Chris Brown issues apology

Chris Brown
Nearly a week after the much talked about domestic abuse incident that left Rihanna with a black eye and split lip right before a scheduled Grammy performance, Chris Brown has issued a public apology. Brown doesn’t deny his part in the incident, but only says that a lot of the reports after the fact have been incorrect:

The following statement was issued Sunday by a spokesman on behalf of Chris Brown:

“Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God’s help, to emerging a better person.

“Much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong.

“While I would like to be able to talk about this more, until the legal issues are resolved, this is all I can say except that I have not written any messages or made any posts to Facebook, on blogs or any place else.

“Those posts or writings under my name are frauds,” the statement concludes.

At least Chris didn’t write that crap on Facebook about seeing Rihanna’s true colors and had the sense to wait until he had a more thoughtful response. It seems like too little too late, though. All the stories about how the fight happened – that Chris may have received a booty call text message, that Rihanna may have caught him talking to another famous woman, only served to complicate the story. It almost doesn’t matter how the fight came about if the result was that Rihanna was left bloodied, bruised and unconscious.

Jay-Z has urged people to support his protege Rihanna, and the way he worded his statement shows that he condemns Brown’s actions, even though he never mentions him at all:

Jay-Z struck a serious note Saturday when asked for his words of support for Rihanna.

“This is a real situation,” he said in Phoenix at the Sprite Green presents the Third Annual Two Kings dinner with Jay-Z and Lebron James, as part of the NBA All-Star Weekend.

“You have to have compassion for others. Just imagine it being your sister or mom and then think about how we should talk about that,” the hip-hop mogul, 39, continued.

“I just think we should all support her. She’s going through a tough time. You have to realize she’s a young girl, as well. She’s very young.”

[From People]

Rihanna does have a lot of support, but Chris, not so much. At least he’s apologized now, but that’s the type of thing he might not ever be able to make right. Many people have pointed out that if accused child molesters like R. Kelly and Micheal Jackson can recover, so can Brown. It can be argued that R. Kelly and Jackson never quite redeemed themselves to the public, though, and that their careers weren’t the same after the allegations.

Chris Brown is shown on 2/7/09 before Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party. Credit: PRPhotos

Chris Brown

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44 Responses to “Chris Brown issues apology”

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  1. teehee says:

    It will take much more than meeting with a pastor or talking with family to overcome the internal structures that lead one to be abusive. Years of detailed self-reflection and construction are in store for him, if he is serious about any compunction or esire to improve.
    You knw how they can be; they apologize just to get you back so they can enjoy controlling you again.
    He never really said that what HE did was wrong, only the blogs about him (that can harm his image) were wrong. A might self-centered, if he wants to play concerned for Rihanna.
    Well, this is a start. At least he issued a QUASI statment against his actions, which probably already took a lot of courage for him, and I applaud that much.

  2. Ally says:

    I find this very …empty. Yeah, bring Jesus into this (just like miley brings him whenever her slut pictures apear on the web).It looks like his lawyer wrote this.

  3. Dorothy says:

    The abuser always cries and asks for forgiveness afterward!

  4. Len says:

    somehow the words ‘what transpired’ seem to play down what happened. Like it sort of happened to Chris as well. He should say he is saddened over ‘what he has done’ or something like that. Somehow you can read through the lines that he’s not taking full responsibility.

  5. RAN says:

    My thoughts exactly Ally.

    This comment “At least Chris didn’t write that crap on Facebook..”. Really? We just believe that now? We are supposed to believe that ALL OF A SUDDEN his Facebook profile was compromised and someone else wrote that?

  6. mel says:

    Until I hear the facts, I’m not taking sides. Seems like alot incidents are miscontrued in the media and as always many times lies seem to prevail the truth, so I’ll just wait to learn what really happened in the court of law.

  7. gg says:

    Yeah, this is so hollow. He’s a kid with a really big ego.

  8. 88modesty88 says:

    I agree with Len, saying “what transpired” implies that he had no control over it…

  9. CandyKay says:

    I am guessing that the word “transpired” does not come directly from the mouth of a 19-year-old with little formal education.

    Surely he is lawyered up, and so should he be by this point, considering he is accused of a crime. Saying “what I have done” might be considered an admission of guilt in an upcoming court proceeding.

    Domestic abuse is never OK, at any time or by any body.

    That said, Chris Brown is still presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. And right now, whatever he does – including this statement -is going to be considered wrong in the court of public opinion.

  10. Terrian says:

    The one question I have is… How is getting into a fight abuse? Everyone is assuming that just because Chris and Rihanna got into a huge public fight that resulted in something tragic, Chris an abuser. I hate that no matter the situation a man is called an abuser just because he hit another woman. I think it’s crazy.

