Sherri Shepherd’s estranged husband wants full custody of their unborn child


I will confess, I didn’t pay attention to this story when it first came out last week, and I’m only paying attention now because it became a mess within just a few days. I think Page Six was the first to report that Sherri Shepherd and her husband of less than three years, Lamar Sally, were splitting up. Lamar Sally is a TV writer, and they were married in August 2011. Well, within a day of that Page Six item, Sally filed for separation and he’s asking the court for custody of the child they have conceived via surrogate… a child that has not even been born yet.

Sherri Shepherd and her husband have an unborn baby … and he wants the kid. And here’s the real twist … she’s not pregnant. Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ … Sherri and Lamar Sally have hired a surrogate who is carrying their baby, and the estimated delivery date is July 28th.

TMZ broke the story … Lamar filed legal docs to end the marriage. The docs are for legal separation, but we’re told the only reason the divorce box wasn’t checked is because Lamar has only lived in California for 3 months and there’s a 6 month residency requirement. He will change it to divorce in 3 months.

According to Lamar’s legal docs, he wants full legal and physical custody of the unborn child, and wants Sherri to ONLY have visitation rights. Sherri has not responded yet. Lamar also wants spousal support and he wants the prenup invalidated based on FRAUD. It sounds very nasty. Lamar wants an order preventing Sherri from interfering with his ability to take the kid with him after the birth.

[From TMZ]

Ooooh, this does not sound good at all. I’ll admit that I’ve always had sort of a soft spot for Sherri after her brilliant recurring character Angie Jordan in 30 Rock. She’s sort of nutty/offensive/daffy on The View, but out of that group, I kind of thought she’s probably the least offensive. Anyway, some damage control was in order, so People Mag published a very Sherri-friendly piece after TMZ reported all of that damaging stuff:

Sherri Shepherd kept her personal problems from plain view. The View co-host stunned many after news surfaced Friday that husband Lamar Sally had filed for separation – and that the estranged couple are expecting a child via surrogate. Few were more shocked that those within Shepherd’s orbit.

“She is such a pro. She came to work all week and nobody knew that anything was going on,” a source who knows Shepherd tells PEOPLE. “Nobody knew that she was even expecting with the surrogate.”

The source says that Shepherd, 47, “keeps her private life very private, and she talked about wanting to have a baby with a surrogate on the show but she generally only shares news when she has news to share.” Adds the source: “She keeps it so together and professional. People thought she was fine.”

As for Sally, “he always seemed to be there to support her,” the insider explains. “It seemed like they had a happy, supportive relationship. This is a shock.”

[From People]

Is it a shock? I mean, it might be a shock to people who work with her, but it seems like there was probably a lot of damn drama going down in the Sally-Shepherd household if he’s like, “I want full custody of the kid that hasn’t been born yet and oh by the way, the pre-nup is invalid because of FRAUD.” The drama is coming.


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  1. jess says:

    She is the reason I stopped watching the view. She’s stupid. I bet the baby decision was to help the marriage and make him stay. He sounds like a gold digger and now shes stuck with him forever. This is going to get really ugly.

    • janie says:

      I’m shocked at how disliked she is? I’ve always really liked her?? I don’t watch the View daily, but I must have caught it on a good day? The fraud accusations on his part is mind boggling? All she ever did was gush at what a great husband and step father he is/was ? Bizarre….

      • pwal says:

        Saying how great he is publicly doesn’t mean she felt that way privately or treated him accordingly. Usually, when people brag about their significant others, it’s less about the s.o. and more about bragging about themselves i.e. how great I am for choosing the s.o. or vice versa.

      • Anonny says:

        I can’t take it anymore. I’m compelled to do this:

        The Proper Use of Question Marks

        Rule 1: Use a question mark only after a direct question.
        Example: Will you go with me?

        Rule 2: Use a question mark when a sentence is half statement and half question.
        Example: You do care, don’t you?

      • Zigggy says:

        I think she think’s gay marriage is ungodly or something. Ironic, given the impending divorce.

    • goldengrain says:

      I also stopped watching. The entire level of the show went downhill. They used to discuss more issues and have fewer ‘fluff’ pieces. They also spent more time on each issue and were not fearful of throwing ideas out there that were creative and interesting. It was a fun show and encouraged thought, once.

