Kanye West gave a 20-minute wedding speech full of denial, delusion… and love


Yes, we’re still doing this. Hopefully this will wrap everything up about The Kimye Wedding, at least until the wedding photos are published in People Mag (?) or Vogue. People Mag did just publish some new paparazzi pics of Kim in her wedding dress – go here. Will Kimye get the cover of People this week? Ugh. Anyway, let’s get through it. In no particular order, here are some more wedding details.

*John Legend performed “All of Me” and some other songs at the reception. There were also fireworks.

*You can read about the hotel accommodations in Florence here. They just stayed at this fancy villa for one night.

*Kim wore Balmain for the reception. Of course she did – I bet her Givenchy wedding gown was super-uncomfortable.

*People Mag has a breakdown of many of the costs for the wedding, but all of the figures made my head hurt – by my estimation, and I’m including all of the pre-wedding celebrations in France, this whole thing probably cost about $20 million (on the high end). Their deal with E! probably covered at least half of that.

*Kim and Kanye left their wedding in a horse-drawn carriage.

*You know how Kanye gave a 20 minute speech/rant at the wedding? Apparently, he riffed on “public warfare” with celebrity culture (um), saying: “They feel like it’s okay to put you on the tabloid covers to sell your image, to use you in an SNL spoof…We don’t negotiate. We’re not like that. We’re not stupid… The Kardashians are an industry!… We are warriors! There is not one person at this table that has not had to defend us at some point or another…At this table…the combination of powers…can make the world a better place… [they are] the most remarkable people of our time… [Kim is] the ideal celebrity…the ideal art… [Imma gonna be] spending every single day of [my] life with Kim.”

*Apparently, Kimye will honeymoon in Ireland?

And with that, I’m kind of done. I do feel sorry for Kanye. I know, I shouldn’t. He loves Kim and this family is going to destroy him. They are going to eat him up. He can’t even see that. The denial is so strong in Yeezington.



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  1. paola says:

    At the ‘The Kardashians are the most remarkable people of our time. I couldn’t be more proud to become part of their family’ he has lost me. Forever.

    • lana86 says:

      it’s kind of sweet how he blindly loves her. But he sounds like he has a brain of 8-year old.

      • LeahMommy says:

        Yeah he can barely put a sentence together. Sometimes you know what you want to say but the right word won’t come out right but Kanye seems to suffer from that constantly and permanently. I’m always like, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT KANYE??. But I still like him and feel bad for him that he is stuck with this family hopefully they won’t destroy his career. I don’t think his ego could take not being a superstar.

      • claire says:

        How is he stuck with them? He chose them.

      • Petee says:

        Why do you guys feel sorry for him?He is a grown man.He saw what he was getting into.No one put a gun to his head to marry her.He has known her and the family for years so he knew what they are about.I really think these people think them marrying was that they were becoming our American royalty.Sorry no you are not and never will be.Gross.

      • LeahMommy says:

        You guys are probably right. He’s known who they are for a very long time. He made his bed. For all of his money he just seems kind of lost and sad maybe a little lonely, I guess that’s where my sympathy is coming from.

      • Christin says:

        Lamar seemed to love them and crave a family, too, and look how that turned out for him. This guy should know exactly what he’s getting into, especially knowing them so long.

    • littlestar says:

      I would have been embarrassed to have a speech like that at my wedding reception! It’s a day to celebrate love and family and coming together, and he goes on about being a celebrity and SNL spoofs? What. the. f*ckity. f*ck. Save your rant for another day Kanye, it was your friggin’ wedding! I will always enjoy his music, but the man is delusional AND incredibly inappropriate.

      • Tifygodess24 says:

        Funny thing is he forgets it was the tabloids and gossip that made his bride the “celebrity” that she is. She has no other talent besides getting her picture taken and striking when the iron was hot, so without them she ( and her family ) are nothing. His speech wasnt just about what he believes it’s how this whole family thinks. It’s gross. In their heads they are super powers and clearly more important than they really are.

      • teehee says:

        Yep, always have seen it this way, delusional, inappropriate, false grandiosity, absolutely out of touch with anything factual or significant…. etc. Even if hes doing charity (like that awful telethon thing posted the other day). He cant do anything right.

      • homegrrrl says:

        I think by now we know that “inappropriate” is the Kanye trade mark. When he saw Kim’s gigantic ARse of Lies, which is out of time place and space, well, that’s when hearts floated out of his chest. That “inappropriate” sight was his cupid’s arrow.

    • Liberty says:

      Not every groom’s speech is written by E! interns….but wow! Maybe they should be! With special music! PMK probably glistened throughout as her wallet trembled.

      • Nigel says:

        “PMK probably glistened throughout as her wallet trembled.” Lol ! Love it!

  2. Lindy79 says:

    They’re in Cork apparently.

    My thoughts are with the people of the rebel county.

    • paola says:

      They really have serious intentions in hunting down a big part of Europe! Sorry irish friends! I paid my due in Florence and now it’s your turn!

    • gobo says:

      Can confirm- I live in Cork and they arrived here yesterday. probably out at the castlemartyr resort- Beyonce and Jay-Z stayed there previously.

    • cjw says:

      This is very upsetting. How dare they defile my beloved homeland with their sick twisted “brand” I weep for Ireland.

