‘The Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman branded a ‘slut’ by Fox News blowhard


Y’all know I don’t watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but sometimes the headlines pull me in and I feel like I really should cover something, just a little bit. Apparently on Tuesday night’s finale of The Bachelorette, (SPOILER) Andi Dorfman got engaged to Josh Murray and she declared that she loved him from the first moment they met. For what it’s worth, it does seem like this match is a lot better than some of the other Bachelor/Bachelorette matches, and at least Andi and Josh live in the same town and they seem to genuinely like/love each other. But that’s not the story.

The story is that Andi is a “slut” apparently. On both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, contestants get a chance to bring some of their favorite people to the “Fantasy Suite” for sex. SEX SEX SEX. There’s no big secret to this, and past contestants have talked about Fantasy Suite sex before. What’s scandalous this time is that Andi spent some Fantasy Suite time with the runner-up, Nick Somebody, and Nick thought Fantasy Suite Sex = engagement, and he’s been butthurt about it ever since Andi told him she wasn’t choosing him and that he needed to go home. Nick brought this up on the “After the Final Rose” special, asking Andi: “If you weren’t in love with me, I’m not sure why, why you made love to me.” SCANDAL! As NY Mag writes in a piece called “Why The Bachelorette Wasn’t ‘Slut-Shamed’”:

Debate all you want whether it was, as Andi retorted, “below the belt” for Nick to bring up their “private” Fantasy Suite interaction and the fact that they made love on live national TV, as her fiancé waited in the studio about to go on air, and as her parents were no doubt watching…

The more interesting debate is why we, collectively, seem to think that a woman should be humiliated for people to know that she had sex with a man she’d been dating non-exclusively for two months (on-camera!). Or that she’d had sex with him in the same week that she had sex with another man she’d been dating non-exclusively for two months (also on-camera!), with both men aware that she was dating more than one person.

[From NY Magazine]

Yeah, agree. Andi is a young woman with a healthy sexual appetite and if she wants to bang two dudes (one of whom became her fiancé), who cares? Angry old men care! Angry old men think Andi is a hussy and a slut. BURN HER!!

If Andi Dorfman thought Nick Viall went “below the belt,” there’s no telling what she’ll have to say about Bob Beckel. During an episode of Fox News’ The Five, co-host Beckel got very vocal about the Bachelorette and her nights in the infamous Fantasy Suite.

“She’s a slut!” he declared. “I’m not kidding you. She sleeps with someone else, and then doesn’t tell the guy about it. This is what America’s come to, this crap.”

Bachelorette fan and fellow co-host Andrea Tantaros quickly chimed in, “Are you kidding me right now? Excuse me, Bob! You probably sleep with a different woman every night.”

“I’m not on some Bachelor, Bachelorette,” he exclaimed.

“Those in glass boudoirs, Beckel, those in glass boudoirs!” Tantaros replied.

[From Us Weekly]

I’m including a poor quality video of the exchange below. I want you to think of this bloated a—hole the next time you think of doing something slutty, ladies, like being an adult woman in charge of her own sexual urges and getting your rocks off with whichever consenting adult you choose. The image of him belching out “she’s a slut!” will be your birth control. Sluts.

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  1. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Finally an Interesting and entertaining Bachelorette – Team Andi!

    • Annie says:

      Why? She’s the female Juan Pablo in every sense. Eric Hill was so right about her. She’s fake, fake, fake! Did you know Josh and her knew each other before the show and she asked to have him on? It’s not a coincidence they’re from the same hometown. She just wanted to be on tv and have her televised wedding. The guy was already chosen. There was never any other competition, which is why it sucks they had to create a love triangle and throw a poor schmuck under the buss, leading him on and then treating him like crap during the reunion. All for tv.

      • Bullseye says:

        I didn’t know that part, Annie. Very interesting if true. However, her treatment of Nick on the after show spoke volumes about her character. Refusing to talk to him prior to that to allow him some closure was incredible selfish and insensitive, regardless of whether or not she was choosing Josh from the beginning. If you care about someone, but don’t see a future with them, you don’t drop-kick and skip away.

