Does ‘super-needy & boring’ Taylor Swift just talk about her cats during dates?


Another day, another papportunity for Taylor Swift. At this point, the paparazzi just stake out her gym and they get the loveliest photos of Swifty “post-workout.” Some say Swifty is definitely, totally working out (with Karlie Kloss’s trainer). Some say Tay-Tay just goes to the gym to drink a smoothie and primp for an hour. You decide. All I can say is that I don’t look like this after a workout, and my feet would kill me if I tried to put them in heels post-workout. And no one has hair like this after a workout, even if you shower and blow-dry. PS… Did she get a haircut and MOAR BANGS?

I noticed something weird in these photos too… doesn’t Taylor look remarkably small-chested here? She got bolt-ons at some point (early 2012, by my calculations), and they were pretty noticeable. She didn’t get the watermelon implants or anything, most people think she just went up to a small C-cup. But in these pics, she’s looks a little bit deflated. Did she get them taken out? Or maybe it’s just the dress. Or maybe Taylor’s implants broke up with her too.

Speaking of breakups, this week’s Star Magazine has a great cover story. It’s all about normal people who have dated celebrities and Star claims those normal people have “told all” about the celebs. Some dude claims that he went on a few dates with Taylor at some point in the past few years and she literally spent an entire evening talking about her cat, Meredith. That is so awesome. That’s the image I have of her, but honestly, if you were spending time with Taylor, wouldn’t you want to talk about her cats? This sentence also happened: “The country cutie has scared away a bevy of Hollywood’s hottest hunks, thanks to a personality that is both superneedy and boring.” Excellent.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. hutter says:

    I finally realized that she has her bodyguard carry her gym bag! I don’t understand what she’s trying to accomplish by looking picture perfect after a work-out. I thought her schtick was being relatable, the girl-next-door that loves boys and baking and cats and sh-t?

  2. yael says:

    her hair is super unflattering in these photos. which is a shame considering she’s so pretty. i do like the dress, though.

    • ray says:

      yeah, i thought that too, her face looks super weird and i couldnt tell if it was the bangs.

      • kri says:

        @ray. It looks like it could be fillers, the arch nemesis of faces. Or it could just be a bad angle. Either way, she’s weird as hell.

      • Decloo says:

        Yes. She’s got chipmunk cheeks here. Like Miranda Kerr.

      • Ray says:

        I thought her face looked much rounder than usual I hope she’s not messing with her face she’s so pretty

    • Pandy says:

      I think she looks great. I don’t get the shade for her. She seems harmless and I appreciate that I haven’t seen a porno of her yet.

  3. Jaana says:

    I don’t know who is pushing these “Taylor Swift is so boring ” stories, but I do not believe a word of it.

  4. Dawn says:

    Oh girl I hope not. She needs to take some time off and go to college. She started so young in the business that she never had a chance to learn how to date. I know when I first started dating I didn’t know what the heck to say but I learned from date to date. Dumb but pretty gets too boring after awhile and nothing beats a well educated woman with spunk and a sense of humor. Truly go to school and date people in your peer group and for god’s sake don’t talk about your cats!

  5. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Oh man..these stories are making me like her.

    I talk about cats way WAY too much, dude. I’m aware of it though so I try to keep it in check but when I’m around other pet-owners, I can literally talk about cats or dogs (I have lots of friends with dogs) for hours.
    I guess I’m boring as hell too.

    • Kiddo says:

      That dude was probably bringing nothing to the conversation. If a woman starts talking about her cats, what have you contributed that is more exciting?

      • spaniard says:

        I also talk a lot about my cat and I troll my husband asking him if had cuddled or fed him enough, until he complains, but I love him and can’t help it. If she loves her pets, good for her, not going to blame or mock her for that, gossip sometimes is ridiculous.

      • Kiddo says:

        I love my animals too and talk about them, but I talk about other things as well. But if this was bugging him, he could have steered the conversation elsewhere, toward something they’d both have an interest in. He seems to be blaming her for something he took part in.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I’ve dated men who will innocently ask me about my cats (mainly because they’re unusual) in an attempt to make casual conversation. That’s when I bubble over with excitement about the kitten’s latest adventures or my older kitty sleeping in both bathroom sinks all day…then I see the polite nodding, the twitching, the darting eyes…and I realize that I must stop.

        I do have a lot of sh*t to talk about besides cats but pets are so cute and fun! I have to remind myself that not everyone finds my cats as fascinating as I do.