  11. luckystar says:

    PUKE. He makes me sick.

  12. barneslr says:

    I’m reminded of some crime tv show that talked about how criminals try to distance themselves from their crimes, saying this like “the knife went into him” rather than “I stabbed him.” This has the same feel…”what transpired” should be “what I did.”

    When he is ready to own what he did and actually SAY it will I believe he is sincere. I hope his career bursts into flames and dies. He does not deserve success.

    And yes, Terrian. He hit (beat) her and that makes him an abuser. Your attitude worries me and makes me wonder if you aren’t in a situation where you could use some help. If you are with someone who hits you and they try to justify it…please don’t believe it. There is NEVER a cirumstance where it’s okay for a man to be violent with a woman, EVER. There are a lot of people out there that are eager to help women out of abusive situations-no woman has to just take it.

    But if you are a guy and this is your attitude…please get some help before you get involved in a relationship with a woman. You must come to understand that men who hit women are, by definition, abusers, and that it is never forgiveable.

    And it goes both ways, too. There are women who abuse their men and it is equally wrong.

  13. Kait says:

    Michael Jackson and R Kelly might have recovered their careers somewhat, but those were faceless victims. Rihanna is so high profile that it will be harder for Chris Brown to separate his image from what he did to her.

    And the “apology” sounds like it’s going to end up being a go around of he said/she said where, like a typical abuser, he justifies his actions by her actions. I don’t really think there can be any justification since he’s not the one who was left beaten.

  14. CandyKay says:

    I don’t think Michael Jackson has recovered his career at all. In my experience, his music isn’t played often on the radio, and I don’t believe my four-year-old daughter has any idea who he is, although she’s quite keen on Elvis and the Beatles.

  15. lway says:

    @ Terrian : THANK YOU.

    I’ve been saying this all along. Because the guy hit the girl, he has to be trash, yet if the girl hit the guy she would have received a pat on the back and a “you go girl, standing up for yourself….you make mama proud”

    It’s ridiculous. Chris is a kid.

    I think there is more to it. Rihanna is being sheltered by her family, fans, stars, everyone and Chris is left in the spotlight, having to fi this.

    If Rihanna landed the first punch, her career will BOOM more than before, she’ll be the rolemodel to all abused women, yet Chris’ career is as good as over because of this, no matter what the circumstances.

    That is very unfair

  16. exiled2hp says:

    Wow… JayZ (who I had no opinion about until now) just opened my eyes. What a mature and thoughtful reply to the hungry press.

  17. Because I Say So says:

    Lway & Terrian: You are both so wrong. I don’t see this as about a man hitting a woman, so much as a domestic abuse issue, period. Yes, they are both young. Which makes it more disturbing for me that this is the result of a heated argument.
    Regardless of whatever circumstances, men AND women should not be resorting to violence to solve it. I can’t think of any women’s advocacy groups that encourage abuse of men. I think you would also be surprised to find out there are less women who would support her if the situations were reversed.

  18. mel says:

    @barneslr…how do you know he beat her? Were you there? Like I said everyone is speculating but the only 2 people that know what happened that night are Ri and CB.

  19. raven says:

    Bottom line: she was left seriously injured and unconscious after “what happened”. If a truck hit her, then Chris Brown should say so. Otherwise, it looks like he did, no matter what she did to start anything. Seems like taking sides isn’t really the issue here. He walked away and she didn’t.

  20. Kate says:

    Lway & Terrian – you cannot attack another person, no matter if it is a bf/gf/spouse or a stranger. Normal adults are expected to keep their hands to themselves and get over arguments by communcation. Gender doesn’t matter. If one girl attacks another girl physically (even verbally), it’s a crime and she could be arrested.

  21. luckystar says:

    I hope his career tanks. He’s ‘going to his pastor’ and such? Whatev. You don’t beat up a woman. Stupid a$$. I don’t believe his apology for a minute.

  22. Terrian says:

    I am a woman.

    And I have never been a victim of abuse. However, I do not believe that if a man in woman got into a fight and a man hits her he is an abuser.

    If it happens all the time and a guy likes to beat up on his girlfriend a lot that is different. If I were to ever get into a fight with a guy and I hit him… I wouldn’t be surprised if he hit me back. A fight is a fight.

    Yes, what happened to Rihanna is sad but I would not call Chris an abuser.

  23. FF says:

    You know Rihanna is only two years older than Chris so if he’s ‘confused’ I think the same arguement covers her.