      • TreadStyle says:

        +1 agreed. She was an obvious actress and I actually started watching this season out of boredom… But stopped halfway through because she was so fake/a joke.

      • K.B. says:

        I can’t stand her, but if this news is true, maybe this means they’ll actually get married and stay married (although I’m sure Josh has an escape plan, because I cannot even imagine the terror Andi will turn into when she starts planning her wedding.).

      • hayley says:

        Nick was an ass on the show. He was a jerk to the other guys. It can’t come as any surprise to anyone that he was a jerk to her at the end because he didn’t “win”.

      • cali says:

        Also consider this: Before the bachelor/bachelorette Andi was in a serious and committed relationship with an pro NFL player for 3 years; she dumped and blindsided him and he did not see it coming because they made plans to get married.
        She dumped the guy when she decided to go onto the show with Pablo – so yes, her character is questionable and actions speak louder than words.
        Let’s be honest – she spend the night with Pablo and most likely sex was in play as well. However, when she realized that Nikki would be his choice – she put him on blast and left the show; becoming the bachelorette was what she was hoping for after making the stink about Pablo.
        Now – she really led Nick on; he appears to be a guy believing that the things she said to him; her actions towards him meant something because he had the impression of being ‘it’ only to find out the opposite. Nick is a traditional guy and being intimate meant something to him.
        She clearly stated that she was in love with Josh from the beginning so why lead Nick on?
        It speaks more about her than Nick!

    • Michelle says:

      Team Nick! She showed absolutely ZERO empathy for Nick’s feelings at the aftershow. She completely misled him (which is part of the show) but she didn’t have to sleep with him. Especially since she said she knew Josh was THE ONE from the moment she saw him.

      Andi knew Nick had fallen for her as he told her he loved her. He completely expected the final rose after sleeping with her. I guess he thought she wouldn’t play him that way.

      If Andi was a male she would be called a dog. Plain and simple she used Nick and didn’t like to be called out on her actions. Nick was still hurt and still dealing with his feelings. She didn’t want to deal with him and acted like a complete byotch. Andi called out JP, why cant Nick call out her??

      No one cares that they slept together but her behavior towards Nick afterwards was rude and demeaning. She thinks she is the only one who matters.

      • laura says:

        Andi used to criticize Juan Pablo but she should give a hard look at herself as she appears so shallow….she acted so cold when she saw Nick Viall on the finale and in so many episodes she led him on, stating on many occasions that “he gets her” “that there is a connection with them” etc etc….
        It is a little disgusting as she slept with him and yet the day after chose Josh and then when she saw Nick again acted so cold and arrogant even….
        I really do not like her at all….next

      • Annie says:

        Yeah, that poor guy didn’t deserve the treatment he got during the show. He was the only one truly interested in winning her over, so he was made out to be The Villain of the season, like Clare, just for being eager. If the other guys were not as aggressive in pursuing her it’s because maybe they really didn’t like her. The Coach didn’t even try to kiss her during their date! One of the guys is already engaged to someone else, FFS! Notice how Josh tried the least. Yet he still won. Andi doubted no one as much as she doubted him. It’s just lust between those two. That’s why these couples don’t last.

        Andi was extremely cold and standofish to Nick during the reunion WAY before he dropped the bomb. Like, did we miss something? Then she says “I was never in love with you” when the entire season she told him they had a very strong connection. Why not ask her “Why did you sleep with me then?” A totally valid question from a man who was used for tv. If you already have a winner, this is not what the show is about.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I’m not completely Team Nick because I think he’s had some missteps too, but I think Andi handled the situation very badly. It was clear even to the audience that Nick was a sensitive guy who had some baggage, and I’m guessing that Andi also had at least some strong hints that he thought of sex as “fiance type stuff.” If she was really into Josh at that point, I think she should have told Nick goodbye then rather than on the proposal day. If she was still making up her mind at that point, I think it was cruel of her to recast the situation as her and Josh being in love at first sight.

