Guess who got hammered while ‘deejaying’ at a Cannes club? You’ll never guess.


On Wednesday night in Cannes, Lindsay Lohan got a “gig”. She made an appearance at The VIP Room with her brother Michael (the younger guy with the dark hair), and she ended up behind “deejaying” because of course. It seems like Lindsay was the only celebrity there, and for the record, I didn’t just choose the worst photos of her. She truly looked blitzed in every single photo. She even looked hammered on the “red carpet” before she even got into the club – she was pre-partying quite heavily.

According to the NYDN, “she laughed and danced the night away with her 25-year-old sibling… she spent most of the evening hanging out in her VIP area and behind the DJ booth.” As for her brother Michael… people are making a big deal over the fact that Lindsay seemed to embrace Michael in an inappropriate way, and she seems to have kissed him or nuzzled him closely. I don’t really know what to say about that stuff. I think LL is a pretty gross person, but I’m not going to accuse her of incest based on photos of her looking hammered and hugging her brother. I will, however, accuse of her of being a sloppy mess.

“Lindsay is f**ked up and is out of her f**king head,” a source close to the Mean Girls star told Radar. “Lindsay is doing the exact opposite of what she should be doing.”

According to the source, Lohan has been spotted with her long-time friend Gavin Doyle, who is no stranger to the French party scene. In 2010 when Lohan was scheduled to be in a Los Angeles court she claimed she lost her passport and as Radar reported, begged friends to fly her home on a private jet, to no avail. She was also reportedly photographed sitting next to a table with a white substance in lines on the table.

“Lindsay was also with Gavin four years ago,” the source told Radar. “And now he’s with her again. Everyone is worried that she’s back partying in Cannes and seeing the pictures of her in the club makes them think that she’s surrounding herself with her old friends and that her partying is out of control.”

The source said Lohan paid for Doyle’s plane ticket to the international hot spot and friends are worried “he is enabling her and making a mess of everything.”

Fighting to stay clean, Lohan even has her brother, Michael Lohan Jr., on the trip with her.

“Her brother is working his ass off to make things work for her and he is basically banging his head against a brick wall,” the source told Radar. “This is so sad that Lindsay has these horrible people around her again.”

[From Radar]

Serious question: at this point, who is “everyone”? LL has famously surrounded herself with enablers, sycophants, co-conspirators, drug dealers, users, criminals and fall guys for years. None of them really gives a crap what LL is doing as long as the party keeps going, rails are still being cut and the vodka keeps flowing. It doesn’t sound like there is an “everyone” and no one is “worried” because this is just who she is. She’s never changed. She just kept this side of herself relatively quiet for a few months, but now the party’s back on.

Also: Star Mag has a story about LL’s breast implants. A source tells the mag:

“Her breasts are almost down to her elbows and she’s decided she desperately needs to get them lifted. She’s always denied she’s had surgery, but she got implants when she was 17 and needs them redone… but she’s broke. If anyone can raise cash for a breast-lift, Lindsay can. She’s desperate to get them done before the end of the summer.”

Maybe I’m mistaken, but isn’t this kind of breast work relatively inexpensive when it comes to cosmetic procedures? I mean, this will probably set her back (at most) $20,000, right? She would probably be able to “earn” that in a night or two, you would think.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Kiddo says:

    Deryck Whibley, Sum 41. Someone should send her those photos.

    • BangersandMash says:


      What’s sad is that this affliction has completely taken over her. She may not be an ‘addict’ but she may be a binge-drinker/binge-druggie… she can go for weeks not touching anything, and then blow it all in three days, then go on for weeks not touching anything.

      • bluhare says:

        If this affliction has completely taken over her, she’s an alcoholic/addict. It doesn’t matter how often you drink. It matters how you behave when you do drink. There are a lot of binge drinking alcoholics out there. A lot. Some of them only drink 2 or 3 times a year, but they’re still alcoholics.

      • littlestar says:

        I agree, bluhare. People think that in order to be an alcoholic, you have to drink every day. I don’t think that’s true! My husband’s best friend has a severe drinking problem, but he thinks he’s “fine” because he only drinks on the weekends (usually). But when your weekend starts Thursday night and doesn’t end til Monday morning and you’ve been binge drinking the whole time and this happens every weekend………. You have a problem, I think.

