LeAnn Rimes & Eddie’s first VH1 promo released: sad, cute or just awkward?


Well, the first promos for LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s VH1 show are out and… I don’t know how to feel, y’all. The promos aren’t assorted trailers of highlights from all the exciting things that are going to happen during the show. The promos are just three scenes, pretty straight-forward, of LeAnn and Eddie in assorted situations:

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It just feels sort of sad. I guess we’re supposed to think it’s cute that (“aw”) LeAnn wants a baby and Eddie keeps saying no. But it just seems sad. LeAnn seems to be thinking about babies a lot and Eddie is with his friends and all they’re talking about is how easy it is to pick up girls? Eddie seems almost wistful. But instead of, say, believing that Eddie is clueless about single life, I’m just reminded of the fact that Eddie has never had a problem picking up women. He had affairs when he was married to Brandi and I’m sure he’s fooling around on LeAnn. Eddie knows this too, so he had to utilize his acting skillz to pretend that he’s not good at picking up ladies.

Other notes… I’m kind of surprised by the “quality” of the production, I guess. For some reason, I thought the production value would be way down, like it would be a lot of sketchy digital crap trying to look auteurish. But this is Kardashian-level reality show production value. Which just goes to show you… this is not a reality show. These are little scripted vignettes meant to evoke sympathy. Well, I do feel sorry for LeAnn a little bit. So… that was the goal?

Just a note about the alleged (or not so much) Facebook and Pinterest accounts under the name Eveleigh Rose that many think are just LeAnn’s ghost accounts. I agree that it does sound like LeAnn, and who knows? It probably is her. It reminds me very much of the controversy around the Instagram account which was under the name “Eddie Cibrian” in January/February 2013. It was so obviously done by LeAnn, and once everybody discovered it, they started trolling the account to the point where “Eddie” took it down. So, if LeAnn is running some ghost accounts… just let her. She needs to channel that energy somewhere. And if we know where she’s channeling it, it’s funny for the rest of it.



Photos courtesy of WENN, LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. Bex says:

    Ugh,I just can’t. I have such distaste for these two people. It just seemed so uncomfortable and fake.

    • Brin says:

      Agree…and no chemistry between them.

    • Nikki says:

      Come on…It’s masterpiece!!! I smell Emmy… then Golden Globe… and then… divorce.

      • LeAnn Stinks says:


        I agree there is definitely an odor, but it is not the smell of success 🙂

    • Stacey says:

      How about Eddie choosing not to work?! AHahaha!

      Jump on over to her twitter. Already started with a Mother’s Day tweet –
      Mother’s Day vs. Stepmother’s Day: Who Owns It? and link. You can imagine how that went over LOL. And when questioned Leann responded “GOD BLESS YOU”.

      Then tweets she’s waking up three cuties after she “makes” banana waffles (remember her pic of her freezer full of Eggos LOL) and before going to the boys morning games. *que her paid paps*

      • bettyrose says:

        Nononono. Mother’s day is for your children/spouse to honor you. It is NOT up to you to decide whether or not the day is about you. If your spouse’s children don’t view you as a maternal figure, then this day isn’t for you. Move along.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Oh, but there IS chemistry between LeAnn and her gigolo à la ‘Sunset Boulevard’. This is a romance for the ages! It’s just the audience that got small.

      Desmond, I mean Rhimes, has a nigh indestructible belief in herself, along with her husband and her sycophants (I mean friends) inhabiting her self-contained world. Eddie too is thoroughly seduced by the opulence and basks in the limelight of notoriety. The reality is that underneath the sunny glamor of their Hollywood Life lies a cynically dark humor running through their relationship with each other.

      Any moral compromise Eddie may feel is brushed off with casually dismissive wise cracks and a stream of unending gifts. Then here we have LeAnn as the smugly satisfied cat who ate the cream. Clearly, both revel in tasting the forbidden fruit of another and are quite sincere in showing off their ‘happiness’ in the face of the world’s conventions.

      • Bohemia says:

        ” The reality is that underneath the sunny glamor of their Hollywood Life lies a cynically dark humor running through their relationship with each other.”

        OMG, YES. I couldn’t figure out what was so off-putting about the clip, but it is this.

      • Faith says:

        +Infinity for the sunset boulevard quote!