      • JennaR says:

        Yes, a guy might have been called a dog, but it doesn’t hold the same social stigma as being called a slut. I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t.

    • holly hobby says:

      Oh yeah I heard the rumors about how she had her real life boyfriend on the show so she can pick him. She is very much like Juan Pablo. What I don’t understand is if you already had your heart set on someone, how can you sleep with someone else? Personally, that thought would make me sick and I couldn’t follow through with the act. These contestants are virtually strangers after all.

      Someone mentioned that the producers do not supply condoms in the fantasy suite. So much for protected sex!

  2. Kiddo says:

    Wait, who is the Fox News blowhard? Oh right, ALL OF THEM.

    • Snazzy says:

      I hate Fox

      • Kas says:

        I’m sure you were all equally as outraged when Ed Schultz used the exact same word to describe a conservative female.

        Oh no, you weren’t. But you have your righteous Fox hate to carry you, so there’s that.

      • doofus says:

        well, this righteous Fox hater thinks that when Schultz used that term to describe Ingraham, it was just as disgusting. (she may be an uninformed, judgmental idiot, but “slut” was ugly and rude)

        however, MSNBC suspended him and he apologized profusely and, IMO, rather sincerely. he knew how disgusting his words were and his apology reflected that.

        let’s see if A) Fox suspends him or B) he apologizes.

      • Tiffany says:

        @ Kas. Conservative or not, that woman was called a slut and that was wrong and part for the course at not only Fox News but other cable outlets. So assume that the person you commented to was liberal and that is not known in the comment.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Kas wrote, “Oh no, you weren’t.”

        That’s a pretty big assumption to make. I would tread lightly.

      • Truth says:

        Just for the record Bob Beckel is a liberal democrat. But of course, only conservatives are bad, etc…

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Exactly. Every fat, balding man on that network is interchangeable to me, much like every perky, pretty blonde.

      They’re like their own species of Foxbots.

    • GetItRight says:

      Bob Beckel is actually one of the LIBERAL hosts on that particular show. And that’s not him shown in the photo. That’s Eric Bolling. Andrea Tantaros is a conservative woman who was defending Andi. Just setting the record straight.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        See? They all look the same.

      • Belle says:

        Andrea is not blonde.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        GetItRight, he is a “Fox News liberal”, which isn’t the same thing as a “liberal” or “progressive”. They have unique standards over there. Maybe I should have put “standards” in quotes too….

    • Nikki L. says:

      I know right? It’s like Westboro Baptist … why give them the attention? They just say crap for ratings. FOX is useless and uninteresting.

  3. TheRealMaya says:

    Same old double standards when it comes to sex. It doesn’t matter when century you are in or which country you live in – it still exists and may never go away.

    I personally think if we cannot stop men from slut shaming women then at least as women it’s our responsibility to first stop fellow women to do it. The day women stops attacking other women and slut shaming them is the first step towards destroying this double standard.

  4. hutter says:

    Whoever Andrea Tantaros is, I like her! Even though she’s on Fox News…

    • Sayrah says:

      No kidding! Good for her!

    • Kimmy says:

      Did you see her facial expression when he said that? Glad she at least tried to diffuse the situation.
      #1. Go Andi! As long as she is safe, sleep with whoever you want. I was impressed with how she handled it when the loser brought it up.
      #2. No wonder she didn’t pick the other guy. He sounds a little whiney to me and I didn’t watch any of the show. It’s the Bachelorette! She’s been making out with other dudes the whole time!

      • Michelle says:

        It isn’t that she slept with both guys but how rudely she treated Nick at the after show. She showed no empathy towards him and acted disgusted with him. I think this is why people no longer like Andi. That and her whole condescending attitude like her crap doesn’t stink. Andi should have just owned it and be done with it. She alone caused the backlash against her.