      • dread pirate cuervo says:

        The saying in AA is: it’s not how often you drink or how much you drink, it’s what happens when you drink. We all know what happens when she drinks.

      • wolfpup says:

        Why does anyone even care? If she wants to party for the next 20 years, and look like a hag in 5, so what? Does she enjoy having a “bad girl” vibe, because the whole world is trying to parent her? If she wants to have that kind of attention, no one should care (even if she was cute and an actress); let her go to jail, or wherever. She’s rotting on the inside with all those drugs. And she openly flaunts it!

    • Annie says:

      They do have a similarly unhealthy look, but Lindsay is in much deeper imo, since Deryck has been able to be very open about his addictions.

  2. Lucretia says:

    These stories are painful. We’re going to read about her death someday, and probably relatively soon. She’s got no one who can give her support to get straight.

    • Esti says:

      This is how I feel. I just find this whole situation really sad.

    • BangersandMash says:

      They are painful and terrifying at the same time.

      • swack says:

        @Lucy2 (below), that was part of the problem. The cameras were NOT on her 24/7. They had a shooting schedule. Had they been truly on her 24/7 maybe the results would have been different.

    • doofus says:

      she’s had PLENTY of people to try to give her support to get straight, Oprah being the latest. she had offers from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Jane Fonda, and plenty of others. Oprah may have been in it (partially) for a ratings-grab, but LL could have taken advantage of the help she was offered. she chose booze and drugs instead.

      SHE chooses to live this kind of life, (likely) being a whore, snorting and guzzling anything she can. she won’t hit rock bottom until she can’t find even a john to support her. then, quite honestly, I think she’ll turn to doing pr0n.

      I agree the situation is sad, but it’s ALL of her own doing.

      • Tx says:

        Agreed. I am able to find it sad but not feel bad for her at all.

      • Erinn says:

        This. I’d feel worse if she was doing something to try and get herself straight, but she’s just dropping all the chances she has. She doesn’t care. Why should we?

      • Kiddo says:

        Oprah was looking for ratings and glory, without much dedication to helping Lohan. Sorry, not buying that she intended to be the angel of sobriety. Giving Lohan cash to strive to be nothing more than reality fodder, so quickly after rehab, was exactly the opposite of being helpful, it was out and out destructive and exploitive.

      • lucy2 says:

        Kiddo I agree with you, I don’t think O’s intentions were anything beyond ratings. But in a way I do think it was yet another opportunity for LL to at least try to make a change. She did have a sober coach through the show, I think, and someone wanting to change could have used the opportunity of having cameras on them all the time to try to stay in line. But she clearly doesn’t want to change, so any potential benefits were ignored.

      • BobbieFisher says:

        If I was an addict – and someone offered me 2 million dollars, a sober coach, a luxury apartment in soho, a stylist, a life coach, an assistant or two and all I had to do was let them document my recovery – recover I would. I would be up at dawn’s first light letting the crew in, ready with a smile and some coffee and donuts, I would take them to the gym with me, talk about my thousands of AA meetings, invite them to stay the night to prove I wasn’t using, I’d pee in a cup every hour of everyday, and I’d get down on my knees to Oprah and kiss her feet, thanking her for saving my life and giving me all that support and an opportunity that no addict in history has ever had. I don’t care what Oprah’s intentions were – and I am willing to bet that Oprah really thought she could turn the cracken around – I would be so grateful and the most sober person on the planet. Even if Oprah’s intention were to get ratings – so the f*ck what? I would give her all the ratings I could by showing how brave and courageous I was, and show that I was fighting like hell to be sober for life. I am sick of people blaming Oprah for Lohan’s complete and abject disregard to the greatest chance at sobriety anyone has ever given an addict – anywhere in the world, ever. It was Lohan’s opportunity to lose – alone, all by herself. But – honestly I don’t think her using is her problem at the core. At the heart of it – Lohan’s problem is that she is a horrible, entitled, selfish, mean person who is a sociopath. She is a sociopath folks, that’s the meat and potatoes of Lohan. All the drinking and Molly is just the gravy.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yup. I feel like that’s the inevitable outcome.

      • kri says:

        @TOK totally off-topic but your pic looks excatly like my cat sunshine, right down to that world-weary expression. Love it!