      • Stacey says:

        ” The reality is that underneath the sunny glamor of their Hollywood Life lies a cynically dark humor running through their relationship with each other.”


    • P.J. says:

      @Bex: Fake, yes. But I have to give them credit: Long before this show was even in production LeAnn openly ADMITTED in interviews that the show would be scripted and that they were even considering hiring child actors to play Eddie’s kids. I don’t really see the point in all that-surely their real lives can’t be that boring-but I found the honesty refreshing and it’s certainly a lot more than we can say for all the hundreds of God-awful, COMPLETELY fake and (badly) written “reality” shows out there that inexplicably continue to multiply 😒

      • DrM says:

        What is the point of a show that is half/sorta truth and the rest total guano? And LR hasn’t been honest at any point in recent memory. Boring Z grade train wreck whose albums don’t sell anymore so she is trying to keep the cash flow up with her ”reality” TV show….and please in the name of all that is holy may these two NEVER, EVER have children. ..poor child born to that pair.

  2. Jane says:

    After looking at the Pintrest account I was totally disgusted by the horrible comments and mentions of guns, hated and murder. She is one totally disturbed woman who needs help. Anyone with that much hatred to spread needs an intervention. I a far for Eddie’s boy’ lives.

    As for the VH1 stint, it was jut painful to watch. Eddie was a being douche and Leann does nothing but pose. SMH, what a waste of air space, but then…VH1 has never been known for quality programming in the first place.

    • JustMe says:

      I agree, Jane. First of all there is no doubt whatsoever that the accounts belong to her. I think most people realized from observing her behavior that she has serious mental problems, and this Pinterest account very much confirms this. She’s unstable and could be dangerous. No one normal posts stuff like she has. NO ONE. She has deleted many posts now, but they are out there captured in screen shots that aren’t going away.

      The show is laughable. She’s just awful. He’s awful. No chemistry. FAKE. She thinks she is so cute, and really she is so pathetic. Two totally arrogant people who think they are so beautiful and charming, and they are neither. If anyone watches the show it will be to laugh at them. Eddie could care less about her. He long ago checked out of the marriage.

      • Jane says:

        JustMe..I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been slammed pretty hard by people when I insisted she has mental issues. Perhaps now those “slammers” will understand what I mean.

      • Dame Snarkweek says:

        What was on the pinterest pages?

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        She reminds me of those women you see featured on the Discovery ID show “Deadly Women.” She is very scary.

        Someone told me that Brandi just moved. I really hope, after reading that Pintrest page, that it is in a gated community with great security. SkeezAnn is a loose cannon.

    • Jane says:

      Spell check here, folks. Sorry for the typos. I meant to say that I am in fear for the boys’ lives.

    • Lucinda says:

      Jane, I agree with you completely that she is mentally ill. I have thought that for a long time. I understand the outrage anytime people suggest it because it really isn’t fair to toss that term around lightly. On the other hand, having close personal experience with mentally ill people (but not in a professional capacity), I agree that she, along with a few other unstable celebrities who are frequently gossip fodder, are definitely mentally ill. I don’t think she would physically harm the boys. Emotionally? Absolutely. But not physically. The Pinterest posts were consistent with what I already thought of her. However I do think she will do outrageous things to garner attention, especially self-harm.

      • dlo says:

        I don’t know about harming herself, I think she thinks way too highly of herself for that

    • Macey says:

      Her fake accounts go far beyond this new discovery. She also has at least 3 other twitter accounts that she uses to talk to herself on twitter. Her entire life is literally online. I srsly dont know how she managed all of these accounts. no wonder she cant keep her lies straight between the accounts.

    • michele says:

      That pinterest account was all about being pissed off revenge and booze. All the things she denies. She sounds like a raving maniac if you take her pinterest boards as a personality snapshot.

  3. Meredith says:

    They are terrible actors and I mean worse than usual. Eddie’s attempt to be sexy is hilarious because I just imagine him laughing on the inside at what he is saying to her. I would be embarrassed if I were Leann right about now.

    And WTF was up with her face? It was so tight and shiny and joker-like. She normally looks better than that.

    • Christin says:

      The supposedly non-professional actors are actually (slightly) better than the two leading players, who HAVE acting experience. The things that pass for TV programming nowadays…

    • Dinah says:

      Her face looked pretty bloated to me. In general, though, she looks heavier in these clips. Must have been hitting the sauce quite hard during this period.