        I liked her at first during the Bachelor and thought she would make a good Bachelorette but her true snooty colors came out. I didn’t watch a single episode. She just is not likeable. I also didn’t like the way she mocked JP. ABC is the one to blame for his disaster of a season.

      • Annie says:

        Sex is not just meaningful to girls. It sucks that she’s leading someone on like this just to keep a TV show interesting. She took things too far and she refused to face him twice because she knew what she had done. And when she had to face him she treated him like crap. She deserved to be confronted and had her games blasted on national TV. She told him she was never in love with him after having, what he thought, a very intimate moment. That stings whether you’re a man or a woman. You don’t treat people like that. I hope that Josh realizes that while she’s playing the angle of “I’ve always loved you” she went on and slept with someone else. All of that is pretty low and just shows her insincerity through out the season. Eric Hill caught on to that immediately. How indignant she was after that. Because it was the truth. This is why these couples never last.

    • Kori says:

      99.9% of the time she’s beyond wretched. Even a broken clock is tight twice a day. I see The Five from time to time and she’s the one I absolutely can’t stand. She’s usually a nasty piece of work–it’s not even the opinions it’s her meanness and condescension.

  5. I Choose Me says:

    He wished he slept with a different woman every night. Or maybe I just can’t imagine anybody getting down with that guy unless they were paid to do so. And even then eurgh! His blowhard-titude shows on his face.

  6. alexia says:

    This was what I was talking about in the JB post. We really have to be aware to not repeat what we daily hear in the mainstream media about women being sluts.
    Media is mostly run by men, most opinions we hear and read are from men, we adopt men’s worldview! Stop slut-shaming pleeeasee!

  7. Tiffany27 says:

    Shouldn’t he be out yelling at some kids to get off his grass? F*ck this a**hole.

    • Kiddo says:

      There’s a War On Christmas® coming, they should be preparing to arm the troops before the Halloween crap gets shifted out of Walgreens, for wreaths, in August.

      • Snazzy says:


      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I’m hosting a Santa-burning bonfire on my front lawn.

        You’re all invited.

      • Kiddo says:

        If Satan is coming, count me in. He knows how to make a nice hot jerk sauce.

      • Tiffany27 says:

        DEAD @ jerk sauce!!! You guys are too funny!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Satan will be there and he’s bringing Jegermeister AKA The Devil’s Liquor.

        Oh, and remember to bring your aluminum bat for the Rudolph piñatas. Otherwise I have an AK47 you can borrow.

      • doofus says:

        TOK, as long as all of the Santas are non-white, I think Fox would be OK with that.

        and I thought that tequila was the Devil’s Liquor. my CCD classes have failed me.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        That sounds like quite the party, TOK. Maybe we could crush up some birth control pills and snort them while we use Rudolph for target practice?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        You guys are making me cry.

    • Izzy says:

      LOL. Love this ^^

  8. Ann says:

    Men like calling women names to powertrip them. Sooner or later, even the dumbest among them will realize that women don’t give a sh-t.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      This is true in relationships – Young Ones, if you have a bf or gf that has a habit of calling you names, even if they are ‘cute’ or nicely said, it is a red flag to get. out. The cute name calling turns nasty with time – make it a non-negotiable and save yourselves heartache because name calling in a relationship is a very early sign the partner does not have respect for you.

  9. aenflex says:

    I certainly don’t think she’s a slut. Her choice to sleep with whomever. But, I don’t fault that other guy for mentioning it in his bid to embarrass her. If the shoe was on the other foot, and this was girl calling out a guy for the same behavior, I wonder what people’s reactions would be.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, I agree. If it was two people having fun, who cares? But people gotta be careful when feelings are involved. She had made up her mind about Josh, it was so obvious, taking things too far with Nick was not necessary at all. Juan Pablo got an earful for doing the same thing to Clare, but here we can’t say anythinh because it’s ~slut-shaming~. Eff that. She’s an asshole too. Poor guy. Not cool.