    • kri says:

      I wonder if she ever had a chance with those parents of hers. Honestly, Lindsay is an adult addict who has had many chances that regular people never get (hello, oprah!0 and she keeps throwing it all away. I’m not going to say that she is a huge, earth-shattering talent, but she had some promise in the beginning, and could have had a decent career and a good life. It’s sad.

    • JennySerenity says:

      Lucretia, ITA. I think many of us who’ve watched her pathetic antics from afar have loved her, been furious and disgusted with her and above all, rooted for her. She’s been given so frickin’ many chances and opportunities. Now, it’s like watching the Bataan death march. I think I’m going to have to turn away and not click on any LiLo stories at this point- way too sad. She’s doing her damnedest to make the 27 club, isn’t she? Total bummer.

    • Nicolette says:

      You wonder how much abuse her body can take. She looks horrible, and it really feels like it’s a matter of time. It’s sad, even though I know it’s of her own doing.

  3. NewWester says:

    Lindsay better shower and put a brush through her hair if she is going to any “interviews or auditions” on these yachts . She is not getting any younger and there is plenty of competition.
    Besides she needs the money for her boob lift

  4. lucy2 says:

    Got hammered? I think she’s perpetually hammered.

  5. drea says:

    Those pictures with her brother are pretty gross.

    • Pandy says:

      I don’t think there’s anything inappropriate with her bro, I think she’s just drunk and sloppy affectionate.

      • iheartjacksparrow says:

        I agree. I think she’s just hanging onto him so she doesn’t fall to the floor.

    • decorative item says:

      I think she’s just sloppy drunk. So please, lets not start another whole raft of rubbish to give her additional attention.

  6. Elisabeth says:

    the part of Jaime and Cersei Lannister will now be played by….

  7. paola says:

    Look at that healthy bloated face!

  8. jessica says:

    Why does this loser still get invited to these events…isn’t she a joke already?

    • Mia4S says:

      I think that’s the idea. She’s a side show attraction for the rich. Probably in more ways than one. I honestly just felt a bit sad writing that.

      • Sea Dragon says:

        The image of Jennifer Connelly doing what she had to for her next score in Requiem for a Dream comes to mind.

    • Dinah says:

      I thought she simply crashed them all, given that she has no shame anymore.

  9. Tracy says:

    I got nothing. Sad.

  10. DanaG says:

    Is it even safe for LL to go under the knife? Between the drugs and the drink how safe would that be? She is actually looking worse then she did before so it looks like she has blown all of Oprahs cash on partying silly Oprah thought she could help and she did with Lindsay getting party all over the world on Oprah’s dime. Guess we will have to wait for her next court date wonder what it will be next?

    • Jenna says:

      I was wondering just that – with all the crap she pumps through her system, could she even get the surgery done? Add to the chemical mix of what she puts INTO her system, the total lack of even basic hygiene could end up being what finally kicks off the next major plague in the Western World as her body cranks out viruses and bacteria that would make ebola look like a headcold. It’s bad enough she will one day likely kill people, while driving under the influence of god only knows what – but let’s try and avoid the spark that begins the Zombie Apocalypse for as long as we can.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’m guessing she’s not going to the most reputable doctors.

    • Dani says:

      If she goes under the knife there’s a chance she won’t make it back out. My dad drank/smoked for years (socially, not like a druggie) and he had his appendix removed recently and was put under. His lungs collapsed during surgery and he was in a medically induced coma for ten days. Passed on the tenth day. He was on 100% respirator and nothing could help his lungs, and his organs starting shutting down – starting with the liver. This is most likely LL’s future if she gets any form of surgery done. I don’t pity her at all…she put herself in this position and if anything happens she’s fully to blame.

      • doofus says:

        Dani, so sorry about your dad. 🙁

      • Dani says:

        Thanks, it’s okay. It’s just frustrating to see all these young people, not just celebrities, tossing away their health like nothing could happen to them, like they’re untouchable.

    • Miss5280 says:

      She really should have had her boobs done when she was under getting her veneer re-glued. She was under enough anesthesia for major surgery.*

      *Her “fetus” (read: crack brain) was feeling no pain.

  11. daisyfly says:

    She’s on the same path as Amy Winehouse, only when Amy died, people mourned.

    • Dinah says:

      Oh, damn…Amy, Amy, Amy.

    • Clever hand says:

      Daisyfly you took the words right out my mouth.

