Chrissy Teigen thinks cats are ‘the devil’s children,’ laments her ‘concave’ tush

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Chrissy Teigen appears in the September issue of Esquire. She did a photo shoot where she’s wearing a bikini and pretending to use a push mower. There are booby shots at Esquire’s site. This shoot is supposed to match the sexy yet funny vibe that Chrissy emits on Twitter where she’s a controversial figure. Chrissy is probably the biggest Twitter troll who ever lived. She enjoys trolling the trolls, and half a million followers enjoy watching her do it. Some people find her too abrasive. Many others think she’s hilarious. She’s also very self aware. Here’s a quickie interview with Esquire:

The off-line Chrissy: “I’m much nicer in person than on Twitter.”

She hates posing at the beach: “Sand is disgusting. I get all Larry David at the beach and want every piece of sand off me.”

Her pet preferences: She likes cats, even though they are “the devil’s children,” and she’s not sure why people choose them as pets. “People love to say, ‘My cat is great. He’s just like a dog.’ I always think, Well, get a f—ing dog!”

She digs cheese: She believes American cheese is the most “underrated cheese.”

She doesn’t like Chipotle: “If I’m going to eat fast food, I’m going to McDonald’s. I don’t need to pretend.”

She went on a Master Cleanse once: “I looked at a Wheat Thin one day and got teary-eyed. You know those cartoons where the head of somebody becomes a turkey? That Wheat Thin looked like a f—ing turkey. My mouth was watering.”

Her booty problems: “I didn’t know butts were a thing until I was twenty-three. Then came Jennifer Lopez and people were like, ‘That butt is great.’ Now you have to have a butt. It sucks for me. I have a little half-Asian butt, and the more I work out, the more I try to get it bigger, it’s just going to get flatter and harder. That’s concave.”

[From Esquire]

Where to start? I like dogs better than cats, but that’s only because I am very resistant to the idea of litter boxes. I’m a diagnosed OCD germaphobe and have sought professional help to deal (although it hasn’t helped). Yes, I know that dogs eat poop, but I don’t kiss my dog, so I can rationalize that fact away. Anyway, I think calling cats “the devil’s children” is a bit of an exaggeration. Cats are beautiful creatures. I admire them from afar, but I’ll never have one as a pet. My toddler dog would probably eat a cat anyway.

On the subject of Chrissy’s tush: She’s forever complained about having no tush. Her SI: Swim cover proved that her tush does exist even if it’s on the small side. Nicki Minaj recently made fun of Chrissy’s tush, which was very weird.

Chrissy threw the first pitch at a Dodgers game on Tuesday night (you can see a video here). A comparison chart shows that she did very well compared to various other celebrities throwing ceremonial pitches. You know, despite the fact that she tweeted about being “pretty drunk” right before she threw the pitch. She also freaked out Drew Butera before the game. Drunk pitch accomplished.

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  1. LadyMTL says:

    Hahaha, this actually makes me like her more. I have a cat (he’s an old fart who’ll be 14 next month) and yes, I sometimes think he has to be the spawn of some demon or another. :P I also agree with her on the whole sand at the beach thing, I’m the exact same way…I hate it when sand sticks to me and I will spend an hour brushing every last grain off of me, lol.

  2. Kiddo says:

    Aww, Bedhead, I feel bad for you. It can’t be easy.

    She looks completely uncomfortable, out of her element, in the grass mowing shot. It’s a silly pose and styling. Actually, she looks pretty tense in all the photos, now that I look closer.

    • homegrrrl says:

      I’m sorry but people with phobias are tense- she’s afraid of cats and sand? That would freak me out to be near someone like this. Is she afraid of dolphins too? Ugh. Can’t.

      • ozmom says:

        She didn’t say she’s afraid of cats and sand. She just doesn’t care for them. I don’t like carrots but I’m not afraid of them 😉

      • jaye says:

        She didn’t say she was afraid of cats or sand. She made a joke about cats and she said she hates to have sand on her. How did you make the leap from what she actually said to her having phobias?

