LeAnn Rimes posts a ‘makeup free selfie’ for charity: is it really makeup-free?

This ^^ is a selfie LeAnn Rimes posted on her Twitter a few days ago. It’s allegedly a “no makeup selfie” which LeAnn posted for charity. Do you believe it? I do sort of believe it’s a no-makeup selfie. LeAnn only wears a ton of makeup when she’s at some huge event or red carpet – she looks like this in most of her candid photos. The problem isn’t makeup – it’s that she’s had so much work done that her face looks painful (to me).

Anyway, I just have some bits and bobs of other LeAnn & Eddie stuff. On this week’s episode of their VH1 show (airing tonight), LeAnn and Eddie travel to Tennessee to see her dad. Eddie teases her about being a country girl and LeAnn teases him about being a city boy. I guess we’re supposed to find that charming. Personally, I want to know more about LeAnn’s lawsuit against her dad. I know it was years ago and it had something to do with money and royalties, but I would like to hear more about it.

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Blah. And finally, did you know that Eddie’s former mistress got married? Scheana Marie slept with Eddie back when he was married to Brandi. I think Scheana Marie also had some overlap with the start of his affair with LeAnn too. Anyway, Scheana Marie married “music producer” Michael Shay over the weekend – go here to read more about it. I wonder if Eddie sent her a wedding gift? Ha.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. Jenny12 says:

    I don’t think it’s entirely makeup free- I think a makeup artist took the shine down, did her lips, and minor things. And there’s a lot of plastic surgery there. But I don’t like insulting people’s looks, so I’m not going there. Her evil behavior, though, I will definitely go to town on.

    • FLORC says:

      These “makeup free” selfies irk me. That should mean they just took soap and water to their face, scrubbed, and towel dried. What we get is tinted moisturizer as blush, concealer, eye shadow, and lipstick.

      • Nicole says:

        Yes. Thank you FLORC. I spotted the lipstick but I wouldn’t have known the other stuff unless you pointed it out.

      • wolfpup says:

        Yep – that’s how I do make-up free. Touch of everything diffused. If I just put a dab of mascara on, who knows that my lashes are blond? Dabs of everything and well blended makes me a natural.

      • Jenny12 says:

        Yeah, makeup free should mean just that if you’re promoting it. But this is Leann, after all. I don’t wear much makeup, but when I wear none at all, I get the “Did you get any sleep last night?” comments.

      • FLORC says:

        It’s not just Leann. Loads of stars do this. Jenna Dewan Tatum pulled this for a mag shoot. They said she only had tinted moisturizer for dry skin… My tinted moisturizer is called concealer and I use it as such.

        Being Leann I would expect this photo to be lightly touched up.

      • Jenny12 says:

        I know it’s not just her. But she is promoting the hashtag on her twitter, which is different than a photo shoot because this is supposedly just her doing it, as opposed to doing it for a magazine where you may not be able to make all the choices. Still, makeup free *should* mean makeup free.

      • deehunny says:

        awww @jenny12, that’s just because people are used to seeing you with concealer and/or makeup. I naturally have bags under my eyes (heredity, amirite?) and concealer makes a world of difference though I rarely wear it

      • Jenny12 says:

        I don’t wear much makeup- concealer under the eyes because of circles, mascara, a little blush- but apparently it makes a big difference in my appearance. The circles are a pain. I think its partially heredity and partially a hectic schedule. I got a bit of a breather this week, so there is a slight difference, but not much.

    • happymama says:

      I respect that you don’t make fun of peoples appearances.

      • Jenny12 says:

        Aw, thank you. 🙂 I just think it’s hitting below the belt and while I know that Leann has said ugly things about others’ appearances, I don’t think it’s a level that should be stooped to. Her cruel behavior? I will comment on that all day long! And the fact that she’s lying about wearing makeup is just sad. You can see the lipstick.

      • Happyhat says:

        You’re a better person than I, Jenny12!!!

        I don’t want to face-shame people, but I can’t stand Leann’s face. Perhaps it’s her cruel personality, and that if she were a nice person I wouldn’t care.