    • Patricia says:

      I cried so hard when Amy Winehouse died. I’ve never had any real reaction to any other celebrity death, but when I heard about Amy I sat down on the couch and wept.
      I think it was because she was such a sweet person, so full of talent. Her music moved me and it still does. And she never tried to hide her problems. She never lied. She was honest about her struggle. I really thought she was getting better and she thought so, too.
      I don’t know how I would feel if LL died. I just started watching the OWN documentary – she’s so difficult, dramatic, whiny and entitled. So unable to take any personal responsibility, for anything. It makes her very hard to root for or care about.

      • Kiddo says:

        I never watched the show. As a person, I don’t like her. But by the same token, she was used by her parents, and these are people who blamed other people for a lot of their own issues. I realize she is now an adult, but since she never dealt with anything, got off lightly, had people enabling her, like her mother, like Oprah, the courts and lawyers, like all the talk shows where they step around her obvious problems, she is in a suspended state, where there isn’t going to be self reflection and change. I think her using people is because she was used and learned to be successful at that craft herself. No one really truly gives a crap about her, at least people close to her, and she returns that same outlook on life threefold, including how little she cares about herself.

      • RuneRobin says:

        Why do you think she is on the same level of abuse as Amy? Its the same sort of bait comparison with Corey Haim and Dana Plato, without sorting the differences in their life stories. If Lindsay is that mess up, why was she invited to Cannes via Uberjet? How is there no stories of debauchery while she was in London promoting her docu-series? Her work in Shanghai or her film announcement in Sundance? Its unfair to her for people to expect her to relapse with no evidence to back their assumptions.

      • Kiddo says:

        I think because there continue to be more and more stories about her drinking.

      • Leo says:

        If Lindsay is that mess up, why was she invited to Cannes via Uberjet?

        Lol – some of these Cannes parties invited white trash and it’s widely known the ring of prostitution between Russian and Arabian millonaires and wash up celebrities. Entering a party in Cannes isn’t exactly an “honor”.

        Her work in Shanghai or her film announcement in Sundance?

        You mean the film “Unconceavable”? That film is on hold because Lilo can’t be insured. Not hold on a lot of hope for that film.

        How is there no stories of debauchery while she was in London promoting her docu-series?

        Here in Celebitchy we had stories related of her new adventures in London

        Thanks for playing Dina, i mean Rune.

  12. MrsB says:

    Sorry, but I don’t believe her brother is there to keep her on the straight and narrow. He looks just as blitzed as her. This girl has nobody in her life that really cares about her well being.

  13. Here or there says:

    I have to say, I’m kinda impressed by how long she’s been circling the proverbial drain…

    • ParisPucker says:

      I know, right/?? I mean, after all this talk of her being a ‘has-been’, she still manages to grab a headline in the dailies at least once a week. What does that say about her? Worse: what does that say about us??

    • Decloo says:

      She must have a highly sophisticated immune system. Presumably she has been exposed to so much disease and so many drugs that she has a healthy immunity. Remember, the cockroaches are the last to survive.

  14. Jen says:

    “Fighting to stay clean” – – ? Seems to me she’s fighting sobriety. She’s fighting to stay hammered.

  15. elo says:

    First of all, I don’t think that she looks like she is kissing on her brother, it looks like he was trying to tell her something right in her ear (loud music?). He does however look smashed and of course so does she. I used to feel really bad for her, but after this many rehab trips it is quite obvious that she currently doesn’t want to get better. Sure it’s sad but sadder for people who have no opportunity to pay for rehab or have any resources and really want to get clean. Also it’s not like she has ever been some great talent. She’s actually pretty awful, even in what’s that old classic? Oh yeah, Mean Girls!

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I think she was pretty good in Mean Girls, but Rachel McAdams was acting circles around her so she came off badly by comparison.

      She had presence and charisma at least back in those days, if not talent.

    • doofus says:

      “Sure it’s sad but sadder for people who have no opportunity to pay for rehab or have any resources and really want to get clean.”

      yes, THIS. anytime I hear someone say they feel bad for her, I think about what you just wrote. there are plenty of folks who would jump at the chances she’s had (6, 7, 8?…) to get clean. pity THOSE people.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        I used to feel bad for her and really root for her to get better. I still want her to get better, but my rooting is exhausted.