  3. Jac says:

    I was indifferent to her a few months ago, but she’s growing on me. She just seems very real and down to earth.

    • Kosmos says:

      I like her, too….she does come off as very authentic and I like her and John Legend as a couple !! About her butt…years ago, small cute butts were very popular. As of late, the huge butts are popular, but only for some people. By the way, I hate big butts as in Nicki Minaj, KK, and JLo…I think they’re too big, and these same women have big hips to go with the big butt.

  4. K says:

    Don’t you have to pick up their crap anyways? I prefer using a pooper scooper (LOL) instead of touching it, albeit through a plastic bag. I love my cat and even though she’s SUCH a diva I like being able to not have to deal with her ALL the time. She does her own thing most of the time and snuggles when she wants to. I think it depends on what each person is willing to deal with and how the animal fits in your life.

    • Eleonor says:

      ahaha cats are divas !!! My blackqueen could make Beyoncé and Mariah look like humble peasants.

    • Sullivan says:

      Yeah, I have a cat and a dog. In both cases, poop must be dealt with…

      • Nicolette says:

        Isn’t that the truth, I have two cats and a dog and if I had a dollar for every nugget I have had to pick up or scoop everyday I’d be pretty well off.

    • Mingy says:

      I hear you, as my dog is a bottomless pit of need.

      • ozmom says:

        Lol, Mingy! I have five who are bottomless pits of need all in different ways. Food, pets, frisbee, etc. Always something with those rascals!

    • Lady Macbeth (Hiddles F) says:

      Yes, that is what I thought….
      We just got a cat after we had a dog for several years. No matter what pet you have, you need to pick their ‘belongings’ up, I wouldn’t like to even have my garden plastered with those ‘souvenirs’. Same for the amount of hair all over the place….

      • aang says:

        My cats go outside to pee and poop, and where they poop is a mystery to me. So unless the weather is really bad the litter boxes stay clean and I never have to deal with it.

      • Sabrine says:

        I babysit my son’s dogs and they’re sweet and adorable, but oh so needy. If I even look like I might be going toward the kitchen, they make eye contact and try to lure me there. It never ends.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Seriously. You have to pick up the poop AND deal with the embarrassment of your dog sniffing the butt and genitals of other dogs in public.
      I love dogs but I’ll never have one as a pet. Cats seem much cleaner and I appreciate their saucy attitudes.

      And yes, some cats ARE The Devil’s Children. My older cat is a delight-she understands personal boundaries, gives me space, and demands nothing except for the occasional pet and a treat here and there. My younger one destroys EVERYTHING (I caught him eating Styrofoam the other day), follows me everywhere (literally), and is so food-obsessed that he’ll shove his older sister out of the way to get to her food.

      So Teigan knows what she’s talking about.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Your cats are so adorable, I’m sure you can’t stay mad if they misbehave.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh yeah it’s impossible. They both OWN my ass, it’s pathetic.

      • sigh((s)) says:

        Yes! I love cats. They’re sassy and independent, just like me ;)
        Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs, just in small doses. I can’t handle the constant neediness. Funny, I can’t handle men like that either…

      • Michelle says:

        One of my cats eats Styrofoam too. I let her do it until I found out how bad it is for the cat.

    • Wren says:

      That’s exactly why I’m a cat person. Cats don’t need 24/7 love and attention, they’re more than happy to eff off and do their own thing and don’t look at you with eyes full of confused desperation when you want to be alone. My cat also doesn’t need to go out in all weathers to relieve herself, she can do that on her own schedule just as I can clean up after her (mostly) on my own schedule.

      And dogs don’t purr and purring is the best.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Dogs don’t need to be with you 24/7 unless they have separation anxiety issues. Dogs are pack animals, yes, but they aren’t THAT dependent!

      • Wren says:

        Every dog I’ve ever met requires WAY more attention than my cat does even on her neediest days. I like to be alone too so I mesh well with cats.

