Amber Heard has ‘a strong stepmom type bond’ with Johnny Depp’s kids


These are some newish photos of Amber Heard and James Franco on the NYC set of The Adderall Diaries. Amber’s wearing a budget brunette wig on this set while Johnny Depp gets his bald cap on in Boston with co-star Dakota Johnson. Amber looks like she’s having a good time on set, but Johnny needn’t worry. Amber is 27 years old, so she’s wayyy too old for Franco’s tastes. Amber was later spotted makeup-less and wig-less while leaving the set and clutching a copy of Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII.

A new article from Radar Online says that Amber’s been working hard to bond with Johnny’s kids in the lead up to their wedding. We’ve already heard that Amber goes shopping and does lunch with Lily-Rose. They probably do mani-pedis together, but that’s just a guess. Here’s the lowdown:

Johnny Depp’s fiancée Amber Heard has developed “a strong stepmom-type bond” with his two children, has exclusively learned.

According to a source close to the situation, Depp’s kids from his relationship with Vanessa Paradis — daughter Lily-Rose, 14, and son Jack, 12 — are getting cozy with his soon-to-be-wife, Heard.

“It took Johnny a long time to get to this point with the kids, but this spring has marked Amber becoming a true part of the family and being involved with the upbringing of Johnny’s kids — albeit on a somewhat limited basis,” the source said. “Amber sees Johnny‘s children nearly every weekend Johnny does, especially when they’re in Los Angeles and not working on sets.”

In fact, Heard was seen having lunch and shopping with Lily-Rose on a girls’ day at L.A.’s Fred Segal in February. And the age gap between them — just 14 years — is nine years less than that between Heard, 28, and Depp, 51!

The source also revealed with a fall wedding expected, Depp has worked hard to join the people he loves the most.

“Johnny has gotten in the habit of setting up remote weekend getaways with Amber and the kids, and usually he will lease a helicopter and have them all ferried to a remote location or resort in Southern California,” the source said of the A-list stalwart.

Recently, Depp has been filming his Whitey Bulger biopic in Boston while Heard has been shooting The Adderall Diaries in New York.

“When they’re not on set, Johnny stays close to town, but he doesn’t just want to do the usual activities with the kids like their mom Vanessa does during the week,” the source said. “He’s very much about showing them an adventure and a good time, and Amber has been 100% behind this all the way.”

[From Radar]

Amber is only 14 years older than Lily-Rose, so maybe this is more of a “big sister” bond than a “step-mom” relationship. Is that appropriate? I think step-moms get a bad rap that goes way back to the days of Cinderella’s evil stepmother. A real-life step-mom has to walk a fine line of being a good role model but not taking away any clout or authority from mom. It also sounds like Johnny is trying to be the “fun” weekend parent like so many divorced dads do. Vanessa Paradis is the one who has to oversee their weekday schoolwork and routine kid drudgery. Then Johnny swoops in on his weekends and takes the kids to some island paradise. Amber’s there for the ride too, so she may as well get along.

Johnny celebrated his 51st birthday this week! Producers had a gross looking cake delivered to the set. Johnny Depp, king of bad birthday cakes.

Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. Jem says:

    I don’t care about this woman at all, and Johnny looks so creepy I feel like my eyeballs need a wash.

    • starrywonder says:

      LOL. Yep. I am so sick of hearing about either one of them.

    • Sea Dragon says:

      I’ve read some of the celebitchy posts and all I’ve come away with is that she’s an interchangeable try hard that got lucky, really, really lucky.

  2. Allie says:

    I don’t understand how Hollywood can spend millions on a movie yet some wigs that the actresses wear in them are atrocious. These two are so boring to me, I could barely get through the article.

  3. shannon says:

    she look soooo young in that pic. also, everytime I see pics of Amber and Franco, they are on that bike. Is that all they do in this movie is ride around?