      They brought Sherri onboard, and she’s certainly lacking mentally. Didn’t she say the world might be flat? She once said her son sometimes got on her nerves, so she’d take him to a department store and let him run in the aisles and make a racket to burn off steam. She thought she was being clever when she said something like – I had just about all I could take of him, so I brought him to the store and let the clerks deal with him; after all, they get paid for being there. I’m sure I was not the only one who was shocked. Then she seemed to think people on airplanes were selfish when they complained about her son’s behavior.

      She’s a very low level person, in my opinion. I noticed that Whoopie tries/tried to give her some guidance and at least she is not offended when Whoopie corrects her.

      When they loaded the show with recipes and fashion and show biz people I just got disgusted.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Fraud. Hmm. She cheated on him in a relationship that started before they were married? She lied about how much money she made? She pretended to love him when she didn’t? She’s addicted to drugs? She’s really a man? I am always very curious when someone claims fraud in a divorce. I guess I could have done. “Your honor, he pretended he was human and he’s actually a DOG…” Etc. dying to know what happened here. Of course, he could be lying, we don’t know. I hope he’s not using the child as a pawn.

    • LadySlippers says:


      I agree. I am guessing what he really meant was ‘disillusionment’. As in, I think the world would revolve around me and not her. She’s human and has faults like the rest of them. She claimed to only be a millionaire when in fact, she’s only a millionaire.

      You know, deep stuff like that.

      Mimosa Dahling?!? And what should we do to treat ourselves on ‘Mother’s Day’? (Really silly day except I do adore the fawning that it inspires)

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Oh, happy Mother’s Day, dahling. Mimosas are always welcome! XXOO

      • LadySlippers says:


        Happy Mother’s Day to you too. I thoroughly look forward to our exchanges whether they are serious or silly!


      • nicegirl says:

        Yes to the mimosas! Happy Mother’s Day to all!

    • pwal says:

      I’m curious about the fraud thing too, but I can totally picture him arguing that all of those years she spent bashing her first ex-husband while assuming the role as a victim was for PR and that she wasn’t devoid of responsibility in that failed marriage. He could argue that despite portraying herself as ‘over’ the past, she likely brought the suspicion and her previously held bad behavior/judgement into the marriage, therefore poisoning it.

      Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me that she even threatened him that if things didn’t go her way, she will subject him to the same public flogging the first husband got. That would explain why he’s going hard right out of the gate, since Sherri already got her long-held spin control apparatus, i.e. The View and her pal, Niecy Nash, in place.

      This is going to get ugly, but this won’t be the last ugly public breakup, especially if one-half of the pair portrayed themselves as an eternal victim and actually believe their own hype… looking at you, Halle Berry.

    • kri says:

      LOL! They both seem like very bright people with alot to offer a child!! Not. Well, these two tree stumps are certainly going to jack this kid. Get ready, child psychologists.

  3. NewWester says:

    Maybe Sherri told Lamar the world was flat and when he found out it wasn’t he considered that fraud.

    • redsox says:

      hahahahaha. This!

    • manda says:

      snorted my tea with that one!

    • Ag says:


      She’s an idiot. I’m rooting for her husband – someone as stupid as she is shouldn’t raise a child. (Although I do love her as Angie, damn it!)

      • Greyson says:

        Haha! Me too.

        She’s a very ignorant woman. Look up the offensive things she has said about gay people and how she admitted she has had 10 abortions. She is not a nice person.

      • goldengrain says:

        He may be just as clueless as she. Who else would marry her?
        Yeah, I think Sherri is all about Sherri. I think the people in her life are props, including her son. It’s just the way she is wired. Whether or not he’s that way, who knows?

  4. Jackson says:

    Messy, messy, messy. Warranted or not, he’s looking like a gold-digger to me.

    • P.J. says:

      Exactly why is he a “gold digger”? Simply because he is a man who happened to have earned less than his wife and is seeking the alimony that rightfully, by law, he is entitle led to?

      In just about every state-and it may even be every one, I’m not sure-the spouse who earned less money during the course of the marriage-male or female-is entitled to alimony, particularly if they’ve always earned significantly less as is the case here. Alimony is not based on the gender of the person who earned less and thank God for that!

      • Red32 says:

        No one should be “entitled” to alimony after less than three years. Trying to get the prenup invalidated also smacks of money-grabbing.

        Also, he is trying to take custody of the baby away. He will need to prove she is unfit. Of course, full custody of the baby will mean child support . . . Sorry there are too many factors that make it look like he’s going for that cash.

      • Samtha says:

        @Red32, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Everything he’s done reeks of him wanting an easy payout.

