Amal Alamuddin attends Angelina Jolie’s conference but didn’t sit with the cool kids


Well well well. Amal Alamuddin got photographed in London today. Guess where she was? The Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. The event co-hosted by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and Angelina Jolie. And herein lies one of the big reasons that George Clooney finally chose someone “at his level” (how patronizing): George hasn’t dated any women in the past 15 years that would have ever attended an event like this legitimately. His girlfriends would be more likely to attend a Global Summit on Yoga, or a Global Summit on Juice Fasts. Do you think George looked at what Brad Pitt’s partner and thought, “Yeah. Let’s try that.”

Surprisingly, I guess George – I sometimes wonder if he’s Amal’s “equal” – did not attend the summit. Maybe Amal introduced herself to Angelina. Do you think they’ve already met at some point? I doubt it, but you never know. Do you think Amal introduced herself as “George’s fiancée”? Or a “human rights lawyer”? For what it’s worth, The Telegraph notes that Amal didn’t sit with the Jolie-Pitt group:

Ms Alamuddin listened to the speeches from the audience on the opposite side of the auditorium to where Jolie and Pitt were sitting.

The Oxford-educated barrister, who has represented WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, has been described as a ”passionate defender of human rights”.

Beirut-born Ms Alamuddin is a member of Doughty Street Chambers in London, having joined in 2010 to complete her pupillage.

[From The Telegraph]

Is that shade? I can never tell with the Brits. They don’t say that Amal IS a passionate defender of human rights, they say that she “has been described” as such. I have been described as Michael Fassbender’s wife, but that doesn’t mean I actually AM Fassy’s wife.

Also: Clooney’s last girlfriend reportedly hated Angelina. And now his current GF is all up on the Jolie Train?



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  1. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    If she has any acting talent, Alma resembles Jackie Kennedy more than any other mainstream actresses who have played her so far.

    • BangersandMash says:


      No!! please, dont!!!

      This woman is excellent where she is. Best person Clooney has ever introduced people too!!
      She is the exact kind of inspiration that young women need outside of Hollywood. The perception by many that Hollywood is so everything, so much so that any young woman can name 20 celebrities they would like to emulate and barely 6 that are no where near Hollywood (not to say you are saying this). It’s like women outside of Hollywood don’t exist in the lives of young ambitious women.

      A week ago I heard my 16 year old sister say that she would like to do “whatever Amal is doing” because it dawned on her that you can be ‘skinny’ and ‘sexy’ and have a life where you and your friends and associates, rub Clooney on his head and pinch his cheek… That’s a boss b*tch!!
      and then later she came back to me and said, “Nah, I think I want to be Christine Lagard”

      May she never act!! Ever!!

      • LAK says:

        i’m in love with your sister. a 16yr old who knows who Christine Lagard is…….respect.

      • Ansley says:

        Oh, please do tell – how can Amal be so wonderful (off paper) if she’s with Clooney. A guy who is emotionally so immature he can’t be emotionally involved with a woman more than a year or so. He drinks too much and is likely an alcoholic.

        I’m sure your sister is a smart young woman, but if Amal were so great she wouldn’t even want to rub Clooney’s head or pinch his cheeks.

        I so wish this accomplished woman wouldn’t have hooked up with a guy who is her LESSER.

  2. Diane says:

    This issue is in her wheelhouse. I like this woman. The fact that she didn’t shadow The Brange says a lot. And she has impeccable taste … love those shoes.

  3. Esmom says:

    Lol at Global Summit on Juice Fasts. How about Global Summit on Arm Candy or Global Summit on He’s Just Not That Into You?

    Love Amal’s shoes here!

    As for her hanging out with Jolie, I can’t imagine why she would. Seems like at this point they move in separate circles and to sit together just because of celebrity connections would be a bit unseemly, imo.

  4. Jane Q. Doe says:

    Does anyone else think she looks a bit like Nigella Lawson?

  5. Chris says:

    As a Brit, my tuppenceworth (and only guessing) would be that The Telegraph is not a great fan of hers nor her clients,, and that they won’t bite the bullet and describe her thus except via a third party. Don’t upset the readers.
    (I kinda like Clooney, but that intellectual equal bit? You *wish* , mate! )

  6. hunaww says:

    ” I have been described as Michael Fassbender’s wife, but that doesn’t mean I actually AM Fassy’s wife.”

  7. Lena says:

    No I don’t think it’s shade at all. They obviously were quoting someone with exact “” quotes. I think it WAS shade for her not to go near the Jolie-Pitts. She doesn’t want to be lumped with the “celebrity” activists. Being engaged to G.C. is enough celebrity for her.