    • Becky says:

      1) Michael actually works for Lindsay, and one of his jobs is to make sure she does not appear drunk in public.
      2) Remember those pics of Lohan and WO getting smashed and looking like they’re making out? What is with this family?
      3) I have to call BS on Lindsay paying for anyone’s ticket anywhere. We know how she rolls.

      • RuneRobin says:

        Michael Jr and Lindsay are business partners for a iphone app, Sing it. Its a karoke app which been getting buzz since they debut it last November in NYC. There was a launch party w/ photos you know!!

      • elo says:

        Oh gawd, I forgot about the WO pics! I think the whole family just uses too many substances and gets sloppy. Ali Lohan or the youngest boy, will have one hell of a memoir to write one day.

  16. Amy Tennant says:

    I don’t want her to die. This is so sad.

    I wonder what Sam Ronson thinks of Lindsay’s suddenly being a “dj”?

  17. eliza says:

    I never understand the sympathy for this woman. She is not a child and has gotten away with things most people AND a few other celebs have gone to jail for. She has been gi en chance after chance and instead of going the path of Robert Downey Jr. she continues to wallow in the filth like the smug swine that she is. I do not wish her a bad ending but I will not mourn her if she does meet her maker. She laughs at everyone, including the law. She continually scams, grifts and schemes. She lies and plays the media for all she can AND she still can’t get a job.

    I am done commenting on this filthy train wreck. It pisses me off how she just doesn’t give two effs about anyone or the privileges she has. Let her kill herself on booze and drugs. It isn’t as if she has not been given thousands of chances to straighten up.

    • Esti says:

      I don’t think anyone who feels sympathy for her doesn’t also know that it is 100% on her that she is in the situation she’s in. But watching an addict kill herself is still sad to me. It was just as much Cory Monteith or Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s fault, but because they were better at hiding their addictions, people were extremely sympathetic and sad about their deaths. I’m not excusing any of her behavior, but I also have sympathy for her.

    • RuneRobin says:

      Thats brutal to say for someone you don’t know and make judgement based on a photo or consume a questionable “news sources'”. If you don’t like her ok, but prediction of her death or relapse is a cruel foly that no one should engage.

      • bluhare says:

        And you haven’t been on here long enough to see the progression of people’s feelings on Lindsay Lohan, although there have been a couple of Lohan enablers from time to time.


      • RuneRobin says:

        Just pointing out the unrelenting tone of despair with sites like this having for Lindsay, based on “respected sources” like RADAR, Star Mag, and CDAN.

      • bluhare says:

        That assumes none of the readers here have any skills of discernment. If you read some of the threads you’ll see that not only is that not true it’s ludicrously not true.

        I would also posit that whether they’re posted on Star, Globe, or CDAN, photos tell a story.

      • Bridget says:

        There are COUNTLESS stories of this woman behaving badly, treating people horribly, just plain being rotten to the core. She has burned every single bridge with her bad choices and extreme unprofessionalism, and she has fritters away opportunities that others would dream about. There are countless examples of her expecting to be treated better than everyone because she’s famous, because she’s an actress, and that its okay for her to lie, cheat, and steal, because she’s special. These aren’t gossip or hearsay, but photos, lawsuits, and actual police reports of crimes she’s committed.

    • Sandy says:

      Eliza — I totally agree. She’s 27. What’s this about “surrounding yourself” with the wrong people, and her brother trying to keep her straight? She’s a grown-up. She clearly doesn’t care that the drugs are going to kill her. And I used to feel lots of sympathy, but it’s run out!

      • Bess says:

        I totally agree. No one can “make” Lindsay Lohan do anything she doesn’t want to do.

  18. Miss5280 says:

    “…stay clean…”????? When was she ever sober?

  19. aenflex says:

    A breast lift here in Destin, (not cheap), is like 4500.00. Anyone that pays 20k is a fool.

    • bettyrose says:

      Is that per boob or total?

    • Dani says:

      Where is Destin and how soon can I get it done?? It’s upwards of 15k in NYC. A nose job is 7k+.

    • Lex says:

      Ick… guys if you must get surgery, do not go the cheapest… Surely you can see why not??!?!

      A lift for her would involve quite a bit so would likely be more expensive than others. Reshaping, skin removal, refresh of implants, reposition of nipple etc.

  20. TheCountess says:

    Lindsay, the boob lift will do no good if you refuse the assistance of a good bra. Those puppies have been drooping for a long, long time.

