Did Joe Simpson bring his 21-year-old boyfriend to Jessica’s wedding?


Here are some photos of Joe Simpson relaxing at a pool just a day before his daughter Jessica’s big wedding. If you remember correctly, back in 2012, Joe and Tina Simpson split up and eventually divorced. The reason for said divorce was allegedly (or not so much) that Joe had been having undercover affairs with very young men. He might have had a year-long relationship with a 21-year-old hustler. Papa Joe later denied those stories, but… they stuck. And I totally believe them. Anyway, I’m using these photos because Fame/Flynet claims the young man in the same frame as Joe in some of these pics is Joe’s boyfriend. Fame/Flynet says:

“Joe walked around wearing his swim shorts with sneakers and was accompanied by a much younger mystery man. The pair kept a safe distance away from each other the whole time but were seen chatting at one point while Joe laid out and worked on his tan.”

[From Fame/Flynet]

According to Radar, this guy is named Jonathan Keith and he’s like 21 or thereabouts. Jessica gave her approval for Jonathan to join Joe for the wedding. According to sources, Jessica “doesn’t care what people say about her dad, she loves him and wants him to be happy… she wanted Joe to bring his special pal.” But what about Tina? Well, In Touch Weekly says Tina was upset. They also say that Jessica and Eric were both really hungover for the wedding.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson really let loose during their three-day wedding extravaganza! The couple planned a big July 4 rehearsal dinner, and the day after, the bride and groom – sporting matching hangovers — had to rally for the 5 p.m. ceremony. “While she was getting ready,” an insider admits to In Touch, “Jess kept joking about how much her head hurt!”

“Jessica was socializing and having the time of her life” a second insider exclusively tells In Touch of the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California, celebrations. “She wanted everyone to celebrate as rowdily as possible. She got her wish — it was the party of the year!”

But the big day didn’t go off without a hitch: Jessica’s manager dad, Joe, brought his client and rumored boyfriend, model Jonathan Keith.

“Jess’ mom was hurt,” a source reveals to In Touch.

[From In Touch Weekly]

I feel sorry for Tina Simpson. I mean, I’m sure she’s getting a cut of Jessica’s empire so she’s crying into her 1000-count Frette sheets or whatever, but still. It’s bad enough when your ex has moved on quickly. It’s quite another when your ex is now living large as a newly-out gay man with a 20-something boy-toy.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. NewWester says:

    Whenever parents spilt up, then move on to new partners family get togethers can be awkward. It may be difficult for the ex’s, but it can also be difficult for the children seeing their parents with new partners.
    But as a child of divorce I preferred to see my parents happy and separate than married and constantly fighting.

    • LadyMTL says:

      ITA. My parents split when I was young (under 10) and to this day I still remember the fights that they had before my dad moved out.

      Both of my parents have remarried and – though my mom’s new guy is way younger than her – I’m happy if they’re happy.

      • AryaMartell says:

        My parents didn’t split until I was 20 and my brothers were 17. When they finally did announce they were divorcing my brothers and I were relieved. They really had not been been together since I was 12 which is when they began sleeping in separate bedrooms. They didn’t fight though so it was just an awkward home environment of silence and lovelessness between them, if that makes any sense to people. I wish they had just divorced when they moved into different bedrooms. The thing is now that they have been divorced for 12 years they are actually pretty good friends. My mom was personally supportive when my dad split up with his 2nd wife 4 years ago and he even went to my mom’s wedding to my stepdad (who is 10 years younger than my mom). I really appreciate that they have chosen to remain friendly and get along. It maoes planning Christmases and events like my own wedding next month a lot easier.

        However, I can see why Tina would be extremely upset even if she has moved on as all sources suggest. Not only did your husband leave you for someone else, you also find out he left you for a 20 year old boy. The man you were married to for 30+ years turns out to be gay has got to sting, especially when you never saw it coming and that’s got to have her questioning a lot of things about their time together. Plus, I have no doubt Tina is a very devout Christian given the family’s background and to have your now ex-husband jumping head first in this direction even if you are the most open-minded Christian has to be hard to sit with. I say good on Jess for going with it and not forcing her dad to hide his relationship and remembering that it’s her day.

