Orlando Bloom’s pants fall down in busy restaurant

Header image is of Bloom showing his butt crack and is from last March. We know you’ve already seen it and are not referring to this image in the story

Orlando Bloom isn’t a fan of belts. Last year the Pirates of The Caribbean star was photographed showing signigificant ass cleavage while bending down to chat with friends at a sidewalk cafe. A recent incident has the heart throb nearly showing his goods in the restuarant at celeb favorite Chateau Marmont. Orlando was dining alone when he stood up to stretch and pants fell down around his ankles to reveal crimson red boxer shorts:

Diners at Chateau Marmont hotel on Sunset were stunned when the star, lunching solo and studying a script, stood to stretch, extended his arms skywarn – and accidentally dropped trou! Mortified, Bloom hastily yanked up his pants, which had dropped to his knees – but not before flashing stylish, dark red BOXERS! He stammered to gawkers that he’d forgotten to wear his belt.

[From The National Enquirer print edition, Mike Walker's column, May 7, 2007]

If only someone had pictures of Bloom in his boxers, not that we haven’t seen shirtless pics of him before. There’s just something about a guy in boxers.

Bloom recently revealed how he feels bad for his rabid fans. He said he ended up giving a fan a hug when she confronted him and asked why he never acknowledges her.

When questioned about his relationship with Penelope Cruz, he paused before saying “she’s a friend.” I wonder if she prefers boxers or briefs?

Thanks to Splash News for the pictures.

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