      • Jenny12 says:

        @Happyhat, you’re funny. I guess, to me, what you’re born with is what you get, but your choices are personal. Leann’s (and Eddie’s) behavior is sociopathic and pure evil and I feel perfectly free to comment on it. Eddie is physically attractive, but so utterly repugnant that it doesn’t matter. Honestly, Brandi was a very pretty woman and she has ruined her face with all the plastic and she is much too thin. Leann was never conventionally attractive, but she has made things worse with the surgeries. She had a cool body until she started forcing herself to be skinny and the implants are terrible. Brandi’s implants actually aren’t bad, but she needs to gain about 10-15 pounds, and if she’d relax about getting older, her natural prettiness would come back into focus.

    • JennySerenity says:

      @ Kaiser-

      No, I honestly don’t think she’s totally makeup free. You wouldn’t even be able to see her eyes w/out at least light makeup, plus she’s far too insecure and vain not to cheat. However, I can at least help w/ more info about Rimes vs. Rimes…

      http://www.cmt.com/news/country-music/1472380/leann-rimes-father-hits-back-at-her-suit-against-him.jhtml The next one is more detailed:


      Her dad & Curb Records jacked her earnings, for sure. I’m not sure she ever had a shot at being normal, much like Lindsay Lohan.

      • ya says:

        Ya I think she had a lot of support for her lawsuits back in the day – even from her haters – Curb is a horrible record label:




        No idea if she’s wearing makeup or not in the pic – it’s a blurry pic and angles/lighting play into it a lot. She looks super shiny/sweaty in the pic and the overall tone of the pic is ruddy… honestly it’s not a great pic.

      • rlh says:

        Thank you so much for those links. I read the entire Texas Monthly article and I must say, it explains ALLOT!!!!! Holy Cow! I was really struck by how much Leann is reliving those days when her dad took up with someone new and her step-mother got into the middle of the father/daughter conflict. Leann learned early that appropriate boundaries are not important. Also her mother’s insistence that Leann is so special, such a gift, will touch people’s hearts; ok, she can sing but she’s no Mother Theresa, she’s no Ghandi or Mandela. She sings and gets rich. Period. I think Leann has an inflated opinion of herself based on her parent’s inability to conceive for 12 years. I am reminded of Brandi Glanville’s original assessment of why it was so awful dealing with Leann (who wanted EVERYTHING that was Brandi’s including Brandi’s kids): famous child syndrome. Brandi mentioned this in Drinking and Tweeting and boy, did she nail it. What a nightmare for Brandi, and probably for Eddie Cibrian too.

      • JennySerenity says:

        @ ya and rlh-

        No problem, I love to share any of the random minutiae I stumble across on the internet. I think at one point a year or so ago, I asked the same question Kaiser did…just WTH could make a person sue her own father? After reading those articles, especially the in-depth “Daddy’s Little Girl” backstory from 2000-2001, it was the first time that I have *ever* had a grain of sympathy for someone I now consider to be the penultimate example of narcissism.

        I think her dad used the hell out of her, but at the same time, expected to exert his parental authority to control her behavior, spending, promiscuity, etc. like any normal dad would. But guess what Wilbur, once you created the $$- making machine, you also created the monster who exists today. I did feel sorrow for the little girl who didn’t have a normal childhood. At the same time, we all know people who have come from great poverty, neglectful or abusive backgrounds, and they choose to become better people than what their origins statistically dictate they should become. I think people have affairs, it happens…but to stalk the mother of her “bonus boys”, try to eradicate the same mother from her children’s lives, and mount a bullying campaign against her on twitter and in the media? Those are all conscious choices. Despite how she was used in her childhood, she could have made the choice to never victimize anyone herself. I think she’s replaying her lost childhood through Brandi and her boys.

      • ya says:

        Ya, jennysen – I agree that that is definitely possible.

      • Christin says:

        I agree with JennySerenity’s assessment. Her dad is no saint (who is?), but he did succeed in ‘making hay while the sun shines’. Her star would only be bright a certain amount of time, and she made millions as a result of his persistence (while a teenager).

        If she managed that money well, she’d be set for life. All for a few brief years of work. And as for her recent situation, she should know firsthand that a broken family is hurtful. Maybe she was too busy with her active (wild) lifestyle to absorb it all.