    • mytbean says:

      Oh no…. they aren’t looking at castle property to buy are they? 🙁

    • Irish media confirming that they were staying in Castle Oliver, Limerick, (http://www.castleoliver.ie/) which makes more sense than Castlemartyr Estate because as if they’d mix with the poors on their honeymoon! But latest news is they’ve left and are headed to a second mystery destination. Ireland is the ideal honeymoon spot for them. I mean, it never stops raining, and we know Kim loves getting pissed on…

    • TheDressDown says:

      I love how they’re honeymooning with an entourage but still had no room for igNori…

  3. kri says:

    Whoa. Reel it in, Kanye. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with him? If these are really his words, he genuinely sounds disturbed. Paranoid, delusional and out of touch with reality. I honestly think he never recovered after his mom passed. If he really think this botox demon and her Succubus Mama are going to give him a real family..oh, man. Kim almost never smiles or even has expressions, and her eyes are dead. How alive can her heart be? This is the same woman who didn’t want sonogram pictures, and told her doctor “no, that’s okay. I’m stressed out. Maybe next week.” Good luck, Kanye.

    • janie says:

      I agree with everything being said. He’s never recovered from his moms loss. This family will destroy him like they have every other man dumb enough to get involved with these women. The sad part is… he truely loves Kim, and she doesn’t appear to feel the same. I’m sick of the coverage, enough.

      • DailyNightly says:

        I agree, janie. I don’t think she loves him. I think she is already plotting her next famewhore stunt and will keep him in the picture until he is no longer useful.

    • littlestar says:

      I double agree with you, kri. “Paranoid, delusional and out of touch with reality” — YUP! Who talks about sh*t like that at THEIR WEDDING?! It should be a day of happiness, and instead he seems angry that the world doesn’t see what he supposedly sees in the Kraptrashians. How utterly romantic, going on about being ultimate celebrities.

    • Petee says:

      I did read that yesterday and could not believe it.People are saying well he never got over his Moms death.You know what?My Dad died almost eleven years ago and I have never gotten over it.Does it give me a excuse to rant and rave like a lunatic?No.This man has issues and they go way past his Mom.He got famous and rich and became entitled just like all these young celebs are.That is his problem.He is just a grown up brat.

      • Belle says:

        Very much agree petee… Surprised at the victimization of Kanye going on. He is an entitled ass of epic proportions.

    • Ms. Blake says:

      I think he also suffers from frontal lobe damage. He was in a car accident several years ago and if you check out the symptoms of FLD they describe his actions to a T–loss of inhibition, impulsiveness, change in personality, etc. He really needs to see a specialist but I doubt he will as he doesn’t seem to think there is anything wrong with him.

      • Dizzle says:

        Very interesting point. I forgot about his car accident.

      • jwoolman says:

        I was just about to ask if he was different before the crash. As they say, he really ain’t right in the head. Has his work been deteriorating compared with before the crash?

      • Ms. Blake says:

        I do think he has changed since the crash. His inability to self moderate his words and actions is quite apparent. Sadly, the K-Fam will probably use this to add drama to their stupid show instead of getting him the help he needs. Appalling really but sadly, not surprising.

      • homegrrrl says:

        This is interesting, his TBI, or traumatic brain injury. He looks different too, slightly “off” in some intangible way until I read this. This is typical how celebrity behavior gets codified by their minions, and they have less chance to identify or transform, because someone who was once a genius gets a permanent pass. Look at Woody Allen or David Carradine? These guys just cycle through wives until they are famous and above accountability.

      • LilyT says:

        WOW. I never thought of that, but a TBI (traumatic brain injury) would explain A LOT of his bizarre behavior. Good call.

      • mytbean says:

        I’m sorry – I’m inappropriate – but I lol’d after the reality soaked in that we’re actually suggesting that Kanye is the way he is because he has brain damage. Brain damage isn’t funny. But he’s so off kilter that the explanation is funny obvious.

        I dunno – I think too that this reality celebrity culture celebrates this personality type. Birds of a feather and all that… It’s like “The Gauche Club”

        But too – once they become well known enough they start to feel cooped up, censored and restricted. So anyone who throws caution to the wind and does whatever the eff they want seems to become a kind of idol.

        I think it’s a lot of things but I’m not sure I’m sold on the idea that it’s TBI…

  4. LadyMTL says:

    I feel sorry for North, because she has these two egotistical people as parents.

    • Nicolette says:


    • Sassy says:

      I saw two pictures of the baby, dressed like she was in Les Miserable as one of the street urchins. One dress was sleeveless with a wool like fabric worn with grayish tights. I just saw another today with the child in Grandma Jeans Too Tight arms – this little dress was in a shade of ashen gray with matching gray/green socks. None of the non colors flattered the babies complexion. Could the man who designed the sofa costume for Kim last year be involved?

      • MW says:

        I noticed her outfits too Sassy, and I was just sad for that poor baby. And her little complexion just looked awful with the drab outfits. What is wrong with some cute little pastel outfits???? She is a BABY!!!! She also had a BLACK blanket covering her stroller when they were wheeling her around Paris the other day!!!! I wish Kanye would go on a rant about why the baby has to dress in “warrior” colors, too. I would really love to hear that fool’s justification because I am positive it’s all about one of his ridiculous, frontal lobe-damaged ideas. And the most despicable thing is that Kim goes along with it!!!!! Just like that stupid superior, ultra cooler-than-you and I tough-guy face she and Kanye wear. (Don’t get me started on the look on their stupid faces). Anyway, I would knock his block off if I was his wife. Seriously.