  4. Talie says:

    I don’t even think that’s their house. Interesting… But yeah, definitely fake. Although, The Kardashians didn’t start out so high quality.

    • Jessiebes says:

      That is because it isn’t their house.

    • Arock says:

      It’s not. The production company (Leann) rented a house in Malibu or Santa Monica for it.
      And yes, that was the Bronco of contention on the divorce. I think he sued Brandi for it or some nonsense. Honestly, between the fake accounts, her man sliding out every where, and lack of career, I can’t believe there isn’t more shame in her.

      • Jayna says:

        Someone explain to me why they would rent a house and not use their real home? It doesn’t make sense. They have a big home in a great neighborhood, so it’s not like they should be ashamed of it.

      • Christin says:

        The house is quite different from their western themed casa. Maybe the rented house has better views for outdoor scenes? Maybe it’s a modern look?

        The house looked a bit institutional, so maybe that plus the prison gray sheets are some type of subliminal message?

  5. lainey says:

    VOMIT,PUKE, ad- nauseam. whatever happened to her infamous proclamation “we will NEVER do a reality show” Every time I see her smirking face, I see the pictures of her on the web where she was vigorouly picking her huge nostrils.

  6. Cris says:

    Big yawn. Bomb.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I couldn’t even finish the clips. Zzzzzzz

      • Tracy says:

        I couldn’t either. Very boring. One would think they would put out the exciting clips to draw the audience in. Oh wait…. could it be there are no exciting clips???

    • Christin says:

      I think it has great potential — as a sure cure for insomnia.

  7. Jenn says:

    Wow, her voice is so irritating. And Eddie is just…dull.

    • Lionbdadddy says:

      The only way of entertaining this show would be to rifftrax it. Then maybe it would have a chance of gaining an sizable audience.

      • Kelliekat says:

        This is a great idea, we NEED to get Mike and the guys on it!! I would love to watch this with Rifftrax.

  8. OrangeBlohan says:

    Those clips are just sad. I don’t see what the point is? If it’s scripted, it’s not reality? And since neither of them can act, what are they trying to do? This is a trainwreck of a show of epic proportions. They can’t even act interesting, and he seems like he hates her. Karma has come home for those two a$$hats!!

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Thank you ORANGE. I kept asking myself the same questions. A fake reality show of fake lives is how many iterations away from anything even slightly authentic or interesting?

      Plus these two are both just icky.

  9. Jessiebes says:

    It’s just so so bad on so many levels. What’s even sadder is that Leann is so proud of it. They intended to portray their real selves, proving all the gossip sites/ magazines wrong. Yet strangely it actually shows the opposite and confirms what many gossip sites have been saying about their personalities, how narcissistic, selfish and douchbaggery they are.

    Very much looking forward to all the comments on this threat though.

  10. Kate says:

    AHAHAHA: “The last thing I need is two more women telling me I need to have a baby.”

    Boy, Leann, you really got yourself a prize husband. What a jerk.
    Is she really so blind that she can’t see her husband wants nothing to do with her?

    • bettyrose says:

      I was truly puzzled by that clip. She’s producing her own reality show with her own money to showcase how totally out of sync their lives are??

  11. Letitia says:

    My favorite thing in the world is when he smirks at the camera and goes “technically single.” What if this oscars huge hoax by VH1 to catch him cheating and Leann going crazy? *starts praying*

  12. qtpi says:

    LOL at the clip where Eddie says he will only travel for work 3 days a week so he isn’t away from the boys. He was traveling for work when he began this disaster with LeAnn – didn’t matter then right buddy?

    As if he is in a position to order people around and only commit to being gone 3 days a week. Fake call. There never was a job offer.

    • zbornak syndrome says:

      But he moved to Chicago while filming Playboy Club, didn’t he?

    • Kelliekat says:

      That was the funniest part of these clips. It was so obviously fake. LMAO! This show is going to be as funny as the fake Eddie Cibrian Instagram account. I wonder when the Costco cheese platters will appear?

  13. Susan says:

    I watched those clips and was like, “huh??” I don’t get what it’s really supposed to be. Super awkward scene in the bed. It’s just weird. And I for one was looking forward to this show in terms of trash “reality” TV. It felt more like a spoof, like some thing on SNL or something like a Chris Lilley Ja’mie: Private School Girl kind of show, which is hilarious by the way!