      • kat says:

        Also, he’s only just moved to CA, a community property state, and hasn’t lived there long enough to qualify to file divorce papers there, but is going to as soon as he’s been a resident for 6 months. Suddenly moving to a community property state to wait long enough to qualify to file for divorce there smacks of gold digger to me…

  5. Sighs says:

    I think I’ve read somewhere else that he’s pretty much been unemployed the whole time they’ve been married. If that’s true, I think he’s just looking for his meal ticket. Get the pre-nup invalidated and spousal support? Sounds like a bum. Unless there’s some reason he thinks she would be an unfit mother. But doesn’t she have another kid? She’s never seemed like the bad parent type to me.

    • Blannie says:

      Here’s his very thin IMDB bio: Most of it has to do with his relationship with Sherry.

      Sherry’s son has developmental issues and she’s diabetic, so either of those reasons might be why she’s not carrying the baby herself, along with her advanced age. He sounds like a gold digger. And she’s a lousy judge of men since her first husband was a dog who cheated on her and got his girlfriend pregnant. Sad that now two children will be affected by this whole mess.

    • P.J. says:

      “I’ve read somewhere else that he’s pretty much been unemployed the whole time they’ve been married. If that’s true, I think he’s just looking for his meal ticket.”

      Just curious @Sighs: Have you felt the same way when we hear the sob stories of countless female celebs/ex wives of celebs in exact same situation? As in: “Poor (super rich) me! I never bothered to work while we were married so I’m entitled to exorbitant amounts of my EX-husbands money to maintain my “lifestyle”? I mean, I personally don’t agree with alimony at all for anyone (child support is a totally different matter) but there is a totally inexplicable gender based double standard in our society when it comes to it.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        While I tend to agree with you, spousal support was set up by the court system, and like it or lump it, former spouses do have the right to be kept in the fashion to which they are accustomed.

        In CA, it’s for half the duration of the marriage (unless you hit the magic number 10, and then it’s for life or until remarriage).

      • Sighs says:

        No, actually I think they’re gold diggers as well. It irks me to no end when women who do nothing try to get tons of money out of their super rich ex-spouses, when the settlement they have is clearly enough to live on. Don’t really care about gender.

  6. Tatjana says:

    She can be funny and cute, but she’s not just daft. She’s plain stupid. Really stupid.

    • goldengrain says:

      Once you realize how dumb she is, it’s hard to laugh at her comedy because you pity her so much.

      I was surprised at her thinking the world might actually be flat. I know she was reared in a strict religion that believed some pretty wild things, but I’m wondering what sort of high school she went to and how many classes she flunked out of?

      I wondered why Barbara chose to hire this lightweight.

      The thing that really made me sad was the way she let her kid go wild in department stores so that the clerical help would be stuck with him because Sherri had had it up to there with the kid. She relayed that little idea of hers as though it were so clever of her to stick others with the responsibility for her kid.

      Whoopi would correct her right on the air, and I wondered how exasperated Whoopi must have been with her to resort to public humiliation.

      • GByeGirl says:

        She was a Jehovah’s Witness. While they believe some rather ridiculous things (I was raised as one) they do actually acknowledge that Earth is a sphere.

  7. Ellie66 says:

    Why did they get a surrogate can she not carry a baby? Or doesn’t want to? I don’t like her they is something a little crazy under the cutesy face she puts out.

    • OriginallyBlue says:

      It is no one’s business why they have a surrogate, but Sherri is 47, so maybe she could not carry the baby or maybe she could not get pregnant.

      • CatJ says:

        I read that she lost Jeffery’s (her son’s) twin, and they didn’t want to deal with another possible rough pregnancy. And her age is probably a factor. But, what we don’t know is if they used his sperm and her egg….. Is that why he is going for custody of the baby?

      • Greyson says:

        I think they may have use his sperm with a donor egg. If that is the case, I think he should get full custody. They are divorcing — not raising the baby together as a family, and that is his biological child.

      • Sighs says:

        Greyson- well if that’s the case, and he wants full custody because it is only biologically his child, then he shouldn’t be asking for support and trying to get out of the pre-nup. If it’s not HER baby then she doesn’t have to support it. Something tells me he wouldn’t be up for that.

      • Nighty says:

        I totally agree with @sIghs if the child is only HIS (biologically), then, she doesn’t hae to support the child’s upbringing…

      • Marianne says:

        I think on the View she has mentioned in the past she has eggs frozen. So I assume, that its her child biologically.