    • Snazzy says:

      yes me too! When my parents divorced it was a relief in the end, as hard as it was!
      And good for Jessica for wanting her pops to be happy – even if the whole 21 year old boyfriend thing with such an older man is super creepy (I’d say the same thing if it was a 21 year old girlfriend too …)

      • AryaMartell says:

        I think Joe Simpson is a bit of a scumbag and I hate defending him but I will on this one. I personally think that Joe is with a 21 y/o because he denied who he was for so long. Eventually he’ll tire of the young boys and find a relationship with a man closer to his age unless it’s a fetish for him. But if he was hiding who he was and if the rumours of him having a penchant for male prostitutes are true then he is likely still going with his prostitutes. Most (I repeat MOST) male prostitutes are young so he hasn’t exposed himself to more mature gay men. He hasn’t lived with being gay nor has he officially come out, so he is still hiding for all intents and purposes so he’s probably playing sugar daddy to this kid. When he is more settled in as being gay, whether he chooses to come out or not he’ll likely be in a more mature relationship.

  2. Patricia says:

    Well what’s he supposed to do, go into hiding? I don’t see anything wrong with him bringing his new partner to the wedding. It’s been a while since the divorce. I don’t think anyone would have cared of Tina had brought a boyfriend.
    What does freak me out is the age difference here. What grown man wants to spend time with a 21 year old? I mean, what on earth do they even talk about?!

    • MinnFinn says:

      Probably not a lot of talking going on in that relationship. Looks to me like a classic pairing of rich older guy with much younger lover.

    • Cline says:


      Nobody is begrudging him moving on. Its the way he is doing it thats gross. One, to be clear this is his 3rd 21 year old bf that we know of. Before him, there was Bryce and the skinny dude. He clearly uses them and replaces them as they age out.

      Second, He collects these boys through his “job” as a manager. Silly kidswith ambitions of stardom and he exploits that to get into their pants. This poor kid is now ofcourse finished in showbiz, he is now forever tagged as that guy who banged his old ass manager for afew holidays and introductions to the glitterati.

      Third, what he did to Tina was exceptionally cruel. Remember its not just that he lied for 35 years, cheated on her with her daughters friend, left the evidence where she could find it, spent their money on said trick and finally got down and dirty trying to keep her from getting her righful share in the divorce. Its not just all of that, its that he would bring what is clearly a casual squeeze to the wedding. I mean who does that?

      This is one of those situations where you are so much in the wrong, you ask your ex wife and not just the bride, if you can please bring a date. And you make sure its not just your latest rent a boy, who would rather playing Xbox than sitting through speeches.

  3. It is what it is says:

    The huge age difference–whether it’s between older men and younger women, visa versa, or same sex couples—tends to gross me out. Poor Tina.

    • FLORC says:

      It’s not as much the age difference for me as it is the behavior. For whatever reason i’ve seen couples with huge age gaps act like they have something to prove. To flaunt their relationship with loads of PDA at inappropriate times.

      And yea.. Poor Tina. That Joe seems to be with a user, boy toy can’t be easy for multiple reasons.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yes, the age difference is gross to me, regardless of who is involved. Look at his old, wrinkly body next to that barely grown up boy. None of my business, but I see gold digger and dirty old man. True love.

      • Snazzy says:

        yes, exactly! That’s what creeps me out too …

      • Sugar says:

        “Old, wrinkly body”? I agree that the age difference is gross but why disparage Papa Joe for being old and call him wrinkly? You’ll be old one day, too…if you’re lucky.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I am old. Ish. I’m 57 and in good shape for my age, as he is, but if you saw a picture of me in a bathing suit next to a 21 year old boy/lover you would have my permission to be as grossed out as you please. I’m not disparaging him for being old, I’m disparaging him for buying the affections of someone young enough to be his grandson. It’s one step away from prostitution, and as a person his age, I find it disgusting. None of my business, as I said, but speaking volumes about him.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I got what you were saying GNAT and I agree.
        It’s predatory and gross to look at.

      • Ag says:

        totally agree, GNAT. it’s gross and exploitative, since he presents himself as a manager of some sorts. every time there is money involved like that, there is no way that the relationship can progress on equal footing. and the age difference is gross.