    • Mel M says:

      Agreed, none if it looked real. They both are acting and terribly at that. Oh and eddies friends are some real winners.

  14. Assistant Rachel says:

    Just painful. Ugh.

  15. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Eddie’s hairdresser is going to get zero dates after that pool analogy 😳

    I think they hired that dude to be Eddie’s friend so Eddie would look less douchy in comparison.

    • tricklady says:

      It almost worked

    • Lionbdadddy says:

      Funny thing is, I wonder if the script was really taking digs at Eddie’s marriage. Play it off as if Mike is the douche but a subtle script directed at Eddie. Leann doesn’t have 15 personalities but acts like she does. He was very uncomfortable in that scene. The technically single comment with quotes, his sneaky laugh, it’s obvious what is going on, whats always been going on. Once a cheater always a cheater. Cheating on your pregnant ex wife, yeah he loves marriage and the commitment. GMAFB. I don’t for a second believe he loves any marriage he is in, unless he has other outlets.

    • Mrs Odie says:

      The sad reality of Hollywood hangers on, is that he’ll get dates just because he’s on TV. It doesn’t matter that he’s a total ass. That pool analogy made him seem bitter and pathetic. With that much contempt for women, I’m sure he’ll make an amazing partner.

  16. K-rock says:

    *takes a “Silkwood” strength shower*

  17. Samigirl says:

    I thought the point of a promo was to make people WANT to watch the show. I was just bored watching them.

    • Deanne says:

      They both have zero charisma and they have no chemistry together whatsoever. They are both incredibly boring and completely repulsive at the same time. That’s quite a combo. I will give her props for her attempt at posing sexily by the pool. She failed miserably, but she sure did try.

  18. TG says:

    Yes, I was so bored I stopped watching Ediot playing pool with his fake friends. Didn’t She-man have auditions for the part of BFF? Bet those girls only met her after they were cast for this show. I won’t watch the show but will enjoy reading about it on here.

    • Christin says:

      IIRC, those really are her two long-time friends that were flown out for the show.

  19. Rita says:

    This show will be to entertainment in “reality TV” what Sharknado was to suspense in Jaws. I refuse to even click on this clack.

  20. FingerBinger says:

    Comparing a game of pool to marriage. Um OK. They’re idiots.

  21. dorothy says:

    Couldn’t watch entire clip. Frankly, I’m just embarrassed for both of them.

  22. d b says:

    Eddie and Leann: Welcome to Hell

  23. Leslie says:

    She’s orange, bloated, stiff, and looks uncomfortable.
    They’re under ugly gray bed sheets.
    His acting consists of raising his brows and wrinkling his forehead.
    And now we all know why he’s not working: BECAUSE OF HIS KIDS. I wonder how many other deadbeat fathers use that as an excuse.
    That just about sums the show up. A snooze fest.

  24. Deanne says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine what LeAnn must feel like inside, to behave the way she does. How could she possibly think that this show is a good thing? Does Eddie not get that no one buys he’s not working because of the kids? Trying to pretend you are in demand , when you haven’t worked in a year, won’t fool anyone. How stupid do they think people are?

    • lainey says:

      And remember, Brandi HAD to go to work to support her kids and that meant finding a way to manage it with 2 small kids. HE just doesn’t want to nor does he have to since he is supported by his 2nd wifey. Brandi is the WINNER in this show-down. All he does now is play pool, jump in the pool, and float around in the pool dreaming of his love-filled days with Brandi

      • Tracy says:

        Brandi and lets not forget Rimes ex. He seems to have built a happy new life in NY.

        Good for both of them.

      • Deanne says:

        Yeah, you are right, Brandi didn’t have a yodelling, ATM to land on after the split, like Eddie. He’s actively choosing not to work because he can and is just a fundamentally lazy person in terms of work ethic. LeAnn pays all the bills. Brandi has had to fend for herself and has hustled her butt off, to get back on her feet, while Eddie goes on bi-monthly vacations and mooches off of his horribly unattractive second wife. He isn’t a real man. He’s just a perpetually out of work, STD machine.

      • Stacey says:

        @Deanne – Spot on!

        While LeAnn supports their life style, child support is based on Ed’s income – a few lines in 2 Tyler Perry movies most recently. Hasn’t worked in a year. Brandi said in podcast telling him “yeah I’ve got this”.

