So is Sarah Paulson dating Pedro Pascal (GoT’s Prince Oberyn) or what?


While I’m sure many of you forgot about this, I’m still thinking about Sarah Paulson and her date for last week’s premiere of The Normal Heart. Sarah showed up the premiere arm-in-arm with Pedro Pascal, also known as Prince Oberyn in Game of Thrones. Some claim Sarah is a lesbian, and she has dated women in the past (Cherry Jones, notably), but Sarah self-identifies as bisexual. So… Sarah could be dating Oberyn! Long story short, I got obsessed and tried to find out if this was really on. Sarah and Pedro have been each other’s dates for various events over the years, but in a recent interview with The Independent, she explained their relationship (and apparently she’s a Game of Thrones superfan):

Yet, like any fan, she tries to avoid spoilers as much as possible. “I’m sure I could go over to Amanda [Peet] and David [Benioff]’s and ask them to show me episodes before they come on but I would never do that because I want to watch it as it’s happening. I don’t want to know.”

But the Game of Thrones connections don’t end there. Paulson is good friends with Pedro Pascal, who plays the Prince of Dorne, Oberyn Martell in season four of the show. The pair have known each other since they were 19 and often share silly photos together on Instagram and Twitter.

“I knew he [Pascal] was auditioning and I had to see his audition tape and I was like ‘you s**t! Now I know something’s going to happen!’” she says with a laugh.

Paulson enthuses about Game of Thrones, and she has some strong feelings (and colourful language) about the Purple Wedding, which saw the death of the most reviled character on the show.

“Boy, do I love the actor who plays Joffrey but boy am I glad that mother**ker’s dead. He was such an evil little s**t and he was a terrifying, terrifying creature. So I was very, very pleased to see that snot and blood running out of his nose. It seemed perfect that he would be poisoned when he was such a poisonous creature.”

[From The Independent]

So, Paulson isn’t dating Pedro Pascal, they’ve just been friends for more than two decades. And they tweet each other and share photos. And they talk all the time. And they go to events together. So are they dating or what?!

Meanwhile, Sarah has the best quote on Michael Fassbender, whom she met and worked with on 12 Years a Slave (she played his horrible wife).

“Michael Fassbender is a man. He just looks at you, and you want to take your clothes off. Let me just say this — once he kissed me on the mouth to say hello, and I almost fainted. The kiss was very platonic on his part. I could smell what he had for breakfast in the morning, you know what I mean? He could eat a pile of s–t, and it would smell good on him.”

[From New York Mag via The Frisky]

Lord, this made me laugh. You know it’s true. Picky bitches be like, “Oh, I don’t even like Fassy, I hate his teeth.” But then if he ever came in to kiss you, you would FAINT. Sometimes I just look at photos of Fassy and want to take my clothes off. God. I feel like Paulson really understands what it’s all about: dropping trou in front of sexy Irishmen and spending quality time with Prince Oberyn. Sarah Paulson stole my life!!!


Photos courtesy of WENN, Getty & Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Lindy79 says:

    Love her!!

    His scene with Dinklage on Sunday’s episode was everything.

    • Dorothy#1 says:

      Omg I know!! Such a great scene!!!

      • Lindy79 says:

        I don’t normally get that cut up about tv shows but I was really moved by it. They were both so fantastic.
        Dreading the next episode.

    • ds says:

      Yes and I totally like Oberyn, interesting character.

    • mia girl says:

      It was a great scene. Two great performances.

      I really do love Pedro Pascal as Oberyn but sometimes his fake accent is a wee-bit too much. I’m half expecting him to start the battle with the Mountain by saying…

      “My name is Oberyn Martell. You killed my sister. Prepare to die.”

      • Dorothy#1 says:

        LOL!!! I almost want that to happen!! :)

      • JennySerenity says:

        Sorry for the late post, but omg, this is my Gossip Genie come to life!! Have always had a girl crush on Sarah, and Prince Oberyn gives me a total lady-boner.