  5. Eleonor says:

    Lately my boyfriend has started to call THE QUEEN “Satan” but I swear she is adorable.

    • Mingy says:

      Every time I see my neighbor’s cat, I think “DIABLO!!!”..Seriously, the look it shoots at me sometimes, scary.

  6. mom2two says:

    I can’t say I take a strong stance on the cats versus dogs debate as I love both. We have a small yard and not much room for a dog, I do miss having one.
    I do have a cat who will greet you at the door and she will walk my husband to the door as he leaves for work.

  7. paola says:

    I thought Nicki Minaj bought herself that big butt. Why is she making fun of other people’s butt then? It’s not like she was born with that. Unless Kris Jenner gave birth to her. *sarcasm*

  8. FLORC says:

    She must be part time self aware because the domestic abuse pic, vagberries, wedding photos of her rolling on the ground, or really anything she does that gets criticism. She seems baffeled as to why people don’t think it’s funny. Hardly selfaware.

    There’s nothing concave about her backside. There are some girls that claim they have no bottom. Just a very long back, but she takes it to concave and that sounds like she’s endlessly fishing for a compliment.
    She always struck me as a girl who needs to be the center of attention.

    • bloopuy says:

      I think anyone who poses for pictures mowing a lawn in a bathing suit and stiletto heels might just want at least a *little* attention.

      • FLORC says:

        Well, i’ll leave that to the photographer and the article. She likely had little say in that.

        Karen below.
        That she does these things only shows how much self awareness she’s lacking. That a comment like that and her many others could be funny? No. She’s awful.

    • karen says:

      Not to mention calling a 9 year old child a cocky brat, and other women whores ON TWITTER and then acting like everyone else is being sensitive. Can’t stand her… she is the ultimate attention seeker, who thinks she’s the funniest person in the room. Ugh.

    • MaiGirl says:

      Exactly. I find her aggressively annoying and not nearly as funny as she thinks she is.

  9. NickT says:

    Can’t cats be trained to use the toilet?

  10. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I liked her in this interview, though I think she has done questionable things in the past.

    My husband and I love our cat to death, but we say “dogs are from heaven, cats are from hell” too, when our cat walks across our faces in the morning to wake us up. Litter boxes are the worst.

    I also hate sand. I once thought it would be really sexy to make love on the beach in the moonlight. Ouch. Not sexy. More like excruciating.

    • Amanduh says:

      Hahaha…did you make a pearl?! All that sand, all those crevasses… ;)

    • Kat says:

      A dog would lick your face with bad breath, i prefer my cat just walking across it.

    • Kiddo says:

      Since I ain’t a saint, I’m partial to the devil’s children, but I love animals, nearly all of them. Baby elephants are even cuter than baby people, IMO. See, I guess I’m a devil spawn, myself.

      I hear you on the beach tryst. A good blanket is a must.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Baby animals are so effin cute.

        Some of my favorite animals are red pandas, sloths, fennec fox, and sand cats.
        Those are just a few.

      • Kiddo says:

        No baby elephants? They kill me, their cuteness is almost unbearable.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        No, I was adding on to your list:

        1) baby elephants
        2) baby red pandas


        I wish I was watching baby animal videos on youtube right now.

        And stoned of course.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        There are red pandas? Learn something new every day! EDIT: Wow, they are adorable! What a beautiful animal! I’m in LOVE!

        Did you see the baby deer video on Links the other day? It was so adorable, and would start crying if the construction worker stopped rubbing its belly.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Love baby animal videos. So good right before you go to sleep.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        No Tiffany! I MUST see the baby deer! No baby animal video must be left un-watched!

    • Lady Macbeth (Hiddles F) says:

      Don’t know, both cat and dog have always been left out of our bedroom… So unless my hubby wakes up and leaves the door open, I have no pets walking on my face in the morning hahaha

      I hate sand as well… Lol I had that sexy idea too many years ago, awful experience!