      • Jenny12 says:

        J-Serenity, yes, true. Wilbur AND Belinda created a monster because they were so amazed they finally had a child and the child had a gift. But she’s not the only person with a lovely voice, and the music business is a harsh one. Her mother should not have allowed her to date a 19 year old at barely 15, much less live with him. She’s always done as she pleased, and that was why she fully expected to not only win Eddie, but push Brandi out of her own kids’ lives (the thing that always bugs me). She doesn’t get that she should have humility and respect the kids’ mother- she feels she got what she deserved because she always does, and Brandi keeps messing up her vibe. Therefore, Leann thinks SHE is the victim.

    • JennySerenity says:

      @ Jenny12-

      Oh girl, you are so preaching to the choir. I loathe MeAnn and everything she does. Just bc I had a tiny kernel of sympathy for her way back when after reading the “Daddy’s Little Girl” article does NOT mean I’ve gone over to the dark side, lol. No- MeAnn cannot continue to use played out sympathy for the child she once was, to make up for the horrible woman she has become.

      • Jenny12 says:

        No, no, I get that. I just think the article should’ve also painted Belinda as equally complicit in Leann’s problems. I don’t always adore Brandi, but I always loathe Leann.

      • Kelliekat says:

        ITA, JennyS. Leann is responsible for her adult choices now, and those choices are the ones that are the most hateful and damaging. I agree also that while I rarely agree with Brandi, there is no comparison between her (trashy, ignorant, loudmouth) and Leann (sociopathic, stalker, criminal).

      • Jenny12 says:

        I don’t always disagree or agree with Brandi; I don’t think she’s that bright, and she doesn’t think before she talks. She’s honest- admirable- but she also needs to be diplomatic. I think she’s basically a good person who goes through daily misery having these sociopaths in her boys’ lives, but she is not a rocket scientist. She says things jokingly, but they don’t come off right because she’s not smart enough for them to come across right. Having a forum doesn’t make you a performer. (Ex: Louis CK made similar jokes, but he’s a genius and has comedic timing.) I give her credit for not repeating her mistakes and trying to do better. Leann is a straight psycho, whether by birth or circumstance, and so is Eddie. You don’t decide to use small children as pawns or tools, especially in a war against their own mother, most especially when you’re the ones who started everything off. I initially began disliking Leann and Eddie because of their total lack of respect or awareness for the children. I couldn’t believe the pictures of their sexual behavior in front of children, much less ones who had just had their parents separate. My kids would die of shame if their dad and I made out at their games- those poor boys must’ve been so embarrassed. How do you so completely put yourself first like that?? And later on, I started reading about the stalking. Leann and Eddie are evil.

  2. Samigirl says:

    I think she definitely filled in her brows, and at the very least had the pic edited so she’s not super shiny, with a little tint on her lips.

    • Erinn says:

      Tinted lips, blush, filled in brows… I think maybe she’s not wearing eye shadow, and that the color is just natural shadow. But that’s about it.

  3. Sullivan says:

    It’s as if the words “makeup free” have a different meaning for celebrities. All the makeup free celebrity photos I’ve seen should be labeled “less makeup.”

    • Kiddo says:

      Yeah, not ‘stage’ make-up. And I agree that most do the same. Although I think there was a photo of Oprah somewhere, where she actually didn’t even have foundation on?

  4. Tracy says:

    I think it is safe to say she has something on her lips.

    I read their “truth” show is tanking in the ratings.

    • Byte Me says:

      I remember she tweeted to someone about her lips being naturally tinted & glossy…seriously.

  5. Brin says:

    Too early in the morning to look at that face and it’s not make-up free, Wewe.

  6. Absolutely makeup free.

    Lipstick doesn’t count as makeup, right?

    Or eyebrow pencil?

    Or a little Touche Eclat…

  7. hutter says:

    Wouldn’t it be more charitable to all of us if she just stopped posting selfies altogether?

  8. Mandy says:

    I attempted to watch their show this past weekend and I just couldn’t get through it. It was SO BORING! I changed the channel when it went to commercial then completely forgot to go back and finish it. LOL
    And I’m surprised cause she is so batsh!t crazy, I thought it would be somewhat entertaining.

