Jason Momoa looked amazing on Jimmy Kimmel, won’t confirm Aquaman rumors


I don’t want to get too graphic, but OMG the things I would do to Jason Momoa. He would weep. I would weep. He’s just so… big. And hot. And his hair is a great length these days, and I love his facial hair (imagine that on your thighs). HIS ARMS. Gah, I need to stop. These are pics of Jason outside of Jimmy Kimmel’s studio yesterday. Jason appeared on the show last night, talking about the “rumors” (they’ve pretty much been confirmed) that he’ll be playing Aquaman in Batman vs. Superman. Jason doesn’t confirm anything, which pretty much confirms that he’s been cast and has been sworn to secrecy. He also talks about his new film Road to Paloma (which he stars in, co-wrote, directed and produced), and his wife Lisa Bonet.

And here’s another clip where he talks about Game of Thrones and Khal Drogo.

Sweet Jesus his arms. I can’t even speak.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. SpookySpooks says:

    Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.
    I mean, I shouldn’t say that for a man, but he’s sooo not my cup of tea.

  2. Abbott says:

    I would do things to him that would get us both burned at the stake if we lived in a Puritan village.

    • Loleeta says:

      I hope you would share him with others (okay, me) after haha

      P.S. I’m usually just reading articles here without commenting, but I have to say GREAT TASTE KAISER!! Pleease more Jason stories

      That’s how the real man looks like

    • Jenna says:

      Frankly my dear, the things I would do with this man could get me burned at the stake NOW in some parts of the country…

      It’s weird. I dated (when I dated guys, did a lot of both frankly) mostly blond, slim, fencer/swimmer’s metrosexual guys. Almost exclusively. So by rights, I should get all hot and bothered about the Orlando Bloom set type, really.

      And yet, Between Jason and my husband (mmmmmm – sorry. Just the idea there for a moment of being between Jason and my husband, who is a former powerlifter who can still leg press a Jeep AND pick my 6’2 leggy self up, giggling over his shoulder as he heads off up the stairs – got all distracted there for a moment.) Suddenly I’m all about the dark, big, practically aggressively male dudes. Hell – I married a man after one date, and after years of the blond, fey, blue eyes lads… the one who rang the bell is of Greek/Russian extract, dark and swarthy, and when you add Jason up there to the mix….

      Wanders off fanning herself and wondering just what would have to happen to end up between those two lads, just for an afternoon. Hmmm…. wonder what kind of card one would need to send Lisa to ask to just BORROW. Maybe a fruit basket? Flowers? Giftcards?

      • NN says:

        Blond men can be sexy, bulky, masculine men too ya know ;) Vikings anyone? Now that’s my type!! tall viking (Skarsgård is not it, neither is the guy who plays Thor but looks like a neanderthal in the face). I’m talking real viking! grrr

      • mayamae says:

        The guy who plays Ragnar in Vikings is pretty hot. I don’t think he’s tall enough though. The guy who plays his brother is a big strapping lad.

      • mayamae says:

        @Jenna, good for you for snagging yourself a big strapping husband. I’m only 5’9″ and have always been stuck with shorter guys because the tall ones seem to seek out Olsen twin sized girls. Not to get too vulgar, but I’ve always wondered how the extreme height difference works out – seems awkward.

      • kri says:

        @Jenna-you have described a lovely afternoon…and then everyone can have tea. But for serious, though..he is soooo phwoar!! There is more than enough for all of us, I think, (esp. me, as I’m only 5’3 and won’t take up alot of space.I willl also keep track of people’s keys). And from what I can tell, La Bonet is…open-minded. I think if we all asked nicely?

      • delorb says:


        Same here. I’m 5’7″ so I’m about as tall as the guys I seemed to attract. Which meant I couldn’t wear heels. As for the tall guys seeking out the small woman, I was always told that we’re all the same size in bed. (laying down side to side all our goody parts tend to line up).

      • Jenna says:

        I probably SHOULD admit that while I got the hot swarthy mountain of a man… he is actually a fair bit shorter then I am. He swore blind he was 6 feet tall before we met – but while I AM 6’2 and can’t deny being a tall lass, I am NOT 6’6… and he’s 5’9, 5’10 ~tops~. Thankfully, he actually digs that, and the only time I’ve not worn heels at his specific request was our wedding day (I wore ballet slippers, but that was mostly for the photos and trying to not end up with my head cut off in all the shots!) because even if I slouch, I’m not gonna be taken for ‘petite’ ever, so why not roll with it? I gave up a long LONG time ago trying to find tall guys to date. 95% of the tall guys inevitably end up dating pixies. My big brother is 6’5 and his wife is barely 5’0. Made me crazy, because on that logic, I would have to find some dude well above 7′, and one person it to be a total bitch to shop for in the pair is quite enough. BUT, while he isn’t a tall guy, I will say the whole ‘he can lift me one handed and can assume the gravitational properties of a mountain when required (in other words – the boy doesn’t move unless he wants to.) seems to more then make up for any inadequacies in the height department. So seriously, at least TRY some of the shorter guys ladies (and any gentlemen), you might be shocked at all the ways height can be a non-entity in things.

        To use a line from a Bones episode ‘shorter men have better leverage’ and I’ll leave it at that!

  3. Cecilia says:

    Be still my heart…

    I want him.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      He’s so sexy but the beard is a it much for me….It needs to be shaped or trimmed or something…or just shaved off altogether.

