Taped argument between Octomom Nadya Suleman and her mother

Radar Online has a videotaped argument between Octomom Nadya Suleman and her mom, Angela, who is the primary caregiver to Nadya’s six older children. Nadya keeps telling her mother to “move on” from the fact that she decided to have all 6-8 embryos implanted (she says it was 6, but the chance that 2 divided into twins seems unlikely), insisting that it’s over now and there’s nothing she can do about it. Nadya is haughty and defiant to her mother, who has spent the past seven years caring for her grandchildren.

The thing that I found most revealing about this interview is that Nadya continues to insist that the frozen embryos were alive as if they were already full grown babies. She uses this argument to justify having them all implanted, and acts as if destroying a bundle of cells is the same as hurting a living being:

“You use them [the embryos] or you destroy them.

“Do you know how they destroy them? They allow the cells to live and then they kill them.”

Her mother says “you had another option. Give them up for adoption… have them thawed or whatever they do and allow them to be adopted when they are little humans.”

Nadya answers, “Interesting. Who would do that? I could even fathom my idea of my own children out in the world… and you’d never know them.”

Angela said she felt sorry for the babies and “how are you going to be able to provide for them?”

Nadya looks flustered and superior, saying “I have to be able to let go of my need to control everything and accept the help that’s been offered.”

I did a little research on IVF because it amazes me that these embryos, which I assumed were one day old, are being talked about as if they were full grown babies. The embryos are up to 3-5 days old and are just a tiny bundle of cells.

So this is a woman who considers a fertilized egg of less than a week old as equal to a baby. With that kind of slippery slope thinking she must be mourning all the potential children she’s missing every time she has her monthly cycle, although considering how much she’s been pregnant that wouldn’t be often.

Many people have suggested that Suleman give her record-setting eight babies up for adoption but she couldn’t even part with some fertilized eggs of less than a week old and calls them her “babies”

Octograndmother will lose her home on March 5
US Weekly has insider information that Angela Suleman is set to lose her family’s home to foreclosure on March 5. Their insider also claims that the sperm donor for all of Nadya’s children is not the tearful guy who came forward to talk to Good Morning America yesterday, and is some other unknown guy with whom Nadya signed an agreement. The other’s guy’s name is of course not “David Solomon” as Nadya listed on her children’s birth certificates and as she has been insisting to the press.

Falsifying a birth certificate is fraud
This week’s In Touch points out that it’s fraud to list a false name on a birth certificate. Suleman could face jail time for lying about the father’s name on the official document, but it’s highly unlikely it will come to that and the issue is rarely prosecuted. They quote a lawyer who states that federal and state governments could potentially go after the father as Nadya was given state money. Lawyer Adam Sacks said “When welfare is paid, the federal and state governments can go after the father.”

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  1. sketches says:

    i thought of my embryos as more than just a tiny bundle of cells, and it felt pretty devastating when they didn’t make it. but maybe that’s just me.

  2. D. H. says:

    Let me get this straight. This womans mother supported and took care of the 6 previous children (that the mother couln’t afford to care for) so that the mother could go work, get hurt, get disability so that she could save all the monies recieved to use to have a procedure to have 8 more children that she couldn’t afford? Wow. Can we say “CRAZY LADY”?

  3. SW says:

    People should donate money to Nadya’s mother instead of Nadya herself. All this time of caring for her grandchildren and she gets repaid by losing her home…the same home that Nadya sure as hell didn’t mind shacking herself and the first babies up in. Nadya is a truly ungrateful b***h.

  4. Viper says:

    Seriously they are just cells no eyes ears, brain nothing. Spits got more life swimming in it than an embryo.

  5. Beth says:

    I hope her 14 children treat her the same way she treats her parents….she deserves it.

  6. texasmom says:

    Your own bundle of cells matters more to you than just any random bunch of cells (even your own spit). But there is also a difference between your blastocyst and your infant — just like losing a six-week pregnancy is upsetting, but losing a full-term baby is devastating.

    By Octomom’s’ logic, she’s killed off 24 of her babies: 6 x 6 implantations, minus the 4 x 5 that didn’t make it in her first four pregnancies, plus the four that didn’t make it in her twin pregnancy.

  7. Celebitchy says:

    sketches no offense was meant to women who have suffered miscarriages or pregnancy loss. I did not mean it that way at all.