    • Wren says:

      I’ve never understood sex on the beach either. Sand in my crack is NOT sexy thankyouverymuch! Whenever I see those beach shots with the models all greased up and covered in sand I cringe. Or the posed making out on a beach “romantic” pics. All I think about is SAND. EVERYWHERE.

  11. Beatrice says:

    When I lived in Chicago and saw my neighbors walking their dogs in rain, snow, ice, and even blizzards, I thanked my lucky stars that I just had to go into the warm laundry room and use a scooper for the cats’ litterbox.

  12. Beth says:

    Never trust a person who hates cats.

    • Kiddo says:

      True. And never trust a person your cat hates. THEY KNOW THINGS.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:


      • eliza says:


      • Chris says:

        They DO!! I think scientists will suss out cats’ intuition one day. It’s like they can smell intentions, I am convinced of it.
        I have never heard of this woman before….but she must allow Ceiling Cat into her life, and quell this ‘devil’ talk! ;)

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:


      • Isa says:

        I love cats but they don’t care for me. I don’t understand it. Why won’t you love me?!? I did have a cat that was mine and only mine, but I haven’t had that bond since. :(
        Cats love my husband and he doesn’t even care for them. He’s more of a dog person. I think it’s his hands. Dude knows how to pet.

      • MaiGirl says:

        So agree! The only person my older cat ever bit was my insane cousin–my cat bit her three times, and she is NOT a biter! My cousin was visiting from another state, and since we are similar ages and under a bit of family pressure to make friends, I suggested she stay with me since I had a spare bedroom so we could get to know each other. Huge mistake! My cat knew before I did. :)

      • Eve says:

        @ Kiddo:

        Agree on both accounts.

      • FLORC says:

        My Grandmother had a cat. This cat chased me around the house the moment my Grandmother took a nap. Pure evil this thing. This cat would have slaughtered that man from my cat from hell or whatever that show is.
        Point is some cats are evil for the sake of being evil.

      • Caz says:

        oh so true. cats know people. unless they’re evil then all bets are off. our cat once gave us an evil look and we were scared for an hour. she then returned to normal.

        dogs just wag their tails and look happy at everyone.

        PS not interested in Teigen…she seems very fame/ attention seeking. I get that she’s married to someone famous and wealthy and probably has a very nice life. Isn’t that enough for her?

      • mayamae says:

        @Isa, your story is pretty common. Cats don’t like being stared at. People who like cats tend to watch them on visits, which can intimidate the cat. Conversely, those disinterested in cats tend to ignore them – giving them the confidence to approach. Of course, this isn’t true of all cats. Try ignoring the next one you’re interested in and see if that encourages the cat to engage you.

      • Trishizle says:

        I read a book about psychopaths and it said that psychopaths dont like cats as cats will not do what you want them to do unlike dogs. I always get suss now when you hear someone say that they dont like cats.

      • Nicolette says:

        Yes they do! My husband never had a good relationship with his brother. On two separate occasions when he stopped by, our cat Gravy (RIP) went ballistic on his ass. She came charging at him from across the room both times like she never did with anyone else in her 14 years. Animals can be better judges of character than most people.

      • Chris says:

        How can we ignore the case of Hermione Granger’s cat Crookshanks? He sussed out the presence of a do-badder immediately. Good enough testimony for me!!

  13. Lis says:

    What an idiot. I have cats instead of dogs because dogs act like my grade nine boyfriend -entirely smothering. I couldn’t break up with him fast enough … I like my space. ;)

    • Sojourner says:

      Not all dogs act like that though. My miniature schnauzers have been quite independent.

    • mayamae says:

      @Lis, I would agree with you – in the daytime. At night, my dog crashes and is out for the night. My cat has to be right next to me and manages to hit me with his tail even when I push him away. He also has the tendency to stand over me and stare – it can be a little creepy.

  14. Kat says:

    I used to live with a guy who said cats where evil too its such an outdated superstitious point of view its positively medieval.
    Cats can be just as loyal as dogs it depends on the personality of the cat.
    Remember the cat that rescued a little boy from a dog?