    • kri says:

      Wow, Franco and Heard on a bike. That is one seat I would never want to sit on. She looks so unenthusiatic around Johnny-like he’s a friend of her dad’s that she has to be polite to. “Give yer Old Unc Johnny a liitle hug, darlin”. GROSS.

  4. jinni says:

    There are actually a few pictures of Johnny dropping off his kids to school as well as visiting to see his son’s plays, so I don’t get why he’s seen as the “weekend dad” and Vanessa is seen as doing all of the work. She has been in France plenty of times working while their kids were still in school so someone was watching the kids then and I bet it was their father.

    Besides, unlike say the Brange or the Beckhams, Johnny and Vanessa have never given detailed information to know exactly how their home situation work for anyone to truly be able to give a reasonable speculation on how they raise their kids.

  5. stacey says:

    27 year old mistress turned step mother has a great “step mother bond” with a 14 year old teenager? Ok sure, Leann Rimes 2.0.

    • Minnie1 says:

      This strikes me a being another pr attempt to make Amber seem like a kind, wonderful woman who really, really loves Johnny, and will do anything to make him happy. Last month, she was ambushing and kissing Johnny on his set, for all the world to see, like a crazed stalker. This month, she’s the fun but vigilant stepmom who will sacrifice her weekends in order to keep the kiddies happy. Next step will be interviews with Woman’s Day, Family Circle, etc., complete with recipes. It’s all a game with this one.

  6. Deanne says:

    I don’t get her appeal. She’s blandly pretty, doesn’t seem particularly bright when interviewed and is milking her relationship with Johnny for all that it’s worth. He used to be so attractive to me, but now he just looks like he needs a shower and a new wardrobe. His obvious mid-life crisis is also disappointing. Kids shouldn’t have to spend every visit with their parents new significant other. It makes open discussion impossible and the kids are forced to share their parents attention when it should be focussed on them. I highly doubt they view her as motherly at all since she’s barely a decade older than they are.

    • Mixtape says:

      Yes! Lifelong Johnny Depp fan here, and yet nothing has aged him more or made him more unattractive than this relationship.

      • TG says:

        Add me to this list of former lifelong fans of Depp. I just love reading Lainey running him down too. I even remember reading the tabloids years ago when they would say how hot Johnny was even if he dressed like he just climbed out of a dumpster and we the fans all agreed. Now he had ruined the affection many of is fans had for him by his bizarre mid-life crisis and ditching Vanessa for this hanger on poseur.

    • (The original, not CDAN) Violet says:


    • mercy says:

      I had a younger stepmother figure when I was around Lily’s age and honestly it can be fun, especially in the beginning when everyone is on their best behaviour and trying to impress. It’s like having an older sister all of a sudden. It’s the mothering part that’s tough, especially with younger kids who miss their mommy (and are protective of her) and rebellious teens. Maybe his son is experiencing some of the former, and his daughter hasn’t reached the rebellious stage. 😉

  7. hm says:

    I don’t think Johnny is the weekend ”fun” dad.It looks like he and Vanessa share equally the custody of the kids.When one of them works the other one is taking care of the kids.But since Johnny and Vanessa remain so private about their kids’ life we really can’t know.And also as long as the kids know who their mom is I think it’s ok to bond with Amber especially since it looks like the wedding may happen after all.Johnny looks absolutely creepy and scary as Bulger but that’s how this monster was life in real life.The transformation is amazing.

    • mercy says:

      Well she’s their dad’s fiancee, not their mother. It could be a bit awkward if they talked publicly about raising his kids by another woman together. Maybe after they’re married they will. They’ve already shared enough awkward about their own relationship, and she has been photographed with his daughter.

  8. GIRLFACE says:

    Yeah! There’s no way I buy this. Those kids have to be full of angsty vitriol on some level because for one they are adolescent kids and for two-they are old enough to understand completely what happened to their family. Bonding? Doubt it. I feel like Vanessa is a really good mom so maybe they’re more nature but still… Having a hard time believing they are 100% accepting of all this.