  8. Wif says:

    Staged, staged, staged.

  9. K.L. says:

    The nerve of this woman! “I have to let go and accept the help that’s been offered.” SHE’S ALREADY DONE THAT THROUGH TAXPAYER’S MONEY!!! It breaks my heart how inconsiderate she is of her children’s future, as well as her parents. And yes, her mother is right, she could have put her unused embryo’s up for adoption. It’s been done before.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my god… I hadn’t watched any of her interviews before this one, and now I know why. I cannot believe what a horrible excuse for a human being this woman is. Just the look on “her face” is enough to induce nausea. I can’t understand how she can sit there belittling her mother, after all this crap she’s already put her through. I feel so unbelievably bad for her mother. This machine of a woman needs to be sterilized and soon.

  11. brightdandeliongirl says:

    So they drove to a studio and had an argument in front of cameras? These people are weirder and weirder by the moment.

    Who was taking care of the older kids while this is happening? Who is holding and visiting the newborns?

    And where in the world are the new babies going to live? There is no home.

    As the date approaches for the babies’ release from the hospital, I feel such sadness for them.

  12. kiki says:

    how can she take care of 14 kids?
    ocoto mom is a big fat liar
    her babys daddy is totally gay
    Naydas mother is old and tired there really isnt much parents of a adult child can do to prevent them from acting in selfish ways. Those Doctors use your judgement filing up an unemployed welfare mother who already has 6 kids is NOT GOOD.

  13. Codzilla says:

    Does she have to re-inject those hideous lips every so often? Seems like they’ve been inflated for a long time now. Maybe they’re implants? Either way, she’s nauseating to look at.

  14. mamafogle says:

    The nerve of this woman! “I have to let go and accept the help that’s been offered.”

    The smug little look on her face when she said that speaks volumes. She takes no responsibility for the burden that she has put on her family and just wants to be an opportunist now. It’s like, “Ha, Ha…I got my way. What do you think now, mommy?”

    It makes me want to punch her in those stupid swollen lips.

  15. CB Rawks says:

    I can feel my blood pressure, it’s boiling in my ears right now.

  16. Renee says:

    I found the video to be a confirmation of what we suspected about her mental state, but it wasn’t surprising. She has an excuse for everything and it’s clear how she tries to manipulate her mother and the situation. It’s unfortunate to see how she’s treating her mother, who gave up her life to care for her grandchildren. I hope that anyone considering helping this woman see this video first.

  17. MonicaBee says:

    I think the grandparents are in on this whole deal. They have to be…

  18. kiki says:

    yes its a scam

  19. tess says:

    don’t most parents, when they have children in the nicu…actually spend time in the hospital with the aforementioned children? especially when they are trying to bond with them, through kangaroo care, singing, etc, that will expedite the healing process?

    and if the mother has been on bedrest for many weeks, wouldn’t she be wanting to spend time with her other children that she was unable parent during her bedrest?

    or…would she be re-establishing herself as starbucks revenue raiser and edging out ru-paul as the new face of MAC cosmetics?


  20. for_realz says:

    i am not religious, but am under the impression that God grants us our Soul when we are born. In other words, once we are out of the shoot and breathing on our own. so therefore, a cluster of cells (a morula) is not a baby and is not a “loss of life”.**

    i do not want to offend anyone, but i am very curious if someone could clarify that for me.

    **my sympathies to those who try and conceive with little success and much heartbreak. and again, i don’t mean to trivialize any of what you have experienced.

  21. Rio says:

    I am personally of the opinion (and my very pregnant friend agrees with me) that an embryo is essentially a parasite feeding off a host body. When it grows to the point that it can survive outside the womb, then it becomes a person. The process of pregnancy just creeps me out too much to ever want to do it– adoption all the way!

  22. Rose says:

    Souls? Why if you’re not religious would you even mention souls or whether or not some invisible deity ‘grants’ them or not.
    Depending on if a pregnancy is wanted or not you can feel very attached to your fetus, it is a baby to you, regardless of development stage.

  23. Holly says:

    Her use of “its done now” shows what her strategy has been all along. Secret pregnancies so her parents couldn’t object until it was too late. That’s why she didn’t tell them about the money. What a manipulative psycho.

  24. Embee says:


    By that logic newborns are also parasites, because they have no ability to feed themselves and (in the natural course) literally feed off their mother.