  5. bettyrose says:

    But doesn’t loving this family go against his own brand? I really don’t even know much about him, except that a couple of times he really broke protocol to call out BS where he thought he saw BS (like with Katrina and at the Grammys). Now he’s marrying into a business / family whose entire schtick is selling BS. Maybe I’m wrong and he never had any kind of message to begin with, in which case, dude, enjoy the caviar.

    • Renee says:

      No, you are right – he used to check people for their materialism and pointed out some types of social injustices. He had a song about blood diamonds, and his first single, All Fall Down called out unchecked consumerism, at least part of it did and Heard ‘Em Say critiqued the prison industrial complex and racial profiling and the false belief that money is the key to happiness…and then he marries a Kardashian?!?!?!?!?!?! I think that as some posters have pointed out below he kind of lost his way when his mother died…and I think that he must on some level know that these people are using him and has gone so far in the other direction to convince himself otherwise because the truth is just too depressing.

  6. Tx says:

    Total delusion and megalomania. “Change the world”…?!? How? By spending 20 mil on wedding? These people truly disgust me.

    • Diane says:

      The good news about the $20 million price tag is that it put a lot of people to work. The rest is a giant joke and I’m ashamed that I’m even taking time to comment on this mess. I’m part of the problem. I should ignore this. The fewer clicks the more they become expendable.

  7. eliza says:

    Has Kanye taken up huffing paint?

    • kaligula says:

      Lol, IKR? They are sooooo getting divorced someday.

      And great analysis Kaiser. This family is indeed going to eat him alive. Hopefully he will rise up from the ashes somewhere down the line and make more awesome music than ever. What a wacky path he has chosen, tho….

  8. dorothy says:

    Someone’s been drinking the Kardashian koolaide. What a idiot.

    • Mingy says:

      Mind control! PMK-ultra.
      Wake the F%ck up, Kanye! Somewhere deep, deep, deep, deep down he can find his old self again..Yea I’m kidding myself, he’s too far gone, point of no return.

      • TG says:

        The day he had a Kalf with that Kash Kow was the point of no return. And Kanye and KimME run around the world without their daughter so I don’t think he cares too much.

  9. Grandmasterdiva says:

    so cute how she wore white!!

  10. in_theory says:

    That speech is psychotic. And scary. He’s lost all touch with reality, in case he ever had it.

  11. Dani2 says:

    Ugh, Kanye’s rants at his concerts are embarassing to watch, I can only assume that this was worse. He should never give speeches lol.

  12. ickythump says:

    The guy’s obviously lost the feckin plot….they’re all as shallow as a worms grave. Rob’s got the best idea – keep runnin mate.

  13. Nic says:

    I wish she would do some good with her popularity and her millions. She’s no more useless than your average royal, and I like her more than most model/celebrities but it’s getting hard to defend my half-Armenian cuz when she doesn’t really give back in a meaningful way.

  14. aenflex says:

    How could anyone possibly feel bad for him? To love a person like Kim makes him a dunderheaded fool with absolutely zero character judgement abilities. I think it’s funny, I truly hope they are miserable together forever. They’re gross.

  15. snowflake says:

    you gotta give it to kim, though, she can really wrap these men around her little finger. i think she puts on a sweet, agreeable front. and behind the scenes manipulates the h*ll out of everything. and the guys don’t figure it out until they’re too far in. i hate women like that. ruins it for the genuinely nice ones.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      I agree with you and my brother married a woman just like this. She was so sweet before the wedding and after, we all found out, girl is a hideous monster. I mean full on, bat-shit crazy, ultra-manipulative, probably needs a straight-jacket, we’re all praying she doesn’t kill him type of thing. Some people are just evil, soulless, manipulators and the rest of us are just things to be used by them.

  16. Artemis says:

    At this table…the combination of powers…can make the world a better place… [they are] the most remarkable people of our time… [Kim is] the ideal celebrity…the ideal art… [Imma gonna be] spending every single day of [my] life with Kim.”

    Ok Kanye. OK.

    He’s such a douche, Amber Rose already lift the lid on his obsession with appearances. He will build you up in public and tear you down in private. He’s a horrible boyfriend. He only cares about what people see, not what’s real.

    When Kim was pregnant, he most certainly did not spend every day with her and she was in Pregnancy Hell. Kanye does what he does, I don’t know why people think of him as the idiot, sure Kim strung him along but he’s a douche nevertheless.

    He always sounds superficial and obsessed when talking and rapping about Kim. She’s a prize to him, after all those years…he ‘won’. I wonder what will happen if all the plastic surgery will make her look horrible in a good 10-15 years, when it will age her for the worse (like Madonna). Love is not the same as obsession, it’s sick and bad for any type of relationship.

    Sidenote: I hate long speeches. Just put a damn booth somewhere and let people leave video messages for the couple so they can revisit the good ones later, laugh with the drunkard and delete the a-holes. I just want to eat and have nice conversation and party.

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      Artemis, I agree! They both seem superficial and I’m surprised their egos can fit in the same room. They deserve each other. They are both delusional imo.

