The View tried a conservative co-host, it did not go well (update: hiring news)

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From left to right: S.E. Cupp, Sherri Shepherd and Sunny Hostin this week

The View is switching things up following long term producer Barbara Walters’ departure. We’ve heard that onetime controversial co-host, Rosie O’Donnell, is coming back. This fact did not please Rosie’s former co-host, Fox News’ talking head Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Since Hasselbeck is no longer be on the panel, producers are looking for another conservative woman to pit against Rosie. Conservative panelist S.E. Cupp (from CNN’s Crossfire) has been guest hosting this week. Cupp did a test discussion in front of the studio audience in which Rosie participated. They all got into a heated argument over abortion (they were talking about this story) and even mellow Whoopi got mad and called Cupp out. It sounds like a mess.

The View held mock tapings of the popular morning show on a nearby set Thursday as the final chemistry tests for all the lucky ladies, a source tells Radar.

And the panel included comeback host O’Donnell and current host Goldberg as the veteran View talking heads alongside Cupp and CNN legal expert Sunny Hostin.

“They did 15-minute ‘Hot Topic’ segments,” a source told Radar. “These were all top secret tests, but there was a live audience and everything was being taped.”

When the subject-matter turned to the international controversy involving the Australian couple who wanted their surrogate to abort one of their twins who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, things went awry – and fast.

“They were talking about the difficult decision families have to make. And S.E. said she thought it was ridiculous that abortion has become so easy. And Rosie and Whoopi pounced!” noted the source of what turned into a verbal melee.

“Rosie and Whoopi ganged up S.E. and just went after her. Rosie told her, ‘You’re just rattling off Republican talking points. That’s not what we need,’” recalled the source…

“Rosie told S.E., ‘I will not let this turn into another Elisabeth Hasselbeck situation.

“‘I will not work with another Elisabeth Hasselbeck,’” continued the source, adding that Cupp looked “stunned” and Hostin looked like a “deer caught in headlights.”

“Whoopi said, ‘This isn’t about abortion.’”

Cupp, who kept her cool, responded, “I’m just giving my opinion.”

O’Donnell retorted during the back and forth, “How old are you?” added the source.

Cupp responded, “What does that have to do with anything? That’s irrelevant.”

But the comedienne pressed on with, “‘Why aren’t you answering the question?’” said the source.

“It got so nasty that Whoopi said in front of the live audience, ‘Have you ever had to make that decision?’

“The audience gasped, the executives started freaking out, they had to cut. It was so uncomfortable. It was a massive train wreck,” continued the insider…

Our source said the stormy segment is all caught on tape, but won’t make it to air – and it’s very possible neither will the popular political commentator.

“This killed her chances at this job. S.E. knows she’s out,” said the insider.

But Goldberg wasn’t done with her tongue-lashing – only this time Cupp wasn’t the one in her sights.

According to the source, a short time later while backstage Goldberg told the room of female contenders what she really thinks about the legendary journalist who created the Emmy Award-winning show: “’I’ve been working with a cranky 85-year-old woman who’s mad about everything and I need a break!’” the insider told Radar of her rant. “Now she’s trashing Barbara Walters in front of the girls!”

Drama aside, the ladies at the head of the panel pack on the verge of taking over for Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd are former George W. Bush communications chief Nicole Wallace, veteran news anchor Lauren Sanchez, former assistant U.S. attorney Sunny Hostin and October Gonzalez, added the source.

[From Radar Online]

There have also been rumors that Sarah Palin is in consideration for a spot on The View but you know that Rosie would NEVER let that happen happen.

I remember seeing Whoopi’s HBO comedy special in the early 90s. She told a story about performing an abortion on herself using a coat hanger when she was just a teenager. (She used an alternate persona to tell the story, but it was personal. A biography of Whoopi states that she had four more abortions in her teens until she got sober.) So this topic must be highly personal to Whoopi.

If Rosie is so adverse to having another Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the panel, maybe they should find someone who will never question her. That would be detrimental to ratings, so they’re probably looking for a co-host on the other side of the political fence who will challenge Rosie without pissing her off so much that the mood on the show sours. That’s a fine line and good luck with that.

The View is also changing showrunners. CNN reports that Bill Wolff, the executive producer of MNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, is coming on to replace the current showrunner, Bill Geddie. Geddie has run The View since it started in 1997. The show comes back in September, so we’ll have to see which other two women they pick to fill out the panel. It’s not going to be easy to strike a balance between harmonious and interesting, and they certainly didn’t have that with Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd.

