Johnny Depp & Amber Heard plan ‘intimate barefoot ceremony’ on his island

Johnny Depp

There are a lot of new photos of both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, but we don’t have access to them. That’s just as well because both Johnny and Amber are doing their thing with Johnny’s daughter, Lily Rose, in separate venues. Amber has been papped while shopping and lunching with Lily. The other pictures feature Johnny dropping Lily Rose off at school with a special friend — Marilyn Manson — in tow.Yes, you read that correctly.

This latest update in the fateful Johnny and Amber engagement story involves moving forward in a significant direction. I’ve been wondering whether Johnny will make good on this engagement. This time seems different than the others, right? Like Johnny might actually make it to the altar for the first time in decades. Here come some details from the Daily Star (via the Mail) about exactly what type of wedding ceremony Amber is planning with scarfy Johnny:

Their engagement was only revealed last month but Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are already planning their wedding.

While Amber, 27, has recently been seen flashing a huge engagement ring, she and 50-year-old Johnny are reportedly set to tie the knot in a small ceremony on his private island in the Bahamas with a barbecue afterwards.

According to the UK’s Daily Star newspaper: “They’re having a small intimate ceremony barefoot on the beach in Little Hall’s Pond Cay.

“Afterwards they’ll have a barbecue where some of Johnny’s musician pals are going to perform, followed by limbo dancing. Neither Johnny nor Amber want a big, glitzy Hollywood bash. They are both very private.”

Amber and Johnny first met when they starred together in 2011′s The Rum Diary but didn’t get together until 2012 after the breakdown of his 14 year relationship with Vanessa Paradis, with whom he has Lily Rose,14, and Jack, 11.

Johnny, 50, and bisexual Amber’s relationship has not always been smooth, and she initially ended their romance after deciding she wanted to be single.

However, Johnny was undeterred and sent her a personally-penned poem and a bouquet of roses every day for a month to convince her to give him another chance.

A source said in late 2012: “Johnny didn’t give up – he missed her so much over the summer. They both love literature and the way he tried to win her back totally worked.”

Indeed they cemented their romance on the private island.

The insider added: “Once they flew for a romantic break [in the Bahamas], they were back on as a couple. Johnny’s the type to fall hard and he’s vowed not to let a girl like Amber, who’s beautiful and intelligent, slip through his fingers.”

Johnny is also said to have named a beach on his private island, Little Hall’s Pond, in honour of his girlfriend, calling it Amber’s Cove.

[From Daily Mail]

Good grief: “They cemented their romance on the private island.” What does that even mean? I really don’t need to know the details. TMI. I do hope Johnny’s equipped his private island to offer his new bride all of the modern conveniences possible. I mean, we’ve heard about Johnny’s private island for many years, but I want some real dish on what the island is really like (not from an arial view). I hope it’s a better experience than the private-island Breaking Dawn honeymoon between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Does it have bulk food bins available? Does it have trailers nicer than Gary Oldman’s trailer? I need to know. Don’t leave me with a Twilight fantasy.

Amber Heard

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN & Pacific Coast News

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  1. HappyMom says:

    That last picture of her really sums it up: She went for it and thinks she’s on top of the world. Oh lord.

    • Jag says:

      Exactly! She’s playing it for all it’s worth.

    • Liv says:

      Same thoughts. She’s so digusting. And he of course as well. Ugh!

      It’s cracking me up that they’re still pretending to be “very private”. What a joke! Johnny was basically telling US Weekly his whole love life since he split from Paradis and Amber is 100% calling the paps.

    • Tapioca says:

      And yet she’s having to hold her OWN umbrella! A true star wouldn’t stand for that.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Isn’t that photo from the red carpet of a movie she was in? Should she have not smiled for the cameras there?

      I don’t get the hate for this girl. She is engaged to a very famous movie star. How does that make her an awful person?

      • Tracy says:

        I don’t hate her. Hell, I never ever heard her name before she got with Depp. I am just laughing very hard at what a cliche middle aged man Johnny has become.