      • MaiGirl says:

        I agree with you, Good Names. That young man looks like a boy! He could easily be 16 or 17. It’s gross enough that he’s 21, but to see this underaged-looking person next to Papa Joe and know they are getting it on? That’s creepy, gross, and definitely predatory, especially now that I know he uses his career to entice them. He’s a walking casting couch for twinks!

  4. Jade says:

    It’s fine if both are dating other people but I think at family events like these, he should have asked both Tina and Jess if they were ok, especially since this could be his first open date in front of the family. Even if Tina doesn’t have any remaining hurt, she could still feel awkward.

  5. Original Tessa says:

    Joe is such a hypocrite. Making Jessica stay a virgin until marriage and controlling her sexual behavior…

    Meanwhile, he’s banging boys. Not men. Boys.
    I can’t with dads who insert themselves into their daughter’s sex lives. So this is just icing.

    • It is what it is says:


    • Star says:

      “Making Jessica stay a virgin until marriage and controlling her sexual behavior…”

      He MADE her? Really? He CONTROLLED her? Really, really? I just have to know your theory for why he made Jessica wait until marriage and not Ashlee (who got pregnant out of wedlock.)

      Could it be that both sisters made their own damn decisions concerning their sex lives? Nah, couldn’t be that.

      • Original Tessa says:

        Um, yeah he did. When she was 12. They did a whole “virginity vow” ceremony, and she promised her virginity to her father until she was married, then she would give it to her husband. She was 12. I am doubting any of that was her idea. What 12 year old would think of that tripe on their own? Joe talked about her virginity in the press, repeatedly. So did Jessica.

        Perhaps Ashlee wasn’t as easily molded as Jessica, but I don’t doubt that Joe tried. Of course at the end of the day Jessica was of course able to do what she wanted, but the fact still remains that Joe inserted himself greatly into his daughter’s sex life, making her take chastity vows at 12, while secretly engaging in affairs with young men.

      • FLORC says:

        This is no secret. Joe Simpson marketed Jessica as a virgin until marriage while talking about her chest in interviews. It was a promotional angle and Jessica has since talked about how staying a virgin was important to her family. Not saying it was important to her and a personal choice… ever tmk.

      • mayamae says:

        Joe was also overly fixated on Jessica’s breasts. The whole family maintains that those breasts kept Jessica from being a successful Christian music singer. Joe joked about her “DDs” – ” You can’t cover those suckers up”. My dad died when I was 17, but I’m pretty damn sure he never talked about my boobs and he certainly didn’t know their size.

      • Ennie says:

        Usually (at least it happened in my family) the oldest ones get it tougher from strict parents.
        My oldest sister who is now over 50 is still resentful to me because I got todo things (going to clubs, travel alone a lot, etc) that she was not allowed to when she was a teen. She tried then to mandate over my life, ha!
        Probably something similar happened to JS, she followed what her parents expected from her, and her sis had it easier, particularly after JS divorced and the card palace fell off.

      • holly hobby says:

        Yup notice that he emphasized Jess but never said Ashlee got the virginity pact. Ashlee was largely ignored because she wasn’t the “pretty one.” Plus he had an iron grip on his daughter during the Lachey marriage. Nick Lachey had mentioned this to the press in the past.

        She’s only able to move on now because Papa Joe has other things to do – like banging starstruck teenagers.

    • Moira says:

      Yeah and can you imagine what he probably put their mum through in their bedroom? He was probably breaking out the old “we must deny ourselves for a time for the greater glory of God” bible verse. Possibly shaming her for questioning quality or frequency of the sex, and he was a really huge dbag, blaming it on her appearance or lack of sexiness. You see that quite often in these situations, where the lying spouse encourages the other to believe that bedroom inadequacies are their fault rather than just come clean. I feel bad for him but I feel so much worse for her. He really did steal her best years.

      • LeahMommy says:

        @Moira + 1…She must have spent years worrying about/trying to fix their sex life probably thinking, with a lot of encouragement from him, that it was her fault. Often in those instances, the spouse that is trying to hide something lays it on pretty thick on the other spouse about their supposed “inadequacy”. She is probably more upset about all the years she wasted trying to fix things than actually losing what I cannot imagine was a good spouse.