        Agree Ed is lazy. He’s also a d-list bad actor married to a highly unlikable “bonus mom”. I think his pleasure in sticking it to Brandi outweighs his desire to work and set an example for their boys.

      • Lionbdadddy says:

        While I’ll agree with some, he comes off as very lazy. I think the reason he is not working is not because he is lazy. It’s because the offers are far and few between. The guy simply cannot act in my opinion. His acting range is more facial than emotion. Smiling dimples and scrunch the forehead is his acting ability. He’s terrible. He is no longer the generic pretty boy that can rely on his looks, you’ve got to be able to act to stay in the business as you get older. Leann as much as I dislike the woman, unlike Eddie, she had talent once. Her voice isn’t what it used to be, which is a shame.

      • Jenn12 says:

        He would act if he could get a part, I agree. But he’s older and being the pretty boy doesn’t work anymore. He’s lazy because he refuses to get any other kind of job or education.

  25. zbornak syndrome says:

    Her eyes look so unkind. That was hard to watch. She really thinks she’s all that doesn’t she? She truly believes it. Astounding. Guess the reality show curse will strike these two soon.

    Anyone else notice that she doesn’t look her “friends” in the eyes when she is talking to them? Is it because it will mess up her posing?

  26. Jenn12 says:

    The Pinterest is scary. She channels all her hate and jealousy on there- or she was doing so until caught- and it is a look at a very angry, disturbed person. One who has the children of the woman she loathes most half the time.

  27. Jess says:

    She’s insane and he’s a giant douche. Do they actually think we believe he’s choosing not to work because he cares for his kids? He doesn’t work because he spends all of her money and he’s a terrible actor who enjoys being her boy toy. She looked awful and bloated, and honestly just plain ugly. This show was a horrible idea and I can’t wait! This has to be the nail in their coffin. Also checked out her Pinterest and it’s truly frightening for Brandi, LeAnn is obviously obsessed with her.

  28. bettyrose says:

    WTH? The first clip has Eddie reciting some script about how he’s so glad to not be single, and then the final clip has Eddie going on about how he hasn’t been “technically” single in 15 years – and the guys being all “wink wink nudge nudge” and pretty much confirming that Eddie gets more play than they do? How can Leann seriously think this show is a good idea? And that baby nonsense – the only thing Eddie deserves any respect for on this earth is that he won’t impregnate her. If anything, this show is going to make him look like some kinda hero to all douchy guys with KFed dreams.

  29. Tracy says:

    I couldn’t make it through all of the clips. What a disaster.

  30. Tracy says:

    Why does unemployed Ed need an assistant?

  31. MrsBPitt says:

    The best line had to be LR telling her friends “I never get jealous of women, just pillows”….cause Eddie like to hug his pillows…this show is going to be award winning…NOT!

  32. Green Is Good says:

    That was staggeringly phoney. Did anybody else laugh derisively at Ediot’s bullsh*t comment “I love being married”?

  33. Lionbdadddy says:

    The whole thing was hilariously sad. Eddie and his job offer, LMAO. Does he seriously believe anyone was fooled into thinking he was ACTUALLY offered a job and then to make it even more unbelievable, that he doesn’t want to take the “job” because of his kids and travel. LMAO. The call was a creative touch, but not convincing enough. It would’ve worked on someone, a huge movie star that has the luxury of turning down money and whose career is already established. Other than being once married to Brandi Glanville, now married to Leann and being D list tabloid fodder, who is he? His ex is more famous than he is and apparently he was the one with the career in that marriage.

    This show will destroy him more than it will Leann. So I think that will keep her happy, he’ll have to stay even longer in that happy blissful marriage. LMAO!

  34. judy says:

    This aticle should have been titled MR AND MRS LEANN RIMES

  35. rlh says:

    She does baby talk with him. Gag.

  36. Jayna says:

    What happened to her voice? She used to have traces of a southern accent, very soft. Now, she has a flat, kind of deep voice. Does she smoke?

    The whole baby thing is just a made-up story line. Every reality show needs a hook. They had no hook, so came up with one. The kids can’t be in the show. They themselves aren’t that interesting. They had to figure out a story line. That’s how the should we or shouldn’t we story line came out. All of a sudden her close friend and baby are flown up to their house to visit when LeAnn has never had her to visit so they can coo over the baby and use it as a reason to talk babies even more.