    • Candy Love says:

      “She doesn’t want to be lumped with the “celebrity” activists. Being engaged to G.C. is enough celebrity for her.”

      That has nothing to do with it. Their were name tags to tell people where to sit, you can see the name tags in the first picture. William Hague was sitting next to Angelina and it from other pictures the guess speakers were all group together.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Why would it be shade of her not to go near the Jolie-Pitts? She is there on business not to socialize in the Hollywood fashion.

  8. Isadora says:

    She looks great! The whole outfit looks perfect.

    And it’s actually good that George didn’t attend with her because it seems she really cares for the cause and with George in tow it would have ended in some kind of “celebrity outing” and “look we are a couple”. Similar thing if she would have been next to the Jolie-Pitt crowd. You do this kind of stuff if you want to show/proof something and none of the parties involved have a need for this.

  9. Madi says:

    I said she would be there the other day. She is on William Hague’s panel for this since he created it a couple of years ago. I suspect she is with other members of his panel.

  10. DogMom says:

    Like her shoes and purse and hair. The dress/outfit thingy looks dated and ill fitting to me.

    My initial reaction to her being there is ‘meh’. So she is….everyone networks…..

  11. Sandy says:

    Yeah, I like that she didn’t shadow Brangelina. She comes off as a working professional who is also passionate about the issue. This gibes with Clooney’s activism, no?

  12. Christin says:

    Perhaps it’s my British ancestry calling out to me, but I think that article has a little shade.

    All I can say about this engagement at this point is, ‘Bless her heart.’ And that is Southern (US) shade all the way.

  13. Jana says:

    That outfit is lovely on her, but her sitting posture is so awkward…

  14. Madi says:

    She is, she is on William Hague’s panel for this

  15. Bob says:

    I doubt her presence had anything to do with Jolie, it’s just the sort of thing she would ordinarily attend as part of her job. It’s networking. Hanging out with the celebrities would defeat the purpose of connecting with other lawyers with similar interests.

  16. Dani says:

    I still don’t see what all the hype is about.

  17. Sumodo1 says:

    Oof! That handbag is misshapen, ratty and the two-piece dress belongs on circa-1980 stew. I dressed better than that in the 1980s as a young reporter, let alone a high-profile human rights lawyer in 2014!

  18. AryaMartell says:

    Despite the fact I am sick of hearing about their wedding I do like Amal. The problem is I think she’s too good for George. She’s a smart woman and she does not need to be eaten by the Hollywood abyss.

  19. Jayna says:

    George has said he and Brad don’t see each other much. More like once a year these days. Their lives are too busy and take them all over. Brad has kids. They hang out when doing movies or red carpet award show events.

  20. Chameleon says:

    She has a little book on her knee to make notes. Seems professional attitude to me.

    The clothes do look a bit too lose. I hope she doesn’t try to lose weight for her wedding.

  21. Nighty says:

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with her clothes, except that she’s a little bit too thin… imo… The clothes, though they’re not my style, they are nice,

  22. The Original G says:

    Sigh. Is a Global Summit on Yoga bad? A variety of interests and avocations makes for a well rounded person and world. Why do we need to keep pitting ourselves against each other?

  23. Talie says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Alma and Angelina have crossed paths before Clooney entered her life.

  24. FLORC says:

    All of Clooney’s ex’s have been described as disliking Angeline and vice versa. It doesn’t actually mean those women disliked each other. Too much speculating here.

    To the point of the summit. I’m betting she’s gone to these events and may have been in the same building attendint he same event on different days, but haven’t shook hands.
    Amal is smart. Really smart. And she’s taken on or been a part of all sorts of clients and cases. If she only went for the innocent and human rights cases I might like her more.
    Ot maybe it’s her awful outfits and taste in shoes that irk me. Whenis Clooney giving Amal the Clooney shine! She needs a more polished style imo.

  25. break says:

    That’s a pretty happy outfit (esp. the shoes) to wear to a global summit on sexual violence. Looks like she’s going to a garden party.

  26. christine says:

    Her legs are terrible. She should not wear skirts. They look like they belong to a sickly 60 year old.

  27. aqua says:

    Is it wrong to talk about one clothes/appearance when someone is there for an important issue? IDN , I feel kind of bad now.

  28. LAK says:

    I find her entire outfit far too ‘look at me’ for a professional woman. And yes, it is a sexist attitude to take, but those sexists in the city will judge and dismiss you for wearing bright colours and bright shoes.