    That said, I fail to see how 19 is just a kid. If you’re old enough to take the cheque you’re old enough to take the heat. Can’t have it both ways. Plenty individuals who are younger who wouldn’t go there if you paid them. He lacks a certain maturity and the people around him are just coddling that.

    This is a call to grow up and take some repsonsibility, and he might want to take the hint before an already inflamed situation gets worse. Own your actions, Chris.

    He might also want to check the environment he’s in and the company he keeps because those around him don’t seem to be helping much with their comments to the press.

    ps – I hate when they bring God into it. God didn’t make you raise your fists, dude, and going to church doesn’t make you a good person – it just makes you a person in a church.

  24. Ana' says says:

    You should change the title of this piece to Chris Brown issues half-as.s.ed PR statement. And he truly needs to leave God, Jesus, et al out of his BS.

  25. Zoe says:

    Terrian: he left her UNCONSCIOUS, this was no little tiff.

    Can someone please clarify what constitutes “domestic abuse” as opposed to just “criminal assault”?

    They aren’t married (not that that should matter)is it “domestic” because they know each other?

    I guess what I’m getting at is this: if they were strangers and got into an argument, and one of the people had severe defensive wounds, bite marks and was beaten unconscious, and the other fled the scene, unharmed, would we even be debating his culpability? (not sure if I’m phrasing this right… any lawyers out there?)

  26. Persistent Cat says:

    The fact of the matter is, he didn’t just hit her once. If that were the case, things might be different.

    But he hit her more than once, that’s abuse.

    If I hit a guy, I run the risk of getting hit. I don’t run the risk of being severely beaten so that I need to go to the hospital.

  27. Persistent Cat says:

    They can’t technically call it “domestic abuse” because they didn’t live together.

  28. BS! says:

    Yes, they CAN call it domestic abuse if they aren’t living together: they’re known to be in a relationship.

  29. BS! says:


    So they’re only an abuser if they’re a repeat offender? What are you trying to get at here? Who the hell cares if he “can” or “cannot” be painted as an abuser ver batim. The point is, he had a grossly inappropriate response to his disagreement with Rihanna, and to defend him by lamenting his label as an abuser seems strange and disrespectful, not to mention a little delusional. Statements like “we dont know what went down between them” are of little use: no matter WHAT happened, it is NEVER ok to beat someone until they are unconscious. I don’t give a flying F U C K they were fighting about, he had a GROSSLY INAPPROPRIATE RESPONSE and there is NO excuse for it.

  30. TxBreed says:

    I feel sorry for both parties because they are young talented entertainers and this situation is so sad and so public. I believe from their public display that they were truly in love and from what I have read (which I believe to have some truth) this is not the first time this has happened. I think because people are so nosey and can’t seem to mind their own business (referring to the person who called 9-1-1) that this has become such a public display. I think that if it wasn’t so public just like before they could have talked and worked out what ever difference just like they have done so in the past but because the media and so forth is involved they won’t be able to do so (if that’s what they wanted to do). I said all that to say this people have relationship problems everyday be it verbal, physical ect. But it’s not put on public display it’s only because their in the entertainment business is it made so public and that to what sad. It’s so easy to pass judgment and voice our opinion on how we think this situation should be handled but the fact of the matter is it’s not our situation to make judgment on. I wish them both well in what ever their conclusion may be.

  31. czarina says:

    I think worrying about whether he can “officially” be called an abuser (as opposed to a thug), is nothing more than samantics.
    Are you an “official” abuser after you’ve beaten up your partner once? Twice? Twice a week? Does it matter???
    If you beat someone unconscious you are a criminal.
    If you beat someone you are supposed to care about, you are a criminal AND seriously disturbed.
    If you beat someone you are supposed to care about then leave them on the street like garbage, you are a criminal, distrubed, and a selfish, self-absorbed, sack of s**t who deserves to be put in jail and shunned by decent people.
    The so-called apology written by his lawyer/publicist is so meaningless as to deserve no response.

  32. czarina says:

    @TxBreed: the problem with what you’ve said is that a lot of domestic abuse gets ignored or rationalized away as being “just private”, and only between the two people involved.
    Did you know that up until recently, a husband could not be accused of raping his wife, no matter if he forced her or beat her or hurt her, because they were married and it was just their “private relationship”.
    Even now a lot of domestic violence does not get prosecuted because women are too often urged to keep it secret, keep it quiet, don’t ‘embarass’ your family by making it ‘public’.
    Attitudes like yours have kept many women and children in situations of abuse and degredation, and you do a disservice to every abused woman (and man–there are abused men out there as well, and it’s important to remember that they can be victims, too, not just the ‘bad guys) and children who might believe that they should keep their mouthes shut and not get help because it’s a “private” problem.