    • Chris says:

      Saying that he ‘inserted himself into his daughter’s sex life’ seems like a rather unfortunate turn of phrase.

    • Kath says:

      Thank you! I was thinking about Papa Joe today when I saw the ‘People’ story. What a massive, staggering hypocrite he is with all his evangelical, judgmental bullcrap when it came to his daughters, yet he now styles himself as a sugar daddy types to boys barely out of their teens. Ugh.

  6. Liz says:

    A 53-year-old with a 20-something is disgusting. The lover is younger than his daughters.

  7. Nina says:

    Joe Simpson looks like he’s the boys sugar daddy. Grandpa works too.

  8. Word Girl says:

    I sure hate it when men, and it’s mainly men that do this, feel that they have to throw or force their new significant others on their family. It’s disgusting. Especially since Tina was so hurt by it. I don’t know if this is true, but Wendy Williams reported that Tina was so distraught when she found out that Joe was cheating on her with a young man that she plotted to do a murder-suicide on her husband and obviously herself. It was reported that Tina wrote a suicide letter and Joe found it and gave it to his lawyer to use it against her in court. I don’t care if he is coming out, it doesn’t matter. If the rumors are true, he needs to do this with more respect for his ex-wife than what he is showing her. This dude turns my stomach.

    • Erinn says:

      Well, judging by what you just wrote, Tina needs to have more respect too. You can’t just plot a murder suicide and be like “Oh no, you need to respect ME”. And that’s IF this is true.

      I agree that he should be more tactful with bringing out the new BF, but you can’t wait forever for the ex to be ‘ready’ either. You have to move on at some point, and they’ve been split for a while now.

      • Word Girl says:

        I don’t mean it in the way that he shouldn’t move on with his life. I mean that he should have been more respectful of his ex-wife when he broke up because Wendy Williams reported that Joe had pictures of this young man all over the house before Tina realized he was having an affair with him . That had to hurt like hell, (again, only if it is true). There are much better ways that Joe could have thought of to gracefully split with his wife. I’m not absolving her of the crime she was going to “allegedly” commit. Again, I don’t know if this is true, but he should have been a bit more respectful towards Tina regarding the split.

      • AryaMartell says:

        I am doing my Ph.D dissertation on the psychological damage that remaining in the closet has on people and their married spouses. I can tell you that he likely didn’t realize how cruel his actions were but that he had to spend a lot of energy hiding being gay that there was nothing left to give Tina by the time he hit middle age. This seems especially true when the married couple is deeply religious. I think Joe Simpson is an absolute scumbag and in no way am I excusing his behaviour but he intrigues me for this reason.

        I will say that the gossip and rumours regarding Joe’s relationships with his wife and the end of their marriage is not outside the scope of what I have been told. I have interviewed men and women who were previously (or are still) married to the opposite sex but have had same sex relations. Men seem to hit a trend where they become especially cruel towards their spouse and will blame the women for the lack of sex in that relationship, a good chunk of these men are violent abusers towards their female spouses. On the other hand, many women I interview say they experience violence at the hands of their spouses when they admit that they are gay.

        I would not be surprised to find out that Tina was abused by Joe in some way. But Jessica seems to be taking good care of her mom but I hope Jessica has asserted her independence and that her father has butted out of her relationships and sex life.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        @aryamartell my gay step-father who I was raised with (ma had me then met him and had Six kids with him) would complain to me (since i was the step-daugher not the bio daughter) about how my mother was like a log in bed. The irony is that this gay woman-hating man he fathered five daughters who he would call ‘bitches’ and anything feminine was bad. If we cried after he would scream in our face (lectures about bitches) it was because we were ‘bitches’. I feel bad for Tina that she did give up her best years to live a lie.

      • FLORC says:

        …Wow… That’s really horrible.
        Sounds like he just had a lot of misdirected hate and anger. His gender bias was just a vehicle to direct his hate. That’s awful though. Kids shouldn’t be subjected to that.

      • AryaMartell says:

        @Mitch hugs to you. I hope you and your sisters have healed from this. Sadly, I wish I could say that this is not common but I am finding in my research it is. Men seem to lash out when they harbour resentments whereas women internalize it. So having to stay in the closet means men will lash out and blame the woman who will in turn internalize it turning it into a toxic vicious cycle. I hope you and your sisters as well as your mom realize that this is not your fault.