    • Jackson says:

      I believe she had to undergo IVF or some type of assistance with her first child, which was ten years or so ago. Doubt it’s easier for her to conceive now, in her mid-40s.

      • goldengrain says:

        There have been court cases in which a married couple with young kids get divorced and there are DNA tests of the kids. Even when the kids’ DNA are not that of the husband, he is ordered to support them.

        I think, as long as Sherri and Lamar agreed to have this child while they were married, they are both responsible for it.

  8. GeeMoney says:


    This sounds like it’s going to get rough. Hopefully they can work it out.

  9. BeckyR says:

    She smiles a lot but appears to be not so smart. I think she wanted to get married and walked down the aisle with the first one to ask her.

    • goldengrain says:

      Which might have been fine, had he also been of the same mind. These things, the kid and his moving to a community property state, almost looks as though it is planned, doesn’t it? Who would want a kid if they weren’t getting on well? Maybe two selfish people. Maybe they just deserve each other. Maybe she just wanted to be married and he just wanted a meal ticket. Maybe she realized that marriage at any cost was no longer what she wanted to do.

      Often, in life, people dig their own holes and hopefully they learn their lesson and don’t repeat the mistake. She should kiss the feet of whomever suggested a prenup to her.

  10. OriginallyBlue says:

    Oh boy. This is gonna get nasty, but unless she doesn’t fight back or is a secret serial killer on her off time and he has evidence I don’t see how he thinks he can get full custody. I agree with the others, he sounds like a gold digger. He’s probably pulling this to get a fat settlement because getting spousal support, child support and (half?) some of the money she made while they were married will set him up nicely

  11. kibbles says:

    I wonder how so many marriages can turn into complete nightmares. Some people really wear rose colored glasses when they fall for someone without thinking things through or wondering why a particular person wants to marry them (for money, status, a green card, societal pressure, etc) other than for love. Second, so many people bring babies into these messed up relationships /marriages without considering the long term damage it will do to the child as well as the fact that they will be connected to their significant other for life whether they like it or not. I would like to know why he is seeking full custody for a baby that hasn’t even been born yet. Will he use her stupidity as an excuse or are there other reasons the public does not know about yet when it comes to Sherri?

    • Oh, kibbles, you just set off a very long, and drama filled post (I’ll try not to type TOO much)…this has been stressing me out since Friday.

      My older sister just informed us that she is pregnant with her second kid. Which, would be absolutely wonderful news if (1) she wasn’t 100% dependent on welfare and my mom, (2) the dude she’s having the baby with didn’t have three kids with three different mothers, and (3) this wasn’t the same guy who got her house shot at, while her son was in the house. (yes, you read that correctly–as in he got into a fight in my sister’s front lawn, over what he claims is to be twenty dollars–I’m not stupid enough to believe that–and the dude he was fighting with shot at the house several times)….

      I just don’t understand it. But my mom is PISSED. She doesn’t like the way my nephew is being raised–the environment (because that’s the kind of people that my sister hangs around, despite not being raised like that at all), and she said that we’ll probably get my nephew and the new baby (my sister’s due Dec. 9—I hope it’s a girl this time, though), so that my sister can get herself together. And my mom said if it takes too long, then my sister’s going to have to make new babies, because she won’t be getting these ones back.

      And I completely agree with her–it is just…..she’s come to live with us three times, for five years–and my mom’s tried to help her get back on her feet and settled, so she can do the right thing. But all she’s been using us for is a free babysitting service–pretty much. Which makes me really mad, because I was a young teenager, who had to watch my nephew without getting paid, for an entire summer (basically I didn’t do anything but chase a toddler around at 14)–it was supposed to be time for my sister to get stuff set up for him. But all she did was mess around until it was time to get him.

      • littlestar says:

        Virg, I remember you talking about how your sister’s house got shit up a while back…. And now I can’t believe she’s having a baby with him! I feel for you and your mom. Sadly, some people just don’t GET that how they are living their life is complete shit. And then to have kids in the mix. It’s just not right.

      • @littlestar
        That’s not the half of it–he asked her to marry him, and she told my mom that she’s ‘not even thinking about that right now’….why would she even want him in her house? My nephew had nightmares for weeks after that shooting, because he thought that monsters were coming to get him (he was three at the time).

        And my sister is SO talented–she can do hair, nails, makeup, she’s an amazing artist. She shouldn’t be struggling at all, especially not at her age (27). But she chooses to hang around all of our welfare/ghetto hoodrat cousins, who NO ONE on our side hangs out with. Because they’ll get you into some stuff in a minute.

