Lindsay Lohan crack-stalked James Franco but they never had sex, says Franco


Here are some photos of Lindsay Lohan from the past week or so, as she parties her crack off in London. She keeps vampire hours – the only photos of her are from like 2 am, as she’s falling out of clubs and cracked out of her skull. She’s been in London for a while – more than a month, I think. I have no idea who is supporting her but it’s got to be someone with a lot of cash, because LL has expensive taste. Speaking of, Radar has a story with mixed messages about whether or not LL is “off the wagon.” Are we really still debating this? Of course she’s off the wagon. She was never ON the wagon. She saw the wagon go by and she crack-jacked it, chopped it up and smoked it. A source told Radar:

“Lindsay was off the wagon, everyone has their stumbles, everyone will go out to drink… She fell off the horse but she picked herself back up and got back on. It’s a struggle. Just because you have a hiccup doesn’t mean you have to hold your breath.”

But other sources say: “Lindsay’s in clubs but she’s not drinking… Her friends have never seen her doing so well. Lindsay goes to the gym every single day. She’s really trying to stay sober. And she’s taking it one day at a time.”

[From Radar]

People who are trying to stay sober don’t go to the Chiltern Firehouse every night and come out in the wee hours looking like they spent the last four hours doing rails and tequila shots.

Meanwhile, have you guys read James Franco’s long-winded, masturbatory “essay” about how he didn’t sleep with Lindsay? Go here to read. I think he’s aiming for Truman Capote-esque “slice of life at the Chateau Marmont” sort of non-fiction, but the douche just oozes all over the piece. The basics: Lohan pretty much stalked him when he was living at the Marmont. She crack-jacked the key to his bungalow, she would try to force her way into his room, she would call him all the time. And what would Franco do? Read her JD Salinger stories. He goes on and on about JD Salinger and how innocent girls loves the stories. She comes into his bed and he doesn’t sleep with her, but he lets her talk and he strokes her hair. Then he hides from her. The end. Ugh. I don’t even believe him.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Jaderu says:

    I’ve never seen anyone try to dodge a skank bullet harder than franco is trying to dodge the Blohan bullet.
    Just take the walk of shame already Jimmy.

    • Snowflake says:

      Haha ! Amen! Me thinks he doth protest too much!

      • kri says:

        Ah, yes. Lindsay is sober, Franco NEVER had sex with her, and I am a rainbow-colored unicorn that poops gold nuggets. I do so love living in an honest world.

  2. Tracy says:

    Almost forgot about this one. I haven’t seen a post about her in awhile.

  3. Ag says:

    i read part of his “essay” on dlisted last night. wtf. is this supposed to be ART, or has he lost his $hit? his writing makes him seem unhinged or something.

  4. Kiddo says:

    Actually, holding your breath can sometimes help with hiccups. Too pedantic?

    Off to read Franco…WHERE IS MIMIF ? Come out, come out where ever you are!

    • mimif says:

      “but I had slid the dead bolt and that thing—I don’t know what you call it; it’s like a chain but made of two bars—that kept the door from opening.”

      That’s as far as I got. It’s called a lock. It’s a f-cking lock. OMG Kiddo why hath you summoned me here?!

    • boo says:

      @mimif, OMG I laughed so hard! Yes that dead bolt thing is a lock! What a putz!

  5. Anon says:

    He told this whole story on Howard Stern awhile back.

    • LAK says:


      I read the headline thinking CB had simply come round to hearing the Howard Stern interview where Franco tells this story. Didn’t realise Franco had turned around and told the story again as part of his ongoing ‘art’ endeavours.

  6. db says:

    Oh please. He hit it and quit it. Or thought he did

  7. Duri says:

    TBH Franco seems weird enough that he would bang her.

  8. PunkyMomma says:

    Of course he had sex with her. A true artiste is always looking for ways to expand his life experience.

  9. Mia4S says:

    Well to top it off TMZ reported she missed her little brother’s high school graduation because she was in London. Well of course! I mean she’s busy. There’s no way she could make one of the dozen or more flights going to NYC everyday! DailyMail said she had “work commitments”…uh huh yeah we know, “working”. Yuck.