    They don’t have chemistry. If LeAnn wasn’t insane and had remained the persona we saw before the affair, not obsessed with alerting paps everywhere she goes, not obsessed with being in bikinis for photo-ops, not all over the place with her looks copying Bandi and obsessed with Brandi for different periods of time, it might have been believable he fell in love with a talented girl with some charm and class after seeing Brandi and her drunken, foul mouth of a self. But that isn’t LeAnn of today. The LeAnn we have seen since hooking up with Eddie is an insecure, mean, trolling hypochondriac. No way is Eddie madly in love with LeAnn, but he is in love with the lifestyle.

    Back when LeAnn had a softness and sweetness about her she might have been kind of cute on the show, a southern personality. She’s barely tolerable now watching it. Maybe those that haven’t followed the saga online and are clueless might enjoy it, Who knows.

    • That’s because marrying Dean completely rehabbed her image. I remember that she sued her dad, and wore a tshirt taunting him about it (Daddy’s Little Girl) at an awards show–when all he was trying to do was help her. She was underage and had an overaged boyfriend, and paid for EVERYTHING…she bought his mother a house or a car or something like that, etc. She was a pretty nasty person, and it all went away with Dean. She apparently grew up.

      • Kas says:

        Her Father caught her in bed with her older douche boyfriend and put his foot down, so she sued her parents for emancipation and all her money.

        She was underage at the time. The boyfriend was some notorious douche….Andrew something or other.

  37. RainbowBrite says:

    What shocks me is just how bad Ediot comes out looking in these clips, what was he thinking? I think most people have figured out she has some major issues (narcissism, jealousy etc) but why oh why would he be willing to look the fool like this? The good news is that he probably won’t have to choose between job offers and his kids after this airs, LOL.

  38. Jane says:

    To Dame Snarkweek , Leann created a Pintrest page under a false name. She had quotes about murdering people, a few gun related quips and a tremendous amount of hate. It was all very vile and disgusting.

  39. Jayna says:

    I would rather have a reality show of Dean Sheremet and his wife, Sarah Silver. She is a high-in-demand fashion photographer and he is a chef. At least, their careers would be interesting and I’m sure have a ton more chemistry than these two. Plus Dean has more personality in his pinky than Eddie has.

    • bettyrose says:

      I know. Dean easily got the best deal of the four of them…and I think he’s helluva cutiepie

      • michele says:

        Agree Bettyrose and he’s the best thing that will ever happen to this sad sack of crap!

    • Kelliekat says:

      This is a really great idea! They are a very good looking, young couple who have fast paced interesting careers in New York City. I would love to watch this show.

    • Deanne says:

      Funny how LeAnn thought she had won the hunky guy and now Eddie looks like crap, while Dean is extremely good looking and comes across like he’s a lovely person. Plus Dean cared about her enough to help her hide her crazy. Eddie is giving her a long rope to hang herself with.

  40. flori belize says:

    I think they tried to make their show similar to Curb your enthusiasm.

  41. Byte Me says:

    No need to view this series now as the clips pretty much says it all. They have no chemistry & they’re too aware of the camera so their ‘acting’ is terribly wooden. They both might as well kiss their careers goodbye, this show will will do them both in.

    • michele says:

      +1 If they had ANY marriage to speak of this it would show on these clips too. It’s so evident that it’s over!

    • Christin says:

      If this is the best they’ve got, then I won’t be watching (even for laughs, because frankly it looks boring).

      It will probably be more entertaining to watch the efforts to get attention between now and July. The hangnail surgery tweet ended up getting more mainstream coverage than she’s had in a long time.

  42. michele says:

    Wow, alllllll this hype for this bowl of beans? LeAnn is even more unattractive with all the faces she pulls when she talks and stuffs her face – Edwardo is looking beat up & tired — the whole thing is sad. Jeesh, this is what LeAnn is acting so proud and VICTORIOUS about ??? Yes, LeAnn the uninteresting, pretend view of your life is on the airwaves and guess what??? We’re even MORE confused how you got Eddie in bed in the first place. You ugly girl! That face!

