, that there are still people who would rather not confront the ugly reality of their fascination of TR’s sleazedom, and would rather go after and shame the girl (and all other girls in the industry). and people wonder why not many victims step forward or take their time stepping forward (therapy is not a wave of a magic wand).

  16. Kim1 says:

    The guy is a pervert .The fact is saying I will give you a modeling job if you sleep with me is NOT against the law .Saying if you DON’T sleep with me , or DON’T go out with me is another thing.Maybe that’s sexual harassment .

  17. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I don’t know which makes me angrier, the message from TR or the responses like “you’re in the wrong industry, sweetheart.” It’s just ok with people that this happens. It makes me sick.

  18. maybeiamcrazy says:

    She deserves it because she is in the industry?! People like that are the reason why these perverts get away with this.

  19. Dani2 says:

    One of the things that really upsets me is that people on social media were calling her a “whore”, “slut” etc. I can’t imagine how that must feel. I really hope something horrible happens to Terry, I don’t want him to die, he’d be getting off too easy, I just want something to really devastate him, @sshole.

  20. Loopy says:

    I cannot believe all the celebrities he has photographed even the President, i am appalled. There must be some sinister undercover story we don’t know about it. It makes no sense why all these poeple work with him. And i think his pictures are crap.

    • Tania says:

      Well I didn’t know about him till this year. A lot of people who don’t follow fashion as well. The pres. was photographed with him years before all the allegations came out.

      • Same here. I hadn’t ever heard of him, but I whenever I saw his ‘art’, I always found it very, very sleazy. Like, I don’t even think Playboy would take this creep—and he’s always looked like a predator to me. He’s tall, skinny, middle aged, dirt lip, big pedo glasses…ewwww…he’s just so gross.

  21. Tania says:

    I need someone with enough evidence to sue him.

  22. Miss M says:

    I wish one of these girls had a hidden camera or microphone.

    Or an investigative journalist would work past victims to find the means to get evidence.

    • Isadora says:

      I really wonder why nothing like that ever happened. I mean a journalist disguised as model willing to be shot by Terry.

      On the other hand.. given the nature of his shots it’s probably hard to hide a camera/microphone anywhere during the shooting. *cough*

  23. SnarkySnarkers says:

    Im sure Im the last one on the planet to have this revelation just now but no wonder Lindsay is BFF with this gross A-hole. Im sure Ive read before that he paid for her hotel stay at Marmont or let her stay in his room for a month or some such crap. I’ve always thought he was disgusting the way he shoots his models but now that its pretty much confirmed hes trolling for sex from them as well the the shoot he does every other month with cracked out Lohan” just clicked for me.

    • shoeman says:

      Either Terry didn’t mistreat Linds because she is a celebrity, or she was too cracked out to notice his overtures or his mistreatment of other models. She hangs out with creeps anyways so she probably thinks this is normal behavior.

  24. Felice says:

    He has never bluntly denied that he has pulled stunts like this. At this point, I think he likes being seen as this creep. I get a Paris Hilton vibe out of it “I will be the biggest and best slut” but instead he’s like “I will be the biggest and best perverted creep and that is what will make me notorious and famous”

    But I honestly don’t think he tries any of this on established public figures. Someone said that they were a barista and see him a lot and say that he is very gracious and polite. Well, so was Ted Bundy.

  25. yolie says:

    This is the same type of culture that glorifies Woody Allen and Roman Polanski… Just trying to sweep this behavior under the rug for the sake of “Art.”

  26. aenflex says:

    I’m so crass. I dunno. If I were a ‘starving’ model I might have sex with a photog for a Vogue shoot. It’s just sex. Personal choice though. People having been ‘buying’ things with sex for time immeasurable. Who gives a shit?

    • Nick says:


      • Nick says:

        I hate when people react like this..,..well I might do it so that makes it ok.

        The guy is using his power to COERCE young women to have sex with him. It is truly deplorable and the fact that some people are ok with it makes me question humanity.

      • Kiddo says:

        Well since he has no future plans do a cover, besides being a disgusting predator, he’s a liar as well, if that was a message from him. Starving model still starving but now with potential STI and even lower self esteem.

        Yes, aenflex, you are crass.

    • carol says:

      the sex isn’t the point. It’s about power and submission and coercion. It’s about sexism.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      There IS no “personal choice” when someone uses their power to coerce someone into anything, aenflex. YOU may be willing to trade sex for money or work, and there are situations in which that could be an equal exchange. It’s still sad to me, and revolting, but I can see how it could be equal. But TR uses his power over models to get them to do things they don’t want to do, and that is not only morally wrong, it’s illegal. If there is anything you are not willing to do for money, try substituting that word for “sex.” Maybe that will help you understand.

    • maybeiamcrazy says:

      I agree with goodnames, there is no personal choice involved when one side has all the power, it is sexual assault. The victim is called horrible names although she didn’t do anything.

      And if she did that, i am sure there wouldn’t be a Vogue photoshoot. He would keep manipulating and threathening her. That’s why assaults lasts for years. Bryan Singer’s case is one of the examples of that.

      It makes me really sad when people act like victim has any say. That’s why i try to avoid comments on Bryan Singer posts.

  27. carol says:

    why is that even acceptable for this day and age? Also what about male actors or models – do they have to do the same?

    • Shady says:

      Yes this is happening with male model/actors too. Corey feldman, corey Haim, brad renfro, now Michael Egan has detail coke fueled parties where boys are being passed around to older powerful men in Hollywood.

      And if you are having trouble believing this new michael Egan/Bryan singer stuff, google Bryan singer apt pupil scandal.

    • Isadora says:

      Yes and there are always blind items about the male casting couch in Hollywood too.

  28. Dommeh Dearest says:

    This is disgusting. How much more proof do these people need? Terry is a sexual predator and deserves to have the sh*t beat out of him.

  29. aquarius64 says:

    If any Penn State level evidence against this slime comes out that leads to criminal prosecution, watch the Hollywood elite throw Uncle Terry under the bus.

  30. Pepsi Presents...Coke says:

    Vogue has just announced that it’s cutting all ties with him.

  31. Liz says:

    I’m sure all this negative publicity is making that disgusting pig just a little nervous. I hope more women come forward. He needs to lose his career at the very least.

  32. Aurelia says:

    I remember a few years ago I was browsing in a UK Vogue and came across this ultra shit phto spread. It featured kate moss and even she looked embarrassed because for the first time in her career she looked pathetic and she knew it. I thought who has the “brown touch” (everything they touch turns to shit) and could make the great kate moss look so bad. Then I read it was Uncle Terry. Nuff said.

  33. Milla says:

    Even some famous models like Coco Rocha and Rie Rasmussen spoke against him. Yet, his celebrity friends are still hanging out with this freak… It says a lot about them, not just him. There is no way so many models are just attacking him for no reason, it would just hurt their careers. This man is a sicko, he should not be allowed to be around people.

  34. Kerrboom says:

    Whoever that was that tweeted her that she should expect this in the modeling industry can go f**k themselves. Being a model doesn’t mean you have to prostitute yourself. So f**k that tweeter, f**k Terry Richardson, f**k anyone who enables his perverted behavior, and f**k anyone who places blame on his victims.

  35. Nymeria says:

    Maybe American Apparel can hire him. They would be perfect for one another.