      • ctkat1 says:

        I don’t think Amber Heard is the laughable one in this relationship, for what it’s worth- I totally understand why a 27 year-old actress who’s been kicking around Hollywood for a decade with pretty limited results and middling talent would decide that her best bet is to marry the very rich, very famous 50 year-old actor. If it gets her more & better roles, great. If it doesn’t, then she’s living the life of a very well-compensated trophy wife and she gets the fame even if she doesn’t get the career.

        No, the laughable one here is Johnny Depp- for marrying a 27 year-old actress, for likely being influenced by his attraction to this 27 year-old actress when leaving his long term partner and mother of his children, for being ok with this 27 year-old actress planting all of these press stories (they all have the same theme- Amber is so smart and literate and fun, and Johnny is just amazed by her). He’s managed to undue 25 years of being JOHNNY DEPP by turning into a cliche.

  2. Eleonor says:

    Lily Rose is a mini Vanessa!

  3. Miss M says:

    off topic: Can someone please tell me Sean Penn didnt move in with Charlize Theron?

  4. paola says:

    I picture Vanessa Paradis reading this on the news and give a big eyeroll, putting her glass of fresh squeezed orange juice right on their faces and smirking she’d say ‘I’ve had him in the good years. You can have the geriatric Johnny. Go ahead. Oh darling, don’t forget his nail polish! He can’t live without it.’

    Is Amber going to be a june bride like Kim?

  5. Sullivan says:

    So, they refer to her as ‘bisexual Amber’? Johnny and bisexual Amber. Nope, still not interesting.

    • kri says:

      Honestly, who is more disgusting? Amber will never be an actress of any standing, so she may as well work lying down under a rcih old hubby for a few years, then she can hop back to the ladies. Perhaps she will mature and at least her next dig for gold can be in Jodie Foster or Oprah’s mines. God, Johnny is so pitiful.

  6. T.Fanty says:

    A barefoot wedding on the beach. Of their private island. How very bohemian and free spirited of them.

  7. AG-UK says:

    All I can say is people in LA are crazy…

  8. GeeMoney says:

    Do we really need to read about their wedding plans? Ugh. The amount of famewhoring they are doing as a couple is becoming nauseating.

  9. Neffie says:

    Do his kids live in US now? I had no idea what they looked like cause they were always shielded,i think her face should of been blurred,the celebrities that don’t seek attention should have their kids privacy protected.

    • Mia4S says:

      Hey moved with the kids to Los Angeles before they even broke up. All bets are off. Yes France offers privacy, but their taxes are really really high. ;-) Oh Johnny, let’s see how “bohemian” she is when she comes looking for spousal support one day. Pre-nup you idiot!

    • No says:

      They live in US since years and his daughter gets papped alot since many time too (since she started to live her own life around Los Angeles. I mean, go on shopping or go to restaurant with her friends and not only with mommy and daddy) but she only makes the headlines when she’s seen with Amber or Marilyn Manson, you know
      But the children live in LA with their father and not in France with their mother, as many people still want to believe

      • laura says:

        Vanessa too lives in LA …not in France

      • The Romance says:

        Vanessa lives in L.A as well as travelling back and forth to France. Something she HAS TO DO, being a French citizen and all. And something Johnny was well aware of when he planted 2 of his seeds.

        This is gonna be so romantic btw…. Getting married on the island he originally purchased for his children and their mother, and which also has an island named after her.

      • frenchie says:

        She doesn’t have an island named on her honor. She only had a beach, the same than Amber…and maybe Vanessa’s beach isn’t there anymore. He sold the Vajoliroja, why not to change the name of a beach?
        Also, Vanessa main residence is in France. And she has the apartment in Paris and the house in Plan de la tour. She only travels to LA every couple of months to spend some time there, but she doesn’t live there. She arrived around january 10 and already she left to Brazil, and I don’t think she will be back anytime soon, because she has work in france

  10. Maddie says:

    Are they going to cover their divorce too? That would be more interesting no? Give them less than 5 yrs and she really can’t act….trailer for 3 Days to Kill awful.

  11. Really says:

    My eyes just rolled so hard I have a migraine.

  12. UghInsomnia says:

    I have nothing nice to contribute other than her body looks amazing in that dress.