    • Byte Me says:

      There should be a correction in this story about when the show is on. It’s not on Wednesday nights, it’s on Thursday.

  9. insomniac says:

    Yeah, I’m sure her lips are naturally pink and glossy. Please.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Right? Please.

      • Byte Me says:

        She insists they are.

      • FLORC says:

        Older photos of her show her lips to be pink enough and she could have just used saliva for the shine. This isn’t far off to believe from others. I’m not ruling out a spot filter being used either.

  10. Anthea says:

    I’m astonished she’s still on twitter putting all this stuff out there after the disaster of her show and that terrible incident with the white dress at the fashion show.

    Her show is awful. I never thought I’d see something that made the Kardashian’s show look like quality entertainment but they’ve managed it.

  11. Christin says:

    Even though it was 14 years ago, there are several articles on the Web that tell the lawsuit story. Search on her name and father lawsuit.

    And for some very interesting reading, look up the same with countersuit instead of lawsuit in the search query. It’s quite a set of allegations about work ethic, spending, men and behaviors as a teen.

      • Christin says:

        That is probably the best article. I cannot remember if it was CMT that also had an article about a taped conversation where she allegedly told her father she would begin crying in the courtroom to garner sympathy.

      • Leprechaun says:

        Devil spawn. And seriously, I know that some girls can be perfectly awful in the teen years but usually they grow up and out of it. Looks like LeAnn never did, she’s forever stuck in her bratty teen years. And oh yeah, she’s got lipstick on, if nothing else.

      • Myriam says:

        ^^Is it weird that the article makes me feel bad for leann? Just a little…. Don’t get me wrong. I understand Leann’s a grown ass woman and she’s responsible for her own horrible behavior, but she didn’t have much of a chance from what the counter suit detailed. If her father had still been in her professional and personal life, and not been pushed and pushed, who knows where she would have been. Belinda ruined her.

      • ya says:

        WOw – have never seen that article before – her father was nasty…. crazy to accuse his teenage daughter of all that stuff publicly (especially when she was the major cash cow at the time & all of his ‘accusations’ were typical teenage behaviour anyway).

      • Jenny12 says:

        It sounds more like he was trying to protect his daughter from her over-indulgent mother. Who allows a 15 year old to live with her 20 year old boyfriend? Or buy cars and alcohol for the boyfriends and their moms, which she was doing? Or build homes and then abandon them? It sounds like he was thinking long term and her mother was thinking whatever she could have at that time. Typical thinking for a teenager, but Leann has never left that stage: a 32 year old teenager still kicking and screaming to get what she wants. The same girl who said she would make herself cry to sway the judge and was caught on tape.

      • ya says:

        Hard to say – people throw around wild accusations in court docs all the time – especially when there is a divorce at play (btwn her father and mother). The article only represents his side of the story…. and the real issue re: the lawsuits was financial/contractual. He seemed to be throwing around the personal stuff as a distraction from that.

        I think ultimately he won (can’t really remember now) – but I think it was due to the courts upholding the contract above all else (which is typical for american courts).

      • Christin says:

        When she lost her record company lawsuit, she turned to her father in the courtroom and mouthed the words, “I hate you.”

        Within the past few years, she was interviewed and asked about saying that to her own father. She did not seem genuinely remorseful at all. Smug is the description I would use, actually.

      • Jenny12 says:

        Mmm, not sure who won, you could be right. But Leann was caught on tape a few times saying things she shouldn’t. She believes in getting what she wants, when she wants it, and woe to anyone who tries to stop her. That’s why she harasses Brandi- she doesn’t get the bond between mother and children and why Brandi won’t step out of the way and let Leann take over. Leann is a mess at this point- once lovely voice gone, press only for her personal life, album sales in the toilet…. she needs to get it together, stop harassing Brandi and the boys, focus on her music and leave the affair in the past. I think she clings to the past because it’s when her feelings were most intense and she lives for that.