    I don’t bring this up to attack you, but to illustrate why we as a culture cannot reach consensus on this issue. And why it is such a hot-button topic.

    What about babies that need help breathing? With their heartbeats? Still a parasite? Still ok to terminate? I don’t think you’re saying that at all.

    I completely understand why a parent would feel an attachment and responsibility to an embryo. I think I would? I would also adopt rather than create embryos I would have to destroy. But I will not judge people who do IVF.

    Look, none of us “knows” whether or when a person becomes a person. It’s the most individual decision I can think of.

    No doubt this woman is hugely irresponsible; my problem with her is that she allowed so many embryos be created to begin with.

  25. Mayela says:

    I studied Biology as a major, and we studied c-elegans in my Developmental Biology class. We considered a c-elegans a worm, from the moment the first cell was present. Surely, the cell differentiates and gives rise to other cells that in turn form the organism, but it was always a c-elegans.

    This is not a matter of popular opinion or who would like it which way. It’s a fact – it’s not a bunch of cells, it’s a human being from the moment of conception.

    Having said this, I do not agree with Suleman’s methods. I think she doesn’t realize that what she’s doing goes against herself and her children. There’s a reason these procedures are also not encouraged.

    Why is it that we must always get what we want? -at every cost? If one can’t have children, for whatever reason, why can’t we find a way to live with that and still, be a “mother” to others? Motherhood is not just biological, but a way in which one gives oneself to others.

  26. Mairead says:

    well… she’s in exalted company in believing that life begins at conception – the former Cardinal Ratzinger for one, the Blessed Mother Teresa another…

  27. the original kate says:

    why does she talk like betty boop?

  28. for_realz says:

    @ Rose,

    it’s obvious that you either did not read what i had to write or can’t answer the questions i asked.

    i am asking a question to those who believe in that kind of higher power. i am not asking you to derail that with your own snarky comments.

    by your logic, you are assuming that those who are pregnant with “unwanted” babies have no attachment to them. and yes, at the point that we are discussing, they are a cluster of cells that are unable to survive outside of it’s host (like a parasite as Rio mentioned).

  29. Larissa says:

    many, if not most of us, have suffered some minor “miscarriage” even before we could even tell we were pregnant!
    Sometimes fertilization occurs without implementation, therefore there is no pregnancy and without pregnancy there is no baby!And thats is pretty much the case when it comes to IVF.
    Even tho we may become emotionally attatched to this little embryos as if they were our babies already, the creation of life is much more complex than egg meets the sperm.

  30. Lem says:

    un-ring a bell sweetheart you can’t unring a bell
    you can always go back a ring a bell
    I saw last week on cnn there is a home that has offered to take in her and the 14 children. they said it would, of course, be temporary without additional donations.
    I’m on board with whomever said last week we should buy the grandparents a condo in an adult only enclave. I feel for them I really do. I would support my children if they were stupid enough to have 14 children (*knocking on wood) but you can be sure that they would be required to have a paying job and also do most of the parenting. I would help. help.
    Nadya seems to me like one of those teens on the Maury. “I’m having a baby and you can’t stop me” Spoiled, entitled and obstinant.
    The strange thing is; if the Btch would have just kept her mouth shut from the get go, she would have been offered tons of support, free diapers, the minivan, the works. People are willing to help, people are not willing to be played.
    She over-shared and she overplayed her hand. Mother of fourteen and the most hated woman in america. sad sad sad. She must have missed the parts on tlc were the duggar’s/ Jon & Kate/ have the tight budgets and pay the bills and oh yeah, actually parent their own children.
    I hope the media is not paying her. I think that will only worsen her sense of entitlement

  31. mE says:

    Most abortions happen after 6 weeks or so. By that point it is not just a cluster of cells. There is a beating heart, arms and legs that move, a brain.

    At best, it seems like we do know know, it is “above our paygrade” if you will so it seems like any decent society should err on the side of life.

    As for the embryonic stage, I see no other stage to delineate individuality. Are people who are disabled less worthy of being saved because they don’t have the same abilities as average people? People on ventilators? Babies who are born early and cannot yet breath on their own? At the moment of conception, we new person comes into being with their own unique DNA.

    I am completely of the opinion that this woman should not have visited the doctor in the first place. I would be worried for the child if she only had one, nevermind 14, especially considering that at least 2 of her older children are special needs. Most likely at least one of the preemies will need special services also.