  15. Jarredsgirl says:

    Thanks Beth, I don’t. I’ve grown up around cats and they are beautiful creatures. Nothing satanic or devilish about them what so ever and it annoys me when people perpetuate this idea that cats are evil or scary. They’re sweet little angels!!!! And hello!! Introduce them to the outside world if you don’t like kitty litters…. Cats don’t have to stay indoors and they will do their business outside if you show them that it’s ok to go outside.

    • Kat says:

      Exactly. Outside cats don’t even use the cat litter box, they usually don’t like going in it.

    • HappyMom says:

      I can’t let our cats go outside-too many coyotes and cars (SoCal) so I’m stuck with the litter box. That was my favorite part of being pregnant-my husband had to clean it.

  16. BengalCat2000 says:

    She sounds fun, hate the pics, but she seems approachable.
    I grew up with dogs and cats. I would love to have a private zoo actually. However, I’ve kept cats my entire adult life & am obsessed with my Bengal rescue kitty. It’s like I have Wild Kingdom in my living room!

  17. eliza says:

    Life long dog and cat owner here and I hate when people try to be funny regarding labeling animals a certain way.

    I never trust a person who has a strong dislike of a certain animal.

    People are way more evil than cats could ever be.FACT!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I think I’m guilty of doing this a lot with my younger one and feeding into the widespread cat-hating perception that cats are “evil.”
      I’ll stop doing that.

      …..but he is slightly evil. And super-cuddly too. He’s evil and cuddly and cute.

      • eliza says:

        Oh Kitten, we ALL label our animals as “evil” at one time or another, because the little manipulators CAN BE.

        I guess my post was poorly written. I was more or less speaking about people who have never been around cats at all and label them devils, wicked or evil and are serious about it but say it like a joke.

        Don’t stop being you. Lol. I just called my dog “wicked” the other day but was totally laughing when I did it.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I do say that about my cat, but I’m totally kidding. I love all animals and agree they are generally nicer than a lot of people.

      • eliza says:

        I worded my post poorly. I meant people who have never been around animals labeling them.

        Heck, any pet own KNOWS our pets can be little monsters at times and that is why we love them so!

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Oh, yes, I agree with all.

  18. Sal says:

    If you’re OCD, it doesn’t make sense to prefer dogs over cats. Dogs carry more germs, don’t bury their droppings and require you to pick them up, something you don’t need to do with cats. Also cats are extremely hygienic. They wash themselves, dogs need a human to wash them and they stink of that doggy smell, then there is drool etc. You’d think if you have OCD, you’d pick a clean animal like a cat, not a dog. I’m a bit funny about getting my hands dirty (I hate hate HATE touching doorknobs, I just have to wash my hands each time), and I never pat dogs, for that reason. Dogs stink and the ‘doggy smell’ on my hands makes me nauseas and I cannot put up with dog doo anywhere I step outside, or bathing them. Cats are ideal for neat freaks and OCDers. Dogs tend to be an OCDer’s worst nightmare.

    • Bedhead says:

      That’s the thing — OCD doesn’t make sense. It’s very selective & every case varies.

    • Kiddo says:

      Now you’re going to give the poor woman more fears.

      • Bedhead says:

        Ha! Don’t worry about it. My mind already thinks what it’s going to think. I’m fine with dog poop & germs, oddly enough. I just don’t want a box of poop *in my house.*

    • mayamae says:

      @Sal, I see your point, but dogs don’t get up on the counters and kitchen table, so there is that. I have both, so I’m not taking sides.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Oh for the love of God. Do you actually think that’s how it works?

  19. savu says:

    I LOVE that navy swimsuit and I need it.

    I don’t think that was an extreme statement at all. I have two big dogs and the kids I nanny for recently got a kitten. The only time I don’t hate it is when it’s asleep on me, which is actually often because that way the kids don’t annoy the crap out of it. Yesterday one of the kids brought the cat to me saying “you love him!” (aka she doesn’t want to watch him anymore and won’t put him in their very nice basement where he had free roam and doesn’t have to be watched.) Um no kid. “Not hating” is not love.