        At this point, I don’t see my sister ever doing right by her kids. She pretty much depends on us to do the heavy lifting–my mom ‘jokes’ that she’s my nephew’s father, because she’s the one who bought all the stuff that he needed–coat, boots, bed, etc. And if we do get my nephew and the baby (which I don’t see why not), and my sister is free to do what she wants–I don’t think she’ll do what she’s supposed to be. She never does–when she doesn’t have him (and when she does have him), she’s always going out.

        I had two summers of my life (which is a huge deal when your toddler nephew wants to be outside all day in the pool, and you don’t like swimming at all), where I had to watch him all day–my sister was supposed to be down in TN, taking care of business so that she could come and get him–but she never did it. And at this point, I’m pissed off about it. Because then she acted like renting me a few movies was ‘payment’ for taking care of her kid for hours a day, while she did nothing but go out to clubs and the casinos.

        So I do hope we get them. Permanently, I’m sad to say.

        Also–littlestar, do you have twitter, with the initials G.L???(or maybe the other way around)

      • littlestar says:

        Have you ever told your sister how you really feel? I have cousins where I would like to tell them, get your head on straight already you fool, your kids should come first, but deep down I don’t have the guts to do so. AND I know it will just cause an uproar. At 27 you would hope she would have her sh*t together by now, but sometimes people never get it together, even for their kids sake :(.

        Sorry for the late response on this – I don’t have a Twitter account. Although I do lurk on there from time to time (to see what Looney Rimes is up to… lol). Are you on Twitter?

      • @littlestar
        I shouldn’t have to–my mom has made it clear. She tries to talk to her about what she can, what she should do–but my sister just won’t do any of it. I don’t know why.

        Oh, and I asked about twitter because a woman from Canada started following me, and I wondered if it was you.

      • goldengrain says:

        If I met you and you told this story to me to my face I would never tell you how I feel about this. To me, interpersonal issues are for people to sort out themselves. Family and friends mean different things to different people.

        What I would be thinking, though, is that here are your parents, who struggled probably to keep you under good influences and instill good values while you were growing up. That’s not all that easy to do in many cases. And your sister just throws it in their faces.

        I would just disown her. That’s me. I would not invite her to functions, and make her understand that she and hers are not welcome where I am. She made her bed, let her lie in it. It is convenient to live the life she is when she has someone to fall back onto when things get too rough.

        The end. The only way the kids come to mom and pops is if they can be legally adopted.

        I think the burden of this woman will fall upon you. Your parents will not live forever and half their property will probably go to her, which she will fritter away, and then all she’ll have left is you and she is training you now to feel responsible for her.

        At her age her life should be coming together. She should have savings for her old age and college money for her kids.

        You and her parents are enabling her. The sooner she’s on her own, the sooner she may learn to straighten out her life. You are not doing her any favors by taking her in.

        Sometimes you have to realize that you’ve said all there is to say and done all you can do. Cut loose and leave her stew in her own juices.

        Save yourselves.

  12. Loralei says:

    Very stupid

  13. Hautie says:

    I would be inclined to believe, he is screaming “fraud” because he has no leg to stand on. He is looking for an angle to get some cash.

    Now if she got that pre-nup. And if he has really been unemployed their entire marriage. I have to ask. Was he working before the marriage? I thought he was a Chef. I had no idea about this TV writer thing.

    And for the not so graceful comment above, about why was Sherry using a surrogate.

    No matter how TV and the media tries to sale it. Carrying a baby to term, in your 40’s, is tough. It is hard on your body. And miscarriages are too common. Simply cause you can do something… does not mean you should. (*cough*Michelle Duggar*cough)

    Having a drama free pregnancy is never a given, for any age. But it gets a lot more tricky the further you get over the age of 32. And I am about positive, Sherry had a very extremely drama filled pregnancy, with her son.

    • Bridget says:

      She apparently thought he was a screenwriter and was writing and selling movie scripts when they got married. I don’t know if she never even checked his IMDB or what, but Page Six says she was surprised that he doesn’t work.

    • goldengrain says:

      Not only that, but from what I read diabetes tends to run in families. I wonder if this new kid is not from an egg of hers?

  14. Ag says:

    That is ME-SSY. Hope they can work out an arrangement that’s truly in the best interest of the poor kid. Yikes.