    The options aren’t either use them or destroy them either. Snowflake adoption, anyone? Or here’s a novel idea. Save them for when you actually have your shit together, if ever.

  32. just sayin says:

    no idea how to preface this question. How do they kill the unimplemented cells?

  33. caribassett says:

    I wonder if the headline should’nt read “Staged argument between Octomom Nadya Suleman and her mother”. Especially given that they both come back to the issue that Nadya needs assistance to be given.

    Feels a little like Jerry Springer ( the “argument”, I mean)

  34. Spike says:

    Wow — what a nutjob. Seems like a borderline personality with the endless circular reasoning and obfuscation. I’m not a therapist, but I’ve seen enough of this to have some questions. She reeks of manipulation and self-obsession. Those poor babies…

  35. DD says:

    wow, I agree with whoever said this interview has the staged feeling to it. I find it inconceivable that this lady is airing her delusional reasoning so easily for the public. I also find it inconceivable that this lady has so far gotten away with all that she has done and noone has actually stepped in yet to protect these children. I feel sorry for these kids, their lives will be a publicity circus and that can’t be healthy.

  36. Lina says:

    Even though it’s a very tough situation that they are in I think that her mother Angela should have grown a backbone years ago and threw her daughter out of the house a long time ago.

    This is a woman who cheated on her husband, had 14 children with her lover’s sperm (though he is asking for a paternity test – so she could also gotten sperm from elsewhere), has no home of her own, and has no income in which to help out her parents or her children. Her mother should have grown a backbone and kicked her out of the house way before she was even thinking about becoming pregnant with more kids or having more surgery. But apparently Nadya runs that household.

    I would never ever put my family in such a bad financial position that they might lose their home. I wouldn’t bring not even 1 child into this world knowing that I had no way of supporting them. She didn’t have those babies by accident so I believe it’s her responsibility to provide for them, the grandparents shouldn’t have to.

  37. barneslr says:

    Never argue with a crazy person. You simply cannot win.

    The best thing to do would be for CPS to take all 14 kids away, let them be adopted into loving homes, and forcibly sterilize the nutjob. I can’t believe I even said that…! But, really…this woman needs to be stopped. I guarantee she won’t stop at 14. I betcha she’ll find a way to get pregnant again as soon as she can. That is just what a crazy person like her would do.

  38. Kate says:

    A little letter to Nadya: It is obvious to everyone around the world that you are one of the most selfish people on this planet. You continued to have all these babies just satisfy some sick craving and feeling of emptiness that you say you had. Everyone else would have sought professional help, but not you. You instead kept popping out all the innocent children looking for your payday. I hope you are sued for return of all the monies you have so obviously fraudulently collected from disability payments and in food stamps. The latter is a vital resource there meant to help people truly in need. When you have the funds available to continue on your sick, sick crusade for more babies, you are not truly in need of those funds. You should be ashamed of yourself, you nasty, hideous, selfish hag. I truly feel sorry for these innocent children who will possibly have to grow up in your care. We can all only hope the state of California charges you criminally for your frauds and also wins custody of these children. Then, maybe, they can become a part of a happy, MENTALLY HEALTHY family.

  39. for_realz says:


    you are close in your statement, but at 6 weeks after egg meets sperm, there are not limbs or brain developed, the neural tube has just finishing closing.

    i am assuming by your comment that you are pro-life and that’s great, but i have a hard time with you trying to compare disabled people/children on ventilators to a stage of fetal development.

    all i would like to know, is from those who believe in God and some form of organized religion, when do people get their souls?

  40. Baholicious says:

    An embryo may not be a baby, but it is life. She made a conscious decision to endanger all 8, and jeopardize the 6 she already has, when she said she would carry them all in pursuit of her narcissistic needs.

    There’s a right to life, but more importantly there is a right to a quality of life and for me that includes the foundation of a strong mother-child bond which is impossible to carry out with 8 babies.

    They’ve been deliberately deprived good head-start because of this ‘mother.’

    That, to me, is not something a mother does. A cat makes a better mother. At least it knows it’s a cat…

  41. YoMomma says:

    She’s wacko and she treats her mom like shit. Let somebody else say something for once. How did Radar online get these two to sit down? Did they get paid for this verbal battle?