  20. Ag says:

    hahaha, i totally agree with her. cats are pretty much the devil. or i might be just viewing them through a lens of my allergies and germo/litter phobia.

  21. Cali says:

    I have such an irrational dislike of her. I think it started back when she’d Tweet all the “pay attention to me” type stuff. Before that she was never on my radar. That said, she sounds much more tolerable in this interview.

  22. Ellie66 says:

    She is very like able and funny. I’m a dog person my sister is a cat person it suits her personality (lazy, chill, likes to sleep) the dogs (pugs) suit mine (energetic, love outdoors and to eat) ;)

  23. J says:

    That comment about not knowing butts were a thing until she was twenty-three is… bizarre. She’s 28, and Jennifer Lopez came along 15 years ago, not 5 years ago.

  24. Becks says:

    I’m a dog person all the way! They require much more attention , but the love and loyalty they give you is incredible. Dogs rule!
    I can appreciate cats from afar, but I had a bad experience with one as a child. So I agree with her, they are thr devil’s spawn! LOL
    Besides, I find litter boxes disgusting. I can’t deal with “that” inside my house!
    Pets are wonderful and I can’t imagine my life without my pup , but it’s so important to choose which kind best suits your lifestyle.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      “I had a bad experience with one as a child”

      ^^^This is every cat-hater I know. I’m not trying to single you out but I urge you to give cats a second chance because not every cat is mean.

      I got bitten by a golden retriever when I was a kid. It was right before my first trip to France and I had to get tetanus shot and everything. Goldies were STILL my favorite dog (this one was just very crazy and mean) until they were edged out of first place by Bernese Mountain Dog.

      So I’m just saying–give kitties another shot! ;)

      • Chris says:

        Srsly, TOK. so true.
        Admittedly I’m a textbook cat lady, but bias aside, cats are the proof of the power of love. A cat treated with affection can astonish us by revealing a naturally loving nature.
        It’s like they come into the world expecting ill-treatment, and when they find they can relax and trust their human, they revel in being actively affectionate with us and with each other.
        (Nope….still can’t manage an unemotional comment re cats…..dayum!)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        This completely. They make you work for it, you have to earn it, but once you have their love, they’re the sweetest furballs you could imagine.

      • MaiGirl says:

        My younger cat was a soft feral who had likely been abused. When I first adopted him, he hid from me, hoarded food in little piles behind the furniture, and would hiss at me and try to scratch me if I made sudden movements. After some TLC, he is the sweetest, most loving animal ever. He is so affectionate and empathetic. When my other cat was sick, he stood vigil by her, nuzzling and licking her to give her comfort. Despite his rough childhood, by tabby boy is all heart!

      • Becks says:

        Original Kitten, I agree, not all cats are mean. My friend has a Scottish Fold who is the sweetest little thing. I just have always had a fear of them turning on you for no reason. I know, it’s something that I have to get over. I’m just uneasy around most cats, which is why I keep my distance. Oh well. Maybe in time, it’ll be easier.
        I need to hang out with my friend’ s cat more ofte! :-)

  25. Mike says:

    I love Chrissy Teigen and her perswona. I think she is much more calm in person or she would not have any friends but her attitude on Twitter is refreshing. She has a future doing some sort of Chelsea Lately type talk show if she wants

  26. AlmondJoy says:

    I always thought she was slightly petty and starved for attention, but she really doesnt bother me.

    About cats… they make me nervous lol. They are beautiful to look at but I always feel they are staring into my soul and reading ny innermost thoughts. There’s a cat that sits staunchly in the window of the apartment below us. He never moves or blinks, he just stares deeply as I walk up to the building lol.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yikes. Lol. Unnerving.

      • Chris says:

        There’s something on the www about this very thing right now: some guy received a message of complaint from his neighbour about his misbehaving cat. The message was accompanied by a photo of the cat, peering in through tbe neighbour’s window, and making him nervous.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I know what you mean, Almondjoy. My cats will often stare, wild-eyed at something that I cannot see. Not a bug, not an object..but like, (*in Haley Joel Osment voice*) “I see dead people”-style.