Update: There’s news that The View has hired Nicole Wallace, a political commenter and former White House Director of Communications for George W. Bush, and October Gonzalez, the wife of football player Tony Gonzales. Kaiser knows Wallace from Morning Joe and said she’s decent on that show. She also let me know that Sarah Paulson played Wallace’s character on the HBO movie about Sarah Palin, Game Change. This report comes from Radar Online, and it’s unclear where it originated so I’m not sure it’s official yet. I’ll update when we know for sure.

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  1. JennySerenity says:

    First of all, I would never, ever watch a show with Sarah Palin. But Rosie is flat out crazy liberal, and the litany of stupidity coming out Whoopi’s mouth in recent years has been infuriating; I’m embarrassed for her. Why is anyone still trying to make The View happen? I haven’t watched it in years, nor do most people I know. They’re either in an outside workplace or working their fannies off at home w/ their kids!

    • Erinn says:

      I’m not going to watch the show either way, but Rosie and Whoopie are idiots. I can’t stand them.

      • springingforward says:

        Absolutely agree. The ones they should look at replacing on the View are Rosie and Whoopi. They are unable to articulate their opinion without personally attacking an the individual who holds an opposing view.
        I would much rather watch that Cupp woman, even if I don’t agree with her on everything, because she is intelligent and thoughtful vs. emotional and vengeful.

      • fairyvexed says:

        You’d think a woman who went through all that stuff that Whoopie did—–to the point of risking sepsis—–would spend more time sympathizing with other women. Instead, she does nothing but make excuses for horrible men.

      • fairyvexed says:

        You’d think a woman who went through all that stuff that Whoopie did—–to the point of risking sepsis—–would spend more time sympathizing with other women. Instead, she does nothing but make excuses for horrible men.

        I just had a uterine biopsy, which is a lot like a coat hanger through the cervix, and that HURT. If Whoopie did that to herself FIVE times…..

      • Tessy says:

        @fairyvexed, I had that done too. It was a horrible experience and I was so stressed over it that I got shingles after. When I went in for the appt, the male dr went on about total hysterectomy even before any examination, then he did that to me. I refused to go back for a follow up, saw my family dr instead who told me it is nothing just a benign cyst. That kind of examination is barbaric and I will never agree to it again.

      • Gea says:

        The idea of the show is interesting, putting women together with strong egos to have civilized exchange of options is impossible. Maybe for some viewers it could be entertaining watching women arguing, backstabbing and screaming in order to make a point. I haven’t watch the show since Meredith departure, maybe I have seen few exchanges by flipping the channels between Rosie and Elisabeth and God that was so hard to watch.

      • fairyvexed says:

        Damn my phone, how did that post twice?

        Tessy, I knew I was in for trouble when the nurses started to arrive because basically they were there to hold me down. I’m sorry you had an insensitive doctor. Let’s hope neither of us has to do that again.

    • Wilma says:

      Yes, I don’t like these women representing “the” liberal point of view. There are a lot more articulate and thoughtfull women out there who can do this better.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        +1 to Wilma and Erinn.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree very much. Rosie and Whoopi do not speak for me. I will extend the same logic to conservatives, and guess that their views don’t get accurately represented in these scenarios either.

        I am also wondering WHY are they using a show like The View to discuss such heavy topics? I know they want drama, but talk about Kanye, you know? It just seems like they are trying to do very heavy lifting when they aren’t properly trained for it. The topic deserves so much more nuance and fact than what ANY of them can provide.

        Why would they think they could bring up the most divisive issue in our political climate, and NOT have an epic blow out? How did no one predict this? It was probably intentional to some extent, but why would they think that would be entertaining to a daytime audience?

    • A Different Kate says:

      I’m not sure why Nicole Wallace would sign up for this gig. She’s a long-time Republican operative who is actually an intelligent, accomplished human (She is the one who was charged with “handling” Sarah Palin in 2008, basically threw up her hands and said it is a lost cause and is widely believed to be a major “source” for anti-Palin info). If I were her, there is no way I’d sign on to endure the drivel that comes out of the mouths of Whoopie and Rosie. Life is too short to deal with those two, regardless of your politics.

      • Steph says:

        Nicole Wallace is Republican…whatever that means these days……the GOP is all over the map..they have no leadership…..they are essentially trying to be Democrats…they have no core . Nicole Wallace is an appeaser,she is not a conservative….I really think she wants to be a Democrat like most GOP consultants…they all want a huge federal government so they can keep their Washington cushy high paying jobs.

    • Mike says:

      Rosie O’Donnell is completely intolerant of people with different viewpoints. It is not even that she is passionate; she is intolerant. She will fight with every single person they bring on the show and she will be mean rather than smart. Imagine how good somebody like Rachel Maddow would be on a show like this. She can make her point using her brain rather than trying to intimidate or out scream her opponent.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “It is not even that she is passionate; she is intolerant.”