      • Kelliekat says:

        I love these comments. All of you are so right on about the narcissist monster that is Leakann and the greedy hillbilly parents who created her. Yes, her parents looked at her as a commodity and used her for money and fame, eventually tearing apart their own marriage and family and creating a sociopath for a daughter. Now that daughter is grown up and repeating all the old patterns, stalking and helping to break apart a family and using the children, Mason and Jake (and don’t forget Carly S.) to further her own fame and fortune.
        The ignorant trailer trash Wilbur and Belinda Rimes threw away their own parental bonds and responsibilities toward Leann, so now she doesn’t know how to have a loving relationship with someone. She just uses the people around her to get attention for herself. And yes, Leann hates Brandi, the one person in the world she most wants to be like and get attention from. And one of the first people in her life to put some limits on her ego and say no to her. “No I won’t give up my children.” One of the most chilling quotes from Leann was on one of the early in their marriage family celebrations when Leann had a twitter war with someone about her inappropriate boundaries with the kids and trying to take over the mother role and she said something in a really angry way about “I will absolutely have a place in the parent child bond in that family.” It was so weird and angry, I’m amazed at that angry revenge filled attitude.

      • Jenny12 says:

        That is one of the most chilling comments I have ever read, and I have read some scary comments from Leann. It wasn’t enough to win Eddie; she wanted the kids, too. She really sees herself as the victim, and so does Eddie. I can’t figure out if he’s just dumb and looking for a soft landing, or if he’s truly evil. Maybe both.

  12. Lara K says:

    She looks overworked but not terrible. I don’t really take issue with her looks.
    Her personality on the other hand….

    Also why marry a man who can’t keep it in his pants?? I will never understand that. Who wants to walk into a room and know their partner has banged half the people in the room? It’s icky.

    • Josephina says:

      Why marry a man who can’t keep it in his pants??

      Hell, why procreate with a man, TWICE, that does not want to keep it in his pants???


      • Jenny12 says:

        If she didn’t know at the time, then there’s no shame in it. I have a friend who had 2 kids with her (now ex) spouse and found out he was cheating on her. How was she supposed to know? Leann wants to have kids with him, and she DOES know he cheated on his wife with both Leann AND Scheana. Then again, she cheated on her own husband, so…

      • Lydia Says says:

        @Josephina says. Exactly. People in this blog love to make Brandi a victim when she’s clearly not. She’s as bad as Eddie in my IMHO .She brags about her promiscuity and yet people bash Eddie for not being able to keep it in his pants while they give her a pass.Lol Based on her Howard Stern interview, her and Eddie were pretty much in open relationship full with 3somes and multiple affairs. Brandi knew exactly who Eddie was. In fact, she even cheated with Eddie when he was very much living together and engaged to his young and the restless co-star.

  13. Jem says:

    Slow morning on the gossip front, huh? This article is akin to watching paint dry.

    • Debi says:

      The show itself is like watching paint dry. I love reality TV & they are BORING! Oh and there attempts at being funny and charming are cringe worthy.

      • Leprechaun says:

        Yup, their show is akin to watching paint dry, that’s a perfect comparison. Don’t know how it’s made it to episode 3. If you can call that stuff “episodes.”

  14. Aussie girl says:

    I think Eddie already gave his former side piece a gift. The gift that keeps giving…

  15. Macey says:

    I thought their show was on Thursdays?
    Switching days after 2 episodes isnt good, not that anyone thought this crapfest would actually do well. I know rating were down last weeks episode, I’d be willing to bet it will be even less this week.

    As far as that pic, she is so hard on the eyes it’s not funny but she clearly has light make up on. she tried to claim on twitter that her lips are naturally that color but they’re not. She lies so much I think she actually believes her lies. You can even see the tint in the pic. such a nutter.

    • Brin says:

      IKR?! She lies about everything.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      LOL..no one has naturally fuchsia lips. Ugh. This chick.

      • Bej says:

        Exactly. My daughter has crazy naturally red lips. As a baby my Babcia (grandma) actually thought I was putting lipstick on her & tried to scrub it off. But still, as red as they are, they are not fuchsia, and certainly not glossy.
        This chick just can’t seem to do anything that’s 100% honest. There’s always a twist or doubt.
        Also, how old is she? With all the work she’s had done, plus the light ‘no make-up’ she’s wearing, she really looks older than her 31 (?) years. A shame all these women do this to themselves in the mis belief it makes them appear younger when in reality they all get this generic 40 year olds face.