      • Algernon says:

        There’s a difference between saying, “That was a dick move because he’s obviously into you and you’re giving him false expectations,” and saying, “She slept with two different dudes, she’s a slut.” I didn’t watch the Bachelorette, but based on the info in this post, this Andi woman isn’t a slut, she’s just inconsiderate, maybe a little selfish.

    • Maria says:

      Considering this show has been on for too long and all the men slept around with no heat, I don’t see what the issue is.

      Let’s face it: men are allowed to be “sluts” without it affecting their public image or worth.

      I realize you’re not agreeing with this idiot at all ;) BUT if the shoe were on the other foot, which it has been since the beginning of time, NOTHING ever happens to the man.

      They’re not shamed, denigrated, and aren’t judged to the degree women are. The only time a women is ever allowed to be sexual is when it’s to the benefit of a man which to that I say: BALLS.

      • Annie says:

        It’s not true that the men never get any heat. Not true at all. Jake Pavelka got shit for sleeping with all top three. Jason got tons of shit too for the way he played Melissa. Juan Pablo got shat on by everybody for the way he treated Clare. It’s the same damn thing.

        Want to play the game like a man? Take it like a man. Don’t hide behind cries of slut-shaming. Asshole behavior knows no gender and she was an absolute asshole.

  10. Chris says:

    I love how Americans use the term blowhard. Blowhard lol.

  11. Triple Cardinal says:

    Why would anything coming from Faux Noise be considered newsworthy? Some old fart wants to wag his finger in the face of a young woman? Frankly, it’s unworthy of a retort.

    Wait…forget that…

    I take it back.

    Why is Beckel so interested in the sex life of a young “slut”? Why has this caught his attention?

    • Algernon says:

      Isn’t this the same guy who got all up in arms about birth control? Or is that some other Fox News windbag?

      Fox News is kind of obsessed with the sex life of your average twenty-something female.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        It really is. Especially around health care. They always remind me of the movie Carrie and how her mom called her boobs “dirty pillows”. They try to heap on the shame when it comes to women (of any age) and sex.

    • doofus says:

      “Why is Beckel so interested in the sex life of a young “slut”? Why has this caught his attention?”

      because, like so many of these oldwhitemen, he’s likely not getting any.

      it’s why ALL of them are so interested in OTHER people’s sex lives…they don’t have one of their own.

  12. Skins says:

    Does she bang all of the contestants?

  13. FingerBinger says:

    I watch the show regularly and,Bob Beckel the only so called liberal on the panel, says a lot of crazy things. This is just one in many inappropriate things he’s said. Not that it matters,but he did apologize later in the show.

  14. littlemissnaughty says:

    He’s just angry none of those “sluts” want to be slutty with him. I’d laugh at frustrated and angry men who watch women taking charge of their lives if there weren’t so many and if they didn’t get to yell on tv. What a sad specimen.

  15. eliza says:

    For the record, Bob Beckle is NOT a conservative. He is a liberal and on The Five panel as the token liberal voice.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Seriously? Damn. Even the liberals on Fox are conservatives.

    • Vic says:

      You’re right but everybody assumes he’s conservative. He’s the oldest and there are many people of his generation and others that would have a problem with this. I for one can’t understand sleeping with one guy when I knew I was going to accept a proposal from someone else the next day. Doesn’t necessarily make her a slut. Hate that word, but her judgment is questionable. The whole thing is weird for men and women.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        She sounds self-centered and rude, but how many people she sleeps with doesn’t make her that way.

        Why can’t he just call her an asshole or a jerk?
        Why bring how many sexual partners she had into the discussion at all?

  16. Sarah says:

    Sorry, but I think pretty much anyone (male or female) who goes on those shows is a slutty famewhore.

    • Hissyfit says:

      This. What kind of an idiot looks for love on a tv show anyway? And how could you be in a relationship with someone you know who made out and slept with other contestants before picking you as the winner?