      • fairyvexed says:

        Steph, if the Republicans are “trying to be Democrats, trying to pass 950, 1000, and 1100 anti-womens’ rights pieces of legislation from 2010 is a damned peculiar way of going about it. Especially seeing as how many of those laws seem to start from the theory that women have abortions like they have manicures and sex: thoughtlessly, recklessly, and on momentary impulse.

    • Steph says:

      I agree about Palin…I lean conservative and Palin hurts the conservative message. She is only in it for the money and her actions do not line up with her rhetoric. She lost me when she left office early and backed McCain in 2012. A strong conservative woman would have never left office early!

    • joan says:

      Aisha Tyler would be perfect — she’s a warm, beautiful, friendly, funny, smart black woman married many years to a white man, she’s politically knowledgeable, and has lots of experience.

      She can get along with people but still be witty.

      • Pepsi Presents...Coke says:

        I don’t know what her husband has to do with anything, but she’s already on a show.

      • Sozual says:

        @Pepsi Presents…Coke

        Yeah I didn’t get that either. What is the mention about the husband for

      • mayamaeI says:

        Aisha is already on CBS’ version of The View – The Talk.

        I don’t get the white husband reference either.

      • Lori says:

        GOing from the Talk to the View would be a backward career move for Aisha. I think she should have at least been discussed for Criag Ferguson’ show.

  2. Bridget says:

    This will go well, I’m sure of it!

    • Rice says:

      Lol! I tried watching it once but I couldn’t understand anything they said because they kept talking over each other.

      • Bridget says:

        Bringing Rosie O’Donnell back shows that they’re still committed to The View being an hour-long shouting match. No thanks.

      • Tessy says:

        I’ve never watched it either for that reason. I hate that screaming and rudeness that goes on in so many talk shows these days. It’s grating, not entertaining.

  3. eliza says:

    I know I will get trashed for this comment but……….why is it that there cannot be BOTH Liberal AND Conservative viewpoints on The P.U?

    I “thought” it was once labeled as a diverse show for women where all “VIEWPOINTS” were welcome, not just the views of Whoopi and Rosie?

    *shrugs* I don’t watch the show anyway, so why do I care. Let The P.U have one sided opinions and viewpoints. It won’t ruin my day.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Why would you get trashed for asking this? That is how the show got started, where different points of view were addressed. They had all sides covered- the liberal, the conservative, the airhead, and the middle person. The problem is that over the years, they have done away with the middle person and only seem to have the extreme of the right and the left plus the airhead.

    • lucy2 says:

      That was the idea for the show in the beginning, I remember the commercials and stuff for it before it started. It was a good idea, but I don’t think they ever lived up to its potential.
      A panel of differing opinions who are willing to listen to each other and discuss rationally would be awesome, but instead they have…this.
      I don’t know why any sane person would want to be on this show.

  4. Cali says:

    I’m all for differing points of view, which is what this show was supposed to be way way back, but I can’t stand how nasty and ridiculous and mean they get. And STILL with all that talking and shouting over each other – it’s the worst. I’d love to watch a respectful group of women with different points of view on a variety of topics. You know, sort of like Celebitchy has going on here! 🙂

  5. Talie says:

    This will only work if they have a conservative like Meghan McCain — someone who is socially liberal.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I think MM would have been great on the show but she turned them down.

    • JennySerenity says:

      Meghan would’ve been great! I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I get so damned tired of Tea Party conservatives like Palin, Coulter, Ted Cruz acting like they represent me. Hellz no!! Please don’t tell me who people can love, nor decide what women can or can’t do w/ their bodies. Rosie, however, is such a rabid dog, she’ll be cutting b*tches right and left when they disagree w/ her.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think someone who was fiscally conservative and socially liberal would do very well in national country-wide politics today, but they wouldn’t survive primary season. Which is a shame, because I feel like that is where most Americans lie.

      • JennySerenity says:

        Well said….my thoughts exactly.

  6. Kiddo says:

    I’m for/pro aborting this show.

  7. Mimi says:

    I cannot STAND Rosie O’Donnel. This is a woman who preaches respect and tolerance yet only utilizes both on people who have similar opinions and interests. Why is it that republican women are expected to “tolerate” democratic views but the same should not be expected in return? Rosie in particular strikes me as a woman who fears anyone who disagrees with her lifestyle and responds like a child who’s toy has been stolen. She isn’t representing her demographic in a productive or positive manner. I, for one would love to see Ellen Degeneres on this show. That would be awesome.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I love Ellen, but I’m not sure that she’s really political or opinionated about anything. She just seems chill.