  43. SouthernGal says:

    After 9 months of FUN filming…there should have been more interesting dialogue. They are so effing boring it is sad. For some reason, she believes in that small pea sized brain this ish is going to make them popular. Congrats LEANN aka Eveleigh that your entire existence is nothing more than tabloid fodder and Eddie really did marry you for your MONEY!

    Thanks for the morning laughs lame asses!

  44. "BONUS" MOM'S DISASTER says:

    That is just plain uncomfortable to watch!! Don’t understand why the fake house and his fake friends playing pool? I am sure his “real” friends like Lizzy would have been tickled pink to be filmed for anything on tv. Maybe Leann demanded that no woman more attractive than her could appear on show. Looks like to me she would have wanted to show off her “casa” she is so proud of and the life they have created together (gag me with a spoon). The whole concept is just so weard down to being featured in bed under ugly gray sheets depicting that they are naked. Oh, wait a minute that is so Leann. She really thinks this joke show will depict how much Eddie is in love with her and how truly happy they are. Given the fact she believes that, makes it easier to understand how she deludes herself with the rest of her “real” life. Also, this just confirms to me that Eddie really does not have a very high iq and has always just gotten by on his looks. Hey dummy, how about working to show your children how to be a decent human being and to provide for them like Brandi and Leann do. That clip is sickening.

  45. Sharon Lea says:

    I watch a lot of reality television and this does not have anything interesting I’d tune in for. Eddie’s assistant seemed most entertaining, and that obviously was not the point of this pet project.

    Leann should have gone an entirely different route with the show like R&B Divas, she could have cast other people, including herself, that had careers who want to get back in, like Ashley Simpson? etc? Showing them writing music, rehearsing, trying to get a record deal etc. maybe all doing a tour together at the end. Eddie could have shown up at the studio, have lunch, be the ‘supportive husband’ etc. She could have had an executive producer credit and if the show took off, done one in different cities with different casts = $$$. She should have focused on the quality that got her stardom, her singing. This was a total misfire.

  46. Harleyilover says:


  47. Sway says:

    What the F? I was waiting to go back home to watch them (I’m in the country right now where I don’t get much of a connection and the videos keep buffering and buffering) and now I never will?! I wanted to see the disaster too!!! #sad

    • Erinn says:

      I waited until today to see it, and I’m getting the ‘your country can’t view this’ and I can’t find it on youtube.

    • Lionbdadddy says:

      Having seen it, it really isn’t worth watching. I guess, you have to see it for yourself to believe how bad it is. It’s boring, fake, they have no chemistry at all and I was embarrassed watching it, for them. Leann is an embarrassment in the public eye 95% of the time so in my opinion she probably thinks nothing of this, but Eddie? How could he think this would be good for him, it showcases the douchery that is silent on twitter but what we have speculated all along about him.

      Who ever competes in who is louder, humping moans against a baby cries. Gahhhh Gross, just gross.

      • Jess says:

        That whole “we have to be louder than the baby” was disturbing to me, and showing a clip of them in bed was the dumbest way to start it off for promos. they had an affair and broke up a family involving children, just stupid stupid stupid, but I guarantee we’ll hear all about their amazing sex life because LeAnn thinks that will keep him from cheating.

  48. MissTrial says:

    All three?

  49. Size Does Matter says:

    Is there a forum somewhere full of people that like them? The comments I’ve seen are so overwhelmingly negative. I don’t understand why they keep putting themselves out there just to be ridiculed.

    • Deanne says:

      Other than LeAnn’s personal website, the answer would be no. No one buys her music anymore and Eddie, despite pretending someone other than Tyler Perry , actually wants him for a job, has decimated his heartthrob status, by being exposed as a liar, cheat and spreader of disease with his peen. They both have lost all good will with the public and very few people seem to be pulling for them as a couple. LeAnn does have some die hard fans who all seem to have multiple Twitter accounts, dedicated to defending her and expressing their obsessive, unhealthy love for her and her partner in slime, Eddie, but there aren’t enough of them to offset the other 99% of the public! who either don’t care about them! or dislike them intensely. She’s footing the bill for this whole debacle of a show herself.

  50. Kelliekat says:

    They could call this show: Calabasas Boulevard. Or Sunset of a Career.

  51. laughsoutloud says:

    does anyone know where someone in Canada can watch the clip? it doesn’t work on all the websites, can’t be viewed in Canada. can someone put it on YouTube? please??