    • Dani2 says:

      +1 to everything Artemis. Apparently he also made this comment this last weekend: “Kim is as beautiful as I am talented”.
      It’s like he’s never able to complement her beyond her looks, there’s so many things I’d expect a decent person to say in addition to that, isn’t she the mother of his child? The love of his life? His best friend? None of that, he solely complements her looks.
      I’m glad you brought up the Amber Rose thing because he really treated her like shit in private, Kim is a prize, and as soon as that plastic surgery stuff starts to go really downhill, he’ll find a replacement faster than she can say, “I want a divorce”.

    • shelley says:

      I agree. It’s weird how he talks about her. “The ideal celebrity”? I mean, what is that?! It’s strange. Between that and him calling her “art” he has some weird fixation on her looks. I will agree with him regarding her being “art”. She has certainly made an art project out of herself. Albeit an art project gone horribly awry.

  17. LadyJane says:

    If they don’t like rain… welcome to Ireland. It will be raining all week and no one here cares about them or knows who they are. If the Irish won’t make a fuss over Beyonce, we sure as hell won’t about a reality tv ‘star’. Next.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      Seriously?? The English inundate themselves with American pop culture to a rather unbelievable extent, but the Irish have no idea? How does that actually work?

    • Artemis says:

      I live in England and I have Irish and Scottish girlfriends, we mainly talk about American pop culture in terms of celebrity gossip.

      Beyoncé’s tickets were sold out in Ireland so I doubt that there isn’t a market for American celebrities. We Are All Made of Stars is right, the American ideology is alive and well in the UK.

      • LadyJane says:

        I didn’t say the Irish didn’t know who Beyonce was, I said we didn’t make a fuss over her. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3ixMV4jYN8

        Such to the extent that TMZ claimed we didn’t know who she was. Ha. Several times I have been in restaurants/bars in Dublin and someone famous is there. Everyone KNOWS about it, everyone talks about it, everyone looks (discreetly) but in general, people just leave famous people alone. KK&K will probably hate that. And yes, I would say the average Irish person wouldn’t know who she is in any great detail.

      • Artemis says:

        Just because they don’t ambush Beyoncé, doesn’t mean that they aren’t excited when they see them.

        So they are more courteous than other people:
        Everyone KNOWS about it, everyone talks about it, everyone looks (discreetly) but in general, people just leave famous people alone.

        That’s making a fuss in my book. That’s the equivalent of those people who are too scared/polite to approach celebrities but aren’t above making sneaky pictures, you don’t have to aggressively approach people to be fussy about them. Talking, looking and generally bothering to acknowledge a person that’s famous like it’s a big deal is making a fuss because we hardly if ever do it with people who aren’t famous.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        I grew up surrounded by famous people and was taught to never approach, harass or accost them. No taking discrete photos, no rushing up and gushing, no demanding autographs. It is tacky and rude to harass famous people when they are trying to buy their groceries or go to the bank or whatever. I also don’t give a damn about them for the most part. Many people are like me and really, honestly do not care about celebrities. I may have my guilty pleasure snarking here but I have no desire to meet any of these people, or take their picture, must be my Irish blood.

    • KaitX says:

      Yes, Lady Jane is right. We don’t care about celebrities that much in Ireland. It’s why we get people like Robert De Niro here all the time, we just don’t bother them. We know who they are, but we’ll leave them alone!

      • Marnie says:

        That’s true. Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts were in Munster (separately) and no one made a fuss. It’s why SJP is able to have a home in Donegal without being photographed.

      • Eloise says:

        Kim calls her paparazzi, they don’t follow her around. I highly doubt that she is bothered by anyone when she is out. All that fuss is a gimmick to fool people into thinking she is highly sought after and popular.

  18. Jenny says:

    …does he love her? Because I feel this is all for show.

    • Eloise says:

      It seems like a business arrangement to me too. I have suspected for awhile that he is not nearly as wealthy as reported. Their house is gutted and sits there with no progress being made. The wedding was paid for by E! And sponsorships. The couple and the family will be earning millions from an E! special series (which I will NOT be watching) and selling pictures, royalties, videos, stories, tabloid leaks, etc.
      Kanye’s tour has not been a success, and the tour is expensive to haul around and set up, it’s not selling out, his fans are upset that he’s cancelled so many shows at the last minute. The tour over-runs more than likely come out of his pocket, so he’s been losing money. His fashion line was a bust, and fashion is always an expensive gamble. He lost his Nike shoe line, yes he has another with (forget the name now) but that’s exactly it, it’s not a big contract.
      Everyone who has worked with him on anything have complained that he’s a nightmare to work with on every level, I’ll sum it up as he’s an over baring micro-manager with no ideas who’s convinced he’s a genius and the professionals with decades of training, knowledge, and experience in their craft are idiots.
      JayZ doesn’t want to work with him. It was rumored that JayZ lent Kanye 5 million not too long ago.
      So I think Kanye has very few options and Kim was his ticket to Jay & Bey World (in his delusional mind). In return, Kim insists that Kanye prys open bolted and sealed shut doors to her.
      They are both miserable but they are both using each other for appearances and future gain. Except, they are imploding and can’t see it. The entire world is laughing at them and they are oblivious. Exhibit A: the constant lies about the wedding, particularly the Z listers that most likely were less than 100 guests total, yet reports varied from 3,000 to 1,000 to finally 600. No. Less than 100 is much more accurate. Z listers all the way. Tacky was the theme of the week.

  19. Eleonor says:

    I think I am gonna say something nice: a lot of people worked because of these two world wide famewhores.