  15. bettyrose says:

    Gawd. Well at least the story isn’t as horrifying as I’d thought it would be: I.e. he’s not suing for custody of her womb. Is he possibly angling for child support? The courts aren’t likely to award full custody to the father without compelling evidence against the mother.

    • Ag says:

      Either party isn’t likely to get full/sole physical/legal custody. ESP since the kid hasn’t been born yet – neither parent has been established as the main caregiver.

    • bluhare says:

      Perhaps it’s all negotiating tools. Like, I’ll slide on the total custody if you give me more money sort of thing. Or I’ll slide on the money for full custody. Stuff like that. Don’t you always ask for more than you want and negotiate down? I’ve not been divorced so I don’t know.

      • bettyrose says:

        Gah, people suck. Children aren’t bargaining tools. You should have to pass some kind of test to prove you have the emotional maturity to care for a child and raise a well adjusted future member of society before being allowed to procreate.

      • goldengrain says:

        Yes. Just the other day I read about two women distracting salespeople while the 4 year old (that they trained) robbed a wallet out of a handbag.

        I know it sounds harsh, but you should have to qualify to have kids. We pay more attention to breeding animals in this country than people.

        And I’m not talking a Nazi sort of thing here, just that you have no serious genetic illnesses and you are both of sound mind and good moral character. Maybe take a course and a test the way you do for a driver’s license. Why should driving a car be more significant than our future generations?

  16. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    I LOVE her. Loved her on 30 Rock. She said on the View she was hoping to have a positive role model for her 10 yr old son from a previous marriage. So this must be heartbreaking.

  17. Kiddo says:

    Poor unborn baby, that’s all. Before its life even begins, there is f*ckery.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      ITA, Kiddo. And it makes me sad for her little boy, Jeffrey – poor kid has some sorry male role models in his life.

  18. Kim1 says:

    Stay strong Sherry.Focus on your son.I knew it was over when he didn’t attend her Bday party.
    I can’t stand people who challenge a pre nup a couple years after they sign it.

  19. melodycalder says:

    I wonder if the kid is biologically hers. If it is only his with a donors egg…. Does he have a better chance if winning this? And if he does because the child is not hers, then would he be entitled to child support? I’m not sure how this would work?

    • pwal says:

      I tend to think that it is biologically hers. After all, she bristled at the thought of adopting-why would she resort to donor eggs if having a biological connection to the child was behind the fertility treatments?

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    A shit storm cometh.

  21. The Original G says:

    Wonder what they’ll name the little one? Baby Bargaining Chip?

  22. Lucy2 says:

    Some other site I read was saying that she was very angry with him for lying to her about his job as a TV writer. That seems ridiculous, as you can easily look that up, but then again she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.
    Whatever the real situation, this sounds incredibly messy. I feel badly for her son, and the baby who will be born into such turmoil.

    • Yeah, I hate to be stereotypical, but Sherri talks like she didn’t make it past first grade. And she even SOUNDS dumb. I just hate the way she talks. And WHAT she says isn’t much better.

      • goldengrain says:

        She must have some talent, enough to promote herself, because she’s been on a few tv programs and a game show host.

        I agree. She sounds so dumb that it embarrasses me. I think she’s a poor role model for her kid. He has developmental difficulties, and maybe she’s a high level something-or-other.

        I guess the View lost some of its audience, so Barbara decided to dumb it down, adding fights and emotional controversy and recipes and fashion and show biz people and shortening the time spent on each real issue, making more politically correct comments on them, and cutting back on their segment of the show. What an ending of an otherwise stunning career. My husband saw one of her old interviews of some world leader and was shocked that she was really great. He’d only known her from the View.

  23. Miss M says:

    Something about this guy who makes me think he is the fraud. I don’t know what it is…

  24. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Maybe Angelina can adopt the baby? these two don’t seem to have it together enough to maturely bring up a child.

  25. RobN says:

    Didn’t the first husband basically have full custody of their child? She worked in NYC and came home on the occasional weekend? Not sure why it should be any different the second time around.

  26. titan says:

    for him it’s a money grab…

  27. CK says:

    This is going to get messy and Sally seems like the type to spill the tea to get what he wants.

  28. Jana says:

    The ONLY reason this ignoramus is keeping quiet is because the true story is going to make her look very bad….she sure didn’t seem to have a problem dissing her first ex-husband on The View for years, or sharing the fact that she’s had more abortions than she can count! This is not a woman who is afraid of over sharing.