      In regards to the rest of your comment, I think most liberals here would agree that none of us wants these idiotic hens representing us.
      I agree with you about Rosie–I never liked her, always found her to be really abrasive and petty.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Rosie and Whoopi do not represent this liberal, that is for sure! I think they are both a party of 1.

    • fairyvexed says:

      Republican politics are all about defining some people as human beings——not including “sluts”——and depriving those people as deserving all the bad treatment Republican men dish out. The Republicans promote anti-abortion ignorance, anti-science bigotry, religious fundamentalism that SPECIFICALLY punishes women, and Republican women support this. You toss us liberal women under the bus and then you complain we don’t bother to listen while you justify dehumanizing us?

      • A Different Kate says:

        Fairlyvexed: I am a Republican woman. I do not promote anti-abortion ignorance as I believe abortion must be kept legal. I am not anti-science as I believe climate change is a very real thing and evolution isn’t a “theory” to be compared with creationism. I do not care what two consenting adults, male or female, do or don’t do in their bedroom. I go to church, but I think church needs to be very separate from my kids’ schools. I believe an overarching federal government is, ultimately, a bad thing, and I think the laws already on the books need to be enforced before new ones are created. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t define me or what I believe. Ted Cruz doesn’t define me or what I believe. Todd Akin doesn’t define me or what I believe. And “liberal” talking points don’t define me or what I believe. That is all.

      • Amberica says:

        I’m not particularly conservative, or even particularly political. But I’m curious why you’re claiming to define a political party with which you clearly do not identify. No one in the party would agree with you. There are crazies on both sides, a point which your post does an excellent job if making for me.

      • A Different Kate says:

        Amberica: “No one in the party would agree with you.” Really? Have you spoken to the 10s of millions of Republicans? You made my point for me: Don’t let talking points define a party or a person. I know a hell of a lot of Republicans and while we don’t agree on every issue, nor should we, we agree on a lot of them. There isn’t a litmus test to identify with a party, contrary to what the media and the crazies want you to believe. Those of us who are busy living our lives don’t have time for purity.

  8. Jenns says:

    This is going to be a hot mess and I will be watching.

  9. feebee says:

    This will be the problem going forward for the View because even though what Ms Cupp said was really dumb in terms of the discussion (in two ways, abortion is not what that story is really about and also, a woman telling Americans it’s ridiculous that an abortion is so easy to obtain just hasn’t been paying attention to what’s happening in THIS country RIGHT now). However Rosie and Whoopi will always ATTACK attack, I feel anyway. I’m not saying it’s not justified and there were times I wanted to put my hands around Hasselbeck’s neck but Rosie and Whoopi need to just call out those statements more calmly. This would make the discussion listenable. Like, S.E, can you please explain the process you need to go through before you get to the procedure? Right, now tell us what those processes are in Texas, and also in context for what the original discussion was, Thailand and Australia. Yeah, thanks for playing – NEXT!

    • Bridget says:

      I totally agree! Ms. Cupp was throwing in a party line discussion point there, and it would be nice to see an intelligent, coherent Republican point of view there. But even if they find that person, will it even matter since they’ll still have to fight to ever be heard between the other ladies yelling? The View is just not a platform for informed, intelligent discussion, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on.

    • Cel says:

      I don’t think she is totally wrong though. With my last pregnancy, I was heavily pressured to abort. Why? The baby was small for gestational age. That’s it. Every time I declined, the perinatologist told me all he had to do was X and we could have it done the following week. This was a nearly 3rd trimester abortion they were talking about. Not saying what my personal convictions are on abortion one way or the other but this was frighteningly easy for such a huge decision.

      • Art says:

        ^ To be fair, I think it also depends on where you live, what resources you have, and the doctor who is willing to treat you. For many lower-income women in certain regions (i.e. Texas,) having access to an abortion is very difficult, if not outright impossible – there are not many affordable clinics to go to, and there is so much red tape to wade through. In some cases, women have had to cross the border to obtain abortion drugs illegally:

        S.E. Cupp can talk about abortions being “easy” when the reality is that she a.) likely has affordable access to birth control, b.) could likely afford to keep said child if she had it, and c.) could afford to fly to Canada or a private clinic to terminate the pregnancy if she really needed to.

      • savu says:

        That was the advice of a medical professional too, not a “by choice” abortion if that makes sense. Medical abortions are VERY different in the law. Especially in the South, trying to have an abortion that is not medically necessary is definitely not “easy”.