  20. Tiffany27 says:

    I know everyone hates Kim, but this rant makes me fear for her safety. She will need Jesus and all 12 of the disciples to leave this fool.

    • eliza says:

      You mean Kanye will need that to escape the clutches of Kris Jenner. Lol. Sorry but both are equally scary. I feel more fear for Kanye. Kim will always have Lucifer’s homegirl to protect her and her child.

      • Nicolette says:

        He will need Jesus, she’s got Lucifer’s Homegirl. Could be an epic battle between good and evil.

  21. claire says:

    He is mentally unwell. That is all I can figure out. I really wonder what his peers think about all of this and the state of his mental health.

    • Becky says:

      Right? I bet Kim added something about kanye getting treatment to the pre-nup… I would have.

  22. GIRLFACE says:

    I am amazed that these are the people who have money in the world.

  23. Intro Outro says:

    It seems to me that every bunch of fresh posts on CB has a Kardashian post. Can we just cut down on these people? Because we’re basically playing into their gate and promoting them. I never even knew who Kardashians were before I came to CB, for example. While it’s fun to read people artfully dissing this family’s antics lol, I feel I’ve grown tired of this, to be honest.

    • Leah says:

      + 1

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      I take breaks from CB, snark overload, and some times I just stop clicking on certain topics altogether. I think the K reporting will quiet down now that the fiasco is behind us.

  24. Anon says:

    Lets see the actual marriage liscense .. Stamp and official approval.. Something is just off here way off.. Even the miami minister for what ever reason looked hmmmmmm. I dont believe for one moment this was real.. What a mockery.

    • Dio says:

      Another site reported that kimye married in CA a week ago & that JayZ was the best man, in private, because of the residency laws in another country. Some people were angry that this wedding was just for the E taping….

      • Dawn says:

        If that is the case, that can be proven as that is all public knowledge. Anyone can request copies of marriage license and the signed documents that they did indeed marry with names of their witnesses. Because I have yet to see proof of it I cannot believe it to be true. These two are stunt queens and will lie in your face if they think it will help them. Besides it has also been reported that Jay and Bey don’t like them on personal level and that everything is simply business. Until I see the proof to me nothing that was done over the weekend is legally binding and they are still fighting over a prenup.

  25. Lucy2 says:

    $20 million on any wedding is insane, especially your THIRD.
    I’m really disturbed that his wedding speech (20 minutes? Shoot me.) seemed to be about fame and celebrity- not about the actual woman he supposedly loves and just married. And I don’t really understand what he only sees that family is a victim of the tabloids- they all love it and live for it. That cheap, false fame is the only thing any of them have going for them.

    • Tiffany27 says:

      MTE. She’s an object to him. Nothing else. If he can only talk about her celebrity on their wedding day that’s all that matters to him.

    • LNG says:

      I agree, 20 million is insane. But to be fair, it is Kanye’s first wedding and Kim certainly did not drag him kicking and screaming into this mess.

  26. Skins says:

    “The ideal art”. Is he serious? She is a bar slag who reeled you in when she was desperate to find someone to keep her relevent. You, Kanye, are an idiot for falling for this worthless pig, but it is all for the better, she had to marry a guy she doesn’t love to stay “on top” and he is totally mentally unstable at that. Sooner or later we are all going to have a lot of fun watching this whole thing implode

    • Ashley says:

      Exactly how I see it. I wonder if Kanye is just having a Swann’s Way kind of moment, because. Kim is far from a Boticelli painting. I can’t understand how someone is so delusional?

      Nothing to add about Kim except maybe give her a round of applause because going from Reggie Bush down to Kris Humphries back up to Kanye is a famewhoring feat like no other. And getting pregnant so quickly, smart move.

  27. Daria says:

    Wow I can really feel the love in that speech.

  28. Kiddo says:

    Egomaniacal Manifesto. That is all. Oh, wait, and bullshit, too.

  29. Palermo says:

    The most remarkable people of our time?? Did they cure cancer and I missed the article?

    • Shannon1972 says:

      Seriously! Was thinking that there are plenty of people out there more worthy of that moniker. Interesting thing is that the people who are truly the most remarkable of our time don’t run around constantly trying to convince people of how special they are.

  30. Nicolette says:

    I’m sorry, I just can’t buy into the idea that he is so in love with Kim. He looks miserable around her all the time. I’m more convinced it’s a business arrangement and nothing more.

    • Mabry says:

      I have to wonder if she really loves him. If he’s as controlling as what I’ve read, I think she’ll grow tired of this.

      • Artemis says:

        She’s been controlled by her mother for god knows how long. She’s a 30+ year old woman, I think the ship has long sailed in Kim not being used to dealing with controlling people close to her. Her first marriage was an abusive one and I think she flipped the tables after that because most of her relationships show how in control she can be herself. I don’t think we know 10% of Kim’s real personality. That woman has been through a lot and seems very resourceful. More so than her husband.

  31. Jmo says:

    It was a not-ever-wases dream come true wedding invite… I looked at a guest list line up and was all ” who?” And “huh?” So much for being celebrities of the highest order. The highest profiled guests never went, and threw them a half-assed congrats that was no more heartfelt or well-meaning than hitting the “like” button on an anonymous comment board.

    So much money for a fancy open bar wedding and been-there photo ops. I have been bored with these two as individuals so now that their boredom and snore-factor is to the power of two, I expect to enjoy the Kimye silence to come.