        I’m at least reassured that I’m in good company though with the rest of my pet-loving C/Bers 🙂

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I’m forever talking about my dogs. I am SO boring. LOL

    • lunchcoma says:

      Yeah, I kind of want to hang out with this version of Taylor who does crafts and talks about her cats all the time.

      • Wren says:

        Me too!

        We’d totally have a blast. I could talk about cats for hours, and I bet she has the very best and most fun to play with crafting supplies!

      • lisa says:

        yeah i can see myself being very happy in this subclique

      • Edminster says:

        I know! All these stories just make me like her more.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      My husband and I talk about our pets WAY too much, and we know it and we try to stop, but we can’t. We just know people are pretending not to be fascinated by our witty and amusing stories, you know, just faking that eye glazing over thing. They’re probably jealous. Right? Amiright?

      • SpookySpooks says:

        My mum and dad bore people to death with stories about our dog. We have a pekingese/shih tzu mutt and he is adorable, but they do it way too much. Me and my sister are almost grown up and they treat him like a baby.
        My dad didn’t want such a small dog at first, but now he takes him everywhere, and they look quite funny together because dad is a big manly man. With a tiny white dog.

      • Prettylights says:

        Ha ha, my fiance and I do that too. I turned him into a cat guy when we got a kitten after a year of my begging. Then we got another one six months later. He adores them and when we’re out of town or out for a night he’ll randomly say “What do you think the cats are doing right now? I miss them!” It’s adorable. And yeah, we talk about them way too much, but we’re never going to have kids so that’s pretty much as close as we’re gonna get 🙂

        I kinda want to date Swifty now, our cat conversations would go down in history.

      • Jayna says:

        They are thinking, “Will she please just shut the f’ck up about the damn animals,” all the while smiling and nodding, with theirs eye glazing over, while you’re talking. LOL

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yay! Pet People Unite!

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        @Jayna, lol, I suspect you’re correct. “Not those f*ing pet stories again, noooooo….”

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Just tonight my husband and I were having an in depth conversation about our pets and my daughter asked if we talked about them (our kids) as much. We don’t. Our bad.

    • EEV says:

      Must be a pet owner thing. If I could, I’d talk all day and all night about my kittehs. Unless I’m actually with them, in which case I’m squeezing and hugging and kissing them with no time or desire to talk to anyone else.

      Happy to announce that I’ve successfully turned my husband into a cat person… at least for our 2 cats. He’s still got a way to go before he reaches my absurd level of kitty-obsession.

      • Prettylights says:

        Did the same with my fiance…. he’s almost more crazy-cat-lady than me at this point, and before we got a kitten he had no interest in cats at all. Now he follows Emergency Kittens on twitter and has to show me cute cat pics randomly. He hugs ours, sings them songs, and is all excited that one of our boys turned into his lap cat. The other one is a Mommy’s boy and only snuggles with me.

        Getting home from work and having our cats greet me at the door, follow me around, and generally be happy to see me is so nice… There would be a big hole in my life without those silly animals. They make me laugh every day, even when I’m in the worst mood.

    • Bucky says:

      My friends and I talk about animals all the time. We all love animals and have several, we don’t have kids yet – and many of us don’t want them – so, I mean, animals it is! They’re funny and loving and entertaining and you can leave them alone to go to the bar! What’s not to love?

      Also, my boyfriend is the crazy cat lady in our relationship. He finally broke down and got instagram when we adopted three stray kittens this past year, solely to document their lives.

  6. SpookySpooks says:

    O leave the girl alone. She’s super successful, she seems to have her life together, and she has been single for over a year. But she’s boring and needy, the horror. I hate the fact that the media are trying to make such a young girl into a spinster. If she was a guy no one would care.
    When Cumberbatch takes his mum to a flower show that’s adorable, but was he a woman the story would be so different.

    • Lollipop says:


    • AlexandraJane says:

      Totally agree, great post.

    • OhDear says:


    • Mixtape says:

      Yes! Apparently if you’re a 20-something success these days and not in the midst of a drug-addled, psychological meltdown, you’re SO BORING that boys break up with you, and you have nothing left in your life but cats and a glue gun. This is exactly the message we should be sending to every teenage girl.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      If you’re going to be 25 years old in a scant few months and your life revolves around whining about how “boys” victimize you because you’re such a clueless princess and pap-strolling around Manhattan in stilettos after “workouts” to court the attention of your adoring public, then no, you don’t have your life as together as some may believe. If she had some aspect of her life which she spotlighted for attention other than her fake love life, then perhaps the media would talk about it.
      Complaining that the media unfairly pays attention to Taylor Swift’s love life is like complaining that the media unfairly pays attention to the Kardashians’ butts.