  42. Sparkle says:

    Honestly, as someone who is 5 1/2 weeks pregnant via IVF, I have to tell you that I had a very vested interest in the strength and quality of my embryos but I cant say that I felt emotionally attached to them like children or anything. For a few days we were of course rooting for them to thrive so that they would make it to blastocyst stage (you want them to be of very good quality) but I didnt feel like they were my babies yet at all. Now that I’m carrying these little cells around inside of me, its an entirely different story.

  43. Jumble says:

    The children need a tutor to look after their welfare and interests. Their mother is unfit.

  44. Lem says:

    radar has part 2 posted now

  45. WOW! says:

    I find it very telling and an insight into what may be her true motive for having done so when she makes the statement, “You use them [the embryos] or you destroy them”.

    “Use them”, being the definitive part of that statement.

    I don’t know a great deal about what goes on between the “patient, lol” and the clinic when discussing what’s to occur or how they produce the embryos that are implanted, but it seems to me that she would have had to have some knowledge of “how many” were produced and or being implanted before beginning the procedure.

    Therefore it would seem to me she, fully and willfully, understood the gravity of the situation and proceeded with utter disregard for the “lives” of the children she was about to bring into the world. As if they were her “property”, to be used as she saw fit.

  46. Lem says:

    her mom asks her “if 14 is enough” you can see her brain go yes/no/yes/no
    “well” she says “I don’t have any more embryos”
    I swear you can hear her thinking yeah, I could do a couple more
    “that would be selfish” she says

    well~ as long as she’s going to be responsible now. jinkies!

  47. Diva says:

    This article and many comments hurts my heart and makes me sick to my stomach.

    That thing that was nothing more than a little blob of cells was EVERYTHING TO ME. My BABY since the second I knew it was there.

    I’m done with this place.

  48. morgs says:

    I don’t think I understand IVF. Are the eggs already fertilized when they are placed in the womb? Because if not, then there isn’t any life present, otherwise someone could claim my body is aborting a baby once a month.

    If someone could explain it, I would appreciate it.

  49. Sparkle says:

    @Diva —

    I’m sorry that you are hurt but I dont think you should get offended by the comments. People have different feelings about these things — even those who have had children or who have gone the IVF route. I did and while I wouldnt call my embryos “blobs of cells”, I still wouldnt say that I was emotionally attached at that stage. We do after all put them in the freezer for several years to store until we are ready to use them at a later time. I certainly would not put a fetus or a baby in the freezer so I cant think of them as living beings just yet. Reasonable minds can I think differ on where and when they think life begins.

    @morgs —

    The eggs are fertilized. The doctors harvest the egg from the woman’s womb, introduce the sperm (with traditional IVF they just put the sperm in a dish with the eggs and let them find their way but when you use a newer procedure called ICSI, they inject 1 egg with one sperm), then they leave them to develop for a few days (3 days usually for traditional IVF or 5 days for a blastocyst transfer). But remember, you body can abort fertilized eggs every month as well (and often does). You are not really pregnant unless implantation occurs.

  50. FFS says:

    “Is an embryo life or just a blob of cells” discussion aside, this woman had no business whatsoever having any more children.
    She seems to think wanting to have a lot of children is a good enough reason to go ahead and do it…her parents, her children, her community, society in general be damned.
    She’s a dangerous kook.

  51. Deb says:

    If this donor sperm is life…then what about all the sperm that comes out. This means we should mourn our lost babies, ever time we make love…also doesn’t this man have a right to know if she is using his sperm. This would not be fair to him. I believe the father was her ex-husband and used for revenge. That is why she can’t tell anyone about the father.

  52. Chiara says:

    “Reality show pitch,” she’s being well paid for every appearance and tabloid story.

    Train wreck with the clown car will have her own show within a month.

  53. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    I have had two ectopic pregnancies and ten miscarriages in my life. (I have one teenager.) They were all early miscarriages. The ectopic was five and a half weeks. The latest miscarriage was at nine weeks, but all the others were six weeks or thereabouts.

    None of those pregnancies involved babies, they all involved embryos. There’s a reason why we have different names for different stages: zygote, embryo, fetus/baby, etc. A zygote is not an embryo and an embryo is not a baby.