    Until the split, of course. That should be spectacular!

  32. Laura says:

    I’m really thrown by the honeymoon in Ireland.. Beautiful relaxing place to spend some time together. I can’t imagine them.. Talking? Enjoying each other’s company? Somewhere where they can have lavish nights out under the media eye and go shopping etc etc is what I expected. They’re probably so self obsessed they’ll get bored of talking about themselves to each other after a day. And maybe actually spend some time with Nori if she’s gone with them, I hope.

    • swack says:

      No, she was with Kris J when they left for LA. They had already said that North would not be on the honeymoon.

      • Laura says:

        Yeah seemed a little good to be true

      • TG says:

        Yes IgNori is a prop and served her purpose in the wedding by dressing just like mommy, there was no need to bring her on their vacation with no cameras around.

  33. Mabry says:

    Any predictions on how long this will last? I say by the time they finish remodeling house and move in (for a bit), they will be done.

  34. aquarius64 says:

    Has Kanye lost it? Why bring in the media into this? Kimye brought a lot of the media heat and public scorn on themselves. It’s shows Kanye can’t take the slights. (I bet Kim is having a hard time dealing with it too.) He’s having a meltdown in that speech; it’s scary. I think that’s why they targeted him: with the loss of his mother Kanye is not well and he can be easily manipulated.

    My condolences to the Emerald Isle.

    • Dio says:

      Funny since they brought the E channel media w/them to tape this monstrosity…
      They scream for privacy & call the apps daily for the pap strolls… That they get their cut from the profits of the pics published… Hypocrite much Kimye.
      This from the most unethical, amoral, uneducated, talentless & greedy famewhores that they are. What in the hell happened to us America?

    • Ashley says:

      Maybe that’s why he went on a rant? Because they got their wish of having E! there? I’m really surprised that E! Was there since it seemed like Kim was going to start playing down the famewhoring for him. How did they get him to agree?

  35. Ashley says:

    Oh geez. Do you really think Vogue would publish this? Do they not realize how pathetic they look kowtowing to Kim and Kanye?

    I get y’all feeling sorry for him but you probably shouldn’t. I mean Kim is not that hot and is intellectually lacking how is he so blind? And he married her after nearly ten years of all of us knowing just how this family operates. Either he lives under a rock or he’s too stupid to see the truth.

    As for Kim or I should say the Kardashians, since they’re a unit, they will ride Kanye out because nothing better will come along. I’m still confused as to how Kim trapped him in the first place. As much as I dislike him, he had a lot of credibility music wise and had sway. Even though he married her he still has sway! I mean a Vogue cover for a Kardashian? Bravo. I cannot see Kim screwing this up. If anything Kanye will be the one to leave her, not the other way around.

    I will say, and maybe this is out of line, but I highly doubt Kim feels the same way about Kanye. Sorry, but when I watched her shows, she didn’t seem to have a care about anyone. She lacked emotion, like a series killer.The few episodes I saw after the Kanye plot was introduced still had her seeming disinterested and only obsessed about what he could do for her. Kanye’s such a delusional douche though, he probably deserves a wife who’s only interest is what she can get out of him and how long he can extend her fame.

    • Jayna says:

      Reggie was her true love.

      • Artemis says:

        No he wasn’t. You don’t cheat on true loves and you don’t break up with them all the time because they discover your affairs. It’s always said that she wanted to marry and he dumped her etc but in the end it’s Reggie who is going to marry a Kim lookalike.

        I think he was more obsessed than she was. She even aired one of his sad phonecalls, I mean who does THAT to an ex that is supposed be the love of her life? It was obvious he wanted her back and she didn’t care.

        She always hid KW and never ridiculed him the way she did with her exes.

  36. jwoolman says:

    Maybe Kim looks so non-happy all the time because now she’s spent enough time with Kanye to realize there’s something really wrong with him but she needs to stay with him long enough to get the money. If she’s serious about a second pregnancy, that might be the motivation (double the money). Also now she might be wondering if she can ever get away from him safely. (Me, too.) She could do what she wanted with her second husband because he’s a normal person and wouldn’t go off the cliff entirely (taking her with him) after getting weirdly dumped in that 72 day marriage. But Kanye- unless he’s been putting us on with the delusional talk, he might become quite dangerous. He seems obsessed but not in a good way.

    • Jayna says:

      When they split and she goes after his money no matter the pre-nup and he goes after custody of North West and wanting to control everything about that baby, it will get ugly, believe me.

  37. The Original Mia says:

    Narcissistic and delusional. And that applies to both of them. This fool really believes his own hype. Reality when it comes is going to hit him hard. Old age is going to be hell on him.

  38. Maxine7 says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Kanye. I’m pretty sure he’s met Bruce Jenner. That’s the handwriting on the wall for Kanye and he’s been thoroughly warned. Note to Kanye – Bruce Jenner is you in 20 years – if you last that long.

    • Dizzle says:

      +1. We’ll soon be hearing the news that Kanye just doesn’t like his trachea.

    • Christin says:

      It is really hard to believe Bruce was such a huge deal long ago. I actually think Bruce’s melting down will be nothing in comparison to this idiot’s. He places way too much emphasis on looks and superficiality, and that will not bode well for his future or his bride’s.

