Octomom sperm donor says she lied to him for samples, wants DNA test

A man who had a three year affair with a then-married Nadya Suleman has come forward to express his bewilderment at the story that she’s had 14 children through IVF with donor sperm. Denis Beaudoin said in an interview aired on Good Morning America today that he provided sperm samples to Nadya Suleman during a time that they were dating when she was childless and living in Connecticut. Suleman told him that she had ovarian cancer and needed to have the sperm so she could conceive before it was too late. He didn’t know that she had any children until this story received press attention. Suleman denies that Beaudoin is the father of her children, all conceived by IVF, and has listed a “David Solomon” on most of the children’s birth certificates. Beaudoin is well aware of her history of lying and wants a paternity test. He wept during the interview, and explained he’s going through a difficult time as he’s working out custody issues for his oldest son with an ex. He said that whether Suleman’s children are his or not he wants to help her out. There are plenty of nice guy suckers in this world:


Denis Beaudoin, the man who says he could be the biological father of Nadya Suleman’s octuplets, said he donated his sperm to her three times without asking questions because he was young and in love.

Beaudoin said he thought it was “out of the ordinary” when she asked him to donate. “But I cared about her so much. And I mean, we were, we were in love. I mean, I loved Nadya very much,” he told Chris Cuomo in an exclusive interview with “Good Morning America.”

Beaudoin said he and Suleman had a “serious” three-year relationship from 1997 to 1999 when he was in his early 20s.

Though he and Suleman never talked about marriage, Beaudoin said when he donated the sperm he thought it would be part of “starting a family” together at some point…

Beaudoin said that at the time she first approached him about donating sperm, Suleman told him that she had ovarian cancer and was unable to conceive without the help of a doctor.

Beaudoin said they had an amicable parting, but said he never heard anything more about Suleman undergoing in vitro fertilization or trying to become pregnant.

Beaudoin said he was “shocked [and] surprised” when he first learned that Suleman had delivered octuplets on Jan. 23.

Suleman has denied that Beaudoin is the father, but he said his multiple sperm donations are cause for a paternity test.

Beaudoin said her word isn’t good enough.

“It just seems like a lot of her statements that she’s made have been really inaccurate,” he said.

“I can’t take everything she says for granted. I mean when she initially told me the whole reason why, for donating sperm in the first place, you know was to get pregnant because she was not going to be able to have kids. And it, you know, has turned into this.”

Beaudoin said he wants a DNA test just to know the truth. Regardless of the children’s paternity, Beaudoin said he is willing to help the single mother of 14 raise the children because he does not believe she can handle it on her own.

“Either which way, you know, know that if she needs it I’ll lend a helping hand,” he said. “She needs help. I mean it’s hard. It’s hard nowadays to raise two kids, let alone 14.”

[From ABC News]

I hope for this guy’s sake Suleman is telling the truth for once and she couldn’t use his sperm for whatever reason. Her children look like they could potentially be this guy’s kids given their eye shape. They may not be dark-complected enough, although it’s hard to tell. A DNA test is definitely in order. What a manipulative and sneaky woman she is. She told him she had cancer and she was cheating on her husband when she was with this guy. People are just a means for her to get whatever she wants and now she’s using the press to continue her schemes.

Nadya Suleman and some of her children are shown at the park yesterday. Do you think she would go to the park with her kids even once a week if the paps weren’t around?

Photo credit: Bauergriffinonline.

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  1. Roni says:

    This WHOLE situation is a mess!

  2. Rio says:

    “…he donated his sperm to her three times without asking questions because he was young and in love.”

    Ah, yes, is there any truer declaration of faith, anything that heralds “young love” from the heavens such as this? Flowers, candy, sperm…I’m getting misty-eyed just thinking about it. I am SUCH a romantic.

  3. Maritza says:

    If the kids are his, what rights does he have? This story is getting even more complicated…This is deserves to be in a Lifetime movie!

  4. for_realz says:

    for a woman with a bad back who just whelped a litter, she sure can heft that kid around!!

    every day this woman disgusts me more and more. just when you think this story has reached the lowest level yet, a new day dawns.

  5. Lizbeth says:

    So….wait, he donated sperm to her three times, while she was married? Wha? This story gets stranger and stranger.

  6. Orange Danish says:

    Where’s Maury when you need him?

  7. Jojo says:

    How did they have “a serious three-year relationship from 1997 to 1999″ considering that this is a 2 year time period?!

  8. Viper says:

    Alright I havejust about enough of thsi drama. What a farse this is turning out to be. Lie after lie after lie, when are people going to start putting their feet down?

  9. Yeah, Screw 'Em says:

    The more that comes out about this woman, the more it becomes clear that she’s psychotic.

  10. YoMomma says:

    Who’s the guy in the picture with her? All the kids are so little. Love that she is now sporting the celebrity sunglasses.

  11. Em says:

    If it turns out those kids are his, I think the Govt will go after him for back child support.

  12. OXA says:

    This movie needs to be on the SciFi channel.

  13. Annie says:

    I have great admiration for a man who is willing to come forth and offer his help to this dingbat. Lord knows I’d have a hard time doing it.

    And if the kids ARE his, and he didn’t sign away his rights to them, he has all the rights that she has. We can go into the legalities of it, but for now, we’ll keep it simple with: They have the same rights if no documentation was signed regarding the relinquishing of any claims over the children.

  14. Wif says:

    This is off topic, but her eldest daughter looks like a dear. She’s affectionate and look at the way she’s taking care of her little brother. Suleman’s a psycho, true, but it looks likes she’s raising some healthy kids. Maybe she’s not all bad.

