Leo DiCaprio called in a favor from the White House to solve a passport snafu


Radar has a funny/interesting story about Leonardo DiCaprio and his party boat in Brazil. I guess the main part of the story is that Leo has friends in high places in the White House and he was able to pull some strings. But the part I found most interesting was the stuff about Leo’s party yacht, Topaz, which is owned by some billionaire Sheik. But Leo didn’t rent the yacht himself – one of his gambling buddies rented it so they could bro-down with all of the Brazilian girls. Too bad all of the hot girls are in Sao Paulo?

Hey Obama, it’s Leo. He may be the Wolf of Wall Street but Leonardo DiCaprio almost didn’t make it to Brazil in time for the opening of the World Cup, if not for some help from the White House. DiCaprio, 39, had plans to attend the sporting match with friends including best buds Lukas Haas, Vincent Laresca, Jonah Johnson and Milano Jonah Sanchez — but the group’s passports were delayed from the Brazilian Consulate in New York City, and at one point it looked like the party wouldn’t have them back in time to fly on Malaysian Playboy Jho Low’s private plane to Sao Paulo on June 10th.

“On Monday afternoon [June 9th] they started freaking out because their passports were still at the Consulate,” a source said. “They called several people in high places in order to get their passports back.”

And by “high places” we mean the White House. Out of pure desperation, DiCaprio’s camp called a top aide at the White House who in turn called Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s office, who then organized for the consulate in New York to release the passports.

“When they finally received word their passports with their Visa’s approved to enter Brazil could be collected, the consulate was closed so someone had to open it up after hours for them,” the source added.

DiCaprio arrived in Brazil in time to see the host nation take on Croatia at the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo, but quickly turned his attention to his favorite hobby and the real reason he was in South America — partying.

“All the guys went to the World Cup opening in Sao Paulo, but they had to leave right after it was finished because the yacht that Jho Low paid $1 million for the week was waiting for them in Rio,” the insider continued.

“The group was worried about security so they didn’t anchor the Yacht on the marina. There were no helicopters or private planes allowed to fly at that time so they took a bus to Rio.”

Low — a mysterious 30-something party boy — is known for being a big spending nightclub “whale” who regularly drops hundreds of thousands of dollars on bottles and tables at some of NYC’s and Las Vegas’ hottest clubs. He rented the 482-foot Topaz which is the fifth largest superyacht in the world in the hope it would attract a bevy of babes for his buddies, but our insider says the group didn’t score.

“All the fabulous people, celebrities and jetsetters went to after parties in Sao Paulo, no one went to Rio, so all these reports that Leo had 50 girls partying with him is not true, because the girls didn’t want to go to Rio,” the source added. “With all the money, good looks and fame they could only manage five mediocre looking girls at the Pasha party in Buzios, which is a town next to Rio.”

[From Radar]

Wow. So, Leo and his bros are rolling with a high roller who pays for all the private planes and yachts and such? And they’re disappointed because they could only find the basic girls in Rio? This story is sort of amazing. Lost in all of this, I suppose, is Leo’s relationship with Toni Garrn. Shh, baby. Leo’s got get his bro on with his BFFs and some homely Brazilian girls. As for the passport thing… passport issues are a bitch. I don’t really blame Leo for pulling some strings and calling in a few favors.


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  1. Jaderu says:

    Pasty douches of a feather flock together.


    • Mia4S says:

      LOL, perfect. Amen, indeed.

      He just becomes less and less appealing. Seriously, it’s almost a talent.

      • Boodiba says:

        In 10-15-20 years, young starlets & models in their early 20s will be getting themselves absolutely WASTED in order to get themselves ready, able & sufficiently numbed to sleep with him for his $, social & career connections.

      • Jen says:

        To be honest, the moment I learned he was super-duper-close with Mother – even takes her as his “date” to the Oscars – my interest in him shrank to zero. Mama’s Boys are the WORST. There is NOTHING worse than a man whose dominant relationship with a woman is with his clingy, over-bearing Mommy. Dated one of those once and …. WOW. The FUBAR was off the charts. I think that explains ALOT about why Leo is so degrading towards women: he secretly hates his overbearing Mama, but takes it out on other women.

  2. T.C. says:

    Don’t care about calling in favors when you donate 7 Million for environmental causes more offended by all the overspending, partying and call this women “five mediocre looking girls”. Jerks.

    • Jayne says:

      Leo is a cynical dbag with that donation going by his footprint (private jets and yatchs for no reason other than partying). I would be happier if he just pledged to live a more ethical life, frankly. Of all the hypocritical self-serving celebrities to front a cause, Leo is the worst.

  3. word says:

    Why should actors get special treatment. They opened the consulate just for them? If it was closed, too bad ! Us regular folk have to wait for visas as well you know. I mean, they did this just so Leo and his buddies could go partying in Brazil? Ridiculous.

    • D says:


    • Kiki says:

      For someone who is from Brazil (like myself) this is beyond offensive. Our country is in so much need for basic things like good education and health systems and our President is wasting her time doing something like rushing Visas for Hollywood stars. Ridiculous is an euphemism.

      • Nope says:

        Sounds offensive, really. Would someone in Brazil call President Obama to get his Visa?

    • Leen says:

      Surprisingly, you don’t need to be in ‘high’ places to pull strings. I worked for an NGO and the director had to fly out to Paris the next day but his passport wasn’t released by the French consulate, yet. So I called in and talked to the consular, and they released it the same day after hours. It was very simple. Embassies, orgs and other civil societies are so interconnected that Even the average folk can bypass the system if they knew someone.

  4. Abbott says:

    White House staff have better things to do than worry about Leo’s yacht girls. Or so I thought.

  5. ClaireB says:

    “With all the money, good looks and fame they could only manage five mediocre looking girls at the Pasha party in Buzios, which is a town next to Rio.”

    This quote is despicable.

    • T.C. says:


    • Kate2 says:

      I was just about to post the same thing. Way to talk about a group of women (i.e. people) like f***ing livestock. Sorry the “cattle” you f***ed that night weren’t up to your regular standard in the looks department. Have their handlers show you better product next time.

      So so sleazy.

  6. Jen2 says:

    This story about the consulate is from Radar (NE’s ugly cousin), so don’t believe it. But Leo is a bit sleazy, money for conservation or not.

  7. Kaboom says:

    Doesn’t he have a german passport though his mother he could have used? EU citizens don’t require visa for Brazil.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      He’s US citizen

      • Kaboom says:

        If he has one parent that (still) was a German citizen at the time of his birth he can apply for German citizenship.

      • Leen says:

        You can hold German citizenship if your parent is a German citizen. My cousin is a dual citizen (US and German) cause her mom is German and she was born in the US.

  8. Kiddo says:

    Where’s Eve? Now that she said it, I can’t get past the giant head.

  9. Hm says:

    Love Leo, he is awesome. Haters gonna hate!

  10. Dani says:

    I think it’s time for Leo to go bye bye.

  11. wow says:

    Eh, I never minded it much that he is super close to his mother and treats her like a Queen. That is sweet and how it should be. Plus, she seems to always be nice and supportive if his lady friends. That’s great.

    But he is just one big bloated manwh@re to me. Even “cleaned up” he still looks rather slimey as if he has the stale perfume scent on him from last night’s h@@ker. He is a fantastic actor though which can’t be denied (except by the Oscar Academy) but he is swarmy looking.