        That scene w/ Peter Dinklage sun. nite. Oomph. Emmy bait for sure, such gravitas, such great acting!! Now, if we could only include PD and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau into the existing menage, my gossip fantasies would be forever satisfied. GAWD!

    • MG says:

      Yes!!!!! He, along with Dinklage are the best characters. One of my best friends is named Olbin Martell, is Latin and looks just like Pedro. It’s bizzaro.

    • tifzlan says:

      That scene was soul crushing and I so badly want Pascal to win an Emmy for it.

    • Dommy Dearest says:


      His scene this past Sunday was the best in the entire episode. He easily made that episode my favorite of the season. I give mass kudos to Pascal, he’s made Oberyn my favorite character!

    • Yup, Me says:

      Wasn’t it! I’m trying to go with him. I keep reminding myself, when I wake up in the mornings, that he’s a CHARACTER and not REAL, but when I fall asleep, my brain doesn’t care and is all “It’s ON, Prince Oberyn.”

    • Maria of MD says:

      You said it. Loved that scene. Almost made me cry and cheer at the same time.

  2. Here or there says:

    I just get aggravated because in American Horror Story I fixate on her damn lips. Those injections are ridic!

    • Willa says:

      You wrote exactly what I was going to write. Those lips! Yikes!

    • Mia says:

      My thoughts while watching 12YAS. It was so distracting.

    • SK says:

      Actually, her lips are real! They were exactly the same when she was a teenager. She posted a photo of herself when she was very young and they were exactly the same. Some people do just have lips like this.

      • Lauren says:

        Sarah was on Law and Order in the early 90′s, and she had those plush lips. She was portraying a teenager in the episode, and she dominated all the scenes. (The Chris Noth era-good memories). Excellent actress.

  3. blue marie says:

    I have always liked Sarah, I even watched a crappy Hallmark Christmas movie because she was in it. She was about the only thing I liked in the second season of AHS too.

    • GMarchetti says:

      I fell in love with her when I first saw Down With Love back in 2003 ou 04. She’s so funny, her lines are the best! Ever since, I watch almost everything she’s in it.

  4. Sixer says:

    Mr Sixer tried to kiss me once. I dropped the iron on his foot. I think Prince Oberyn should kiss me on the mouth.

  5. T.fanty says:

    I have a somewhat irrational dislike of Sarah Paulson. I trace it back to Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip, when she was egregiously miscast as someone with a sense of humor.

    • Tatjana says:

      I liked on that show. She had chemistry with Matthew Perry. I wish that show wasn’t cancelled.

    • mia girl says:

      So nice to find other Studio 60 fans. Apparently, we are a rare breed.

      The show had a lot of potential and I really do think it was canceled too quickly.

    • Zuzu says:

      Co-sign this x10,000

    • Eve says:

      I have no opinion on Paulson…well, maybe that her face looks weird (Kidman-weird, I mean) in the pictures with Fassbender.

      Pascal looks like Eric Bana.

      Fassbender looks like he showered (for once).

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      I’ve only seen her in American Horror Story. I like her a lot but Queen Lange is why I watch AHS.

    • gefeylich says:

      Paulson was was a stand-in for Kristin Chenoweth on Studio 60, on whom the character was based. The whole series was massively terrible, but Paulson was really miscast in the role.

      I think this photo indicates a little harmless bearding going on between two old friends.

  6. iskra says:

    I can totally believe it for Fassy….

    on the other hand, Pedro is incredibly sexy in real life. I have met him on GOT set last summer…..believe me, that guy is steaming hot. And has a great personality too.

    • Kali says:

      I’m impressed you’re still able to communicate in clear sentences! I’m fairly sure I start to drool when his scenes start in GoT so I can’t imagine what I would be like if I met him in real life….