      • Erinn says:

        I have quite a bit of pigment in my lips as well (though they’re not red and glossy like Leann’s), Bej. Not quite red, but I can put such a wide range of lipstick colors on and still have them come out as red. It’s ridiculous. To get something close to the actual color of the lipstick it either has to have a purple/blue base to it, or be a really really pigmented one.

      • Jessiebes says:

        Red lips are caused by the combination of thin skin and the blood flowing through them. Blood is red not Fushia.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Oh geez–they switched it already? I watched the second episode, I think. It was boring. They spent half the show bitching about Brandi and the tabloid rumors about themselves, and the other half was Eddie using *all* of his acting skills to convince us that he turned down a job in Dallas.

      I only watched because I was seriously mesmerized by Liz’s face. Seriously. It just looks so painful–those lips look like they hurt. And I’m trying to figure out if she’s as vapid as she looks–her voice is really annoying, and she talks like my fifteen year old sister–but she doesn’t talk a lot.

      • Christin says:

        She’s probably playing it safe in case she needs to change friendships once again. Apparently bonus ‘friends’ come with the package that is Eddie.

      • Byte Me says:

        I just check the VH1 schedule. The show is still on Thursday night…not Wednesday.

  16. Ag says:

    make-up-less pics are a strange concept to me. like, “i’m so brave, i’m not wearing make-up”? i mean, you’re a grown woman, you should be ok without makeup. it’s not a big deal. then again, i only wear mascara and sometimes lipstick, so i think my standards are way different than those of people who wear a lot of make-up.

  17. Anon33 says:

    I had a dream that Eddie hit on me in a bar and gave me his card. I woke up disturbed.

  18. Debi says:

    Regarding the clip for the next episode…
    Does she really expect us to believe she went hunting with her dad at 2 yrs old & shot a raccoon with a shotgun at 4 yrs old?!?!? God lord she’s stupid!

  19. Cinderella says:

    Makeup-free means wash everything off, then take a picture. There is no way she did that.

  20. Leslie says:

    Another one of her lies. She lies about everything.

  21. GIRLFACE says:

    Isn’t it interesting how the makeup to filter ratio works in opposition when people take these selfies? I’ve never seen a make up less photo with no filter and a flash posted to social media. That would impress me.

  22. Pumpkin Pie says:

    1. Eyebrows, filled, check
    2. Lightly applied eye shadow, check
    3. A touch of mascara, check
    4. Lipstick or tinted gloss, check

    And how is Scheana pronounced?

  23. Deanne says:

    There isn’t anything authentic about this woman. so of course she’d wear noticeable makeup in a makeup free selfie and lie about it. She exposes herself as being a pathological liar on a daily basis. Please, her lips are naturally bright pink and glossy as well? Okay LeAnn. Funny how they are never pink and glossy in non-staged pap photos where she’s really not wearing make-up. There seems to be no aspect of her life, where she’s not completely full of it.

  24. claire says:

    The whole point of the #makeupfree thing is to show your real face without enhancement. This photo clearly has a filter applied and it looks like she did leave base makeup on. Rimes is a pathological liar, so nothing new here.

  25. Courtney says:

    The lipstick and filter are obvious. And I hate to snark on someone’s looks, but how can you have that much money, have *that* much work done, and still look like HER?

  26. Lydia Says says:

    I don’t get these silly celebrity makeup free selfies trend. Why don’t they call it natural look makeup or light makeup? Are they trying to convince people that they are still pretty without makeup? If so, why not use a regular camera that will show their real makeup free faces? Anyway, she looks OK to me but there’s a little makeup there. I watch the show when I can , it’s an OK show. There are worst reality shows out there. Let’s face it, it’s not going to get real housewives ratings because there are no back stabbing and grown women fighting. Love it or hate it, people ARE watching. Maybe not many from this blog..lol…but still. You know people love to hate them. It’s entertaining trainwreck in a not so deeply toxic way. To each its own.