    • andypandy says:

      Not only has he met Bruce he has also met his balls (which were neatly tucked in Kris Jenners Prada bag ) …

  39. Leslie says:

    The NY Times had the best write up EVER of the wedding. It starts with “Two jackasses got married in Italy Saturday.” And they refer to Kim as a “sex-tape star”.


    • Shannon1972 says:

      Ha! The New York Times would never write that – it implies a sense of humor. The Times takes itself much more seriously than that. The article you reference is from the NY Post, a very different type of newspaper (and one I happen to love for their ridiculously amusing headlines). It was pure genius! Summed up how we all feel perfectly.

      The Republic still stands. LOL. 🙂

  40. JessSaysNo says:

    I do feel that Kanye is un-glued somehow. Nothing he says is based in reality or makes sense, it all seems delusional and sad. I think he loves Kim in the same obsessive way he loves fashion, on a superficial level. And all based on physical beauty. I think Kim loves that because she is obsessed with herself and her ‘beauty’ and narcissism. Nothing here seems based on love between two people. It’s all a show, a party, a dress, jets, fashion…

    Nouveau-riche idiots giving all Americans a bad name. They really just suck.

  41. lisa2 says:

    I saw a link on another site and Radaronline (aks STAR mag) is calling the wedding a D list affair. Sad when this rag is ragging on you.

    They probably would have done better televising it. Now there is so much time for people to talk before pictures are released.

  42. melain says:

    That speech sounds like something he’s sampling from The Godfather. So delusional. How does that level of disconnect from reality happen? The Kardashians live life to be on SNL and in the media. Where does he think the media interest and money comes from?!! It’s not from art, talent or work. Good Lord.

  43. Kelly says:

    With those two, CastleMartyr sounds about right.

    Poor Ireland: English rule, the potato famine and now Yeezus and Kim K.

  44. krtmom says:

    The Kardashian’s and Kanye are the most useless people on the planet! I give it 2 years max, if that.

  45. Stef Leppard says:

    New bridal trend: mosquito netting.

  46. african woman says:

    “The Kardashians are an industry!… We are warriors! ” this statement makes him sound like a Kardashian n not a West

  47. BlueStockings says:

    Bull Crap! Kanye talks a ‘big stick’ but ‘make the world a better place?’ (excuse me while I barf here) … by spending $20 million dollars on a 3rd wedding for this media savvy family of vultures (they leave NOTHING on the table)? He really is delusional or does he want to feed the world with his ‘art’? All they are doing is making more and more money from people with no lives of their own. I would rather live in a sandbox that be a part of ‘this powerful family’ … they are truly pathetic.

  48. LadyCastlemaine says:

    The fact is, Kanye needs this “marriage” to draw attention away from his real relationship with Ricardo Tisci – that’s the true love of his life for years now. Hip hop has always been, and still is, very homophobic, and despite Kanye’s level of fame, it will certainly bring him down in the hip hop community if he revealed that he’s in a steady, loving long-term relationship with a man. Who do you think designed their wedding attire?
    Kanye brings legitimacy to Kim – once her second marriage was revealed to be a sham, and brought negative attention to her family, coupled with Khloe’s marriage woes and demise, and Kanye’s increasingly negative public persona and antics, both he and Mommy Jenner went into action and Kim and Kanye became KIMYE. It’s all about being a brand, just as the Beckhams: you’re worth more together than apart, even if the marriage is a joke and your only a family in public. Kim has no problem being his permanent beard and brood mare, because no other man on this earth would want to be with her, unless it was for a night or a weekend, with pay. Without Kanye, she never would have gotten on the cover of Vogue, or run in the circles of Beyonce and Jay-Z (don’t even get me started on those two), and rub shoulders with Valentino and Lagerfeld. Kanye tells her what to wear, how to run her “career”, and how to act, and she gets to masquerade as an A+ lister in the highest celebrity circles. If Kanye’s mom was alive, this wedding would never have taken place, because she would have shut that shit down; he loved and respected her far too much to do anything she would have taken serious issue with.

    • claire says:

      This rumor has been going around for a long time. Where do people get it from – someone that knows talking about it, or people have seen things? Genuinely curious. I really have no idea whether to give it any weight or not.

    • dagdag says:

      Why Kim Kardashian?

      I believe she is a narcissist with a barbie front until she has the upper hand and then she is no longer reliable in a business arrangement of this type. Kim is only about herself and what would be in this deal for Kanye? I mean there is no lack of attractive women who would be open for a deal like this.

      • dagdag says:

        I guess this is a reply to myself since I could not finish, must be really slow.

        …I think Kanye thought of Kim being a trophy and he really can not deal with the fact that HIS trophy is so much belittled . His battle is now to convince the world what a treasure he has.


    • andypandy says:

      Follow the breadcrumbs people …..John Legend was the only A listish musician that showed….HMM Steve Mcqueen( notorious for brushing aside his wife to kiss Michael Fassbender on the lips Oscar night ) is his new BFF?
      And Andre Talley who I believe comes equipped with his own Gaydar gave a hilarious ” tongue in cheek ” toast to the couple . some other poster broke it down on a another post over the weekend.
      This plus I think he fancies himself as a part of a Hollywood super couple you know Brangelina, The Beckhams Jayz and Beyonce …forget the part that both members of these teams actually have some talent …Kanye has officially joined the space cadets

    • Kim1 says:

      Ricardo has a boyfriend

  49. L says:

    Please, Ireland, just say no. These people will never, ever appreciate Ireland.