      • Lex says:

        Most of the stuff you mention about her is tabloid spin. Since when is she a ‘clueless princess’? When has anyone ever made an accusation like that?

        She knows her stories about failed relationships will sell and sell BIG. That’s pretty savvy really. Regardless of if it’s tired or ‘pathetic’, girl is making BANK so she knows exactly what she is doing.

  7. TheCountess says:

    I think she looks pretty but definitely deflated. Maybe they just weren’t what she expected.

    What’s wrong with talking about your kitties?? 🙂

  8. val says:

    Why does her face look like she is full of hot air? Did she get fillers?!

  9. Daria says:

    Probably was a push up bra

  10. boodiba says:

    That’d be me on dates, if I still went on them! It’d be my cat and working out… Luckily for me I make no claims to be scintillating.

    • grimsfairytale says:

      Oh my god, me too. How much I’m lifting, what workouts I’m doing, my macros, sweet potatoes fries, and the things my cats do. Those are the things I care about. Hahaha.
      Our mutual conversation would be EPIC.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Lol. Sounds kinda fun to me, especially if you share the sweet potato fries.

      • grimsfairytale says:

        Girl, I will bake you THE BEST sweet potato fries. Better than any restaurant, and healthier 😄

  11. paranormalgirl says:

    I wish I looked that good after leaving the gym. This morning I deigned to make an appearance at my gym, and went back to the office with wet hair, yoga pants, and a t-shirt (it’s a no patient paperwork day.)

    • Nick says:

      Two reasons why you do not:

      1) You actually work out and
      2) You are normal.

    • grimsfairytale says:

      Just another of the many reasons I work out at home. I’m not just a weird introverted cat lady, I also don’t want to feel jealous over someone’s bouncy hair and pretty nikes while I’m dying from hiit.

  12. LC says:

    She’s just way too cutesy for my taste. There’s nothing wrong with being cutesy, and if she loves it, good for her. I just can’t stand it. That look on her face in the first photo is just so… “Look how adorable I know I am.” Blech

  13. Allie says:

    I’m sorry but I find her pap walks out of the gym way too ridiculous to even focus on her being needy on dates. Obviously she’s doing something wrong dating since she can’t keep a long term relationship (whether she’s picking the wrong people or really is needy and boring, I do the same thing). But how is no one getting bored of her doing the same thing for months?! She just strolls from the car to the building in her ridiculous get ups. After I work out, my face is red for like an hour, yet she looks fresh as a daisy. Are people just so used to her, posing so hard?

  14. NEENAZEE says:

    Her face looks bloated and extra chin-sy in these pics… looks like smoothies and primping to me.

  15. Nick says:

    She looks like a doll, though Taylor would take that as a complement, it’s not.

  16. FingerBinger says:

    Taylor is talking about her cats,big deal. At least she’s not talking about her beanie baby collection or her Barbie dolls.

  17. Nick says:

    That girl in the leggings and sunglasses is hot. Who is she?

  18. grimsfairytale says:

    What I learned reading this:
    1. That guy sucks.
    2. I want Taylor to teach me how to make jam (like the grandmother I never had) while we talk about cats and crafting with mason jars.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yeah, come to think of it, that guy does totally suck. How rude to tell everybody that.

      • grimsfairytale says:

        Yeah. He does. It’s a date, it didn’t work out, and he sounds bitter.
        Another poster said that he probably wasn’t bringing anything to the table. It’s like, own up to the fact that you didn’t have a good date and its partially your fault. Then get over it and the fact that your dream date with the star didn’t work.
        He also could have been a big bore/boar (we know he’s already rude and disrespectful) and she wanted to ensure she’d never have to talk to him again!
        He sure talks big, implying HE is the prize! Haha.
        It’s just not cool to air the details of a date this way, no matter who it’s with.

  19. dorothy says:

    Her and her career seem to be falling by the wayside. Only thing you ever hear about her are mundane, uninteresting things.