  27. ucanleadahorticulture says:

    I’m confused as to why, since she has had so much work done on her face why she hasn’t had her eyes done? It isn’t that hard to fix upper eye-lids in this day and age.

    • ya says:

      I think it’s mostly fillers/botox and veneers that have caused the changes in her face (plus aging). Don’t know if she’s actually had any major surgery (nose, chin, eyelids have never changed).

  28. LESA SAYS says:

    Just caught the end of the talk. I try to not watch a show when they are n but they are making the rounds for their crap show. Leann must require the interviewers to say the same thing at end cause every one of them always tell tthem what a beautiful couple they are and how in love they seem. Gag me with a spoon. Leann is making me feel like ed is a transgender now she has emasculated him so much. Jeez like if its said enough times they will convince themselves and the whole world!!! I would just about guarantee this guy is still cheating just to prove to himself he is still a man.

    • littlestar says:

      Sadly, I watched them on the Talk today too. I was home for lunch and browsing through the TV guide and saw that they were on. There were a couple of things that stood out to me. Number 1, Leann was extremely nervous. She was visibly shaking at times. She’s a seasoned pro, so why was she so nervous? Number 2, Eddiot is sooo dull and while I personally never found him good looking, his looks have really faded. He’s very tired looking now.

      Overall though, there seems to be a huge disconnect between the two of them. I don’t think they are “together” anymore. Leann still seems in to him, but he was faking it for the cameras, no doubt about it (and he’s a poor actor at that!).

      • Jenny12 says:

        I don’t watch TV, but from what you describe, and other things I’ve read, it sounds like she decided this guy was her soulmate just on the basis of attention and good sex. And then she just lost her mind. Eddie has always been a sleaze; he was just an undercover one and the affair brought it out, and then his personality on the show brought it out further. I think he’s someone who always had power due to his looks, and liked to use it. The only person he really loves is Eddie.

    • betty says:

      Leann appears to fall for the same type of guys. Good looking guys she has to support. If she was not so smug I could feel sorry for her. Eddie will leave her when he has used her up like that Keegan guy. Dean appears to be the only one that really loved he and she traded him in for Eddie. She puts on her act but she knows Eddie is not there for the long run. I watch when she was crying how distant he was didn’t pat her shoulder, touch her hand or show any affection. His expression showed no sign of affection. When there is love little things mean a lot.

  29. Stephanie says:

    I’m sorry. But LeAnn rimes is ugly. With or without makeup.

  30. NinaS says:

    Didn’t Brandi recently post a makeup-free selfie that everyone commented on (about how great she looked)? SWF strikes again with LR, only to fall flat again because there is no truth in “her” truth. So obviously not make-up free.

  31. michele says:

    Insincere idiot.

  32. Deanne says:

    Why on earth does LeAnn not do something about the extremely noticeable, dark hair, above her upper lip? She looks like she has a moustache in certain lights. Recently they posted photos of Justin Bieber’s sad attempt at growing a moustache and I think that if they did side by side, “Who did it best” photos showing his and LeAnn’s upper lips, she would win hands down.

  33. Kelliekat says:

    Strangely enough, if they put out a show about the real Leann and Eddie, all of his cheating and disappearing on her, his smug manipulations of her, his fake stories to the tabloids about a $50 million dollar divorce, or her alcoholic pill popping stalking of him and the daily SWF-ing of Brandi and the constantly being caught in her own delusional lies and their obvious desperate pr stunts and vacations and product placement for famaewhoredom and the stupid stunts with the paid paps everywhere, it might be watchable: “My Famewhore Marriage” or “Look at MeNLaxativeLee” or “Tabloid Twosome; How We Buy Our Fame” or “Cryin’ in the Closet While My Manwhore Cheats at the Cantina”

  34. Christin says:

    In an interview a few years after the lawsuit dust settled, her dad commented on how she got opportunities to do what he always wanted to do but couldn’t. I’ve heard other references that her dad harbored a singing dream. Combine that with the mother’s view of how super special her long-awaited child is, which the mother has stated in interviews.

    Was this really was a case of a toddler who chose to sing, or did parents push it on her from the time she could speak, yet told people it was her choice (a natural gift)? I tend to think it’s really the latter, but who knows.