    • Ashley says:

      My thoughts exactly. Johnny’s kids are old enough to understand what went down. I’m not buying this PR stunt

    • mercy says:

      I think it’s to Vanessa’s great credit if the kids don’t seem to harbour any resentment towards Amber. And maybe they weren’t raised in conventional environment, where Dad was home for dinner every night, anyway. He’s wealthy, famous, and L.A. is a lot of fun for young people. I’m sure he’s doing his best to make the transition as easy as possible and show them a good time.

    • they do have a good relationship says:

      No, they have a good relationship. maybe because they are close in age, they seems like good friends

      and there are videos of Amber and Jack too, i can’t show that because those are privates and never went open as the other picture. And also there are alot more of material with Lily and Amber, but also with Whitney Heard (her sister), Pistol (her dog) and Amber’s friends, etc

      the only “news” about this article and their “bond” it seems to be that she’s stepping more into the stepmom role than only in the “friend” side that she seemed to fill until now

  9. Hissyfit says:

    It reminds me of that Lindsay Lohan Parent trap movie scene:

    Johnny: Honey, look… I want to know what you think about making Amber part of the family?

    Lily-rose: Part of our family?

    Johnny: Yes.

    Lily-rose: I think it’s an awesome idea. Inspired. Brilliant really.

    Johnny: You do?

    Lily-rose: Totally. it’s like a dream come true. I’ve always wanted a big sister.

    Johnny: Honey, I’m afraid you’re kind of missing the point.

    Lily-rose: No, I’m not. You’re going to adopt Amber. That is so sweet, Dad..

    Johnny: I’m not going to adopt her, I’m going to MARRY her.

    Lily-rose: Marry her?!? That’s insane! How can you marry a woman young enough to be my big sister?!?


  10. Ashley says:

    “Johnny has gotten in the habit of setting up remote weekend getaways with Amber and the kids, and usually he will lease a helicopter and have them all ferried to a remote location or resort in Southern California,”

    So he’s bribing his kids? That’s the only way his kids will spend time with Amber? From the pictures I’ve seen, Johnny’s son Jack never seems to look happy around Amber. I’m just not into this relationship. He’s a fool.

    • AryaMartell says:

      Johnny is over-compensating. I watched my aunt’s ex do the exact same thing with his kids when he divorced my aunt (who is a saint with all she put up with from him). After the divorce, they lived just down the street from my family and I hung out with my cousins all the time since we were close in age. They tolerated and were respectful of their dad’s new girlfriend/wife (as their mom instructed them to be) but they didn’t care for her and they didn’t like the fact their dad would always take them to all of these places and bribe them with trips to Disney World, Montreal, Halifax, New York, etc. They said it felt insincere and it felt like he never he actually wanted to get to know them. Plus, that they would have no energy to attack the week after these visits and would fall behind on school work, the way these visits happened was just disruptive to them. At 16, the younger of the two called out his father on it and said it was more about his dad’s ego (and it was) than it was about them and they both decided to stop seeing him, which was a huge blow to their dad’s ego. Their relationships have not recovered 15 years later. Their dad has a new family and the few times my cousins have tried to reach out and repair the relationship they were rebuffed by him as he never forgave the kids for rejecting what he was doing. I was thinking of this story as I read the article I think that would fit what Johnny is doing and likely how the kids handle Amber. I’m sure Amber means well but she needs to convince Johnny to stop over-compensating.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I hate when things get worded that way, implying he’s a fun parent and Vanessa isn’t. Hopefully this isn’t coming from Amber.

    Oops left off the word fun.

    • Ashley says:

      I think it is coming from Amber. The way her father recently said that she and Johnny will have kids after they are married because that’s the “right way” of doing things…They just need to stop talking about his kids

  12. Nonny says:

    Her face is so bland

    • whocares says:

      more bullshit . . . these stories are so noxious one can smell them for weeks after they drop.

      maybe kate van winfenn will chime in, she seems to like to offer her own special viewpoint when it comes to this stuff.