    • Kiddo says:

      He might love you and find you fascinating or just an enigma. Years ago, one of my cats (now gone) did this to my dad when he would visit. Would just sit and stare. Never a threat, I think possibly enamored with him.

    • AlmondJoy says:

      GoodNames: Yes it is. It creeps me out. When my neighbors first moved in, I would wave at the cat. But after months and months of staring, I’m just nervous. I’m like whyyyyyy

      Chris that is hilarious! 😂

      TOK finally someone who understands!! Lol. I really want to change my stance on cats though.. I’ve always been creeped out by stares so I don’t see it happening any time soon 😭

      Kiddo really?? Is it possible that he could love me without knowing me? That’s amazing!

      • Kiddo says:

        Maybe. My dad is gentle, quiet, minds his own business, and doesn’t actively seek out the animal attention. For whatever reason, that cat was drawn to him, like a magnet. When I think about it a little more, it seems like most animals he has come in contact with like him or find him interesting.

      • Chris says:

        Umm, had this ‘cat’ ever moved? Ha ha.
        But in all seriousness, if it’s not actually hissing, take it that you are considered OK. Indoor cats anyway seem to spend hours staring out in a trance, quite possibly watching some interior scene of broad prairies abounding in very slow rabbits, so don’t worry! If the cat had any weird animus against you it would thwack its tail against the window, at the very least. :)

  27. Tiffany :) says:

    I don’t really like the dog vs. cat wars that erupt in stories like these, but I know most people aren’t super serious. I think both types of animals have the potential to be demons or angels. I think being a responsible and caring pet owner can be a completely rewarding experience no matter if you have cats, dogs, or both. I am drawn to dogs more because I grew up with them and understand their nature, but I have met so many delightful cats in my day. Lots of love to all the furry creatures.

    In good news, Los Angeles shelters killed 1/3 fewer animals this year from last because of adoption efforts. Yay!

    • Amanduh says:

      I must say I love your comments!! Always rational, respectful and insightful!!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      That’s great about she LA shelters, Tiff :)

      I agree with you about the dog vs cat debate. I have a lot of friends with dogs and almost all of them lose their sh*t when they visit with my cats just like I go crazy when I see their dogs. We’re just animal-lovers in general.

      Dogs are awesome because you can take them outside and go for runs with them. Cats are awesome because they destroy your furniture and puke on the floor—-no, wait a minute.
      But you know what I mean…

      Oh, and I second what Amanduh said.

      • Kiddo says:

        My one cat, who is gone now, would walk on a leash, outside, on the streets.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “no, wait a minute” LOL! :D

        I agree, animal lovers just love animals. I celebrate that in all its forms. Hugs!

      • Chris says:

        TOK: haha!
        Indeed….I’d imagine a person couldn’t be a crazed admirer of only *one* make of animal, hating all others. So whilst I share my home with cats, I also go out of my way to treat wandering dogs with friendly smiles and hellos. (The poor devils probably wonder what my game is)

    • Becks says:

      I’m so happy to hear that more furry friends are finding homes here in L.A. :)

  28. Ginger says:

    I actually had a cat I named Damien! He was the coolest cat I’ve ever had but he only liked me. He would torture and outsmart everyone else. These days I have one dog and one cat who are buddies. But Chrissy is right, cats are nothing like dogs. I happen to find Chrissy hilarious and not abrasive but I am an outspoken and opinionated person so I can respect that in other folks unless they become too insensitive. As for her saying her butt is flat, I think she looks pretty gorgeous but every model picks themselves apart. I have always had a round booty and used to self conscious about it until I found that it was an admired trait. Then J Lo came along and blam! suddenly it was cool to have a shapely bum. Thank God for her! LOL!