    *suddenly inspired to do some squats and crunches*

  13. silvia says:

    His midlife crisis combined with her opportunism and voila, we have this dream wedding. What a great couple!
    *irony dripping off my keyboard in massive amounts*

  14. Patricia says:

    Well I’m glad to see that Lily looks very happy and at ease with Amber and of course with her dad. It makes me have hope that the adults in her life are helping her and her brother have a smooth transition with all this change going on.

  15. Meh says:

    It’s not hard to believe that they want to get married on the Island. That’s a paradise, the only way to keep the things on private and even Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem married there, so why not the owner (Johnny) on Amber’s cove LOL.?
    Still, I don’t believe any of these tabloids have any clues about their wedding, it’s looks more as an easy guess to any person (as easy as to guess that he will ask to his beloved friends Keith Richards, Paul McCartney, Steven Tyler or Patti Smith to do something musical-special for them)

    As for the questions about his island. On some old interview in Vanity Fair there were some general pictures and it LOOKED AMAZING! It seems that every beach (six beachs) has it’s own “house” designated and decorated in honor to the person whose name the beach it’s dedicated (Marlon Brando, Hunter S. Thompson, Lily, Jack, Vanessa…and now It seems also Amber has her place). Also there is a main house in the middle of the island (the main house of the family) that it has to be pretty amazing. Johnny said they use golf cars to move through the island and it was reported years ago that the island it’s totally eco-friendly. It’s powered by solar and hydrogen.

  16. P.J. says:

    Don’t do it Johnny!!

    After reading that whole he “doesn’t want to OFFEND Amber by asking for a pre-nup” mess well, I just can’t with the whole situation but I’ll try. 1. If someone reacts negatively or dramatically in any fashion for simply being asked to sign a document that would protect your personal assets in the event that things should go wrong-or, if you even just have a strong suspicion that they might-then they are NOT someone you should remotely consider marrying and really ask yourself why they’re having such a defensive reaction in the first place. (After all, this is real life and if you find me merely wanting to be responsible about protecting what I’ve worked hard all of my life for a “turn off” or better yet, “unromantic”, you can hit the bricks!) 2. Why are these celebrities so stupid about their finances and relationships?! Johnny has already been engaged about six different times. The one relationship he had that was happiest & longest lasting was to a woman who never asked for/wanted/was given a ring. Along comes Amber who he supposedly finds “untamable” (yuck), “mysterious” (ugh) and who “has him wrapped around her finger” (double yuck) and all his sense goes out the window 😒

    At this point idk why these celebs don’t just pull out their checkbooks and sigh away half of their assets to these people they’re so infatuated with and insist on marrying after a short period of time. I mean, why not just skip the trouble of a wedding and marriage altogether you know? Seriously. They might as well.

  17. pru says:

    I’m pretty sure she wants to seal this deal as quickly as possible.

  18. P.J. says:

    P.S. “They both love literature and the way he tried to win her back totally worked.”

    Why do all these so-called “sources” sound like they’re 13-16 year old girls lately? Am I the only one who’s noticed this?? Just saying, an awful lot of “totally’s” “like’s” “awesome’s” and “cool’s” going around in gossip articles recently 😄

  19. Talie says:

    I’ve always liked Amber, so I’m fine with her becoming more of a public figure through this relationship.

  20. WendyNerd says:

    These two are more predictable than a factory assembly line. Seriously, their attempts to be avant-garde are more cliche than anything I’ve ever seen. All they need now are tattoos in Mandarin that they think say “Enlightenment” but actually say “Medicated Shaving Cream” and they’ll be characters from a Portlandia sketch.

  21. LadyJane says:

    “They are very private” – according to all their press releases.

  22. FingerBinger says:

    I don’t even care about this story. I like Amber’s umbrella though.