  10. QQ says:

    Christ! she is awful but He Is THE WORST!! Is like he has Narcisist Verbal Diarrea (NVD) Syndrome!

    • Hannah says:

      Not even LiLo crack shenanigans can cancel out The Unbearable Franco’s overwhelming douche. I guess what we’ve learned here is: douche > crack.

  11. feebee says:

    He should still get tested.

  12. Melissa says:

    That Franco guy is so lacking in self awareness, he seems to think that his every thought needs to be pushed out onto the world and presented as art.

  13. Lori says:

    A few months ago I believed Franco. When that list came out………and he said no no………I didn’t sleep with her. But with his behaviour the last few months. That business with the 17 year old girl and his Instgramming pics with his hands down his pants etc………….I actually believe Lindsay. And that not a position I like to be in. I dont’ want to believe the cracken version of the story………but that’s where he’s left me.

  14. Adrien says:

    In reality, Franco threatened to read her his book “Palo Alto”. That scared Lindsay so she left.

    • LAK says:

      Sadly ‘Palo Alto’ is now a movie. Made by Zoetrope AKA Coppola’s production company.

  15. Kiddo says:

    Ha, Franco thinks he’s JD Salinger….He thinks he’s Catcher in the ‘wry’, but it’s more like Catcher in the ‘why?’.

    • mimif says:

      I officially hate him (beyond the normal he’s so lame hate him). Salinger is my all time fave and that he’s even being mentioned in the same breath makes my insides hurt.
      uoıʇnqıɹʇǝɹ ǝq ןןıʍ ǝɹǝɥʇ

  16. prettylights says:

    From an English students’ point of view I see what Franco is trying to do with the story…there are some interesting phrases and themes going on, I’ll give him that, but he’s trying way too hard. It doesn’t feel organic, just forced. His writing could actually be decent if he’d lay off the name dropping, stroking of his own ego, and forced symbolism (the photo of the boy that looks like him, the billboard, ect.)

    As for whether or not he did Linds…yawn, who cares? Although if he did he should probably get checked out.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      I agree; he’s not bad, he’s just not good enough (yet) to warrant the adulation he thinks he deserves.

      And he may never get good enough, because there’s nothing like a bloated ego to stop an artist from striving to go forward in their craft.

  17. Deb says:

    I could totally see her crack stalking someone (Wasn’t she practically crack stalking some 18-year-old a while back?), but that doesn’t mean I believe James Franco didn’t sleep with her.

  18. June says:

    Oh my God, Franco’s essay was so painful to read. I was cringing at how hard he was trying.

  19. RedWeatherTiger says:

    I hate Franco wth the intensity of a thousand suns.

    And yet, I still like him more than I like Lindsay.

  20. stickershock says:

    oh, sweet schadenfreude. I saw this on msn or something and had to come here.

  21. Lendy says:

    That IS the picture of clean living.

  22. RedWeatherTiger says:

    She’s bringing the babushka back into style one bender at a time.

  23. katy says:

    “She saw the wagon go by and she crack-jacked it, chopped it up and smoked it.”

    I LOL’d

  24. stickershock says:

    She has a comb-over!

    Huge patch of hair missing in the front!

  25. shelley says:

    I think James is full of crap. Back in the day, before she ruined her face with plastic surgery and drugs, Lindsay was pretty hot and quite beautiful. I do not believe for one minute that he didn’t sleep with her.

  26. Bread and Circuses says:

    I believe she stalked him. What he described is completely in keeping with the Kracken.

    And I even believe he didn’t sleep with her, because when someone is weird and scary and walking all over your boundaries like that, it’s not sexy. Even hormone-addled teenagers know when something is “not okay” and get themselves out of the situation (like that 16 year old who told Franco to back off; oh, the irony, James. Who is the creepy stalker now?)

    And in other news, maybe Lindsay *is* staying somewhat sober? She’s continuing to look good, which is usually a sign that she’s not nuking her health at the usual rate.

  27. magpie says:

    I think his essay is worse for Leo and Lukas than Lindsay. He puts the “pussy posse” in the limelight…that’s not a name they want to be associated with (but are).

  28. brianna says:

    Wearing sunglasses at night…so obvious she’s hiding those dilated pupils!