        That being said, that concerns me about that doctor too. I’m pro choice, but that means CHOICE. Sure doctors should give their opinions and explain it to you, but I don’t like the idea of anyone being pressured to keep or terminate a pregnancy. Can I ask about the health of your baby?

  10. Diana says:

    I went to high school with se cupp back when she was known as simply Sara cupp. Although attractive, confident an bright… It surprises me how different her public persona is from the sweet, bubbly teenager I knew. We all change and grow of course. It just shocks me how grating she is now and that people actually enjoy her brand of entertainment. I couldn’t take 2 minutes of her personality on crossfire.

    • mayamae says:

      I can tolerate her in small doses. She gives an impression of being fair and open-minded, but she speaks in overly simplistic sound bytes. There’s no depth to any of her ideas.

  11. amadabasura says:

    If this was a panel of men prospective panel members would not be referred to as “lucky gentleman”. The focus would be on the intelligence, talent, and experience of each individual. If Whoopie was a man her statements backstage would not be stated as “trashing (insert male news icon name) in front of the boys”. What a lot of belittling sexist drek.

    • Sam says:

      There WAS a male version of the View. It was called “The Other Half” – it had Dick Clark as the moderator and had Mario Lopez and a few other men, if I recall right. It wasn’t outstanding, but they had far more substantial and interesting conversations (and they managed to never yell at each other). It was on for two seasons. Frankly, I enjoyed it. But it did make the View look shameful with all its inanity.

  12. Cadi says:

    I don’t watch The View but if the comment really was that “abortion is so easy now” that is veering into Hasselbeck levels of ignorance/Republican talking points. Could have been handled better but really, talk to women in MS, TX, etc and think you’d get a different perspective.

    • Sam says:

      But that really isn’t the point. The point is that Rosie and Whoopi reacted in the exact wrong way. Now, conservatives will point at them and say “See, liberals don’t want reasoned discussion, they want to scream and yell and kick their feet like babies.” If the abortion topic is super-sensitive to Whoopi (something I can totally understand), then she needs to bow out of these discussions. If she can’t be level-headed or calm, she should do herself a favor and refuse to engage. People use the View as an example of how women are still a bunch of inane, superficial morons. Frankly, this doesn’t help. It is possible to have a reasoned, rational discussion about controversial topics, but these ladies aren’t exactly good candidates for the task.

  13. LAK says:

    I don’t understand why discussions are now them vs us battles. Whatever happened to intelligent discourse that didn’t turn into jelli h8erade!!!

    And ‘just giving my opinion’ isn’t a get out clause. You need to give a logical/well thought out reason for that opinion even if it’s not popular one because said opinion wasn’t formed in a vacuum.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      This is what American politics has come to, LAK.
      It always seems to devolve into a screaming match, with very little understanding on either side, and no real resolution being reached.

  14. eribra says:

    All of the yelling, attacking, never letting any one finish a statement, harassing any one who does not agree with your view point- ugh. I am a conservative, my best friend is a liberal, our discussions do not sound like this . We state our opinions, we listen to the other’s opinions, we discuss the differences, we agree on a point or we agree to disagree. Maybe we will have a snack in there somewhere, talk about the kids, the garden. I’ve never seen this show but I thought it was about differing views and expressing them, then a nice segment on snacks or something. How do you ever learn or grow when you are not willing to even hear-let alone consider- an opposing viewpoint?

  15. Leigh says:

    I wish hey would go back to their original premise of having an actual variety of VIEWS. Rather than who can yell the loudest, or who is the most liberal or conservative. I started watching The View back in the early 2000s when it was Meridith Viera, Barbara Walters, Star Jones, Joy Behar and Lisa Ling. They had opinions of a grandmother all the way to a 20-something. They had differing religious views, and a better mix of cultural perspectives. When they would talk about “Hot Topics,” it was interesting to hear all the differing views. Now it’s just a bunch of people with VERY LOUD opinions that don’t actually add to the conversation.

  16. Peaches says:

    You know what’s sad? Bill Maher is one the most liberal tv personalities I know, and I’ve never seen him lose his cool to this degree if at all. And he has all kinds of conservative/republican guests, pastors and religious leaders even. And despite it all, he always treats them with respect. And the fact that these women can’t do the same is sad. Now, I don’t believe bill can do this because he’s a man and whoopie &co. can’t bc they’re women. But they’re just not a good representation of liberal women and it does make us look bad.

    • Dancinnancy says:

      Perfectly said Peaches. I agree wholeheartedly.

      I refuse to watch anyone that cannot refrain from personal digs. I’m told “this isn’t debate club” quite frequently, but honestly – it is the best way to do it. Argue the facts, then go have a beer.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yep. Really well-said, Peaches.

    • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

      Actually, that’s not true. Bill Maher does shut down guests that he doesn’t agree with. It’s always been fairly obvious to me and my family when we used to watch the show. (We stopped because his “analysis” of issues is superficial and he is a heavy misogynist.) When he doesn’t agree with a guest, he stops making eye contact with them and cuts their points short whenever they are speaking. He also insults them by calling their points “stupid” or “insignificant.”

      I think within the last few years that have been the way television personalities have treated their counterparts with dissenting viewpoints — with disrespect. This issue transcends gender.

      But, to your last point, I think the only people that I have seen on TV be respectful of other people’s opinions are Chris Hayes (who is INCREDIBLY articulate, intelligent, and respectful) and Rachel Maddow. So there is an example of a man and woman, who are tolerant of differing viewpoints and political ideologies.

      • Peaches says:

        Well, I didn’t say he was a saint. It’s not like people don’t get on his nerves, or he doesn’t roll his eyes at statements that seem ridiculous to him. It’s not like he doesn’t get feisty. But there’s a level of decorum that he keeps. He doesn’t get so enraged like Whoopie did when she walked out on Bill O’reilly (btw I’m not saying I disagree with her walking out. I don’t even remember exactly what happened. Just that she could’ve made a better point by not losing control). I mean, it’s still his show and he definitely is in control of things. But people get to talk and say their piece. Does he interrupt at times? Yes, of course. He only has an hour a week to say what he needs to say. But there’s no shouting match at the level of the view. And correct if I’m wrong (I like Chris and Rachel, but I really don’t get to catch their show much), but Chris and Rachel don’t have a panel of guests do they? They have interviewees, but not a panel. The view ladies are co-hosts. Bill has guests. The ladies of the view need to respect each other a little bit more enough to not get into a shouting match.

      • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

        Thank you for your points. I think our ideas of what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior are different (no shade or malice). I do agree with you that the way Whoopi Goldberg behaves is VERY unacceptable. Also, the ladies of The View need to behave in a civil manner and debate each other like well-infomed, mature adults. What has been going on the last few years has been unacceptable. I just want to highlight the fact that Bill Maher is too, but it just looks different.

        I find Bill’s insults of guests to be a display of out-of-control behavior. I also dislike how he completely ignores a guest if he doesn’t agree with him or if they counter his usually poorly-researched or offensive comments. I’ve had many moments where I have watched his show and thought that he acted like a petulant child or mean girl. I think he also gets a pass for this unacceptable and unprofessional behavior because he is a man. It just also looks differently because he is not on a panel with other employees of the show. So, he is unable to walk off.

        You are correct about the panels — Rachel Maddow does not have one. However, Chris does in nearly every one of his shows (five times a week), and is a wonderful moderator. What makes him such an effective moderator is that he heavily researches the panel topics to ensure that he can engage each panel participant. That may be Bill’s issue — the fact that he does not research his topics (enough or at all) before his once-a-week show.

      • Peaches says:

        I totally see your point. I have a soft spot in my heart for Bill that it clouds my image of him at times. It takes someone to clear the smoke to help me see clearly, lol. He absolutely can be a jerk. He alienates a lot of people that would embrace his ideologies if he wasn’t so damn defensive AND offensive. And what people find offensive or not is up to each individual. I do still think he controls himself better than some other hosts but yes, the circumstances are different and I do agree he gets a pass for saying many outrageous things bc he’s a man. But I do appreciate his brand of craziness. we may not agree but I believe he’s genuine in what he does and says. I think I agree with a little over half of what he says and disagree with the rest. I wanna add that he throws a party for his guests every week regardless of the difference in opinions, and I CANNOT imagine the ladies of the view doing the same thing ever! Lol.
        Ps. I need to watch more Chris Hayes. He was on bill’s show some months that ago I think, someone asked why he had been a little feistier than usual recently and his answer was magnificent. I’ll try to look up the link 🙂

      • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

        @Peaches: Thank you for your kind comment. That’s awesome that Bill throws a mixer for his guests — I didn’t know that (and it sounds super cool!). Bill has his moments of awesomeness and I do enjoy his passion when discussing topics. And you are correct, I can never imagine any of the women of the view being civil enough to even mingling with their guests who hold dissenting viewpoints.

        I also need to watch more Chris, it’s tough though, since I’ve moved and do not have cable. I’ll try to look up the clip that you mentioned above as it sounds very interesting. Anytime I listen to him or watch his show, I feel like I’ve learned A TON of information about the world, without feeling like I’ve just been lectured. I really enjoyed our conversation. I now see Bill in a slightly different light.