    I’ve seen lots of pics and video of her for various reasons that had nothing to do with GC eg when she was defending Assange or that lady in the Ukraine (name escapes me but she was the PM who was thrown in jail for corruption who emerged in a wheelchair). In all cases Amal wore dark colours and wasn’t as thin as she is now. You can find pics of her at a bigger weight as recently as February this year.

    This weight loss and bright colours are part of the GC make over and I can’t help feeling that she’s now doing the pap stroll.

    Intelligent she may be, but i’ve never seen a person preen so much and enjoy the limelight so much as she is doing, even when she was named sexiest Barrister in the city!!!!

    • wolfpup says:

      Maybe she’s just happy, and her clothes reflect that. I like seeing bright colors, especially at this time of year.

      • LAK says:

        there is nothing wrong with bright colours in clothing, but if you are a woman in the city AKA Wall street, dark colours are better if you wish to be taken seriously. Without a doubt when i ride through the city and see all the brightly dressed girls, dollars to nuts they are receptionists or junior PAs. Again nothing wrong with those jobs, but if you wish to move on up, wardrobe has to change.

        With Amal, i was defending her initially because i knew who she was prior to this GC kerfuffle and i am disappointed that she’s been made over as if she was one of GC’s cocktail waitresses. And she’s definitely doing the pap stroll now.

        She’s always had great hair though.

    • Beatrice says:

      George’s stylist has really upped Amal’s game in the last month. I love the shoes and bag, but it’s all the part of the roll-out!

    • Kate says:

      I’m always in brights and crazy prints, love a statement shoe and have been known to wear giant flowers in my hair. I’m sure some people take one look and mark me out as an oddball, but my work speaks for itself and the people I want to be respected by respect me. Other than getting some odd looks it’s never been any kind of issue and my career certainly hasn’t suffered. In fact I’d say it’s actually had a positive effect. If nothing else I make a lasting impression and that really helped me on the way up.

      I’ve seen Amal around a lot, pre-Clooney. She wears boring clothes when she’s representing a client and fun clothes when she’s on her own time attending conferences and the like. Her wardrobe hasn’t changed, this is her style.

  29. wow says:

    I think old Georgie boy took Sarah Larson to that ceremony for Noble Prize Winners back in 2008 and met the Dalai Lama. A Clooney “perk” that was totally wasted on her.

    I still feel that this is just another “contract” relationship. He is probably oing to runn for some political office and needed to up the ante in the “girlfriend” turn fiance department. There’s a method to his “madness”.

    Has Amal ever been papped just hanging out with her own group of friends?

  30. zut alors! says:

    Should we get a head start on the story the National Enquirer will make up of this? Brad wanted to invite Amal to sit with them but jealous, intimidated Angelina nixed that move. She wanted all the attention on herself. The whole time Angelina was on the podium, she was glaring at Amal and only the NE was privy to this exchange. Brad then called George to apologize for Angie’s coldness.

  31. enastein says:

    She looks like George Clooney

  32. Amulla says:

    I didn’t realize celebrities had their own little cliques. Sounds just like high school.

  33. T says:

    amal is on william hagues panel for this thats why she was there. she already met up with hague and others for this but it didn’t get as much attention because pill and jolie wasn’t there.

  34. siri says:

    Personally, I would not choose an overly bright outfit like this for the occasion, but ok, her choice. In her ‘before Clooney time’, she used to dress more understated on professional outings like this. But she looks really lost sitting there, doesn’t seem to make contact with anyone. And you don’t really have to make notes at an event like this. I don’t get any professional impression from these pics.

  35. LT says:

    I like the dress! I work in a very conservative environment (my male colleagues wear suits and ties every day) and I try to wear as much color as I can. And no, I am not a receptionist or an assistant. My boss (who is THE boss) wears a lot of color. As long as the cut and style of the clothing is appropriate, there is nothing unprofessional about wearing color to work.

  36. Fleur says:

    As a victim of sexual violence I find it irritating that she went there and presented herself dressed up like a femme fatale in RED.
    Red is a symbol for sex, eroticism and blood.

  37. debbie says:

    She seems very reserved and a body language on her way on sitting shows a lack of confidence.
    I can mentioned thay she does not have the greatest legs. But please understand she is a lawyer and Holywood is not her file style. George has a big challenge ahead to match this women shores. In regard to Angelina she is certainly not the most amicable person in the world; sometime unexplained jalousie can be a sign of Insecurity in a relationship.