    My good friends have their twins via IVF. They had three other embryos frozen. She could not undergo another pregnancy due to serious complications from the first one. They weren’t comfortable with the idea of adopting out their embryos (yes, you can actually do that). Her childless sister did not want them. So they let them be thawed out. It’s the thawing out that destroys them. They aren’t “brought to life and then killed” like this dingbat Nadya says on the video. If they aren’t in a readied uterus when thawed out, then obviously they are not going to keep on developing outside of the womb and not being frozen. So they are called “not viable.” The three they had left over were very low quality, the lowest ones they had (they only tend to implant the highest quality embryos). They knew they would probably not make it in a pregnancy, anyway, even if she COULD do it again.

    This woman Suleman shows an amazing amount of entitlement–she wants to get what she wants no matter what the cost to ANYONE, even her supposedly beloved children. If she really cared about her children, after all, she wouldn’t keep having kid after kid after kid with no means to support them! That’s what people did back when they didn’t have access to birth control, they didn’t do it ON PURPOSE!

    But no, she figured society and/or the media would step up and give her a book deal/a media deal/a TV show, etc like the Gosselins and the Duggars and she’d be rich AND have her baby accessories.

    She treats her mom like crap.

  54. Jill says:

    i can understand people feeling like the embryos are already children, but then wouldn’t it be cruel to implant eight at a time so you can risk them being born to pain and prematurity? this is why responsible people are not implanted with this many.

  55. CB Rawks says:

    Damn good points, Anastasia.

    Suleman has made so many outrageous contradictions in her story. I often have to leave the room when she’s on tv because I shake with anger.

    I was just watching a bit about her, and she was saying that crap about how you have to use all the embryos or it’s like killing them, followed immediately with “but I didn’t think they would all live” when implanting them all. AAAAARGH!
    And as Jill just said, it’s cruel and irresponsible to smush them all in there at once, anyway.

    But my head really exploded when she told her mother to “learn to let go”.
    Bitch, if your mother had let go earlier, you would have been living in the GUTTER with your first six kids for years! Show your mother some f-ing appreciation!!

  56. texasmom says:

    I know Nadya isn’t winning any “daughter of the year” awards anytime soon, but I think the nut didn’t fall far from the tree. Nadya’s most annoying, eye-rolling, moue-making faces are. . . exactly like her mother’s!!!

  57. sissoucat says:

    Diva: I understand how you feel – I feel the same actually, and I think I would have handled very poorly this dilemma of what to do with excess embryos. Still, here’s a place for everybody to express his/her opinions or feelings – and we’re all different.

    Jill: Couldn’t agree more !

  58. Dawn says:

    rules to live by:
    I will not support octomom
    I will not watch any reality, interview, movie, with her or about her.
    (because as much as you are against it and don’t want to pay, those watching anything on her send ratings up which in turn sparks interests with producers etc who will then get commercials to pay spots while her show is on which then in the end pays the octomom. If anything discourage any and all tv, movie,media and radio by not listening nor watching. OR THE JOKE IS ON YOU. She gets paid.
    I will hope for the day justice is served and these babies get adopted to responsible parents who can afford to support and raise them, with out any of our money!

  59. Iggasuz says:

    I CAN NOt STAND THIS WOMAN !!! whe is a lying, manipulative BITCH with absolutely no concern for her “babies”/ She should absolutely EVERY ONE of her “babies” taken away from her. She should also be forced to have her uterus removed. She should ABSOLUTELY be FORCED to get a JOB…and turn over any and all money to the state of California for the care of her children that the state has thus far paid and will be paying in the future. The grandma needs to have pshychiatric evaluation as well…and they shoul not be allowed to co-habitate. Obviously, that has resulted in this absolutely heinous disaster!!!!

  60. Iggasuz says:

    Nadya Sulemon…Poster Child for Abortion !!!!

  61. Mother of one says:

    I feel sorry for the octomom that people are grilling her with negativity…yes she has way too many kids to look after yet she still wanted to look after more…those who badmouth her endlessly, you should be ashame of yourself, if you yourself haven’t put in anyhelp way or form and if you’ve never had a child then u shouldn’t put too much hatred against this person! There is a reason why she has these many kids…All this media up on her business…people should put more effort on helping her and the kids not bombarding her with cameras and insulting her…I think she should say yes to the reality show, and those of you who says nothing but negativity I bet you’ll be the first one to watch the show…It must make some people feel better when all they do is mind other people’s business! She needs help, and people should!