      • Word Girl says:

        Thanks for the insight.
        @Mitch Buchannan Rocks,
        I’m sorry that happened to you and your family. You guys deserved a lot better.

      • FLORC says:


        I had a friend on college that had a lesbian mother. This woman hated men in the worst way and taught her daughter to hate them too. This girl thought if she wanted a good relationship she needed to be with another female, but she was straight and that produced an internal struggle with a lot of self hate and confusion.
        She sorted it out, but the mom never really accepted her daughters choice.

        Unfortunately, woman do it too.

    • AryaMartell says:

      They do and I in no way meant to imply that women didn’t behave this way, though in my research and interviews and questionaires, it has been less prevalent in women as it has been in men but statistics only go so far.

  9. littlemissnaughty says:

    Ugh, I don’t know what to think here. Mostly I feel sympathetic towards Tina, this has to be hard. Should he be allowed to be happy? Of course, in whatever way he wants to. Should he be allowed to bring his … boyfriend to his daughter’s wedding? Again, of course. That doesn’t mean it’s not a d*ck move towards his ex wife. Nobody needs to hide (I think there’s been enough of that) but rubbing it in her face at their daughter’s wedding? D*ck move.

    • Kath says:

      The only reason you would bring your barely-legal boyfriend is to make a statement. You can bet your bottom dollar that the 21 year old boyfriend doesn’t want to go, the daughter doesn’t want him there, and it would be humiliating for the ex-wife.

      So congrats, Papa Joe, on making Jessica’s big day all about you.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        Yeah, it looks like someone is finally free and because that is such a massive load off his shoulders, everyone else has to feel the same way. NOW. “I’m happy and this is how I want to live my life, deal with it.” Well, okay. But this is a lot in a short time. I don’t believe for a second that his family has already moved past this. In what world??? Even if Tina brought her new man.

      • Candy Love says:

        If you read the INTuch article it says that Jessica gave her approval for the guy to join Joe at the wedding so who did he make Jessica big day all about him?

      • FLORC says:

        Candy Love
        Joe handled a lot of Jessica’s pr in her early career.
        And he knew how to keep things low profile. This story is out because he wanted it out. And to take a step back maybe it would have been more appropriate to leave your scandalous young lover you left your wive of x amount of years for out of your daughters wedding.
        I didn’t immediately think it was a grab for attention,but i’m playing devils advocate here.

  10. Anon says:

    Tina had her bf there too. No biggey. It is what it is.

  11. Neelyo says:

    So now that Pastor Joe has crossed over, is he still preaching the gospel? I’m usually happy for anyone coming out of the closet and embracing who they are, but it’s always a bit harder when it’s someone who’s been a bit of a hypocrite. He’s not a Ken Mehlman or anything and I’m not aware of him making any homophobic statements, but as a Baptist minister I doubt he did many sermons on tolerance and acceptance.

    • TorontoE says:

      He performed the service and I doubt he said anything like “to love, honour and obey….and to possibly conceal ones sexual orientation, then start cheating with someone younger than your own children”. If I were Tina watching him officiate and no doubt talk about the importance of the institution, knowing he cheated and his side piece is sitting in the pew, would bother me too.

    • Kath says:

      He reminds me strongly of Ted Haggard and all the other religious blowhards who lecture and judge others on their ‘choices’ (e.g. Jessica’s virginity) while being massively un-self-aware themselves.

    • Word Girl says:

      Haha, I know, right.

  12. Eleonor says:

    I feel for Tina, I hope she will move on, enjoy the cash and find a new man.

  13. aenflex says:

    It’s Jessica’s wedding. It’s not about making other people comfortable. Especially when she’s the golden goose.
    I WISH, since Joe was/is? a hardline preacher who probably rallied against gays in more than one sermon, that he would stand up and speak out to and in support of the LGBT community. That he would try and reach out to other religious people and get them to accept what they cannot and will not ever, ever be able to change.

  14. BooBooLaRue says:

    Eeewwwww, what is that creepy ring poker thing on the kid’s finger?

    • Nicolette says:

      Yes what is that? I thought I saw something but the sun is reflecting and I wasn’t sure. Definitely creepy looking.