  52. Lionbdadddy says:

    Vh1 pulled the clips, now if they could pull the plug on the whole thing and pretend it wasn’t real, just a horribly bad nightmare. It would be in the best interest for the people involved to distance themselves from L&E and that mess.

  53. Stacey says:

    Wow, they barely crack a smile. I feel this seething anger bubbling under the surface for both of them. They just seem like mean people. Her face just looks mean. She doesn’t come off as sweet at all when she interacts with her girlfriends. She’s got her nose up in the air, trying to brag about how she loves to be naked, cuz she’s so irresistable- right??

    And Eddie is such a cold man towards Leann. no wonder she runs around like a chicken with her head cut off, her husband clearly doesn’t love her. Its clear they are not “madly in love”, this is a marriage of convenience. He seems bitter about something. And complaining about babies crying and complaining that Leann wants a kid..thats sad. what a sweet husband. Not

    And wth does “technically single” mean?!?! Its repulsive to see him give anyone love advice! Cheating pig!

    No chemistry!

  54. TheTruthHurts says:

    You just know it’s killing her that these were all shot during her recent “plump & bloated” phase.

  55. Caz says:

    Geez I can’t decide which is worse…any reality show with dodgy Tori Spelling & her sketchy husband or dodgy LeAnn and her sketchy husband.

    Answer: both.

  56. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    WOW. This will torpedo BOTH of them permanently. I bet Brandi is giggling up her sleeve. Good for her! Shes been patient and revenge is best served cold. Brandi gave her enough rope and shes finally hanging herself. I dont think Ive EVER watched anything truly THIS bad! Staggeringly bad!

  57. LovesGossip says:

    OMG those clips were sooo bad!!! A few observations: Eddie and LeAnn seem “poor” by Hollywood standards. Eddie appears even dumber than I thought. Eddie is a lousy actor. Delusional and lying LeAnn said she is not jealous of other women but is jealous of Eddie’s pillow (which he somehow cleverly figured out he could use as a “barrier” against her). If she was not jealous of other women than why does she SWF Brandi’s every move? Also, it is so obvious that Eddie is just using LeAnn for her money (she has probably supported many a boyfriend). With his fading looks and douche bag demeanor how many more years can he pass himself off as an actor? Eddie must know this and is counting on Ugly Duckling Rimes to carry him through.

    • Christin says:

      Your observations seem spot on. If coming across smug and vapid will garner viewers, they might succeed.

  58. briargal says:

    “sad, cute or just awkward”?? No, I say it is PATHETIC and DISGUSTING!

    • Deanne says:

      You know what I would tune in for? A reality show about LeAnn’s little, core group of fans, who think that she’s their real friend and who spend their days and nights bashing her husbands ex, making racist tweets and filing fake police reports. I know that it might be difficult to get permission to film in a psyche ward, but I’m sure it would be fascinating. Oh and LeAnn is trying to cover her tracks by creating an Eveleigh Rose Twitter account and tweeting herself. Of course it might be the hippocrite ( spelled it wrong on purpose) doing it in the name of her beloved Margaret. She seems to think she’s her enforcer on social media and she doesn’t seem to do anything but bully others, delete tweets, cry victim and manage her plethora of Twitter accounts.

      • briargal says:

        I wouldn’t watch anything that has any connection to LeAss! Oops–I take that back–I would watch a program where Eddie finally calls her the whore and failure that she is and slams the door on his way out! And then a shot of her crying, huddled in her closet with a booze bottle in her hand and Barrel Clown trying to console her. THAT would be worth watching!!

      • Deanne says:

        Don’t forget ugly and not someone he’d ever procreate with under any circumstances. Then they could do a live action Shrek and Donkey variety show. LeAnn could be the Donkey, for obvious reasons and DB could be a dancing Shrek. Of course that would fail too, but they enjoy “creating” failures together, so at least LeAnn would have something to put her energy into, other than obsessing over Brandi’s sons and stalking the Twitter timelines of people she claims to have blocked. Once she leaves the closet, she’ll need something to do.

      • briargal says:

        We could write a better “scripted/reality show” than LeAss did!!! And except for a few good years of her life (early teens and the time she was with Dean) she has been a completely failure at many things–too numerous to rehash. And good ole Eddie–another failure at so many things. They should change their names from the Cibrians to The Failures!