  13. whocares says:

    more bullshit . . . these stories are so noxious one can smell them for weeks after they drop.

    maybe kate van winfenn will chime in, she seems to like to offer her own special viewpoint when it comes to this stuff.

  14. Taylor says:

    She’s been looking coked out lately. Poor Amanda, her head is so up her ass she’s probably oblivious to the fact that he’ll kick her to the curb once she turns 39. Johnny is so pathetic. I don’t consider this to be a midlife crises, because he never grew up. He’s immature and has admitted in the past that he can’t stay monogamous.

  15. Sallywintour says:

    Vanessa lives in France! if she’s on weekly basis is only temporary and about to time, considering that she has moved on with Benjamin Biolay on her home in Paris and right now, she’s already in France again
    But Depp has been on the west coast since he and Amber have been working there. Surely that’s the reason why they only see the children on the weekends for now

  16. Nina says:

    Step mother? More like step sister.

    • Lauren says:

      I watched 3 Days to Kill today, and the entire cast was impressive, excluding Amber. Yes indeed, she has great legs and a pretty face. However, Her acting is very expressionless and bland. Amber’s eyes are dead. She struts and bosses around Kevin Costner in the movie. Like a substandard Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Just creepy .

      Winona Ryder is an exceptional actress and beautiful.Vanessa is pretty and multi- talented too. Unforgettable women. I understand Johnnys attraction to these two women

      Johnny Depp is p***Y whipped by robotic Amber. Very disappointing.

      • I don’t thing Vanessa can sing. At all. I mean, I give her props for sounding the same live and in her studio, etc. But she is a horrible singer to me. My mom has a friend who lives in Marseilles and I asked her about Vanessa, and she said that everyone loves her there. But I think a lot of their modern music (that I’ve heard) is really weird. At least in the pop genre.

      • Nina says:

        I mean, she’s pretty and all, but to me it’s sort of like… she doesn’t stand out, you know? She’s not that much of a brilliant actress (let’s be real though, how many AMAZING actressess are in Hollywood right now? I can name like 3 from the top of my head.) and if she wasn’t Depp’s fiancee, she’d be doing… nothing probably.
        Also, he would’ve been 23 if he had a daughter her age. That’s a fairly normal age to start fatherhood these days and it sort of gives me the creeps. But hey, if it works for them – who am I to judge?
        It still doesn’t seem very likely that a 14 year old would really connect to a 27 year old and see her as a mother.

  17. lrm says:

    Side note re: the Franco comments: I believe Franco could be a creeper…but the timing of that ‘incident’ is too coincidental-total PR for his Palo Alto movie. C’mon. I can’t believe it wasn’t obvious to many people. And this is Franco we are talking about. I don’t even know who *he* really is. He’s all acts, wanting to get a rise out of people. I’m wondering if he even does this cheesy performance and writing ‘art’ as a joke, as well. At first, I thought he was just ridiculous/pretentious (I never was into him like others were when he first came on the scene), but I am moving towards ‘genius who is trolling us all’….I don’t get why he teaches grad students and does ‘everything’, though??? He confuses me. And this is why I am thinking genius. lol.

    Also, for some reason, b/c I’m not normally like this with celebs-I don’t care enough to be-, I am sort of curiously awaiting news that these two have broken up. This is so not happening long term. I think Amber looks drugged out just to get through being with him. She also looks high or strung out. And she has no chemistry with him to me, in any pics. Looks like she’s having more fun with franco than she ever does with depp.

  18. Abbott says:

    At first I thought the main photo was Aileen Wuornos’ mugshot.

  19. Dany says:

    How is Johnny Depp a “weekend-daddy” when Vanessa lives part-time in France and the kids go to school in L.A. where they live with Johnny and Amber?

    Seems to me Johnny and Vanessa have an agreement that one takes the kids when the other one has to work. And it seems to work super. The kids look happy when they are with their parents and with Amber. As good as it gets