  15. Nicolette says:

    There’s always been a creepiness factor to him that I don’t like, and at one point he seemed a little too enamored with Jessica’s bust size.

  16. homegrrrl says:

    I just don’t see the sexuality in a much younger person- from myself as an older person. It would feel so parent/child and that’s so not sexy. Weird and sad, awkward at the same time. This is what turned me off to Joaquin Phoenix and Bradley Cooper- it just screams perv, emotional immaturity and or control issues.

    • AryaMartell says:

      I got into an abusive relationship with a man 12 years older than me when I was 21 and it was exactly that. He would have preferred sleeping with 15 year olds if it was legal and the relationship was toxic and abusive because part of his deal was that he wanted someone young and dumb like me that he could control and make into his sexual slave that would serve all of his perversions. After that relationship ended when I was 24, I spent a good chunk of time in therapy and even did the sex therapy thing for a few years to help heal so I could eventually take charge and set boundaries in my sexual relationships.

      But people make these relationships work. Not every relationship with massive age differences will be like mine. My 56 year old dad is currently in a relationship with a quirky 25 year old bobcat who acts like she is going on 60 and they seem happy enough, although I highly doubt it will last in the long run. One of my best friends is 33 and she has a 42 year old stepmom. Her dad was 40 when he married her stepmom at age 19 and they have had an awesome relationship and they make it work and my friend has always been close with her stepmom because it was easy to confide in her. It can work but it DOES take extra work. As a culture, we are used to hearing about the failures.

      • Rena says:

        Umm, okay?? This isn’t about you but thanks for sharing all that LOL

      • FLORC says:

        Wow. No need to put down another poster sharing. We all do it. Sometimes just to share because no one knows us here. Sometimes because the best way to get our point across is to explain where we’re coming from and why we feel the way we do.

        Thanks for sharing. And that was a lot of sharing!
        This just falls in line that ALL relationships take work. Some more, some less. All have variables that can make it easier or harder. And sometimes no matter how much work you put in it won’t hold together.

  17. joy says:

    I’m sure I’ll catch hell but here’s my thoughts. Let’s be real, this is a sugar daddy scenario AT BEST. And even if I might love my dad, I’ll be damned if the mascot for their breakup will be at my wedding. My dad would have to accept that the sugar baby stayed behind in the cabana or he would have to sit this one out too. It’s tacky and if Joe had even the slightest bit of sense he wouldn’t even think to invite him. And yes, same would go for a 20 year old female sugar baby too.

    • Word Girl says:

      @ Joy,
      This may be the first time you see an Atheist say Amen.

    • lisa says:

      ita and i’ve been wondering if people would be so understanding if his side piece was a girl

      • FLORC says:

        I think it’s only as big of an issue as it is because Joe built up his family as having strong christian values. If he built up specific reasons why his wife is the heart and soul of the family and left her for a girl who’s the exact opposite I would find it equally scandalous.

        But yea, Agree. His side piece should have been left at home. Wonder if he was the one pushing to be invited to the wedding?

  18. Tiffany says:

    Is..that barely legal junk box posing for the paps. Will this go in his portfolio.

  19. Ari says:

    This is nauseating and disrespectful…on so many levels.

  20. Lady says:

    No one moves on with a 21 year old. This is just foul.

  21. irishserra says:

    Damn. I always come to the game rather late. Even though this might not get read, here’s my two cents:

    If Joe were asking a significant other, someone he really loves and wants to share his life with, I find it reasonable to ask that he might be permitted to bring that person to the wedding to share in his daughter’s special day. But that’s clearly not the case here with Joe Simpson. This kid is just another boy in a string of many that Joe is playing with now. I don’t care what Joe’s sexual orientation is, the least he could do is give the appearance of being contrite (for the benefit of his ex wife and other family members hurt by his years of lying and cheating) over his actions by stepping back and giving Jessica her day, not even having the gall to ask if he can bring his latest conquest.

    Joe Simpson has always been a self absorbed fop with no regard for boundaries.

    • Jazmin says:

      He had bad lipo done on his belly and torso. You can clearly see all the insertion points on his body. Ugh!

  22. Aurelia says:

    Show some klass and leave your jail bait piece at home on this occasion.