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I don’t agree with his obvious double standard slut shaming, but I do think those bachelor and bachelorette (even the WORD “bachelorette”) are degrading to male and female alike. So gross. But that’s not what he meant.

    • NEHA says:

      I am not a fan of the word “slut” (very sexist term), but yeah, I think that sleeping with 2-3 contestant before getting engaged to another contestant a week later is super trashy. Whether it’s a male lead that does it or a female lead.

  17. JudyK says:

    The fat blowhard on Faux News is as big a jerk as Nick on The Bachelorette was. Maybe they can become best friends.

    Andi handled it well on live t.v.

  18. Annie says:

    Every time a man calls a woman a slut he’s just bitter that women are available but not for him.

    Anyway, Andi is the worst Bachelorette ever. Such a hypocrite. Everything she called out Juan Pablo for, she did. I’m starting to realize she planned that exit well just to be the new Bachelorette. And she already knew her guy, so, congrats on the free lavish wedding. Josh never could’ve afforded that ring, being unemployed and all, that’s for sure. Cunning woman! A lawyer afterall.

    • Salsgal says:

      I agree. I couldn’t stand her. She’s fake and is determined to get married. I feel sorry for Josh’s family because they could be stuck with her now.

      • Annie says:

        They couldn’t care less about Andi. They’re all about the upcoming NFL star brother. His bride will be the favorite by default. Let’s see how she handles that.

  19. lucy2 says:

    I do not have high opinions of any of the people who choose to go on that show, however she is an adult and has the right to do what she pleases. I’m sure many of the “Bachelor” guys did the same thing, but I doubt this blowhard called them sluts.

  20. Jess says:

    I don’t think she’s a slut and she’s free to do whoever she wants, BUT, I think it was wrong of her to lead Nick on. He’s obviously a very sensitive guy and she must’ve known how much it meant to him for them to sleep together, I mean I haven’t heart a guy say “making love” in ages. Plus, Nick tried to get in touch with her multiple times before the finale and she wasn’t having it, she really left him with no choice but to ask her those questions on TV so I don’t feel bad for her getting called out. If she knew Josh was the one the moment they met then why would she want to sleep with Nick? That’s just weird in my opinion, if I’m in love with someone I’m not gonna go around sleeping with other men, but that’s just me! I do think Andi and Josh make a cute couple though, hopefully they’ll last.

    • Jupiter says:

      I agree. I actually think she set Nick up because he was the one all the other guys didn’t like. All she did was use him to get Josh’s attention. I think ABC and the producers of Bachelor/Bachelorette are horrid people. Every single runner up is raked over the coals with nothing to show for it. They never become the new Bachelor/Bachelorette, they just slink away after having been made a fool of. The producers should pay them a big FEE for being humiliated on national TV

    • Nick says:

      @ Jess – agree on all points. Very well said!

    • Jayna says:

      It is weird. And did the guy she asked to marry her know she slept with the other one with 24 hours of sleeping with him also and then asking him to marry her or did he find out on the reunion show? I didn’t watch this season so have no idea except what I’ve read on here. If she was dishonest with the guy she asked to marry that says something about her character because I’m sure he asked.

    • NEHA says:

      I agree. And, he’s said in interviews that before the fantasy suite date, he told Andi that sex meant love and commitment to him. And, she STILL had sex with him. If a guy did that, everyone would totally call him a player.

  21. Jayna says:

    She’s not a slut, but I find the whole thing laughable. Sleep with two men a night apart and then choose one to propose to. Talk about making a farce out of marriage. She said she knew the one she chose was the one. When was that? Before she slept with the other one and tossed a coin and chose her new fiance? Women can sleep around, but to sleep with two men and then say you want to marry one of them and get engaged the next day is ludicrous to me and shows she had no real clue that she was in love with one.