        I also can’t imagine the women of The View having the civil and informative correspondence that we just had either. LOL

    • fairyvexed says:

      Just keep Rachel Maddow in mind. Her research is amazing, she treats her guests politely, and—-sigh—-she gets to deal with Richard Engel.

      • mayamaeI says:

        What I love about Rachel Maddow, by mayamae:

        She is extremely intelligent and well educated, yet doesn’t attempt to intimidate others with that intelligence. She also does not dumb herself down to appeal to an audience. She manages to be “passionate” without being rude or condescending. She could easily take her guests down verbally, but doesn’t. She’s positive and pleasant. And those days when I think I’m going insane as a transplanted Chicago native living in a red southern state, she centers me politically.

    • Peaches says:

      Yep, I can’t imagine them having a calm exchange like this either 😛 the Chris Hayes clip is definitely on YouTube. It was the overtime segment that’s after the show and viewers get to ask questions via twitter.

  17. Art says:

    I don’t understand why they can’t hire a pro-choice, pro-LGBT rights, conservative. They certainly exist, especially in New York City (I know several personally.) But maybe it won’t bring in the ratings?

    • Amberica says:

      I’m one. From Texas. But I’m not very good at public speaking. Or famous. Or interested.

  18. Martha Speaks says:

    Who is October Gonzalez? My guess is that Sunny Hostin the former US Attorney and Nicole Wallace will not make it. The View cannot handle intelligent, rational conservatives.

    • Sumodo1 says:

      There are naked PETA pics of her and her NFL husband.

    • MissTrial says:

      I don’t think The View can handle rational, intelligent liberals either ( or rational, intelligent hostesses no matter the affiliation.)

  19. Steph says:

    Interesting how liberals shut down opinions that differ from their views. I thought you guys were suppose to be so Liberal….what a flipping joke!

    It figures they went with Nicole Wallace,whose not a conservative and belongs to the Washington cocktail crowd . What a poor choice….a rock has more charisma and energy than Nicole Wallace. The View will be a ratings failure …….

    • Tiffany :) says:

      You are making assumptions about liberals as a group. If Rosie or Whoopi actually represented the liberal point of view, they would be elected into office. As it is, they speak only for themselves.

    • Peaches says:

      What Tiffany said. Two liberal women don’t represent the rest of us. Most people here are being very critical of whoppie and Rosie. And I’m pretty sure, based on the comments, most of those people are liberal too.

    • fairyvexed says:

      You think Rosie “Indigo Child” (something Jenny McCarthy believes in as well) and Whoopie “rape-rape” Goldberg represent liberals?

      I’m trying to think of Republicans as bad as those two.

  20. BeckyR says:

    Well, it didn’t take long for Rosie’s big ugly fangs to come out. She is incapable of discussing any subject with anyone who might see things differently. People have differing opinions on many things. That’s how the world works. No need for, no place for her histrionic insults.

  21. The Original Mia says:

    I’m not fond of SE Cupp on her own show on MSNBC, so I can’t imagine having her on the View every day. Not as if I watch, though.

  22. Rhiley says:

    I am as left of center as they come, but I kind of love Nicole Wallace. She is so smart and poised. She is great on Morning Joe. SE Cupps, I can’t stand. Girl needs to loosen up big time. She is much too young to have such a giant stick up her (you know where).

  23. Irishserra says:

    I think they should scrap the idea and the show all together. Not a single one of those women on that show are or have ever been courteous enough to sit and listen to each others’ opinions and try put put themselves in each others’ shoes. Hasselbeck is a complete moron of epic proportions but both Whoopi and Rosie have no problem stooping to her level the instant their views are challenged, and even worse, when an opinion that differs from their own is merely voiced. There was no reason to pounce on Cupper when a stronger point could have been made by not acknowledging the comment. I detest every single one of the women on that panel, current and past, but see it as representative of what our society has become – Unwilling to to try and be persuasive when it comes to differences (Don’t screech at me about what you believe; courteously persuade me, give me sound reason) and mature when your peers just don’t see things the way you do (Some people’s minds just won’t be changed and that’s that, but you still have to co-exist, so why not with some dignity?)

  24. Jane says:

    I don’t think abortion should be illegal, but I am grossed out hearing that Whoopie had that many abortions because she was on drugs. I thought it happened like once. That’s just sad and terrible. She shouldn’t be directing her anger at someone who is not comfortable with abortion. I mean was she having sex to get the drugs? She could share some of that history. Oh wait it’s Whoopie, she thinks it should be illegal for anyone she doesn’t know to even call her house. I think if they are even going to do another “view” they need to get rid of all the old entrenched queens, not just Barbara, who I think retired gracefully and always conducted herself with grace. This is turning into some Jerry Springer sh#t.