      Honestly, I feel like we’ve finally reached Peak Beard. I’m tired of walking around feeling like I’m living in an episode of Game of Thrones. All these bearded dudes look the same.
      I just want a nice clean-shaven guy or a dude with a five o’clock shadow (my favorite).

  4. Lori says:

    Did you guys watch the Red Road? His show that was on Sundance channel? He was pretty good in it. I think he’s a really sweetheart, but I tend to think that about big dudes. Same as the Rock.

  5. Audrey says:

    Lisa Bonet needs to come teach me her secrets.

    Khal drogo. Lenny kravitz

    Luckiest woman

  6. Jac says:

    Don’t get it. He just seems…obvious.

  7. Loopy says:

    Niceee ,Jason Momoa and The Rock in one day,Stay Blessed!

  8. Reece says:

    Another man where I get it, I like him, he’s adorable in interviews but he’s just doesn’t do it for me.

  9. sassenach says:

    His eyes and hair…….I would never let him have a moments peace.

  10. @PART_RIOT says:

    OMG!!I have not commented here for long but when I saw Khal Drogo…it would be a sin if I didn’t join the wet wagon.Me and a girlfriend were saying just the other day how GoT should find an excuse to bring him back!!we were almost starting an online petition and sh!t…!!

  11. Size Does Matter says:

    Kaiser, now I have my happy place. My day has been made.

  12. RobN says:

    He always strikes me as somebody who is hot because the character was hot, and then it doesn’t translate to anything else.

    • mayamae says:

      I think it’s the exact opposite. Khal Drogo raped his wife repeatedly – to the point where she could hardly ride a horse. He treated his slave women terribly. He also vowed to rape all his enemies women, and enslave their children. I wouldn’t think that was a character that would appeal to me. I think it was the chemistry between Dany and Drogo, as well as the appeal of the actor, that made this a romantic pairing.

      I admit that by the time he died, he worshiped his wife and treating her wonderfully. But still …….

      • Ahot says:

        Yeah, the show’s depiction of Khal was problematic. He wooed Dany in his own awkward ways, hence her falling that hard for him. It wasn’t a rape-her-till-she-likes-it type of situation at all in the book. We can blame that one again on the rape culture of our society. :/

  13. paola says:

    He could be Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Loserman, Stinkyman, Hairyman, Noman, Shitheadman… any kind of man really. I’d still say yes man!
    Lisa Bonet you lucky lucky bitch.

  14. D says:

    Yup..he’s perfect. I’m so over the whole metrosexual thing, this is more like it ;) . Although hipsters are kinda starting to ruin beards for me.

  15. ashley says:

    My type of man,lisa,lisa lisa,you’re one lucky woman!

  16. MynameisPeaches! says:

    He is fine. That is all.

  17. skipper says:

    I met him and got a picture with him at a Comic Con in Tampa last year. OMG! He is so sweet, sexy and solid as a damn rock. I wanted him to throw me over his shoulders and carry me away. Swoon!

  18. Lesley says:

    He actually looks like a rougher, sexier magnum pi. Same sort of look. Yummy

  19. Nev says:

    til the cops came to break the door down…

  20. Grumpycat says:

    Apparently he is really vain, occasionally wears mom jeans, and has a sleezy routine to get phone numbers of women that ask to take a pic with him (he tells them he will take the pic and send to them)
    I thought he was so hot but learning this stuff from someone that met him and is friends with a bartender at a place he used to frequent has ruined it for me.

  21. amara says:

    I think he is a handsome man, but most of the time he looks like he needs a bath!

  22. Denise says:

    He’s so scorching hot I would get nasty with him in front of my grandparents.

  23. Grant says:

    You’ll have to fight me for him, Kaiser! I want to sink my teeth into that bicep…

  24. serena says:

    I totally get you Kaiser. Damn Lisa Bonet, is one lucky woman.. I’m so jealous, having a man LIKE THAT every day, every night for yourself…… dayum.

  25. Fatty Magoo says:

    I love men that tower over everyone and make regular people look tiny lol with thick arms and legs….mmmmm…sorry what was I talking about?

  26. Mauibound says:

    Some women seem to suck the hot outta a man but Lisa Bonet seems to make them hotter. Lucky Bitch! She has had some fine pieces. Excellent taste

  27. Abby says:

    Unf! The manliest man in a sea of short pretty boys who all look alike to me anymore. He is man.

  28. delorb says:

    So many posts with the word ‘hot’ in them, so one more won’t hurt right? Loved him on Stargate Atlantis. Between him and Joe Flanigan, I didn’t know which way was up.

  29. Altariel says:

    Add another check under the HOT category. He is …. omg, unique! Big and burly is not my type either, but he’s so adorable and sweet…. I’ll take him on any day :)

  30. Altariel says:

    I think I can learn Dothraki real quick

  31. Roo says:

    “Imagine that on your thighs”. Ooh, Kaiser you Duurty Bird. LOL! He is a seriously masculine man, and that always does it for me. I’m choosing to pretend that he is as sweet and faithful as he comes across. Kudos to Lisa Bonet!

  32. Girl Down says:

    I do things to him, repeatedly. So many things.

  33. redd says:

    LAWD, have mercy, he is luscious!
    No IDEA how Lisa Bonet keeps him
    *shaking head*