  21. Olenna says:

    I regret having clicked on this article. One day she’s “Serving. On. Yachts.” and the next, this.

  22. bettyrose says:

    She had breast implants at 17? I don’t think so. They always looked pretty natural, and they gained/lost weight along with her. I remember her on SNL once and they were so large they barely fit in her clothes, and then she went on the anorexic diet and they slimmed down quite a bit along with her. Plus, doesn’t the droop indicate that they’re real? But I don’t doubt she’s planning on getting some nip/tuck at this point, if someone will pay for it.

    • smee says:

      Yeah, I’m not convinced she had implants either. I think she has large, natural breasts (that are not spectacular) and an aversion to brassieres.

    • Miss5280 says:

      Something has happened in between the filming of The Canyons and now. I hate to compliment her, but her boobs were not totally awful in the clips and stills I have seen. Her boobs are saggy, flap jacks now. Do implants leak and deflate? I would not put it past her awful parents to find a doc to give her implants at 17. Or 15.

      ETA: Her boobs had no chance – real or fake – since her constant smoking has ruined her skin. She must have no elasticity/collagen left.

    • Lady D says:

      Google Lindsey Lohan boob job.

      • smee says:

        Wow – I did just google LL boob job and I have changed my opinion. Looks like she got a pretty large rack in 2008. They could be blown out by now, I suppose. You would think she could write a new pair off on her taxes……….

      • bettyrose says:

        Honestly, she just looks pre/post puberty in those pics to me. They look – and continue to look – very real, especially as they change with her body and lifestyle. I’m baffled as to why anyone would get saggy fake boobs.

  23. magpie says:

    The VIP Room is a total joke. Paris Hilton “djayed” there too. It’s for rich eurotrash, no real stars go there.

  24. RuneRobin says:

    Once again believing the Radar and Star magazine as ‘news sources’ when it comes to Lilo. There are several accounts from the Daily Mail and NYDN that she was sober and not seen with a drink. She was there to generate interest for her new business venture w/ her btother Mike Jr, the Sing It app. Plus producers for her ‘Inconceivable’ film project was there as well.

    • bluhare says:

      Wow. If that’s what she looks like sober, the poor misunderstood woman is not aging well.

    • TheCountess says:

      Thanks for taking the time to chime in, Dina.

    • Soxfan says:

      Sure, Jan.

    • Bread and Circuses says:


      Look, Lindsay is really, really good at not being “seen” with a drink even when she’s swilling like a dehydrated orca. Her and her trusty “water” bottle are not fooling anyone, Michael.

  25. smee says:

    Well, she does look super happy.

    • RuneRobin says:

      She enjoying a good time with her brother and the Laineys, CDAN, and other blogs want to make it out that she’s a nut case slobbering over her kin. Shows how inane and desperate those blogs are for ad revenue when Kimya or Anniston is under the radar.

      • TheCountess says:

        You don’t have to be a gossip site to tell that girl is slobberingly hammered in those pictures. Whether she’s just falling into her brother because he’s a warm body capable of breaking her drunken fall, or actually getting weirdly intimate with him is anyone’s guess. I would remind you of that picture of Dina and Lindsay doing a mouth-to-mouth lip-lock not that long ago.

      • RuneRobin says:

        It was a peck on the cheek from two people who love each other, taken to absurd levels by bored gossip bloggers not making much of their communication /journalism degrees on a hump day. You could not even tell their lips were parallel , but sell that sleaze intrepid social media journo.

      • TheCountess says:

        Unless you were there, Dina – err, Rune – you cannot say what it was.

        Also, this:

      • Leo says:

        If she’s a recovering addict, the worst she can do is going a party at this stage of teraphy.

  26. RuneRobin says:

    Radar is wrong about Gavin being with her, since there are no photos of Gavin by her side in any of her twitter or instagram photos in Cannes. Its her, brother, the two Brit fashion designers, and friends from her London trip. No Gavin. Once again Radar pulling BS from their sources (i.e interns with a dartboard on a hump day).

  27. Chloeee says:

    I get how addiction works, I really do. And I hate the lack of sympathy for their inevitable downfall. Except for Lindsay, it feels like we’re going to live with these stories forever.