      • iskra says:

        He was incredibly friendly with everyone, talked a lot with extras on the set, he was very excited for the show. He is very charming, has that unforced, friendly charm that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. He doesn´t have that raw and obvious sex appeal Fassy has, he is a bit geeky but my god, he is sexy.

      • sunsetsnow says:

        My blood pressure starts to rise when they cut to his scenes. Mmmmm!

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Oh my god, I’m so jealous. I met Cam Gadget (sp?) once. I would gladly trade that for Pedro. Gladly.

  7. Nya says:

    I haven’t seen her acting so I can’t judge that, but every time I see her face I can’t help but think she got some horrible botched plastic surgery at one point…..

    • LadySlippers says:

      She’s absolutely fantastic in 12YaS. Chiwetel, Lupita, and Michael get special mention for their performances (as they should) but Sarah’s was also outstanding. She’s a cruel b!tch and COLD, very cold. *shudder*

  8. paola says:

    i looooove Prince Oberyn. I’m not going to spoil it.. but next episode will be awesome.

  9. Cora says:

    “I will be your champion!”

    Good lord, my knickers fell right down to my ankles when he said that. ;)

  10. neelyo says:

    The only relationship I know of with Paulson was the one she had with actress Cherry jones.

    I can’t stand her because of that awful lisp. Drives me insane.

    • GMarchetti says:

      I was thinking to myself, isn’t she gay and dating Jessica Lange? I read somewhere that the two really bounded after Lange’s husband died and got into a relationship.

      • ella says:

        What? Wasn’t Jessica with Sam Shepherd for years, until fairly recently?

      • mayamae says:

        I always thought that rumor had a touch of the “gay people try to convert everyone” stereotype. Just like a platonic heterosexual couple can’t be seen without a rumor of coupling, the same can now be said about a gay/bisexual actor.

      • taxi says:

        Sam Shepard is very much alive & he & Lange were together for decades. Sarah & Jessica got together as a couple during American Horror Story but I don’t know if that’s still on. Jessica was the one who surprised me when that happened.

  11. Mia4S says:

    LOL! That quote about Fassy should be on the poster of his next movie. “X Men is the perfect summer movie” “He looks at you and you want to take your clothes off”.

  12. TG says:

    Yeah I didn’t see that coming with Prince Oberyn becoming Tyion’s champion. That scene was so moving. Had anyone else notice from GOT that every time the audience and the characters get justice or revenge it comes at a sacrifice? Like Joffrey is dead but Tyrion is in prison. Sansa escaped but might now be in a worse place, etc. Someone please kill Stanis or Melisabdre already please.

    • Bucky says:

      My boyfriend keeps telling me that Stanis isn’t going away any time soon, and that he’s a big part of the story, and yadda yadda. And I’m like whyyyyyyyyyyyy. I don’t know if it’s the actor or the writing or whatever, but Stanis is SO BORING. Even when he’s boning a witch and making a smoke monster baby, he is DULL.

      • TG says:

        Yes I liked Stannis in the beginning and was impressed that he was the first man up the ladder during the fight on Kings Landing but then he because the modern day version of an evangelical Christian and completely shut down his brain. Or do I mean a CO$ devotee? I can’t stand people who don’t use reason and logic.

      • Dovies says:

        Spoiler alert but he’s supposed to be “boring.” That’s how he’s described in the book.

  13. eliza says:

    Cannot WAIT till the Trial by Combat. Boo on HBO for robbing us of that episode this coming Sunday! Love the Prince!

  14. mom2two says:

    I can’t say I feel that way about Fassbender. I do feel that way about Pedro Pascal.
    He and Sarah are long time friends, I have no trouble believing that they are BFF’s. I suspect that he is dating or has a thing going on with Lena Headley. Someone told me he is dating Lily Rabe. I have no idea but he is one good looking dude. And he is doing a good job as Oberyn this season.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I’m with you on Fassy. Does NOTHING for me. The only ginger I could get down with would be Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age (and I’m pretty sure it’s only because of how he plays the guitar). Pedro is a bit sexy. I’m not totally on board, but I can see getting there.