  23. Ag says:

    I don’t want to imagine scarfy Johnny’s bare feet…

  24. frisbeejada says:

    I’m beginning to feel quite harassed by these two, their idea of ‘privacy’ is nothing like mine, there have been more pictures of his kids, particularly Lily since this relationship than ever before. Details about their private lives have been dripped to the tabloids since they became ‘public’ and now there are details about their ‘wedding plans’ – just so we all know how ‘serious it is’. Why do they irritate me so much? I think it’s the gianormous gap between the way they sell themselves as being so ‘private’ and free spirited and ‘above it all’ whilst the tacky reality is comprised of a massive PR machine designed to keep them in the press and give her a career that her talent does not warrant. I don’t mind tacky reality, it’s the stuff of gossip blogs but I am minding the charade, I’m minding that their PR clearly think the public are idiots and can’t see through this, I’m minding that they are still persisting in selling her as somethings special when she’s really not. I click on stories about these two to see other people’s comments – that frequently nail them – this is the last one I will be making of my own, I’m done.

  25. Kittypants says:

    This will not end well.

  26. mar says:

    she looks like the most boring person on Earth honestly

  27. RubyGloom says:

    Romance of the decade. I bet they are soulmates.
    Speaking of bets, I give it 3 years. (yes, I know I’m being generous)

  28. dd says:

    What’s your problem with Marylin Manson? He seems like a pretty nice intelligent guy.

  29. dm says:

    From the bahamas and gone past his island by boat. I mean, google Exuma Cays, it doesn’t get anymore stunning than that, and his island is just one cay in thousands.

    He has owned it for many years, and as he has pretty much unlimited funds so one would imagine that he has built it up and to the highest standards. THat being said, its still a cay in the middle of the Exumas – EVERYTHING has to be brought in by boat. So I would imagine its just a few luxury houses with pools and a bar and main house? Similar to nearby Musha Cay (David Copperfield’s island -

    You cant beat the location though -seriously breathtaking.

  30. Ann says:

    These articles are not being fed to the public by JD or AH or their PR people. There is a “source” – meaning maybe a disgruntled person on the sidelines and/or a lot of trashy tabloid speculation and outright lying. The gossip rags have figured out they can get hits off these pieces because there are so many people who enjoy reading this kind of stuff and complaining about how they are being inundated by stories about Depp & Heard. Don’t be silly people, you got to this site the same way we all did – you went specifically looking for it. The problem isn’t really JD or AH. The problem is the power that gossip rags give to their posters in letting them comment anonymously and camp out and rip the lives of others apart. We are all the worse for it. Again, this is not PR. There has been absolutely NO press release about the state of this relationship. All you have seen are photos. The rest is all made up by gossip sites.

  31. Moi says:

    That is about as singular as my local hippies stating that they only eat, drink, wear and live organic everything. Except that Johnny owns the island. Thats pretty awesome. I wish Johnny Depp well always, I’ve never seen him as a celebrity crush; however, I just don’t have a great feeling about this matchup for some unexplainable, unfounded reason. Call it intuition I guess?

    But if he’s happy, it’s all good with me. :-)

  32. Amy says:

    I don’t really have any strong opinions about this girl at all. Never seen her act at all. All I know is she dated a woman previously, did a movie with Johnny who then broke up with Vanessa, and they started dating. Maybe a homewrecker, maybe not. And she is a lot younger, but I don’t see why that’s such a big deal. That’s the case with a lot of couples (including the all beloved Brad and Angelina–many people seem to forget there is quite the age gap there and nobody ever mentions it).

    In any case, Lily Rose looks really comfortable around her in the pictures of her and Amber shopping. I don’t think Johnny would let Amber spend alone time with his daughter unless he really trusted her. Seems like they get along okay which I think is great. Sure it’s an unusual situation but not unheard of.

  33. Forthelasttime says:

    I don’t blame her. She’s young and ambitious . This is more than she ever dreamt of. How many mistakes have we all made in our 20′s?
    But Johnny Depp… SHAME ON YOU! Cough, spit!!!
    Nothing is sacred to these pathetic weak men.

  34. serena says:

    No surprise Amber is always facing towards the paparazzi.. lol, sure she IS in love with him, sure sure.
    As for Johnny..will he snap out of it in time? Also, his friendship with Manson is kinda creepy.

  35. tishi1025 says:

    Can you imagine having to listen to him drone on and on and on about absolutely NOTHING?????? You know he never shuts up about all the “creative” ideas in his head. Vanessa had the best of him and now she is out! There was a reason she never married him….so she could make a quick exit when she wanted to smell some actual soap on a guy! Hmmm nothing smells as good as my man right out of the shower….yum.