  33. FF says:

    WTH Tx? A person who calls 911 because they hear a woman screaming while being attacked should have put down the phone and minded their own business?

    Hope I’m never a person in need around someone like you.

  34. TxBreed says:

    No what I’m saying is what I said people have problems in their relationship everyday and it’s only because their in the entertainment business that their business is put on public display for the world to pass judgment. I don’t condone violence or domestic violence on any level. I’m just saying that I feel that they were in love and most likely still are but because of people passing judgment on their situation they most like will not get back together.

    Yeah FF where I’m from snitches gets stitches so I mind my own business.

  35. FF says:

    Well in this case I’m glad somebody called it in, if they were at risk of stiches themselves or not.

    Assuming that their relationship was one of love is just as much a judgement as assuming that it wasn’t. Judgement goes both ways.

  36. NotBlonde says:

    TxBreed: So you think that the person who called 911 because he/she saw a woman getting BEATEN in a car should have left it alone?

    AND you think it’s sad that they won’t get back together?

    What planet are you on? You have to be young…there is no way you could be out of high school with that kind of attitude about this situation.

    And by the way: START SNITCHING. A person who let’s police know that there is horrible stuff happening in their neighborhood is a HERO not a snitch.

  37. Zoe says:

    Where do I sign up for stitches?

    Also, remind me to stay the hell outta Texas. Yeehah.

    When I drove across country once, I went with my best guy friend and he said, I’ll drive whatever route you want, but I’m NOT driving with you through Texas (we aren’t the same race *gasp*). It broke my heart that we’d have to worry about getting attacked over something so stupid.

    … also reminds me of Thelma & Louise.

    No, I’m not saying that Texas is still in the Dark Ages, so put down your maces (if you can find them using candles, that is)!

    Where is TexasMom for some rational explanation of this “snitches get stitches” phenom??

  38. CB Rawks says:

    God I’m so terrified by these insane people that think it’s okay to hit and be hit!!
    How on earth were you raised?!
    I assume that if anyone hits YOU, you wont mind?!
    I just can’t understand that! It’s SO wrong. And so SAD.

    NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO HIT YOU! Repeat that to yourselves every hour on the hour.

  39. CB Rawks says:

    Awesome comments, Czarina.

  40. ticia says:

    maybe this will be a wake up call for everyone out there. He’s not the only guy on earth abusing, not just physically, but also mentally! At least he’s admitting what he did!! I’m not saying it’s ok, but it just goes to show that hollywood celebs are human.

  41. We are all in trouble says:

    He did not admit it. Please reread.

  42. Amphitrite says:

    Yeah, he was pretty specific about ‘what transpired’ (as if he had no control), not ‘what I did’. He’s still being tried- he won’t incriminate himself just yet. To me, it looks like he’s trying to make it seem like this is a huge misunderstanding. Hell, maybe it is, but I still have my doubts.

  43. Nikitia says:

    To the person who said why do people bring God into it, don’t you know that God’s mercy shows up when we mess up??? Whenever you did something wrong His mercy shows up. Whenever you lie, His mercy shows up. Whenever you gossip, His mercy shows up. Whenever you judge His mercy shows up. People think when you do something wrong you are supposed to shy away from the church. That is a lie from the pits of hell. When you fall down is when you need to be in church the most. Pray for them both please. Have the same mercy and forgiving spirit that God has on and towards us. We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…everyone dropped their stone and walked away!!!

  44. samanthakain says:

    It seems to me people are forgetting that it was not just Chris that did the hitting it was also Rihanna that hit back as well as started the whole thing by going thru the man’s phone, if she had to do all that she should have broke up with him or played the hollywood game and found her some third leg herself.
    If they were two college kids out here and not celebs people would have forgotten this situation the following week and moved on to more tragic things. We have two victims here and both need help. Rihanna is not helping herself by letting people keep helping her bring it up and making Chris the monster of the century this is not new, people have been fighting and abusing one another since the beginning of time and by bringing their plight to the front is not going to make it stop now. You want to bring God up in things, God asked us not to pass judgment and yet everybody condemns Chris to hell in a hand basket with gasoline underwear on and we supposed to lend a shoulder to Rihanna because Oprah said so? Everybody knows society does not work that way and not buyng Chris album because of what he did is not going to stop him from eating no time soon. Rihanna need to move on and heal herself as best she can and she doesn’t seem to have too much of a problem with all the men she seen with! and Chris need to think about the next time he get a woman to keep his phone more discreet or stop d a m cheating. Neither of them give a H e l l about what anybody think anyway, but the news and talk shows