  15. Feebee says:

    SHOCK HORROR… you mean she lied to him?

    What makes him so special that she wouldn’t?

    This story is too screwed for Lifetime. It belongs in a psychology text as a case study to trip up young players.

  16. Melanie says:

    Jeez, this woman doesn’t even have one redeeming quality.

  17. Melanie says:

    Also Feebee, I don’t think she has really raised the healthy kids, her mother raised them.

  18. Obvious says:

    i say let him help if he wants. get her off the backs of California tax payers-they just hiked our taxes again-and then we have to support this brain-dead woman-if he wants her take her. WE DON’T!

    (I didn’t think this lady could get any crazier)

  19. Obvious says:

    @EM they can’t go after him for back child support if
    A) he didn’t know because psycho never informed him
    B) he was never asked for child support in the past-you can’t go after someone for “back” support when they were never notified they had to give it in the first place.
    C) it’s not the governments place to go after it. the courts can only-and only if there was a child support order saying he had to make payments…

  20. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    It’s like we’re on a ride called the Crazy-Go-Round. Let me off. Those poor kids can’t get off it, though.

    Geez. I want this woman to grant a really long, no questions barred interview with Katie Couric. Hee. Then it’ll all come out.

  21. sissoucat says:

    So… this guy has an affair with Nadya. Donates his sperm, which is a bit strange – but allegedly she told him she was sick.

    And… he never calls back ! In 7 or 8 years ! Knowing she was sick, and maybe with his children !

    Until she’s all over TV – and has proved she’s unreliable (no need to worry about her denying parts of the story)…

    Oh but he is so willing to help now.

    Maybe she’ll make dough out of those kids ; still she was willing to have them with or without dough. The same doesn’t seem to be true of this tardy “father”.

  22. Chiara says:

    It’s time for a good journalist to do the research and and write the truth on this story.

    I’m no longer interested in the spin of the day.

  23. LondonParis says:

    I’m just skipping past all the other comments, because I have to say-
    CB, I thought it was common knowledge that at this point, complection means nothing.
    I know African-American couples with blond-haired, light-eyed children. Many Americans’ DNA is filled with traits from all sorts of cultures.
    And even if their skin color was a sure-fire way to tell, her kids are not light enough (and she’s not SANE ENOUGH) to rule this guy out by ANY means.

  24. Blah Girls says:

    this woman is seeming more crazy every time i read about her!

  25. Legend says:

    “Nice guy sucker” my ass. This guy smells money.

  26. Mairead says:

    Oh Legend I think you’ve got it in one.

    I don’t think the children look much like him at all – leaving complexion completely to one side.

    Is anyone else struck by just how successful IVF is for this woman with “particularly unique fertiility challenges”

    I mean, it’s just that so many people I know who’ve had treatment are remarkably lucky to be successful with just one child after rounds upon rounds of treatments, nevermind being successful every other year since beginning the process.

  27. orion70 says:

    =3 years, if it Jan. 1/97 to Dec.31/99, give or take a day or two.

    that aside, there are about a million kinds of crazy going on with this situation.

  28. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    YOu know, Mairead, you have a great point. Hmmm. It gets me back to wondering if she wasn’t paid to do the IVF.

  29. Jill says:

    eh, i don’t know about child support laws in CA, but here in WI i know someone who didn’t know his ex had a kid and she did successfully go after him for back child support for the child he didn’t know he had. total bullshit, but it happened.

  30. mojoman says:

    She should be recorded as the pathological liar of the century. Guinness book of records, where are thee?

  31. j. ferber says:

    No, Mojoman, O.J. Simpson is the pathological liar of this century (and the last one, too). But this woman sure is a piece of work.

  32. j. ferber says:

    No, Mojoman, O.J. Simpson is the pathological liar of this century (and the last one, too). But this woman sure is a piece of work. I went through many rounds of IVF before I was blessed with a beautiful daughter. The only fertility problems this woman has is that she won’t stop procreating.

  33. Ursula says:

    Maybe he just wants to make a quick buck.

  34. Goddess711 says:

    Cool! Gratuitous mothering shots with kids in the park instead of shopping by herself. Neat idea!

  35. I just don’t get how this guy wants people to believe that he thought he was doing the right thing by giving someone, who, in his mind, developed cancer at a young age and could very likely relapse, millions of his own sperm?

    Not sure what situation is worse: Fathering children when he believed the mother was (possibly) terminally ill or fathering children to be raised by this clearly delusional woman with no concept of reality.

  36. Diva says:

    I wonder how many other men’s sperm she tricked her way into possession of over the years???

    This is all just crazy, and quite honestly, losing my attention.

  37. karamelatte says:

    If this woman said the grass was green I’d go outside to check!

    Seriously though, if you’re having an affair with a married woman, then your entire relationship is built on lies in the first place, so I would be surprised if everything ahe told him was BS.

  38. lynaelu says:

    Why oh why would any guy step up and say “I may be the father” I have wondered since the beginning about someone being responsible for the support. This is way beyond “The Twilght Zone” Maybe thought it says more about each of us, that we can’t seem to get enough of it.

  39. concerned says:

    TWISTED TALE of deseption….gave sperm out of love so very troubling.

    She by the way has really kept up appearances with the manicured hands and rystalin pumped up lips.

    I am a mother and just know she just wants money and media,pap time.

  40. Andrea says:

    For someone struggleing to make ends meet with 6 kids. How did she pay for the IVF? My brother paid thousands and his was unsuccessful. As a mother of 5 myself with a set of 1yr old twins finding time to mop the kitchen is a challenge. How does she plan on writting a book in the middle of the night. Its obvious she hasnt done much night feeding by herself. She is just NUTS.