Nicole Kidman has Keith Urban wearing booze detector ankle bracelet

Keith Urban is back on tour after completing rehab, and his new wife Nicole Kidman isn’t taking any chances with his sobriety. Word is that she’s installed an ankle bracelet on the country star that will let her know if his skin gives off any alcohol-containing sweat:

When good ‘ol boy Keith Urban hits the blacktop for his concert tour this summer, wife Nicole Kidman, worried her country boy might backslide back into the booze, will lock a remote-controlled alcohol monitor around his ankle – and that’s just fine with Keith! He’s determined to stay clean after his successful rehab and is willing to wear the device, knowing any trace of alcohol in his perspiration will be detected by Nicole.

[From The National Enquirer print edition, Mike Walker's column, May 7, 2007]

I’ve never heard of an ankle bracelet that can detect if a person is drinking booze, but news outlets say there is something called a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, or SCRAM, that detects alcohol vapors released by the skin, and can be set to test the wearer at specific intervals. Tracey Morgan is wearing one under court order after his second DUI.

If Urban is ok with that and it helps him stay sober, then good for him.

Urban had to cancel a show in Manchester, England last Saturday night, April 28th, because he had a throat infection. He will tour Australia starting May 11th.

Here are pictures of Urban in concert in London on 4/24. Thanks to Photorazzi for these pictures.

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