    • Nick says:

      hahaha – this show proves to everyone the sanctity of marriage and why gays should not be allowed to marry. sometimes i hate the beliefs held by some in this country.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      That’s a good way to put it – making a farce out of marriage. The whole thing is just just gross to me.

  22. K.B. says:

    I would comment on the slut shaming, but I’m too busy laughing those of you who fell for Andi’s act when she was on The Bachelor. I knew from the moment she started a fight with Juan Pablo that she only went on The Bachelor to become The Bachelorette. I don’t know what turnip truck y’all fell off of, but you might want to catch a ride back to Green Acres.

    • Jayna says:

      I didn’t watch the shows, but I remember reading how she accepted being the next Bachelorette. I couldn’t believe an assistant state attorney in the middle of a trial (I guess second chair) quits the State Attorney’s Office in the middle of a trial she’s involved in to accept the role of filming The Bachelorette. What career-minded, educated woman does that? How unprofessional. How biizarre.

      • holly hobby says:

        The attorney general’s office also fired her because she did not come back from unpaid leave at the agreed upon time. My guess is that her court days are over. She’ll probably get a legal commentator job at GMA, Court TV or on the View.

    • Annie says:

      Eric Hill called it! “I didn’t come to meet a TV actress”. God bless that beautiful, smart man. Rest in peace. If he hadn’t died he would’ve been right there standing up for Nick like JJ and Marquel have done.
      Andi is so manipulative and conniving. Josh will see that soon enough. And he’ll get a real taste of her coldness like Nick did. They’re not going to last.

      I’m so happy more people can see this. I hope she knows she’s only fooling idiots. Josh seems like a good guy, but definitely not a bright one.

  23. lunchcoma says:

    Fox News is terrible and was slut shaming, but I don’t think Nick was. His behavior wasn’t perfect either (anyone who thinks an ex is going to give them a satisfactory response to questions about a breakup is fooling himself), but he wasn’t saying, “Ew, you slept with him and then you slept with me. Gross.” He didn’t mention her sleeping with Josh at all. He wanted to know why she slept with him, and the implication was that he wouldn’t have agreed to sleep with her if he knew that she was more interested in Josh or that she was on the fence about two men.

    It’s fine for people to have sex for fun, including women. It’s also fine for people to only have sex in relationships, including men. What’s important is for people to be honest with each other, and I don’t think Andi was very honest with Nick.

  24. Kelly says:

    Guy or girl, I think it’s a little sleazy to have sex with two people so close together. She couldn’t figure out whether she liked them without the sex. And, yes, I think the same standard applies with guys.

    If the man I liked /loved/crushed on had had sex with another women before “committing”, I would be grossed out and very, very pissed.

    • LurkinCrayzee says:

      I agree and that entire show is ridiculous and makes a mockery of dating and marriage. I do believe many of the contestants are just aspiring actors and actresses who just want the TV exposure.

  25. Jo says:

    I visit this site nearly every day and enjoy it a great deal but I’m really over the partisan jabs. A vocal liberal man said this and a conservative woman defended her. And yet somehow it is still the fault of conservatives. Non-thinkers/sheeple like those guilty of what I’m describing are the reason this country is in such a mess. I don’t expect much support in my position but at least Ill have said something in answer.

    • Belle says:

      Well said… Thank you.

    • FLGirl says:

      AGREED! Bob Beckel is a longstanding liberal who has served Kennedies and Carter! But no one digs that deep when they see the big bad “Fox News” label. People regurgitate the crap that they are fed and do not research things for themselves.

  26. Stella says:

    People…if you watched the show it’s NOT that she slept with the dudes, it’s that she said she always knew it was Josh, that he was the one all along, she knew she loved him from the first moment, ect. Yet…she slept with Nick wihin a day before or after. If a a dude does that, we do snark on him, so same rule applies. I too would be upset if that were done to me because she had the gall to say “knew all along”. Personally think she was into Nick more than she let on (or at least had the hots for him), but John was the safer choice, same city, no big lifestyle change. She did the dirty with Nick because she really wasn’t sure about Josh either is my take. I say no to slut shaming, but I do think she did was wrongg if she was SO IN LOVE with Josh like she claims.