  28. shannon says:

    Ya know, until I saw her reality show, every time I saw news on her I just wanted to take her home like a lost puppy. Make her some grilled cheese and tomato soup, put on some tv for her and tell her to curl up on the couch and stay home for a few nights. I guess it’s the mother in me (even though I’m nowhere near old enough to be her mother)

    Now, though, after seeing what a horrible person she is, I just think, “Yeah, whatever bitch.” I hate to say it, but I think she’s beyond repair. Addiction is one thing, but I think she’s just … mean. She had all the help, nurturing, support a recovering addict could hope for, and she just trashed all of it. She’s flipping off the world, and I don’t think she’ll ever get out of that mindset. Plenty of addicts are perfectly nice people – she’s not one of them. Funny how the only good movie she’s been in is “Mean Girls” because I think she really is a mean girl.

  29. Quinn says:

    She looks sick- her skin is awful, brittle hair, zero muscle tone, bloated yet undernourished body. I guess her body’s health age to be about forty years older than her chronological age.

  30. Anon says:

    I don’t think people should give Lindsay’s Jobs (Oprah) or a hand up anymore because obviously, Lindsay has not hit rock bottom yet…she may think she has, but she has not. I don’t even drink and I know this. The young lady is going to die soon and the enablers won’t be bothered to look in the mirror that they helped her do it all for the sake of making a buck.
    Let her fail, let her fall, let her hit the bottom of the bottom. Perhaps she will choose sanity and sobriety.

    • Jessica says:

      At this point, I don’t think even Lindsay cares about staying alive.

      Your right she WILL die and she does not even care.

  31. Amy Tennant says:

    hey, lilo, I’m gonna let you finish, but Angelina Jolie had the best sibling incest rumors of all time. All time!

    (Yes, I kid.. I <3 Angie, and in all seriousness, I don't think the rumors are true in either case)

  32. Dotty says:

    She has until July 2 to still join the 27 club.

  33. Jessica says:

    I’ll save my sorrows for people who actually deserve it. let her drink and drug herself to death.

    Lindsay has had several several chances to get clean and get help, she clearly clearly clearly does not want it.

  34. Naddie says:

    I wish I had simpathy for her, but I can’t. Neither I had for Amy Whinehouse, but I keep on trying. Really, it makes me sad.

    • John says:

      I did for Winehouse, she’d gotten off the heavy drugs, was actually making the effort, but the alcohol got her in the end. This one doesn’t care at all.
      Plus, Winehouse had *actual* talent.

  35. raincoaster says:

    I’m under the impression that she had a bad reaction to the implants the first time, got them taken out and then a new set a year or so later. Still that would make them old enough to be out of warranty and for health reasons if no other reason, she should get them redone.

  36. Chris says:

    First awards are in:

    Un Certain Regard
    Prix Un Certain Regard – White God by Kornél Mundruczó
    Jury Prize – Force Majeure by Ruben Östlund
    Special Prize – The Salt of the Earth by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado
    Ensemble Prize – The cast of Party Girl
    Award for Best Actor – David Gulpilil for Charlie’s Country

    FIPRESCI Prize
    In Competition – Winter Sleep by Nuri Bilge Ceylan
    Un Certain Regard – Jauja by Lisandro Alonso
    Parallel Sections – Love at First Fight by Thomas Cailley (Director’s Fortnight)

    Ecumenical Jury
    Prize of the Ecumenical Jury – Timbuktu by Abderrahmane Sissako
    Commendations: The Salt of the Earth by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, Beautiful Youth by Jaime Rosales

  37. BobbieFisher says:

    The quotes about Gavin and her brother sound like they came from MiLo. I bet a thousand bucks it was the vagina-kicker who not only already is known to hate Gavin with a passion – but also probably needed some dough to lease his son an overly expensive car so he sold the story to Radar. I don’t doubt that she is out of her f*cking skull on molly and she did enter the club with her own water bottle, so he’s right. But blaming Gavin is enabling her behavior, and MiLo makes money off that behavior – so I’m sure it was him who called that story in. Michael Lohan needs to stay out of her life for good. Dina needs to get her own job. Michael Jr. needs to tell his sister to stop going to nightclubs and stop being her minder. And Lindsay needs a lengthy prison sentence – I’m sure she hasn’t fulfilled all the conditions of her probation. So all we have to do with that sociopath is just sit by and wait. It will come.