      • mom2two says:

        I agree, Josh Homme is a good looking dude and talented! The other gingerish guy that really does it for me is Richard Madden (formerly Robb Stark of GoT).

  15. Tx says:

    Get it Sarah!!

  16. Em says:

    There’s been loads of rumours about Pascal and Lena Headey (Cersei) having some kind of torrid love affair

  17. Tania says:

    Someone tell me why I thought she was lesbian. Ahhhh Sarah and Fassy kissy kissy. Will totally watch.

    • Zuzu says:

      I think she really is one, but this is prob better for her career now…?

    • Dee says:

      She was a relationship with Cherry Jones for 6 years. But she identifies as bi.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Had to google Cherry. She doesn’t look familiar at all and I don’t see the appeal. I think I expected someone a little more remarkable looking.

  18. flavia_deluce says:

    What’s wrong with Fassbender’s teeth? I love his sharky smile. Sarah Paulson seems like a cool chick, she always seems to be having fun at premieres and the like.

  19. Wilma says:

    I wasn’t interested in Fassbender. I am now, this has definitely peeked my interest

  20. MissTrial says:

    No one does the b-face like Sarah Paulson.

    I loved her in Game Change. I think she was miscast in 12 Years a Slave however.

  21. Kristen says:

    I thought she was dating Jessica Lang for a while, right after JL and Sam Sheppard split up??

  22. iheartjacksparrow says:

    Someone’s at the door, Caleb.

  23. Tay says:

    I just dont get this Fassbender thing. He gives me the creeps, there is something that doesn’t feel warm or normal if that makes sense. As for the sex appeal not really. I can imagine he’s someone who has sex all the time, but ive seen his body and i would not want to be on top of that.

    • LadySlippers says:

      It might be something you need to see in person. Ya know? Or he’s just one of those guys that doesn’t tickle your toes. Ever. Lol.

    • Sweet Tea says:

      Morning Ladies!

      New to the site.

      I’ve heard other posters on other sites sometimes say the same thing- that there is “something a little off” is how I often hear described, as well as a “coldness”. For me, I describe it more as a sense of detachment. Does that make sense? I do like him, and adore his talent, but I sometimes feel this same thing. Go figure.

  24. Elle Kaye says:

    In the prison cell scenes, Pascal looked like he could be the son of Burt Reynolds. I love his character, the Red Viper. He has a sentimental side, yet he is fierce.

    • sw says:

      I’ve been wondering if I was the only one who thinks he looks like a young Burt Reynolds!

  25. G says:

    Oh Prince Oberyn (swooon)…he can be my champion!

  26. Bee says:

    Sarah was not dating Jessica, they are very good friends however and were in the Glass Menagerie in 2005, long before American Horror Story.

  27. iggie says:

    She is fantastic. I thought her performance in TYAS deserved a nomination.

  28. Tiff says:

    I don’t normally comment but I loved this post. I literally laughed out loud when I read it. I, too, feel as though Sarah Paulson as stolen my fantasy life!

  29. P.J. says:

    Is everyone completely forgetting/ignoring the fact that Sarah has come out VERY publically and said-more than once-that she identifies as a lesbian?

    She was in a very longterm relationship with a significantly older actress with beautiful bright blue eyes whose name unfortunately escapes me at the moment…

    P.S. I LOVE Sarah on American Horror Story! She and Evan Peters were pretty much the only reasons to watch season 2 for me; she’s such a great actress ☺️ That said, I really hope she stops messing with her face soon. You were always naturally beautiful Sarah, please STOP.

    • catsnaps says:

      Oh jeez, she self-identifies as bisexual. SHE SELF-IDENTIFIES AS BISEXUAL. Why are you people having such a hard time believing what she said, herself, to be her identity????

      (This is aimed also at other posts saying “isn’t she a lesbian??”)