    • Thor says:

      Haha, No. Other acts wish they had her career. Taylor’s new album is due to be announced any day now. In August she’ll be in the new movie “The Giver” with Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges. She’s performing new music at the MTV VMA’s also in August. She’s headlining the iHeartRadio multi-act concert in September. Right now she is “between albums”. But an all-new Taylor media blitz for her new 5th album will be happening very, very soon. She’s going to be everywhere in a few months.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I don’t think that’s what’s really going on, dorothy. She’d gotten too old for the lovesick teenager image, and people were getting fed up with her. The solution? Take some time off from dating and find ways to bring attention to her friendships, her pets, her hobbies, her clothes – things that make her look like a more rounded person and that an older group of fans can identify with. Then promote her new movie, then release her new album, which presumably will have more mature content on it.

      I do find the pap strolls a little irritating, but realistically speaking, I’m paying a lot more attention to them than the average person who might go to see The Giver or buy her next album. Among most people I know, Taylor’s image seems to be improving. The last time I heard someone mention her in person, the general sentiment was that she’s become less annoying.

  20. Jayna says:

    I miss my cat who died three years ago. He was spectacular in every way. I knew I loved him when I picked him up and held him in my arms at the Petsmart adoption day and he gazed into my eyes with that thin, pointy face and big eyes and so comical looking with those massive, oversized ears, and reached up and touched my cheek with his paw. RIP, sweet buddy.

    • Christin says:

      Paw prints on the heart forever.

      I could chat about cats and dogs for hours. I could also talk about heirloom gardening for long periods of time. Count me in as boring.

      • Jayna says:

        LOL I just stick talking about my animals to like-minded people. We love to hear the latest cute stories about each other’s pets, especially cat lovers, and I know not to bore people who could care less. When I got my puppy, I did have relatives put off that I wouldn’t leave her at home and brought her everywhere. I was single and my first puppy, and I brought her to Thanksgiving and Christmas and reunions because there’s no way she would stay alone in someone else’s home while away. Looking back I guess I was neurotic, but I was a first-time mother (dog mother) in my 20s. LOL I do admit I don’t care much about other people’s dog stories unless I love their puppy or dog, because my dog was the sweeetest, spunkiest, most beautiful and special dog in the world LOL. She turned me into a dog lover, She’s sixteen and blind now. I’m facing losing her in a year or two probably as she’s outlived her stated lifespan already, and it’s overwhelming when I think about it.

      • Christin says:

        Enjoy the time you have with your older dog. I lost my 16 year old pound puppy three years ago after she had a very tough year. I worried about her, yet we really did have some special times as her days grew shorter. I miss her. Yet new doors opened for me pet-wise. I have taken in several rescues, and it’s been great to help them recover from the neglect they had. I had planned to get a bunch of pets upon retirement, but opportunity came earlier and it’s great.

    • Pandy says:

      Oh Jayna, you’ve made me cry.

      • CatJ says:

        Oh Jayna, I lost my 13 year old Lhasa 6 years ago and I still choke up. I was the same as you, first time dog owner, and now can’t get enough of dogs. I am dog sitting a 13 year old bishon who is blind and deaf, but super fit and she can out-walk me any time.
        I attached a link to a website that you may enjoy.

  21. Elise says:

    Ah, yes. Another day, another “workout” sighting of Twee Swift.

  22. Abbicci says:

    Has her face always been this chipmunky? She looks bloated from the neck up.

  23. Mean Hannah says:

    If I’m walking down a street in Manhattan and have to stop because a celebrity is coming out of a gym – and then wait as she takes 5 steps to her waiting car – so that paps can take her pictures, I’d be SO annoyed. They must all be tourists to stop like that and part the sea for Taylor.

    So many cat ladies here – hooray! I can also talk about my cat nonstop and have/do Skype with her when I’m away for more than a night.

  24. jwoolman says:

    One guy I knew always laughed at people who kept telling stories about their cats and couldn’t understand why they did– until he started living with a cat. Before long, he became what he had mocked.

  25. Illyra says:

    Whatever the method she used to go back to a more flat-chested look, I’m thinking the *reason* for it has something to do with her friendship with Karlie Kloss… she wanted them to look more alike.

  26. taxi says:

    But the shoes! Too small doesn’t look good.

    Maybe she just had too much salt over the last few days but yes, that face is very puffy.

  27. Peachy says:

    This sounds right – the only men Taylor “dates” are not interested in puss-ies!

  28. Dre says:

    Do you really think Taylor got breast implants put in, but then later removed them? That seems rather extreme. Not necessarily that she would get them in the first place, but that she would have multiple surgeries on her chest to keep changing her looks.

  29. Selina says:

    You can tell all this is true just by observing her. I always thought that whenever she went through a breakup.