  27. AnoANo says:

    If a guy did 2-in-2 days, we would totally bash him. I think it’s LOL funny that Nick had the nerve to call her out on that. And he did it in a classy way, he did not bash Josh, he made it about Andi and her “signals”. Andi was FURIOUS and from what I can see wth of her (ex: guy who died and called her out on her s**t), , she HATES HATE HATES being told the truth. You could tell she KNEW she was a heel to have done that to him (maybe why she avoided him until the show, not thinking he would mention it because that was a first). Yep, her guilty conscience make her SO angry and defense. Because otherwise, she would have treated him with kindness knowing how much his heart was into her, she would have been more gentle.. So I think it is GREAT he called her out on that I think.

  28. Elle Kaye says:

    When, oh when, will people stop using the term “slut-shaming?” I hate that term. You are calling a woman a slut, and then saying she is being shamed for it. NO…just NO! Women are being shamed for their sexuality. It is sexuality-shaming, or sex-shaming, but we should not be using the term slut in reference to women, at all!!

    Whew…Thanks for listening. :-)

  29. Anon says:

    What do we call men that sleep with a different women every nite or every second nite???? Can’t have it both ways. Reality show or not.. Think about i!!!!!!’

  30. lisa says:

    i can’t get over people having sex on a game show. i wonder how many contestants have sex on wheel of fortune.

  31. Patty says:

    She is not a slut. But she is a jerk for having sex with a guy she knew had feelings for her. A guy who told her what sex meant to him. And she did that knowing that she was going to pick the other guy. That is a dick move.

  32. Barbiegirl says:

    I do not watch the show so all I read was from this post. Not sure I would have sex with somebody before getting engaged to someone else… That’s all I am saying, she definitely has hurt the feeling of her future husband as well…

  33. FLGirl says:

    Maybe it was the sex with Nick that helped make up her mind……. Just saying?

  34. snowflake says:

    man, she was beyotch on that clip! she slept with him. she could have said something like, i enjoyed our time together and i’m sorry if i led you on. he obviously had feelings for her and that clip shows she’s heartless. you can’t call it below the belt, his feelings were obviously hurt. she’s the female version of that guy who acts like he’s really into you until he gets what he wants and then acts totally different. he was not trying to slut shame her, he was just trying to get answers about why she hurt him. he prob would never be able to talk to her after the show and what happened obviously bothered him. her response to that question shows what type of person she is. don’t do stuff if you’d be upset if someone brings it up later. I’m not saying she’s a slut but don’t lead on a poor guy who cares about you; then you’re just as bad as guys who do it.

  35. Ellis Alter says:

    These shows used to be a nice Travelogue, showcasing some fabulous locations with attractive young people enjoying what the locale has to offer. Fast-forward through the collection of wanna-be-famous, self-serving, who-cares-what-they-find-let-alone-love, bad actors, and it used to be fun to see the scenery. However, the last 3 people have been so horrid, I can’t even watch that part anymore. Obviously Dorfman picked the guy she “picked” before the show, but she isn’t going to marry him. They both signed up for the fame train and Nick is a casualty. Josh knew what he was stepping in, he doesn’t care who she sleeps with, Nick is apparently the only schmuck who thought this was real. I think most of them just want to hang in there long enough to go to more awesome locations. That makes more sense to me than wanting to end up with Emily, Juan Pablo, Andi, etc. Not permanently anyway, but just long enough to milk the paid appearances, free clothes, money money money, which the current two worked out before the show. But wouldn’t it be nice if someone came up with a show that consistently had nice people looking for love like that one bachelor, Sean I think it was?

  36. june says:

    She made her choose nick was a sore looser..José would have never acted like nick…she should have said you just wasn’t good in bed..that. Would have shut him down.