  29. Josefa says:

    If someone says cats come from hell they either don’t know cats at all or know them far too well. I love my cats but they are evil, manipulative little creatures. When they move their ears from side to side apparently doing nothing? Yeah. That’s Satan giving them orders.

    Seriously now, what animal makes a better pet must be the most idiotic discussion to get angry about. Animals are too amazing to be a reason to fight over (unless their rights are in danger, that is). Even if she hated cats, who cares!

  30. Eve says:

    “Her pet preferences: She likes cats, even though they are “the devil’s children,” and she’s not sure why people choose them as pets. “People love to say, ‘My cat is great. He’s just like a dog.’ I always think, Well, get a f—ing dog!””

    What a dumbass. She may have tried to be funny, but that (“cats are devil’s children” and other misconceptions) is one of the MANY reasons cats are abused, tortured, left for dead (in dumpters), thrown away as kittens in plastic bags (to die from suffocation, dehydration or starvation) or thrown away next to busy roads, not rescued right after bein ran over (while I’ve seen many people trying to save dogs under the same circumstances) and killed just for the sake of it.

    This is serious, folks. Here in Brazil, whenever a 13th Friday is approaching (no matter from what month), people who love cats flock to Facebook to warn other cat owners to keep their cats indoors for the fear of them being abused or likely killed. Black cats are often used in black magic here — wanna a graphic example? Some have their mouths sewed (they write the person they want to curse’s name on a piece of paper, shove in the cats’s mouth and sew their mouths so they can’t drink or eat — the point is: the more they suffer, the more successful the “curse” will be).

    And when someone comes up to me and say “My cat is just like a dog”, I think: “Shame…I like cats “catty”". When a dumbass like Teigen says “Well, get a f*cking dog”, she’s in a way sentencing cats to euthanasia — I don’t have the data here, but apparently the dogs to cats ratio in shelters (US alone) shows there are a way more abandoned cats than dogs. In Brazil, the situation is even more dramatic.

    My cats were picked from the streets: starving and hurt. What we call “shelters” here are nothing but a few wonderful people who keep fostering cats, but since most people who want to adopt a new pet usually prefer dogs, the cats end up staying there for the rest of their lives.

    P.S.: We have cats and dogs here in our house — all rescuees. All found in horrible circumstances, all loved in the same way and we only get unconditional love in return — both from our dogs AND CATS.

    P.P.S.: Teigen can kiss my cat-loving ass. Oh, and I’ll try to cut one while she’s doing so.

    • Kiddo says:

      Sad and heartwarming at the same time.

    • FLORC says:

      Never knew. So sad.

      This person is revealing herself to be pretty dumb imo. That get a dog statement wasn’t even funny. I’m sure it was to her. She’s missed the entire point of what was said and why, but takes it for face value and draws a very abbrasive somment out of it.

      She brings nothing good to these threads. I only came because there was animal talk that spilt into another thread…

    • Chris says:

      Sadly true Eve, there’s a very ancient fear and loathing of cats in the darkest psyche of civilsed society still.
      Even in England, where we are supposedly more concerned with our pets than with our kids, casual violence towards cats is somehow less abhorred than harming dogs.
      I imagine that modern cats’ collective memories have almost forgotten their glory days in ancient Egypt, and are full of the horrors visited on pagan practices in the last 2000 years. Tis no wonder cats proceed warily at first. :(

    • mayamae says:

      I’ve heard (here in the U.S.) that shelters avoid adopting out black cats at Halloween and Friday the 13th – precisely to protect them from the freaks looking to hurt them.

  31. Scandy says:

    All of her looks come from her Norwegian father, IMO–including the concave ass. Welcome to being a Scandinavian Chrissy.

  32. Blue says:

    I absolutely adore cats and prefer them to dogs. Newsflash Chrissy some people actually do, that’s why they have cats instead of dogs. And calling them the devils children even in jest is just rude. That’s the kind of thinking that perpetuates negative stereotypes and superstitions about these wonderful creatures.

  33. annie says:

    As if you had a dog V cat argument, when she clearly made a racist comment about her butt? priorities much?