  50. Rachel says:

    I am feeling empathy for them both and I hope they make it. I loved laughing at her, but since her extra extra plastic surgery there has been such a sad look in her eyes, underneath the mask. I do believe he really loves her and I hope she loves him too. I hope they have some happiness together. Since they have had a few incidents where people have hurled racial epithets at them directly I can’t really see them in a color blind way any more like I did before. I see them as an interracial couple and I see all the nations laugher at how trashy they are through that lens, and I feel icky about participating. I am NOT dissing anyone for laughing, and I am not accusing anyone who does of subconscious racism. Lord knows there is a lot of material there that has nothing to do with ethnicity, color, or culture– but I am just feeling very aware of their humanity lately and feel kind of protective of them, as crazy as that sounds..

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Racism is certainly real but these two are about as insulated from reality as you can get and I was appalled by their ridiculous stunt where they pretended Kim was the victim of a hate crime. I find these people vile and it has nothing to do with their complexion and everything to do with their behavior. They will never be happy, they are incapable of that, they are both far too self involved to be able to have a successful marriage. They will pretend and put on a big show but they will eventually get sick of each other because neither one has any concept of the meaning of love.

  51. Jayna says:

    Kanye is whacko Who gives a toast to his new wife and their new marriage talking about she is the “ideal celebrity” and warfare and blah, blah. I would be so mortiified sitting there. How shallow and the rest of his comments are so disturbing for a wedding toast to his bride. He is a narcissist and I think has some mental issue that has him always going off about attacks at him/them all around and warriors and his grandiose ideas about her, him. He is talented and creative, but he is not normal. “they are the most remarkable people of our time.” The Kardashians? What place does that have in a wedding speech anyway, talking about a bunch of fame-hos who were thrust into the public eye when Kim made a sex tape and made a lot of money off of it and a “star” was born. LOL He’s probably going to remake that movie.

    No wonder Kim never wanted him all these years. Now she made a deal with the devil because she was desperate after her faux marriage and backlash. Kanye loves her but he also seems to love the idea of her more than anything. They are fast becoming a joke. Did he have time to mention the baby? Twenty minutes? Gag me. That’s how he is in bed I imagine She’s doing the heavy work and his foreplay is yelling out in ectsasy about how they are going to be the biggest power couple, bigger than the Obamas, bigger than Jay-Z and Beyonce, bigger then Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

  52. Jayna says:

    In honor of this great love story that rivals Dick and Liz, lets revist the love song Kanye wrote for his soulmate and the video inspired by his love For your enjoyment, I give you the re-enactment of the video and song performed by Seth Rogan and James Franco. What a love story. Little North West will be so moved one day to hear the song daddy wrote about his true love, mommy.

    Here it is. Many couples have a song that is their song. But who can top the lyrics Kanye wrote for Kim and that classy video.

    Bound (starring Seth Roan and James Franco)


  53. LG says:

    Everytime he says Kim, just had butt after… works everytime and makes it much more beliveable: [Kim’s butt is] the ideal celebrity; [Imma gonna be] spending every single day of [my] life with Kim’s butt

  54. MeganDraper says:

    Does Kanye have Autism spectrum disorder? He speaks terribly, I’ll give him that he is a creative genius with his music but is something wrong with him?

  55. Sansa says:

    Kayne is totally in love with Kim she is his dream girl. He may end up in a nightmare but tbd. Good Times.

  56. Damaris says:

    I have no doubt in my mind that the day Kim and Kanye move in together in that mansion, their relationship will go up in flames. She will file for divorce before 2014 ends. I gave her and her second husband, Kris, more than six months, and that was being generous! She will not be able to handle the role of the “Perfect B-tch” Kanye believes she is. It’s too much pressure for anyone woman or man to be put on an insanely high pedestal.

    • Sansa says:

      We’ll that’s an interesting point. After the second wedding wasn’t it weird she never moved in with Kris H? Like now the new home is not completed so many changes…they don’t even live together. Real Love…

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        That marriage was a fraud from the get go, she never intended to live with Kris and wouldn’t let him live with her.

  57. Jayna says:

    What’s interesting is I thought Kanye was so private and would force Kim to be more private. But he is hell bent on making her the next Jackie O. He dresses her. He talks about her careerwise all the time in interviews, pushing for Vogue in interviews, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, pandering for that, this huge wedding that he had no problem filming a good portion of. He filmed the engagement for the reality show If he had a problem with that, he wouldn’t have done it. He wanted a huge spectacle for his engagement and he wanted it filmed. Kim is a bigger joke now because before she was a reality star famous for posing and making gobs of money on appearances and contracts, and now Kanye is forcing her onto everybody as some iconic legend. So it makes her more obnoxious these days. He even said in an interview he would have been on the reality show more the first season he was dating her but he’s a control freak and would want to be telling the lighting director what he’s doing wrong and that he also gets ragged about it when he was on so not worth it. But he said he has no problem with it.

  58. Haley1020 says:

    Wow kris Jenner is such a great writer- Said no one ever

  59. Angee says:


  60. LahdidahBaby says:

    I really can’t believe those two famewhores went to County Cork! Why? It’s so peaceful there–it’s where I go to get away from everything. It doesn’t fit them at ALL. I guess to them it’s Kounty Kork now. Watch out, Ireland.

  61. jaye says:

    Yeezy just loves the sound of his own voice, bless him.