  25. savu says:

    I’m assuming S.E. meant abortion is too easy (in this country). That’s why I agree with Whoopi and Rosie, nobody was talking about American politics and abortion rights. The point was not to have a conversation where a talking head states their party’s view.

    I don’t like their aggression though. They could’ve easily said “we’re not talking about the politics of abortion, let’s get back to this family.” I know they want the drama, but they only isolate any reasonable person by spewing bullshit.

  26. lulu says:

    mess. no matter who they put there they will get ripped apart by rosie and whoopie if they have a different opinion.

  27. richnewyorker says:

    I haven’t watched the view in years. If the producers were smart they’d hire Ann Coulter, pay her what she wants, she could keep up with Whoopie and Rosie and make the show exceptionally watchable.

  28. jane berk says:

    Sad to say but Whoopi is not funny and not smart. Her backing of Mel gibson and subsequent opinions on the Israeli Arab war show her true colors. Sherri is so dumb it’s painful and Jenny -well -unimportant. Glad they will go.
    But without Joy -its never been the same.
    The ridiculous clapping and dancing and music-it’s just a noisy silly mess. Grow up.
    Your audience is everywhere if you choose to add some intellectual capability. At least Rosie is smart and well-informed. It just amazes us when whoopi goes into her street slang and sounds like some uneducated fool. Her defense of Michael Vick really says it all.

  29. Hiddlesgirl85 says:

    I’m fiscally liberal and socially conservative … I think 30 Rock fans will get that reference 🙂

  30. Joh says:

    Google S E Cupp for pics pre Palin-esque make over.
    She used to look like a typical Fox News bimbo.
    She bills herself as an atheist republican who I think will find god when it will help her career.
    I find her less then honest and not very intelligent.

    • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

      Yep — SE Cupp is not very intelligent or well-read at all. She barely ever speaks based on facts. She also cannot effectively (and sensibly) argue points. She has just been hired throughout her career because she is “cute,” went to Cornell University (Ivy League credentials), and is an atheist. That last point has been her main claim to fame, as you’ve noted above. It’s especially silly given that she has never really intelligibly given an explanation for her atheism. Sometimes I feel like her atheism is just for show.

      Overall, I am glad that she wasn’t chosen for this gig. And, don’t even get me started on Meghan McCain … I would like to have a conservative, who is thoughtful, intelligent, and knowledgeable to debate points, rather than someone who just debates points based on her feelings and uniformed opinions. So, Nicole Wallace was a very good hire for The View.

      • fairyvexed says:

        I saw her once on another TV show and she was awful: talking points, loaded questions, building her assumptions into everything so you had to unravel every last little thing, but arrogant and smug about how smart she thought she was.

      • mayamae says:

        @fairyvexed, which “her” are you referring to? SE, Meghan, or Nicole?

  31. Kori says:

    I rarely ever agree with SE Cupp but I’ve always enjoyed her when she’s on Bill Maher. If she can handle him, I don’t see how Rosie would faze her. Cupp is conservative but she’s not screechy, dumb or a bimbo. I gave up watching The View around the time Meredith Vieira left but I think she’d done well.

    I like Nicole Wallace on Morning Joe as well. I enjoy her much more there than when she made appearances when she was McCain’s spokesman. She was much more hard-line and had-to-take then. When she actually gave analysis just from a conservative viewpoint as opposed to the conservative talking points, she’s very intelligent and articulate.

  32. Godwina says:

    Oh, Sippy Cupp. You are out of your depth even in these shallow, shallow waters.

  33. Luci Lu says:

    Whoopi and Rosie are cranky and unattractive. Yeah, I know I’m being purely superficial, but looks do matter, and most viewers like to look at and listen to fairly good looking celebrities. It’s true. Whoopi and Rosie need complete, extreme make-overs, and forever refillable Valium prescriptions.

  34. A.H. says:

    Hasselbeck is an obnoxious twatwaffle, but if all they want is someone to agree with everything the queen bees say they might as well give it up now.

    I get the frustration – the question really WASN’T about abortion. But to answer the stupid conservative “let’s beat a dead horse” aside: A) It’s NOT all that easy to get an abortion, and B) Why shouldn’t it be? Say it with me, Ms. Cupp: Abortion is L-E-G-A-L.

    • Irishserra says:

      You win. Merely for using the term “twatwaffle.” It’s fun to say, fun to type and fun to look at. Twatwaffle. I will no doubt be using that one again and again. Thank you.

  35. lisa says:

    why does everything designed specifically for women have to be so awful?